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the Science of Practical Indi-

vidual Culture.





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Science- Art stands Supreme:


Science- Art of Success-

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3StSt)toa$>$ of $otoer The Highway of Bodily and Mental Health. The Highway of Dauntless Courage-Confidence. The Highway of the Controlled Whirlwind. The Highway of Symmetrically Great Will-Power. The Highway of Variously Growing Mind-Power. The Highway of Physical and Psychic Magnetism. The Highway of Expanding Practical Ability. The Highway of the Arthurian White Life.

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Supreme Personal Weil-Being and Actual Financial Betterment.

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Practical Companion-Book For Unfoldment of Fearless Personality Through the White Life of Reason and Harmony.


By Frank Channing Haddock,
Author of

M.S., Ph.D.

Founder of The Power-Book Library. "Power of Will," "Power for Success," "The Personal

Atmosphere," "Business Power," &c, &C.

Vital Education

the Evolution of Consciousness.

J am

the Courage of the Soul
the Perfect Whole.

Harmonic with

Eleventh Edition.


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Meriden, Connecticut.



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A Mind Courageous


Every Field of Endeavor.

SUPREME PRINCIPLES. behold THE SMILE OF COURAGE. the white In the face of the white life. be. as motived. / am the courage of the soul the Perfect Harmonic with Whole. Throughout all actual "space" resides the Infinite and Eternal White Life whose Presence creates and maintains the worlds. is. A human so tending life. Universe. is making toward the absolute perfection of all-pervading Whatever appearances seem contrary. as actual. The ultimate all-pervading harmony toward which the Universe is being evolved by the White Life can only all be attained as with its spirit intelligent beings come to harmony and shall and life laws. as a growing organism. rTlHE -L harmony. the Universe in this sense is morally white — without shadow or discoloration. IV .

"For If all may have. " Destroy your fears. These methods. so that you will be able to do the very thing needful. I now announce I as follows: First Method: The Inspiration life. to present methods which shall be definite and practical. Second Method: is The Elimination This the negative phase of our work. and will become less and less difficult to make them more and more a real part of your life. of the Subconscious Mind. but it is altogether barren unless you know how to carry it out. rather. life. I hope. "Be courageous. Specific instruc- . — book and during Growing In assume and I Am My Soul a Perfect Courage." Such advice is common enough. not impossible to any. do not say." do not say. in the large. The methods adapted you continue I to this ideal are simple. of Fear. from people who are To every such an one let send this assured message: You can grow in your soul a perfect courage." they dare choose. always through the reading to believe.ANNOUNCEMENT. a glorious — Herbert. I me as HAVE received many letters distressed by their fears. of this realize You are invited.

The Father. every kind of all tions will be given having to do with fear. They are commended to your approval. live. There are two kinds of courage : The courage The courage that dares that and wins. . I shall endeavor to suggest practical help to readers for each particular difficulty. but rather that kind of courage which is just the breath and tone of the White Life life in you is The Good. The All-Health. The white is harmony with the White Beautiful. The True. your fears will vanish because you will then share in manifest in the human life." the ideal constantly being Exactly What to Do and How to Do Exactly That. I shall try to state them plainly. going on from one fear to another. is It good. until the long list is disposed of. Third Method: The Culture of Spiritual Courage. that we may have boldness. and smiles and receives. and always shall I follow details of procedure similar to those set forth in "Power for Success. The Life which the Courage of the Eternal Good. but there / a type which vastly superior: am the courage of the soul Harmonic with the Perfect Whole. The Infinite Soul of this wonderful Universe in which we If you come to harmony with the White Life. These lines indicate the second kind of courage than which there is no higher. By the word "spiritual" I mean not merely religious in the ordinary sense. "Herein is love with us made perfect. charge a Dragon on the field?" we have is the first kind of courage. and another.VI Announcement. "And shall I And In these lines is with a Giant strive." — These are our methods.

The imagination. I are others who will instantly perceive that they represent thought on a comparatively low now observe: The best gift of Life to primeval man.FOREWORD." Upanishads. after love." To many minds these statements will have the look of sanity. But there plane. and reason no longer imposes responsibility. "The best gift of Nature to primitive man. after reason. Five years ago I wrote in this identical place in our study these words: " Fear will never go out of this world until pleasure loses value. is "The imagination reason's magnifying power. I WISH to indulge in a little Foreword because against content- conclusion which on further thought. "Fear and imagination send him into a panic. void Vll of love. — the feeling of . was reason. "Fear and reason take care of man. "There is — Indian no limit to the knowing of the mind that knows. "Fear observed and obeyed by reason is a friend. desire ceases for want of an object. was fear. in this way may be indicated a warning ment with a seemingly very sensible will prove. to be hasty and incom- plete.

What conceivable service then. You fear out. and never a friend. all. it cares and trusts the White Universe to assist. then. happiness. When you are threatened by some hostile force or event. to cast and to make real reason its substitute. foisted in front of reason. Love and reason alone can take care of man. health and power be your desires. so far as his own efforts are concerned. are invited now to live the white life. are legitimate in their place. but you know no real fear if you are saturated with the feeling You may believe it is fear that seeks of harmony. By the reality called reason I do not mean mere Such phases of reason cold calculation and hard logic. harmony with Fear is — forgets reason and permits fear to enter the soul. just because this is true. In properly blended proportions these constitute the very life of courage. assurance — what it is also intuition religious and harmonic thought calls faith. live the white life and hold fast only to reason. I . if freed from cunning and you desire panic deceit. let imagination your soul with fears. But if peace. an alien to our life. acting extra. The amid harmonic conditions.viii Foreword. The higher reason not alone intellection. real friend is reason. for self and then. But your reason can do precisely Fear is. reason tries to induce self-protection. a distressing extra. only an the same thing without fear. can fear render any If man or woman? fill and distress. your self-protection. The first higher reason declares self-preservation to be the law of life. but the higher reason is is to these as a woman's is love-look to the glitter of ice. By so much you will add immeasurably to personal comfort and power.

. It is forever striving to realize true goal for all its own best estate. you can banish the fear-element. and. All the reserving only the reason-assurance element. not to reason. when they think they are extremely and nothing but fear. will of diseased imagination. "But. and in because the white that life reason-assurance only is possible. really IX do not see what a human soul need actually fear vhen that soul and the White Universe are bent on the same goal. But I say it is reason. is fear. against them? we not forefend how can we escape fear?" These questions show into our very lives. When any form of health is threatened. and it is due to simply fear. imagination. and your fear-feeling is unnecesIf you can remember that the White sary and hurtful. "are there not all sorts of evils should in the world. perhaps. Harmony and fears in the world courage sublime your whole life. Mind-Health. living. saying the same thing we affirm the goal to be Health Body-Health." you say. and do they not threaten us. Fear has no right- ful place with any rightful alone is rightful. The Universe is a growing organism.Foreword. it is fear that warns you to self-preservation. your Life or Universe and you have the same desire. cannot benefit you. therefore. the soul's welfare. It is This is the individuals. how thoroughly fear is knit Now this is precisely life the point. highest welfare. worlds or man: if — for Self- Health. What some may call reason- sensible. rightful. has I have never known a person whose reason Suffer-fear is always a product induced self-suffering. you say. and In this forefending.

than reason. it is yourself. hurting self. for you. evil has gone out of the world. . but more. You are invited to make these heaven-bcrn truths your own." I do not know anything more absolutely and sufficiently opposed to the permission of that self-acting which alone. its Evil exists. You can so live the sublime white life of harmony as to be able to say: "So far as I am concerned.assurance has to do with it only by living the white life and denying fear and evil altogether." The only real life. that which can hurt your best self. If to you evil is." You see. then. surely now. is is This entire question of evil If all at your command. There is no evil to me. When any- thing hurts your best your self that hurts your The only evil in the Universe is some one's act self.X The to Foreword. live the white is rightly evil is "There each person might no evil. it is self. is evil.because other people admit existence. that you need not fear " evil. best it deny way in which and cast out the to forefend against evil fiction. Fear has nothing properly to do with the matter. were to declare. hurting others. And reason. / am Growing in My Soul a Perfect Courage.

Chapter XIII. Chapter VII. Chapter VIII. Chapters. The World's New Dawn Fear and Reason Physical 3 15 27 Tone of the Self Dual Health-Tone Fear of Self Fear for Others 53 33 113 137 Fear of Things The Fears of Timidity Some People We Fear Some of Life's Relations The Fearful Crowd Fear of Events — Old Age Courage for Future Events 169 201 251 311 369 411 447 A Perpetual Tonic Prefatory Matters. Chapter XIV. Chapter IV. "The New Down" " Fear-Thought and Fear-Feeling " "The Soul of the Cell" 2 14 26 5~ "A Regime" "Fear Not Thyself" "Fear Not For Others" Fear Not Dumb Things " "The Massing of a Hundred Faces" * ' 82 H2 136 168 "Fear Not Thy Fellows" "Life's Relations" ' ' 200 25 ° The Raw Material " is 310 368 410 446 " Youth Courage " "Fear Not Events" "The Rock of Courage" . V. Chapter Chapter III. Chapter IX. X. I. Chapter Chapter XL Chapter XII. Chapter Chapter VI. Chapter II.CONTENTS.

. Pis gittb star-faault.df. ^ofa mast ilje be Ijis summoncb forilj Co bistobjer b ims. ten ijjousanb spaces kigjj ccme to b^s ohm like a King. 3E§e €*U man of fife. iett tfjtmsanb fathoms bttp. j bual reality fjis faorlb.: .


had kissed the swart Human. with never a conscious start (The — — Had In the Man-Soul. now escaped from the animal lair. For the Women. Ages and ages. what times on poor mouthings of Truth! What Night for a thousand years twice told! With Fear. —The Author. till these had upsprung as if gods. and no Sun in the Void! and Fear and Death Shadows set Have opened and — — A fourth time man whispers: We live! And behold a New "The Dawn!" Day!" Does the Flare of its Flood-Tide winds stir you? Does the light of its splendoring Sun thrill you? Does the marvelous Life of it stimulate you To a birth of the self and the kingship of That? You five! The New Day is for each: For the hitherto Common Man. breeding life triumphant) With heart courageous and faith almighty To fare forth and possess the whole world! Soul of you. . kens That and knows the One Only Who Is). or priest at his worship land. the it Buddha discovered Thou of That. So. thrice have men ventured the Word: full "Comes now a Day that is New!" of the Small Since these giant Men-Types. "The dawn of a New Day!" Never an Aryan felt the flare of Nor any. flare the ghostly breath of the long-coming Dawn passed o'er the Nature-Face.! . himself. whosoever kens the flare. slave. — THE NEW DAWN. awaken! The New Day is yours. Brahma. no longer a Thing. the Christ-Mind assumed to be the / am That I Am. Dawn 5 s here! (With Opportunity leading "captivity captive. (And the Sun." (And the stars urging on to achievement. and the fierce Stars. For. Till Zarathustra Till Till this electric Fact. or earth-toiler swarming the discovered Ahura Mazda. For the Child.

and take strength HAM often asked. I feel that the world's mind is slowly yet swiftly changing its adjustment to one supreme reality — Truth. not wrappings and tables of Therefore every age has torn off some of the contents."— Thomas Coke Watkins. men to-day . look onwards to the ideal life of man. and can use in the buildsoul ing of its life. is to deny our birthright "Let us not look at ourselves but onwards. and always have they sought and then they have immediately wrapped it in But part. Always have men believed that they desired only found it in the truth. The World's New Dawn. packages and stowed it in boxes with elaborate labels. and can recognize. For one thing.THE CULTURE OF COURAGE. Not to do so who cannot of mind. and insisted at last on truth More than during reality the essential reality a human demand craves. — just all the centuries before. CHAPTER I. is sure that the world is to assist hampered intellect may from time to time whatever the — — aver. ancient outer things. He is indeed despicable from the leaf and the signs of the field. "Do you think the world • is really becoming better?" My inmost self the self I trust and try growing better. alone. Our nature craves reality.

eternal." if The world and the man must they would really find and v will to adjust to truth know Truth. And it is an This adjustment for truth. but the clock-work of the soul is And the Will. When you Expectation in Adjustment is The world no longer merely harmonizes with Nature and Life. The to-day. and you expect harvest and picture. That is one great fixed point in this shifting universe. Henry Drummond spoke of the adjustment which a great telescope needs for photographing the stars. that is the best plant your seed or properly place your you have created adjustment. The as old adjustments no longer satisfy. the self for peace and power. Truth is. photographs of yesterday do not speak correctly for We do not deny the stars. demands a further motion and adjustment of the soul. It is a request is a huge prayer. and so. " No adjustment is ever required on behalf of the star. Let us think of one fixed star. it Now. assurance. the mind which alone the body for development. . asks for truth. The World Adjusting to Truth. appropriates. I hold that the world to-day. kind of praying I know — Expectation in Adjustment. each hour. Assumption. in a sense. we only deny the is science that past. is urging an accurate adjustment of the human deeper soul to truth — that demands for health. but for truth only. indeed. A telescope in an observatory follows a star by clock-work.4 The Culture of Courage. It expects the truth. but our relation must keep pace with it we swing through the vast heavens of time. more perfectly than ever before. each day. But the world moves. telescope.

glow in my heart! For ye are mine. I am the soul of health. the forest deep. to seize and appropriation for your own welfare and this attitude of You power. Like ye. Bequeath to me their vigils keep All things for love of me of wealth. or rough winds round vigils keepAll things for love of me their of wealth. In the swing and heave of the sea. or rough winds round me sweep. happy and growing spiritual coming free. me I would distant keep. and my soul. Religion.The World's New Dawn. The the stars. sea. . There 's no thing dear to that sees And none me is not my wealth. A unhampered. sing in my heart! Stars. 5 You are invited to affirmation: make this thought a lifelong In Harmony I Appropriate All Good. This attitude legitimate activity has influenced for the better every BusiThe results are seen in Benevolence. For swift possession is my earth-man's me sweep: Or still days brood. lines as a symbol of I ask you to take the following appropriation that is the world's wonderful sense of everywhere evident. in my heart! Pine. the pine. use the spirit of are invited. that the Such is one of my reasons for believing toward Truth world is growing better. now. life is new day of Education. splendid. bursting over the earth. Government. ness. health. is a part Of the Marvelous Whole. Souls are minds has begun Hearts are thrilling with courage. — Run. of man. health: Mine is the buoyant earth-man's vibrant sea. Or still days brood. I am the soul of health. at will their subtle wealth.

Courage Abroad. This breath consists of two general activities. and because of these things. You will understand that the items are illustrations Why. this expectation and assumption that Good will not withhold itself. a God who is a kind of huge carpenter. a Deity who needs to be appeased. growing better for the new adjustment to truth. a new era of courage sweeping the heart of humanity from sea There is abroad a Universal Breath. We are denying: The of divine right of kings. Courage is confidence in affirmation: I am the spirit of the soul Harmonic with the Perfect Whole.6 The Culture of Courage. the fundamental human nature. the notion that we must eschew all drugs or depend only on drugs: the thought which makes disease an entity. the attitude of healthy denial apparent. Kindly remember this. Progress means that you also turn face to the Sun and walk buoyantly into the Day. the idea that some people are created for toil and service and others for ease and to be served. the fancy that littleness and unholiness the illness of some is a divine will. You are not making progress merely because you turn your back on the Night. the feeling that . of Life. Courage is a I And hold that our life is all reason that I discover. that of Denial and that of Affirmation. the really vital thing and in the huge friendly Universe in which we live. But is only the beginning. a Providence which punishes. in this denial of fear denial is and self of the reality of fear's cause. manifest to sea. only. is everywhere Permit me to run over some of the things that are coming more and more to be refused acceptance.

is a few illustrations. All-Good The Infinite and Eternal White Life is evolving a — is neither Universe toward the ultimate perfection of absolute harmony. He is the Infinite the Eternal White Life. Many pages would be required to set forth the ideas and dogmas which are unceasingly and emphatically being rejected. Jew nor Gentile. the horror of an eternal hell. and so on. thoughtfully. the feeling that success is the heresy that religion. therefore. All human beings are in fundamental nature divine. But when you deny. deliberately. power. rites or ceremo- only for the favored ones of earth. the faith that heaven is reserved for the "elect" who "believe" a number of things. happiness.The World's New Dawn. are here for the purpose of growing to best child in Every man. These are merely miscellaneous examples of the thousand old-time "truths" which are now more and more denied. need have anything to do with creeds. or that it exists for a favored few. Are we not affirming somewhat as follows at the present time? Signs of the Deity New Life. We estate. nies. and in a wholesale manner throughout the world of earnest men and women to-day. 7 wealth should not be craved. the creed that "evil" is a necessary existence. The breath of courage which sweeping over the earth. is splendidtake ly declaring for ten thousand deathless realities to simply for I have space the place of mistaken beliefs. the spiritual. woman and the world is entitled to health. it is a great mistake if you do not affirm something better. . and so on.

the beautiful. it necessary or essential.8 The Culture "Evil" is of Courage. or of beauty. Disease is dis-easement of the matter of a body induced by dis-easement of soul in a body. the conceived in one's therewith. mindMental health is a life exhibits as mental health. and induced As such but this reality is not may be banished totally and forever. derangement "evil" real. the feeling of goodness. for Success" I have stated what growing conviction in this regard. This is spirituality. and the condition of the In " Power self determines the condition of the body. the good and the beautiful. The self creates or builds its own body. all physical movements must necessarily cooperate harmoniously with one another and with the playing into Universal Forces. the true. in individual life derangement is by individual and world-thought gone wrong. deep within the subconscious phase of the self. But the only conceivable essential to spirituality is intelligent (truth-using) surrender to." What we call mind is ganized for use by the self. and its physical character is determined by the psychic character of its owner. therefore." " In a state of health. is religious at the top. own way — for in. is I believe to be the "The sound body a perfect material expression of the Universal Forces its field. The the real "spirit" self on philosophy is which builds body and may unfold mind. and an White Life harmony and oneness a belief — Happiness consists in being consciously harmonIt is not ized with the true. universal right. to refine — not — The highest state of the individual. a collection of powers orand these powers are rightly If is developed only by the good. or of trueness. .

The child vibrates with goodness without understanding the name "goodness. these words. Solely because of three false "realities" remain? only. to "spread contagion on mankind. replaced selfishness will die as impossible. by the white life. Shadows still Why must these there are. but this These higher thoughts. And if you who read these pages to the white-life harmony-plane. and thought will no And when fear vanishes. things that linger on: False Thought — Selfishness — Fear." And so Power of life. I and receive the do not know any will "evils" that could endure a century. essences affirmed are The is immaterial. 9 necessary. it is. If the whole world.The World's New Dawn. " What are the limits of . longer be false for the reason that only truth will be possessed. is personality receiving its own in the realms All things exist for all beings. disease and pain. If you ask." vary with each individual. Health. and error. then. are of the Dawn The full Day is not yet with us. to know on. however. however. would but thrust out fear spirit of courage. Such are some of the realities that are being quietly and potently assumed and affirmed to-day throughout Of course the language of assertion will the world. better. but they would be mere phases of that one breath of new hope and courage that is stirring in every land. beyond cavil." of the "life which really is. but swing up Happiness and Power must be yours as surely as air rushes into a broken vacuum. Other illustrations might be given. although of course.

that the sun of light is not We can yet get rid of these also. whatever is rightly your own. alas. This is one of the world's tasks." Be of existence. the imagination. the fear of lightning. as you are increasingly able to do so. and the "others" will do worse than err if they complain. I affirm the great truth: All things are yours. may be able to Nevertheless. the fear of bankruptcy." Man has banished many of his fears already. and receive. the fear for self. the fear of the future. "We. the fear of the fear of disease. He has gotten rid of these. the fear of self. I may not affirm. To speak I answer." this truth?" otherwise would be mere speculation. if you would make the most of your self and life. but they will err if assured of one thing: all may be rid of their fears and . But when we observe the tornadoes. The Culture of Courage. the fear of accident. Some will others. the fear of ridicule. we know. "There is yet very much land to be possessed. This is your task. the fear of devils. it is permitted to say: "Launch out! Launch out in the New Thought of Life. receive all you crave. if stricken through and through with dis-harmony. as you do so. the fear of others. the solitude of the devils hills. the fear of a hell — Oh. the fear of a vindictive God. the fear of public opinion. fear of water. then." No one will possess all of that land in the present stage be able to claim more than they assume themselves to be favorites. the fog of the vast sea. at his meridian height. That you. "I don't know. the fear of failure. are down on our luck. creating innumerable gods and by that wizard of distortion. lodged them in every object of existence under and in the heavens. the fear of fire. It is not a long run of the centuries since he quaked before the gloom of the forest. the fear of death.

the like of which they have never known. invited to begin our study by denying and affirming. acquire dauntless yet serene courage. deny that I am "down on my luck. deny the reality of any cause for fear. deny that I am unhappy or depressed. low or ignoble in morals. a sense of well-being. be of the highest. deny that poverty is decreed to me. All n may them the whole mass of distress induced by fears. thus. an influx of buoyancy. deny a vindictive God. a confidence. deny the need of any of my fears. deny that I am mean. deny that I am low-born or of bad blood. I am con- deny disease to be my necessary portion.The World's New Dawn. deny that health is not my rightful claim. deny that I shall not unfold forever. deny that slavery is religious. a happiness. Prime Denials and Affirmations. as it may be. deny that my best life depends on creeds. deny that I am less than a king. deny that anything can hurt the essential me. as follows: — The Daily Regime of Denial: deny the existence of error. You who now First I read this page are. . deny that I am not the friend of the White Life. deny all that is opposed to my best welfare. deny that the Universe is not for me. deny that ignorance is an essential part of my lot." deny by my life that others are my superiors. will come to a peace. deny that I am weak and a nonentity. so far as cerned. if it In that state.

12 The Culture of Courage. I affirm that mine is the white life. is It is significant that these are saying. and finally have experienced a wondrous recognition of the New Dawn which has now fore. reason is I affirm that I affirm independent of my sovereign selfhood. fear. almost meaningless. "There nothing else worth while in the whole earth. I affirm that a part of the world's plenty is for me. I affirm fearlessness of that I affirm which I have feared. You are invited. I affirm I affirm myself the white-life equal of others. to remember that thousands first. my I am power! I shall live and unfold forever. Second — The I affirm truth to Daily Regime of Affirmation. perhaps. similarly at surely come to the world. freedom. affirm buoyant happiness as my present possession. I affirm I independence of narrow creeds. my real self impregnable to hurt. I affirm that life is my perfect university. I affirm the Infinite Life to be I affirm that spirituality is true my Friend. be my desire and possession. I affirm that I am success. there- of people have felt have then caught a glimpse of the truth here and there. I affirm myself the friend of the Infinite. It may be that all this is strange thought to you. cause and reason only for courage. One of them ." Two men were scraping paint from a house prepar- atory to putting on a new coat of color. be I affirm health to my rightful claim.

whether or no you go into the white-life phase of existence. Hereafter our work will be more specific and adressed to the varying conditions of the individual man or woman. . If. religion as you perhaps know is the White Life within the human That alone is religion. broke a long silence and said: "This is the whole thing. And it means just that courage which makes us buoyantly equal to any kind of life that is right." He referred to the dawn of Real Life in himself. now. the Infinite one greatest thought White Life. self. But they will realize completest value if you will swing religion. 13 who had been helped back from mental unbalance. remember. does not deal with The only thing valuable in religion at the start clean out into the "/ surrender It is to.The World's New Dawn. Call it what you will. this chapter has seemed to broach the it subject of religion. The methods of this book will prove of value to you. and helped solely by thought. and I I receive." — because desire every reader to get this perfect start in our study that I have indulged in the world's rather general outlook on the New Dawn.

crystalline lake portraying earth and sky In shadows beautiful as death — void of pulse. Fear blurs that Eye. or music of good This is no Eye with which to view the world! And life. fills Eye of Soul with fantasies. The soul reflects the universe With ecstasies of heat. whole! — The Authoe.FEAR-THOUGHT AND FEAR-FEELING. needing values. Then Truth and Nature. So. And Soul flees terror-stricken on to Death. viewing the world builds. Deity and Man Evolve dread enmity and horrors multiple. — — To lead my soul on Courage (not on Death) And make me Of the worth the illimitable years —a skill Mind-Man.Fact as my lovers Veracious Guardian Angels guiding all my way Cooperative. Oh. lacking so. (Who loves the fire-hued. robing sheer Reality in colors ravishing. like the brain and heart of body. of harmony! Its inner gaze creating Life in Fact. or warmth. forming within And This vitalizing All with Feeling is — Being's it it Heart. smoke blooms of Hell's Land?) And always Fear feeds Feeling's grotesque growths Till Soul's Eye on its own creation looks As on eternal Truth. I will rule heart's Feeling for good Life. of hue. our Eye. while Reason clears: Pure mind lacks Passion adding values to existence. (Who loves mere ghost-flowers born of moonlight?) Pure Feeling lacks in Reason. blood. Given Soul's Mind for this naught else: — That Reason may re-think the Beautiful and Happiness And see eternal Truth and Truth. Giving it Voice. . With wild distortions of imagination's lust. And. The intellect coldly reflects What Is: An icy.

or from religious ecstasy. of — grpj|p|E 1 heard the seemingly discriminatis normal and abnormal. If you will run over human history in your mind. but fear they do of at least not know. Fear and Reason. while abnormal fear should be destroyed as an all HAVE 11 ing remarks that fear enemy. in situations or before objects which ought. or look about you in the present life. every feeling and thought demanded except fear. It may constitutional make-up. Many of us need an attack William mental disease to teach us the meaning of the word. conditions result This fearless awareness of fear-suggesting may from be due to several causes. The idea of self-preservation is as strongly present as with the most abjectly timid or terrified. ftUSB and that normal fear is to be regarded as a friend. you will find here and there persons who. are They possess nevertheless wholly without the feeling. to inspire the feeling normal self-protecting fear. or from a perfectly calm sense of spiritual .CHAPTER II. "In civilized life it has at last become possible for large numbers of people to pass from the cradle to the grave without ever having had a pang of genuine fear. or from long- continued training or habituation. The fact is that no so-called normal fear can be named which has not been clearly absent in some people who have had every cause therefor." James. as any fearful soul will insist.

if the self can be held consciously in the assurance that the White Life surrounds the true self. in which any occasion may be divided: As a warning and as a maker of panic. and that what we call "normal fear" should be substituted in our language by "instinct" or by "reason.6 1 The Culture of Courage. fear itself must be removed "as far as the east is from the west. and to reason. then. and will suffer "no evil to come nigh. for fear These are the ways. with such people. it can be profoundly beis surely present. Whatever the explanation. then. selfhood which to the instinct of self-preservation thought-element of the soul peace and wholeness. and is surely within that self. is unhurtable. the fact remains: the very causes which excite fear in most of us. if the reason painful results" (James). may can be brought to consider vividly and belie vingly all quieting considerations. "Everyone can testify that the psychical state called fear consists of mental representations of certain It is hold that The mental representations be very faint as such." This splendid conviction I earnestly commend to all may readers." while all the instincts of self-preservation be perfectly active. but the idea of hurt to self If. lieved that the real self cannot be hurt. if at all. on such considerations that I have come to all real ieox-feeling should and may be banished from our life. or from the action of very exalted reason." the element of fear being dropped altogether. the which makes for persona) Banish All Fear. merely appeal. But let us say that the warning should be understood as given .

as man. called normal fear should give place to reason. Fear is (a) it an impulse. a state of insanity. is. The division What is commonly depends upon the point of view. reacting in several ways: as. to reason. meaning. in a totally unbalanced condition. all. "Take care! Danger!" You will see that this is so if you will upon the individual look for a fear — fear moment at three of self. wherever ent location. them that is most emphatically Fear. (c) a disease. then. now of now of the moral consciousness. fear for others. exists in (b) a habit. fear for self. Fear for — others signifies foresensed or forepictured distress to self often because of anticipated misfortune to others. The reaction has always a good intention. a make-believe of sanity. now of the nerves. it I is distress to self or hurt to in our thought. in the nerves. using the word to cover instinct as well as all thought. a creature of the imagination. mental moods. is Fear. fear in is its appara psychic state. and that the With these discrimina- tions in mind. of self is indirectly fear for comprehensive kinds of Fear self danger. From the correct point of view fear is an evil so long as entertained. ful reason. in a single impulse. may . Whatever its manifestations. when we fear for others. we may now go on to a Preliminary Study of Fear. in a chronic habit. in each case. wonder whether. Furthermore. that fear need not appear at 17 panic is perfectly useless pain. acting as warning. of course. fear the mind.Fear and Reason. is usually regarded as the soul's danger signal is But the true instinct instinctive and thought- Even and reason. signal.

It is. perform their duty abnormally. There are but two ways in which so-called normal fear. One person said: "Tired? No such word in my house!" Now this cannot be a sound and healthy attitude. or assume abnormal And then we have the feeling of fear. The normal warning is induced by actual danger apprehended by mind in a state of balance and self-control. I do not deny that the soul may cultivate a sublime sense of buoyancy and power. but I hold that when a work belief or a hallucination refuses to permit of nerves you to hear the warning disaster in- and muscles. realizes itself using or disusing by conceding such realities as real and by them as occasion may require in the I interest of the self at its best. be annihilated: by the suband by the assurance of the is white life. hold this to be true . there is a higher liberty which really evitably. Normal mind is always capable of such warning. with pain and weariness. proportions. Nature will Let us stand for the larger liberty which is joyously free to take advantage of everything Nature may offer for true well-being. that by normal fear here meant normal reason — real fear being denied that place and function altogether. Weariness. is a signal to stop work. rather do I urge you to seek that beautiful condition. now. There is a partial liberty which tries to realize itself by denying various realities as real. may stitution of reason for fear. When one becomes so absorbed in labor as to lose consciousness of the feeling of weariness. Then we may say such action of reason is a benefactor to man.8 1 The Culture of Courage. he has issued a "hurry call" on death. the philanthropy of the nature of things within us. acting in the guise of reason. at a certain stage of effort. Let it be understood.

By pain Nature informs the individual that he is somewhere out of order. This warning is normal.Fear and Reason. wisdom: to 19 take advantage of self. science or your method. So I say that to normal health the weary-sense is a rational command to replenish exhausted nerves and muscles. everything evidently promises good to the this or that theory. not because it is needful as a warning against but I — "evil. reasonable or spiritual. It is not liberty. confused by the discord and the psychic chaos. but I am earnestly striving to ignore it. material or immaterial. and Will. which without regard to and freely to use all things. or by conjuring induced by unduly magnifying actual up fictitious dangers through This excessive and misdirected psychical reactions. and to cultivate thoughthealth so that the cause of pain may be removed. for why (and how) declare the nonexistence of that which actually is non-existent? But if you say. I embrace your beg to ignore your bondage to philosophy or to consistency. The feeling becomes abnormal in the mind when imagination twangs the nerves with reiterated irritation. " As a matter of fact I have pain. But it exists in your life by your permission only. I do not say there is no such thing as fear. whatever you affirm. ." that This is the commendable attiis sane and beautiful. I believe. to declare. help thou mine unbelief. Fear does exist. "There is no pain!" Pain does exist." To undertake swamping pain with a cloud of psychological fog that is to turn anarchist against the good government of Nature. it is not healthful. cowers and shivers with fear. tude of the Bible character who cried: " Lord." Fear is danger. and your affirmation that it does not is proof that it does exist.

with weak intellect often the athletic field of super- Intellectual greed in an unsound body may breed the direst fears of life. truest peace. apprehension. a growth solely of honorable living and robust of the following realities: self. falsely-intentioned witness. health. This principle is adduced in the interest of three tions of reason's interpretation of the Nature. soul — the deeper is Health is body. fright. self-respect. that fears abound But it is because so many fears — in every direction. of which courage is a sublime bloom. terror. mind. The ideal of human existence is The white life in the sound mind in the stitions innumerable. Physical A sound soundness human a triune is wholeness. You are invited to note how The is vital these interests really are. panic. to be displaced by reason things: peace. for be taken as a signal of danger. are all false imita- warning signals of itself. which may then determine whether the occasion be real or unreal. but it is a it is not needed. power.. desperation. are permitted and actually nursed as boons that so many sick people .20 also The Culture of Courage. It is because there are so many people who are in some sense sick. and always to be disregarded and overcome if evidently refering to causes which do not actually exist. con- sternation. fear. is hostile to the individual because it threatens self-control may and it absorbs life's forces in useless and destructive work when they ought to be engaged in creating values. Health is soundness. Timidity. — vibrantly whole body. Hence we state The First Great Principle of Fear-Conquest. alarm. A decayed soul is always a House of Fear.

want of self-control. Now appear. The warnings of reason are based universal in the nature of things within us. would now seem. And it The ability to master and destroy fear depends. Three Great Laws. uncontrolled imagination. Third Law: The the growth of general courage in the individual. destruction of fear always follows it is an alien in the world-system. 21 abound in every direction. in view of these considerations. Will-power is demanded to banish fears and to utilize reason's dictates. The causes the first of fear are weak reason. The Soul's Power of Will. and ill-health. three items are really phases of the last. Reason is demanded to distinguish between right and wrong causes for personal effort in self-protection. The fear-brood will not depart until the soul has acquired . and are Second Law: Fear of life. upon the following factors of our life: The General Tone of the Individual. First Law: benefactors. I do not know anything wrong with it that cannot be traced to a fear. The Development and Balance of the Reason. cians.Fear and Reason. is contrary to the qround-plan It is no primary part of the nature of things. But the sway of reason and the force of action are always immensely assisted by a vigorous general tone of the personal life. If all our fears could be removed absolutely. and to utterly ignore all wrong causes. we should no longer require physiThis •world would be a paradise in every respect.

then. or. exhibits fear where reason ought to appear. Whatever establishes that habit. thus fied. while real fear is due to causes not based in reality. a fixed habit of courage. life. analyze the subject of fear in It is is now necessary to its general outlines. important to remember that the warnings of reason. may have actual causes outside the mind and are rightly proportioned thereto and to possible consequences. by outer thus — just estimate. by a rational. cause magnified. or spirit. : — just estimate. set and mean- way the permanent about the task of cultivating in every habit-spirit of courageous sole This book was written for the habit purpose of suggesting definite methods by which such courage- may be developed. well- balanced Our analysis. self self by self (fear of self) substitute no cause. These laws formulate a great Primary Injunction. if so based. and so undermines and finally destroys the power of every variety of fear. sometimes called normal fears. Let your soul be saturated with the sure conviction that fear is an alien in the world-system of rights therein. In order that our practical it methods may be understood.: 22 The Culture of Courage. in A General Enumeration Fear of hurt of reason. of Fear-Causes. . no cause. cause magnithings: (fear for self) Fear of hurt of substitute reason. is permitted to agitate the mind in a way not warranted by possible consequences viewed life. having no proper place nor legitimate while resolutely possible living. secures the service of reason-instinct.

right Threat by events: substitute reason. thus right cause. no cause. friends. no cause. cause magnified. Fear of Events: present. inanimate objects. 23 — right Threat by others: substitute reason. and to examine them with reference to your You will make some important discovself and life. husband. — — — — work out the particulars of this analysis. One of the many questions suggested is this: eries. apparitions. thus cause. devils. Fear of threat by things: substitute reason. right Threat to others: substitute reason. Threat by the future: substitute reason. Fear for Self: imagined disgrace. cause magnified. weakness. Fear for parents. Thus we may have the following — consequences justly — statement of Kinds of Feaes. cause magnified. You are invited to Is the cause of anticipated possible is it is it a right cause estimated in your thought think of The idea is that you really as you suppose? any one of your fears and then ask the question in the form just indicated. Fear of Things: animals. relatives. thus cause. future.Fear and Reason. Deity. . thus right cause. beings. thus cause. no cause. no cause. wife. possible. possible unaccountable states. physical forces. no cause. cause magnified. cause magnified. Fear of Self: timidity. anticipated failure. Fear of Others: Others: human children. contingent. strangers. probable. lack of confidence. imaginary.

This you can do thereto is — anyone can do. but have in mind ideal. tone of the deeper self. And to come the greatest thing in the world. then. man or woman making for If you are only partially yourself. to begin by substituting in your thought the idea of self-preserving reason for any kind of fear (even the so-called normal) as your perpetual guard and guide. Swing your life into the unfolding and infolding of the Infinite White Life of . honor. not a mere animal It is rather courage. reason. you cannot possess the highest courage. beyond the present life. is And the first thing thus provided for health. life. The mastery of fear involves the discovery of right relations. Instinct relations with and reason all strive to place us in right these causes. all who are constitutionally who do yield to the feelis ing of fear. life — the life of purity. All treatment for the conquest of our universal enemy tone must begin with development I of individual tone: of body. infallibly. and the placing of self in those right conditions which are determined fear and provided for by the ground-plan of our nature.24 The Culture Fear of the Future: in of Courage. Make it a profound conviction of your deepest self that no real harm can come to that self because you have entered the highway of the white will. am not writing for those I fearless. either in mind or in fact. good- and confident assurance. if you will but resolve for the goal and go on into the great ideals of the harmonic personality. the courage of the whole the white life. mental or concrete. Our however. tone of mind. not the courage of insensibility. Such courage may be yours. The existence in us of shows that we already are. You are invited. in wrong relations therewith.

by reason's wisdom led. I send you this sure message: Courage lives When man to Courage all assurance gives. And trust the self to Love's unfailing skill.Fear and Reason. . of 25 Courage your lungs. Worlds. will become to you the very breath I send you this sure message: Fear is dead In all the pure. Who wear white honor and evince good-will.

Some toiler of old Japan. poet. This crystal of Quartz. — Has polished to likeness of ice. And. pulse-throb. the queen of its tribe. And grow in the mobile. To reveal the inclosure of spirit unmarred. Fares past the quartz and hides in the throat of the wearer. Physical man: to refine and ennoble. delicate. kin of this quartz Its evidence: light-hue. In words can portray it — — — That lurks only in spheres of the Substance of Life. significant boundary To one limit — Health I ! Of configure the wonder request you to define it this dust-common. the artisan patient.! — THE SOUL OF THE CELL. — The Author. let us say. he knows quite precisely his want. There. Builds higher and higher to balance unstable In beauty of male and in exquisite female. Onyx. And sends through the intricate meshwork of Sheer matter. the Infinite worked well! Come now to you the artisan's skill for this marvel. Shuns diamond glory for greater of flesh. . physician Yet never man the Soul of the Cell. Health of a body wherein dwells Soul. held fast in our Crystal superb. Heliotrope. vigor and nerve-thrill Of just that common. Herein worked the Infinite well. Chalcedony. miraculous Gift. beneficent Gift. lacks — Who Who it. say I. too. Amethyst. The Universe complete. scientist. Ruining form to reveal it FTeche d' Amour That the marvelous. hairlike inclosures Of crystallizations foreign might please the beholder. responsive flesh Mind perfect. the Artist fantastic. Agate. radiance crimson. — cells — Eye-gleam. has it divulges precisely the thing.

"—J.CHAPTER body every III. there are disunion. and so lift the body to a higher plane. Every cell is a living entity. orderly obedience. Some of the meanings of these powerful all be unfolded later. ^jHE thought of the above quotation does not is mean that the insubordination necessarily it conscious to the diseased individual. Physical Tone. rebellion and insubordination. C. fastly in the deeper self the ideas. In the meantime. as things are . the not hopeless in the nature of things. error. and the deeper the seat of the confusion. Be- not the outcome of his deliberate choice. and wherever disease is. assuming that you are not in perfect physical condition. the harder to quell it. that you are to undertake a vast You are. The deeper self which hasintended cause case it is is no rebellion against the laws of bodily well-being may now distinctly intend harmony. Perfect health. whether of vegetable or animal potency. but that surely obtains within the physical arena of his life. which is our White Life. •'In the healthy cell is polarized in subjection to is the Central Will. rather. Street. the more dangerous the malady and government and harmony. therefore. Affirmation and Realiwords will zation of Splendid Personal Tone. just to begin and go on thinkin ing yourself in a real way as harmony with the and to hold stead- Central Will. And mean the last sentence in the quotation does not amount of hard work. but is open tobetter conditions.

