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Effective time management skills

Question arises that how we can manage our time very successfully…? In 1999,university of California surveyed that students were studying very much in their past. But now they are studying less than an hour a week. But this thing did not favor them.

How much time we should do study…?
We should do study two hour a day including one hour of class time. For example, if we are studying two hour in class ,we should spend extra two hours on study.

How we can use our time wisely?
1. With help of study schedule 2. Setting priorities 3. Study hints .How study schedule help us in our life? It downwards tasks into manageable chunks. It keep up with assignments. It brings study routine. We can use our time wisely. With study schedule, we can achieve our goals.

How we can make study schedule?
1 : List the days across the top and the time down the left hand side. 2 : Start by writing essential activities including sleeping, eating etc. 3 : In study schedule, we can include laundry, shopping, housecleaning etc. 4 : We can add socializing, sports and other fun activities. 5 : We should adjust the schedule as needed. We can more study before exams

Cut essential activities 3.. But if we don’t have any hour we should take these steps…. we can study more. 1.Here’s sample of study schedule with all items which we include in schedule and how we divide hours & days. Sleeping Grooming Eating Commuting Errands Family responsibilities Job Social life E-mail/ phone Classes 7hours×7days 1hour×7days 1hour×7days 1hour×7days 1hour×7days 1hour×7days 8hours×5days 1hour×7days 15min×7days 3hours×4days Total hours: 168-145 Grand total =49hours =7hours =7hours =7 hours =7hours =7hours =40hours =7hours =2hours =12hours 145 hours =23hours =23 hours left This is good that we have 23 hours left.Use time more wisely ..Cut nonessential activities 2.

it will help us in understand the subject. Students should spend their most of time in study.Recognize your limitation: We all have limits and we know them. Planning your time offers you the best chance of being able to fit everything you want & need to do into educational life especially time for study.They should not copy the other people.Some students go on bed at 10:00 P. 1. Setting priorities is the key. 2.M. 3-Achieve a balance: The hardest thing about time management is to achieve balance between doing what you have to do & what you want to do. 3 :Study break helps us very much during the study For people who can’t keep to a study schedule. We can check them critically. For example. Study Hints: 1 :We can use our free time during the school day. They should followed these steps. we can review our notes in that time. Students know that when they need extra study. They can still succeed by adopting these steps… .M for study but some can not wake up.They should set their own routine style. when they must hit the books or risk failing etc.Set priorities: Time management skills is a matter of setting priorities. 2 :If we study before & after the class.Understand their personal style: Some students can wake up till 2:A.This is better for them.

They can carry this card themselves. Focus on immediate events :They can make a list of major tasks which they have to do in this week. They can revise the list during week & can add new tasks in it. This punctuality bring success in your life. classes etc. They can just write down fixed commitments. they can write their schedule on paper or note card.Take a long view : They can make a long term schedule. Setting of daily routine goals :Every morning. job obligations. Tomorrow is another day Do not leave your study on other day. . Just leave this habit & do your work on time.