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Corporate Gifts: A Powerful tool for Business Growth

Corporate gifts are a powerful way to promote new business ventures. Besides this, these are also instrumental in nourishing and nurturing existing partnerships. The primary requirement of any business is marketing and advertising. Marketing helps in reaching out to the target audience and also attracts prospective employees to the organization. One of the most successful marketing strategies that have been used in recent times is the use of Corporate Gifts for business growth. The use of Corporate Gifts can be used as an instrument for business development in more than one way. In addition to promotional marketing, corporate gifts help in building a one to one relationship of the company with its clients and employees. Let’s Explore this Option The most appealing facet of Corporate Gifting is the fact that it is low on funding requirements, both in terms of the budget as well as time. The market is flooded with promotional items that are produced and sold in bulk. The manufacturer can create custom changes to the design of the product by adding the company name or logo to the main design. A few of these products are pens and desktop accessories that have company logos on them. This is an extremely economical way of brand promotion. Products like T-shirts and bags can be used to promote the services and products of the company. When these products reach new clients, these might help the company in establishing an identity in the client’s mind while, for the existing client, these can be considered as a reminder of your previous work. Although, no strategy can assure you a deal, but strategies like these surely help in creating chances and cashing on opportunities. Besides this, if you choose to give these gifts by hand, you might also get an opportunity to gather relevant feedback on the company’s products and services. The client might not remember your gift, but they will surely remember this gesture. Distributing gifts to the employees personally may also assist in building a stronger relationship between the management and the employees, which is vital to the growth of any organization. Choosing the Right Gift The gift you choose for a person is a reflection of how well you know that person. Any gift speaks for itself and tells the person how much he or she is valued. The heart of any organization is its clients and employees, and they certainly deserve some recognition and admiration.

In addition. This is just because you can simply get promotional products in mass and personalize them into corporate gifts. But. seminars. eclectic wall art. the organization can certainly work out the level and range of gifts that should be distributed. The corporate world is highly competitive. This is a very well-organized way to help and promote your brand at reasonable cost. One major note is that if you want to give corporate gifts to your existing clients. However. LetterNote is a leading corporate gifts company located in New Delhi that offers offers a wide range of fine stationery. you will really impress them and make them remember your brand. By giving these products to your existing clients. In spite of using corporate gifts to advertise your brand. meetings or conference. There are several types of corporate gifts for you to opt from like pens. A business wants marketing so as to reach out to its target viewers and ultimately increase profits. company anniversary dinner and dance. you can also give these gifts to your clients and consumers through special seasons or events like Christmas. After that you can use it to sponsor your brand by printing your logo on the items and offer to the receivers. Corporate gift is a perfect way to promote business. Just take your time to find throughout every one of them before deciding the deal with them. budget constraints may not allow high quality gifts for all of them. The internet is swamped with product catalogues. Besides. The significant thing is to decide the one that meets your corporate representation. every company strives for that extra edge. cups. There are various companies that are now using corporate gift as one of their marketing plans. these products must of the top quality as this will build your company looks excellent. accessories for both home and office. Approximately all corporate gift companies offer a catalogue booklet for you to select the accurate type of gifts for your company. stress ball. Corporate gifts might just happen to be that one extra edge that your business requires for its success and growth. . and in order to survive the ever increasing competition. So as to be the greatest in your aggressive market.Corporate Gifts is just a thanksgiving gesture which will make them feel valued and respected. corporate gifts and other exciting products. bottles. notepad. it is also necessary to choose the right gift for your company. and a wide variety of gifts are available. you can also use these promotional products like Corporate T-shirt . Corporate gift is one of the most inexpensive ways to sponsor a company's brand. bags etc in order to keep good relationships with your clients. you must have a good company brand icon. etc. You can deal out gifts of excellent qualities to your consumers in order to build a stronger impact in your consumers' mentality.