"peculiar characteristic sound as of a voice or instrument. you are invited is to observe the following instructions. the soul saints who have failed to possess themselves of the confidence of goodness. A person who affirms and realizes these conditions must. mind and the inner self. indeed. so to speak. the eternal law evident that the one great enemy of fear is The White Life in Harmonic Mind in Buoyant Body. then is the impulse of fear easily mastered and the habit of fear finds no encouragement. . Perfect soul-health is the whole of the is buoyant. subject to law. That you may come to this ideal. health. quality. in which courage most easily and perfectly thrives. There are. the mind harmonic with all existence rightly in the universe. Perfect mental health is mere brain sanity. natural basis: The General Tone of Health." then. Fear in man is a result of repeated suggestion. When the body clear and inspired. that of body. and fearing atheltes and scholars who have neglected the secret of courage. duration and pitch. regarding their totality as the atmosphere. and timorous man at his best. let us observe a number of the general conditions to three-fold health.28 The Culture of Courage. The word "tone" means. courageous invalids who have not come into the secret of right thought so far as health is concerned. "sound in relation to volume. health is mere strength. in the nature of things. is Nevertheless. and we may begin our studies with Health its a trinity. to which low health-tone is a natural invitation. be possessed of perfect In the tone of such health courage is inevitable." then. Health Perfect physical is the primary tonic against fear.

regarded as the organ of conscious tions. Or. or. Each individual. tone signifies "the state of tension or firmness proper to the tissues of the body. the state in which all the parts and organs have due tension or are well strung. spirit. But the truth of the matter hides in a deeper region than that of mere material flesh or organ. We we individualize the ether. tenor. Your body is a "field'' in which etheric vibrations are constantly taking place. that there is one general kind of ether-movement for matter. predominating aim or character. —a particular variation and for his mental person. . matter presupposes the ether in a state of vibration. 29 "characteristic style or tendency. the latter also becomes a matter of move- ments in the ether. of thought and feeling.. Matter is a form of the Universal Ether. so far as science seems to declare. and the entire nervous system. light. and for his right or wrong self-spirit.Physical Tone. at least. differing kinds of such vibrations determine the kinds of phenomena. etc. electricity. we are individualized as use the ether. for his body. physical." Hence. the strength and activity of the organs on which healthy functions depend.tone involves the whole personality. In the case of heat. that state of the body in which all the normal functions are performed with healthy vigor. and another for thought and feeling. We may say. in the sense of health. involve such vibrations. All its reality and all its activities involve such vibraThe brain. and another for the moral life." We thus see that health. presents variations of these general kinds of vibrations. then. however. mental and moral. life. strain. And as your thought and feeling constitute the foundation of your moral character.

the inner not always ing: as by apparent departures from right livyou may frequently see in some sudden burst of nobility. Could we look deeply into the physical nature. health is determined by the state of the etheric self. susceptibility to disorder. etc. Poor minds and wrong morals are sometimes found in apparently healthy bodies. to their individual character all for a person. the bodies of the one class do not represent the finest ment physical health." that the better life within has surely influ- . we had the "spirit of dis- cernment. He If there is a similar fullness and harmony within health of mind.. the highest health of the deeper self prevails. flabbiness. movements characteristic to him- If the vibrations underlying the body life are fuli and harmonious according possesses physical tone. tenderness.. If his mental he must exhibit a corresponding condition obtains in the moral personality. and are not contradiclife is tions of the law. his organs are sound and life. heroism. we should always find the law holding good that our three-fold ether-movements do influence and ill. active. I know that this law does not always seem to operate. and But great minds and noble spirits in feeble bodies. These three individualized varieties of ether-movein man mutually interact and determine one another's character. in those who possess sound bodies but are outwardly not parrefined. in the long run determine one another for weal or Where the inner turbed. fully expressed Moreover. involving coarseness. generosity. etc. ticularly The rough exterior may or hide a splendid germ of true spiritual manhood woman- hood. self is right yet the physical tone weak or disif we should perceive.30 The Culture The tone ot a person's of Courage.

because and harmony of the three kinds of ether-movements are the designed ideals of our lives and the laws positively . When we can believe this magnificent we shall be able to see that right vibrations under- and moral personality must tend to wrong vibrations underlying the body. perhaps (I do not know). life contends with a double to be the existing physical conditions and the false suggestion that the individual must continue ill in the nature of things or as the will of Deity. ticular. that disease is some- how a part of Nature. conviction — an inheritance is wrong one par- body must necessarily obtain in some cases at least. secondly. 31 enced and ennobled the essential nature of the body. The false suggestion ation and and realization should be displaced by the affirmSuch a of physical health. be altogether reformed within a time. So long reform tying the mental as the former conviction prevails. of the inherited warped the character body and its vibra- tions to such an extent that they may not. The belief prevails. Invalids accept it as true. and so prevents the real truth from appearing: that Perfect Health is the Primary Intention of the Nature of disease of the — that Things for truth. the belief. howlife- human in ever nearly right in of ages many respects. All. and try to be reconciled. But it is not true. the better difficulty. tends effects to counteract the existing of previous wrong suggestions and fullness to change conditions of ill-health. It should be remembered that two confusing factors prevail where a fine spirit dwells in a diseased body: first. harm. the thought-life of the individual. no matter what the inner This conviction is a tremendous force for life may be. reforming suggestion. so to speak. the thought-life of centuries has. tion made effective by mental realiza- proper regimes. feeling.Physical Tone.

at any present moment. We cannot get away from law. must be reckoned with in all our efforts to reform the vibrations in our personal fields involves the element of time. The law that life is determined more or less by the past If it seems to go is a fine example of this goodness. If the person who is a noble self in a weak body could add to his thought-life the suffi- . that great real reforms in the individual require effort continued etheric more or less in order that all laws involved may properly and fully operate. of perfect well-being bly imagine?). Law is good. Let us be rid of the notion that anyone a Divine Being wants him to be ill. meaning of experience: it is law talking to us out of our The law that our past and that of our ancestors past. because But we must remember that while these principles cannot be otherwise than true. whatever our theories or To me all Nature's laws are of religious belief. and the (what other design can we possigood suggestion operates to is ill bring about that ideal.32 The Culture of Courage. The past means much to all of us. which element may be greater than we can control in the material life. Let us be sensible. The idea false suggestion something hard and disagreeable is itself a and a wrong thought. that law is against us in some cases. two great forces of his ancestors and the past of his own life. every individual has — the past behind him. the White Life and untellably beneficent. Such is law. When it seems to work hardship. it surely goes for us in assist- ing a right past to make for a right future. the fact is the law is trying to That is the face us about for a right time to come. even while we insist upon truths which are among the most beautiful in the world. This element of time is important because there is another law.

because the limits are not set by the original intention of the nature of things. cover such cases as broken bones.a diseased body. because treatment then calls for mechanwhich involve laws altogether distinct from those that govern harmony among the functions and organs of the body as underfounded by etheric ical operations. affirming . of course. therefore lay hold upon the law. mental and moral fields. the universal. whatever they may be. could ever come to possess a diseased body. I must believe that the self. As we may not know the limits in any case. vibrations within the physical. may its bring into harmonj'. For I do not for a moment life. seize all it is ours to advantages afforded by the best medical science together with every atom of power in the white life and realizing physical health at its best. for The limits set to self-healing power we do not know any individual case.Physical Tone. by such limits. 33 ciently powerful affirming realization of physical health for himself and live long enough. The splendid general law is not overwhelmed. growing to the ideal. accept disease as a necessary part of human self. but by wrong living and false ideas running through centuries. I certainly believe the suggestion would ultimately prevail. but only to swing the law into harmony with that advantage. You do not know your own limits. is not contradicted. is provided sufficient health-suggestion is strong enough and full time afforded for the working of the law. for all you can derive from its beneficence. and as the great law shines ever before us and is equally for all so far as it may be claimed. and not for a favored few of some particular religious or semi-religious belief. Is disorder in I your machinery a part of the ma- chine? cannot see how a continuously perfect starting with a sound body. You are not required to turn your back upon any other advantage. age-long law. The law does not.

shall refer to these regimes because. self are in a constant state of self also Material uncleanness consented to conself. We may now go on to the general consideration of Physical Tone. This robe I wear of unsoiled flesh Keeps mind and 2. I ordinary regimes for health of body. obedience. in the nature of tho case. Sweet. Makes for Royal Health-Tone.34 The Culture of Courage. UniDur- ing sleep the Universal strives to restore. to and practically. Sound and Early Sleep Gives Thought the versal Forces their Perfect Opportunity for Good. harmony of vibrations between . Without and Within. their impor- tance cannot be overestimated. by so much. taminates that Uncleanness of the con- taminates the body. spirit ever fresh. as our conditions permit. not slavish. called the laws of laws of health would seem to be as follows: Scrupulous Cleanliness of the Body. then. is really a triune series of full and harmonious ether-movements within the personal field working together for a buoyant right self in a sane and truth-loving mind in a spiritually expressing physical organism. It would seem almost unnecessary to suggest the Nevertheless. Health-tone. must fear be an alien and courage the breath of your life. and secondly because they involve certain laws of laws in relation to health which are seldom worked out in hygienic instruction. What may be 1. The law should be given rational. dress of honored flesh. Your body and your deeper interaction. By so much as it is yours. first. therefore. affirm always The white life requires the clean You are invited.

with reality. and for 3. You are invited. its 35 its manifests in matter within the body and mani- fests in the non-material self. beauty and goodness. should depend upon your own peculiar needs. truth. and by the disturbing power of individIn order. therefore. results of sleep. But some individual variations. promising in the future perfect freedom there- from on earth). by all practical as well as by all idealizing methods. for the reason suggested. is made less in all cases the effects of which are inheritance in The degree of harmony by centuries of wrong living. for the manner in which they are to be taken and digested. The individual plan is merely a variation of the general plan of our common human nature. Your food and drink. our waking thought should be kept in attune. my walk softly in me. more or less accumulated by (right living. it is intended to be evolved and maintained. Like a saint in heaven unshod. then. every man and woman however. That general plan provides for certain foods and kinds of drink. For to be alone with Silence Is to be alone with God. The science of the matter investigates the kinds of nourishment which you in particular require and advises all items furnishing the material elements you demand. to live during the day in such a manner that your soul last fearless thought at night may "Let be. to secure the best ual wrong living. ." Nourishment Issues From ConEach IndiFor every human body there is a plan on which vidual. This general plan is varied for different persons in the primary intention of the nature of things.Physical Tone. The Utility of formity to the Plan of the Universal Forces for their utilization in building and sustaining the body.

Of course you have no liberty in the way of natural poisons and beverages which dethrone common sense. you may acquire the largest measure of personal freedom in the matter if you will determine therefor in the exercise of sound reason. Aside from the limits set by Nature. By thought-life more and more endeavoring constantly to bring your into harmony with the White Life in Nature. By affirming that the food and drink of which you partake the body. and I alcohol tabooed bedrink whatever I choose to drink cause I want and need all the brains I possess. (c) . either of your ancestors or of yourself. if you will begin with your inner thought-life and proceed more or less in the following manner: (a) By insisting upon a larger freedom. which ought to be yours> has perhaps. therefore. digestibility and harmand adaptation. That degree of liberty. It is for you to bring yourself more nearly to the original plan for human bodies in this respect. It is possible for you to secure a desirable enlargement of freedom with regard to food and drink. but. I have had my experience with things not liked and and toapricots. (&). . therefor. salmon things harmful day I eat all that's eatable by civilized man. believing the truth and assuming it to be true — actual for you.36 The Culture of Courage. usefulness fulness. come to be more or less limited. in respect to questions of taste. will surely make for health and buoyancy of not merely stating the proposition. chickens. while so partaking. are undoubtedly results of restrained liberty and wrong thought-life in the past. not in the way of demanding one thing or another. but in the way of realizing in your deeper self the idea of power — — — .

We have. (d). so that most of basic evil. 4. however. 37 By manifesting at all times the is the mood of blended courage. Work and the normal recreation are. running. and more or less an distinguish recreation as altogether and and I in itself a good. all vibrations tend to a strain in all in one direction Such strain that direction. — — is not normal. When activities in one direction are over intense and unduly prolonged. is a true word because it means rec- reation. in different directions.Physical Tone. Both ideas are surely erroneous. know that too much work. so to speak. and so restoring harmony. induced by muscu- lar and nervous action and by feeling and thought. happiness. may recur and may again take all vibrations proper to the of the activities of our life are normally those of work. that action or rest inducing corresponding vibration differing from those of work. which is." and some of them are normally those of some recreation. can- . we see at once that there ought to be an ideal "field" in which all such vibrations are in a state of harmony. the ance. because it signifies disturbance of balIf harmony in the "field" is to be restored. place. us distinguish work as essentially different in nature from recreation. therefore. equally essential to life. inducing corresponding vibrations in the individual "field. one direction-strain must be released so that all right activities "field" general Always the ideal is harmony throughout the personal field. built up wrong ideas its of each of these important functions. hope. Now. The Value If of Work and Play Outcome of Balancing Reactions or Restorations Activities. confidence. and work under certain conditions. we Personal conceive of any individual as a " field" Among Our of vibrations in matter and the ether. The state indicated would be a condition of balance.

then. but always erence to the state of balance or in the field of the personal self. . You are now invited to maintain. Precisely the is same true of recreation. But work and ties recreation are not essentially differ- ent in their true nature. until if harmony of the field is comparatively restored. for a time. Nature will check workvibrations and restore recreation. I If the idea is relaxation. It is the idea — that is. splitting. work should always be offset. have taken the I have taken the recreation-idea into work. A boy. not be regarded as a good in is itself. so to speak. It should always be offset by work. and have been obliged to call self to account under that law of balance or harmony. In both cases all we have activi- and vibrations. In all cases some portion is of the cases some features of the called Action in either case is mind work or recit.vibrations. the thing is work. Neither. ing. of the to be valued or condemned because kind of activities involved or vibrations induced. and soon wearied. The limit of recreation permitted should be determined by the same question. reation according to the idea entertained regarding If the idea that of task. Neighboring boys join him. — playing. In are active. is sawing wood alone: this is work. the value of either work or play consists in change of activities restoring balance in the personal field.38 The Culture of Courage. in all your work. body is involved. task-idea into recreation. by recreation. real thought. and soon invest the whole place with imagination. for example. and solely with refharmony represented The limit of permitted work should be determined by that question alone. the which determines the names we give the two general sets of activities. all busy sawthe thing is recreation. only suggestion use the magic word. In other words.

the idea. The human body Infinite is White Life. or from the sex-life to the inner self. designed for Temple. in which only do the bodily condiof the tions gain their real meaning. purpose. and the inspiration of the idea that your work is good and is building your self to better. and so it insists that no injury shall come to the body from the inner sex-life. The science of medicine is fairly indicated for our present purpose in the following quotation from Dr.Physical Tone the idea of 39 harmony xrith the Universal Forces of Nature. then." meaning. reation. to maintain purity under the liberty. and to adopt this thought as a permanent My Personal Dignity Stoops not to Physical Degrawith the The Liberty of Conscious Harmony Use of the Science of Medicine. the chief of human virtues crowning Self-Respect. 6. but Aristotle defined the soul as the "perfect expression body. In this respect the individual should be as a god.Presence of the Epicurus regarded it as a husk. You are invited also to maintain. but that it is the truth of body. but that both shall be maintained in harmony with the absolute whiteness of Eternal Being. the house in which it lives recognizes the perfect interaction of self and body. not that the soul is a product of physiological conditions. in all your rec- harmony with the Universal Forces and the inspiration of the thought that your recreation is good and is building your self to better. are invited. the idea of 5. To this great Greek was High-Mindedness. Oliver Wendell Holmes: Universal Forces Embraces the Intelligent — . a This attitude of the self toward You law of law: dation. the one being influenced by the other. Purity in the Sex-Life Charges the Personal Field with the Magnetic Power of the Universal Forces.

"What is the honest truth about the medical art? That by far the largest number of diseases which physicians are called upon to treat will get well at any rate. there seems to be I think I may venture to say there is a rhythmic undulation in the flow of the vital force. its monthly. even its temporary ripples. and I firmly believe that if the whole materia medica. its diurnal waves. The 'dynamo' which furnishes the working powers of consciousness and action has its annual. could be sunk to the bottom of the sea. even in spite of reasonably bad treatment. and the other hygienic influences. air. a periodicity depending on the very nature — — of the force at work in the living organism." There er self a curve of the soul's condition. movements. That drugs now and then save life. which varies from time to time. in the current it furnishes. a certain number will certainly die. When the curve is downward in both the physical and the spiritual case. it would be all the better for mankind. drugs are of no more value than stones.— 40 The Culture of Courage." "It is a mistake to suppose that the normal state of health is represented by a straight horizontal line. that they often shorten disease and remove symptoms. That there remains a small number of cases where the life of the patient depends on the skill of the physician. When the curve is upward — is also in our life a periodicity of the deep- . Throw out opium. but that they are second in importance to food. throw out wine. whatever is done. and the vapors which produce the miracle of ansesthesis. That of the other fraction. as now used. There are greater and lesser curves in the movement of a series of ascending and descending every day's life. Independently of the well-known causes which raise or depress the standard of vitality. temperature.

the psychic curve usually follows. for the cure of disease. The law Its scope. drugs 41 may be totally gratuitous. When the health-curve is downward. immense. I call my physician because I may want him when I cannot help myself in these important respects. Nevertheless. the function of medical science to arrest down- of ward curves by any tried methods. and may actually retard the combined movements.Physical Tone. When the health-curve When is upward. disease will long since have vanished. upward. I am ultimate evolution there ready to concede that in a sublime state of is nothing which a drug or a doctor can do except surgery that may not better be by the power of harmonic white-life But in such a future state thought claiming health. and I know most exalted faith in perfectly permissible to the the Soul of our Universe. When the psychic curve is downward. it is when I I believe that is am subject to abnormal concommon sense. even as matters it belongs to no is as long as time being and as wide as earth. I will have in my hands the greatest number of the best forces ditions. Any human may claim . to take advantage upward curves. we have the best condition But Nature always does the The physician never cures any disease. is real. I do not concede any limits. the health-curve tends in the same direction. to the operation of that law if we could accomplished get it fully are. except as Above indicated. but it need not necessarily do so. we do now certainly know a great law of mental power over the body. and It particular age or body of people. he is merely It assists is Nature. the psychic curve may follow suit. they the psychic curve curing. in both cases. and to know what the curves are in any given case. is under control.

If you realize your highest liberty and its greatest efficiency as you now are. those instrumentalities which are pro- vided in my ministers. a slave either material or to the immaterial? Must you be Can you not employ both for your welfare? May not the king call in whomsoever he will? All things are yours. whatever betide. Let us not label this or that with our little words. I — uncover my heart to every soul who is trying for the . nevertheless. The law of harmony as the supreme health-restorer and health-builder is not a law created by the Infinite during the last twenty-five years. provided the white life and the health- claim are with him. nought can really harm the abiding self. with valiant heart. the power of thought and harmony are surely for you. and to put forth all possessed and obtainable power of thought and realization for health." The law of thoughtsay: power in the physical realm is older than any present civilization. and "This is law this only. "Be not faithless. and inspired by the truth that. It is for every human being. in good cheer. to strive for the inner harmony." And so I think that our great Nature-Universe bids us hear these words from the Infinite White Life: "Sons and daughters of the All-Good. but believ- ing. Science to the and Faith. to invoke the law of spirit- ual mastery over the body." Let us not fall into the old-time religious error of assuming that some particular philosophy or faith which we have discovered embraces all truth and value.42 The Culture of Courage. you will use. not deny. under the sole limitations imposed by thousands of years of wrong thought-life in ancestry and similar error in personal past decreasing ability to affirm and realize in a way to secure the full benefits of the law. the benefit in total disregard of any philosophy or form of religious belief.

Well-Being. The medium in which all material existences exhi- in this bit is the universal ether of science. electricity. All existences come to being through the activity of one Infinite and Eternal Reality. it is a state of the ether. nearest to think Life . for health and happiness. material and spiritual (for the mateTherefore rial is but a phase of the spiritual). is a phase of the activity cf us in of matter in its grossest form. vibrations constituting light." The Secret of Thought in Relation to Health is Forth for the Claim of the White Life Consciously Put In explanation of this principle.Physical Tone. medium etc. 43 best things and believes he has found a true way. heat. let us try to obtain certain true conceptions concerning the material and pyschic nature of man. Matter. It say to you who may is a little too late. ''Stand free! Use every means read these pages: and all methods. plex Matter is not merely pervaded by the ether. of Infinite and Eternal Reality. the ether is a manifest. etc. Reality. but in stark 1 must not believe that this world has been left fundamental law of our earthignorance of the most life _ that health in and of its ichite life the realizing claim triune wholeness comes of the to await the birth — and word any man or woman I in these times. perhaps a primary manifest. It is coming to be scientific to hold that matter comreduces in its last analysis to electricity and is a form of vibrations of the ether within the ether. then. is a manifest of Infinite and Eternal If we matter.. So far as we can think. magnetism. Physical 7.

that is. Consciousness involves If certain physical activities within us. If we think mass of that first faintly conscious existence as a of crude matter. paratively simultaneous manifests of the ether.44 The Culture of Courage. exhibits through a is mind The human mind always we call mind human body. then. that matter and life are distinct realities. there is nothing to forbid our saying that consciousness was equally a product of such vibrations. life is a product of material activities. we shall think of matter and as comlife. nothing forbids our saying that life also is a form of vibration of the ether within the ether. the psychic factor was a form of vibrations of the ether within the ether — . But if we think of matter as a complex form of etheric vibrations. This has always been true. The first dawn of consciousness in Nature involved activities within the organism. engaged in various acting within. We should then say that life is a product of etheric vibrations emerging through those that have resulted in matter. What a complex of states of consciousness activities. With life this view in mind. however. also a manifest of Infinite and Eternal Reality. then the self and its body will appear to be distinctly separated in reality. nothing were we should not be conscious. This view cannot justly be called materialism because Life is. If so. the process of evolution. appearing only when the state of etheric vibrations resulting in matter has reached a stage in which vibrations resulting in life can be possible. But if we think of that body as a manifest of etheric vibrations in which life-vibrations also obtained. life may be regarded as an We do somehow feel entity different from that matter. We that is do not scientifically know any sort of not exhibited through matter.

and in adjusting to environment. a manifest of Infinite and Eternal Reality. it began to direct the activities of matter comprising its own body. consciousness. discriminate a man and Every object in . Thenceforth. but the latter transcends the former simply because A thing which is a manithe object is such a manifest. because personality was a psychic factor in consciousness.Physical Tone. it became a creator. when it appeared. Deity unless we Nature is a manifest of Infinite and Eternal Reality. needful for its kind and to build this material up into a kind of body best adapted to its existence. by its own character. had evolved to higher forms. and out of it have evolved But consciouslife. matter. to determine the character of the organism which it inhabited. 45 and so. and so. Matter is an evolution. we remember that ether. the psychic factor. to select matter from without of body. But when we so remember. ness is. for the reasons above indicated. When the former first appeared. was capable of enlargement and enrichment. Consciousness is the condition it of personality. All this work seems entirely independent until life. was a product. and thus. then. began to unfold its powers. to enrich its own contents by appropriation. we see that personality consisting of a conscious self and a body is similarly a manifest of that Reality. are manifests of Infinite and Eternal Reality. which was a second necessity of its being. and to organize itself in various ways depending upon its nature in each case and the influence In seeking to realize itself. as it must of environment. This conclusion will appear to identify little. it That is to say. was consciousness. the psychic factor. do in the nature of things.

self-direct its And were unable to own activities. and must have and is a personality and must be one (if he is man) but in the man psychic factor has come to consciousness. Ages of wrong thought-life are behind us. Man. one. We cannot help being are. the power of personal right thinking and harmony with the White Life of Infinite and Eternal . is it is. Now. scant freedom in the natural world apart from man. Nothing in Nature could be other than the other hand. yet it is within our power to improve physical character very greatly indeed. in self-direction and consciousness. always reveals itself and self-organization according to its to developed power think of itself as self-conscious existence. 46 The Culture of Courage. but the power to use that existence is determined by the fact that we are psychic factors in the highest sense exhibited in the earth. human upon beings. and the use we make thereof is determined by our exercise of the power of self-direction and selforganization. although they manifest me and could not exist without me. so that us builds the bodies we our physical largely an expression of our personal char- even so. with the superior something. but what kind of of personal human beings we within the limits ourselves. on a manifest of Infinite and Eternal Reality in the sense that he has a body. as we have seen. depends see. it could not be it self- directive in the fullest sense. it could not be conscious in the fullest sense of the word. Every object in Nature is preThere is cisely what it is at? a manifest of Reality. fest or expression of tified something superior cannot be idenI am not the words which I write. endowments. solely We may character acter. is that the psychic factor within live in.. Were it unable to so think of itself. fests Infinite Our existence maniand Eternal Reality. then.

I think. and not merely by the matterof-fact intellect. and man is the connecting link between dust and Deity. taking in the glory of the Divine Architect. of course. which is in the world revealed. The question. need not be elaborate and confusing. This is the first principle in the objective world of the higher education of mind and soul. that the outline merely to be suggestive) of Infinite designed All matter in the realm of Nature being a manifest and Eternal Reality. and the golden gates of the soul are opened. and grows. What are the main and abiding thoughts which are embodied in Nature? your conclusion. is ways and its The Thought.: Physical Tone." " He who has cultivated and learned to open his heart to the touch of outward Nature illuminates his inner being by the elevation and refinement of his emotional and imaginative nature. comparatively simple and open to every earnest and sincere seeker throughout all the ages. must be asked in a receptive and unprejudiced mood. is The study of Nature in all just the study of that Thought. conducted in various for various purposes. "Every inch of earth. existences and relations. The most powerful telescope known to man is mind's eye." of air contains the and . Reality will 47 may be explained in the following way (you is understand. broadens. Thus mankind softens. becoming more susceptible to impressions. If you will ask yourself. however. fire. of fundamental principles of the universe. and yet. Nature and her substances are phases of the Eternal Thought. a great Word. of water. The first lesson of Mother Earth is to instruct her children to be softened and sympathetic toward the moods of outward Nature. from the point of view of its highest value to man. and can bridge the gulf through the illumination of his mind. a vast and complex whole.

By so things always declares. if you see to it that their character is given your personal character. in the language of the schools). together with the knowledge of science. Beauty. poisons. Seeking with such a spirit. Reality. true. If you refer to microbes. reply that the perfect white life in man. mental and moral tone (tonus. we come to know that all in Nature is good and means good to every man and woman and child in this world. and the like. a minister of service and well-being. Love. so far as such realization requires. then. made concrete if only we have the seeing mind and the feeling heart. I venture to say that Infinite and Eternal Reality has there expressed itself in these great Words: Law. law-full. Goodness. Truth. Nature is real. either to some phase of her existence wrongly used or to some false interpretation in human thinking. These are the Thoughts expressed in Nature which For such the nature of are manifest of the White Life. you will secure If .48 The Culture of Courage. There All so-called evil in Nature is due is no evil in Nature. the seeing mind and the feeling heart. full a growing organism. Harmony. a living thing. Service. by so much are these Thoughts. LIFE. Development. harmonious. I of power. much as any object of existence fully realizes itself. your inner life contains nothing alien to these great Nature-Thoughts. the main Thoughts which Nature embodies. good. beautiful. Thus would he be rendered immune from all so-called evils. Power. Happiness. would teach him to avoid wrong relations and develop within him physical. when free to do so. a literature of love. With these powers of perception. deadly serpents.

and dy- and courage growing to real greatness. and your health Do no mistake this sentence. and a / Lover If of all that you will is good. for one hundred days. possessed of POWER.Physical Tone. I do not mean that splendid reNature sults must immediately issue from the course indicated. Patience and time are important factors. new meanings. by so much will your physical and psychic health come to buoyancy./ activmy deeper self. GROWING to better things. then. a LIVING white life. you fears fading will find life unfolding ing. I In spiritual effort. will infallibly again until you see what it limit to your health will be the limit of your ability to realize in yourself the Will you kindly read it The only really means? mighty Thoughts which make what she is. you can make your own not say a greater word. in any case. not to the law. eager to SERVE. full of HAPPINESS. thoughtfully and believingly repeat this law twice a clay say. they possess. much as you become that which the Xature-Thoughts suggest. to adopt the following as the permanent law of your thought-life: ity of am. striving for GOODNESS. You are now invited. I But by so one of realization as well as affirmation. entirely GENUINE. I do not mean that a dying man to Thoughts sufficiently can inevitably realize these recover health. but to one's Forces. representing TRUTH. joy and power. . limits. There are ability to use the law. The method is may Above all. do not mean that merely thinking the Thoughts will be enough. effort of the inner self to lay hold upon the Universal personal discoveries. coming to HARMONY. obeying LAW. in every junction of my bodi/ and ever. loving BEAUTY. in the 49 of body a degree of the power harmony which correspond.

trustful realization. and try to come into communion with the White Life go into the silence and. you have idea. you have merely entertained the When you will your arm to move. The direct utility of the right thought-life is nowhere doubted. But the law of direct referred to the truth involved. When you think of your arm as moving. realization is needed in order to complete the workings Mystery of the Realization Becomes Greatest and of the truth. say once a day. to be well And you may claim your- and courageous: that is another thing you treat yourself for health and fearlessness. by quiet affirmation and sincere. By this the psychic factor largely molds the body and influences Preceding methods or laws have all its functions. claim the Universal Forces as — your . You may think of yourself as splendidly well and fearless: that is one thing you regard your- — self as in self such conditions. The Culture In the of Courage. claimed your power to move it and have realized the power realized in actual thought that power.50 8. it does not necessarily move. shut out disturbances and alien thoughts and feelings. By direct realization the self consciously claims the present benefit of the spirit or attitude of harmony. The difference would obtain if your arm were bound: you could still realize in thought the sense of movement. Realization of benefits for health is a conscious holding of them in mind as pres- ent in you. One may in time acquire the fixed mood of realization. but it will assist you to bring about that mood all if you will occasionally. Realization of the Eternal Thoughts is a conscious claim in spirit and appropriation in spirit of the Thoughts now — — as actual within yourself. Silence the Power of Most Effective Because in Such a State the Self Makes Its High Thoughts a Conscious Claim on All Good Things.

utility its "Conscious of psychic uprightness in the white life. and with- out doubt tone am receiving." . 51 up your physical tone and the spirit A sentence like the following may be used: and of the beauty. helpers in building of courage. I now claim. the Universal Forces for my best and courage-spirit in all-improving health.Physical Tone. ing in and function. and wonder of my physical benature.

steadily the ideal
of logic),

Of body in mind and mind in body (ruthless So interfused that neither is, alone, yourself! And each in each forms one

This, perfect


stage of ideal,

Hold you in the vision of Thought-Demand Hold deep and at centre of spirit's heart (Ac though 'twere alive in the heart of flesh) Hold there, immovable, and failing not Through all distractions, quite serenely sure That first stage prophesies a second, And second, third, and each succeeding stage a further beyond these years and into death and out. For aye Here is eternal "Procession" of your Holy Ghost, Feeding good faith with reason consummate.


If you so hold, since this our System vast Agrees in essence or of substance, energy or law, And you are true force thus in harmony with All, Shall not your Thought induce incoming movements From life here, and planets yonder, and higher realms Rushing in for you, vortex-maker, true magnetic lode, And usher in to body-cells, nerve-cells, energy-spheres Of your dynamic self the Dual Health For which dust blows from out the mouth of God, For which power emerges in the Breath creative, For which life pulsates in the Heart Deific, For which love works to make that life immortal?


Courage, soul! All things are yours:

Passion and vigor for the half of you, body;

Beauty and Truth

for the half of you,

All for the self of you,

Hold, then, the ideal

mind; mind-body human; unshaken

For that complete quality



solely the oneness of health,
of perfecting soul!


— The




Dual Health-Tone of the



strong and of a good courage


be not afraid, neither

be thou dismayed."








health and strength of mind, a right state of

the soul agreeing with


proper nature."

Sound physical health is usually accompanied by feelings of buoyancy and optimism, and healthy-mindedness not only signifies "essential health and strength
of mind," but involves also a

"tendency which looks



things and sees that they are good."

We may


tendency as


voluntary, and (b)




involuntary variety, healthy-mindedness



of feeling

happy about things immediately.
it is



symmetrical variety,

an abstract way of con-

ceiving things as good."
Practical mind-health, then, consists in "essential

health and strength of the soul," together with a culti-

vated habit of affirming and realizing always the best
things for one's

"In the unhealthy-minded, apart from all sorts of old regrets, ambitions checked and aspirations obstructed by timidities, it (the inner atmosphere) conmainly of bodily discomforts not distinctly realized self-mistrust and sense that things are not as they should be with him."

by the sufferer, but breeding a general


The Culture

of Courage.

"In the healthy-minded, on the
are no fears or

contrary, there

shames to discover; and the sensations that pour in from the -organism only help to swell the general vital sense of security and readiness for anything that


turn up."

We may

possess wholesome minds

and optimistic

without being

Nevertheless, perfect

health of soul

theories of "soul" be

demands of the deeper self (let our what they may) an attitude of
which loves truth supremely, be-

harmony and


profoundly in the White-Life Goodness of Worlds, and seeks steadfastly to realize the "Central Will." The health-tone of the soul is a blending of soundness,
happiness and spirituality in a broad and lofty sense.

At Home


The Universe.

This spiritual health (health of the personality at
the top, whatever religious language be approved or

the feeling of at-homeness in the

whole Universe about

Beautifully did Epictetus

say: "If those things are true which are said

by philos-

ophers concerning the kinship of

God and men, what

remains for


to do than after Socrates' way,


when men inquired

him what was




Athens or Corinth, but


In such an outlook of thought
feelings of


possess the

freedom and security, which are beyond "Is freedom anything else than the power to price. Nothing else. None, therefore, live as we choose? that fears or grieves or is anxious is free; but whosoever is released from griefs and fears and anxieties is by that very thing released from slavery." The wise old hunchback from whose writings I have quoted saw

Dual Health-Tone

of the Self


in such things the beginning of the higher



he exhorted, "be mad at last, as the saying is, for peace, for freedom, for magnanimity. Lift up thy head as one delivered from slavery. Dare to look up
say: Deal with me henceforth as thou wilt; one mind with thee; I am thine. I reject nothing that seems good to thee; lead me whithersoever thou wilt; clothe me in what dress thou wilt. Wilt thou have me govern or live privately, or stay at home, or go into exile, or be a poor man or a rich? For all these conditions I will be thy advocate with

God and


And this man was a "pagan!" "If ye will hearken unto me, men, wheresoever ye be, whatsoever ye do, ye shall not grieve, ye shall not be wroth, ye shall not be compelled, or hindered, but ye shall live untroubled and free from every ill." So Epictetus
teaches us, not to deny the facts of life, but to rise to freedom of courage and confidence in mind, whatever the facts, good or ill, may be.


these are some of the main things in mental The Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius, gives

us almost a universal formula into which the entire

matter may be thrown: "Everything with me which is harmonious to thee,


Nothing for me is too early or too late, which is in due time for thee. Everything is fruit to me which thy
seasons bring,




thee are


things, in

thee are


things, to thee

things return.

The poet

Dear City of Cecrops; and wilt thou not say, Dear City of God?" Surely the Universe is the City of

the Infinite.

Thus may we come
true courage

to one general conclusion, that born of a sense of harmony with the

world in which we


The Culture

of Courage.


tone of health as thus indicated


the finest

culture-ground for every form of desirable


The courage
in these pages.







And now,

for the


of the higher per-

sonal tone in the interest of a fearless attitude toward


are invited to observe the suggestions

following in relation to mental health.

have seen that the practical mind-health conmental soundness together with a cultivated habit of affirming and realizing always the best things for one's life The acquisition of such a habit must
sists of


deal with

Difficulties Confronting

Mental Tone.



among them


we ought clearly to see, and the now appear. Ever in opposition

to a confident attitude of mind-health

The Difficulty of False Ideas About How to Overcome. Many of us Environment or circumstances — make assume that environment

or defeat our mental


with environment


— rather,


precisely one of the tests of

of the self

you do your which uses the mind. The


fact is,— what

Opportunity for Lifeanything in your right On the other hand, existence such an opportunity. there is nothing related to you of which you may not in






You can make


some way

fail to take advantage. Environment is the True Work-Shop of the Soul. For to every person living there are two kinds of environment: that of the seen world or neighborhood, with all its varied circumstances, be these exactly what they are; and that of the world of thought-reality in

Dual Health-Tone

of the Self.

of these

which each individual actually lives. Neither environments need determine real life.
"Stone walls do not a prison make,


iron bars a cage."

In multitudes of cases, imperious self, seeking its own better kingdoms, has succeeded in changing its visible environment, either by deliberate transfer to other

by creating a demand, through manifest from higher levels, "Come thou up hither." ability, Here we have the triumph of persistent mind-power. An editor formerly pursued in succession three and went university courses, history, law, medicine, Then he wrote a book which into the hotel business. the people wanted, and he is now assisting in the


editorial chair a

multitude of struggling


to find

their right places in

A hack-driver in New York discovered himself and proceeded to work his way through college. He is now
a master teacher in philosophy. A coal miner found that he possessed a voice

worth training.


threw himself into the task of

attaining vocal perfection.

No man

to-day surpasses


in the field of the oratorio.

A boy

purchased a

lot of

minerals from


engaged in cutting a bank for a railway track. He is now an expert on precious stones, a writer of scientific books and a fellow in several learned societies. Such are examples, taken from real life and not found in print, of what you can do, according to your And the only way in which you original endowment.
to discover can discover your endowment is precisely what kind of environment you can conquer. The will to do so will constitute one important element in sound


The Culture

of Courage.



end you are urged to

saturate your very soul with



confident of ultimate success, I resolve







mind in

every available way,




powers into

all things



make my

inner voice of my sanest judgment, and to whole environment a splendid workshop for

development and achievement of the best of which I


If you will practise such a resolution, you will find your mind coming more and more to strength and healthy tone, and your courage rounding out to symmetry and power. But environment has another phase. It is also the world of thought in which the soul lives. This may be a mere reflection of the material environment, pleasing or otherwise, or it may be an independent product of the real self, good or evil, pervading and dominating, rather than reflecting, the physical surroundings. In the one case, the visible rules; in the other, the soul

ing, or


create our worlds, either

by simple copywhich

by that divine

ability to construct


privilege of

which throws a
its so-called

The healthy mind creates a psychic environment light upon the outer world and masters
"evils" in the very act of such creation. the spirit illumines them;
transfigures their significance,

If life's conditions are dark,

they are bright,




thus enabled to stand serene, whatever betide.
indeed, an old truth, but so also


— and


moss an old






with seeing eyes:

has starry wonders.

the wealthiest





Dual Health-Tone

of the Self.


by the French, and


some hardships



improvised gaol, a hut, he looks out upon a

moon-flooded world and gazes up into the
of the sky.


"All is mine!" exclaims the prisoner. me, is me! And that is what they think they have taken prisoner! That is what they have
"All that



shut up in a cabin!"
If you would come to such a real thought-world environment, several things must become the very

surest realities of your



these essential

and perhaps the


that should be noted are





Universe appeals to every one of

"Be not


but believing."

When you

really believe for a goal,

you will that you actually


and you surely believe
I shall




The attitudes indicated compel
not weaken that truth by
gains promotions, boons, appoint-

the achievements.

any provisos. ments, but the







they are seen to play
discounts them, sacri-

the part of live hypotheses,


other things for their sake before they have come,

and takes risks for them in advance? His faith acts on the powers above him as a claim, and creates its own verification." This does not mean, of course, a superstitious faith in miracles wrought for the favored
individual because he affirms belief in a providence; it simply means work and plenty of work conducted in the entire confidence that the whole of a man gone into

a system of effort shall surely bring out of



work thus carried on signifies the spirits of belief and will which conquer circumstances and arrest the attention of higher powers in any human field. Then comes enlargement of envi-

The very

fact of


The Culture

of Courage.

exist are

— opportunity.


the circumstances that

somewhere defeated by some soul. Everywhere are people who are swamped by environment, and who remain mental nonentities in a perennial state But everywhere are of depressing ill-health of mind. other people who refuse to be swamped, who assert the right of the fullest mental life, who continue to grow and to conquer to the end. It is to be remembered that this chapter deals not in methods of educational work for the mind, however,
but merely in suggestions for mental health. Right Whatliving is, therefore, of the utmost importance. ever your mental attainments, if your life is wrong, you cannot be possessed of true health of mind. In some instances, the will, while successful in unfolding a kind
of right living, does not always maintain the real tone

Marcus Aurelius was probably the Emperor as a man that Rome produced, yet he was the most melancholy pagan of antiquity. He lived rightly, so far as he knew, but his thought-life was
of a healthy mind.


eminently unhealthy, at least at times. Splendidly he "Be like the promontory against which the said:

waves continually break, but it stands firm and tames the fury of the water around it;" and he also declared:


as bathing appears to



sweat, dirt,

filthy water, all things disgusting

— so


every part of

anc every thing." Socrates was the most healthyminded of all the Greeks, and the happiest, the freest, the most courageous. This man's personality shines His was across the ages like a pillar of white marble. the white life so far as conceived by his Greek thought. It is really the white life which makes soundness and buoyancy natural to mental health, so that environment really becomes the work- shop of the soul.

. elements at man's command. 61 of sheer will But the mastery of environment is not a matter and mere pushing and crowding for better Here. on the other hand. in which hard-fisted will and brutal push must win. in which the idea will. healthy-mindedness — appears a further obstacle to Secondly." Such is our remedy for false notions of the success-spirit. "I must achieve mental development. wherein will must rise to faith and push must Along with belief and give place to affirmation. You are not required to live the hard. You are invited to put forever away the idea. drives. stony plane of utter driving slavery. "It is given me to make the most of a wholesome mind. In order to such substitution kindly observe the followmination is ing invitations. The Difficulty of False Ideas of How to Correct. Life is not the Success-Spirit a game of foot-ball. The on That true idea may be called the spirit of Self-Inspiration. then. When the self inspires the self." as is not so to much "I can and all "It is surely mine to acquire strength and health of mind essential my life. the other attitude should become permanent and constantly more vital therein. then." (2). The one attitude should go out of your life. as well as practical. things. (1). should go an element of even a higher I nature.Dual Health-Tone of the Self. — that inner which drives. You are urged to banish completely distress all feel- ing of hurry. feeling of blended must and hurry and gripping deterone of the greatest enemies of man. we have one of the most attractive and beneficent. it is the greatest of sciences and the art of all arts." and to replace it by the affirmation. — resolution.

it is is the self — and Heaven only is. swiftly muscles or and always. " I am!" spiritual power swept across the field of life virtue — was born in the earth. still self really You grow. It the mind that thinks. Attention is not boring into a subject. permitting the subject to unfold in the mind. you facts. to say: "It is given me to unfold. the unhasting spirit is in the long run the most efficient. You are also urged to loosen your deadly (3). (5). grip on the mind. not by robbing a Universe. When man stood forth from the animal kingdom and con- fronted the world with the deep-breathed assertion. am part of the struggle for a final equilibrium. virtue first There is neither nor power in self-belittlement. remembering that however powers may move at times." (4). You are invited to insist fair upon your mental rights and to hold a 1 valuation of your work among men. receive it them. but by accepting to its gifts. will You are invited to cultivate a constantly present due sense of personal worth. and to give its free. What do not receive . truths. laws. deeper consciousness larger opportunities. — You do not wrest from Nature or life. knowledge and wholesomeness of I receive. and in the freedom and So. beauties. It lb this I I way with me: belong to the Universe. is not knows just what that thinking Not hard determination accept. but eagerness to It is better is the spirit of the healthy mind. unfolding. Therefore I receive — I lie not to myself I — what I want. have. I Therefore I receive ask all things that I want. to receive buoyancy and soul. now.62 senselessly The Culture of Courage.

but better the excess and honor than the lack. should be cast entirely out of thought. or a kind of thin garment. You are invited to find in Nature your greatest library and school for development and health. (8). To this end the idea that Nature is a mere surface. and it is a destroyer of our true relations with the material world. and you may be deceived by other people. and to endeavor to realize their stupendous character and influence for good in your mental life. high thoughts concerning yourself. so that. taken by and large. It is for this reason that you are again invited to refer to the Nature-Thoughts given in the last chapter. which uncover many things in the world around . nothing would remain. and to believe in the White Universe. Nature has. You may overdo in this matter. — You are invited freel}r to engage in creating (6). 63 obstructions somewhere in me: And destroy these obstructions with a smile of course I shall go on receiving forever. truth of Infinite Reality. Thus we miss the real teachings of Nature. This and the following suggestion is of very great importance. of faith to admire (7). And you will are invited to add to such a regime. breadth and thickness. we say. open to all. But we — imagine that thickness exhausts depth. Nature is always and everywhere an infinite reality! Infinity lies Nature is a body expressing the Nature is the Infinite Soul manifest to man. your fellows and the whole world. This is one of the most prevalent errors. if you could only pierce through it.Dual Health-Tone Has met with I will of the Self. all below her realities. three dimensions length. and if you come truly man. the reflex influence of this highmindedness cannot fail of the greatest good in both your mental health and your personal courage.

Honor. Fidelity. you. you will inevitably come to a degree of healthy-mindedness. becomes a spontaneous expression of desire by so much as the goal is idealized in thought. Aspiration. the fact shows that When you feel that discipline is wrongly conceived. The attempt to make the most of self for the sake of a larger life in full health and courage. really inspired by such high ideals. If you will cultivate these master qualities of the mental life. A real inspiration calls exu- berantly for Confident Self-Discipline.64 The Culture of Courage. of course. Power. The Difficulty of False Ideas of Discipline How to Remedy. and precisely such labor indicates a further difficulty in the way of mental health. Friendliness. Purity. suggests a considerable amount of labor. If the last regimes have a distasteful look to you. either on the earth below or in the heavens above. Thirdly. and so. The white life need fear nothing. on the other hand. Reverence. this final effort standing. Confidence. in all to realize the words below as your mental constitution for — Actual Power-Qualities Freedom. effort to correct or The improve your personality because the work is regarded as a mere duty or a necessity is very naturally more or less unpleasant. Appreciation. Honesty. Openness. It is a rank error to . All this. for you will infallibly have discovered the white life. to a phase of that courage which is far above any mere physical bravery. the element life is — of discipline almost loses its distinctive character.

