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THIS IS THE SIMPLE QUR;A:NIC TRUTH. But a number of latter critics have tried to disprove this QUR-A:NIC TRUTH by pointing at a number of Non -arabic words in the TEXTUS RECEPTUS OF THE DIVINE SPEECH. This problem is not a new one and there is not a single word in the text of speech of Al Qur-a:n that that is not known to the Muslim commentators and laxitonists. But none of them considered such words as some thing disproving the Arabic Purity of Al Qur-a:n. Actually this objection is based on a misundertanding. Those critics of the Purity Of Arabism /Arbic-ness /Arbicity of AlQur-a:n have proposed a new standerd of purity of Arabicness . But the original standered is the authentic and legitimate. Any new standerd is no thing but an illegitimate one. There are several kind of Arabic words in Arabic language. Some of them are givine below:[1]Pure ARABIC WORDS. These are those words which are originally ARABIC and are not borrowed from any not Arabic language. 2] Mu-''arr-b or Dakhi:l words:These words are originally non Arabic but they were totally and completely Absorbed and assumed in Arabic and by the time Qur-an was descended they

were perfectly Arabatised/ Arabitized. They were no longer considered as Non-Arabic words be pre Islamic Arabs. In modern ussage they were given NATIONALITY OF ARABIC LANGUAGE. EXAMPLE of such words areas follow:1] S:IRA:T: 2] SIRA:J 3]FIRDAUS. 4] MISH-KA(W)H:: The may be retermed as totally absorbed in Arabic language. [3] Muvall-d: These are those Arabic words which has there origin in Non Arabic languages and are partially absorbed in Arabic. [4] Masnu:'' They are also partially absorbed yet to a lesser degree in comparision to Muvall-d. [5]MAUD:U:'' They are not absorbed in Arabic yet some did use them. According to the standard Arabic standard of Arabic purity a pure arabic standard must consist of only first two kinds and exclude the last two kinds. Thus the new criteria which states that a pure Arabic SPEECH must consist of only first kind of Arabic words is illegitimate as according to the standard and

perpetual standard/criteria of ARABIC PURITY. AL QUR-A:N IS PURE ARABIC AS ACCORDING TO THE ORIGRINAL ANDR PERPERTRUAL CITRERIA OF ARABIC PURITY. Arabic laxitonists were so sensitive on the issue that they did not take any word from the fronteer tribes and towns since these tribes and towns have borrowed a number of Non Arabic words making doubts about their purity. These laxitronist took words from relatively isolated tribes and towns which were almost certain in their originality. So one must not propose a new criteria or standard for Arabic purity by himself. If some one do so then he must admit /confess that the original claim of Qur-a:nic Purity is according to the original Criteria or standard and not according to the newly proposed one. Note: proper nouns need a special discussion.