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D e n ta l S u r g i c a l i n S t r u m e n t S ...the most popular patterns!

our hemostats demonstrate that Miltex is dedicated to providing you with just the right instrument. neeDle HOlDerS A close examination of Miltex® Needle Holders. We offer a comprehensive line of versatile tissue and dressing forceps to handle a variety of needs. HemOStatS Our hemostats are designed for use in a variety of clinical dental procedures from the routine to the most delicate. . either standard or tungsten carbide.. Smoothly beveled box locks and jaw edges protect delicate suture material from snags or cutting. The jaw surface is milled to ensure a secure grasp and to prevent needle slippage or rotation.for general instruments SciSSOrS Our razor sharp scissors are available in a variety of ergonomic designs in both ring handle and Castroviejo patterns. tiSSue & DreSSing FOrcePS Miltex® tissue and dressing forceps are designed to handle the most delicate procedures as well as routine surgical tasks. Miltex is dedicated to providing customers with a wide variety of quality instruments with just the right feel and performance. will reveal meticulously crafted surgical tools that will perform precisely as intended.. Miltex is recognized as a leader in delivering consistent cutting performance and durability. Available in a variety of styles and manufactured from the highest quality stainless steel to exacting specifications. From cutting delicate tissue to removing sutures to performing precision procedures..

one serrated blade MILTEX® Stitch Scissors 3-7/8 Curved. sharp points KELLY Scissors 6-1/4 Sharp points. Delicate Littauer Stitch Scissors 4-1/2 Littauer Stitch Scissors 5-1/2 O’BRIEN Stitch Scissors 3-3/4 Angled. angled shank 5D-324 LA GRANGE Scissors 4-1/4 Curved. one serrated blade Spencer Stitch Scissors 3-1/2 Stitch Scissors 4-1/2 Angled. with 20 mm blades. delicate KELLY Scissors 6-1/4 Straight. SuperCut Iris Scissors 4-1/2 Angled on side Iris Scissors 3-1/2 Straight. sharp pointed tips MILTEX® Stitch Scissors 4-7/8 Curved. one serrated blade KELLY Scissors 6-1/4 Sharp points. one serrated blade *Premium all purpose scissors with tungsten carbide inserts **Premium tissue only scissors with razor-sharp upper blade and serrated lower blade 5-320TC* OtHer 5D-324 . sharp points KELLY Scissors 6-1/4 Straight. delicate Iris Scissors 3-1/2 Curved. one serrated blade. angled on side KELLY Scissors 6-1/4 Sharp points. tungsten carbide 5D-322 GOLDMAN-FOX Scissors Curved. one serrated blade GOLDMAN-FOX Scissors Curved fine tips. sharp points. small hook. Angled. Tungsten Carbide Iris Scissors 4-1/2 Straight. one serrated blade GOLDMAN-FOX Scissors Curved fine tips. one serrated blade KELLY Scissors 6-1/4 Curved. SuperCut Iris Scissors 4-1/2 Curved Iris Scissors 4-1/2 Curved. Tungsten Carbide Iris Scissors 4-1/2 Curved. Stitch and Littauer scissors helps lift suture for easy cutting 5-306 5-252 9-102 reF 5-300 5-302 5D-303 5-304 5-304TC* 5-SC-304** 5-306 5-306TC* 5-SC-306** 5-308 18-1396 18-1398 5-250 5D-251 5-252 5D-253 5-254 5D-255 9-100 9-108 9-102 9-104 9-110 9-115 9-116 9-117 5-264 5-320 5-320TC* Description Iris Scissors 4 Straight Iris Scissors 4 Curved Iris Operating Scissors 4-1/2 Curved sideways Iris Scissors 4-1/2 Straight Iris Scissors 4-1/2 Straight. one serrated blade.SciSS OrS iris • All purpose scissors • Straight and curved patterns available • SuperCut & tungsten carbide patterns available Kelly • Available with one smooth blade and one serrated blade • All purpose scissors • Straight and curved patterns available stitch • Straight and curved patterns available • Wide range of lengths available • Notched blade on the Spencer. angular. sharp points REEH Stitch Scissors 3-7/8 sharp tips. sharp pointed tips 5-SC-306** iriS 5D-251 Kelly 9-108 StitcH DEAN Dissecting Scissors 6-3/4 Angled on flat. with 20 mm blades. curved.