You are urged to cultivate the mood of intellectual happiness lines just by repeating again and again the above quoted from the old English poet. and All 's closes with the shout: "God 's in his Heaven you see In the one sentiment right with the world!" man." Mere mental grubbing is not a phase of mental A wholesome mind enjoys itself in its most strenuous activity. Browning begins a little poem with. or a hell? You are urged to banish all intellectual (3). And day 's at the morn. Such perfect joy therein I find. brooding and worry. one from Robert Browning. a graveyard." — the heroic spirit fighting illness of mind. That the difficulty which now confronts us may disappear. You unworthy and depressing thoughts and realities. ments. etc. one from Robert Louis Stevenson. "The year 's at the spring. you are invited to observe the health. Precisely you come to hold — "My mynde to me a kingdom is. Stevenson begins a prayer with: "The day returns and brings us the petty round of Help us to play the irritating concerns and duties. in the other you see perfect mental health. Why should a human being turn the mind into a charnelhouse. 65 that discipline of self is inconsistent with the highest satisfaction in the the opposite will appear if work required.Dual Health-Tone feel of the Self." mentions a number of bright things that flash up to his view. are urged to refuse admittance to all Byrd. (2). and every form of pessimism and Before my desk hang two printed senticynicism. You are invited to apply the following . suggestions following: (1). a prison. (4).

mysticism. shortsightedness. for example: memory. "mental squint. "Be not faithless. propensities. we merely use and develop." abnormal fondness for abnormal things. likes. would bring the equivalent of a college education.) kingdom as large a variety of action as may be conIf your mind sistent with steadfastness and balance. or as broad and varied. from the age of twenty to that of seventy. not in the sense that one needs be a slave to personal improve- ment. You are urged to study your own mind for (6). etc. but believing.. unwholesome tendencies. statement to your own life: It has been estimated that every person whose career measures fifty years. Of course such phases of unhealthy-mindedness should be corrected. say. if properly used. etc. of poise. prejudices. has had four solid years of time as a treasure to be disposed of for whatever the soul may have chosen to purchase. then. undue matter-of factness. effort. excessive credulity. poor as. That amount of time. as you will. of persistence and force. discovery of weaknessess and unhealthy peculiarities." No weakness is there which you may . scant power of observation. but taken in the most reasonable manner. There is no reason whatever for any discouragement in the effort. the average human brain there are millions of cells which are capable of activity representing thought. neither is it a mere galley-slave. In is not a gad-about. flippancy. lack of concentration. may be as narrow and monotonous. judgment. And this is true. however busy the life may have been. antipathies. Not one of these cells do we ever create by conscious Your mental life. and of analyzing ability. lack of dignity.66 The Culture of Courage. over-criticalness. imagination. You are invited to maintain in your mental (5.

we must remember that a growing mind requires a very and recreation. I talked with. (8. I believe that all slavery to "blood" and training is itself mental ill-health. For you are now invited. a mere notion. exactly the significance of by so much as he makes his are urged to human life. yes. to obviate a tendency which some one calls "uncritical optimism. and that our corrections are right beliefs. but weakness. "Oh. now. 67 not improve. on the other hand. The trouble with most people who really ought to address themselves to this enjoyment of securing the best mental tone. "I know. and confident self-discipline." We have thus seen that some of the difficulties confronting mind-health are false ideas of environment.) And you less mindedness no than health of body demands rest "Unclamp your intellectual and machinery and let it run free. practical — — . self-inspiration. In order." he replied. and to "let yourself out" in every line indicated by the revelation." This man had suggested to himself an impossibility. and of self-discipline." a vague assumption of good whether or no. (7. is just here: they dwell forever on the wrong side of the question.) to set about discovering 3>x>ur best points." it 's in the blood before me. You That is are in the world to be master of these factors. if only belief and will be held buoyantly to the work of personal improvement. Man develops own blood over and remember that healthy- better. no fault you may not obviate. a man who declared that he had lost opportunities in life because I said: "You ought to overcome this of timidity. and stood limp before his master. of the success-spirit. and the service it will do you will be twice as good.Dual Health-Tone of the Self.

which is due to the absence of vigorous regard for — downright reality. would. either as fact or as truth. Now truth seems to be about anything action. to develop within the soul a feeling of for things. a good deal of abnormal acceptance of faith-philosophy prevalent. Into healthy mind-tone these phases of reality must enter. tangible limit. It prevents the world from surrendering to a may-be-so. This attitude gives us solid ground. . could. Regard For Downright Reality. For reality appeals to us in exactly two ways. I do not know a better remedy for the fads. It is the first and the fad out of countenance. healthy dealing with reality. exactly as they are. or should be. what they merely seem to be. Fourthly.68 The Culture of Courage. life. It stares It tends to put down the epidemic of isms. The Difficulty of Unwholesome Faith How to Obviate. You are urged. It is destined to cremate all the chimeras and to kill out all the errors of human existence. or might. therefore. The value of such a fact- attitude realizes in countless ways. There is a vast amount of insanity not under asylum treatment. it is it finds a certainty for judgment. You are invited to cultivate the facts as see and recognize power to opposed to mere visions and hopes. regardless of sympathy phenomena. forces. whatever else be present or absent. to make the following suggestions definite elements in your (1). badge of sanity. belief. The second phase of reality essential to mindhealth is truth. isms and vagaries of belief without sense than a cultivated instinct for actual fact and truth. sented The trouble here pre- may be called.

then. to reality. and our thoughts about a thing which we believe to be real." . that we adequately know reality? The we can only form a conception of what whatever it is beyond our thought. but in harmonize with each other and with other declares. When the mind comes into a state in which none of its thoughts concerning a fact believed to be real annihilates. must assuredbe in our thought. flower is a fact. we may begin by our thoughts cor- saying that knowledge respond truth is is the certainty that and then we may go on to affirm that precisely such correspondence. history-truths. Nevertheless. But this raises is the question." This "for in me" comes Slowly. The word "soul" has come to mean "breath. The is thought-correspondence indicated is truth. and it has eliminated from the world ten thousand errors. or excludes which all any other." and so corrected into "for man. We then have two things for comparison: our thought of reality." it tells A me. the facts of eaith give rise to sciencetruths. and the mind then "I have the truth. This the matter because we can never go outside of our own minds. then we may say best that we are in possession of truth. established thoughts. Can answer reality. 69 man agree. truth itself give us some definite conception upon which ought to all can In search for this conception. and correspond in such a way powers that the mind in the best exercise of its is satisfied.Dual Health-Tone of the Self. can think. When our ly thoughts about the thing correspond with what reality is as we conceive it. art-truths. contradicts. What me is truth — for time to be compared with other "for me's. a feeling of satisfaction obtains. But the element of satisin the we can do faction to mind in the best exercise of its powers is an immense corrective.

not equally of sense the truth. Mind-health demands sympathy for and apprehension of facts as facts. the thought of the hearer. own degrees the among honest people simply have been able to intelli- exhibit what measure of truth they acquire out of the common store of and becomes a complex reality capable of taking into itself every other reality." Let us call it the unseen self. To the mind of "soul" represents ten thousand truths. justification for magnificent oppositions life." In the last analysis man must find all man his facts self thus the and all his truths within the soul. The spoken word is three-fold: the vocal sound. the thought of the speaker. the level of his No man gence." "personality. It is with the spoken word. exactly as they are.70 The Culture of Courage." "spirit. it is can transcend everywhere as . Here are reasons works on philosophy. It is a collection of living facts. in order that truth may be and may harmony with whatever is.values of human Religions all represent varying truth-phases of that dim Reality Conflicting opinions — the Moral Universe. The authors merely vary in in truth. in the great departments of Men do existence. "fact. Many Many so-called deficient in fact-sight." "self. because he can form the ideas." and can compare these ideas. "life. Here are explanations for contradictory theories science. The scientists do not all stand on the same Here is truth-level. "truth. and so form the conception. really develop in strict untruthful people are simply veracious people are blind to the truthfor differing world back of the fact-world." "knowledge.

really a you surrender to them. is the certainty that our thoughts correspond with reality. things. a rose. is . no matter what the speaker has said. and his thought is now better than the yesterday product. Truth. Knowledge. we have seen. Hence facts are the The — of (2). You are invited to acquire the ability to all analyze so-called facts into this suggestion is their parts. on important matters at least. pollen. the the is of course a thing of degrees. because his level has risen. what it is. 71 To-day the hearer is below the speaker. number of facts grouped etc. you thus handle (3). then. fragrance. We should insist on a certainty which is much stronger than mere guess-work. as. But men rise. but it also preaches and inspires courage. it your lifelong whole truth. When phenomena. laws. and some day my world of truth will be your world. etc. thus comes higher truth. and his thought is. We may all say: "I shall yet stand where you stand. The aim simply a healthy tendency to is arrive at the heart of things before Ever)r single fact pistil. color. but easily satisfied with many people are too almost any degree of certainty. To-morrow his thought outruns that of the speaker. forces.Dual Health-Tone of the Self. propositions. practice to You are know also urged to make truth. stamen. petals. and the development of power to compel facts to yield their truth. form.. as I have denned it. together." Mind-tone depends upon sympathy for the truth that hides behind the facts. creeds. same through hoaiy ages. So is it always. you present to them a phase of healthy-mindedness which will infallibly obviate a hasty conclusion and save you from many an error and fantastic faith. This law preaches charity. consisting of calyx. and nothing but the truth. Knowledge. systems.

that it exhibits the greatest healthiness by remaining always open to truth-getting habit needs to new facts. one concerning gravity. At this point I wish to adduce two illustrations which will show more clearly what I mean by the The main thing invitation we are now considering. When is the mental attitude concerns facts. thus preventing our northern rivers from You again see. one concerning the human mind. Any illustration of these attitudes will be more or incomplete because the process unfolded covers so less It should. we are satisfied that all apples. because a one direction. that the filling to the bottom. in the long run. Even if — the individual his is mistaken. new laws and new phases of truth. . the mind sense. man has found that his truths so discovered have been only certain of instances point in number You see. But. therefore. then. will exhibit reasonableness. in some similar cases. ice make sure that it has fully covered a given case. is the mental attitude. we conclude that such action represents a law for all objects. and. in any event. beyond a certain point of freezing. the mind sanely intelligent. and. In these matters we are aware of a state of mental contentment. Thus. that we thus arrive at two truths — partial. his attitude saves his sanity common When is the mental attitude concerns truth. for example. sanely practical. that the following are merely specimen leaves from the much vast forest of experience. then. the correspondence between our thoughts and reality and evidences itself by a state of harmony among our — thoughts in relation to a given thing. fall to the ground. released from support in air. expands. When. yet. heat expands and cold contracts ma- terial things. be remembered of life.72 The Culture of Courage.

What was the real truth? The ghostly body was a stump. I take applications are possible. many of the men insisted on seeing the real vanfictitious facts disappeared. Mental Healing. was a supposed truth was a ghost. The It is an apfact-thing has now become a fact-group. or prayer? I am absolutely good-natured in regard to all these agencies. Two. "superstition!"— ished. a tall pearance a fact suggesting a supposed truth. fact as Number One. a thing is a ghost or a stump. The real truth mental deception. I simply suggest that when you attribute your cure to one agency or another. stump with two or three naked branches. Our invitation A man sees a ghost in requires that he see the It is It is some fact. its supposed truth and facts. Witchcraft had its When its real truth. After and the real truth the science had adopted the above methods. you strip all claims down to naked That is the one sane test of the question whether fact. And any system of life or thought which does not welcome such a test is open to suspicion. instead of contentment in which old shout. what is that fact? it is. the movements were due to The flickering shadows and varying degrees of light. the arms were branches. drugs. all sorts of remedies. — . facts. But. back of that a stump under certain conditions. the supposed truth Illustration Number — awaited discovery. is there are millions of cures. attributed to cures of all sorts of disease one only need not deny the cures. and various lights and shadows moving upon them.Dual Health-Tone Illustration of the Self 73 the highway. blessed be Nature! what it is the agency of cure in any given case precisely — Ten thousand — We said to be? Is this the ghost-fact of Christian Science.

It is errors merely It is treason anarchy to want any- thing short of the truth. clairaudience." the "looks-like-its. good deal of truth in almost all things. but — it may be exclusively labelled. of all the facts." spiritualism. etc. . But it is a mistake to take a whole thing as true because it may contain some truth." the and so on.. mental health exhibits." the "I " you-know-mywas-sick-and-now-I-am-wells. not in hostility toward the thing containing truth. or any other thing under the heavens." which is reasonably sure. dry and stolid perception of colorless reality. "all bosh" to "mesmerism. hypnotism. clairvoyance. to be afraid of the truth. and you will preserve mental health.. came slowly We are now trying to find out why science should say. Thus arise supposed real facts truths: the "may-bes. into light. And the error present may largely predominate over the truth. Nevertheless. but only in the determination not to take a thing as true. we are never to suppose that healthymindedness reduces to a hard. has hurt science more than it has hurt any other department of our life the backlying facts began to — emerge. religion. In any event. But I old-spirit-and-you-see-me-nows. The mind requires also the element of beauty and the foresight of mental alertness." "occultism.74 [ The Culture of Courage." say that if you will make "dead sure. The remedy for many errors into which we fall would seem to be here. etc. the real truth will come There is a out. There are supposed facts and as old as man. fear. The truth may be present. all true because it is partially and never accept a thing with its because it possesses a measure of truth. and the truths. Health- tone of mind involves the play of imagination. imagination.

I indicate the general Imagination clares ideal of — That Illumined is by Reason.Dual Health-Tone of the Self. has bred in multitudes of souls the demons of fear. so. that his existence and his individuality indicate his rights. for the real values Wholeness. has darkened minds with impurity. since he is only himself. self rightly related to the of life consist not in things gained. not being those of others. but that his claim can only be made good by the conand by intelligent effort. a false sense of inability. but for that reason inalienable and by no man to be cut short or hindered. of the human individual. — Fifthly. that the world is phase of conscious planned in the interest of living things. The Difficulty of Wrong ThoughtActiox. or Living If you will read this proposition until it is thoroughanalyzed and every statement is seen to be a fundamental truth. millions of imagination has played havoc with healthyThis faculty has filled the world with religious and theological horrors. of the soul or Universe. that life in general is planned in the interest of the full rights of everything possessing a existence. a belief in disease and death as necessary life. Reason dehis existence every simply because he human is entitled to a human being. but in Health. 75 Now mindedness for ages. and if you will. that and therefore. and every soul is entitled to claim whatever belongs to fident spirit him. For suggestions of correction of so great an enemy to courage. defeat. and everywhere has begotten the Thus we have another difficulty to contend against. Which is Imagination Falsely Exercised How to Dispel. "evils" in our spirit of hopelessness. by thought and affirma- ly .

as seen in the heroic efforts and the triumphs of men and women on every hand around you. force. appreciation for beauty and sentiment. imagination and sentiment are master- workmen. Others behold in it opportunity for soul-building. yet more. the scientist. but if the light is all geology. as seen in literature. and for this. make the entire truth a vital thing your feeling and thought. To see. A healthy If mind is surely hopefully courageous at the core. light. poetry of life. much of the truth italicised will fail to discover itself. You are urged to cultivate imaginative (3). effects of beauty. you will find the optimism of healthy-mindedness becoming more and more a splendid power in your deepest self. it is also truth in the beautiful. The power of anybody's sense depends on the self that goes into it. the inner truth-light and truth-sense. the artist. You are urged to begin at this point the cultivation of the feeling of hopeful courage. Life is not fact alone. money. and if one is merely a fact-man or a fact-woman. the following related suggestions. The Universe is more truth than fact because it contains so many minds. and with blind. (4). The question of healthy living has always to do with getting at the truth. the eye requires on the outside. This is the main thing. that eye is Man sees truth with the inner eye. Kindly observe. (1). You are urged to cultivate the inspiring (2). You are invited practically to realize the paragraph above as indicated in the remarks just below it. Some see in the world matter. The hard matter-of-fact mind misses the half of life. The farmer perceives in rocks. obstacles. in then. and realization.y6 tion The Culture of Courage. .

— . the main trouble with thousands who I believe live from hand to mouth is the fact of discouragement. cold. not desperado A no man has his with his conditions. Then mental health appear. a railway what-not. that wherever you are on either road. (5). are urged. edly suggest courage to himself. Why not try the other? You have tried it? Then you once possessed courage and assurance. The discouraged man must begin with himself. together with which are none of yours some degree of mental tone the first — road. Then they become (6). So long as he lacks courage. the fork of the other may appear. or depressed. or The health-tone is low. now. You are invited to begin the development in your soul I of a feeling of confidence in better things. a factory-hand. I say. these affirmations are merely dry After a time they begin to look attractive. 77 is. outset. Believe in your rights and your work. At the statements. conHis first struggle has to ditions will remain as they are. will return. Finally they are power. to make the feeling of courage and to that end. courage theless. facts. bad soul-health. or two dence. here are man. and greater courage You vital. to Believe in yourself. its prevailing characteristic. Believe in your future. roads. never- who moments when to capture him fears needs but the command. wish to help you. You know and you have never gotten anything out of it except "bad luck" and worse. Hopeless Discouragement and Hopeful ConfiIt is curious. He must repeatfeel In time he will will inevitably what at first he merely pretends.Dual Health-Tone of the Self. there are times of apparent failure. do with the manufacture of courage. "Hands up!" He is hungry. You are a clerk. or sleepy.

The topmost factor of healthy-mindedness Moral Tone. it consists in the effort to realize in life what one believes to be right. The Culture of Courage. values. as never before. They put in the last charge. of assurance. we shall probably receive as many different replies. tone is . And what is this ideal state which we call moral If we present the question to different people. When the Last Possibility Man arrived. They were bankrupt. and started away. it maintains the man at his best. lighted the fuse. — On their way out they heard the explosion. One of them said: "Boys. above such outcome. for Hopelessness and Discouragement would not budge. the matter is perfectly simple. Our final human nature which study in mind-health concerns a phase of is to-day realized. is to be a practical asset in the highest personal success." But he had to go alone. but. gold was everywhere. tone? Nevertheless. The latter is totally useless. Three miners had exhausted their resources in a hole in the ground. and — the When you left the first road. goodness is always a relative thing.78 at present. The man difficulties who and is discouraged carries two burdens. Some of the greatest gold mines in America were opened by Industry and deserted by Discouragement to be developed later by men who never give up. The possibilities urge us all to cultivate the spirit forsaking the entire prospect. just as But physical tone is an expression of bodily soundness. you lost these possibilities just beyond. let 's go back and give the old thing one more look. his his discouragement. The assurance all is bound to realize more or less. Moral an expression of individual goodness.

Greek. There is nothing beyond these ideals. The mindhealth which embraces moral tone requires that the tone of morals shall really express at least a fair degree of harmony with the Universe as moral. then. — in the matter of But the struggle for harmony is not the whole of harmony itself. we must decide. in the whole field of antiquity. You are requested. is by much in a state of har- mony much in its / Am That I Am. On these two points we shall probably agree. then. by so come more and more into actual harmony being and conduct. to scrutinize the following . Confusian. and in the whole of modern life. the conscious possession by the human indiactual — vidual of the Infinite Life. are reverence for the Gods (or for the moral character of the Universe) and practical love for man. intention. There are millions of false moral notions and millions of unhealthy moral phases of life. I take it. pagan and Christian. Roman. and by so much exemplifies a with the Universe and will measure of moral tone. This actual harmony must always depend upon personal thought and ability to realize the thought. Mohammedan. we are to come to any agreement in the matter. except what is implied. or. This effort to believed in know really the right and to do the right as an effort to come into harmony with the is with the world in which we live. Protestant. He who so strives to "make good" on these ideals. Brahman. that the two greatest ideals that man has discovered. Universe and its / Am That I Am. Buddhist. which are honestly enough believed. Whoever reason- ably striving after such a condition of harmony. If. must be accounted as good at the centre. better. 79 belief is the result of reasonable know is the right in which properly to believe.Dual Health-Tone assuming that the effort to of the Self.

80 The Culture of Courage. versal Goodness — does The Universe its best. which are based in the nature of things. The Universe is developing. Proposition Four. Proposition One. Proposition Eight. preservative and constructive. while eternally true to itself. These conditions are born in Universal Goodness. if you accept them.wit: You must honestly endeavor up to the moral light which you now possess. to. in time. bound to compensate. Proposition Three. two conditions are interposed before you. The Universal Goodness all constantly to impart to every soul i the light — truth strives — needed at any given time. Proposition Two. and which can be changed by no theory. Infinite Goodness reigns on the Throne of Universal Government. creed or Proposition Five. someyour case which is not strictly due to to confer your own fault. somewhere. thoroughly to master them and become saturated with their power. You must acquire all the light which at any time may be reason- ably possible in your case. . propositions. the Uniof law in as a System the interest of is all. You are a legitimate part of the universal system of existence. Proposition Seven. never in tyrannical righteousness. and somehow. In order that you may receive these benefactions. is in- finitely patient. no more. and. born in a Government that means well by every intelligence and is conducted in the interest of all. no less. — or. honestly seek to Proposition Six. to live faith. Notwithstanding all contrary appearances. The Infinite Goodness. Only goodness is These facts support the proposition. That is the doctrine of evolution. all loss on you all its benefits.

on primitive sonally innate instincts that seem to be perupon blind religious tradition. From things or forces — for your honest survive. Faith in immortality becomes sane and potent when it springs up amid the beauties of personal goodness. high metrical. for events only culture the soul From events that lives according to its light and seeks the best light — reasonably possible for the better living. has inner assurance of it is and symimmortality— provided not obscured by some intellectual theory. according nothing to fear in — for honesty power. "devils" shun the honest soul. — for honesty cannot be hurt. To rational health of soul is unobscured by theory the proof of immortality The best evidence of it is to have it. Proposition Ten. in touch with the Infinite White Life. Soul-health. You cannot prove immortality to a soul which is morally sick or logically imperious. These considerations call up the problem of immorThe belief in immortality should not be founded tality. of the Self. Minds that are not normally competent come under another law. and going out with instincts — nor — large thought in helpfulness to others. and have For yourself self will soul. From others — for men cannot touch the From yourself is to your any world: capacity. 81 Every soul in this earth pos- sesses all the moral truth it demands and can use. gratuitous. Proposition Eleven.Dual Health-Tone Proposition Nine. and the Universe necessarily ranges itself on the side of the honest soul. If you are honestly and reasonably (not slavishly) striving to fulfil the above conditions. you are possessed of a corresponding degree of soul-health. . which is not before us.

inconceivable apex Of unfoldment into the All-God! Why. never to be divorced. This. . the All-Good." Why. this the dawn-first Chaos dreamed! Why. Fear not thy Self — "One to confront the worlds and question them. Star after Star arcoss bar on bar Up the long spiral of Being halts only. The Soul-Star in a deeper Sky. goes with thee. this the Eternal March has ushered Out of the swarm and struggle Of becoming and arrival! this. The Nature of Things. Thrust into a body and named One Human/ Why.— FEAR NOT THYSELF. Fear this all thou canst not fear! save this! Then this thou wilt not fear! — The Author. Ever to seek and ever to find The Self in a Larger Self. Ever to burst into newer wonder. Never to vanish. for an ultimate that should sublimate mind. this One. Which At the and emerges.

Fear of
to confront the worlds


and question them."



"No man

never attends the

should ever despise himself, for brilliant success man who lowers himself."— Mahabharata.

our nature climaxes the evolution of animal existence, every human being is en% measure _ titled, according to capacity, to a full This body-life, world-life, mental-life and soul-life. of proposition signifies your inalienable right to Health.



Development of Mind and Wealth of Spirit, And, inasmuch as we are now in the world, inasmuch as there is no future life in actual existince, but only an endless present life and the world-phase of that relation with life, that is, individual body, individual personalities, individual mental powers and indiother
vidual moral capacities, each sphere of our existence is relatively important, so that every human has the highest right and is under the deepest obligation to live

the Four-Fold Life of Health, Prosperity, Development, and Wealth of Spirit. Thus we begin the present

chapter with the

Courage of the Four-Fold


send you this message: Whatever belongs to you in body-life; Whatever belongs to you in world-life; Whatever belongs to you in mind-life; Whatever belongs to you in highest self-life


The Culture
your inalienable

of Courage.

In the interest of personal

fill out each of these phases of your existence to the completest possible





invited to


This means, not that you are to live for the

mental realm alone, or for the spiritual stage alone, but that you are entitled to live for all phases and to live richly and inspiringly in all realms for all goods possible therein, right here and now. In order that such an ideal
alone, or for the world-life alone, or for the



the saturation of

be realized, two methods only are practical: first, self with the conviction that the Four- Fold Right is surely yours; secondly, immediate


practical action in the interest of health, prosperity,

development, and highest wealth of the self, as far as now possible in your case. And kindly remember that no man knows the limit of his own possibilities.

But the acquisition of these rights depends wholly upon the individual man or woman. Nothing really depends upon anybody else. No one should crave what he is not willing to earn. The Universe promises health to him only who harmonizes with psychic laws; prosperity only according to endowment and right
development only through mental adjustment and proper exercise of powers; spiritual unfoldment only to him who lives the white life, or strives for what he believes to be right. The central inspiration in all this four-fold life and the work indicated is found in courage.

to reality

Varieties of Fears of Self.
It is because I wish to suggest a general

for such courage that I send

you the message
are invited

atmosphere of our
to read





and re-read the preceding paragraphs




of Self


deeply and permanently, the


personal con-

Assuming that a degree of inspiration has emerged from our study, we are now ready for some of the
practical difficulties connected with the fear of


their remedies.

Fear of


manifests in a variety of ways.


we have

shyness, bashjulness, diffidence, timidity, want

of self-confidence.

Let us define these phases of our

and discover,


your own peculiar


We may
of distress.

define shyness as a tendency to shrink
of others,

from the presence
to fear; yet

accompanied by a


"Shyness," Darwin

said, "is closely related


from fear

in the ordinary



man no doubt

dreads the notice of

strangers, but can hardly be said to be afraid of them."

Nevertheless, shyness sometimes amounts to fear, and




a real handicap against success.




consists in a resolute mingling with

sorts of people, together with a confident assertion,

"I do not fear you;


at ease in

your presence."

In time the distress of shyness

will decrease, particu-

you forget yourself and so all occasion for the The best method for securing self-forgetfulness consists in assuming and developing a lively interest in other people and in any situation in which you may meet them. Self-assertive commingling with others and self-forgetfulness through interest these are the methods, and they are infallible, if only the conquest of shyness is highly resolved upon and the effort held good for no matter how many years.



akin to shyness, but seems to be

excessive modesty in the presence of unfamiliar people.


The Culture

of Courage.

Modesty, in the right degree and place, is a virtue, but when tainted with fear it becomes a vice. The remedysuggested for shyness may be consulted. Diffidence, so far as it differs from the above, carries an undue apprehension of criticism because of

The word means, Latin dis, "apart," and "to trust:" short of trusting self. The remedy fidere, for shyness holds good here, but the diffident person should cultivate assurance that he will handle himself and any situation successfully, and especially should he
develop a good degree of healthy indifference to adverse A negative method for this phase of indiffercriticism. ence consists in developing a reasonable indifference

commendation. The diffident person will grow if he will only learn to stand squarely for his own character, rights, and life, refusing to depend, as


diffident people do, so greatly

upon the


of others,

whether adverse or favorable. Timidity is a condition in which one is The word comes from the Latin, frightened.





this is allied to the Sanskrit, tarn, "to

choke," and tamas, "darkness."
choking and darkness;

When you remember

when we add

from the


cow, which reminds us of caudal, "belonging to



— we come to ideas which no man can
The timid man

and the Norman French word, couard, "a
relish as

realized in himself.

invites choking

and darkness, and permits within himself the hare that The remedies are those indicated tail. for shyness, bashfulness and diffidence. The word fear is derived from the Anglo-Saxon faran, "to go," and originally referred to "peril while We are surely faring on through worlds traveling." and life. Fear averts no real peril, conjures up many
always turns


of Self


an imaginary danger, and is empowered to overcome no evil. Self-preservation demands the substitution of reason and the "good heart" for this enemy of all our journey. When I say that the word heart comes from the Greek, kordia, and the Aryan, hrid, "that which quivers," it is urged that the trembling of fear for perils attending self in its travels through the world be overcome and swallowed up by the vibrant quiver


a heart of good courage. It and the strongest


really vibration against

will win.

For how many otherwise splendid souls has this Infinitely prefof fear tortured and defeated! erable any amount of egotism to any form fear may



We may

well say, with Longfellow:

"Write on your doors the saying wise and bold, 'Be bold! Be bold! and everywhere Be bold;

'Be not too bold!' yet better the excess Than the defect; better the more than less; Better like Hector in the field to die, Than like a perfumed Paris turn and fly."


the varieties of fear thus far given

may now


added certain forms which spring from a general knowledge of self. Illustrations are seen in (1), Fear of the Passions; (2), Fear of Mental Action; (3), Fear of Beliefs and Moral Attitudes. It will indicate how broad the foundation of


is if


consider for a


these special phases

of self-fear.

First Fear of the Passions. This may be merely an exercise of sound reason induced by clear knowledge of self, or it may also be a morbid product of imagination. In the one case we have restraining wisdom, in the other, unnecessary distress and an evil

The Culture

of Courage.

check on free personal life. The passions are tremendous powers for good when controlled, but equal

powers for injury when in a state of anarchy. You will find control becoming practically real by as much as you in thought exalt to its ideal each form of passion with which you are endowed and which is legitimate in In "Power For Success'' I have analyzed exercise. the subject of the emotional life, and may here suggest merely some general considerations. The following are the great passions of human nature (read down) * Courage, * Will, * Beauty, * Happiness, * Liberty, * Enthusiasm,

* Patriotism,

* Justice,

* Desire, * Mirth,
t Sex, f Physical States, t Fear,

* Love, * Hope, * Faith,
f Pride,

* Religion, * Honor,
* Truth,

f Sorrow,

ft Hate, tt Anger,

fj Jealousy, t Lust,

J Revenge, t Murder. Let us mark with an asterisk those passions which no one need fear within himself, with a dagger those which require reason and idealization, and with a double dagger those which threaten self when turned We have, then, sixteen toward any human being. passions for which no one need entertain fear, provided, except that it is of course, they are taken normally always a mistake to be any one thing so largely that other things are neglected. We have also, as passions which simply cannot be tolerated when entertained guilt, shame, fear; and passions which toward self, cannot be tolerated when entertained toward others, pride, hate, anger, jealousy, lust, revenge, murder. The remedy for shame and guilt is the white life.


of Self.


"Conscience doth make cowards of us all." but a sense of Tightness builds courage as surely as life builds cells
of body.

The remedy

for pride, hate, anger, jealousy,

and the sex passion


seen in pride as a

sense of personal dignity and gratification because of

well-earned success; seen in hate for everything meanly little and surely morally hurtful; seen in anger against

tyranny, injustice and baseness of life; seen in jealousy controlled by reason for the real rights of self and others; seen in the sex passion conserved as consciously possessed


and the

spirit of

Revenge is useless and debasing, murder is practical suicide. Sorrow

and merely calls for reasonable control. The physical states of normal health should be idealized by thought of the body as a wonder and a temple and by right uses accompanied by the sense of mastery and
of utility.



will idealize

the passions marked with

a dagger, not one of them can ever bring



of Mental Action. This fear and should then be entertained may form of self-interest thought, and the only in the ground for it should be removed. If you have reason to apprehend this danger, you are urged to stop work


— Fear

refer to collapse,

accustomed directions, consult a specialist, place yourself in an atmosphere of mental healing, and find new interests totally different from those of your old I am entirely aware that it life for inspiring pursuit, to give than to act upon advice, but the matter is easier reduces, nevertheless, to a choice on your part between collapse and loss of all values, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, some method as indicated, a measure


The Culture

of Courage.

of loss involved in the effort to prevent

bankruptcy of

brain, but, in the end, incalculable gain.





to lose one


or another, good sense dictates

that he choose the smaller loss
possible gain.

— and

the greater


fear of mental action is frequently fear of

consequences which



from such

action, as,

for example, when one apprehends that certain intellectual reasonings may induce criticism from others or

upset some present accepted theory or belief. Such suggested evils are more than half imaginary, and, whether or no, they may be perfectly conquered by cultivating a deep and active determination to know reality as it is and to come to the last best conclusion, whatever that may be, regardless of consequences. I do not know a baser slave than the person who fears to follow where reason leads, even over the rim of the





invited to




to idealize

your own mind and surely trust

best earnest conclusions.

You may

get into error for

a time, but you nevertheless save your mental integrity,

and ultimately you
at living truth.

will certainly arrive

more and more


— Fear

This fear


of Beliefs and Moral Attibe similarly disposed of. I

give here an illustration of

what actually obtains

in a

multitude of cases. A one-time college president, in the later years of his life and after retirement from office, came to see something of the weight of the evidences in favor of the evolution theory. He said: "If

were a younger man,



inclined to think I might
it is, is

become an
dare to

evolutionist myself, but as


my old convictions."


I do not an attitude


of Self.


maintained in the interest of religion which is distinctly immoral. It is immoral to fear truth of any sort, and by what instrument can we find truth if not by the

human mind! who demands

It is irreligious to believe in a

love for anything short of truth

— the


whole truth and nothing but the truth. It is bad thinking to imagine that any conceivable injury can come to real self from a fearless pursuit of truth, though The only it destroy all Bibles and wreck all religions. Bible which has right to acceptance is Truth, and the only religion that can make for human good is the life of Truth in the soul. And I have before me, for another illustration, an
article written

by a learned

theological professor in

which, at the close of a fine disposal of another writer's

on evolution, appear these words:



not be quite superfluous to add that the writer has

never been a champion of evolution theory.
theory has been one of serene


out his theological career his attitude toward that

tude is almost inconceivable in a scholar. It is difficult to understand how the attitude could have been one of "serene neutrality" unless the result of more or less If I stand in the midst of a political self-coercion.
fight, I


am bound The world


have some

definite political opin-

of people in the position of



where even receptivity would

seemingly compel a judgment of some kind. I conclude that fear of self in its beliefs and moral attitudes

to truth

— as


and may be cured, by absolute surrender one, earnestly seeking, may find and

understand truth. These considerations, now, may seem too general for the fears of self which beset the practical life. We

but just as certainly may it be conquered You life are. self trust. "to trust" Thus. therefore. In its broadest sense. bhid. that is. self-distrust means. Lastly. "apart. I. the causes would seem to be evident. No one who has self The secret of our in control can possibly fear himself.92 The Culture of Courage. arising merely in sudden and great emergencies. ftdem. Fear of self is a feeling possessed getting away from self. it is surely an enemy. "to bind. the condi- tions encouraging distrust of self are sometimes constitutional . So long as we dwell on the First. self is simply selfdescended from a Latin word. remedy. The word — For our present purposes. . because self is not well in hand. apart from Latin dis. Defect. fear of faith is distrust. self-distrust may be ence only. rect Fear of Self as a Constitutional Methods looking to this end should be indiso far as possible." We have seen that diffident signifies. Self-distrust may also certain natural tendencies may be an acquired trait. Treatment For Fear of Self. come. to the more familiar forms everywhere in evidence. for be developed by the an occasional experi- habits of life. Thus: Self-distrust of self-distrust may be inherited. Whatever the cause altogether. invited to eliminate from your the above-named varieties of fear. not bound to self. and from an earlier Aryan word. of self-fear. then." and fidere. Analysis of Fear of Self. then. must be this: resumption of self-control.

then. I indicate the requirements which promise practical results. Second Requirement of the Indirect Method: Full Assertion of Personal Rights. The "Sublimed thee. but a profound conviction as seen in the paragraph now quoted from the last chapter: "Reason declares that every human is entitled to his existence simply because he is a human being. 93 am not confident of myself." Says the Vriddha Chanoka of India: "The summit of Meru is not very lofty nor the infernal world very profound. not . Indirect Method: Whole Personality. — "I am sublimed! gross earth Support me not! I walk on If air!" you would develop this exuberant mood of health and acquire the confidence of its power. In the third heaven. to exclude the idea as comAs this is pletely as may be from all your thought.Fear thought. times the mood is almost exaggerated." we merely into the sink the fear more deeply and permanently You are urged. for men who At possess energy" the tone-feeling of power. precisely the difficulty. By this is meant. that his existence and his individuality indicate his rights. "I soul of Self. First Requirement of the Improving the Tone-Feeling of The There are times when the sense gards nothing as impossible. you are invited again to adopt the teachings of the two preceding chapters. nor the ocean very far to cross. as in the lines. of I-am-power reAll-Health has and fixed thee and exalted thee. not an external noise in regard to the matter.

of course. I am entitled to certain inalienable rights. These spheres. and. and therefore present world. the is. since he is only himself. meanwhile mentally asserting your rights. since life is -a gigantic mutuality. part of my immediate neighborhood. and to so. I belong here. you above relations." If. from neighborhood to Universe. the town. and. human individual. but that this claim can only be made good by the intelligent effort. but for that reason inalienable and by no man to be cut short or hindered. Universe. than they are true of me. They draw on me for their aid. and so a part of the city in which I live. that every soul is entitled to claim whatever belongs him. that the world is therefore. and. now. you will begin with the smaller of the and carry the thought that you are a legitimate part of things on through an ascending scale. being those of others." confident spirit and by This great Declaration of Rights priated may be appro- by frequent repetition of the following con- densed form: "I am a human mate part of the being. the Universe. will find the spirit of courage surely unfolding within yourself.94 The Culture of Courage. These things are no truer of president or king. the neighborhood. as valid as that of any and they are mutually needful. or of star or system or galaxy. and thus a part of this a legitia part of the nation. the nation. they also "As exist for me. the earth. . need me. If I exist for these spheres. I therefore. planned in the of the interest of living things. consequently. I may therefore legitimately draw on them as I have need. as well as for others: state. that life in general is planned in the interest of the full rights of everything possessing a phase of conscious existence. The process is indicated below: such a part of things. My other individuality person.

alone and undisturbed. or. precisely the ideal desired. Nothing could be more prohibi- tive of the courage-feeling. to assert. to and right." Thus. If you cultivate the feeling of confidence. I ought to be. in fair reason. one is paralyzed by fear or overcome with joy. whatever. I ought to do." Third Requirement of the Indirect Method: Your chief trouble. I suggest two things: You upon make believe — — First. that." — naming and am now becoming. of the successful action of personal science: powers. springs from perpetual insistence on the idea of self-distrust. you If you incessantly insist that arrest ideas of success and you pauperize muscles. and you thus all let loose strong ideas of success. Cultivation of Vital Belief in Self. "J can do . Therefore. In order to this. and mind. indeed. you cannot be or do. Fearless on this double truth I my stand. 95 hence All their demands should be according to law. in fair reason. systems belong me. my All demands maintain take shall also be legal this equilibrium. are therefore invited to think self-power. with intense earnestness: "I can become whatever. perhaps. to to insist "power in self. and powers spring into readiness for action.Fear of Self. nerves. you dethrone the feeling of weakness. Here is a bit of genuine "Strong (wrong) feeling about one's self tends to arrest the free association of one's objective ideas and motor processes. the Affirmations." and "work all up" an abiding conviction of adequate power as surely your present and the power you need permanent possession. I will be. I will help to I belong to all systems. You are urged to find opportunity. each morning.

If the work involved should consume a year. in regard to illgestion. F. he certainly possesses self-confidence." Surely. Therefore. When one persistently one soon begins to believe that he has it. this moment I am developing power!" ability to do precisely that. After a few weeks happiness began to steal into his spirit. appear to be excessively foolish. any contradiction and your assumed ability. Following the hour of quiet. asserts self-confidence. You cannot overestimate the power of this self-sugProfessor Jean Finot writes. the Practicalization. your time would be well spent. I have found that a few people fail to secure the full benefits of the Power- . 'I am happy. not less may be expected from the regime here in treating a hypochondriac he advised indicated. whatever. I will do. Nevertheless. as one live hypothesis. and if a man believes that he is confident of self. the new departby enchantment as the result of ure in medicine. Regnault relates that him to write on the wall every evening the words. without any exception. may suggested is exactly calculated to develop right condi- tions for the preliminary faith.' and to go off to sleep in full view of them. yet intense assertion of confidence in self. and the regime Much of this. to the average " common-sense" man. I am You should always think the specific achievement. teach us that certain illnesses disappear as if constantly repeated suggestions? Dr. you are urged to make practical corroboration of the to exhibit faith claimed. and never You must treat yourself ness: "Does not psycho-therapeutics.96 The Culture and of Courage. we all know that "there are crises where a fact cannot come at all unless a preliminary faith exists in its coming" (Professor William James). Secondly.

always treating them as live hypotheses. above fact of all. always exercising patience with lapses and panics. then. Habit is Wrong king in every life. convince the world of your confidence in the powers you possess. and. but always. habit is the lawless despot. of success. acting as though you were an incarnation of unlimited self-conurged. and are unwilling to pay the price of all improvement. good habit is constitutional monarch. This brings us to. to cease confiding your trouble to friends and advisers. the other hand. You are your consciousness with the above affirmations. everywhere. it is perfectly legitimate that you do your utmost to effort. which is precisely the all end not You are urged to avoid conversation on the subject.Fear of Self. Confession sought. That person lacks good judgment who advertises self-distrust yet at the same time dreams Cultivation of Fifth Requirement of the Indirect Method: The Habit of Self-Courage. as I certainly desire they may. When a man succeeds in this the world wants him. either for good or for evil. . resolutely banishing the thought from your mind. now Fourth Requirement of the Indirect Method: Reticence Concerning All Fears of Self. to begin to saturate fidence. because they imagine that real practical results may be derived from a mere reading of these works. to others of self-distrust tends to retain the idea as a living thing. honest effort. to think and acknowledge no more the any past failure or defeat — unless On strict justice to others its may require. The world may well be left to own discoveries in this matter. 97 Books.

98 II. Secondly. we must remember that one's want of self-confidence involves a confirmed way of thinking and feeling distrustfully of self. freshly referred to at this point. asserts nothing contrary or appears untrustworthy. experience in failure. obsolete. is a wise teacher if correctly inter- But misinterpreted experience often teaches successful student of experience needs about as The as much wisdom is experience. never exactly repeats itself. otherwise impressions are as useless Impressions of failure are especially For example. attention. and should be In addition. reason-experience tests in our deductions and plans gives rise to certain errors which demand. thousand "come to us. The trouble with experience ly the fact that our opinions are so thoroughit. you should observe the directions above given. now. The failure to regard Life's real teacher is reason. A — . want of confidence may have become a habit of thought and feeling with you because of long In treating fear as thus induced. The Culture of Courage. as tea-grounds. Fear op Self As An Acquired The four preceding regimes are altogether acquired self-distrust. Habit. then. it immediately becomes I think little of mere experience as a teacher. Such building process may be indicated as follows: First. and one sovereign remedy for the difficulty consists a confirmed way of in building up an opposite habit thinking and feeling courage as actually a personal possession. as follows: It is Error to Confuse Personal Impressions With Impressions ten The Real Lessons of Experience. a Observe. a brief since it mixed up with When a given phase is mastered." and it is valid to follow them when reason to run with them. and add applicable to — thereto the following: Experience preted. lies.

One young of success. I never can do it!" and he never will accomThe other laughs: " Why. You must now resolve to discount all mere impressions of failure. Why should it be You have always invited failure by be- Whatever lieving failure and declining opportunities. to As I have had success. She is wrong.Fear of Self 99 school-teacher has the feeling that her admonitions have passed unheeded. One cries. plish the simple task. observe persons who are learning to swim. it is — feeling of failure has otherwise? been correct. " Oh. to force favors You are invited to reason in all matters of this all cases of kind somewhat as follows: "In almost supposed failures I have been more or my less mistaken. Then the other man. equal to I it — or to anything? Success is not a bully upon you. who had accepted. B You see. and she is discouraged. Though I permit want of self-confidence to continue. then. You declined a "job" or responsibility last year because you did not feel yourself "up to" it. I shall certainly be equally mistaken in future instances. You may be legitimately false in some instances. listener swung that day into upper currents You said that a certain picture which you produced was a failure. some degree. you undertake is performed with the mood and belief Why should you be that you are not quite equal to it. very likely that your impresThey may have been sions of long failures are false. again. But let us assume that your Observe. while actually . it's perfectly easy!" and becomes amphibious. and this little thing was the key to that situation. failed to do the one little thing which you know how to do. but a little later a person blessed with insight ignored all your other work for just that canvas. tempted to hold them false all along. sure.

in spite But if I can occasionally succeed in spite of fear. E But the failure still remains. I will henceforth forestall fear by emphasizing in thought what I have already accomplished. and I will stand aside for no human being in the world. stances wherein observe. observe. again. C — You should recall in- you permitted timidity to rule. yet you things. I can do better much and more easily without fear. Hereafter I will summon confidence at the opening of opportunity. I know I could have matched his success. This man undertook the work and won. you are invited to burn the lesson into the soul: "I stepped aside. observe. So. and have actually gotten through some of them with credit. nevertheless. have been compelled to undertake many you. The sole question now is: "Shall I continue to be bound hand and foot by the past. and you afterward felt entirely confident that you could have done equally well. but a further resource may be indicated: . reasons to banish all self-distrust. can do so again. some other person took your place and succeeded. My confidence seems always to come too late. D — You should recall the Always has self-fear disturbed successes of your life. I If I have done so in spite of fear. once more." Yet now. or shall I bury the — yesterday of my life and live royally the present?" Assistance in answering this question has in part already been given. ure of success would certainly have been mine had I more I am resolved for these thoroughly believed in myself. Let this fact have due weight: "I have feared my own ability.ioo The Culture of Courage. of fears." And." But. believing otherwise. my mistaken impressions will accomYet a greater meas- pany some success in coming cases. but have now and then succeeded.