• Holidays (travel and accommodation). Importantly. more than half of the people surveyed indicated they would shop online.articlesnatch. This is because corporate gifts play a significant role in image building of all groups Read more: http://www. Following are the broad findings of a survey conducted by Nielsen India on gifting patterns research panel. Muthukumaran. India.69 %) and Books (49%) as their preferred gifting items. He says. • Sweets. You will also find huge range of Corporate gifts Singapore for being one of the best corporate of Under Creative Commons License: Attribution No Derivatives Nearly eight in 10 Indians (77%) prefer Clothes. the technology that has entered our lives in the last 10 years is deeply affecting young people in their twenties who have grown up with it. S. Clothes and Books are universally popular. travel tickets and tickets to amusement parks are popular new-age gift ideas. the Nielsen Company. but more so with the mature group aged 45 and above • The younger crowd (15-24 years) prefers to gift technology gadgets such as mobile phones and MP3 players. budgets and shopping channels. Director. • About 20 percent would like to give wine as a gift. • More than half of the people surveyed indicated they would shop online. Sweets (including chocolates. Online Panel. you can go online or search in Google for corporate gifts. • Differences are there across different age groups in terms of gifting items. “To . Select a few companies and visit their websites to guarantee that they are trustworthy businesses. According to N. Evaluate their gift lists and quotes before you choose which company to assign for corporate gift promotion.If you want to know list of corporate gift companies.

There are several articles to strike a chord for any organization. with longer shelf life and transport friendly.many.” Essence of corporate gifting Posted on November 17. it can also be organized. a detailed note on the Monginis site elaborates. 2012 Corporate gifting. . can also help you in keeping your Employees happy. Monginis can create a special bonding between you and your Customers / Clients. They also have a range of crispy. replacing the flowers and gift cards that have dominated earlier. Choco-Chips and Badam Cookies. it is cool to be seen with the latest model of phone or music system and giving one as a present is in the same league. committed to making „personalized‟ deliveries across most cities in India. is a long-term investment in professional and personal relationships that hold the key for future. choice and the near-universal appeal of indulgent foods allow businesses to easily find a custom solution that invokes a positive feeling and a sense of bonding in recipients. giving you unlimited creativity thanks to their experience of handling corporate gifting of reputed companies. Tutti Fruity. albeit a costly option for these young folks. and handle the prestigious Corporate Special occasions. you can:        Send warm wishes with a wonderful gist to attract new clients Build existing relationships Thank clients and business associates Recognize employee‟s performance Celebrate milestones and successes Remember staff birthdays and anniversaries Bring a smile on someone‟s face…. A survey by American Express revealed that almost half of corporate gift selections are now food-related. such as food consumables as gifts. crunchy cookies. The most popular amongst them are Shrewsbury. “the way to man‟s heart is through the stomach…” Monginis is among the top cake brands in India. but if one desires to have a special exclusive packing.. As the popular saying goes. The brand makes hand-made chocolates in different flavours and shapes. These are packed in very attractive boxes. Flexibility. With appropriate gifts.

on popular occasions Last but not the least. You might just hurt their sentiments. it stands out in a clutter of gifts one receives Do’s and don’ts of corporate gifting on the festive eve Posted on November 15. it‟s best to give something that the client would appreciate and look forward to another gift from you. For festive occasions like X‟mas / New Year. Special Days Like Doctor‟s Day could be a very good opportunity to approach them. Another important aspect which is often neglected is to check the company‟s gifting policy. Why cakes for Corporate Gifting ? Cakes are strongly associated with celebrations and happy moments. New office / factory opening. As per this policy . cake is the most appropriate gift. though it was gifted to you. No doubt. Festivals: Diwali. It‟s a landmark in their lives. There cannot be any other better timing to approach them than these. X‟mas or New Year are among the most popular gifting occasions.Birthdays & Anniversaries Cake. Foundation day or Annual Day of an organization New product launch. 2012 While gifting. corporate gifts have to have a personal touch to it…but mind you…Avoid going overboard.Corporate Gifting Occasions Birthdays / Anniversaries: People are most receptive and are happy on their birthdays / anniversaries. You wouldn‟t use a perfume you absolutely hate. then there cannot be a better gift than the Cake to create an everlasting impression. If organization is targeting birthdays / anniversaries for gifting. One should avoid giving items like perfumes because you are not sure if they like it or not. Many companies and government offices have a gift acceptance policy.

