Topic : Major Festivals and Celebrations in Southeast Asia
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Choose the correct answer option from the four choices.
1. Which of the following countries has the world’s longest Christmas season?
1. Indonesia

3. The Philippines

2. Vietnam

4. Singapore

2. When is the National Day of Brunei Darussalam?
1. August 31st

3. December 2nd

2. January 4th

4. February 23rd

3. What Indian festival is popular known as the “Festival of Lights”?
1. Deepavali

3. Thai Pongal

2. Thaipusam

4. Vishu

4. What celebration is Myanmar New Year Water Festival?
1. Shwe Kyet Yet

3. Yadana Gu Nat

2. Thingyan

4. The Thadingyut

5. Which month, according to the Islamic calendar, is the holiest time of the
year for Muslims?
1. Shawal

3. Ramadan

2. Safar

4. Rabi-Al-Awwal

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6. What festival celebrates the birth, enlightenment and passing away of
1. Vesak Day

3. Asalha Puja Day

2. Makha Puja Day

4. Buddhist Lent Day

7. What Islamic holy festival is celebrated to mark the end of the annual
pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia ?
1. Hari Raya Aidilfitri

3. Maulid Nabi

2. Day of Ashura

4. Eid al-Adha

8. What Chinese festival is also known as the “Mooncake Festival”?
1. Chinese New Year

3. Mid-Autumn Festival

2. Hungry Ghost Festival

4. Duanwu Festival

9. What festival is held to request seasonal rainfall for farming from the God
of Rain in Laos?
1. Boun Pavet

3. Boun Khoun Khao

2. Boun Bang Fai

4. Boun Haw Khao Padub Din

10. Which country celebrates its independence day on August 31st ?
1. Malaysia

3. Singapore

2. Indonesia

4. Myanamr

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ASEAN CORNER by Kru Ekachai

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