Why of should myself by emphasizing my have share failures f If others will I. then I can I fear to I can but try again. of Self. in any particular matter. the less I shall fear. the less I shall suffer. trouble is largely the fact that you think only of your failures. in this matter is that of total surrender. some degree of failure is the " All the world fails You should remember that common lot of all men. It is Error Improperly to Estimate the Factor of Success. and. My failures have not annihilated me." are If you take this position." can forget that they failed. as well as in the larger life. In the end I shall be rid of The only real evil which can come to me fear altogether. 101 certainly failed somewhat in the past. There are those who are so finicky about dress that they never feel well-dressed.Fear "I have still live. and you magnify them because you do not compare them with failures in other lives. and so. Precisely here it is that many people encourage the feeling of defeat. On every hand around the me are people who now and then do poor work. or so pernickety in affairs that they are always dissatisfied with their may own efforts. Or. at times. they go right on believing in I themselves torture and achieving success. miss Yet this fact does mark. come short of perfect success. over and over and over. But the more I persist in doing what I fear. so our overtop the practically possible. further. you more than half victor. if failure doggedly try again. In morals a man's conscience ideals may become super-sensitive. not seem to discourage them. ensue. I however. so can I. suffer The fear of my fear of failure. It is a mistake to define success. observe. So Furthermore. in such a way that it becomes . — what? Always will I stand for another effort. F — Your even now.

102 The Culture start. stand for that. you have a name. because it costs you more than it costs them. to scrutinize the italicised aphorisms which follow. very busy and always absolutely hopeful. Success for you (I is what your do not say. What you really do may be a greater success for you than what others do is for them." human being has his special star. nor speak with the eloquence of Webster. ly content to win the largest success my capacity and This success promises I want no other. You have the pleteness. with every other Your kind of success awaits you." Because you may not win jury cases as did Choate. endowments call for — no more. there's his "hitching-post. then. life demand. but every by the best thing the ablest man "Hitch your waggon to the stars. but it is not at all ordinary for you. your opportunities: ing opportunities). nature which any man has a place. to be sure. Your failures may mean more on the right side of life than other men's successes may mean. nor pile up millions with Cresus. That is person. of Courage. but your exalted ideals are your best capital. enough. every effort you make brings up the feeling of incomI believe this to be wrong. — You are invited. Two things you do not know: the ideals of some successful people may not be near as and their ideals may be so high high as yours are — . human. and a work in this world. That is my message to you. to keep me very. That success is great enough and will call Personally I am entirefor all you are. You have "felt" "failure" because you have not attained ideals. improbable at the success for yourself You should not measure can accomplish. your endowments are capable of creatThe concrete thing you have done may be very ordinary as compared with what some other men can do.

little or much. 103 failures. you merely inherited. Here is my toast. it will disappear. put to the touch!" comply with the above sugwhich experience plays in your want of confidence may be entirely eliminated. This fear has no substantial reality apart from yourself. When you withdraw your support. the part future. to you. The past is to be heeded only as it may profit the present and the If will earnestly you gestions. efforts. Sir This be your boast. some of its conditions. — no one not to lack of ability. It they fight on. character. that their successes are to Still. else. little or much. perhaps. When What is all a man can do 's put to the touch. them comparative be that your unconscious success has been just this struggle to climb the. and these pages are designed to disclose that fact and thus to destroy the foundation of fear. impassable. It is for you to annihilate them. success? Doing no less Than what a man can do. You did not inherit it. can only stand as you maintain Fear is solely . is The chief consideration furnished its failures by the past the fact that the bulk of has been due to Fear your own creation. You have built these foundations self-fear. a toss: loss Venture or On what Plenty or a man is it Surely success less is it — — can do.— Fear of Self. may talents. Sir: "All a man can do. and all these conditions you alone can uproot from your life. You must learn to define success with elements furnished by your own nature. it. life Failure 's and ideals.

a hard piece of ditch digging. to run a locomotive. under ordinary circumstances. The person in charge. who and a slave to the old ways. "They are groovepeople. In thousands of cases. "for fear. Second Example: The Unforeseen Occasion. You say. is — wanted in the exigencies of life. III. and he succeeds." Another person accepts. a sudden call to boss a gang of men. With is familiar with many people these phases of is life are forever dreaded. Fear of Self Arising From Special Emergencies. an unusual specimen of architecture. take charge of this heavy task. a new method." Weak- lings decline while the Courage-Man breathes deeply. old-shoes people. say. Third Example: New Responsibilities. We are confident enough. It may be that we are now arrived at our main trouble. The opportunity is declined. to try a law case. a school examination. He is really no abler than the decliner except in this respect: he never consults a fear. is fear. First Example: Self-Fear in View of Particular Kinds of Work to be Performed. To some people this is always fearful. And yet. We have still to consider. . and he proceeds to brood and worry until panic overwhelms his soul. back-yard people. " What presumption!" and you are right in your verdict. glimpses the ghost of the New. to preside over a meeting. the difference between men is just foolish fear. The work is. but now and then some unusual contingency brings the thrill of fright. Thirdly. A new regime. a new man. Let us note one or two examples.104 The Culture of Courage. to address an audience. so large a subject further diffi- culties confront us. possibly. a new style. to amputate a limb. in- All the world saying: "Construct this delicate strument.

The "other man" forsook the family for that reason. he declines because he has never performed any operation of the kind and a brother surgeon who is present has operated in many similar cases and with success. and so enlightens judgment. A true distinction is to be made between self-fear which deludes and defeats. but vastly mindful of the thing to be done. and he brought the patient through a case of — — — .Fear of Self. First: not fear that determines the matter. Nevertheless. But it is Note. reason reigns. does n't Then others whisper: "That fellow know enough to be afraid." But he certainly knew enough to take the open door. but those who are troubled with self-distrust would better adopt the principle Take less counsel of supposed reason and more of enIn the one case. in the other. I know a young physician whose first case was supposed to be deadly contagious. himself decide. the surforced courage. as Now the remedies for gency-fear are simple. fear rules. In his courage he forgot self-estimate. My little doctor would have essayed the cure of Death. — Remedies. and in the long run advances self-interest. and thus prevents defeat. The man must. for example. The other people knew just enough to fear the responsibility and lose. geon declines to operate because the work lies full in the public eye and that fact frightens him. indifferent to responsibility. In the other case. plain. In the one case. refuses to undertake what it knows itself unfitted for. practical — and all this emer- as difficult you care to make them. he who always declines under such circumstances can never begin. of course. 105 swears in gutturals and puts himself under the task. and that fair and wise estimate of self which declines rashness.

whenever opportunity affords. Then he was called to assist in a case of amand the surgeon in charge took fright and sur- rendered to the beginner. Fear feeds only on fear. who performed the operation To-day he practises a high-class office Self-fear never yet achieved a correct esti- mate of self. The rule of wisdom and courage. assume the responsibility. faithful readiness depends largely upon the the best possible manner for him. specialty. new. Note. the dictates of common . That kind of performance of details in the thing now in hand. that he can do exactly that in the soul says: "I may possibly fail. putation." fear-men never know better. however minute or seemingly unimportant. Such a but I will not fail if doing my best can prevent. It should be starved to death. and even if I do not attain But the ideal success. but no detail is ever wholly devoid If one does all things as they arise in of importance. a man knows that he can do his best because he has done his best. Every undertaking gone into in spite of fear starves fear. in spite of all trembling diffidence. Every declination due to fear feeds fear. he has already performed a part It is in just these details. now only three-quarters. oneThe every-day best prepares If for the unknown to-morrow. Some details are more important than others. without exceptions. then. meet the occasion. Note.106 measles. I '11 know better next time. Secondly: One of the best remedies for emergency-fear is prepared readiness. with success. half — one-third. The Culture of Courage. is — Do the thing in hand. he knows new task. — for which you fear failure. Thirdly: Self-fear has a voracious appetite. affair when the unforeseen of it comes up. There is one certain method for doing this to take the work.

107 proper consideration. But do not liars. innocent or decently difficult. lumps or masses. and have insisted that its place should be taken by reason. There is a sense in which It life loves to impose of on its the imagination. the pages of a college cata- Was there ever such another specimen of fright- ful dignity? possibilities. rigid. Great words. and the wholes Analyze a piece of work of which you are magnified. the component parts are lost sight of. bloodless. Self-fear invariably tends to magnify difficulties. Many people fear work. with such a solemn eye turned out to danger (for your benefit) fully courageous.Fear sense receiving of Self. occasions. with so much dignity. masters . yet clearly not insurmountable. because they imagine them to be greater than they really are. when are familiar with the whole. Because self-fear perceives things in are fearful: it is not this or that detail that disturbs But. having done so. Fear always stares at wholes. merciless. all set in majestic array. responsibilities. has a way summarizing tasks. as an illustration. after it all. mistake the fear sense for common sense. Herein lies its discrimination from true caution. imposing imwith vistas beyond of deadly professors. or of characterizing its responsibilities. Fear never analyzes. scrutinizes details. which analyzes. is just so many details. with such a vast array of big words. will attack them seems wonderExperience always proves that the tasks and responsibilities are merely made up of possi- that the man who ble parts easily described in common language. Take logue. fearful tasks. Fourthly: All abnormal fears are should be remembered that I It have excluded fear altogether from the category of the friends of man. and. Note. you you — it is the miserable whole.

108 The Culture of Courage. but detail. gentlemen. This fear is distrust of the moral self. urged totally to disregard the to fear-lessons of experience." There is a fear of self. not to be swallowed at a gulp. It frightened many a soul before you were born. incessantly insisting in your deepest soul on this conviction: "I am surely equal now to any demand life may put upon me. however. own successes in terms of your own endowments your failures entirely. — — You are. Only to forget fear in — . innocent text-books. to in the analysis? come one year at a time — and is the thing is is done. to minify all difficulties rather than magnify them. merely a bundle of " piece-work. which requires attention because it weakens courage in the whole personality. one term at a time. substitute reason for life. impressions as a guide through to estimate your only. The remedy for fear in all such cases the conviction that the whole need not be formidable because attacked in the mass. of all conceivable knowledge — beasts of prey! Yet Kind-hearted what does it all who dislike only the fool and the coward. one book at a long time. it is not to be merely to be conquered in It would be a valuable exercise if you would proceed to analyze some one thing you have already accomplished. side of the situation. snug work cut up for doing a little every day: one task at a time. You now see that this might be a fine speci- men of fear-cause if looked at as a whole. but to make everything you undertake a splendid preparation for new and greater opportunities. to take no counsel of any special emergency." every case you have in the details. You have mastered it on your and you do not fear it at all But that side of the situation In is possible to you in any case that will come to you. therefore.

disregards one of the greatest weapons of life. Morbid Apprehension of Consequences Resulting From Immoral Action is not a very prevalent difficulty. Reason forbids all Self-preservation is a law of life. But this desire to conquer self-fear for the sake of self-interest is perfectly legitimate. The remedy consists in eliminat- ing the fear-element and in getting back to sober You are morbidly fearful that your wrong reason. 109 at the heart of the moral self can the eagle of courage come to power. the ideas of confidence. and have treated it practically and at length in "Power For Success. above all. he is violating the very and he self-preservation. and when one passes this requirement and entertains. I have already offered pertinent suggestions on this subject at the beginning of the present chapter. not reason. — — surely injures himself. ter is at its best Taken by and large." so that it seems sufficient to add here merely a word or two. law he seeks to obey. therefore. the strong characwhen thoroughly conscious of Moral Courage. and. You are. yet it occurs in some cases. then. demands merely the exercise of healthy reason in such cases. conduct may bring to you excessively unhappy conseYou should repeatedly suggest to your self quences. activity or conduct promising hurt to self. urged to observe the following indifferent to suggestions: . the truth that the government of this Universe is one of absolute equity.Fear of Self. and deserves assistance. The law. ability to take what may properly come to you. The man who is moral courage as an asset in his own favor. and that only. courage. but fear.

This "may yield" calls for the "safe distance. and about some possible rule failure. (5).no (1). The Culture Auto-Suggestion. unless the resolution changes for the better — Some They — never. nevertheless. the method being the emphatic and continuous assump- "I am now power to do whatever I believe to be making sure always to demonstrate the assumption by all your thinking and in all your conduct. reefs You are urged to "stand when your real "course" does not call for "close sailing." "I certainly shall do this thing which means. people are always equal to a thing — say: to-morrow. You are urged. ." The locomotive fireman controls his fire. right here and now!" (3). man who feels himself to be morally uncertain may away" from bad withstand temptation. to-morrow. It is not healthy to treat one's soul as a sickly weakling who must always worry With the safe-distance and the soldier's mood should go the resolute purpose to come out a free man. tion: right/' the thing that you feel ought now to be done. You are urged to treat the conquest of moral fears as already accomplished. You are urged to do now (2)." The Soldier's Mood. You are urged to (4). and to return to the as possible. summon to its strongest the soldier's to mood of fighting power when you are compelled danger lurks. but if he is weak with a fever it is The folly to tempt the furnace with his own body. The Vital Present. fearsome anxiety about yourself and a constant balancing of the two preceding suggestions. go where moral safe distance as soon The Resolute Purpose. but he also may yield. The Safe Distance. The courage-law is this: "The thing is done. of Courage. minus all moral fears. to avoid the suggested trouble.

of courage may be thought of as the dress or uniform of courage. He who always puts the best of himself into any legitimate demand forgets self-fear. it issues infallibly from the not-doing. of whatever nature. but including whatever is believed to be right: A man's fears. And. after courage itself. like any other habit. as a climax to this chapter. habit is derived from the Latin habitum. Decline always what you fear. — — — and fears of self will infallibly vanish.Fear plus all of Self. the habit of courage. killing You can acquire the habit of fear- opportunity to do the one thing required though Death and Et Cetera be the promised consequences. Fear comes not of doing. Fear is never present when forgotten. as. Fear is the deposit of the That which one really undertakes While seemingly the antecedent of action. and the death of fear is as soul's inaction. begets courage. m all. Do always what you fear. Put on the habit the dress the uniform of conscious courage. of courage is moral courage. courage is actually the result of doing something. are the products of what himself or his ancestors have not been able to undertake. and the death of courage is as certain as law. except the immoral. a running law for the entire subject of personal courage. comes of acting of doing the thing one fears to do. — the best creator And now. — certain as law. by beginning — at the first The word "condition. Many a situation is successfully handled or carried through simply because of a consciousness of being well-dressed dress. I invite acceptance of the following paragraph always excluding things believed to be immoral. indeed. ." The habit or of wearing a striking uniform. Hence.

Breathes none the faster if a comet. which notes the swing of worlds.A Providence serene. wills Law. ineffably calm. But. . That. Guards. power projecting. Hold fast to that! What will you? Poison the other's soul With gasping worry-breath? Litter the other's way with refuse-thoughts Created in your trouble-mill of dread? Fill skies of life with clouds and smoke and fog Bred of distress insane? And. make harm sure By mad excess of love in panic? Forbear! Such fear 's the common foe Of lover and of loved. And.FEAR NOT FOR OTHERS. loosed In space. The Fear-Thought of cool Reason. Lord of its summer seas and worlds a-sail. Lo. by swift occult procedure. Keeping watch above its own. and firm of hand. threats self and systems. Imitate! — The Author. and sure of aim. clear of eye. guards and guides.

" "Worry to harass and persecute. Fear for Others. have already insisted that the law of preservation has nothing whatever to do with fear. declaration for long appear extravagant. Self-preservation decultivate of soul or mands reason. indeed. but I climax the propositions is E^f EAR person by saying that For I to no well-balanced mind will such selfis. and relies solely on instinct and reason for its successful operation. to be worn away.— CHAPTER VI. and forever banish every movement mind having any remote kinship with fear." "Fret to wear away. " Anticipation to take up something before it is time." Old Dictionary. Fear becomes an instinct only by indulgence. — — — — never present in perfect sanity. opposed to fear. The who really fears anything is not mentally altogether sound." " Anxious disturbed about some uncertain event. Perhaps our greatest difficulty in the matter courage we must consists precisely in this: we imagine that some phase . and is not necessary as a feeling overlaying instinct. I am aware that these statements will seem astounding to many readers. that as humans we study instinct. In any culture of personal first and once for all deny any place in life to fear and any legitimate excuse for fear's existence. that moment you blur instinct and confuse reason. The moment you fear.

and I want my readers thoroughly to absorb the denial and from now on betokens insanity. there is of nor- always relative. imagination. but is simply certain ways of being and doing which the human self has organized m — a — n. and under certain I deny to hold that fear the proposition. is legitimate to the sane mind. The condition called insanity will be evident from a moment's study of the words involved. of fear.— ii4 The Culture of Courage. The words "mind" and "man" root. broadly denned." As the mind is not an entity. and when such powers exhibit in . but — not in normal order." the word "derange" originally meant " to put out of rank or order.. — temporary insanity. This general standard. etc. mality is Of course the question individuals. reason. memory. nevertheless. When man the beyond the — to drift it then enters a state line of reason-act of self-preservation. consciousness. Fear is Insanity." and now means "to put the thinker out of order or rank. measures the normal for any mental power perception. are derived from the Sanskrit "to think. When beyond the it the animal begins really to fear. — he likewise begins to But all loss of self-control is a species of temporary insanity. for its life purposes." thrown out of "order" disorganized. will. — feelings. line of — to drift the instinct of self-preservation. lose self-control. and of head-long panic begins really to fear. begins to lose self-control. They continue to act. allowing for relative differences among a stand- ard of normal mental condition determined by the general human mind. manifest to a certain degree circumstances. we see that in insanity these organ- ized ways have been "put out of rank.

In fear we have precisely such departure. in their independent action and in their inter-action particularly. right of best selfis Every human being has the interest. remember. of mind. and it makes a chaos of consciousness. In the process of securing these ends the self of man. are teter- ing on a board high from the ground. 115 considerable departure from the normal. for one thing. The person. Other things being equal. The one. there is suggestion or positive manifestation of insanity. called selfishness. the really sound Soundness is embodied This does not mean. more or less extensive. or feel. or best organization best estate. imagine. the most ideally courageous soul is the sanest soul. Fear Violates Self-Interest. — man's life Their normal working indicates by the elimination from fear. what is is truly sane person your goal. working through ages. Fear does not rightly perceive.Fear for Others. The main of the things in the general normal condition human self are self-preservation and self-interest. however. has been measured. self-interest And all along. The of the disorganization-factors of struggle of the human self to organize its powers to best possible efficiency and co-ordination has always been to get rid of fears as aliens and enemies. commonly selfish. Two children. the success of this ageless striving after best estate as embodied in best mental condition. will. All mental powers signify self-interest. from the normal working of mind at its average best. There self-interest. has organized certain of its powers into what we call mind. reason. The . who is cares nothing for the other balancing body. the board throws it off — and itself gets a fall.

You cynical will see. for example. entirely healthy The man and by so much as he does so soundness at the best he acts in the interest of all. his peril you would without a particle of anticipation of . estate. It is a is one of this legion phase of insanity. a case of mere fear is as truly opposed to self-interest. emotion clouds reason and poisons the blood. in any form. Self-interest looks after self as balanced against the other man. insisting solely on the action of reason instead. for it clouds reason and poisons the blood. because there is no supposed good which fear suggests that reason alone may not secure. Precisely so it is with A paroxysm of terror inevitably injures self. your per- friend in danger were a savage criminal. of evil things. one indulges a violent rage. for the but a feeling of mere anger is. that I am neither brutal nor is when is I say that fear for others always a phase of fear for self. The Culture of Courage. The really sane soul refuses to indulge the luxury of fear. but the moment fear is felt.n6 other. self is great. When. is preserve the balance. for the man at his best is always the man for all. Fear for Others is Selfishness. as truly hurtful. careful to who cares for true self-interest. it may appear to be. But these propositions are a declaration of — acts steadily in favor of his own war on fear. however mild trary thereto. the injury to in a degree. now. Life is a vast balance. Sanity consists in standing for highest best personal Insanity consists in ten thousand things conFear. but fear. and thus prevents both bodies from falling. The action of reason in the interest of others altogether legitimate and may that be wholly unselfish. moment we If have a case of anticipation ceive all of distress to self.

it. but are always totally different things. But your friend's distressful to peril suggests your soul fear — and you fear a horde of latent possibilities for his safety. and he must man bear his is own grief and the woman's dead weight. every idea of feeling essential to friendship welfare may and the other person's be present without a pang of actual fear. distress for yourself 117 his difficulty — provided the end of could not contain otherwise shocking elements.Fear for Others. How many women fall heavy like lead upon their husband's soul is when the child dies. and with equal emphasis that she is man's superior in character. Hence I deny to woman as woman . based on sex. and it has no more to do with spirit than it has to do with hydrogen or oxygen. I deny the essential reality of hold that the essential human self is sexless. Remembering that and reason are not one thing. Sex is a convenience of physical existence. The most selfish thing in the world is sorrow. I deny I inferiority or superiority in any man or woman sex. The subject is a little foreign to my theme. as you observe at almost any service for the dead. And the difficulty of seeing or realizing this truth does not disprove Fear is for others is distress for self. its chief tendency a growing selfishness. The not supposed to possess the capacity for love or for sorrow equal to that of the mother. Here a case demanding a few vigorous propositions. but I desire to say these things because they are illustrative after all: I deny that woman is inferior by original constitution to man. prior to birth the sex of the At a period human body is indeterminate. Inferiority and superiority among humans are due to differences in individual endowments and the outcome of use made of endowment during life.

The only exception seen Life. Here are anger. A troop of evil imaginings took possession The body became restless. threat. are beautiful. anxiety. worry. anguish. Fear. disturbance. my more and more drifted. of course. fear of angry because of selfishness My reason knows. "Let me analyze this state into which I have said: mind. superior capacity for love or for sorrow. but the sorrowing Some women always more or fearing less selfish. danger may possibly threaten this friend. In multitudes of cases. but in all Eliminating probability it does nothing of the kind. the soul Then I distressed by a panorama of direful pictures. fretting. trouble. Kindly observe the noble array of vices which pose this so-called regard for under the guise of a virtue other people. misgiving. and fearing woman is And so is sorrowing and is man.u8 The Culture of Courage. I Now am really — . is when love or grief are born of the Infinite White self. fear. the all of reason would remain and the would go. insanity: all states of mind which are of no value whatever to any one and ought to be wholly displaced reason. disease. concern. Were apprehension of distress to self caused by thought of possible injury to others eliminated from any given case. the nerves agitated. dread. foreboding. hysteria. the mind confused. distress ness of fear of distress for the rank selfish- No interest in others need be accompanied by fear. all of fear — care. I by self-controlled my of found myself greatly worried about a member of family who had promised to return at an hour which had passed. feelings of apprehension. terror. and death are aliens to our world. perplexity. present distress. Such vices are. panic. solicitude. disquiet. that distress to myself.

for it over- upon those whom it is entertained. am this perfectly aware of the protest that will arise when nevertheless. the only remaining factor in my present state is unnecessary distress due to imaginings of future possibilities. matter." Such reflections banreason in control.Fear for Others. is must stand. Many a soul and induce a very that imagines itself a martyr is actually selfish at the core. and my foolish excitement subsided. And you own tion feelings are especially invited to analyze your in such a fearing state for others in when order to banish the self-regarding phase of your condi- and to restore to and unmixed reason. and your reason would never is statement read. its not confined in are tyrants. to consider is and accept the self. while your fear does so invari- . however. It would be difficult to conceive a worse fate than is seen in some forms of this slavery. 119 anger. the thing nothing your fears can or may do for your slaves which cannot be done for them by reason without fear. leaving can do nothing effective in the not worry. Here I am I at this moment in a condition of sheer selfishness. then. its rightful place will find and power clear You the exercise enor- Fear for Others The acts is Tyranny. reaction to the soul that fears. Your I fears for other people wish to make them your personal slaves. and I will ished fear. proposition that fear for others fear for This awaken a good deal of surprise healthful reaction. because there restrict their freedom. You will are invited. mously helpful. is selfishness of fear for others. Fear-folk Fear for others always disregards other people's freedom.

The Culture of Courage. If you really it wish the welfare of the one for whom you are fearful. or to refrain things. world which every personality creates. Fear for Others Poisons Their Atmospheres. you as a matter of fact dread possible suffering meet with harm. You will find this subject. friend because. of self to your own fears and of others to a degenerating judgment. as Moreover. When is the matter is critically examined we see then that this certainly true. you wish no injury to befall for yourself in case they should them. your apprehensions vibrate your fearing disturbances. and in this condition of worry and self-regarding you not only seek to restrain the other person's liberty. when you worry about your child or you say.120 ably. may prove a revelation to remember that you are actually harming the object of your regard by your incessant and excited worry. to do one thing or another. increased bondage wisely. practically discussed in the little book. but you also throw around that person a surely evil atmosphere. atmosphere. taking up some and conveying your fear-message to . " The Personal Atmosphere." You your are forever anticipating evil: possible distress friend. and which is usually open to all sorts of influences. We are all surrounded by what I call the personal atmosphere. If from being and doing a thousand within our we coerce them according to the dictates of our unmindful that no fear-judgment can be entirely sound and that reason alone can think clearly and The outcome is inevitable. a more or less extensive globe of etheric Into this little activity peculiar to the individual. fears. We fear for others: we wish them power.

You worry: harass and persecute yourself. In all this you are surely harming all yourself.Fear for Others. For one majestic conception awaits the fearing soul. panic about our friends. confusion. You incessantly fret: wear yourself away. 121 You are constantly anxious: disturbed about some uncertain event. exercises in the government of the Universe. you are urged to ask place if the attitude of the Infinite toward man contains one hint or shadow of these disturbing fears. and hence you are urged to uncover and destroy all such enemies of true friendship and to refear. and you threaten the vitality of your friends. and inevitably penetrate other people's atmospheres with your evil influences. and transmitting to this person confusing thought-waves. for un- fearing reason can accomplish things possible in your friend's interest. could conceivably be safer or warmer by the presence of any possible variety or degree of fear. as the lotus bloom was said to rest on the heart of the Pharaoh. anxiety. and if the Infinite Reason back of that infinite regard which the Divine. If this mere action of reason seems eold and the opposite of a true friend's regard. to which I surrender: The Human Self Exists on the Infinite Self. if there is a Divine. present and absent. them by confident and courageous reason. convey and weakness to their personal atmospheres. but you are really disproving your own friendship. and all our human fears show that we have not yet come . A rigid analysis of the matter shows clearly that Friendship's Fears are Foes to Friends. You table it is are therefore invited to remember how inevi- that worry.

Does the Infinite Breather Who breathes and intelligences into being fear. of Stranger for Stranger. not as religion. The wise who perceive him within if their self or soul. as. common the two-fold evil of this variety of fear before us will be manifest in a brief study of phases. friend. to use to see how inconsistent way or the wrong way. the Self within all things. State. for the Wife. of Friend for Friend. "I do not know. I cannot see how any man may justly cherish the fear. And now. that White Life. of the Child for the Parent. If you say: " Who am I that I should be like the answer is — "Your deeper self is divine.troubles of woman And I God?" it is write this. worry. for Neighborhood. into our marvelous rights as living manifests of the All- stars Good-God. Says an ancient Indian Upanishad: " There is one ruler. and you on the bosom or life." Varieties of Fear for Others. etc. you have missed the highest If your existence is due to the Infilife. presence within you. to If them of belongs eternal happiness. who makes the one form manifold. you need but the realized thought: the right "I am a manifest of the Infinite Life. entertain disturbance in the interest of human beings? And does not the Infinite hold every creature's welfare in absolute regard? Some of you may answer." all and unnecessary are your fears." nite's right of your Then. but as philosophy. Nation. . and right to realize the infinite fearlessness within you. of Husband of the Wife for the Husband. for example: some of its Fear Fear Fear Fear Fear Fear Fear of the Parent for the Child.122 The Culture of Courage." the White Life does exist not fear for others.

Remedy: Acquiring Vigorous Will- your will-power You may to a high degree of energy and symmetry. and confusion of the reason. which furnishes a perfect soil for the entire brood of feardistress. First Remedy: Improved Health-Tone. You "Power Of Will. The causes of such fears. and to any point therein. reasonable interest injures either the other party or self is is of course legitimate and noble. and are referred to chapters on this subject in the present work and to the second volume in The Power-Book Library. a too vivid imagination. a warm current or flow of conscious vitality. Oversight of Attaining the Third Remedy: Reason." the first volume in The PowerBook Library.Fear for Others. "Power For Success. are found in an unhealthy tone of body or mind. You are urged to bestow upon all in whom you are naturally interested a full measure of reasonable . Second Power. which ability will prove of the greatest value are urged to cultivate in dispelling all sorts of disturbing fear-feelings as You they will may find occur and give you mastery over them. a very helpful study in this respect. You are urged to make it your chief business to swing into the vibrant currents of health. and in excessive regard for others. For these troubles I suggest the following remedies General Remedies for Fears for Others. 123 In any of these cases. develop the ability to send throughout the body." which is as certain as law to tone up the spiritual force for health in any average person who will multiply self into its pages. speaking rather broadly. but any form of fear which invariably and necessarily an enemy to both. want of self-control.

The object of this regime is your own welfare. Above all. happiness and prosperity. the subject continues to occupy attention. ger or evil. are disturbed by apprehensions. Fourth Remedy: of reasonable care.124 care. on his sure safety. persist in banishing them. scenes. follow make the friend the centre of pleasant him in thought where you suppose him and surround him with imaginary circumstances But it is better to turn resoof a fortunate nature. "I have certainly done for these friends what I reasonably could do. And these influences will react upon your- . refuse to entertain the imaginations which troop into mind. Therefore. If this seems persistent and patient effort will infallibly build remember that up in the your tion. let fear be starved by ignoring it. lutely away from him and concentrate thought on other to be matters. compel the mind to dwell on agreeable thoughts not If connected with the friend. You are urged occasionally to think intensely and as though "wiring" your friend a message. Fifth Remedy: Giving "Absent Treatment" for Good Fortune. but you will inevitably convey to the other person influences for good. so that The Culture of Courage. This process should be indirect. Toning are Down Imagina- Conscious that you are blameless in the matter you now to cut down your imagination concerning possible evils or perils to others. life the habit of fearless repose. more imagining may I now. therefore. cease greater solicitude for evil possibilities and a all them." mind apprehension concerning difficult. Whenever you shut them out. banishing from their welfare. the fearthought should be displaced by contrary thoughts beFear feeds on thought of dangetting cheerful moods. that is. to affirm: you always may be able not be expected.

If your fears have imprisoned the young cub or it the dear gazelle. and therefore endowed with double wit Because you are unduly fearful. The child has more ability for self-helpfulness than you believe. The latter. . but a scientific remedy for the child and for yourself. is con- — stantly hampered with fears and restrictions. tend to make the child cowardly. and solidly full of Nature's instinct of self-preservation. Neither is benefited in the slightest degree. human. This suggestion is vastly important. Indeed. by reason. Sixth Remedy: Friend's Cultivation of Confidence in the Ability. 125 creating in your thought assurance concerning so helping to build him and up in your soul a larger degree of general courage. fears have proven unnecessary. the parent's fears. give more liberty. You are urged to develop within your mind a strong feeling of confidence in other people's capacity for taking reasonable care of themselves. and thus to lessen its powers of self-help. the result being unhappiness for both. and by the constant emphasis in thought of the fact that in almost all instances your It is for using that instinct. it is This is precisely — both is what you will refuse to do. unless you have ruined its birth-right. Undue restrictions simply increase child-dangers. Let us apply it to some of the worry cases enumerated on a previous page. then. by plain and by occult processes. Nature designs that the jungle and the man-field shall be no drawingroom. It is an animal. for Others. your confidence in the child must be forced by exercise of will. The child needs the knock-about experiences of life.Fear self. Self-Preserving I First Variety of Worries The Parext Worries About the Child.

case. the immoral act. its Seldom will is a child go filled wrong home atmosphere with the that essence of all moral health. the fact may of an excess be due animal spirits. and fret. The great harm. here lies the greater reason for it enlarging world and for making life. either to a curious stupidity or to bright child carries an usually adequate to its amount of "steam" which is In both cases let reasonable care and self-control take the place of worry protection. the exception is.126 The Culture If of Courage. a hopeless example. The substitution is a habit: cultivate it. When you hold your sense of personal honor too high to permit stooping to the mean thought. blood. The stupid child never comes to Nature is afraid of hurting him. of the idealest morals. . Here is climax of the most truly practical philosophy. or the unworthy line of conduct. But there is a vast difference between the honor of child that mere religiosity and the religion of genuine honor. he will sink the suggestion deep into his soul and Almost invariably is this the strive to imitate you." the "chip of the old block" will exhibit heredity. In too many homes there is a kind of morality which is bred merely of selfish regard for the opinions of society. the child its is timid. morality seriously is if to the will. Some moral atmospheres are deceptive. of the you convince the whole subject of religion. indeed. will seek to develop and train its will-powKindly imagine the following paragraph to be letters: printed in red Will-power in the child demands the right atmosWhat oxygen is to the phere for its noblest exercise. the main regime er. If your fears regard the child's moral welfare. familiar with the roughness of If the child is forever getting into trouble. If honor is "skin deep. honor.

valuation of personal dignity closeted with other homes a so-called religious life profound In abounds which itself.Fear It is for Others. by a psychic law. but. It signifies a feeling of personal dignity too deeply seated and too greatly valued to per- mit its possessor to harbor the low thought and the ungenerous wish. criticism. fret. By so much also it involves the it is cultivation of corresponding virtues. penuriousness. held High-mindedness. that of confidence and courage. — . render others unhappy. irritability. Dismissing (he You from whenever the fear arises. In a word. The sense of honor in the above suggestions is the acme of right living. seems entirely compatible with littleness. yet you worry and nevertheless. Aristotle. That mighty pagan. you will have less occasion to worry. perhaps. The cure be found in a contrary habit. envy. as being a" kind of ideal self-respect" and the "crown of all the other virtues. it which these traits may Seventh are urged. Remedy: be acquired. and instantly. or to indulge in any action which is calculated to injure health. to dismiss thought. jealousy. then. a full-orbed. is wholly You are aware will of the fact. You have gotten into a habit of anxiety. In any event. supreme regard. want of high principle. you will also have originated within your soul a large confidence in the child's will for and power of in self-help." If you cultivate such a sense of honor in the child. in There are two ways Fear. repeatedly Repeatedly. It will appear again and again. hurt the conscience. It lacks in 127 not a reality of the soul. put it away. harsh judgment. Megalopsukia. full-toned high-mindedness. this form of fear before us useless. or diminish reverence for the All-Good. demean the mind.

128 The Culture of Courage." It can never be too strongly emphasized that we affirm: are what we incessantly think we are — provided that One conduct consistently carries out the thought. and will do you a great deal of harm bring your friend to an injury which would not otherwise befall him. happiness follows him. Trusting the White Life. a man never leaves him. and I cannot and will not worry about him. or is estimate of "evil. friend the busi- may involve his highest welfare. My . The man who laughs at this suggestion knows little of the vast power of thought in our life." If we think and act courage. all. At the same time summon a sense of confidence in the child's or other person's welfare by thinking of either as safe. but continual dwelling on the fact does no — and perhaps one the least good. This power of thought is a part of the System. If it is made up speaks or acts with a pure thought. like a shadow that of our thoughts. or as acting self-preservatively. the mighty law of suggestion will banish fear." taken hence. on the contrary. Eighth Remedy: Whatever relation the person for whom you fear may sustain to you. appearances to the contrary notwithstanding. you are urged to trust him to the benefi- cence of the Universal System. the is a friend to every human being on Our trouble here seems in part to be a false the globe. and its design is human welfare. Courageous and confident thought might save him many an ill. I know that life is full of accidents. of the " Twin Verses" in Buddha's "Path of Virtue" reads thus: "All that we are is the result of what we have thought: it is founded on our thoughts. Each case. falls ill. each case is assumed necessarily to be a All Universal System total misfortune to him. Better than "I have done what I could for this person. If a friend is injured.

to bestow some compenWhat rank egotism and cankering pessimism sation. a great mistake to fortune. When it wages war. and he not only gives the Universe a better standing. it is rather due to a perversion thereof. . he lets loose the grace and power of his own thought. in every specimen of misfortune. and to those who are out of harmony its hard usage is still friendly. compelling a long. is to be gained by any opposite opinion? whence the instruction of that vast theory. And he insists that his bad health has led him into the of the new world new thought and It is that he is all the better for his experience. through the failures of others. the ultimate meaning is to warn against real evil. What And. so that you must incessantly worry lest the evil design be carried out! In its effort to compensate. the System does not always appear to succeed. Inlet the unknown good possibilities have weight. When it hurts. too.Fear for Others. thinker is the happier. then. and in ten years had established a splendidly paying factory. the System seeks. but he also assists in its huge struggle I say. it is to hot-house the notion that the Universe is down on you or your friend. numerable as are the evils of life. when ill-health assailed him. courageous fight for restoration. but the want of success is not an expression of the nature of things. acknowledge every so-called "evil" as purely a misIt is the habit of conquest to look for the The bright brighter possibilities in every turn of life. and to urge to a higher plane of living. seeking to restore right relations with itself. violation of the law of best estate. to be sure. the design is to put iron into human blood. for adjustment meaning the welfare of all. ness 129 man went bankrupt at fifty years of age. The nature of things is friendly to all who are in harmony with its laws.

he frets.130 evolution? individual is The Culture The last of Courage. ever know. or lives. it." and so on interminably. the Universe folly to is the only home you will It is the wretchedest spleen to criticise it. at the office. Fear of II. and to put the willing grantee into full and undisturbed possession The arms of the System if he will harmonize with law. like "patience on a monument." or forsakes the arena of the psychic conflict as frequently as possible. it not to displace by our worries. on the Infinite Soul. It will continue all unseen and unknown. the husband. modern science The obverse of the to the phrase. the wife. Second Variety of Worries Husband or Wife for the Other. this overarching kindness. — — man is not a poodle dog. but to trust Why. smiling at grief. secretly. failure to have in mind one unfortunate whose slightest appear when expected threw his wife into This man could not get hysterics of nervous tears. ''Nature struggles to impart to all the power of surviving. man. and the worst doubt it. in the field. all souls. It is for us. cases it — the friend. "the survival of the fittest. not of war." is. to warrant and defend the title. In the sunrise of eternity all the All-Good executed a warranty deed of values to and now covenants and agrees. it seeks to put itself at the disposal of every human. I . Because "off on business. has protected the child. With amazing patience and adaptiveness." This Universe is throned in goodness. There are wives who create unhappiness for themselves and their husbands by ceaseless weeping solicitude during the latter's absence beyond the hour. perhaps. In myriads of are arms. but of protection. but almost inevitably. of word a kindly word.

and indicates love. who nurse deadly fear tions. but is a call for the curbing of suffering to narrowest limits." moral as the decalogue. This woman's worry meant "to strangle" the man. only by vigorous reason and persistent will-effort. but real love dies instantly under the a is When man jealous of a blast of a false requital — or. or the of woman may The seriously threaten the honor husband or home. as a bullet. Foolish jealousy may is. reduce suffering to a minimum. I do not see in marriage any claim upon either part}' to martyrdom. in for their wives. also. instance nevertheless.Fear hurt. must cul- . 131 he was not of that kind. What passes for love where jealousy thrives physical selfishness. for Others. one must all available ways. and will. steel oneself to If. Reason. It is destroyed self-control. It dishonors the woman. Passion can endure such a state of mind and flame out more fiercely. swears to save the object is of its fears. constitute the cause. no cause for the feeling of fear. because of moral considera- seems impossible. from obscured or perverted reason. with fear-thought shut out and held out. then. Such jealousy is a disease for which the patient must shall this Ninth administer his issues own remedies. He always returned. "sound — The remedy is the larger confidence practised and insisted upon by the resolute will. There are husbands. and. remembering that fear and reason are not identical in the matter. the larger confidence the facts. Groundless jealous)' never ac- companies genuine the badge of passion. woman. while the wife slowly undermined her health. he suspects evil of her. How be accomplished? Remedy: Reason and Will Combined Groundless jealousy can be cured for Betterment.

What. is will. This requires the heroic certainly possible. one has risen above even such deadly causes of suffering. Every human being possesses within himself a measure of personal resource by which some degree of peace and life-success may be secured. while honor quails and the suffering goes on. boons. must subject of the present fears. there is no kingdom. as many do. shall be done with the life so injured? Tenth Remedy: Cultivating the Happiness Habit. The Universe has gifts for all. "Call no man master. then. remains. upon some single human being. and to rely less upon others for these For him who cannot find his own kingdom within. or The woman. is the fact that neither love nor passion. and is by no means designed in the plan of You are therefore urged life. enemy. tivate the true confidence of genuine affection. If you cannot be happy within All your yourself. man cultivate the personal capacity for happiness and claim a legitimate share of welfare a portion of the universal gifts in spite of all distressing — — circumstances. It is a Reliance on Personal Re- huge mistake in life to permit happiness and welfare to depend so largely. in many cases. and courageously insists upon maintaining an inner sense of honor and a peace born of personal resources. . that is The moment you If begin to believe that your soul sovereign and royal in moment the possibility will appear. no human can make you happy. Eleventh Remedy: sources.132 The Culture of Courage. The man who suspects of me it is my The pathos all. Undue dependence is not normal. however. one does the utmost best under existing circumstances. but the achievement lineage." to cultivate your own personal resources for happiness and unfoldment.

the more truly are you master. Remedy: Cultivation is Tone and The basal difficulty here healthy nerve-tone — a condition in probably want of which one is easily unbalanced by any flash-light imagination. No woman can kill your fears. your self alone lie the secret and the power of the conquest of fear for others. or are overcome by upsets them. Now a high-strung carriage-horse threatens to trolley-car or automobile. faintness.Fear for Others. distressed street excite nameless nervous apprehension. incessant tension. Remaining Varieties of Fear for Others. Any sudden movement is in life The unforeseen always occasion for of Twelfth Will. In give you courage. none the less real There are those who seem to be constantly for that. who else could be Lord?" III. on the Some one. become frightened by Now it is an automobile that suggests danger to some unknown person. they are seized with palpitation of the heart. Such perfull- sons should vigorously carry on a long regime for . These fearsome souls are kept in a state of They enjoy neither walk nor drive. Even observation from a drawing-room window has Anxiety enslaves its suggestions of favorite trouble. collapse. So the Human life is always in exciting list draws itself out. them. These are comparatively rare. 133 unfoldment must come from your own activity. jeopardy. Children for the welfare of mere strangers. man or woman. In case of an accident. Trees and buildings are everywhere on the verge of toppling over upon passers-by. and the less that activity depends upon the stimulation of No man can others. " Self is the Lord of Self. yet. is forever about to be knocked clown. harassing fears torture.

