MUM 2008 Workshop

IP Flow
Routing, Mangle and QoS

Valens Riyadi & Novan Chris
Citraweb Nusa Infomedia (Mikrotik Certified Training Partner)

Name: Valens Riyadi Country: Indonesia Graduated as Architect 1998 Work at Citraweb (Citranet)
• ISP, Web Developer, Mikrotik Reseller

• Administrator of

Head of Security Dept, Indonesian ISP Association Volunteer for Airputih Foundation, IT Emergency Task Force Steering Committee for ID-SIRTII
Indonesia Security Incident Response Team on Information Infrastructure

Mikrotik Certified Consultant & Trainner


Mikrotik Indonesia


My Company
Citraweb Nusa Infomedia
Web Developer (since 2000) Small ISP (since 2001) Mikrotik Reseller (since 2002) Mikrotik Certified Training Partner (2005)

Located at : Yogyakarta Indonesia Using RouterOS since 2.3.15


Mikrotik Indonesia


Finally …….id 6/16/2008 .Yogyakarta City 3.4 million of population Tourism City Student City • Almost 50% of population are students from other cities. Cyber café City 00-4 Mikrotik Indonesia

Overview IP Flow Mangle Mark connection. mark Queue Type Load balance 00-5 Mikrotik Indonesia 6/16/2008 . mark route Multiple Gateways with NAT Network QoS -> Queue Tree We will NOT discuss about : Simple Queue. 6/16/2008 . 00-6 Mikrotik Indonesia http://www.IP Flow Diagram that show how each packet process from input interface (or local process) to output interface (or local process) For each we should know source and destination.

Source and Destination Source Input Interface Local Process Destination Local Process Output Interface 00-7 Mikrotik Indonesia 6/16/2008 . Flow (simple diagram) INPUT INTERFACE PRE ROUTING FORWARD POST ROUTING OUTPUT INTERFACE INPUT LOCAL PROCESS OUTPUT PREROUTING Hotspot Input Conn-Tracking Mangle Dst-NAT Global-In Queue Global-Total Queue INPUT Mangle Filter FORWARD Mangle Filter Acounting OUTPUT Conn-Tracking Mangle Filter POSTROUTING Mangle Global-Out Queue Global-Total Queue Source-NAT Hotspot Output 00-8 Mikrotik Indonesia 6/16/2008 . .IP Flow BRIDGE DST-NAT Bridge Decision OUTPUT Conn-Tracking Mangle Filter + BRIDGE FORWARD Broute? + - PRE ROUTING BRIDGE INPUT FORWARD Routing Decision FORWARD Mangle Filter Acounting POSTROUTING Mangle Global-Out Queue Global-Total Queue Source-NAT Hotspot Output + INPUT is Bridged? INPUT INTERFACE IPSEC DECRYPTION INPUT Routing Decision OUTPUT is Bridged? + Bridge Decision + IPsec Policy OUTPUT POST ROUTING LOCAL PROCESS-OUT BRIDGE OUTPUT BRIDGE SRC-NAT LOCAL PROCESS-IN PREROUTING Hotspot Input Conn-Tracking Mangle Dst-NAT Global-In Queue Global-Total Queue INPUT Mangle Filter IPSEC ENCRYPTION + IPsec Policy INTERFACE QUEUE OUTPUT INTERFACE 6/16/2008 00-9 Mikrotik Indonesia http://www.

co.Chain Position From Outside To Router / Local process Outside Mangle Prerouting Input Output Postrouting Outside Prerouting Forward Postrouting Forward Input Output Firewall Queue Global-in Global-Total Global-Out Global-Total Interface Global-in Global-out Global-total Interface 00-10 Mikrotik Indonesia 6/16/2008 Router/ Local process Outside . 6/16/2008 .Case 1: Simple Network As the client is masqueraded. we will use connection tracking to mangle the client We do mark packet after connection tracking To limit all traffic. we will use chain prerouting 00-11 Mikrotik Indonesia http://www. 6/16/2008 .mikrotik.mangle 00-12 Mikrotik Indonesia http://www.

