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i know i can be a little extreme but i wll get controll of it, I do think tho, t hats it is a bit upsetting to for you

to just tell me you want to go even tho i am really emtional. this makes me think you think its jsut in my head. also that you aint working on changing your self, because you think its just me. You havent come up with thin gs you can change or what i canchange. Just all me. Or is it?everything i speak i think i am droppping a nuke. Does she feel like were doing enough. you dont se em to try to understand me. You just want to get rid of me. Is this to avoid neg ative emtions? why didnt you phone back once i hanged up, why ignore me on the p hone? Flase consiousness, things happen that you dont realise. You behave in wayx tyha t are unintnetional. Kant, we never know our motives etc. we can alwasy change the acts we do to mean good or bad, like the abserd chairty one. maybe things are no in my head etc. Book appiontment wit hthe doctor, about ways to avboid heart problems and my col d thing. I see how we both share the same motives, the muslim and the chiristain both str ive for the same goal, to be taugh by god. for this to be true, i would have to find data to support it, but only god truly knows our hearts and the only way to bhe sure of gods faith in us, is a willingness to be changed by god, this can o nly occur through sacrifise, give up all our mind and so on. there must be some kinda market that shows gods personal interest in us. the worse thing in life is to believe a lie is the truth without realising, its false. This is why we myust always take a positon of disbelif and only beluive t hings that we haveent got a choice to not belive, or things that have significan t consequnces, that are always ready to prove themsleves true, so we can be sure of our memeory. or ofc things that cannot be flase. it seems to be that my fears of islam center around 3 themes, 1) they seem more worthy of salvation then I do. 2) they seem to love god more 3) I could imagine myself worshipping wiht them, we both seem so similar, i am n o differnt to them i cannt judge a difference. if i take a postion of pure reason, is this avoiding freewill? If i chose reason as my system of choice, forms of reason then become significant. Christ is god thus we would have to pick him? The 5 faces of hell or the absolutism of texts b eing unknowable. what do we do if god does not respond to my crys for truth. Be satisfied with ou r own ability to pick, what am i to trust then? Be taugh? I have never felt so much sadness, when i spoke to neriah, it wasl ike there cou ld be hope but there was none. one thing i love about rasa is that she does not over complecate things. the effect of sin in our hearts. do i train myself to see god in the way the bib le teaches me, or do i rely on the holy sprit. I dont see what in me god loves, other then when i am in the sprit of god. The bible teaches oyu what to think a bout stuff, like "god has no responded does that mena he wants me to live with i t or keep having hope etc". the bible will teach this.

it wasent that christainity gave me something to belive in, it was that christ b elived in me. Business ideas: reverse ebay on hair cuts etc, like a groupon, people compete fo r peoples money. Cataloug for kids, non profit shoes and so on, rare nikey shoes etc. mums network investment property idea, i upgrrade your house for free and take a share of the profits. a website for kids in hardsituations booking service for business, if one is full, they reconmend another.

Remember that i am weak, all the god in me now ceoms from gods work and glory. r emeber to protect weaht has been given to you. YOu know when u are saved with you understand how much god is the cause of it. You have to trust in gods eternal love. I cannot save anyone, i have to trust in god to do his will. When I fullsubmite, remeber to ask god to test yourheart to teach you resolve. CONTACTS: he was the dude who taugh about jihand and so on. bipola uk. an argument claim has to be consistent with tisself. when we argue that the bible is corrupted you are forced to note that yours is a los corrupted, we see the same reasons you say its courrpted to say yours is cor rupted. it is gods responcibility to lead us he does this in two ways, either by force or by choice. if its choice then what are the tools we use to choose, we can see the only reason to believe is the scientific mirircals, we see alot of t his in the bible so what is the correct distinction to draw between the 2. we ne ed divine experience to conform the translation, after all you are trusting an i nterpritation because you blindly floow its truth. gold would not allow us to be blind. he would not let it become currupted, the bible als has scientific miric als as well. we are back to having to trust god. the sins of the few cannot judge the sins of the many, your light is created the glory of god residen in you, to bring you to the peace you deserive. as a resul t of your experience, you will never jump of that cliff again. Christ told you w hat would happen. The sins of the father effect the sinsof the son bringing you to him. God saved me, i didnt figure anything out. I just accepted christ and yo u (the muslim/buddist) didnt. first premis point. Have i truly tried to seek god. i always knew god would be a s he was, simply because the holy sprit and the bible cover all the basis. what would convert a muslim, what would god expect to be the tools of conversion ? what are the tools of truth?

God---trust a man who has defeated deat. look at how god showed thefaith. look at how so many people suffered, let us reason together, god says, to show that non christains are so valuable. business ideas--a popular youtube app a vitamin caclulator hair cut of the week app celbrity clothingof the week app Credit rating--money facts, Books--normal geisler sam simol across the spectrum the quran dilemah 5 views on creation blackwell natural theology on guard counterfactual model logic

Website--apologectices315 TO do--get a university of london lecture card. The project--how does the brain work when i draws connections