Strangely enough. the socalled stupid people are really public-spirited and do entertain notions of human welfare. There are unfortunates who carry solemn obligation to protect other people in masses. I have had personal experience in this nervous fear for the remote contingency. then. are not "They my own. assertion of the will." Akin to the fear suggested is the feeling of vague or responsibility for neighborhood. . do this is the but may be acquired at subconscious less self expense by resolute suggestion to the declaring that you are perfectly and wholly subject to control. but they are fearfully in- terested and nervously apprehensive of all sorts of imaginary perils threatening the organization. The fact is. at peace within. inasmuch as you are the invalid. They are not only interested in these objects. I will no longer torture myself in behalf of strangers. the impulse of nervous fear should always be instantly suppressed by self-control possible. children or adults: Affirm. Now now it is it is the lodge that lies heavily upon 1 their hearts. of these people. at least for the best In the meantime. they natter themselves that they are the conserving minority. but they do not ness. the city or the state. so monstrous to social nervousvery largely imaginary. town commonwealth which burdens some curious souls. reasonable indifference. and. their church. their ward. is Now. The ability to result of prolonged persistence in most cases. You are wasting vital force unnecessarily. you may morally cultivate a poised. Why is it that the people of state or church are so stupid! this stupidity.134 The Culture of Courage. Thirteenth Remedy: Undue Responsibility Declined. blooded bodies and steady nerves. and have found a very potent remedy in cultivated indifference. their party.

is to recover his health. A healthy person holds that responsibility for neighborhood. so far as the general welfare is concerned. "Act well your part. remembered that the case is one of invalidism. ." these huge questions are diseased. People who worry over there all the (burden) lies. nation. the practice of the If the world-worry distresses you. practical you are abnormal. and your only remedy is mood of indifference. belongs to all the people. it is to be others do not see. which is entitled to cure. The most useful thing a sick man can do. not of ideal notions concerning our life. that very few souls are raised up to stand responsible for a nation or an age. and that the remedy merely calls for destruction of worry and fear. 135 think as the nervous one desires and they refuse to worry because they are healthy-minded. feels that no man is called upon to shoulder a globe. content to Sane thought discover evils as the facts make known. age. and should overcome the trouble by cultivating indifference for evils which If this looks immoral. state. would be king" is always found out. and that these are elected to " The man who leadership by all votes save their own.Fear for Others.

Girt against worlds. Lord to the body. secure. The individual life of you. Serving like friends when Courage rules. Nor the hugest fact disturb the inner king. and so. scornful speaks the spirit: "I am! I am Power. "Drawbridge down!" Matter and force ne'er cross the chasm That moats the soul within its castle. For these but vassals be to Mind-Man. Fear not these toys o' the soul! — The Author. vibrant still with the one reality.'" What 's all big Nature now to do with that? And if the Accident of infelicities small occur. . In the end stand Hope and Courage on the wrack and ruin Of stars smoking. Fear neither Things nor Force. man. A sovereign lets human are lives by Will. Like slaves. they tyrannize if pampered.FEAR NOT DUMB THINGS. Unless you whimper. you YOURSELF. Why.

human soul. That which properly insists upon exclusive recognition and control is reason or instinct working in the interest of self-preservation."— \T THE outset in our present chapter be remembered. Indian Veda. we may The Serene Soui^Sea. My task is really this: to suggest that the tides. depending upon these factors alone for all the benefits that lying fear may claim to represent. secondly. But when the fact of fear appears. being always and reason. that the effort to their fear-feeling is real only as we make it real. No value issues from denying a instinct fact. and. This being understood. no fire will burn it. which alone totally distinct from relied upon against danger. that my task offer it is suggestions for self-protection against fearful in the ills and accidents of life. its claim to right and necessity in our life be totally refused. Fear of Things. "Fear nurses up a danger And resolution kills it at the birth. CHAPTER VII. deny the feeling of fear. it should never be recognized as reasonable or legitimate in any should sense. scotch fear at its every appearance. or to give it some different name when it is present." — Phillips. but to assist the overcome fear. sea of countless waves and need never be . no wind will dry it up. actual are legitimately to be This does not mean that one is merely to or fancied. first.. no water moisten it. should not to "No weapons can hurt the Self of man.

and reflecting heaven and earth on the mirror of the deep. 'to shake." Into this soul-sea have swept the disturbing forces of fear. The root of ahi is anh. who knows the Self. heaving up and down with every breath." angor. The soul being called saivala. "sin. crossed In the was called saivala.138 The Culture by the movements of Courage." anxius. which are aliens. and never should have been permitted room or freedom." agis. knowingly inharmonious action of the self." Max Muller. "quinsy. Greek agos." and it lives in the ment. related "The sea was called saivs.' it meant the tossed-about water/ in contraold Gothic language the soul ' distinction to stagnant or running water. the "sea. the Infinite. to throttle." The "sin" of theology is really discord. Latin angina." and also in anhas. "uneasy. or siv. "He. and anguis in Latin. the serpent was anciently called ahi in Sanskrit. or. is the Self. Had human life always been harmonious with itself and its higher environments. so to speak. "suffocation. which meaning we may ignore for our present This it is . therefore. we see that it was originally con- ceived by the Teutonic nations as a sea within." say the "Upanishads" of India (with the meaning that Brahma. violation of known laws of known best personal which induces disaster. "to choke. Discord has bred a brood of disastrous emotions curiously it will be interesting to study for a moThus. of fear as a feeling. the Greek seio. and this is the only power on earth that can essentially hurt the soul. rather. it is the known estate. no fear could ever have arisen in the vibrant soul of related which man as a disturbing feeling." and the English "awe" and "anguish. because it induces disharmony within the right conditions of human welfare. "fear. "from a root si." says to saivs. echis in Greek.

disharmony. in the profound conviction that everything in the personal subordinate to the one supreme factor.Fear of Things. spots. the anguish of fright. and. and collected. how could he possibly have rita or "straight line. the unseen and indestructible self. he overcomes evil. he becomes a true Brahman. feel the serpent's "throttle. Secrets of Fearlessness. distinguished from the mere thought and action of self-preservation? The animal has all the self-preservative movements of instinct. man at harmony with the worlds. free In our Western thought in itself from doubts. this." come to on the If consciously right. sees all as Self. subdued. its secret." any of the emotions of fear. evil. the self is secure if it really wills that no evil not self-induced (or consented to) can reach the to is self. free from hurt him. The essential human But spirit is immune any evil not self-induced. sees self in Self. self and its and reasonably act in the interest of wholeness and happiness. 139 self) purpose. Innocent man. but are not the Infinite. in a state of harmony with it&elf and its higher environments. he does not brood. The Self is Supreme and Immune. he burns all evil. for It is evident that a true fearlessness has one thing. Evil does not Free from evil. worry. nevertheless. fret. would still instinctively — — but he is not anxious. the great breeder of fears. Evil does not overcome him." we background on the Infinite. and he never anticipates imaginary dangers for himself or for other animals. patient. may be perfectly indifferent to any so-called evils that can befall the life is . regarding the Self as the human " after having become quiet. and that this self is or ought to be lord and master. satisfied. but he would never really fear.

The whole meaning is of man's history is this: the race slowly striving to find the centre of adjustment uni- versal. Just so soon as we become possessed self in this sense. or life physical. of or property. this sense of supremacy and immunity is taken with a large belief in the goodness and helpfulness of the Universe in which we live. One basic assumption in our common thought seems to make Nature an enemy of man.140 The Culture of Courage. in its proper action. consists in the deep self and immune to all and that this immunity is the absolute reward of harmony. because we shall then know that such can never injure the real self within the body. or universal harmony. My chief thought here is the age-long truth that discord is the mother of fears. The World of Nature is Good and No Enemy. the feeling of fear for innumerable things about us comes to be displaced by reasonable confidence. the warning of instinct or reason. and I hold this to be. Instinctively it knows . while reason must master of real evil not self-induced. This is really a relic of old fears and superstitions which have originated in the long struggle for right adjustment with Nature's laws. not of the fear-feeling as usually understood. These suggestions must receive a fuller treatment later in the present chapter. assurance that self is One secret of fearlessness of things. In perfect harmony with the Universe. then. we shall banish all worrying fears in regard to dangers to what we call self. while instinct or reason all that true may properly be in our life will still remain to us for legitimate self-preservation. there can be no other fear than the normal warning against discord. or mind. including the body. inferior factors. or Nature. such as body. If. then. now. still act in self-preservation.

that mines will close in. to be sure. The list . that that rivers will rise in floods. that nails will pierce our feet. that trees and buildings may topple the gas floors over.Fear that safety lies of Things. every animal large enough to be seen by the naked eye has caused humanity a fright. that meteors may strike us. that the cars may may the rail or be telescoped. etc. stones Every object of existence on earth has inspired fear in some human breast. We fear that may throw us. All of these things that guns may go off. I am unable to on any other suppo- Forms of This Fear. instinct. all Hence the individual fear denies the racial danger.. and nowhere else. electric wires will come down. that may smother us. and freedom from. The above preliminaries being now before us. slip that the boat may sink. So affirms But human ignorance antagonizes a Universal reason. that hurricanes will destroy the town. 141 there. and the great Mother-Friend. Nature. that the swimmer will drown. that tools will injure. may strike. that machinery may break and slay. but has fear-feeling averted a single disaster? So. many fears of things enemy. that poisons lurk in every eatable and drinkable thing. it may be well briefly to survey the innumerable aspects The monster is hydra-headed of the fear of things. have occurred. becomes in our thought the implacable account for so sition. and very ancient. that the lamp may explode. that the boiler may blow up. that chairs will collapse. that mountains will slide. that lightning etc. that the house may catch fire. which is determined that in harmony alone System shall man realize fearlessness of. that vehicles give out. also. that and roofs will cave in.

are unendurable to others. Boiled The great Scaliger could not drink milk. suggestion induce them. the tendency of continual thought about the body may be averted by the spirit of resolute vigor and . olive oil. Fears for dogs. Pepper. are unable to touch Some silk people cannot endure the smell of flowers. bulls. which was on hearing a cat mew. An apple would induce nose-bleed in Francis also the fate of another I. cows. toads. insects. Tycho Brahe feared foxes. carp sent another into convulsions. of health-culture may of bodily states. d'Epernon swooned on seeing a leveret. while others dislike their beauty. In we have evidences traces of far-away of human life holding over. eggs. rats. The Duke The famous Cases of inability to hear about surgical opera- tions or accidents are numerous. but there is confessed danger that this general revival induce excessive consciousness Real health seldom thinks of itself. and Cordon hated the sight of lobsters caused another to faint. A few have felt aversion for certain musical instruments. beetles. — or A allied nervous conditions — reveals now some curious specimens. Many or velvet without shuddering. Such excessive consciousness is a danger in the sense that it may suggest the very conditions feared. mice and frogs. birds. nerves.142 of fears The Culture of Courage. The smell of fish threw Erasmus into a fever. maladjustment getting on the Has the feeling of fear brought about any is cure? Condition of health apprehension. One person always fainted at sight of an eel. are familiar to all this all. hedgehogs. fish. and Marshal d'Abert feared pigs. and by In the sovereignty of mind. however. cats. physical health It is also a prolific source of marks present-day progress that receiving such universal attention. horses. snakes.

some contrary declaration or experience might be written opposite every item in the list. Not a drink is used that has not been condemned. Something of truth there is in the old lines: "The Is surest road to health say what they never to suppose we shall be ill.almost be said that were one to catalogue the objects. physical exercise. There is no known variety of food which some one does not fear.Fear of Things. are recommended ready to conjure up a fear for all known ex- istences having any relation to the body." — will. that of the mountain too rare. that of the sea is too strong. directions. in this chaotic state. pastry is unspeakable. tion. That of the city Air contains an excess of ozone or not enough. but of cures. all It ma}. Apprehensions in regard to physical ills would be more numerous than diseases were it not for the creative power of suggestion. Venders of water and all other beverages assault the courage of the day with dire catalogues of disaster if you indulge in any other than their own. that of the valley too heavy. and live like the owl to escape death by heat or maintain the balance of reason. in all beneath the horizontal bar. and the moon portends lunacy. plans and methods for gaining or preserving health. 143 the ability to throw the subject out of consciousness. also. vegetables are injurious. and. Even — air is thrust into the fear-making machine of imagina- is baleful. Advertisements everywhere outrage one's sense of security. We have become afraid not only of diseases. The sun threatens sunstroke. meat is deadly. It hides There is death. medicines. heart-failure . Fruit is harmful. One must needs go to jail in order to avoid draughts. and consumption dances in the prize-ring. that of the inland too dry or too moist.

or "the other way up. on the right. nor with too little. nor without. on the back. rheumatism and neuralgia in the rowboat. insufficient sleep. nor with criticised. a broken bone is a certainty on the gridiron. A pain in the eyes conjures up a vision of sur- gery-loving oculists. fatty degeneration in the carriage. there are fearful diseases little. too much light or clothing. sleep is no It may not be longer innocent of wakeful hobgoblins. nor a full. We are fearful of all of too little and too much. Then. pharmacopoeia could multiply fears for medicine. and every pain suggests the deathother than rattle. aurist. south." as one in the " embarrassing presence" tried to say of swimming. nor with a bedfellow. rides the bicycle. too Hence. sleep of every conceivable kind under every conceivable condition. unknown in the past. nor immediately after. drowning on the fishing banks. We fear But excess of sleep. mutilation in the hunting-field. ex- ball-ground. nor just before a bath. east. too much medicine. nor in a closed room. People have been exercise is known elaborately formulated — and Systematic scientifically exercise. fear has never in this world accomplished anything make good the fear and breed some more. all kinds in toto. nor omitted until midnight. a wrecked anatomy on the haustion on horseback. one in the ear means a probing one in the tongue an operation for cancer. Fear warns against some medicines. again. nor permitted beyond this or that hour in the morning. one in the . of no exercise. nor in an open. nor with head toward the north. nor just after. one on the left side a collapse on the street. Of course medicines are prime suggesters of fearOnly an age whose fears have swollen the feeling. nor during the day. nor before a meal. west. to die in church. indulged on the left side. nor on an empty stomach.144 The Culture of Courage.

no sickness but engenders anxiety. Nature. the occult forces. No pain is there but awakens apprehension. all haunt the world with ten thousand prescriptions for ills themselves have largely created by fructifying imagination until its power of microscopic investigation and infinitesimal analysis appears to be almost as attractive as a cures. electric schools. one in the lungs an experiment in some new theory. one somewhere else appendicitis— a professional mining exploration for the significance in evolution of vermiform appendix. w ater-cures. one in the joints hardening of tissue. therefore.Fear of Things. innumerable unescapable germs. sorts of isms. no ill but causes a fear. her creations. The clubs that profess longevity hail the aspirant for membership with countless adjurations. one in the back various complaints. allopathy. one in the stomach a growing tumor. Metaphysics. none. We are "fearfully as well as wonderfully made. afraid to die. It is scarcely an exaggeration to say that. this have drawn out the indictment against fear in I wished to indicate the utter folly and uselessness of our perennial fear of things. H5 throat sanitary isolation." The "sciences" which benevolence and money-getting have originated have themselves become fear-factories. one in the head nervous prostration. There are no fears which may not be displaced by reason. one in the feet the gout. Let us have done with this insanity. naturer homeopathy. die in fright for fear of the fear of death. "that tired feeling" all the woes of earth. new possibility in the nature of the Almighty. Rational science frightens us with bacteria. we And every one of these fears has worked incalculable harm in our life. forces and conditions. that may not I way because . all Christian Science. bacilli.

running through Ml ages. and. and so makes the In addition. the law that the its human spirit is designed for sovereignty over instrument. If. in the rain. you are urged to cultivate the assertive assumption of being now in physical vigor. miracles and Christian Science have merely in part exploited the universal and natural law of the great System in which we live. Suggestion. action of the self in thought. and nobody 's "but courage got it with him a mighty curious the time (he was all mistaken in the last statement). It is for every human to belt on this law. physical house or No individual or system has a monopoly mental healing. and I 'd stand up to a regiment and take my chances." said a ruffian. Health-Thought. and I 'd run from one Greaser if he was hunting me. utilized incompletely and confusedly by all peoples. to assert for . for a low physical tone commonly means a First Remedy: weak thing. it altogether. the foolishness of reader. of the Remedies for the Fear of Things. then. so doing.attitude toward things depends largely upon one's physical tone. on to that law. hungry and cold. treating the matter sug- gestively. to effort looking to bodily health through right living. Improving the Body-Tone by Undoubtedly one's courage. so to speak.146 The Culture of Courage life be destroyed and cast out of our then. But take me before daybreak. which is itself a Here we have a huge law great inspirer of courage. entire personality an easy prey to fear. Take me on a sun- shiny day. all begins to dawn on the we may now some indicate. "It is 's all right to talk." But it is equally true that a low psychic condition depresses physical tonus. magnetic healing. full of good grub and with a couple of drinks under my belt.

or a valiant faith in one's physical power. or possesses it is any conscious power. we throw into the condition those powerful movements of the soul which dispel the condi- . I am well and and off shall surely continue so to be. created in one age or another. All the power man will ever possess he now has. the truth merely spirit is already in needs discovery as a reality which has always been in the possession of the subconscious self to be utilized for the betterment of the conscious self through the unfoldof those forces. There is no new knowledge of truth essential to or Of such knowledge the human in the nature of things. law. 147 own sovereign power and to draw to himself the universal forces of welfare. not new creations. The law is not a new. We say. one asserts. in human nature. perfect possession. quietly. we throw the condi- we do not. but always merely unfoldments. Only that which has always been in the soul can be unfolded in the soul's life. If man knows any his essential truth to-day. and "there is no limit to the knowing of the self that knows. but is an ancient. ed own nature. Progress in human life signifies. The no new thing. In suggestion. We because he has simply unfoldbackground on the Infinite. nothing." tion. yet emphatically: is "This pain is nothing.Fear himself his of Things. is power power power to use the law and the force behind and the There is no new it. The method by which health-thoughts may practically operate for improved and maintained physical own tone are seen in suggestion. this lassitude or depression a-1-1 r-i-g-h-t." no limit to the power of the self which unfolds. ment of the subconscious self. and the power of his almighty nature waits only discovery by the objective consciousness to do the will's command.

have demonstrated the truth numberless times.148 tion. draw forth the power. dying of scurvy on shipboard in the polar seas. state the old sailor started with a quelled Out of a comatose the mutiny — and call for his boots. And not the huge power of suggestion yours for the ills of but as well for a higher register of psychic tone and its permanent maintenance. In matter there are the laws of dirt. I know that there are some degrees of pain which may may not be subdued. in this way. Elisha Kane. relates that in his early life a captain. by so much may it lay hold both on law and power. The facts disturb neither the reality of the law nor the possession of the power. and thinksome cases. When your deeper only flesh. retains It is to require modification be understood that these affirmations that present by another law — conditions are the outcomes of past suggestions and ways of living. and if one lives in a dirty way. Our psychic ante- cedents it is that have banked up against us the power- ful evil of the past. soul has lost conunable to seize upon the law and But by so much as the self any self-control. so that. in may be the result of years or of centuries of false living ing (we must recognize the late. these laws of dirt will work themselves out. was told that there was mutiny on deck. may be in- voked too not because the soul is not humanly . and recovered. it is not mere dirt which causes disease: life it is after all the psychic under- that makes dirt malevolent. Nevertheless. command at the suggestion of the conscious body inevitably tries to obey. some conditions of the body which not be handled. or of psychic power. One's physical state facts). is self asserts its self. I The Culture of Courage. the law of suggestion. They merely show that the and so is trol of itself.

therefore. trouble is mine. but if you lack just there a small board will help you swim when you otherwise would drown. call in When health thus destroyed. Whether or not the use of helps will develop helplessness depends itself. 149 it is individually incapable of ideal operation of the using its own powers. you can swim without a board provided you have the ability to use your power. have the larger freedom . the law of sovercian — — r eignty cares for neither as against the other. but. absoluteto no bondage. and do so. The ideal in freedom to utilize the psychic power of soul over suggestion body. and the forbidding the physician. In the education of the soul for perfect is self- mastery. — If none. even if that notion is religious and altogether sacred to some one else. hold it to be common sense to the trained physi- and the demonstrated mental healer. temporarily. but because of Things. with any label. or you can swim at all. meanwhile What exercising all the psychic ability one possesses. call And a perfectly dead law until the all this is becomes so efficient. The law is may I in all cases be far in the future. or " science" on the other hand. ly and signifies. to medicine on the one hand.Fear sovereign. The resolute soul shouts: am at liberty to use these helps please God. but will obey the call of either or both if that it is call is or can be efficient or potent enough. And what do I care for the follies of Christian Science I am for health. If you continue to practise swimming without a board. anything that helps altogether on the soul I legitimate. As a matter of fact. do I care for the theories of a doctor forbidding the especially my own mental healer? I am for health and I want help from any source. or seemingly permanently. not to be handled b} a mere notion. you will ultimately require or religion. by whatever means. to-morrow I shall now.

The physicians are constantly affirm- ing cases to be hopeless which the mental healers are Nor am I able to discover any principle which curing. But the God they talk about is the creator of Nature in which health is a no God worth our thought who would or could create an evil Nature. When harmony becomes perfect and universal. whatever the means. in the battle for health as against sickness. is more than a mere statement of thought. or who has the ability to foist disease or death into an individual career living in a similarly perfect state of harmony. to take advantage of both physical science and spiritual laws. the God I worship will be very glad to see disease and death forever banphase of reality. although may seem efficient defiant definite rule some cases of physical disability and incurable. But suggestion. I to ignore them. is merely an expression of tendency toward harmony. The law of suggestion. a law of God that all must die. I am unable to find which must exclude suggestion as an remedy. taken in its broadest sense. and the real God of this Universe has no power to make disease and death parts of a system in a state of perfect harmony with itself and Him. of Courage.150 The Culture meanwhile. it should be remembered. Though some facts seem to contradict the conclusion. must bid us wait the slow improvement of centuries in the matter of psychic power before we can squarely bank on the soul's sovereignty. And any yet. at least in its higher . and there is ished. I find it impossible to see that inability to recover physical tone by assertive suggestion may not and ought not in any and every Clergymen will babble case to be instantly successful. am for health. This book urges you.

. a simple reference to as an state of the entire belief. and actually establish the prerequisites of health and further development of power. may become power in self Faith involves action. over a very Universe. while the man of faith is forever gaining faith. Such conditions harmonize discordant elements in the life. because. manages to achieve more or less since Nature more must respond to his call. The general personality are vidifference belief. a second person as he declares his faith: he may be very composed and but his whole attitude indicates quiet in the matter. for belief assent of the intellect. approximately right as it is. There state of consciousness its in the prophetic soul a vital. True faith is a force. The deepest phases of his brant and expectant. yet as law-abiding. 151 the dynamic power of faith. He is mild and negative. Observe. as real and effective. the two inner is men is vital. now. The man of doubt is always. power. and so. In other words. health and ideal personality depend upon the amount of appropriating consciousness one can throw over environment. which amid the laws and forces of Nature. of course. beginning with assumption. He is condensed confident energy. losing the faith he has.— Fear form: it is of Things. as the The idea of faith cannot be given in force of gravity. He radiates force. profound. be defined an active Observe one person as he is may expresses belief in present or future welfare. in his hopeful feelings and his successes finds justification of past faith and ground for further faith. assertive and assumptive exerts its own power. consciousness into harmonious vibrations or he sets activities. enriched. induce favorable currents inward from large areas without. but between it then of the The activity is no less than of the objective functions. while faith self. manifests own law.

152 The Culture of Courage. that of it thrives on great things alone. confi- dence in the possession of buoyancy and vigor. and will render the confident expectation itself more and more pronounced. — — in if some cases. may at first seem almost impossible. The faith and the assumption. If some my readers suggest that such conscious- ness comes not of mere psychic assertion. but perse- will show the task to be less and less difficult. I know that this has a very large sound. but here. and. is the characteristic of true faith. and thus in physifaith assertive assumption here and now cal tone and fearlessness regarding every object in Nature. faith in for present health. faith one's own faith. verance consider. in one's faith in own and psychic ability. two things: psychic power and. Above all. but only from the study of books and the training of the schools. Good health and a physician are pref- . to some extent in the present state of human progress. indeed. then — Psychics and Medicine. precisely. the amount of a harmonious Universe one can absorb into his own personality. seen or unseen. these suggestions will as certainly unfold the tone of real courage as a law We of Nature will bring man benefits when obeyed. I reply that the greatest truths man has discovered and all the noblest victories he has achieved have resulted from the mighty faith-power of the human soul over and above the immediate influence of all the schools of the ages. may be very feeble. experienced. the territory one can cover by the overspread of his assumptive consciousness. It is for reasons thus indicated that I urge the development within of the power of faith: faith in one's own body. I hold. medical advice. The cure of ill-health demands.

Moreover. It is always an internal pro- of ill-health law of life: from within out. in real consistency. Cure is is a change of inharmonious adjustments to the All-Life (or the molecular sum-total) in the direction of harmony. Where from within out. but in the reform of medical methods. and these psychic conditions are demands on the Good health is a sharing in the universal vitality through harmonious cooperation of physical and psychic functions and vital forces of the Universe. adjusted to the AllIll- Life or to the molecular sum-total of the Universe. itself: sanity. it is it is a condition. Restoration of right adjustment never proceeds from without. All health-tone is a physical reaction to psychic conditions. we must recognize the cians great suggestive efficacy of physi- and prescriptions. the truth remains the same. holding that all cures are psychic cures. It follows the is growth factor in health-cure. 153 erable to poor health and consistency. The question of medicine has to solve not in the repudiation of medical practice. a state of maladjustment of self to law and It is not a thing. In the if last analysis the latter one cannot quite attain the level of a raw miracle. the self is always the prime cess. Even if vitality is nothing other than an outcome of molecular activities or molecular conditions. Hence. life. The trouble with . a state of or of molecules. Health is not a thing. it is a chaotic condition. for the doctor and his prescriptions may be utterly useless. restoration must operate in the same manner. Secondarily the self may employ any means adapted to bring about This is right adjustment. one should accept the assistance of material instruments of suggestion. but may be the only means of suggestion to which some souls will at present respond. It is not a self-state merely.Fear of Things. Nature's laws. health life.

ance. medicine. inspiration. . the use of the latter would seem legitimate. If consist- ency forgets inner is its realities. almost all In cases. because human conceptions are always symbolic of something truer just beyond. when suc- merely assist. cure in any event. though always ready to pour life into a disordered body. The self and Nature would Where there is no medicine and a the psychic demand is right and strong of the Universal Life. guidance.154 The Culture of Courage. When holds fast to the inner realities. as with theology. medicines are not needed. not from inert matter. or guide. which always tion is insist upon foolish consistency. enough to induce the incoming If the reader prefers the universal sum-total molecular activities. Remedies which are external to the cessful. with or without medicine. or inspire. very well. Where there is no cure. cure occurs. which floods-in the Universal Life-Forces on right demand. and secondly. are vitalized These facts explain cures without medicine. self. If the self-action cannot be induced without medicine. Nature. Nature is For. the essential Such assistby two qualities: the psychic self first. is its tyrannous traditions. The efficacy of medicines springs from the self-action. process of self-adjustment to the All-Life. A tradi- never good when you know better. this it constitution. let us hold that a Balanced Indifference. it becomes a search for truth. All real consistency is a bundle of contradictions. Truth is never humanly consistent. according to authoritative testimony. it is a delusion and a snare. the psychic demand is inadequate. At this point a great truth emerges which does not appear to be sufficiently appreciated in the New-Thought writings: what may be of called the indifferent balance toward man Nature considered as a huge System of law. Nature.

In all this. what man does for Nature. called up good thoughts. I with full assurance that I should receive whatever had actually laid hold on. I had conformed to certain conditions.Fear is of Things. and that really means. loafed a little at one chore and another. But right demand is a part of conditions. rose. enjoyed an appetizing breakfast. But the demand and the repulsion are deeper factors than mere words. Conditions are vastly important as phases of demand. well or as a Regarded mere mechanism of law. Nature does not violently offer itself. nor does it obsti- — except that there nately hold back. . that one may turn the balance of Nature in his favor by simple demand for health. practised full breathing. got up a gentle heat on the body surfaces. 155 absolutely impartial and unprejudiced. and so had demanded service of the Universal Life. for then universal be destroyed. For example: during the night. awakened. shall be thankful — beyond it. Nature remained indifferent. I do not say. but ever ready to come to my service conditions when made it possible. took a cold bath. and began the day's work. neither rushing to meet me nor drawing away. recognized Peace within. it creates them in some degree. If some one will inform us how to secure health by raw will-power. exercised thoughtfully a few minutes. it and uses those which are I slept well uttered a word of good-will to all the world. shook hands with Hope and Courage. This "what he does" is a demand or a repulsion. then. Nature cares not whether is ill man is throughout the whole System a tendency toward right conditions in which the individual will share if he adjusts thereto. we stability will but not wise. and I had thus created certain conditions in myself. dressed. What Nature does for man depends upon what man does for himself.

Nature passes the intention. "over" life — carry"). The ship is then out of adjustment the mill out of order. Ill- The sea does not wish to destroy the mill. man appeared. a mistress loving to serve. {trans. on to individuals or fields where conditions make the intention and life possible for them. with environment. you have strength and wit to draw on unlimited but indifferent power. disease. " over "—and (trans. ire. You build a tide-mill on one of ocean's narrows. but when that intention cannot be carried out because conditions are inharmonious. did before it. and the sea ebbed and flowed Then man formulated his demands in indifferent. and death are transitions go"). as It is not for you. It is as if the Atlantic were now It is indifferent now as ever. and the sea became terms of conditions. one individual in thing to some other individual thing. The intention Nature is for the individual. that is done by maladjustment. useful. and when condi- . sea ebbs and flows. Your individual life is the result of conditions making your life possible. Nature does not destroy life. It it not against you. impartial. Man offered his spoken prayers. The fact is. it merely transfers Decay. life. it is simply comes and goes. with that which goes with the intention. The same tide which buoys up a ship may dash her in pieces on the rocks. eager in your interest. or coming or going. of adjustment flung himself against — beautiful. "to or changes the conditions of transferences life. of — a passing of the — and formare. Man and was dashed in pieces. unprejudiced. transformations (trans.156 The Culture The of Courage. "to and ferre. so to speak. Good health health is is the tide-mill in operation. "over" "to shape"). does your behest. and straightway the running tide. life.

Fear of Things. if Nature of its constantly striving for the highest expression is. In restoration to health. transformation takes place. Ill-health enlists the Nature-life of worlds. upset. power. disease. and Decay. life in other fields are estab- and is life transfers or transforms — passes over. The Hindus say like a of the soul: "Life is tremulous. in the conditions that the transition. tions of possibility of good life you decrease or conditions of possibility for lished. this water-drop on a lotus-leaf. In fact. any particular individual vidual refuses or impossible. and death simply express life the two-fold fact of indifference to the individual and transfer of it is when conditions call therefor. makes it capable of utiliz- and causes it to utilize. . disease. just as the rebuilding or repairing of the tide-mills ing. is is out of harmony. Adjustment brings the body within the reach of law and force. the equilibrium level. no. psychic demand. that the highest form of it is life. When the individual representing is goes wrong. whether or no. For Nature it ever strives. for 157 cease. Body cannot itself do this. the vast power of the sea. fails in indifferent but toward the indifor itself conditions making life Decay." The highest form of life is a very unstable equilibrium. and death are such lower levels of equilibrium each standing for greater stability until nothing but waste matter remains so far as the individual is conregained only on a lower — — cerned. transference. which then also move relentlessly on whether or force. Maladjustment throws the body against law and which move relentlessly on. All health is psychic harmony with the All-Life. shows that self has thrust body out of adjustment with Nature in its highest intentions. formulated in terms of right adjustment.

The psychic demand is firm. or suggest. because the process of over- whelming has been partially arrested. and that the psychic . have reference to suppose. therefore. has learned to respond thereto. or of foreign material. At times medicines bring about a change in the physical or mental tone. Some medicines depress. In all these suppositions my contention is this: that the physical reaction is fundamentally psychic in origin. and for which. because the psychic factor. the right medicine. The patient is using all his energy in hoisting the signals of warning. also. to deaden pain in order to stop waste of vitality through excessive nerve-action. and the whole has now opportunity Medicines for assertion of its powers. faith the Nature-life. may demand by At times medicines relieve the system of waste.158 The Culture Medicines of Courage. stimulates some organ or the general system. it has no further need. — They self -effort to lay hold on When you call demand on a physician you assume the attitude of call it in. assisting the system to expel them. but it may be deflected in wrong directions. Some transform the entire current of sensation and emotion. conditions. chemical compounds which the body cannot further reduce. some elevate the tone. by purely physical action. It may be essential. the flood-tide. Here is a case of guidance secured by outside means. or a change of direction of thought and feeling may be necessary to give it full effect. In all this we have cases of medical assistance. thus be said to inspire psychic affording opportunity for reaction. self because the psychic factor has learned to respond thereto. You seek to At times the bodily weakness overwhelms the latter cannot institute the right its the self within. again. demand. At times medicines chemi- cally assist assimilation of proper material.

psychic treatdisregard ment all sole truth. But. obedience. 159 origin can only be gotten at by adequate means. whatever it be. is sole truth. both. Whatever scientific. the character of which. or socalled material. in self. confidence in the physician. I say: the primal factor of health aids this factor is is the self. because he also fails to He who declares that the use of medicine selfish go far enough in his reasoning. power he always needless may be on the right track. He who denounces the exercise of psychic powers not recognized by his theory or system as black magic reveals himself a victim of mediaeval bigotry. if medical treat- ment all treatment for health may disregard psychic realities relations between soul and body. relation of the soul to the material. exercise. his He who For. and hope. He who affirms the use of medicine to be always neces- sary or effective. but he stops short of the real conclusion. whether material or non-material. world. his regimes. — self control. sleep. demand for health may air.Fear of Things. is morally determination to insist upon a wrong betrays a or a system barren consistency for the sake of bolstering up a theory and fails in ethical judgment. And psychic so. again. be the aid material. In . the whole truth opinions. his remedies. And science is — or it is nothing but a mass of personal is He who lacks the affirms that medicine of correct thinking. either observes or speaks incorrectly. He who denounces all psychic cures as unreal or unscientific repudiates the — bed-rock of medical practice. conditions — food. should be a matter of indifference to reason and good sense. spiritual. if is wedded to either psychic or medical treatment alone contradicts own is position. use of physical functions. courage.

or If is physically disturbed. and should be developed as such. 'permit . You observe or imagine an object. its appears that the psychic factor is the one If the psychic factor accomplishes legitimate work. all the conditions represent other of the opposite theory. the greater the fear-feeling. than the The wise man asserts his inner makes demands on the Universal avails through that Life. theory — something either case. himself of all But always self. of certain a habit. but that one fears because he runs. and agitation begins. meanwhile cold-blooded reason. and gladly demonstrated assistance. Your remedy consists in resolutely affirming to yourself: " I do not. It Self-control in the presence.160 The Culture of Courage. and I mil not. The meaning of this curiosity of the text-books is that the feeling of fear expresses in certain physical agitations. alone remaining. often taking the last chance with the unknown if convinced that such course can at worse do him no harm. and the hand. tone of health will inevitably react for vigorous courage-tone of the soul itself. agitation. the fear-feeling much as he one refuses to yield to the controlled and may totally subside. so does fear. self. panic ensues. acting for If. or suggesting abhorrence and the idea of flight. conscious because the agitations and that the feeling becomes become conscious. by as that one is is aware of fear. or in the thought. on the other self-preservation. a favorite statement of some schools of psychology that one does not run because he fears. is it the Universal Life that cures ill- health by response to the inner demands of the assertive Thus it great physician. urging you to get away. one yields to the agitation. Second objects is is Remedy: Cultivation of S elf-Control. swifter the running.

you will find that you have secured — the greater value. I control to my physical functions with the self. Our remedy means that you are to take or care of yourself where there seems to be real danger. As my it inner essential nothing on earth can affright harm it. and in com- pletely quelling the emotional disturbance. find this a hard task. diseases. All these nervous apprehensions. When you have acquired control over physical agitation and its associated tendencies. I am master of my thoughts. is the outcome of sheer habit. all For the general apprehensive attitude toward — buildings. or a huge storm.. if perfect. . and will you will spirit. maintaining reason squarely the throne. you infallibly conquer. should be observed. There is no limit to the mastery of the self that tations are and all that waste masters." You discover a runaway horse. etc. the same regime. or some object for which you have a peculiar aversion. or a snake. and my body. iron hand. worries and panicky agi- immensely wasteful of vitality and power. forces. animals. prolonged and persistent. The habit may be destroyed. Your fears are mere habits. machinery. but not for an instant to yield to or permit physical agitation and the feeling of fright or nervousness. plants. you must overcome them through the establishment of the contrary habit that of self-control.. my emotions. medicines. psychic control of the psychic sorts of things self. if only you will and make good.Fear any on of Things. and you but the methods and remedy are persevere with a resolute may fail You may many times. 161 feeling of fear whatever. The method by which the remedy may be made effective consists simply in arresting and instantly suppressing the agitation at its slightest appearance. etc.

you insist on . you do not really fear. although such objects are infrequent in your path and easily avoided. this. but such an one will manceuver until association wears the You shudder at sight of an feeling of agitation away. rather. rea- some care should be observed. provided. but you are conscious of nervous disturbance. more than nervousness. You are urged freely to associate. If you try to slay your fear at eel. you can gradually bring yourself to look upon these reptiles with no disagreeable sensation. growing fear only can be the result. pecially Fearful. both in so far as thought and practicable. a snake. and this also is sure to yield to larger self-control and association with the exciting causes. If We and determihave here again the law you suggest If. on the other hand. if you will persist in the effort. will as against fear tends to develop a permanent habit Thus with all the Nature-fears now in of courage. or a toad. life. at least you control yourself to a degree. and this victory. with doing It In of course. Remedy: Association With Objects Esthe object feared. will count Every triumph of the for courage all round in your life.1 62 The Culture Third of Courage. one stroke. would not be sonable to undertake a violent cure. hand: familiarity breeds contempt for their fear-makIn many cases what is called fear is little ing qualities. of suggestion. the experi- ence should begin with slight experiments. testing the self and forming the courage habit gradually and in- creasingly. you carry into the associ- ation a resolute assertion of fearlessness nation to overcome fear. you only succeed in increasing it by the But great nervous shock which goes with the effort. to yourself fear in pres- ence of the objects that trouble you. No intelligent horse-trainer will lead an animal suddenly up to a frightening object.