one serrated blade Wire Cutting Scissors 4-3/4 Straight Wire Cutting Scissors 4-3/4 Straight. spring handles MATHIEU Needle Holder 6-1/4. delicate serrated jaws MATHIEU Needle Holder 5-1/2. delicate serrated jaws PAR Needle Holder 5. 8-40 8-30TC StD 8-40 8-8 tc 8-40TC 8-8TC 8-8A-TC 8-4TC 8-50TC 8-3TC 8-5TC 8-28TC 8-30TC 8-42TC 8-44TC 8-46TC 8-15TC 8-16TC Description Baumgartner Needle Holder 5-1/2 Halsey Needle Holder 5 (smooth) Halsey Needle Holder 5 (serrated) Derf Needle Holder 4-3/4 Crile-Wood Needle Holder 6 PAR Needle Holder 4-1/2.Sc i S S Or S crown & collar reF 9D-115 9D-118 9-120 9D-121 9D-132 9D-133 9D-134 9D-135 Description RA Matrix Scissors 4-1/4 one serrated blade Pedo Crown-Festooning Scissors 3-1/2 Curved Wire Cutting Scissors 4-3/4 Straight. spring handles Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder 5 Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder 6 Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder 7 Olsen-Hegar Needle Holder 5-1/2 (with suture scissors) Olsen-Hegar Needle Holder 6-1/2 (with suture scissors) 8-40 8-8 8-4 neeDle HOlDerS 8-50 8-3 8-5 8-28 8-30 8-42 8-44 8-46 8-15 8-16 8-4 8-50 8-5TC 8-42TC *Miltex can replace tungsten carbide insert OlSen-Hegar needle Holders are available in a combination pattern with suture scissors. one serrated blade Wire Cutting Scissors 4-1/4 Curved crOwn & cOllar 9D-135 ne eDl e H O l D e rS standard (std) Miltex® needle holders are made from the finest quality German stainless steel. tungsten carbide (tc) Tungsten carbide needle holders offer longer wear and superior grasping power to prevent needle slippage. which ensures a high quality product. one serrated blade Wire Cutting Scissors 4-3/4 Straight Wire Cutting Scissors 4-1/4 Curved. 8-16 .

.. contact your local miltex representative .He m O StatS standard (std) 7-4 StD 7-4 7-2 HemOStatS Description Halsted Mosquito Forceps 5 Curved Halsted Mosquito Forceps 5 Straight Halsted Mosquito Forceps 5 Angled 45º on flat Hartman Mosquito Forceps 3-1/2 Curved Hartman Mosquito Forceps 3-1/2 Straight Kelly Forceps 5-1/2 Curved Kelly Forceps 5-1/2 Straight 7-4 7-20 7-26 7-24 7-38 7-36 7-20 7-26 7-38 tiS Su e & D r eS S i n g F Orce PS standard (std) 6-118 StD 6-118 6-120 6-121 6-123 tiSSue & DreSSing FOrcePS Description Adson Dressing Forceps 4-3/4 (serrated) Adson Tissue Forceps 4-3/4 (1x2) Adson Tissue Forceps 4-3/4 (1x2 and cross serrated) Adson Tissue & Suture Forceps 4-3/4 (1x2 with tying platform) Brown-Adson Tissue Forceps 4-3/4 (7x7 side grasping) Hudson Dressing Forceps 4-3/4 (serrated) Hudson Tissue Forceps 4-3/4 (1x2) Dressing Forceps 4-1/2 (serrated) Dressing Forceps 5 (serrated) Dressing Forceps 5-1/2 (serrated) Dressing Forceps 6 (serrated) Tissue Forceps 4-1/2 (1x2) Tissue Forceps 5 (1x2) Tissue Forceps 5-1/2 (1x2) Semkin Dressing Forceps 5 (serrated) 6-118 6-123 6-124 6-112 6-114 6-4 6-6 6-8 6-10 6-40 6-42 6-44 6-104 6-124 6-4 6-40 6-104 additional patterns are available.

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