Mangle & Queue 00-13 Mikrotik Indonesia 6/16/2008 .mikrotik.

We can use firewall nth and policy route to load balance the backbone. 00-14 Mikrotik Indonesia http://www.Case 2: Multiple Gateway We have 2 access to 6/16/2008

Constrain In previous case. we use interface queue for uplink and downlink. But now we have more than 1 interface for 6/16/2008 .mikrotik. We can use global-in for uplink 00-15 Mikrotik Indonesia

10.invalid.16.dynamic 0 chain=srcnat action=masquerade out-interface=ether2-backbone1 1 chain=srcnat action=masquerade out-interface=ether3-backbone2 00-16 Mikrotik Indonesia http://www. 192.10.0 172.255 ether3-backbone2 2 192.16.168. I .0 172.2/24 172.disabled.invalid. D .2/24 172.16.255 ether1-local /ip firewall nat pr Flags: X .20.255 ether2-backbone1 1 6/16/2008 . D .disabled.mikrotik. I .16.16.IP Address and Masquerade /ip address pr Flags: X .10.dynamic # ADDRESS NETWORK BROADCAST INTERFACE 0 172.10.

id 6/16/2008 .Mangle for Routing /ip firewall mangle print Flags: X .invalid. D .dynamic 0 chain=prerouting action=mark-connection new-connectionmark=conn-1 passthrough=yes connection-state=new ininterface=ether1-local nth=2. I .2 2 chain=prerouting action=mark-routing new-routingmark=route1 passthrough=yes in-interface=ether1-local connection-mark=conn-1 3 chain=prerouting action=mark-routing new-routingmark=route2 passthrough=yes in-interface=ether1-local connection-mark=conn-2 00-17 Mikrotik Indonesia 1 chain=prerouting action=mark-connection new-connectionmark=conn-2 passthrough=yes connection-state=new ininterface=ether1-local nth=2.mikrotik.

1 \ routing-mark=route2 add comment="" disabled=no distance=1 dstaddress=0.0/0 gateway= gateway=172.16.Static Route /ip route add comment="" disabled=no distance=1 dstaddress=0.1 00-18 Mikrotik Indonesia 6/16/2008 .1 \ routing-mark=route1 add comment="" disabled=no distance=1 dstaddress=0.10.0.

id 6/16/2008 .Mangle for Queue /ip firewall mangle print 4 chain=prerouting action=mark-connection newconnection-mark=conn-client passthrough=yes 5 chain=prerouting action=mark-packet newpacket-mark=packet-client1-upload passthrough=no in-interface=ether1-local connection-mark=conn-client 6 chain=prerouting action=mark-packet newpacket-mark=packet-client1-download passthrough=no connection-mark=conn-client 00-19 Mikrotik Indonesia http://www.10.

upload limit a .local packet m a rk=packet client1 dwnload limit .Queue Tree /queue tree print Flags: X.invalid 0 name="total d .id 6/16/2008 .co.ownload" parent=ether1.lient1 .t=256000 queue=default priority=8 max limit=256000 burst limit=0 burst threshold=0 burst tme=0s .i 00-20 Mikrotik Indonesia http://www.mikrotik.disabled.pload" parent=global in packet mark=packet c .o at=512000 queue=default priority=8 max limit=512000 burst limit=0 burst threshold=0 burst time=0s 1 name="total u . I .

mikrotik.00-21 Mikrotik Indonesia 6/16/2008 .co. 3: Using Web Proxy We will use transparant proxy for web traffic (tcp 80) using dst-nat: redirect 00-22 Mikrotik Indonesia 6/16/2008 . 6/16/2008 .Constrain Previous Configuration: Will not load balance uplink traffic from proxy Will not limit downlink connection from proxy to client 00-23 Mikrotik Indonesia http://www.mikrotik.