Lightning. So long as you yield to panic. 163 suggesting courage during the ultimately association. the fact that countless fears in your life have proven groundless and false.Fear of Things. floods. fears. means of safety as The question in such how summons To this question our old answer must be given: by resolution and such familiaras may be acquired by reason. could not find under twenty feet of blankets. Are you afraid of these titanic forces? Face them steadfastly face them. so that the soul's only recourse is heroic self- possession and the search for such may cases to be found at the moment. Experience actually demonstrates that the vast majority of our fears have been arrant liars. so long will your problem of facing danger with the least expense remain unsolved. is not altogether how to escape danger. you will become master of these You will forget them. over and over of in your thought. and the like. Fourth Remedy: Emphasizing the Falsity You are urged to emphasize. As if the cyclone had not slain the cowering man and left the babe unharmed. There are certain forces from which we cannot always escape and which we have no power to control. I suppose it is true that not one in a million of any man's fears have ever been realized in disaster as expected. wind. them Usually these terrified ones do the in the As if lightning. ity with the objects — . hold many people in constant dread. Before these titanic forces we are cellar or powerless. while past escapes and foolish experiences receive scant attention. for example. but ability to face it. Fears. whenever needs must be. People are fearful because they permit fear to run rampant. foolish thing — get into a panic and endeavor to hide.

off Slowly the fury passes and the glory vanishes. the majestic oncoming of the clear-marked front. where you can watch all the portentious marshalling of the clouds. See the solemn chaos of the clouds. tion. Your breathing almost ceases. You are as one who has come forth from the fountain of life. Divest thought of self. forces. I say. full in the eye. yours for one price now. you are one with the omnipotence disof It is No longer puny. the experience your life! How unspeakably magnificent! of fear! You have lost the thought The East has swallowed up the warring elements. and then ebbs and flows unconsciously in the slow rhythm of the tempest. A new soul you are become. played. forgetting fear. — forgetting. the driving the skeltering leaves of the forest. The nerves held to the ear. You now are full of the spirit of courage.164 The Culture of Courage. — a scene worth tarrying for! You are chained to the spot. Afar the pale lightning heralds the low like the curious bass murmur of the It dreadful voice which so recently shook the world. is song of certain shells when You arouse with a sigh. It is Ah! This is You have it self-control. the cloud. the billowy upheaval from below.murk and the ragged zigzagging of the speed- ing light. view. Look the face of heaven though you quake within. rapt by majestic You are aware of expansion and uplift of emoYou thrill with a feeling that must be of the gods. in the splendor of the outlook. relax. the shaking See the ripping of the phalanxes of giants of the fields. the very need of rain. Let the mind dwell on the mighty wonder of the storm. the flying drift of the rushing winds above. When next the storm-wrack rolls up in the west nerve yourself to quell apprehension and to stand still Find a good point of before its marvelous display. .

helpful if When you life and wholesome are agitated by fear it will be to ask: " What matters. abiding may not escape accident. illegitimate Sixth Remedy: because always greater than the case warrants. the face If self is right. . to assert your will in the outgo of confidence." Such an attitude. can never reach the inner citadel of the I am But not so tremendously important that I should expect life to be free the disaster self. to face danger and stand squarely up to its menace. right-living Power!" all — remembers "/ am! lam that moment there comes to it courage to soul — The moment material threats. after all. and to hold serenely in mind the truth that no force in Nature can destroy the I -Am of the soul. Whatever that self will surely come through unscathed. Restraining Undue Estimate of The valuation which your reason puts upon your self and your life and happiness is legitimate and not overdone. I from dangers and some measure of disaster. and thus trust yourself to the Infinite All. of Things. 165 in Remedy: Above all of Cultivating Confidence it the is yours to remember that to you are a part the System. I hurt comes or goes out? am myself. and I now use that power. and in the end you will have a truer estimate of the value of self than under any regime of nervousness or panic. and nothing can harm my real self. assumed and persisted in. it is invincible. But the valuation put upon your body or the inner self by your fears is Self-Valuation. betide. but I surely have the power. Our fears develop when we forget true self- hood.Fear Fifth Universe. will put your miserable fears to flight. secure in myself.

to swing yourself into new currents. innumerable are the ills which shadow your haunted life. the fear of baleful modern "occult" . but assist him in every consult a nerve-specialist all — way possible in the spirit of this book. but never permitted to cause suffering. it may be well abruptly to change your activities Very for a time. therefore. Vague Apprehenwhich it is It is a vague feeling of rather difficult to classify.1 66 The Culture Seventh of Courage. If your case is deep-seated and unyielding. sions. For in this condition you are ready for fail. give the matter no serious attention. and assume your friends to remain entirely loyal. it should be heeded. dread. and so. You fear work will sorts of additional fears. your plans will not succeed. soon the ghostly fear of something indefinable will fade away. but it sometimes appears If it assume the health to be good. Its very vagueness is its misery. thing. distinctness of a specific warning." You should. for example. your friends are forsaking you. proceed undisturbed in all your plans. The explanation of this abnormal state is the fact simply that you are really "out of condition. Or. it should be totally disregarded and persistently put out of mind. but go right on with the affairs of your career. It is when one supposes a stranger to normal health. its Its un- certainty of reference only enhances power. Prevention of suffering thus induced must be looked for in resolute turning of the mind to other matters which are of If it does not seem to warn of anyspecial interest. Now and as. having reference to what particular danger one Ignoring Remedy: There is a curious mood of fear cannot say. Eighth Remedy: Fortifying Against the Occult. then a soul manages to create a new fear.

and to endeavor every way to cultivate an abiding sense of personal assurance and masterhood. that which makes for the establishment of a permanent inner feeling. of personal ability to danger and to banish from thought all The goal is not so fancied possibilities of clanger. to all the issues of life. can injure any person who "Were this resolutely living the harmonious life. 167 The study light. This chapter has suggested a few remedies for certain kinds of fear. of Things. The remedy is for such fear of will. a law more than the standing ground of Atlas that no occult power. there- remember the real goal. then. the reign of lav/ would be widespread chaos. "uncanny" things. You are urged. the confident the harmonious inner sociation with the good. much facility in conforming to directions of a specific real nature. face all become habitual. is not so. sometimes an acquired factor in our life. but these remedies are subsidiary to the one effort.Fear forces. in man or devil. . as the developed consciousness of power and in courage for fore. you must assume it. To acquire such a value. The feeling of courage is sometimes an inheritance. the true life. and then "make good" by everlasting conduct conforming to the assumption. of human realities It should guide is into solid the not in shadows. and asand the beautiful in the seen and the unseen worlds.

surcharged with the truth: are. And the man. flight. and precipitated And sped through forests and steep hills Intent on a death. Whether man the giant or woman the beautiful. FACES. Power in Brotherhood. Stricken with terror. who fears no single. To disillusion the multitude." life Under new Help i' the skies. plunged on for his life Into the years and into the centuries. But so. panting desperate. Shall the shadow of panic with savages Nevermore fade from the earth? Must the brave. as ye Courage and So dies fear! So smiles the old-time ravening herd Back at your hand and word. To divide it down to the ne'er-feared single life. dreamlike vision Of the multitude lusting for slaughter? This is the mystery of the survival of impressions. Forever shudder in the lingering. pursued. lose out of heart the fear. an am. — The Author. To bless with good resolve the whole mankind By the white shall shall Thus Thus you you And 'I rise. That the mingling of five-score harmless units Creates a fear where no fear was. runs he yet.THE MASSING OF A HUNDRED The massing of a hundred faces Awakens long-dead fears that fled. the many or few. When the many against the one Fierce glared. and muttered. . But this also the greater task: To well-wish every man and woman in the crowd. this be your task. task. And so. honest soul. then: To banish the shadow of old days. and the actual service. lose out of eye the mass. head-lost. In the barbarous days of old.

and he acted accordLater. "You take notice either of the sweat of him who praises you or of the desire of the suppliant. the "Samkhya. which fold end. and forthwith began to conduct himself as the son Thus is illustrated the transforming power of the king. India. or wild man of the woods. ingly. The Infinite Infinite Our Background. Then the young man banished from mind the idea of his Sabaralife. must be banished and sub- by a better thought. Timidity." Buddha. your personal reality and the actual relations you sustain to the Universe in which we live. During it his minority the young man believed himself a Sabara. but now hold it in thoroughly. The stituted timid. I is obsessed by an idea. bashful person or a brood of ideas." has a parable entitled "As in the Case of the Son of a King. One form is that of Nature or . was discovered to him by one he was a prince. however. I shall — who holds the hook APILA'S Indian System." Hymn to the Storm Gods. In order to that twowant to indicate to you.— CHAPTER The Fears of VIII. as the rider holds in the furious elephant. of the king's ministers that of thought." in which a young prince was taken from his capital and brought up by a Sahara. in two forms and Eternal Reality has manifested itself at least. whoever you may chance to be. "This mind of mine went formerly wandering as it liked.

man is held to be in some sense an "image" of the spirit. the InfiThe self seems to disappear in the Greater nite. is seen to be a theatre The self of in which the soul comes to development. As a personal manifest of the the human spirit the Eternal Personal Reality." but is personal. and thus having the consciousness. that it is no mere "wild man of the woods.170 The Culture of Courage. a permanent personality. superior to Nature because Nature. must be fathomless. so far You as our fundamental human nature is concerned. as a human personality like all others." A second form in which Infinite and Eternal Reality manifests sonality. so to speak. The Infinite wells up. though a complex Thought of the Infinite. "Upholding all things by the word of his power. now. grasped. in man's right Each of us becomes. as The human Infinite Personality. The Christian Bible speaking of the creative Son. no matter how deeply we may penetrate into such inner activities. Infinite. the Universe. itself is that of finite per- one phase of such. own real you are a You are a son or a daughter of the Eter- . manifesting them. and imperiously insists. of an Infinite Thinker. therefore. for that reason. the sum-total of self. and. personal Thought-Action of the Greater Reality. having a destiny in your control of endless unfoldment because personality. He who pervades the Universe" "There is one eternal Thinker thinking non-eternal thoughts. — find yourself. it is backgrounds on When this thought is clear that consciousness. a manifest of the Infinite. the activities of the inner since. which I conceive as the complex Thought- System says. there is always the self below them. "He who is intelligence itself and subtler than the thread of the lotus-fibre." the Vedanta of India employs similar language in declaring. feels instinctively.

you discover the fact and proceed to use the power you think you rests on the it. to you. to assume that it is yours and use it freely as you require. in part. aggression. so your faith. through unfoldment. should you be timid? Why All Power and Truth I Now Possessed. 171 You are no Sahara. of Timidity. as the lotus we could but disThere is nothing of a non-physical nature (such alone we want) which you can ever do. that you may not do here and now provided. to bow down or tremble relationis before "kings. Infinite. It is there in fulness. is If you are fearful. so far as mere power is concerned. positiveharmony. but from the totality of yourself in its right attitude toward the Infinite and the Universe. This." ship to the Universe and its Your Creative Thinker royal and by the Universal Brotherhood conceded. This discovery and use come only of faith. be it noted. that is. who wells up in the normal conscious- commend all the power you will ever within you you now possess. We do not create power.The Fears nal. If you assume courage. Nile. that which if we already if possess. yielding. And the conscious self rests on the is. is the meaning of unfold- ness of right personality. unfold. For always you are your faith. con- fused. only cover all the power there — possess. Venturing to repeat a suggestion of the last chapter. we merely unroll. we do not develop new power. not from a single act of belief or trust. we possess. ness. negative. your faith is exactly equiv- . in connection with the preceding paragraph. discover and use. attain — — ment. that is. priests or gospelers. the proposition that if you background in the Infinite. and you need but to draw on the Infinite Fund.

you will become what you began with as assumption. "Why. new to us had we never known The . You have the feeling indicated by the words. you will be exactly what you insist you are. shrinking: that is always your assumption and confession. you say: this is so. not a Sabara to or tremble in the presence of every supposedly superior person. your faith and This is confidence will inevitably increase. and thus pos- who must bow down sessed tion now of all the will power you require. and it is more not of certain than the law of gravitation. Your faith is what your self is. but a son or daughter of the Infinite. become a greater self by assuming and insisting upon greater attitudes toward yourself as a manifest of the and acting accordingly. It I had know this truth always. — one Infinite. diffident. law. when you come is You seems as have always it. your assump- and attitude transform yourself. If. In all this process you are simply unfolding your ever-existing possession. seen to have come up from below Infinite.172 The Culture of Courage. (I am speaking of mere course. and your day of freedom will surely come. So long as you create fear-thought. thing or another — bashful.) When you has been discover a truth inherent in the nature of things. If you assume to be and try to carry out the assumption. a manifest of the Eternal. But the feeling is your own creation. It is precisely so with regard to truth. It ever so. to think of spirit Es- sential truth wrapped up in the human is because it is the human spirit is the Infinite welling up in the finite personality. on the other hand. You are timid. You mayalent. retiring. you assume yourself to be." known that truth. if fact. a manifest of the ever look No which is essential truth would in that self error. When such a truth discovered.

Any human is the truth so far as he acquires truth-consciousness through harmony with the is This discovery of essential truth. timid. I reply that I suspicion and sensitiveness most acute. and able to say am yet now that so far as I know. Some them out. 173 self-dis- Man of Galilee exhibited no surprise at any Always had the truth been his.The Fears of Timidity. then. " Arise. beginning with stammering timidity. you have your reward. Be w orth while in your own thought. theless. but a different matter to carry Let the retort stand as correct. and that you now own all the power you need. If you assume that you of its rightful you "batten down the hatch" the soul. It is yours to see that you possess the same nature of soul that others possess. then you will be worth while in ing self-discovery. self. take up thy bed and walk." of my readers will retort: "It is easy to write such suggestions. because regard this as but one of the virtues and not the most important in . and without I wishing to pose for courage. I say to you. covery or at any discovery in Nature. the unfoldment of the are mentally inferior. in part. again. Why should you belittle yourself. Neverhave myself fought this battle out and won. and forbid consciousness freedom. and prevent those up-comings which are discoveries and unfoldments and so compel yourself to remain shut-in. and that you now hold within all the personal truth of the Universe. and — creep through life a trembler? You are truth await- So long as you doubt and hesitate. So thoroughly was he in harmony with truth and the Infinite that he said: "I am the truth!" the Infinite." call on your self for its limitless possessions of truth and power. r the presence of others. fearful.

furnish the ground for fear's justifications as they are usually put forth. however. and so. indeed. The occasions in these cases are not wild beasts. Its occasions." of this The suggestions book are all born of my own life and in no instance manufactured for these pages except as genuine products of experience. all We have seen along. That they do not justify.174 life. that moment we must discover that the justification of fear as normal because it tends to self-preservation. there . fierce humans. or earth or "hell. does anything for may best. justification for timidity With such conceptions of our human personality would seem to be impossible. not do is totally false. That fears are backed by all sorts of occasions which develop excuses. an addition never necessary and always harmful. dreadful While. Timidity Without Justification. bashfulness. sensitiveness. seem to be legion. I The Culture of Courage. These. and the like. that the confusion of the fear-feeling with the action of instinct and of reason leads to a perfectly false justification of fear. But there is no good excuse for timidity. You can never justify fear for it is the reason that strain unnecessary and is harmful at the When you banish fear. moreover. No fear man which either instinct or reason without it. is evident and conceded. is no justification of the fear-feeling which will bear examination. its excuses. you get rid of a nervous which instinct and reason never induce. I have endeavored to show. plenty of legitimate excuses for fear are easily brought forward. do not indulge the fear-feeling for anything sus- pected in heaven. The moment we perceive that so-called normal fear is an addition to instinct or reason.

and the timid person must face it as it is. This is the Except as just hinted. There are two kinds of human nature. and an imputation upon the All-Good that theology which regards man as "naturally sinful" and selfish. an analysis of the matter may suggest that timidity's timidness has only half its apparent justification. truth. Their trouble. I do not seek to bolster a theory regardless nor of facts. And that remedy inin his fellows. 175 storms. Natural man. is all good in the sense that he contains and partially realizes the I reject as false . am I indifferent to the sufferings of it is people who are timid. created in the "image" of his Maker. Nevertheless. — all occasion for timidity and kindred characteristics in the adult life lie wholly within the individual who manifests them. and hold that "sinful" and selfish man is really the unnatural man. true. The bold and fortunate may not ignore their share in the remedy on the ground that every man's fears are The remedy lies partly with the timid. There are those to whom it to enjoy the signs of fear in others. uncontrollable natural forces. The occasions now will at least. Now. not be found in the world outside of the self in any forms which may justify the fears. no less a task than the cure of man's innate and brutal love of fear Unnatural Man Enjoys Fear. and the unnatural the natural. but his own. volves an immense task. must be met and conquered by personal effort.The Fears of Timidity. partly also with other classes. but there is something for other people to do in the matter as well. In our common thought we make the natural the unnatural. the natural and the unnatural. seems entirely natural Tins fact does not appear to indicate encouragement for timid souls.

cringing and Some bishops. ecclesiastics are sometimes so saturated with a feeling of condescending greatness as to be totally unconscious of their immense folly and selfishness. of position." and they rob others of the inalienable right to comfort and peace of soul which normally belongs to every son of the Infinite. resolutely eliminating from your relations with others all similar folly and remedy. We may divide the people great. Unnatural man is unnatural man to be selfish. for whom we and all meet into the true and the the rest for the other class. scholars. either of person. You . social queens and selves. and to insist in your thought upon your own superiority to the latter. It is natural for these things. of wealth. Not always. or any social preeminence. magnates and timidity in others. Exactly at this point. These things are but little bits of folk emphasize what lies on the outside of personality. what we may Aristotle call The second class exhibit Megalopsukia. misusing a word from which means " high-mindedness. But your really superior person never emphasizes his wealth. and to relish deference. his learning. or of culture. it must be conceded. Genuine people make you because if it is possible at ease in their presence incidents in true Only — — they never think of their presence. But the true natural man abhors all unfoldment. The first class never nurse their conscious superiority. are they aware of themFinancial kings. "queens" exhibit this hideous failing whenever they pose in public. possibilities of ideal the disorder of natural man.176 The Culture of Courage. appears a part of your are urged to divide your acquaintances and genuine men and women and the silly into the true and robber-class." making it signify the "swell-head. his office. Why should he? living. then. one class.

and the comfortable speech of familiarity. . come to freedom with the only kind of people who are at all worth your thought. and then I learned to laugh myself into good courage. in part. of one blood. agreement amid differences. With unpretentious humanity you have little if you will assume the attitude indicated toward the "consciously superior" variety. There is a task. A reason- — interests. One earth-family. you will and measurably overcome your timidity with this class. one possible destiny. as a matter of course. legislation forbidding human and sermons against nursed superiority and brutal selfishness. but in time I discovered their unnatural humanity and their sanctified enjoyment of deference and "modesty" in others. the amicable adjustment of difficulties. should not need the introduction as a law. of Timidity. community of some similarity of tastes and beliefs. 177 trouble. and so much. destroying the occasion for timidity. As an example. thus. for the "superior" folk in this matter. able family represents oneness of blood. Neither excuse nor ground can be made out for any enjoj'ment of fear in other people. one hurt. We are all of one family the human brotherhood. and that this ideal can be gained only through right living — — living at the best possible of the white life. I may say that I was form- by erly distressed by timidity in the presence of certain magnates who condescended to urbanity and brotherhood. one home. Since it does seem to demand these things.The Fears cruelty. exit. timid people must have recourse to a just estimate of those who insist upon their false worth. friendliness. however. and call them what they are silly and selfish specimens of the genus homo. In the meantime it should be remembered that unnatural man needs naturalizing.

— thus makes love of fear a hideous possibility. The moment you do that. insist that the right may nevertheless call any human being inferior. This squaring process levels humanity. does If By you so much as life becomes life right. because genuine people are never fearful and the other class are not worth a moment's pain. All Timidity all is Self-Sustained. The world distinctly demands that a man's religion. These considerations. and so cause people to be timid in your presence. however. No one who finely. by much brotherhood obtain. you are out of harmony. and no one so living has justifiable occasion for timidity in the presence of anything human. is Man-fear the product of centuries of wrong beings. or theory of life shall square at top and bottom: the thought held about any man or woman thoroughly consistent with the loftiest ideas we know. and either your higher feeling or your sense of superiority dies in your soul.178 The Culture of Courage. but Wrong living throws the square out of true and up. think If you and your little office. of course. no matter what your profession of much of your little self greatness living may be. The Secret of Fear and its Love is Wrong so Living. you are wrong at heart. try it at the instant you lift your thought whether Ra. It is somewhere among human life the wrong really of ages that has made man a tryant and a coward. is living the harmonous life. but as a matter of superior feeling on your part. theoretically and practically. as a matter of mere judgment. suggest that after the practical occasion for timidity obtains within . not. or Father. or Jehovah. not down. or to your God All-Good. or philosophy. and need inspire fear in others. or the Infinite.

and you have always acted on precisely that assumption. then and ten thousand times since. "If the world would and women would only run after . to think and feel timidity instantly in certain presences. to banish the thought and to act the part of courage. it's in the blood. and if men means. If you to it.The Fears the self. and conduct corresponds. Thus the thought is now habitual. Do you know what "trying a thing" means? It means doing the thing. "I have tried all my life to habit. but I have failed. Thus we come to our particular remedies. that you have made an inherited tendency a personal And if you say." and yielded thereto. One failing on the part of timid people consists in If regarding the faults of others as excuses for fear." the answer is. it was my father's great difficulty. Had you not at some time in the past thought or felt "shrinking. in their you would not be timid often your thought. "I was always thus. You have developed fear-tendencies in your nervous system by entertaining the thought and surrendering Your timidity is a habit self-induced. You have educated your mind exactly what you are. You have established your soul in timidity by your own thought and conduct. 179 The trouble is purely a personal habit. overcome this difficulty. Such is but reform. human beings were not so cold and hard and distant. It presence. of Timidity. or you have not really tried. In some way you have gotten the thought into your mind that you are timid. you would not now be timid in the presence You have trained yourself to be of mere people." then you have proceeded along wrong lines or with imperfect methods. All Remedies Self-Applied. and have always immediately yielded to such impulses. say. nevertheless.

you alone must take care of the matter. nor will many busy people take the pains to adjust themselves to your unnecessary shrinking. The world will not reform in your lifetime." a habit of courage will in time possess and dominate your entire being. In no one inheres the right to inspire fear in others.180 The Culture of Courage. remembering that time and persistence of your life. to insist upon yourself as alone your fountain of power. the master of all fears all cures for known to man. for he has stolen a prerogative which does not belong to or God. clean free from fear of . then. therefore. long-used garment. the is infallible — your outcome distress happy freedom from the Kindly observe. except in the case of wrong-doing. You are urged. If you will thus begin. Whoever claims or exercises the ability or right to inspire fear. The trouble is your own. Methods which are to succeed must be self-applied. and fear will slip from your soul like a hated. To every person the nature of things grants the inalienable right of perfect fearlessness so long as life har- monizes with the laws of individual uprightness. If man you will repeatedly and persistently suggest to yourself this law: "It is my inalienable right to be man. then the my timidity would not appear. me. assure you ultimate victory. patient- ly applying the remedies here suggested. and handle occasion for for the me as though I were an infant. wrongdoing alone excepted." But this attitude looks remedy in an impossibility. and I would be as bold as anyone. the following suggestions. labels himself a robber. Remedies for the Fears of Timidity. First Remedy: Asserting the Right to Courage. The real remedy lies with yourself.

let equality with others. The cure of man-fear involves the cultivation of the self in every possible way. Second Remedy: ness. Cultivating Unselfishness. and you will thus acquire a feeling of reasonable The unfoldment of the soul. of things imperatively Third Remedy: Unfolding the Self. whatever that cost may be. Not being unselfish yourself. Inasmuch as the first part of the and abidremedy will not soon be effected. — strong. it is The school educates no one. because. This remedy involves the elimination from yourself and the anyone in the second rest of mankind. you belong to that second half. together with the development. will-poised. and you must wholly deduct your The world is divisible into — life of all selfish- If you fear contribution to the fear-causes of life. does not depend upon the train- By so much as ing of the schools alone. each individual must look to himself alone for that sovereign spirit of courage which is the absolute right of every human being. and by unwearied persistence. 181 may certainly require a large expenditure of will-power thrown into very considerable and patient effort. . you seek self-unfoldment you will become conscious of your possessions and of power. in the view of every other person. merely a field in which self-education may be Moreover. an immense amount of instruccarried on. it now be understood. you have no right to complain when others inspire fear in your soul by their selfishness. while this culture is obtaining. of the courage-habit ing. The nature life that illustration of the requires in your Golden Rule which alone can impart to the dead unquestioned sanctity. half. you must banish selfishness and cultivate altruism. but the glory of freedom will outweigh all the cost.The Fears The goal of Timidity.

These proposimatters. demands excuses are entirely invalid. but certain propositions will now be advanced which will suffice to set any earnest mind on what I believe to be the right track. Second portant Proposition: four supremely fields of human investigation are — the imSelf. and comes any life. For this work does not necessarily require books and freedom from confining labor. scious tions. The college graduate seldom knows the huge realities of himself and the nature of things. but may be conducted during various occupations and under all The methods involved in such sorts of conditions. given for such neglect are usually lack of time and the deeper but in almost all cases the There are very few people indeed who may not seize a little time each day for splendid unfoldment of the soul. For this reason. for there is I speak of the subcon- and the conscious merely as convenient indicaself is one self only. This university of the open to all. personal education can. persistence and hard work as prerequisites to all promotion. be only indicated at the present time. open as the school is to all. but it demands fidelity. of course.1 32 The Culture of Courage. self the subconscious the unseen worlds of existence. self- First Proposition: You can The gain time for culture if you persistently determine that you will. . tions are true and they are practicable as inspirations. the majority The excuses of people ignore its mighty opportunities. if only resolution were capable of slighting innumerable unimportant of the physical life. tion given in the schools to nothing of value in is sheer tomfoolery. because offer rational it has never occurred to his instructors either to suggest these great realities or to The true unimaking up into versity of man is the conscious personality and interpreting the seen and methods for their study.

Neither the outer world nor the inner self is more or less open than the other to the searching of the self. No may be tolerIf you will devote a year to the ated in this study. or that the Universe is greater or more mysterious than the self. getting at some of the facts. etc.. Non- material Worlds. He who determines on knowown nature must proceed with two methods — Observation for Discovery of the Facts. and Interpre- Understanding of their Significance. both realms are objective to the investigator's self.The Fears of Timidity. 183 the Nature of Things in the Material and the the Infinite. As studies.. investigation of your self. discovering what those facts mean. Fifth Proposition: in character with the The study of the nature of is things in the Seen and the Unseen Worlds identical study of the self. and Third Proposition: Fourth Proposition: ing his The Art of all Arts is the Art of Successful Self-Handling for all Legitimate Purposes. etc. There comes a time in the self-unfoldment when it can no longer be said that the self is closer or more familiar to self than is the Universe in which it lives. you will as certainly develop a sense of power as you will live. . In this work such questions will be helpful as: What am I? What What is matter? What is personality? is bod}''? tation for prejudice for or against fact or meaning What What is soul? What is mind? What is the will? are the main laws of my being? Wherein does my my nature differ from that of other people? What I is character? What is is right living? Am living rightly? What the law of mind's power over matter? What are my talents? My weaknesses? develop and successfully use correct my powers? How may How may I I my faults? etc. the Right Relations of Persons.

and as you know them they are you. or. but the self then seems to embrace the Universe and the Thus. etc. are your are some of the right for disturbing causes . You. nation? What are the fundamental laws of human harmony or balance? What are the basic causes of disturbance of harmonious equilibrium among men? removing the What methods and restoring harmony? Do I exhibit the virtues and habits that make for human welfare? Are my relations to others right? Etc. and he now ask. church. company. and therein alone. in your self. the suggestions of the preceding paragraphs. as — we may alone lives rightly who. Seventh Proposition: The Infinite resides in man. while innumerable things actuexist. This does not mean that you alone It means that.. etc. What is Reality? examples of study Truth? Law? Force? Power? Unfoldment? Agency? Achievement? Harmony? Beauty? Life? Love? How came the world? What does it mean? What is my place in time and space? What are Time and Space? Cause? Character? Government? Etc. it is not the Infinite Thinker.184 The Culture of Courage. to- Our questions here are: fellows so far as they are right? Do I Do balance I my I contribute toward the realization of their right relations? Do mean ness. etc. in finite personality. state. and the Infinite can only be found by the individual within his own soul or self. following Universe seems to abide in the self. equilibrium in the home. community. would justify the Universe and hold gether. The truth is: you are all right things you know about.. school. you find them only through your self. if left the sole individual in the it Universe.. place of busilodge. for Nature is Thought. in that sense. Sixth Proposition: All right life is balance. ally exist besides yourself. therefore. and.

cause. on the contrary. your religion. power. but within. work. are. If your thought of self is cowardly. you are precisely so. If your Unseen-Universe-Thought is poverty-stricken. method. you are poverty-stricken. thought-Unseen. but within you. Your Nature-world is not yonder. Your Man-world is not yonder. Thus it is in every direction. space. If your Man-Thought is small. but within. law. If your God-Thought is half devil. And always it is The Infinite discovered in self which adds splendor to existence and makes the All-Good adorable. A great soul self you are if only j^ou discover the need not bemoan any lack of time or school or opportunity for unfoldment. 185 own courage. yourself. you are a failure. or weak. I have indulged in these large sentences because I have desired to stimulate you to "sit up and take notice. effect. you make your realms of thought. But if.The Fears of Timidity. then. or blurred. time. Whatever. Your God is not yonder. the kingdoms of the unseen. destiny. so far as you know about these All you know of such realities is your own realities. truth. Your Unseen-Universe-Thought-world is not yonder. that }-ou If your thought of self is little. you are the world of Nature. you are small. but within. you are little. you are cowardly. your thought-Self. thought-God is in each case great and marvelous and infinitely worth while. law. All the time there is belongs to you. If your thought of life is pessimistic. thought-Nature. thought. faith. and thus it ever will be. your philosophy. The realms of vital reality That great and beauty are all yours if you will but resolve . you are your Universe. your creator of a God." fact. then you are great and marvelous and infinitely worth while. and the greatest university on earth is your self.

it steadfastly wills the reform-desire and with "shut teeth" "This suffering cannot be helped.1 86 The Culture their acquisition. But some of you will brace to the purse. It is at The soul then it begins to suffer. the Here lies the secret of failure in reform of self — want of adequate desire. ignorant. from life Men are unable. and the fails. suspicious. and the effort is notched one key vigorously in consciousness. then it desires relief from suffering more than it desires victory. But the reality of desire is not measured by a mere thought: it means willingness to suffer the pangs of the self brought into unaccustomed and right lines of living. All the power any man needs (outside of hospital patients). of liberty. that man already possesses if only he really desires to use his power. If. — "All things are j^ours. old way. resolves. sensitive. and to such valiant souls I say. and this soul does and shall consent to pay the whole price of freedom!" then strength creeps in. it is the price says. of Courage. but sure. a laggard. for an eternity. said. . There it is is a large amount of jelly-philosophy current about the weakness of the human will. poverty-stricken in mind and Of course." Fourth Remedy: Developing Desire For Courage. upon suggestions. I have merely offered a few and yet here you have presented work for Some of you will aye. timid. task of self-culture possible to all and the unfoldment of power and courage. he can certainly attain it. to omit whiskey because they lack the necessary power of will. to whine for relief. then it Given the wrong balance of desire. when it begins to suffer and failure is inevitable. If one wants a thing enough to will to suffer what its gain costs in his particular case. This is not true. a lifetime smile and go on in the old. precisely this point that lack of will appears.

determine to if thousand years if necessary. is you it are yourself everlasting. It is the fundamental element in auto-sugare You therefore life invited to make your that these entire thought and a suggestion to self directions faithfully carried out will infallibly eliminate from your nature the feeling of timidity and its accompanying distress. a large element in every question of this Your ability to conquer any evil is simply your is ability to pay the suffer-price involved. Nevertheless. Fifth Remedy: Faith in the Present Effort. and then Others put "bite" — . for will. will-problems." Real of confident action toward a goal. you But let be remembered that mere resolution real determination. is of Timidity. gestion. persevere —a You should. together with resolute contact with all sorts of people in unusual conditions of your life. The practical method therefor is the daily affirmation. is one of the mightiest powers in this world. 187 done. Faith conceived as the affirmatively expectant attitude of the whole self. "I have boundless faith in the instructions Culture of Courage. I This general truth. time and labor required in the application of the detail methods indicated. It concede. does not solve all would seem that some people are consent to suffering. therefore.The Fears higher. really unable to the truth kind. Faith faith is without works is merely a "say-so. The continuaand power tion of such action measures the kind faith supposed. only one-half of Some people resolve resolve. is In the case of timidity the suffer-price the inconvenience. Repeat the process long enough.' " Sixth Remedy: Determination Not of ' to Give Up. never achieving victory. and the thing there is no other outcome.

at least so investigating. unknown to him. and do not seem The only cure for resolution is to is determination. Even if you must begin with more or less bluster in order to maintain the feeling by some outward manifestation. do not will fear that others discover your effort. "I am going to overcome. for determination resolved upon. hand once for all. declare: "I am overcoming! The thing is now being accomplished! The matter in hand is mastered!" This may seem a trifle false. therefore. and hence that of courage. and a good deal of it. Eighth Remedy: Creating the Mood of Courage. but it is more than a trifle true if you When a man swears the needed thing really mean it. working part of your life. A valiant will always acts on a short lever! You should. may be initiated or assumed. . into the matter in know how to let go. method for creating the mood of courage is simple: put your mind in the attitude of fearlessness by incessantly thinking. now. just doing the thing Seventh Remedy: Assuming the Thing Now The soul which says. for people are not nearly so keen of insight. too far into the future. it is by so much already done in his will. as you might In time the difficulty which you are fighting suppose. In order to develop a general background of right mentality." will very likely fail. "I fear nothing. The leverage runs Accomplished. is accomplished in the concrete.i88 The Culture of Courage." and go on to act in conduct as though you were naturally possessed of indomitable courage. and the assumption may be gradually transformed The into a real element of the individual character. you are now invited to summon and main- Courage should be made a tain the mood of courage. Any personal mood.

that of us relish sort of thing None is out of all walking about "on eggs. The method for banishment of this distressful feeling consists in forcing a better personal sense and a better thought. concerned. You may say.The Fears will If of Timidity. but in the end it means killing worry outright. in your case. and. and I simply accept the fact and make the most of it. Building the Ideal Without Worry-brooding merely develops more worry. Those whom you meet are compelled perpetually to adjust themselves toyour case. 189 tone down any undue expression of your courage. you begin with bluster and continue with persistency. practising instant refusal to worry. tience This method requires considerable pa- and persistence. Souls that are healthy all round never worry. more timidity as well. the goal of freedom should constantly be idealized and held in view as an unceasingly attractive prize which you surely will win. and yet not be offensively bold. and appre- hension thereof you should now once for all put entirely out of mind. under any circumstance. you will overcome shyness. I do not worry about my timidity. it is my nature. bashfulness. to be inconvenientl}' careful about your feelings. reason. which may be accomplished by Ninth Remedy: Worry. that will And so far as boldness is never be your trouble. at any provocation. I should almost advise you to wony. perhaps: "Why. In the meantime. to entertain that condition of mind. because the diffident person distresses other people while remaining a mere fraction of a human being." You really have no right to make such demands upon . Now. and to put themselves out in various ways in order to avoid hurting you. timidity. Such a state of mind is a perfect hot-house for the unfoldment of a thousand ills." In that case.

by putting it instantly away whenever it arises in consciousness and immediately thinking of some agree- going. then. the remedy does not involve thought in the nature of worry. Nevertheless. common good nature. You are urged to dismiss from all thought the notion of your shrinking disposition. You will find it helpful in this effort to imagine yourself as carrying on a lively conversation with some person in whose presence you are usually timid and as being consciously on a level . for fussing. in a word. one must always do a great deal of social they must be introduced. sensitive class. but different able subject suggestive of courage.190 The Culture of Courage. effort looking If you you ought are of this tender. to brace to a little of unselfishness toward a measure on your own part. and of the idea as wholly free from all thought of worry or personal disIn other words. courage-mood of every atom of worry or doubt by maintaining constantly the ideal in mind of yourself perfectly self-possessed among all classes of people and under any conceivable circumstance! Tenth Remedy: Disposition. you are urged to strip the tress. must be looked up and dragged out of holes into which they have crawled. thinking so. be nursed and coddled until one might almost wish they would form a society of diffidence whom and herd all together. of ability always of entire ability to do now in exercise. must. You should therefore take your own case in hand for the sake of relieving other people I know several timid souls of unnecessary trouble. but rather the determination to take a stand among people as able to care for self in all social relations. Dismission is of the Shrinking This "remedy very similar to the fore- is given because it may suggest a somewhat phase of the work.

and the like. effects follow lips tremble. which may consume months. self-forgetfulness. all such manifestations by a is. I may in other cases only accentuate the suggest a better method. 191 and entirely at ease. You are abnormally self- conscious in the presence of others. But in view of the fact that such an effort trouble. ignorant. selfish. lies in Forgetting Self. for the conscious of moment one becomes creases. being handsome. well-informed. self. friendly.The Fears with such person of Timidity. shrinking. resolute bracing of the self against them — that in some cases. I might. being superior. at least an ad- ditional one. indeed. advise low. are timid. when one is unconscious of timidity and its distress must necessarily vanish. diffidence. The secret of timidity. blustering. Eleventh Remedy: like. therein- suppression of these physical signs. when or. the auto-suggestion of and the perpetual and pro- nounced self-consciousness. It is. being awkward. helpful to force down. the breath is is unnatural. which consists in acquiring the art of since. bashfulness. you are urged to engage in conversa- . and so on. them timidity Fear feeds on bodily expression. In order to this diminution of awareness of you should those with as practise trying to place your thoughts on whom you homely. — but never as — so that you cease to think of yourself as will tend and have only such thoughts about others to eliminate occasion for timidity when with them.. During the continuation of this regime. This regime is and should be persistently practised for a period long enough to make such imaginary states of the self habituated and usual. agreeable. so to speak. self. conceited. the voice fore. as in their presence. and certain physical which in turn react upon the mind: the the hands are in the way. etc. of great value.

to be yet himself conduct or contact with them. will prove of a two-fold interest helpful. By so much will you cease thinking of yourself. and you will become interested in the conversation yourself. again. of your gestures. you need to "get out of yourself. is nevertheless and If this is naturally the centre of feeling and thought. main principle suggested in this remedy is the law that timidity is lost in self-forgetfulness. succeed in forgetting self. are nervous. it will be well to attract cultivate indifference as to whether or not you . In connection with this. of what others may be thinking or saying about you. Such an one does not mean. tion with the people with whom you always seeking to bring the matter around to some In so doing. then." to You are urged. Twelfth Remedy: Maintaining the Attitude of One characteristic of the timid perthe self-centre. and any method which involves that principle. should will tend to wear away. selfish. External Interest. but in what others are saying and doing. to become interested. shift the main point of interest. not necessarily in others as a matter of theory or concession. now. and thus. your trouble.192 The Culture of Courage. chance to be out of the question. whether those above given or such as you may yourself devise. both in your thought and in your son is perhaps. field in which you are especially at home. you will obtain a double result: you will interest your hearer because you know your subject and can give him information unfamiliar to him. warmth and thus in the your self-consciousness If conversation. you can at least concentrate your powers on the task of pleasing the other The person. It will assist you in this effort to maintain in the presence of others the attitude of external interest. of your manners.

real interest springing up. but since there is none. It is exactly in point that Archbishop Whateley. as will be seen in the following remarks: "Why should I endure this torment all my life to no purpose? I would bear it still if there were any success to be hoped for. of not an ideal for the common but it is a it necessity in the case of the timid person because it. is inspire. diffidence and awkwardness which appear to be exceedingly stubborn in refusing to yield to selfdiscipline." Then his shyness disappeared. life. and failed. finally discovered for himself the secret of freedom from embarrassment. But Hawthorne was more or less recluse. because he thought no more about the matter than a bear would have thought. braces him against his fault and helps him to overcome If you will begin the work by assuming the external signs of interest in thoughts and doings not your own. There Some of our greatest souls are thus handi- capped through life. for I all ward as a bear my life. Nathaniel Hawthorne was never able to overcome shyness and consciousness of his own manners. to decrease in your be sure. I will die quietly without taking any more doses. in it spite of it. Afterwards he wrote: "I succeeded beyond my expectations. in the meantime the self-consciousness of timidity life. you will will find something of and. . and find that I must be as awkI will endeavor and make up my mind to endure what can't be cured. or as to any sort of opinion you may or may not course. Such indifference. certain constitutional phases of shyness. and who shall say that his efforts for mastery in this matter were really intelligent and persistent.The Fears of Timidity. I have tried my very utmost. 193 or please people in general. to think as little about as a bear. by so much are. who tried imitation of others.

As a matter of fact. urged to seek opportunities for as often as possible. And when the •' yours.194 The Culture of Courage. acquire confidence Not in ten centuries will you by herding with timid folk. really felt. . up the is retired corners. and you may. Those whom will meet will always be glad to receive your advance if they are worth while. The selfpossessed people fell into groups here and there. with every Immediately segregation began. the timid man's suggestion about "forwardness" is merely his excuse for remaining timid." but forwardness is always a small vice at the worst. If you have that virtue "down fine." organized a men's club "for the sake of the other Here gathered scholars and "carriage men." men and odd-job men. refusing meeting people of opportunity or is all sorts. I man. . and therefore giving expression to that good will towards men which I . and these. not only got rid of the personal suffering of shyness. for the sake of getting used to the idea and the act of making the advance. and the timid kind unerringly got together and hunted successful business other sort. but also of most of those faults of manner which consciousness produces. You are. This method may seem very "forward. you are urged to "go half-way" more in the meeting." and life will bear a better balance. So fine a degree of modesty amounts to nothing in your case." Thirteenth Remedy: Meeting People Half-Way. There but one thing for the timid to do: elbow their way to the other variety of human nature and get used to the feeling of being there. therefore. I believe. to yield to your shrinking impulses. by the . which you means. a contribution toward your cure." you have the vice of up diffidence " up large. are the main points. and in the timid person it will prove a pronounced virtue.

You can think of as honest. One said to me: "When I first met you. begins in some degree to be interested and by so much to forget one's self. others may or do think illy of you." of you. 195 very determination of making the advance. and. "pegging away" at my life's work. The moment one begins tain agreeable thoughts concerning his fellows. you will see that the person who does not meet you in a friendly worth anybody's while. Fourteenth Remedy: Curing Fear of Criticism. It 's different now. of the other class all — not at way is precisely in other words. that you are already thinking ill of other people. Although you may not have analyzed the trouble. diffidence. You it is as You need not imagine that they admire you. You meet men and women. come finally to a beautiful indifference in regard to those who are not worth while. and immedithem that they are ately entertain the poor opinion of thinking poorly of yourself. Let no man suffer fools to upset his peace of mind. hence. of assuming that they think well of you. Indeed.The Fears of Timidity. I was afraid But I had not changed. in your unconscious self you are afraid that But this means. of others. sincere. enough that you cease judging them in advance unkind critics of their fellows. them kindly disposed. awkwardness. He saw at last how •for I was merely groundless his timidity had been an ordinary human being. Timidity. And then timidity and embarrassment disappear. Doubtless there are those with whom you also — . that moment one in them. His former fear I laughed at. Fifteenth Remedy: Recalling Mistaken Fears. usually feed upon fears of possible unkind opinions beld by those one meets. This will to enter- infallibly help you. can lay aside this You can cultivate the habit of thinking well habit.

the average quality of human nature. You see that your timidity was a mistake and utterly useless. The timid person is almost invariably suspicious.196 are The Culture of Courage. if you will remember and always assume that you are indifference toward them. however. then. whom you are urged to thrust aside all suspicious feelings mere characteristic or habit because they are unworthy of you and will surely react in an evil way against you. of course. It is precisely so in every other case. You are there- fore urged to review errors of the past. The suspicious feeling telepathically suggests the superior to those with he comes in contact. as indicating a Seventeenth Remedy: in Ignoring Boors. There are those. of whom one can scarcely think well and in whose affairs only Against the coarse. open brutality of such people no regime is practicable. If best avoid this . who are not amenable to the laws of courtesy. save the cultivation of Timid souls would you must have dealings with them. above suggestions have so far as timidity total is concerned. or induces effort to be rid of that feeling. indifference seems to be your own only It will assist you in securing that attitude recourse. and so arouses what he fears. and thus creating occasion for his diffidence. saints can become interested. class. now at ease but whom you once feared. though frequently unaware of the fact. The mind. which state is For your own naturally connected with its cause. superiority and the revulsion against it. imagining all sorts of criticism and ridicule on the part of others. of course. upon himself. sake. your history and to profit by the Sixteenth Remedy: Scotching Suspicion. This condition of mind soul reacts. and thus causes in them a doubly disagreeable state.

Overestimation of self. We do not like him. One main factors in the cure of timidity consists in self. invenof values. but we all know his worth. He is courageous. is a comfortable feeling about one's that the genuine egotist ive variety. in- of good nerve-tone. tive. His egotism is an The world wants him.The Fears really their superiors of Timidity. is You observe of the assert- never shy if he to be He is not a coward. pressed. a creator He makes the world lively. for I am certainly your superior and have not the least occasion for being nervous in their presence. He gets on. inspiring. 197 and therefore have no occasion You need to develop a mood which will make you at ease with such people. sunshine with him. Every timid person who despises him might imitate his egotism with The egotist is the scared great advantage to himself. exactly as he is. and this you can do by asserting your willpower against your tendency to timidity and in favor of your superiority above them. A suggestive sentence would insist in this way: " I will not fear you. are preeminently worth while. self to does not is know how gloomy or de- incapable of laziness. carries He is alert. His mood." of the Eighteenth Remedy: Cultivating Egotism. things around. hopeful. not cured. but raw. if accompanied by great and well-directed will-power that he really . will not permit him- be a beggar. quick. his attitude toward himself and the whole earth as his own. man's very best example. cheerful. pays as he goes. easy in manner. asset. dustrious. for the reason something to think well of. He is thinks well of himself. never awkward or nervous. for he needs no cure. for timidity. curious. It is not worth while to underestimate the self. He is an incurable species of He He brings humanity.

and ambition. to a reasonable balance with your natural modesty. with con- sciousness. self-poise. of will. of thought. one who is determined to cure in himLife. you should conduct yourself exactly like a genuine egotist. it is harmony. A "new you will discover the room of the old timidity. That is peace. and browbeating your way through all opposition. to think well of yourself. This touch of as old as the race. therefore. inspiration. time. White Life. ceremonies or theological harmony is I do not refer to religious methods.198 The Culture is of Courage. with the well-wishing infinite System in which we live. ignoring all fear of criticism in others. and beautiful. and by seeking to develop them and to cultivate others In the meanas they are brought to your attention. of conduct. Nineteenth Remedy: In Touch with the White Above all. by enumerating frequently your pleasing traits and abilties. and it means courage. and It is the inner possession of the true. the latter growing less and the manner of egotism im- by parting to }rour inner self a better actual self-estimate. whether created by outside agencies or by your own inner In time your affected egotism will come experience. It is a sense of oneness with all that is good. of feeling. persistently suggesting to your deeper mind various good and admirable qualities which you possess. at least How can you expect others to think well of you when you depreciate your own value? You must improve your self-estimate some respect related to your timidity. self these varieties of fear must keep himself in touch birth" will take place: courage-soul in the with the Universal Goodness. . an inexhaustible source of energy and You You in are urged. ill are in the habit of thinking of yourself.

courage. will infallibly emerge a courage for people and events which will become to you as the breath of morning and the inspiration of a new disthings a white life — covery. of which think animal. life. goodness. if you have endeavored to observe the remedies given in this chapter. things coming toward you. you should go If this is at apart by yourself where quietness reigns. Then send out in thought upon the countless rays of light imagined intense and honest well-wishing to every existence. power. human. all save evil. . You will as certainly come to a larger life as the dawn will follow the night. but as forces raining into light. unseen not at all. 199 How may As frequently the touch of the White Life be secured? as may be convenient. think of in all yourself as living the white and resolve that you surely will become. and proceed to imagine innumerable light-rays pouring falling from every point of space in toward yourself.The Fears of Timidity. and in that larger life. is secured. any time impracticable. and shut yourself into yourself. quietly and incessantly upon your innermost self's Think of these light-rays not as unmeaning centre. you can shut the world away from thought. you — — When this feeling of receptivity life. Make this communion with the White Life a daily regime. beauty. Now think of your soul as the center of all existence.

and all worship sanctify. . — — — — * . and make their good thine own. "I am! I am Power!" Nathless in the impenetrable Holy Of unimpeachable motive. And. The Author. Fear not thy fellows: For some are slaves And some And some Selfish are ignorant are enemies — be — be — free. if Grief catch thee with another's hand. And some are false be model of a golden honesty And some are lovers love better. they seek to do thee hurt For what they misconceive as gain Be valiant. and teach and blind. Leap to thy centre-consciousness serene. and assist wise.- . FEAR NOT THY FELLOWS.

and subjectively in the psychic All signs — marks. pronounces the Arago. jB| b all its parts — UlaS To the Universe observed objectively we give the name. essentially the same in of the essence of Mind. If subjectively we give the the objective Universe is essentially Mind. mind-self. the human self the Mind-Universe objectively expressed as matter. matter. is conducted by which are susceptible of interpretation sal by knowing mind. lacks prudence. outside of pure mathematics. expression. it knows itself as psycho-physical. Both the UniverMind and the human mind-self can only know either mind and the self through the signs of mindactivities. is expressed Mind." — jgfpgjNE Universe there is. To the Universe observed the name. We Fear. the using of such interpretation in the interest of the completest personal being. or the like. is To factor. it knows If itself as mind only. traits. word impossible. Matter to itself.CHAPTER Some People IX. human self expresses in body. is then. . The discovery and interpretation of such signs bulks so large in the mental life that it has only one other rival. The self-mind existing and expressing mind. "The man who. in either case.

example. What exists we know of of these signs is simply our interpretation it is them: what we conclude they are and mean. Disregarding the body. so the world of things consists of signs which suggest or induce in us certain mental activities by way of interpretation. as expressed in external form. Signs. of knowing the external world.202 The Culture of Courage. does not go out to objects external. The Universe a System of The world we besides your self. for The successful human life. The world of objects and remains outside the knowing self. then. it is to be understood that nothing goes out of the self or into the self in the act stationary position. since that world is a vast and complex expression of mental reality. including all other humans constitutes. your mind. exists in the objects as signs which induce or suggest innumerable thoughts and feelings in the observer. live in. three questions: What are the facts about us the signs or realities as they actually are? What — attitude toward such signs or objects or facts their sure and meanings is best for individual welfare? How shall we successfully apply that attitude? Personal unfoldment consists in trying to answer these questions in such a practical way life. involves. In becoming acquainted with Nature. Nature is like a huge manuscript written by an Unseen Hand. your knowing self. while others appear to remain in a As the characters on a written page are signs which we have learned to understand. a vast and complex system of individual and more or less definitive signs. nor do the latter pass into the self. some of the letters of which move about from place to place. as to "make good" for the most truly successful % .

