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Md. Shajedur Rahman Shawon <>

Re: JPMS International Writing Contest 2012
JPMS Blogs <> To: Dear Dr. Shawon, I'm writing this letter to you on behalf of JPMS blogs team. The purpose of this letter is to invite you to write articles for JPMS. Journal of Pakistan Medical Students is an Open Access Journal dedicated to the health care society which covers all aspects of Scientific Research, Development and Current Discoveries for medical professionals and general public. We welcome contributions on health and health-related topics from qualified doctors and health care professionals like you. We have taken a look at the manuscript you submitted under the category of the contest and we are very much impressed. As a official editor to JPMS you will be required to submit at least 3-4 articles per month, each with 400-500 words at least on any topic of our interest and if you wish to work as a guest contributor you are required to submit 2 articles per month. Your contributions will make us proud and to have you in our team will help the only fasting-growing journal of Medical Sciences in South Asia. We look forward to your regular contributions. Yours sincerely, Mehreen Khan Managing Editor
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Tue, Oct 2, 2012 at 3:55 PM

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12/27/2012 3:42 PM

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