if the person you are gifting is a fitness freak and you decide to buy him / her a fitness video it does not make sense because you don‟t know if they already hold of copy of that tape or not. Not everyone celebrates Diwali. Exclusive items at affordable prices are what consumers are looking for. If they do they will thank you but it will be a waste of your money and the gift will not be appreciated.12. the estimated market for corporate gifts has reached the Rs. The worse gift to give is a handmade gift it may have personal touch but it‟s bad for the simple reason that you would be spending more on the material for the gift and will be using a lot of time and energy in making it. Never buy something that is cheap because it‟s not something that will please your client.000 crore ($2. points out Anuj Sawhney. There is a rising emphasis on premium quality gifts but at affordable prices. Never give something seen on a shopping network because it may look pretty but if the person receiving it does not like it it‟s just a waste of money. People are looking for a mix and match of traditional and modern ideas. Keep in mind the cultural background of your corporate clients whom you wish to gift.5 billion) mark. The trend has witnessed an upsurge in the last few years and according to industry insiders. . managing director of Swiss Military India.e. A combination of aesthetic as well as utility items has hit the shelves to help companies strengthen their relationship with clients and employees without burning a hole in their pockets.they are only allowed to accept gift of a particular value. however sending a corporate gift or card that wishes them a happy holiday or season greetings or sending them a gift on a holiday they celebrate is better. Say. Be sure to crosscheck with your client to determine the limitations of gift giving." Sawhney told IANS. Consider another practical scenario. The corporate gift industry is booming and quality utlility items at affordable prices is the mantra this festive season. When it comes to clothes it is never a good choice because apparels are something with is not standard i. There has been a 200 percent surge in the demand. "What we feel is that organisations today are looking for something exclusive and good in quality. a pioneer in corporate gifting solutions. every individual has a difference in choice and thus giving a gift certificate makes more sense.

wood and silver tissue boxes.850 to Rs. wine bottles are paired with various items. For instance. "We have an evolving consumer now and Diwali. Rao's company offers a melange of utility products such as silver plated crystal gifts. "The tradition of gifting sweets has made way for spa coupons and other customised gifting options. a pair of goblets." he added. one can pick customised packages of wine and organic caramelised nuts or wine teamed up with playing cards and chocolates. chocolates and other eats is another option this festive season. customised hampers containing a wine bottle.670 and Sibal says the combinations are a hit. which doesn't burn a big hole in the buyers' pocket. . dry fruit bowls and the like. At Fratelli.15." he added. our products such as innovative travel gear are popular for senior level gifting because at that level professionals are always on the go. "A limited edition of deities hand-crafted in sterling silver.615 to Rs. For those looking for high-end gifting options at affordable prices. Praveen Rao of D'Mart Exclusif said the corporate sector was demanding aesthetic as well as utility items. All this comes at a price range of Rs. "Nowadays the corporate sector generally picks up silver trays. silver-plated coffee set and deities."For example. marketing head of Fratelli Wines.000. The trend has also picked up among individual gifting." said Rao. Keeping consumers' demand in mind.6." said Tarun Sibal. Christmas and New Year are known to be the best time to acknowledge the work of employees or support of clients by gifting them something different. among others." said Rao who is offering his products in a price range of Rs. Our leather accessories and hand-crafted limited edition writing instruments are also extremely popular.000. We are offering customised wine packages this festive season for our premium clients. These are available at a price range of Rs. "Corporate companies are moving away from traditional items such as diaries and small electric appliances to aesthetic as well as utility pieces. candle stands.2. deities' gift sets. porcelain and marble is being picked up for individual and corporate gifting.290 to Rs.

With time." he added." he added. the demand for corporate gifts has shot up. We have seen a humungous increase in the demand for customised packages in the past one year. "The demand is so high that we have stopped taking orders now. It has also become a way to motivate employees." said Sibal who is also offering the option of a customised bottle-neck tag of a company's logo. . said Sawhney who feels that "the trend is here to stay"."We mainly deal with private buyers and corporate clients. "The trend is no longer confined to the company's partners and associates. whether it's for internal clients (employees) or mass corporate gifting. It has risen almost 10 times.