The word "force" for simply an idea. is or ever will know. Nature and Humanity are Movement-Signs. printed. 203 Let us now ask what these object-signs are in the world of Nature. of is some reality objectively The first sign a word. Nevertheless. as science informs us from its necessary point of view. The birth of chemistry confirmed these surmises. but the essence of the latter sign no one knows. than can motion. but no one has discovered the essence of what is called force. Matter — and it stands Force can no more be explained is also a sign. and mind to itself is essentially unknowable save as a system of activities. The world seems to consist.Some People We Fear. Force in itself is always an inference from observed activity. whatever its origin. but movement doubt. thought. one of the things hardest to be explained in the whole Universe. we all agree that the something actually exists. written. since the sign of mind-reality. we form some notions about the somethingsign. and led to the . Our first study concerns movement. is But the word "matter" merely a sign. began thousands of years ago to surmise that things which are apparently inert were nevertheless incessantly active. and force are inferences. of matter and force. the word-sign We understand the stands for the something-sign. is beyond The thinkers of the ages. for otherwise we should not have the word-sign and the thought-sign at all. for a certain other sign. discovering perfectly evident motion everywhere. word-sign. spoken. the external which also is to the human mind "matter itself" — none other than just a sign observed.

"Any mass of matter is x-molecules. which in turn consisted of atoms. that of all and the physical or what they are because of molecular activity.000 miles a second. the conclusion assumes two forms: that all On examination. modern of old is a scientific re-statement things involve absolutely- all ceaseless movement within themselves.000 miles to 90. while the atoms performed To-day such molesimilarly within the molecules. When we ask science what the corpuscles are. are forever bethings are coming and forever ceasing. incessant activity of "corpuscles. which Greek guessing. believe that the atom itself is an assemblage Yet here also. this conclusion the conclusion must be accepted. cules for and atoms are regarded as very "lumpish" affairs. a molecule is y-atom. Thus the world is material Nature and physical man simply a huge system of movement. and that the molecules were active or moved in grosser matter. the metaphysical. but only conditions and changes in the Universal Mind's Thoughts. things are in a state of flux. for the final constituents are forever engaged we now in of movement of inconceivable rapidity. it is seen that it is only true for science." prevails. chemical. For practical purposes. an atom is z-corpuscles surrounded by positive electric- . however. When we run down.204 The Culture conclusion. Matter and Ether. at the rate from 10. the smallest divisible particles of matter. that of Courage. since in a Universe which is essentially all mind there can really be neither space nor motion. one of the latest answers refers us to electricity. Formerly we were told that matter is composed of molecules. or among themselves.

we thought and the whole philosophy of life. Nothing man. If. And whatever may be said as to the nature of life. These movement-signs we investigate and interpret. exists save as it acts.Some People ity. so it would seem: a mode of motion within material molecules (since we know of it only in connection with matter). now. and with the interpretation. more or less permanent modes and the innumerable objects of Nature. it is. Nature. may be it as to the nature of conscious thought. then. 205 and a corpuscle consists of a unit of negative electricity. including is a vast complex of movements which. any material object is simply a kind of established motion of the ether within the ether. as observed by us. become movement-signs. are thus seen to be simply varieties or individual specimens of etheric movement. the original motionless ether can stir "neither hand nor foot" . as well. and motion the ether said within the ether (since molecules themselves are such modes of motion). since takes place within the material brain. it is also exactly this. with everything that exists. We Fear. corresponding in a way. The law of inertia forbids that we refer the origin of that motion to the ether itself. and it is action that constitutes things themselves. the human body is precisely the same. and thus build our varying. which is inconceivable under the law that a medium not in motion cannot begin motion without the agency of some external force. Whatever. consists of a certain definite number of established or of motion. for such reference would require that we conceive some original ether without motion. again. so far as concerns their material. precisely a mode of motion involving ether within ether." Matter.

a motion identical with that represented by molecular action in the brain. the exact kind of etheric ment involved in consciousness if moveand thought would resolve itself into not necessarily. gravitation. may stand for a very differ- Our personality involves innumerable etheric movements. but it cannot be set down. offhand as the same in origin and nature with the movements which constitute physical nature. are fundamentally activities of the ether within may be occurring laterally. or heat. moved upon by reality apart from itself. etc. matter or life is always associated with life. or in rings. the specific character motion of that may differ from other forms of motion. and that of these movements some are . so that it movements which take place all such movements itself. The well. is equivalent to are expresit is saying that because houses are associated with men. a the character of in itself. matter is life. Even be indeed a mode of motion. or in undulations. in affirming of only: human personality consists a complex system of activities or within the material body.206 until if life The Culture of Courage. though associated with the other. simply because we do not know. But we may say. that life. We may not affirm that movement within ether. or houses are men. therefore. emerges in motion of the ether with- Similarly. conclusion may be true. is identical with molecumovement within the ether. for the one movement.. even we knew it. whatever a lar action. We that the are justified. life. say. and the reverse may be true as Your Self and the Ether. men are houses. it. is an expression of matter. To say that because ent reality. or men sions of houses. but not demanded by the association.

the physical. bones. some by life acting in the body-realm. Your personal sphere of unseen activities is larger than the bodily outlines. the circulatory system. in which the physical and psychic factors play mutual parts. complex of motions beyond its constituent ether. the activities involving the ether are more or less regular. it dominates more or less. some movements which you originate running "the diameter of the Universe. in straight lines. and so on.. and ought to dominate entirely. as. within a comparatively small area. so may we think of human beings as moving systems or centres of activity occurring in the ether and capable of voluntary transfer therein. and all springing up throughout really involves a the physical structure incessantly during life. In the purely physical functions of the body. Personality clearly limited. located in one general or of a bird as a similar system capable of transfer in toto from place to place. Personality.Some People We Fear. so to speak. nerves and blood are merely forms of etheric action established as forms. being condensed. some by the psychic self. Be the psychic factor what it may. the general state of activity in the body influences the surrounding mass of the medium. vibrations. and are conducted without con- . then. lungs. nerves." most of them. for a centre of force immersed in a medium of which itself is a fart. must disturb that medium by its activities. vortices. heart. however. etc. is a definite. stomach. 207 induced by the outside world. setting up many varieties of movement in its immediate surrounding neighborhood by way of transmitted and transformed motion. though never sphere of such activities. Inasmuch as flesh. As we may think motions or activities of a tree as a system of etheric place. say.

while regular in their larger phases because they are the products of psychic habits. we must learn to discover the sure is it of such signs. of very It is at this point that The average the difficulties pertaining to personal relations appear. The movements which indicate volition. that signs. now. The Culture of Courage. and very many of which are exceedingly irregular and constantly modified and changed in all sorts of ways under the varying conditions of life. Right Living Involves Right Etheric Adjustments If you will eter consisting of imagine a sphere several feet in diamcomplex movements of some per- fectly transparent jelly-like medium. thought and feeling. Precisely so with regard human beings. you our will see that we are all not only causing disturb- ances in the Universal Medium." or "boy." or "woman." or . and if you will suppose yourself occupying that sphere and causing such movements. Recalling. some of which are volitionally regular. represents a system complex ether-movements. some of which are automatically regular. but also receiving into own sphere movements induced by others.208 scious effort. it is evident that. are nevertheless incessantly varied and to a degree confused. the thought that Nature is. person. is a vast system of sign-objects. however. A human being is to each of us simply a sign of some existence which we have learned to interpret as "man. if of movement- we are to understand Nature and her meaning to objects. and then remember that you are surrounded by thousands of other spheres (personalities) each a dweller within a similar sphere and constituting the activities and characteristics of that sphere. then.

that to is. because of adjustment one of the most important things is the first step toward that right self to others which insures greatest success in practical and ideal living. The truth is that we do not reach our highest attainments because women also we do not adequately know the signs of men and with whom we deal. now presented a second time. of dullness. Thus we come to Preliminary Practical Regime in the Present Work: Reading Personal Signs in General." — kind of individual human. the relation which the individual must come into with other people for his own greatest welfare? involves just this matter of interpretation of person- What is ality-signs which we have indicated. tricky. deciding always why you come to your conclusions." which fully discusses this im- them in practical affairs.Some People We "girl. cheerful. trying always to solve this question: of sign is each man or woman I meet to me ? A example. for . low. irritability. so far as their external signs indicate. But the completest relation involves not only correct interpretation. sign.. and thus learn how the most effectively to adjust yourself For detail methods of adjustment you are referred to the author's work. quickness morose. free-handed. etc. close. "Power For Success. The question. you will. slowness. this or that 209 "John. portant subject. honorable. calmness." or Fear. If you will proceed in this way. A You are now whom you What kind invited to engage in a study of the people know." or "Mary. you will ere long develop a clean-cut understanding of the people you meet. is it This learning how to interpret personal sign in life. honest. etc. be able to interpret their personality-signs. but right adjustment to the persons whose signs . brightness.

but really a wonderful science requiring the very best in us properly to master. details of this science. then. and nervousness seize upon you in social If you would say. either trol or repulsion. you must find out what their personality means — must interpret their self-signs as to — and so adjust yourself to them secure some kind of harmony with them or to repel or control any of the etheric movements which may proceed from their personal spheres and enter or strive to enter your own. in regard to . interpretation of personality-signs and adjustment to personal etheric spheres. And common sense has worked out this universal law: that if you desire to get on with people. our If adjustments will be false or misleading. nevertheless. These fundamental principle are the moral laws and the dictates what we call of common sense. Fear Means Surrender to Interpretation of PersonalitySigns.210 The Culture interpret. since no one is great enough to master the innumerable adjustments. we may. hit-or-miss contact with people. It is because you interpret the personality-signs erroneously. or. If of Courage. whether you interpret them incorrectly or correctly. constitute by harmony or conis the art of arts which open to and possible by all who may read these pages. tise we are left to acquire and pracprinciples the great trunk-line which human experience has proved to be the most surely calculated to make for development and success. that life is no matter of mere happy-go-lucky. yield to the interpretation. And. we interpret them correctly. These two phases of every human being's lifework. fail in the best It comes out. we we interpret them incorrectly. that fear or timidity or business contact.

as long-continued regimes in your daily The work now involved I indicate in two sections: The Golden Regimes of the Masterful Self. to learn what personality-signs are. now. and thirdly. them in such a way or control the etheric movements which they indicate as seeking to enter my personal sphere?" if you would say thus. such signs: fear. and. you have it in your power. first. courageously and confidently.Some People We Fear. You are urged to practise for long the following regimes: First — The Golden Regime of Inner Etheric it Control. You are therefore invited to practise the following life. the second work must always be carried the first. or 211 they of fear to signs maybe intended to awaken may be merely of a character suggestive the common run of people. if not of a hostile — nature. until This regime consists in the constant reiterabecomes the habituated idea of the self. Adjustment to Fear-Suggesting PersonalitySigns. The Into Iron Regimes of the Self Striving for Mastery. The Golden Regimes of the Masterful Self. This brings us to the practical work of the present chapter. to control and use them for your own good. how shall I adjust myself to as either to repel and they do not mean fear to me. of the affirmation: "/ am now under perfect self-control. but I refuse to "These so interpret them. to repel them if they signify evil of any sort to yourself. you would find yourself in time altogether free from the fears or nervousIn other words. . I. ness which the signs usually induce. tion. secondly.

and I am the king. and in time bring you to splendid mastery of your entire self if only you will persist in the regime and act accordregular — — ingly." This sentence. me is learning how to obey my outer cir- orders to wall out. may both from human beings and from invisible Remember. or am secure from all evil. suggesting fear threatening The not be disturbed in his castle. You are invited to try the method following. quell any impulse of fear-feeling. asserting daily from time to time: "/ am not only master of — my but the subjective self of personal sphere of the etheric activities. and conquer! Third — The Golden Regime of Friendly Invitation. and lay hold. Second The Golden Regime of the Imperial Wall. powerful. You are now urged to make the following a lifelong habit. In this regime you affirm for many months: " Master of my own personal field hostile forces. by imperial degree. without your consent. and all incoming movements being reduced to order and subject to my will. all things contrary to my best interest — drawing a circle beyond the cumference of that sphere more potent and impenetrable for protection than the mystic ring of Rome.212 The Culture of Courage." This regime will ultimately give you remarkable power in repelling the psychic assaults king of life. or the substance of it. within the confines of assaults my own a kingdom. . really and confidently pronounced by the self. fearless. etheric activities being quiet. my own and harmonious. You have it in your power to build around your personal ether-sphere a wall which no influence can penetrate while you are on guard (as you may habitually in the subconscious self become). so that I. will quiet any burst of anger. establish your inner personality against any evil influence.

preserve the utmost friendliness toward nevertheless. and bring into relation with and co-operation!" is my you The purpose of these regimes will evident. Fear. the following: First Iron Regime: Of Correct Interpretation. and I send Imperial Gates to every good and helpful and I open the influence. my Citadel being even now a centre toward out to all the which I the Universal flow steadily Forces and human helpfulness and unceasingly.Some People We of etheric 0} activities. now. II. all existences that are in harmony with human welfare. which are practical in a detail sense. the will reinforce the Golden Regime and prove immensely valuable in the growth of courage. as follows: . Remembering our theory of signs. of course. and surrounded by the Imperial Exclusion against all seen and unseen hostilities. find If observe them. than are the practical details of the labor now to be entered upon. will Peace to the world. The Iron Regimes of the Self Striving for Mastery. All etheric movements meaning human happiness receive own. world the cry of Peace and Welfare. sought more easily but the spirit and more quickly secured. fore here more particularly emphasized. 213 Wall I. Iron Regimes. we may formulate a general sign-outline of the people we meet. you infallibly yourself coming more and more to golden mastery of the self in In the meantime. With all right lives harmonize! I To all honest souls I go out in the spirit of friendliness. and the idea of effort is thereWe have. perhaps. all your outlook on human life. In the preceding work there is a genuine striving of the self for is poise and control.

exhaust nature. sign of the egotist. as in the blood. person. sign of the consciously superior. life field for field. of course. the physical and the psychic general life of all human beings correspond. of course. sign of the malevolent. whole humanity. perhaps.214 The Culture The The The The The The The The The of Courage. variations appear case which individualize the it In either the differences would seem. A much longer indication of attractive signs might be worked out. to departures from the general etheric . Fundamentally considered. The outline has its purpose in our study of fear and the growth of courage. also. is more worthy than ignoble. So. In the common field of physical substance there are individual differences. ground. since man. sign of the crafty. sign of the ridiculer. and one the essence of the human self. We have here a fair list of the signs of people whom you. or as in other functional structures. fear. which may give the body some charlack) may kill acteristic tendency. wherein may lurk an excess of in the Great some one of the poisons contained Sympathetic System. and is presented in no pessimistic human mood of mind. sign of the rowdy. and the showing is made in order to suggest the remedies. sign of the sarcastic. there being one general physical and one psychic life covering the The chemistry is of bodies is universally one. which excess (or or induce insanity. This outline does not. sign of the brusque. for example. the world over. in the common are psychic due. sign of the coldly indifferent.

" that certain field are spirit. however. indeed. "attractiveness. if the smoke volumes and billows. in subtle. you know that here is an underlying transitional movement. and the Your conclusions about outside. The observed signs are very evident lies facts. you know that here movement. Such realities may. life. "woman. is carry on the one of the tasks of Interpretation. but their origin fields." in "health. and if we could pass beyond the expressions. people are your interpretations of the signs that they habitually then. life. (and by personal inclusion. modify very greatly the interpretations which are based on observation of the cruder personal personal evidences." activities etc. since these originate in etheric and have to do with deeper realities of the self. with movement-signs those of the — — still be dealing within ether itself. 215 movements common to the whole of human nature. indicating sarcastic. diffi- to rest content with the merely evident signs. that of coldness . you know that here is a chaos of movements. So the varying ether-movements reveal first in the crude or evi- dent facts of dispositions. If is rotational you observe smoke-rings.. or cold. woman. if the smoke streams away." "power." we may personal etheric the interpreted as kind of man. the sign of sarcasm may be frontal to a further sign of actual kindness. individual. when discovered. and so on. or brutal like.Some People We Fear. the external conduct. Thus. invisible etheric activities in the physical the psychic) cruder facts. but we should cult activities seek to know the slighter and more subtle marks. Regarding the general movements as signs to which we say give current interpretations — "man. the voice — the facial and we should word. It is error.

now before us. . it moves by jerks and rushes. the superior is a judgment on "white trash. tioned above: unimpeachable. outlines the essentials of of the kind all possible regimes for fears always in a hurry. — fact. Similarly in the various cases menthe inner sign reverses hasty interEven the malevolent pretation of the more evident. partial It welin its observation. then.216 The Culture of Courage. the handling of fear must involve correct so far interpretation of person-signs taken together. As a matter of the inner signs could be discovered." and the malevolent has murder in his all when the very reverse may be true. as these may be discovered. That sentence. Get away!" It is unable. the crafty is like an occasion for agony. Always. or timidity. some sarcastic people carry the proverbial big heart of the ox. if only eye. always has his sport at expense when others are present. the cold is a block of ice. always to be feared. and so on. the ridia pest. it grudges controlled "Cause for It wants the conclusions deliberation. indeed. but his loyalty whom they love. the egotist is is the brusque a bear. those My my is There are people who ridicule only it is mere play of affection. may overlay simple dignity. mean merely that Fear is its comes signs that feed and stimulate its own nature. friend. the gem expert. fear! "No cause! Hold on! to secure the interpretation — — Fear-Sign modified! the sarcastic person culer is Now is for the real facts!" Hence. I do not I mean that the mind of fear is spasmodic. hasty in its judgments. requires Securing such correct interpretation patience and intent observation and the controlling of conclusions until the latter seem inevitable. a snake. or defensive reserve. tendency is panic. of its own motion.

therefore. Remember. You can train the tissue and cell and self to satisfy in the fear-impulse by forever yielding to the demand. very deep sources. We see. false. Of course you do not perfectly . The satisfaction of self increased the supremest in all existence. you should affirm as above. Along with every cure for this man may sort of trouble. 217 If there be a " boss" prove a coward. perhaps. banquets at verse. accordingly and thus by creating a tendency in tissue and cell toward The fear-impulse is habit seems preferable so far as satisfaction concerned self- because this preservation. and conquer! hell's table. your remedy consists in affirming: "/ fear you not until You so affirm I know there is actual cause for fear. in body-tissue. persistently and confidently." and you thus suppress the impulse to yield to fear. Thus. that the people we fear may have been misunderstood. of fear is is is But the seeming the lessening of self. at times. must go Iron Regime: Of This means the control you meet Control for Interof all fear-impulses until the exact truth is discovered. Second pretation. and hold fast. Our life is a The impulses spring from satisfaction of impulses. it must be substituted by an impulse of couragethought. The outcome the reward of courage an increase of self.— Some People We Fear. and so hold yourself courageously. satisfies not only the instinct of well but as the feeling of is self really preserved. If an impulse of fear arises. If you fear the varieties of people as here outlined. then. devil. even in the elemental cells. You can train these factors to satisfy in the opposite action by self commanding the subconscious courage. he exists because he fears the whole vast UniEvery soul that entertains fear.

must be sought by re-reading evident subtler signs which by unearthing may modify the former. and by relating such subtler to the cruder signs observed. You will take care of yourbut distressing emotions will have disappeared. and one which "goes against the grain. a correct interpretation signs. — the sarcastic . defer a judgment unless you of the preceding regime looked to the habit of suppressing impulse Deferring fear long enough means until justified. The idea of fear has lost its power. however. fear. not a mystical body-guard against danger or hurt. book person. succeed at the first. In time you may still hold to your original interpre- tation of the external personal sign. Regime Continued." but a strange thing will now appear: you will find that the /ear-factor has become merely a reason-factor in the field of selfThe reason-factor disinterest and self-preservation. for you are establishing a new mental habit. In the meantime. our goal will in such case be fully Whatever reason may say about the sarcastic realized. seek a better one. But if you resolutely continue in the regime. you may still say. correct find interpretation of fear-signs. you are urged not to conclude that you ought to fear. will infallibly simple reason-signs in their place.218 The Culture of Courage. The fearful person who can develop self-control for places the fear-feeling. fear as a feeling is now dead. or any other disturbing sort. like the white corpuscles of the blood. "Here is a sure sign for fear. The purpose starving it. has devoured its enemy. In other words. Of Interpretation for ConIt is useless to trol. you will infalli- bly conquer the rush-tendency of the fear involved. self. Reason. Since this is a fear-killer." and such a goal requires time and effort.

clearly and coolly. it exactly remains to go on interpretas they are. the malevolent a coward. and it you fear not one person or another merely because you have discovered no rather cheap at that. this is precisely our goal. you actually begin to displace the fear-thought and fear-impulse You are trying to understand which is a matter that fear-feeling never does and never wants to do. situation. unmodified by any fear-dispelling so on.Some People We Fear7 person. that the supposedly honest according to his standard. and so on. but have simply left it ready for you on the very next occasion. the brusque. 219 but patientstudy your man and discover whether or no some deeper sign in his make-up may not appear which in itself shall modify your interpretation of ly to — fear at him. If. You find out why you fear a person meanwhile repressing the fear-thought and the fear-impulse and controlling self for a correct interpretation. the — . Here is a long regime. since really practice in selfIf control and the elimination of the fear-impulse. yet one of it is the greatest value. the brusque — kind hearted. in your deliberate reason. and you have not injured fear at all. then. that it still holds. elements in his character. Now. But when you do by this. the result amply repay your If labor. and thus show that you have no occasion for all. this victory is only partial. you find that your original interpretation of the person dealt with was correct. and you thus discover that you have bona fide occasion for adjusting yourself to that person. Nevertheless. cause for fear crafty really is for example. one way or another. to be sure. ing the facts correctly. for handling that person. your final interpretation rids will you is of cause for fear. the cold. The battle is yet on.

rough edges. still design evil to us. but the case is now one for the steady address of reason. The person may still be dangerous. Now. In pain it is heated. By attrition it becomes rounded and smoothed. — We like indicated in the outline. then. It is packed into communities. Third Iron Regime: hood for are still Raw Human in Nature. irritating. afflictive surfaces. to specific treatment of the fears The regimes that follow. the preceding. own but no cause whatever for indulging the fear-feeling. contijust as it is nents. societies. sound and right.220 The Culture rational self-interest. unpolished." Meanwhile. now to a particular variety of people. and it cracks. are to be applied as the case requires. centuries. we know what a person how handle him. the raw nature of the self is apt to be ignored or unrecongized. then how can there be in him any cause him? We have thus gotten rid and have left merely facts for reason to deal with. because you now know is. — — feels: "The difficulty lies in that man or that woman. varieties here or to your now to own thought suggested. These people are wrong. of Courage. and they hurt me. And thus characteristics become jagged points. it should be remembered. but it is also sometimes broken. and to know exactly what to do with reference to // his particular case. for feeling afraid of of the fear-feeling. come. every piece of the human "clay" is tempted Each soul to suppose itself whole. him. and all occasion for agitation or distress of any sort has vanished. The often "clay" of personality is "good but it is angular. all now listed to several varieties. of Of Confession and BrotherThe most of us the raw state human stuff." nature. and intolerable demands are wont to .

Other people are really human. and just a woman —a "Why. scarcely human. He and she That 's my would not hurt if they to it knew me. and that these others may fear and have the same desire for freedom therefrom. . for fear. human we being. trying to succeed. we ask freedom expression. the common nature bulking large in him or her as also in me. excessively disagreething in the world. You may sorts of uncoma fortable thoughts. You will find it wholesome and vastly helpful to force yourself steadily to realize other people in their human nature: more or less imperfect. disturbed by fears. more or less ideal. For the things noted are true in every or less undeveloped. that is just man human being. that they since I wish them well. self-interest. we very slightly and we wish a cure emphasize the fact that we also are as others are. do know well. we must also fundamental facts. profit and pleasure. are the And fearful people most intolerable in this respect. 221 be made upon other people to endure us and to afford us comfort. human. We are in the raw. brother — my You sister.Some People We Fear. yet We fear. in greater or less bondage to one thing or another. return our minds to Fear is You see. always pursuing trying to live. wishing them this to attitude. foolish trying to adjust to often banish all life. are Ourselves able. To brother the world to build the king's courage." are me commended is — as and I will see I am. the most that other people are selfish — just oc- casions for fear. desire that others shall be careful in relation to ourselves and we forget our own unfinished and we — unreasonable state. feelings realizing: and impulses by saying. We are all more believe ourselves to be in for personal the right. then. — and repeating.

Rather with the sarcastic person. feature tention. ever. it "newness. Above do not avoid the cause of your fear. however. is never the same to you after acquaintance that he was meeting with him. You who insist upon this truism are. associate . given below. It is for this reason that you are urged to acquire familiar first-hand knowledge of the sarcastic person's In any event fear should never be based on inner-self. of Courage. You often find that first impressions have not been exactly correct. therefore. supercilious. with the result that the general appearance is by this fact more or less modified. for example. not in the least an occasion for In the meantime. but resolutely continue the regimes here set forth. they seem somehow to have changed. invited to enter on a further regime and the like. the whole of the persons themselves. smile of indifference and the feeling of being out of all. that egotistic. at j^our first mere hearsay. castic People. a foible. it is suggested that of the self you be master and hold to the front the of confident courage. cultivate the get used to him.222 The Culture The facts. the very or characteristic. find him out. Do not suffer depression because you do not forthwith succeed in your efforts. how- other features and traits come into conscious view. At the first meeting. Fourth Iron Regime: Of Association with SarWhen we become familiar with people. So in our present study. quite The sarcastic person. person's You may is finally discover that after this all — just a mood characteristic trait. people are sarcastic. cannot be banished by mere theory. During this effort. entirely harmless disturbance." and some particular seize and hold our atif and is as these things constituted Later.

this will be its discontinuance so far as you are concerned. Children regime . If it proceeds from people who are beneath you. But no man has ever discovered in that centre of fire and light traces of sewerage or signs of a prize-fight. to adjust yourself in relation to his habit. that the moods contrary to fear are omnipotent in respect to its feeling and disturbance by just so much as you secure and control them from the radiant centre of peace and good will. You now know and know of how from to handle him. this person. If you lose the impulse of fear and the cringe of hurt because your courage has lifted you into another world. The true radiant centre in any human soul always destroys both hates and fears. are accustomed to his ways. One may be laughed at by inferior folk without a feeling of distress. Fourth Iron Regime Continued: For People Who Ridiade. at any event. dis- essence of gold. and so have gained the victory freedom And remember. or. is A further occasion for the present found in the fear of ridicule. the weight of ridicule depends upon its source. This is not a "preachment" on idealism or being good. if any. by means covered gold in the sun — the of the spectrum. Kirschoff. will destroy the zest of his indulgence. in your knowledge of them. because our sun is a consuming furnace. fear. and the outcome reach of his shafts of wit and acid. Now. it is merely the very best sort of common sense. you will consciously escape his power. To that centre comes every soul possessed of the loftiest courage. only the slightest effort. 223 The discovery by person that his sarcasm does not disturb you.Some People We Fear. is required to ignore it. the goal is then attained.

not so easily disposed of. the problem of freedom from its fear is solved. up. then. suggests the elimination of all occadis- sion for ridicule in the person suffering tress of it. Such reason always wants to know what the facts are. In the latter case the burden of effort should go. Let us understand. in the facts. You need is itself not fear fear thus caused. since its secret is the fact that the occasion may actually obtain in yourself. is on account ridicule. ren knew no is better — and The child- the prophet was bald. Here a symbol.224 The Culture of old: of Courage. may be reason for such ing regime: This suggests the follow- Of Self-Reform. of a class who indulge in ridicule. then it is suggested that you do all in your power to remove any possible occasion therefor. that fear seems to be justified. then. based on facts. or from superior ranks. from the This may turn out to be a very difficult . If the facts are or the that the fearing person is open to ridicule and exposes himself thereto. The — — invitation. that the fear-feeling (and it is this only that hurts) is never justified by any kind of fact or condition in life. There ridicule. If it is within your own ranks of life. of The trouble with your however. and acting calmly in wholesome self-interest. not to his struggle against fear. The thing which only Fifth Iron Regime: when ridicule arises may be justified is reason. thou bald head!" did who shouted "Go not deserve being devoured by bears to the prophet or his primitive — and no honor that the history God records the event as having taken place. because such fear distress ridiculous. those irresistible smile facts are either beyond his control or they are subject to removal. however. but to some change When the cause of ridicule is removed.

this regime seeks to counteract the fact. Sixth Iron Regime: Of Self-Valuation. and conquer! If you chance.Some People We Fear. of respect — of self-respect attracting the respect others. in dress. with pride: "No one who knows me ridicules my misfortune. Nothing disarms the cause — — — — . I am myself power beyond the hurt of infants either of years or of mental growth." Moreover. she sobbed herself ill. Children had ridiculed her deformity. she should have cultivated acquaintance with these children. Once lived a lovely woman who was a dwarf. of 225 is course. There is a mood of self-valuation that lifts us above the smile or the jeer or any affront. The suggestions apply in all similar cases. if you cannot remove it. cultivate something of the stoic's indifference through loyal appreciation of the nobler self with which you are surely endowed. task. This woman should have remembered. and hold fast. in some innocent way that is not a misfortune. Remember. manner. it is suggested that you admit the facts as. to be ridiculous (which is at one time or another the fate of most of us). but the encouragement certain its that the transfer of attention from ridicule and pain to self-improvement and the thought of victory with the consequent dawning of courage will dispel fear and begin to introduce the sense at least. and their love and regard. or whatnot and then join in the laugh. Whatever be the occasion of ridicule. After every appearance on the street. particular act. Since is not always removable. occupation. say. Insist on thinking well of your own personality. Such an attitude must have greatly smoothed her way. and those who cannot suppress the sense of humor are worthy your respect.

So long as you know that people are unaware. you experience no emotional Now. nevertheless true with the people indicated. and and conquer. not observe you as inferior in any way. be the case. to cease imagining especially of all egotists. you are in some manner overcome. They and in inspire their within presence you a feeling of inferiority. of your presence. A whom you person. possibly real) critical observations and opinions of all so-called superior people that is. and perhaps do not particularly observe the characteristics which you imagine would suffer in comparison with their own. it is very likely that they do fear of them. thought for these people of which they are entirely unThis may. "fear. You are asked. and will not become aware. it is fear is the egotist and the really superior that you are uncomfortabb If the word. then." seems here too strong. gift of laughter! Remember. to scrutinize the following statements in regard to their possible relation to yourself: Statement One (As to It is all the fears here mentioned) the consciousness that you are under observation which induces your embarrassment. — — . the substance of the details of their supposed observation may be purely imaginary on You have created an observation or a your part. the laugh of ridicule like the laugh of good nature. so that always you "put your worst foot forward" when under their observation.. You are therefore invited to practise total indiffer- ence to the supposed (or. In other words. at least. Acquire the divine hold fast. more or less. Of Self-Valuation Conthird variety of people Seventh Iron Regime: tinued against the Egotist. conscious. 226 The Culture of Courage. Such is a general statement of the case.

for the thought is one phase of the instinct of self-preservation. that those whom you hold to be egotists or consciously superior people. or negatived. oftentimes. no matter even if you know the observation takes place and is critical. thinks cordially of itself. vice in such a suggestion disappearc in its purpose. entertain precisely the same opinion As those whom you may fear may fear you. is no doubt whatever that the fear-feeling because of other people's superiority is a disease. trouble. but there need. but rather suggests self-satisfaction and courage. if this particular your an increase of self-valuation is your special Excessive egotism may be a disease. The truth is. the facts in any case. Statement Two. or an egotist. therefore. in which case either occasion for fear is outlawed many who embarrass you by so. as well. and that he is of a friendly The regime totally disregards disposition toward you. And whatever may . the remedy will be found in the persistent possession of the idea that there is no criticism at all. and a very Personality in health always subtle one. worth fearing. the building up of a foundation for fear is Moreover. assert assume and that the person is most friendly toward you You are distressed by supposed in all his thoughts. perhaps. criticism. you are tc sists in that there is no such observathink. You crowd out your fear by saturating mind with a thought which does not lead to fear. The method con- assuming that the person in mind does not critically observe you. urges you to cultivate a high opinion of tion — — — — yourself — in The apparent courage. the interest of the conquest of fea:. This regime. of xjourself.Some People We such critical Fear. their imagined superiority regard you as talented. 227 observation as a fact.

a stimulant. I large and prevailing courage." been unreasonably lauded by people whose presence distinctly — — — demanded the application of my own regimes. he may truly represent a When egotism signifies the thought. is the virtue of developing who. not humility. couched in words. continued . it is an asset. It is probable that a similar disclosure might be made in the case of every human being. divine event" perfected worlds. life. Statement Three (for is all say there no value in self-depreciation.228 The Culture of Courage. abnegation. assumes: "I am I among human lords. Assertion. by so much aids the nature things toward the "one far-off. "I am power! I know what I can do!" it is then a virtue because to courage. itself as a sovereign traveler toward a glorious destiny. To imitate this king is has ever man master. a cordial is The thing this world needs most chapters). and that these qualities are often vices and enemies Reason demands that a soul assert to human welfare." no Those who embarrass you because of their superiI have ority are very likely calling you "superior. and I affirm that He was the most self-assertive and imperial in miraculous equilibrium the exponent of balance the world self-assertive and imperial soul most to "call known. in the equity of universal brotherhood sovereign and the white life. thought with emphasis. I of of deny that the lordliest of earth's inhabitants was meek and lowly except in the sense of being in harmony with the Infinite." and asserts himself for all He — rightful sovereignty. great value in life. humility. be your opinion of the egotist. The affirmation of your own power and value.

made us feel that it is evil to think well of the self. and hold fast. the injunction for form is of fear. Feed on the happy memories! Erase from memory every fact. you are urged to think these things. evil to estimate self as a "worm of the dust. on the contrary. In common thinking assumed that a "better nature" advises . The vast majority of people think too little of themselves. It is.Some People We into this Fear. thought-words emphatically repeated again and again and I also — is now "/ I am myself! I am power! am free! I am courage!" am worth In order that you may cultivate a good solid sense of your own abilities and value. The " worst foot" persist almost always a fiction. realize in mind-feeling precisely these and no contrary. assert them as true. experience which you believe has showed your weakness! Live alway on your own signs of power! Remember." or any such thing. It is because I so believe. You urged to the effort to banish the thought of this It is also suggested that you refuse to up or dwell upon any supposed instance of mistake or of awkwardness in j our past experience. incident. and conquer! "worst foot. and conquer. Statement Five (for all chapters). Statement Four (for this regime only). is. therefore." The positive the affirmation — in method therefor spoken again. all Statement Six (for this regime only)." call r You are also urged to rid yourself of the habit of thinking. and to cure all fears. or becomes fact by are blunder-inspiring in imagination. "I shall not be myself in this person's presence. 229 settled habit. False religious teaching has that I have written the suggestion above it is italicized. Remember. and hold fast. while! (mentally).

the thing is right. against self-assertion. Our true teachers Always the are reason. we to discover this "better nature?" is A better sometimes in evidence we certainlyam unable to see that those advices so-called "better nature" which persistently go of the "against the grain" and demand disagreeable selfas a matter of sffacement are necessarily right exact fact. It is a question of education. it is — for the simple reason that precisely as ignorant as the man whom You therefore. the man. educated in one way or another. experience. experiment. I ask. no one's mere inner feeling about a supposed virtue is to be accepted as law." and hold that whatever the "Changeless" or "True" affirms must be right and should be obeyed. and morally educated in the West of the world to believe that the " better nature" ought to advise all sorts of things contrary to a socalled "evil" nature. The clear fact. question of virtue is this: Does the idea. " or the so-called "True it Self. tortures see. and that when it does so advise. And in the West it has turned out that the "better nature" has advised things that have subsequently been held wrong. The "better self" may be mistaken. belief. The conclusion is nature than all possess.230 The Culture of Courage. work well among all people and in the long run? There is a kingdom of law If so. act. about the "Changeless and True Consciousness" and the "Fickle or False Consciousness. world's Eastern consciousness does not always agree with the details of the Western education. that . is that we are one unitary consciousness. with the philosopher. yet I — that the " Changeless Consciousness. But the moral education of the it is for our good. We may think. are But by what criterion." has shown is itself mistaken and has no infallibility. however.

The long-run working of things cannot be The working well means some kind of destructive. I do not mean. and it would have saved the world much contiguity to hell and many people great on the one hand. And forever. been demonstrated that fear and self-abnegation have worked well for man. Only experiment and experience. interpreted by reason. when man has sought all self-interest consistently with other-interest.Some People We Fear. These things in themselves have always worked evilly. infallibly right 231 — the well in Universe well. experience. advices of this regime. esential preservation for development of possibilities. asserted his well-working powers life and put fear and self-belittling totally out of his has he unfolded and come to success. a wrong. This law because works and it works well because it is right. If Hence the your consciousness of other people's superiority . it is mean that you are not to suppose that because a thing seems right or wrong for you. however. on the con- trary. Only trial can find out what works well and is therefore No one's mere feeling can decide a right or right. It has never Statement Seven (for all chapters). that you are not to go by your feeling of right and wrong. for the feeling is a product of past I human experiment. close suffering. and reason. on the other hand. This surely distinction invites liberty thought. of Law — which is works it the long run. and intimate relationships with devils. The Universe must be self-preservative for highest unfoldment. universally and forever. since no feeling can determine whether or no a thing will work well. therefore right or wrong for all and through of all time. can so determine.

yourself. you have ground on which to repel of or will repulsion of embarrassing influences. Affirming the superiority or the worth of self. Whatfeeling ever you believe this person to be in his attitude toward yourself. induces embarrassment. you cannot will aggressive antagonism to superiority. by thought and force of will. not be evident to that person. This brings us to a further discussion. in addition to the suggestions of preceding regimes consists in meeting such other person's atmosphere with a positive outgo of self-assertion and courage from your own. The regime affirmation-assumption. of course. you cannot dered. acts from the vantage-ground your habituated self-valuation. that is.232 The Culture of Courage. that you are to be in thought it is and toward him. Eighth Iron Regime: Of Offsetting Assumption. The in this regime. In the meantime suggested that . surround your person with a vibrant antagonism (feeling) to his overweening The fact that you are doing so should self-sufficiency. On this thought go out by will to meet the superior person's atmosphere with a positive assertion of antagonism. his aggressive. your remedy. simply because you have already surrenSo long as you admit superiority. that the will can never achieve anything without If you belittle some solid ground for its action. Having entered the work of self-valuation. you are now urged to repel the influence of those who evidently feel their superiority and embarrass you by throwing a out from yourself will. you should in — assuming to) consists in quietly resisting (affirming that you resist a mental attitude that thinks resistance self-assertive personality. counteracting influence. The latter is the It is always to be remembered leverage of the will. overcome fear of criticism.

in equity own — everything Some minds are deficient is. ity induces the habit of opinionativeness. Some psychologists would say that his vocal and linguistic activyourself. perhaps. It is likely that you really fear them. your task is accomplished. the loud talker commonly believes himself right. ill at ease and not command Always in their presence your ideas seem weak and your language inadequate. beget familiarity with the person in hand. Ninth Iron Regime: Of Character. His emphasis of voice and words is due to this supposition: the power of self-conviction is in him so great that it compels immense vocal and linguistic activity. The study for such insuffer spirations thus brings us to a further regime.Analysis. There are certain types of mind which can only find expression in vociferous talking. and you will become in time so accustomed to the thing you have feared that fear will vanish for lack of fresh inspiration. They overwhelm you. Such minds do not think minds as possibly being correct in their action.Some People We Fear. meantime. Fear always dies with its old impulses. With such people in full you of are. and if you can exhaust these impulses. probable that the people before us are loud talkers because they believe in their opinions in a rowdyish way. with them. Others are so all constituted that what they see exhausts vision: there . on all subjects. Now. as they affirm that a man fears because he runs rather It is than runs because he fears. 233 this person's you hold steadily in mind the absurdity of egotism. How can you embarrassment with one whose assumptions are ridiculous? The methods thus indcated will. at all times. proceeding as a source of all along to study his characteristics amusement to yourself. just hard law of other and fact.

mental exposure. They are not worth the fear. If you are thus troubled. but the rush of his mind . no world besides their own. The son of our illustrat- exactly like the father in this respect. however. Such a course may also beget a sort of tolerance born of pity for his unconscious is found that whose interpretations of law and fact always run their way. here is a man who never intrudes his presence or his opinion upon others. rationally and inevitably make his way. His ears heard the question. once asked the son if he ever made any concessions on any subjects. is In both cases violent life. court or jury even the Almighty surely hold. I have discovered. This analysis suggests the remedy for fear of such persons. Thus would any intelligent person. Among such opinionated people happy class — This man is is as mild as a lady. As an illustration. but his all things a mental law for — way seeing mankind — and he canof not help the fact that ing friend is it is so. except that the son's opinionativeness I breeds the loud voice and the confident word.234 is The Culture of Courage. that these are sometimes the quietest and least obtrusive of personalities. you are urged to remember that you are surrendering peace of mind to another person's expression indispensable to the mind's constitutional weakness or mental defect. They must think with triphammer blows or air-blast rushes and talk like a steam siren. A studied recognition will of the loud talker's psychic deformity all breed in yourself a feeling of indifference to his voice and opinions which will effectively destroy fear in his presence. and yet no case in which his interests are concerned could be conceived wherein all the law and all the facts would not naturally.

that you fear: it is the rasping cross-cut of the unexpected thing. nor his act alone. their influence upon you must necessarily cease. This man knows things. with the possible exception of the malevolent. Mental pain resembles the sense of not expected: the humor in respect to the thing shock emphasizes the feeling. to talker if he is before his be classed with nearsightedness or defective hearing. 235 induced mental deafness. You cannot foresee the brusque person. Somewhat is allied to the classes above discussed the kind of people who are called brusque or bearish. If you persistently consort with these people. but it is more or less applicable to all the varieties of people mentioned in the present chapter. Having read the psychic signs of your man. This regime has referred to two classes only. feelings of others either The brusque person hurts the because he is naturally harsh or because he likes to do and say the unexpected thing. he seemed no help himself. you know him and understand how helpless own psychic impulses. The man could not Since such was the case. now." and he enjoys the Brusqueness is always due to the possession of fact. Whether loud or mild. and then resolve to be rid of your fears concerning them. and the matter in hand was bombarded with stock-phrases. It is not his word alone. when you think he does not know them. He is usually "contrary-minded. You can calmly endure the loud occasion for fear.Some People We Fear. come to see through them. you see that embarrassment or any sort of nervousness on your own part must result simply from your own weakness. and he never says or does as you would like. his interpretation of all things by his own light and interest is likewise merely a deformity. .