Queue with SRC-NAT & Internal Proxy ROUTER SRC-NAT Traffic Client .id 6/16/2008 WEB-PROXY LOCAL PROCESS INTERNET 00-24 Mikrotik Indonesia http://www.

Queue with SRC-NAT & Internal Proxy ROUTER Direct Upstream 2 SRC-NAT Direct Downstream 3 Upstream to proxy WEB-PROXY LOCAL PROCESS Downstream from proxy 4 6 5 INTERNET 1 00-25 Mikrotik Indonesia 6/16/2008 .

to do nth (mark-connection and mark-packet) Limit downlink traffic from proxy to client: Make new packet-mark on chain output 00-26 Mikrotik Indonesia 6/16/2008 to do Load Balance Uplink traffic from proxy Make new rules in mangle chain output.

1 9 chain=output action=mark-connection newconnection-mark=conn-proxy-2 passthrough=yes connection-state=new Mangle for routing /ip firewall mangle print 8 chain=output action=mark-connection newconnection-mark=conn-proxy-1 passthrough=yes connection-state=new nth=2.mikrotik.2 10 chain=output action=mark-routing new-routingmark=route1 passthrough=yes connectionmark=conn-1 11 chain=output action=mark-routing new-routingmark=route2 passthrough=yes connectionmark=conn-2 00-27 Mikrotik Indonesia 6/16/2008 .

id 6/16/2008 .0/24 5 chain=prerouting action=mark-packet new-packetmark=packet-client1-upload passthrough=no in-interface=ether1-local connection-mark=conn-client 6 chain=prerouting action=mark-packet new-packetmark=packet-client1-download passthrough=no connection-mark=conn-client 7 chain=output action=mark-packet new-packet-mark=packet-client1-download passthrough=no out-interface=ether1-local connection-mark=conn-client 00-28 Mikrotik Indonesia http://www.168.10.Mangle for Queue 4 chain=prerouting action=mark-connection new-connectionmark=conn-client passthrough=yes

Mangle Configuration 00-29 Mikrotik Indonesia 6/16/2008

id 6/16/2008 4: Max Speed for Hit Traffic We want to give max speed for client if they access cached data on proxy (hit traffic) 00-30 Mikrotik Indonesia http://www.

On proxy. we set Cache Hit DSCP (Differentiated Services Code Point)/ToS (Type of Services) = 4 We make new mangle and new queue tree to mange hit traffic 00-31 Mikrotik Indonesia http://www.How to We can differentiate hit and miss traffic using TOS / DSCP 6/16/2008 .

Mangle for Queue 4 chain=prerouting action=mark-connection new-connectionmark=conn-client passthrough=yes 6/16/2008 .co.168.0/24 5 chain=prerouting action=mark-packet new-packet-mark=packetclient1-upload passthrough=no in-interface=ether1-local connection-mark=conn-client 6 chain=prerouting action=mark-packet new-packet-mark=packetclient1-download passthrough=no connection-mark=conn-client 7 chain=output action=mark-packet new-packet-mark=packetclient1-hit-download passthrough=no out-interface=ether1-local connection-mark=conn-client dscp=4 8 chain=output action=mark-packet new-packet-mark=packet-client1download passthrough=no out-interface=ether1-local connection-mark=conn-client 00-32 Mikrotik Indonesia http://www.

id 6/16/2008 .Queue Tree 0 name="total-download" parent=ether1-local packetmark=packet-client1-download limit-at=512000 queue=default priority=8 max-limit=512000 burst-limit=0 burst-threshold=0 burst-time=0s 1 name="total-upload" parent=global-in packet-mark=packetclient1-upload limit-at=256000 queue=default priority=8 maxlimit=256000 burst-limit=0 burst-threshold=0 burst-time=0s 2 name="total-download-hit" parent=ether1-local packetmark=packet-client1-hit-download limit-at=1000000 queue=default priority=8 max-limit=1000000 burst-limit=0 burst-threshold=0 burst-time=0s 00-33 Mikrotik Indonesia

co.00-34 Mikrotik Indonesia 6/16/2008 .

co.Thank You! .

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