You fear the brusque person because he gives you heart. Or an unworthy love You are invited again to read the above interas pretations. You . This see. and an startling others indulged for by the un- usual expression of general run. wisdom. of pain in others. You fear and that fear you indulge for a poor human specimen whose centre of etheric action is either Altogether kindly toward you. you A childish fondness for surprise. you are so far on your way in the matter of handling him. there 's an end. distress. Of Counter Analysis will discover of The re-reading suggested gives us certain curious results in which you again as always heretofore the foolishness of fear in its tional aspects. emo- To fear the kindly heart is. If he turns out to be ugly. the etheric atmosphere will the brusque person to disclose his real nature." To fear a man's self-covering which he throws around himself because of his past. A weakness of contrariety. distress is itself a fear. keen opinions. unnecessary. position of uncommon notions contrary to the Sometimes it covers the kindest dissometimes it backgrounds in a tragic past. a fear. A guard for the buried past. sometimes it is the guise of an ugly soul. attitude. you pass into the following regime: Tenth Iron Regime: Brusque People.236 a certain The Culture amount fondness of of Courage. of course. You are invited always to search for the kindly heart If in this world. is you assume the corresponding mental movements of your personal influence the atmosphere of even weakness. The talismanic sentence here may be: "/ give you good will for good will. If he turns out to be kindly.

" To level. not from fear. and. to place yourself . since they proceed from the alert subconscious. 237 it is are invited to ignore the fact that he has any past his own and to assume the iron mask against his — — present. It Our talismanic sentence now is: "This mere Wear it. tective impulses." mere word or manner of an ugly person is to surrender before you are really hurt. If you know a man will surely say or do some unusual thing. covering of yours is harmless. but in accordance with the highest reason obtainable. these impulses should be obeyed. inwardly to smile at his manner and word. the remedy consists in bringing to the fore and utilizing that knowledge. is to yield to the unexpected when it ought to be anticipated. you seek to produce.Some People We Fear. if you will. The talismanic sentence is: " I expect you to speak and act contrary to all precedent and reason. The concealed attitude of alertness discerns the other person's actual intentions: the latter give you information because you are psychically receptive and awaken within you certain pro- As a general rule. meanwhile." To be suppressed by or to fear another person's mere contrariety of speech and action. cannot contact with my soul. You are invited to assume the attitude of alertness. and I am therefore on guard against the desired effect of shock and disturbance which subconscious warnings and regard to the and hear my same. for such is your weakness. without fear the its To external signs. You are thus acting. It is below that person's your privilege mentally to rise above him. fear one is who takes unworthy pleasure in an- other's pain. The talismanic sentence that I may be as follows: "I am alertly listening may catch your real intentions commands with Your external signs are harmless.

The reform may proceed more swiftly. Reand conquer! the above regimes. member. Hence the talismanic sentence: "Your unworthiness condemns you. fact insures your success. But you are invited to re- member that the most strenuous and exacting and wearying thing in the world is prolonged vigorous action It is for this reason of the will set to one achievement. The effort to reform a tendency must equal the action which has developed it. the This will. practically The book you are reading instructs and correctly. if only that sovereign creative power." It may therefore be urged that you actually and persistently test the regimes here set forth. It is error to expect that inveterate tendencies can be overcome by the mere reading of a book. for they are easily read and easily You are therefore urged to apply the reforgotten. but the book All rests with the student doer." The brevity of these suggestions may tend to ob- scure their value. however. in a fine work. One who owns the power-books has revealed in correspondence this common trait: "The mind that is avid for more and none of which it is (seemingly) willing upon and make good. gimes in actual and prolonged work. you are now re- quested to observe the following: . If you will do this. cannot furnish the action. the result is inevito act table. and hold In addition to from the grave of fear. that people fail. be brought resolutely to bear on the effort. — who must be a reader and a more instruction. while guarding in all ways against actual hurt. and. The law that reaction exactly equals action holds universally good. and defeats my courage not only you but compels your respect. to shake off all feeling of fear by sheer imperiousness of willed courage. Courage will arise fast.238 The Culture of Courage.

and is therefore not The method is purely one of and should always be so accepted. of course. maintain perfect inner poise of mind and nerve. not to cure the other person's faults. you will find developing within you a feeling of indifference are The questions controlled? — "Can for all those elements in the brusque person's character which heretofore have inspired your fears. you be brusque and selfContrary merely for the sake of peace and quiet? Contrary in the interest of ultimate harmony?" The answers are affirmative. This regime. Maintaining perfect calmness. simply must. Whatever weapon he may choose. not a deadly duel on your part. but a fencing with a choice of weapons left to the opposing party. 239 Eleventh Iron Regime: Of Like retaliation is Mere always weakness. be it understood. conself-defense. In attempting this work. so that apparent retaliation will be justified provided no reaction of irritation go with it. and always must the fact be kept in mind that it requires the very highest skill. The idea is. advised by this regime. The regime assumes that you are determined to prove equal to its demands. for its continuance must be abandoned would then lead astray. The point is. be you the better of the two. and such . is to be resorted to only as a final effort in the interest of courage. that you are to maintain inner calm while quietly employing the other man's weakness. method develop controversy. but you are urged to remember with Epictetus that a gourd does not grow in one night. since you must. This being so. you must remember that you are trying. for Like.Some People We Fear. Should the trariety with contrariety. it for the time being. but to conquer your own fears because of his faults. You are seeking freedom from fears. surprise with surprise. you are now requested to meet brusqueness with brusqueness.

know Self. for. Moreover." This means that wisdom begins in acknowledging a Being who can never be exhaustively known. will weary of his which cannot forever beat the wind he neither retards nor deflects. and since weakness is gregarious. Always shall you fearyou thought your finite and that Infinite Self. mere personal respect. it is He (the Infinite) and yourself. petal that you unfold. "Great Within" — cannot exhaustively underhides the knower. since brusqueness is a weakness. indifference will selves. unable to move you. as you unfold yourself to increasing apprehension of Him. undermine and destroy the fears them- In the meantime. discoveris ing that he attitudes.240 The Culture of Courage. sufficiently inject positive feeling of fear. for the Self infinitely So. you now stand awe of him. Increase the awe to a given degree: you are overwhelmed with It is said that "the fear of the Lord is the begin- ning of wisdom. Sufficiently dilute your fear of a man with negative feeling. the limitlessly . since you can — — — — never exhaustively The Infinite Subjective — your know either the one of the other. the More. You cannot merely respect the Infinite: the feeling you entertain for the Infinite has too much feelAlways ing to be other than just fear-thought or awe. in reason acknowshall you (justly) fear-thought ledge that Infinite. and it becomes some one or respect only. respect lies not very far removed from fear. the brusque person. and you have a case in You respect a neighbor. into Or. and that Infinite is forever subof the Unspeakable Flower of Reality jectively More both to Himself (that Infinite) and to the petal on the Flower. Now. the brusque person shows He — a failing in his fondness for the respect of others — of more human beings. Infuse a certain feeling into the respect: fear.

Some People We Fear. and. ways and character. Of The desire for respect usually carries with Respect-Winning it a good valuation of the self-respecting attitude. and because open to criticism. you also develop within your- — — — self a feeling of genuine courage." These reflections bring us to the conclusion that fear for any human being is indefensible." so that you are yourself even such an one. The brusque person desires respect from others. royally dowered. False though they are. Twelfth Iron Regime: Efforts. The brusque person respects respect. and need fear none who is also just a phase of the Universal Life. are unworthy your fears. any of us In this feeling we disclose the qualities which we desire. You thus not only communicate to him agreeable modifying ether-movements. indeed. One ideal of life is self-respect. they are open to criticism. the "I Am That I Am. And if some people are practically mal-developed or partially defear are veloped phases of that Infinite. however. His methods of seeking what he desires are merely false. shall always underhide your selfknowing. 241 unexplored of you. you would not fear him. no occasion for fear at all. and it needs but to know self of its immensities. their traits which you mere weaknesses. for your own freedom from his thralldom. you are at liberty to utilize your respect the idea of respect the end he seeks You are. invited to meet his manners and words with studied respect for his opinions. Being false. therefore. Were the methods normal. since each one is ideally a phase-person of the Infinite Unsearchable. finds the first little more deeply to stand in awe and in that awe the human being shadowy substance of that true wisdom but a which is "the fear of the Lord. — — . hence.

of course. although becoming a skilful one may do so. it is certain that if you can win the respect of the person whom you fear. then. manners. characteristics The ideal man of and skill he honor values those then. learning. For this reason you are invited to study your man. so far — — — as concerns a cure of your fear. you will infallibly have banished all occasion and impulse of fear in his presence. If.242 The Culture of Courage. both visible and hidden. characteristics. You must find the qualities which he craves in his better soul. Recalling. and to imitate them. Always are there deeps under deeps in the world of desire. you fail to win his respect in the true sense. in the pursuit of this regime. you imitate the brusque — person's brusqueness (except as in a former regime). but they really respect excellence in qualities which they feel they ought to desire. you possess the key to their regard. whether or no. Hence. Desire never grows on the one level alone. so that this respect becomes mutually known.. to get at the qualities he craves most to in himself. traits. Somewhere in any man are the deepest desires of his life. Evidently. our previous study of human signs. The thief respects in another the traits covets most. etc. and these deeper desires run toward the highest idealism so far as the man can make out his ideals. and then to embody them in yourself imitate them while cultivating them. you are urged to imitate and cultivate these . and the like. money. if they are to you respectable. Becoming a thief does not win a thief's respect. You need not cultivate unworthy qualities. the winning of respect which he seeks to embody. If only you know the secret ideals of men. power. People admire excellence in what themselves are. now. must be preceded by the discovery of the things other people profoundly desire by way of qualities.

and so urged with the assurance that you will thus infallibly win his respect. fore. as it were. in admirable form. Dignity in one person you admire. seldom a birthright. your life-level. intelligent effort. particular occasion. and viewing this person through barred plate glass. or of unseen etheric movements. You here always refuse admission to any disturbance. you have banished fear and called courage to the Thirteenth Iron Regime: Of (for all chapters). be ac- Fourteenth Iron Regime: is The quality of dignity quired by long-continued. is capable of being overdone. none in the presence of whom you fear. Dignity in it another is person you because you know false." Of Simple Dignity.y Some People We until they are Fear. whether of visible word or act. opinions or acts. in perfect command. you will be enabled to repel all assaults. Meanwhile. called upon for decision in the run matter . When you feel that you are right about a thing. Quiet Self-Master any person an imaginary stronghold. By the majority of people this high value is seldom attempted because of a vivid conception of its spurious imitation. and may. condemn The present regime. I am immune to all your attacks. as made certain by the reception of it which other people may accord. have power to reach me. and in the long the deepest self. You here never let yourself go. moated on all sides and with drawbridge up. If. urges the cultivation of a dignity that befits your personality. you say: "Since I am here. 243 you own. criticism simply refers the feeling to a deeper phase of the self. Safe within. it is seen to be genuine. you will retire into of your words. and any you must then. your occupation. What such a dignity is discover by looking within for the ideal which seems to be right to you.

you mentally inform him: "Why. meanwhile. but you set him up as a target for these regimes. that is for you the right conclusion. You will find assistance in the thought and words now given: "I value myself too highly to retort. thus panoplied. you the last word.: 244 by such The Culture criticism. within your citadel or stronghold. Conscious- . you compel him to Always serve you as a test of the regimes outlined. you make him a stone on which you sharpen any method. right in yourself. superior and brusque people. you will infallibly find yourself rising above them. to ignore the intention lurking behind sarcasm. or to cringe. 'None of these things move me. You thus turn the one you fear into an instrument of practice for overcoming the fear. or brusqueness. in your attitude and speech have but to remember your fortress and the iron mask — — of dignity to render fear a foreign reality. or to fear. ridicule. during the process. seeking to know sarcastic. Sixteenth Iron Regime: Of the White Life. no less than because of the practice itself. When you are consciously right you in your position. you are an implement on which I am practising and by means of which I develop a perfect courage. If you will apply the regimes of this chapter. egotistic. or becoming immune to them because of the very familiarity induced by the practice. by so much does one lessen the to possibility of fear for that person. For example you fear some overbearing person. You are urged to seek a true conception of dignity fitting for yourself. will give of Courage." Observing these instructions. standing.'" Fifteenth Iron Regime: Of Using People for Practice. the death of your fear is guaranteed. By so much as one learns how to use another person for any purpose. and. and then adopt such dignity.

are full of peace. This ring possesses. invincible right living and being. the superior. The sarcastic person. and can by no possibility be destroyed so long as such harmony continues. man Roman philosopher told all Rome and under the guise of a dialogue." deathless in that all things no city. is undulations. because men . are not there eyes. translations. the deformed Caesar. nerves? You are you infinite in your "great within. Observe. consciously right.— Some People We ness of being Fear. somewhere must of course sense of right needs but the command of will to summon invincible courage. cannot inspire fear in the soul that knows itself to be right. therefore. that no thing or could do evil to him. for me no way. even the malevolent. — infinitude. So. blood. the boorish. flesh. full of calm. the of true" "out A brusque. whose bodily mask was like to a broken back. is a vast complex of etheric moverings. The ring is your psychic self when The Universal System guarantees you while in the right. every type of which established and in that sense permanent. not always obviate the feeling of fear. "Now can no evil happen to me. as the Hindoo sages well say. for me there is no robber. — vortices. the noble soul. The Universe ments. no associate hath any hurt. And here is your sovereign remedy for fear and your breeder of courage-consciousness. the one who ridicules.5 breed cowardice." For you. as a known possession. no earthquake. Imagine one ring always preserving harmonious relations with all other movements the adjustment — intended by the nature of things. impregnable in your harmony with right. the power to repel where it cannot adjust. 24. no neighbor. hands. however! may Right. no assembly. body. no individual movement of which can be destroyed except by conflict and in the interest of the whole.

is the Universe on are therefore invited to maintain patience sistence in — the march. by this talismanic sentence: "I this book. set to a good purpose.246 The Culture of Courage. and women do not know how to use the sense of right. Moreover. and hold this little thing fast. say. and this demand is a phase of active self-interest. and conquer! The will. self — am courage. so that the fears which have come to you out of the long past may surely be slain by the struggles of your life. and you ly right in observe. which that intention of evolution has had always in view since " starmist and fire-dust" became tenuously real. And — to the full limit of being now conscious- my intentions and my actions and my existence." No method may slay fear at a stroke. Seventeenth Iron Regime: Of Feeling Debarred from Reason Against Crafty People. for example. You have the wind and tide of fifty thousand years of evolution to contend with. Fear in regard to crafty people (and in all the cases cited in this chapter) This feeling is is an emotion imposed upon reason. The use of a consciousness of being right is outlined in You are urged not to be content with a knowledge that you are in harmony with the nature of things. Remember. and the courage. it may be. as is done in countless cases. but to apply that myknowledge. absent where the person is not supposed to be. crafty. you have with you the ultimate intention of that fifty thousand years. again! and peryour efforts to be rid of fear. may be developed to all your need by the persistence of just your will. Recognition of the signs of such a character calls upon reason to be on guard. as. but exactly at this point the psychic addition occurs feeling arises. and the fear- To permit that addition is to overthrow .

It is possible to live the span of one fear. is not prevention of craftiness in other people. on the other hand. and fear-thoughts. all The talismanic sentence toward face of such intentions. that of fear-feelings is. It is now asserted that whoever fears ing-sense of this book — anything — — in the feel- in earth or heaven or "hell. You are therefore urged to discriminate between your recognition of the signs of craftiness (or any other unworthy quality in those whom you meet) and your instinctive impulse to conserve your own selfinterest. here observe. for reason will attend to all the facts without the feeling. of course. you substitute the thought and mood of courage try to — "Alert your machinations. and all feelings of uneasiness." The goal. which any human possesses natu- . to resolutely eliminate every feature of disturbing elements. I am courage in the feel is this: courage. I indulge no emotion whatever concerning your intentions.- They stand and they try It is to protect their own. but they do not know the feeling of fear. The feeling is unnecessary. 247 reason rather than respect its dictates. And you are also urged. human life without one live. To accomplish this. There are those who actually so for a true self-interest. you banish such feelings. but is destrucby craftiness. tion of fear-feeling induced Not all the books in print might accomplish the former goal. now further asserted that any mere quality. foreboding or fear.Some People We Fear. such as fearlessness." fears solely because he wants to fear. you rise above them. while properly alert in the recognition of the signs of craftiness (or other quality). the second may be achieved by one power your will. and the unnecessary addition can indulges accomplish no single thing except to injure the one who it. on the one hand.

who was affirmatively bad in his later life: an evolution of the death- — throe of Rome. acting developed of the evil. as seen in Nero. In the great majority of instances injury to others is due to a malevolent impulse which is is momentary or really foreign to the person in which the trait appears. expression "bad man" is seldom discovered and he is always insane. 248 rally. maintaining senses alert for the long-run best thing under the circumstances. Alexander the Great or Napoleon was life's the negatively deteriorated struggle of of power. There is a difference. Here is a case of average human nature gone wrong. either of the kind who are self-interest reason. The right-man twisted is everywhere in evidence. or of the kind who are the degenerate all human average. is Goethe's Mephistopheles evil. the positive of developed of either The ancient Greeks never conceived character.— The Culture of Courage. any other human being may acquire by intelligent referring. is because In the other case we have merely etheric conIt is a fact that fusion. that you can pass through any experience with malevolent people. Rome could give us in her last days an "in- carnation" of Satan. Milton's Satan is the negative of demoralized holiness. and with absolutely no feeling of irritation or of fear what- . however. you can so cultivate the farsighted always in the mood of right and courage. In the one case we have conThe real centrated etheric anarchy against whatever it is. Actual malevolence Reason — not often observed. not of wrong human nature deLet us say that veloped. Eighteenth Iron Regime: Of Self-Interest Against Malevolent People. to reasonand persistent effort ably normal classes.

249 achieve such a desirable goal. and hold fast. and conquer! .Some People ever. bring about. We Fear. you are urged the regimes of this book. have become habituated with you and identified with the deepest things in your nature. only you will persevere in your Remember. together with a com- To to follow all bining sense of courage and power. so far as applicable to your case. until self-poised self-control. if These desirable results you may surely efforts. acting on the farsight of your best interest.

soul Reciprocate! . But no more. not twain. I will surrender and adore. Why. Let us two (or more) walk together On the long. With all the uncounted. long Or the way of life skies be fair. Must I or you bow knee to you or me? If we meet in the pure flame of love. friend. of the star-depths Self came. I I must I say! keep mine individual Name. The relations of life are not tyrannical In the Plan of the Nature of Things. now: your hand. unbindable. Unquenchable. . or in every kind of — weather But. So shall either for other sing. What will you? A live soul. Must time find us. on pain of the loss of my Self. .smelling sepulchre).— LIFE'S RELATIONS. must I lock-step with you always? If we vibrate brain-purpose together. And I give you mayhap the half of me. I stand in awe of your selfhood Nay. So now I see harmony And power for each! ! — . Or a part of your dead Self? (For he who insists on the whole of another — (Dies in himself and the other entombs (In a death. Into the star-depths Self goes. be thou THYSELF. have done with ownership! For I am I. "/ ami And I am! And I am Power!" — The Authok . indestructible. pray you. beloved. my my But. I will pair with you. as I am SELF. must I let it bind me? catch your step. but just one sole? If I clasp If I Out hold to my Self.

but neither the consciousness as such nor is Knowledge real contents of experience. influence. through experience that we can know. The worm example. for acts in response to the re-acts — be that the worm will thereafter pre-act in order to prevent such action upon it by outIndeed. under given conditions. Some of Life's Relations. but thereafter. You can know nothing save as you have experienced a definite something. If the conditions vary. XPERIENCE marks man the It is only superior animal. not before they have occurred. is The worm It acted upon by outside influences. the self as a self comes to recognition prior to the self. Even the instincts are mere impulses of human nature. and we can know what they are and how they work. innate intuitions of truth obtain as impulsive activities of the self in mind. you must know that you know or have known. the worm- ." X. ex- perience of consciousness and of Knowing is an Outcome of Experience. — Robert Browning. the worm side forces. may will always do so. experience. and that the by expe- an established reaction to the but experience only can Consciousness is a first form of give these contents. intuitions are truths can be determined alone rience. and when you have done this. also.CHAPTER "Have the honor due In living out thy nature. So.

252 The Culture of Courage. And he can also affirm this He knows that he knows that he last statement. The thinker knows his thoughts. ences. Finally. the Universal Mind knows for the worm. Moreover. and the thoughts act according to the thinker's nature. tive elements of experience. indeed. force. Experience Analyzed. the know themselves or their worm does not know. say. worm acts differently under differing conditions prevent action upon it by fire. It is error. Let us throw these thoughts into staccato: In experience you are affected by something. the being there acted upon seems ing that to individually represent Nature in know- it is acted upon. he can mentally affirm the thing just written. knows. actions in the thinker. You know that you are so affected. . he going on. Something. we detect The dog has the primiand knows in a measure corresponding thereto. itself in impulses — re-actions induced in every instance The worm's nature simply expresses but caused by the nature which however." In the former case we say. but the thoughts do not So. but the worm does not know in the Universal Mind. at work. It is this reiteration of this knowing that makes man capable of experience in its fullest scope. to say that because the by the outside is itself. does know: — to — Nature knows. He knows that he knows. action will vary. a second time that the worm knows. In the latter case "Instinct is the beginnings of intelligence. Higher in the scale of life. when man is acted upon by outside influknows what is going on: that something is and that the going-on relates to himself.

and being able to use the knowledge with reference to self and conditions. You have to experience in at least their individually major part words studied in the — — — . and find there other familiar words. for example. and you may turn. words that are equally and your ignorance remains as in the unknown to you. one of the defining words is first case. you discovery. consists in being affected by something. You can know nothing outanything can be side your experience. and. you cannot have an experience unless something comes into relation with yourself. But you are able to remember accordingly in the future. then. knowing the fact. selves and every other word But your first clue. If. understood by you. a word in the dictionary. is than yourself as By so much you know that affecting something. Now. Its definition consists totally of understand every word in the definition of that first troublesome word. and to act Experience. known. by a round-about way. the meaning of that word itself. and you are ignorant of its meaning.word — identical that word only as you word employed in its — represents some voyage of discovery experience in your past. now. is Take. to its definition. 253 a something that what affects you affected. But you come to know every definition will know provided all its defining words are themnecessary and correctly defined. however. therefore. until. that word becomes a clue.Some You know other oj Life's Relations. It a strange word. Such relation That is the only way in which secures the knowing. When you have finished this work. all this. you find out what another word in the definition of your first You have started in on a voyage of word means.

"courage. is Courage? it is." which are given to state what courage The word comes from is are all equivalent to courage. then. "Be of the Latin. age. and in order to understand them at any time you must put yourIn order to know courage. Cour- a sense of ability to maintain personal powerpoise against threats of injury. ence in order to know them. is a working of the entire system in the sense "courage. and this sense of power-poise sometimes throws the age self into is danger with rush and enthusiasm. Couras well-being is the outcome of such working." meaning. In a state of courage. past in them." The word. have had in experience some of the elements of the quality. cor. And you have to know experiknow that you know. you desire courage. this: "Courage is courage. "concord. as though to express the idea of a function working in co-operation with all other functions. We say. "heart.254 order to The Culture of Courage. doubly and triply know — What If." In the dictionaries the definition of the word. You see that in the find intelli- gent study of something of your in their meanings. The outcome is well-being." good heart." also comes from cor. there is a consciousness of power-poise equal to apparent danger. When you thus you understand. . "Be of good courage. then. and in order now to know what courage is — words you must — you must think those elements into the word." amounts to since the qualities of welfare promising to continue. you must self into them. you must know what But you can never know courage prior to having experience in courage. meaning.

nobody knows. truth. At once we are carried into a wide field of interesting thought. every physical Every individual object of existence. exist — but because — must change. state. acts. as whatever follows. etc. it. uncover more or less to the is error. or the thing to which any phase belongs may change. law. every law. for the reason suggested. You any object or truth which you imagine you know exhaustively. you have built it by mental experience. 255 Phases of Reality. may be said of the quality itself. to of yourself in order know. We now The unknown phases of any may. are never the same for any two or more continuous moments. is is many-sided. act. Most people are apt to assume that they know an object.. is Things. when they have learned something about the matter have had phases — of a total possible experience in relation to see that this object. At each succeeding instant the phases change. or old phases field of may be newly presented. At any instance they have phases. The will knowing is thus seen to be infinite. things. and a process of states. This personal power-poise comes as an experience. acts. This never a barren unit. states.Some of Life's Relations. for change involves parts a process. therefore. all — a " thing in things that continue — and is not only because existence itself." so. truth. Nothing can be find it interesting to select . mind. states. and that when you know a thing more completely. indeed. you have simply added to that building by experience. Whether or no the phases and changes are and successions actual because objective in themselves. — or — really in the actual because subjective in the human mind. every and psychic state. you cannot go outside You can only know in yourself. It is certain that when you know a thing. fact.

. because y©ur experience has fallen short in some particular aspect of the discussion. the "chooser between. your experience determine what you shall realize. it is It now observed. you will not understand at all. then. but is due to the limits of personal experience imposed by the nature Intelligence is of things. not due to any lack of intelligence on the part of its readers. The fact. in order to understanding and mental development.— 256 so The Culture of Courage. some of these phases of fear and courage. You will profit according to will On level. and must be will partial as concerns it will involved in any page. must indeed be partial only. can be only in part — so far as his experiences go in the matter. To the Infinite the unknowable must be the Infinite final Self. An example might facing an Arctic winter solitude with a madman be There are phases which no human for a companion. known. inexhaustively Courage Always Partial. known by any one person There are phases of courage which you do not know. The study of this book. this At every page has been demonstrated by some one among the however. Courage. the entire volume. You be partial in the study understand up to your your will." Always you have to choose between experiences. and which you never will know. One phase of courage is unknown even to the Deity that required in facing His own death because He is — — — the Infinite. Some of these chapters. own your level. being has ever known. is book's thousands of readers. Here the example might be facing in spirit the sudden wreck of the starry heavens.

You are familiar. evident that multitudes of people have no experience which are entirely common. of anger or of ridicule." live in the relation indicated. Millions of people "wife. in a words. the is discussion of the present chapter affords illustration of the foregoing suggestions." just as the meaning of "love. for example. hand. the idea in you have had the feeling or idea of fear other experiences. 257 Application to Life's Relations." or "love. no one experiences the whole of begin to experience a feeling of fear of fear. relation of true marriage affords a further All example. way. Moreany given relation. and in these relations we come it is to knowledge through experience. thousands in the full experience (broadly speaking) of certain relations. with crowds. say. and one out of a thousand knows the majesty and power and glory of physico- .Some of Life's Relations. on the other mad mob unless you are courage-fact at not know The unless and the actual you have stood you can- bay before such a crowd. Now. but you do not know what it means to face a crowd when it When is in a certain mood. and unless one is actually one cannot know the words. you think of a mad mob calling for your death. you in many relations over. Nevertheless. realize courage before a really courageous. And again. remain during life largely ignorant of the meaning of very common words involved in such relations. Human life a tangle of relations. "husband" or "wife." or "husband. and this fact gives you power to imagine fear of a mad crowd. You cannot. the meaning of the all know in a way it But is experience that married or really loves. because — at least." really defines these words. know.

know what it means highly to mate with a human being. and if he would really individualize. but that world which we call the real knows the state and the relation about as much as an ape knows Mozart. We prefer the city to the desert. They simply confront us in the study now opening. people experience any the least individuality. indeed. . The ideal ends in tradition. poetry. And it is not in a spirit of pessimism that these words are written. painting. It is life's relations that us. That is to are individuals.258 The Culture of Courage. Few. In the latter the demand is incessant and insistent. be it again observed. he might well be free and brave — in a way. he would have the task on his hands of conquering every item above mentioned. and few. so To individualize himself to the limit of ability difficult. psychic passion. fiction. the vast majority of men and women fail to be. therefore. or a kitten knows a Stradivarius. music. — develop the facts before Were a man alone on a desert island in the Pacific ocean. A Few further illustration is seen in the idea and the fact of individuality. These things are not said in the mood of criticism. Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. say: while all know this splendid reality. We know only as we experience. in — — and Nature a man . They are merely and strictly in the line of the present study. The land of the free and the home of the brave is very largely the land of the bound and the home of some variety of fear. for and op- portunity would even then be — and the tions placed would have to confront himself stars and the sea and the world's tradiand education and a devilish misconception of religion. freely and utterly themselves even their better selves. These things would confront this man in his thought.

distorted by creed. the more Nature loves and assists and assertive. yet he never got hold of the true meaning of personality as a The idea is not to be found in real and a sacred thing. These oppositions vary mightly. outcome is the same hold that Nature is a complex Thought of the Infinite. of the awful pressure of Nature and civilization have always conspired to oppose individuality. Religion. and then the evident purpose of life's roughness is The more the individualization.Some the city it is of Life's Relations. we may individualization. more and more the man become man understood that he was always dealing with person in his civilizations. 259 confused and put down. — — — — him. he caught his first glimpse Just as much as civilizaof high-browed individuality. precisely that independent and real individual becomes himself. of things is Anciently. Only after man had philosophized built empires and ruined his own systems and at begun to dream of freedom. Civilization is in its real intentions. — The explanation of Nature's apparent hostility toward a true human individualization is the fact that by her oppositions she has sought to discipline and browbeat and inspire man into splendid assertion of himself. envenomed by selfishness. has fought in blood and fire to prevent and destroy individuality. Greek literature. We may say that Nature has no real intentions. overloaded with institutions. and we are relieved life. 3'et the Or. as man has made it. but the apparently opposed to the individual outcome of the actual working himself. and made absolutely horrible oftentime by cruelty. bound by ceremony. When he did so. did he really personalize himself. and last .

By so so much as you strive after full freedom of self. and the poor ideals hold you to the past commonplace and enslaved reality. by so must — your soul comes free. has it discovered that the one only thing worth evolution and starry systems is the individual come freely and utterly The modern king is simply a to his own kingdoms. your limited knowledge (realization) also limits your ideals. died long ago. like that who the Archangel of War — of is Peruguino's Michael the Minister of Peace. individuality. This is the that if you really finest comment on your nature become yourself. experience has given you. and hold and conquer! . And by so much as you strive after full-orbed courage. tion has dropped absolute monarchs and kings. The meaning of the word. entire individualization. "individuality. is almost unknown. The absolute monarch There is very little individuality in the completest sense because public opinion and convention and fear are so universally and unrecognizedly the rulers of but more truly because so few people have any experience in the individualization of the soul. by much do you breed courage in the soul. Remember. and if your experience has been ordinary. The courage you come of individuality is the sublimest possible type of courage known or conceivable. and only can know what If you would realize this splendid thing. know through experience. When into full individualization." in the sense of For you can only experience. you will be courageous. life. In freedom the self experiences fast. since you can only know as you experience. you must begin by striving for experience beyond your past.260 The Culture of Courage. your courage will be of full stature. symbol for modern government.

— And the human From But the kingship issues development of those powers. The forces which obscure and prevent this goal are — — seen. ONE SOLE HUMAN. in every relation of life. That ideal goal may thus be stated: The royalty of the human Resides in the powers possessed By any. our seemingly aimless digression: Here is the goal of the courage of individuality realized in spite of opposition. it neither yields its existence nor calls for the surrender of other individualiIt never breeds fear in any human with whom ties. by reason of opposition.Some of Life's Relations. nor does it abate its courage in the This is the ideal. in part. number of people grouped while other relations concern one or two individuals only. . the reality of sovereignty self. Is the courage of Asserted before all odds For the right and the power to be. Some of these relations concern a together. Always and increasingly free. is of individuality. The courage ence. ITSELF and that alone— and nothing else or less: at its best The assertively evolving individual. Asserting its own throne and kingdom in the law of interest-balance. In every condition and relation. maintaining of its own identity. The individualizing self can entertain the fear-feeling in presence of no crowd or mob. 261 Courage and Individuality. realized in experi- master of all life's relations. it stands in relation. in the various relations of life.

in individualization at the form. moral psycho-mentality. pressions of ideas. the highest possibility. and so on. nothing there save individuality. sense of the word). Beast and Human.262 The Culture The significant thing. Inorganic and Organic or Living. psycho-mentality. The world and every object and action are exClassification is based on this fact. Physical Life and Psychic Life. In man. of Courage. so that the only salvation of any situarelations is life's human We now by the leges. In the ascending process of analysis we always find some phase of reality — which is appearing in the next higher order of being absent in all lower orders. presents infinite variations. rights proceed to ask: individual"? "human What is to be understood And what are his privi- and duties? is What One highway the Individual? is The world in 0} answer which we as follows: live exists as (a) object — a complex of a system of objects. Evolution is a process of differentiation by specialization climaxing finally in the highest possibility (so far as we know) of every kind of object. The broadest human expresses the idea idea. the Universe is analyzed as Material and Nonmaterial. as are those individuals. which carries with it . Animal and Mineral. Male and Female. because of action. relation with the crowd is now. climaxes in moral relations. activities. Thus. is who confront him merely and whether one confront its one. (b) as action Things are. —a Each man and woman human. is this: the man in merely an individual (in the common many or common tion in best.

the varies. at least. 263 body-idea. can affirm. This and so important obligation that itself suggests the supremest con- . the mind. is each a compound of and in each case the arrangement of the component factors is itself an idea. none of us Never- theless. so august. is an unique comand within each exists some The self varies because every self bination of personalities one specific idea which differentiates the possessor or manif ester from every other human being living or dead or yet to exist. Precisely what this sovereign idea is. determining individuality. and what any particular body ought to be is determined by the arrangement of the component ideas involved in parts and functions. either for ourselves or for others. The mind-idea general nature. it is the supreme privilege of each to realize in actual self — life this ideal goal —the idea of the complete sufficiently. the ideas. together with some predominant idea which modifies all these associate ideas. self-idea. mind-idea. for. it is The body-idea varies for the reason that a complex idea. self.Some of Life's Relations. the idea of moral completeness in the self. Individuality is the practical and groicing realization of the highest idea-thought plan purpose — — — possibility of which the unitary person is capable. to make the individual a vast improvement on is anything yet privilege so universal. The body. and the arrangement of the mental factors varies and is modified by some particular factor. known. But this last idea is determined by a final all-modifying and climaxing idea as well. while all minds are a of one mind in each instance is compound of certain ways the self has of being and doing.

the statement acts. so intimate the body to the live. object is It is therefore known as any self known. that the self could be at home. We know senses. act. The body self is is not the — the Will. No other essence "knowable. The highest law justified. its So far as the place concerned. Body self the then. is Nevertheless. Body expresses Will. The self acts is an actor. through the exists for us only as idea The world about us . it Reversed. external objects indirectly. Experience is a knowing.264 ceivable. let us observe certain con- clusions: Individuality and Experience. is: self exists only as self The Will is the — primarily." actor is The the Will. is the Will. as actor. therefore. The Culture of Courage. Beyond this we cannot know self. is established mani- festation of the Will-Self. We are here to make the To make verse is the most of the self is to assist most of the self. could together with any foreign self in indeed. in no other body. and no other body could long hold control. all A nothing more than its individual intelli- gences brought to a state of perfection. to the proposition that the world exists as object and action. the Universe perfected Uni- in its struggle toward perfection. That is the essence of personal is life — — to self. of life is self-assertion and altruism law so universally balanced that with all men the may be Reverting. the body must take among other external objects. now. The self is known. We know as follows: Every human self knows the self only in action.

but exists for the realization of highest The pure. In all cases the corresponding reality. the self — action in response to action our knowing relates to is not self. The Idea which is God is Will. mental idea compels belief in World and body are real. but through mental reaction not of the psychic self. directly through consciousness. then. exists for its self only as Body. expression of the highest idea of which physicoexistence is psychic The individual its Will knows itself. (a) we know them only It appears. Consciousness may obtain in any intelligence. and that idea in purity is the Will. The Universal Will knows itself and exists for the realization of its supremest Idea.Some of Life's Relations. complex idea. The world we know also But the self we know — indirectly through the (it is insisted by many. but self-consciousness can only arise after reaction-cognition of a not-self as such. Since the realization of the highest idea of which an existence is capable cannot be an absolute thing. that and (b) a world that senses. a relative thing — relative to developing experience — . self expresses Will. as part of the world. and if each act of the act. If we know self only as it acts. The Universal final Will seems to be striving toward capable. and if things exist only as they is the Universe. and the Universal Will is the Idea which is God. but I here say) rectly through its activities. ness independent of some act of psychic Self- consciousness is self-action accompanied by some running mate of other-action. an expression of Will. unwarped Will is that idea. — indi- There is no self-consciousself. like the body. but must ever be possible idea. 265 — innumerable ideas.


The Culture

of Courage.

God grows.





utterly impossible.

Perfection does not consist in realizing the whole of

but in the realization now of all nowis not a matter of quantity, but is a matter solely of quality. The quality of perfection in an intelligent being is the nowpossibility now,

In other words, perfection

possession of



which minister to



Infinite Will, so far as this Universe

concerned, can only be realised as each individual

Will comes to



and to


from now-to-



highest endowments.

The goal of all worlds is individuality attained through experience with the external Universe and realized in consciousness of self as completed individual for any now-period of existence. We are here to grow
a soul individualized by the complete realization of

powers at any now-period, recognized as of the self, and especially of the climacteric idea which gives the individual its possible history that which distinguishes the person from all other individuals.

This brings us to

The Great Affirmation.

are now invited to dwell upon these thoughts something of the sublimity of the following sentence inspires your inmost soul the sentence fell from the pen of one of the world's deepest


thinkers: " The proposition, I am, is


infinite proposition


it is

one which has no real predicate, but which,

for that very reason,


have an infinity of possible


This statement


— that


be illustrated as follows:


= 1.


of Life's Relations.


am am

body: forever some kind of body.

perfect ingly






some development

of mind,

never exhaustively









forever a complex,

making toward
it is

realization of


individual climaxing idea, but never

manifesting this as a finality because



a limitless


of sovereign individuality forever realizing

Catching something of the inspiration of this notion and never

exhausting, you are urged


to resolve:
resolve to be all

self at its

this high

day onward I



freely, solely, wholly,


of all fear, coercion, opinion, belief or

law not based in

reason and motived in




possibility of this resolution is

questioned by



relations of


more or less Always

the question (and the usual assault on the theory) beget

and always, nevertheless, the

fears constitute a

demand for courage. Hence, our methods of dealing with them take on supplementary aspects. If you wish to achieve individuality, you must cultivate courage. But, again, if you wish to achieve courage, I know no finer method therefor than the steadfast assertion and
for the



Having, then,
shall also

the culture of courage as your goal,



companion goal

in the regimes that follow.

goals are sought in the methods,

Both and the methods or

regimes work themselves out through those relations in life which threaten, yet may really assist, the full
individualization of the



we come

to our


The Culture

of Courage.

Regimes: Individuality-Courage Through Life's
First Relation Considered: Fear of HusIt should be observed that you are not here instructed in the matter of getting on with an uncomfortable person; that is an endless subject. Our discussion solely concerns courage cultivated for the sake of happiness and self-realization where some form

band or

of Wife.

of fear obtains in either




for the other.

First Regime: Dispelling Fear in This work should begin with the person



damnable selfishness and selfish damnation (these words are deliberate and meaningful) to permit fear in any human being, if the feeling can possibly be You are, therefore, invited to know whether dispelled. or not your life-mate fears you, and, if such transpire
It is

to be the case, to
chief business of

make the

dissipation of that fear the


For methods you must look

to your better


resolved persistently to work for the

achievement of the end. If you will patiently strive to convince the other person that fear for you is unnecessary, that it really hurts you, and that you wish
the feeling to be removed forever, you will assuredly

accomplish the liberation, by so much, of a handicap
to individual happiness

Second Regime:

and growth. The Cessation


be, in the

Life in such intimate relations tends to develop, unconsciously in one party, unrecognized,


other, habits of interference, dictation,


disclosed in matters of dress, preferences, antipathies,

reading, thought, use of property
ships, art-tastes, politics, religion,

and money, and so on.



justification here.



say, "


this person


0} Life's Relations.


decisions," has not sufficient judgment for these grow member that life is for growth, that no one can exercised without freedom, that no freedom can be are the without making mistakes, and that mistakes indispensable necessary cost of that freedom which is You do not own a human soul merely to development. like sex, because you marry that person. Marriage, in universal life's convenience is a convention and a

You do only. long history, evolved for the sake of life You do not exist to nolTexist to be a married person. male or a female, be a male or a female. You are a
and you are married,
that of
others — may
in order that life
realize individuality.

— your own and
This rela-

The personaltion of marriage is a means, not an end. surrender selfhood to ities involved can never rightly party. The the relation or to the other contracting body, not surrender, contract calls for cooperation of here is and mutual cooperation alone. Otherwise, cooperation of the anarchy. The contract calls for possibly be mental life, but such cooperation cannot there here a demand surrender or capture. Also is

soul-life that soul-life shall be free to grow alongside idea " alongside "—soul bij soul by soul,— and when the boundlessly free to is realized, each soul is S0Ul

realize itself.

which we To Every Soul a World. may present under the heading,

Now, here



interesting truths


physiindividual idea constitutes a nucleus,— as, and this idea-nucleus cally in the cells of the body according to builds for the person his or her world, the soul must grow. That idea, which, and in which, developing, determines, as I have previously





so, it every other idea in the personality. Doing ten thousand ways. The endeavor expresses itself in


The Culture

of Courage.

to express the nucleus-idea creates a personal world in

which the soul would

world of physical amusement, of social or business activity, of religion and dreams and This statement is true in each case. You see, ideals. then, that you thus create your own life-world. Whether or no the ideal of the self be attempted, there is a world for every one of us, and in the sense that the ideal is for all, for each of us there is a life-world which may represent the self at its growing best. So, in marriage, the man has his world: shall not the woman have hers? What is Or, must the woman overspread the man's? the vast importance of a necktie or a millinery hat? From kind of necktie to kind of religion, such matters

— the

action, of dress, of taste, of thought, of

are always



incidentals, since the

just individuality realized.

main thing is forThe clothing and
the person's

the faith are simply passing phase-expressions of the
self individualizing;

are, thus, parts of

individual world.

That world belongs to its creator, the man or the woman, and its complete integrity is an inalienable right which no other may justly question, determine or meddle with. That world may be wrong according to your judgment, but your judgment is In later experience for your world, and none other.


the person to


that world belongs


see that

has been wrong (the necktie an atrocity, the religion
or less mistaken,


and so



it is

the inalien-

able right of the soul to make its own final discoveries in all these matters, assisted, it may be, by the opinions of others, yet never coerced; to make its final dis-

The invitation, then, coveries and profit thereby. which our study indicates is that you cultivate a most sacred regard for the other person's individual world and life, refraining from all coercing interference there-


of Life's Relations.


By so much you dom and courage.

will assist

that person to free-

just the

Third Regime: Sharing Worlds. It is oftentimes unknown that inspires fear. You do not, per-

haps, really


the inner world of the person with

whom you

us say

— business,

are so familiarly associated.

That world


art, society, religion.



you out, and you are in awe of him because you are unfamiliar with his realm. Since you cannot break your way into that world, then, the remedy for your fear rests with its occupant. The urgent thing is that he shall open the doors to you so No person that you may share that world with him. may rightly bar out husband or wife from the inner kingdom of psychic individuality, so far as general
person's reticence walls

partnership therein
are, of course,



never disclosed to any
fails to

Some subtle things human being, and

no honorable person

respect such sacred factors.


are obligated

by the association

marriage to take the wife or the husband into your confidence in all matters which concern the welfare of the two lives. You are, therefore, urged to diminish

and to

disclose to the life-mate the greater

phases of the inner personal



much, again,


assist that

person to freedom and courage.



a reason for this advice, other than

the cure of another's fears.
inner phases of the married

We now

approach the
the worlds

in order to bring out

our thought.
of plants


sex-life is universal in all

and animals.


significance of this fact



exists, first, for

the perpetuation of



perpetuates for the evolution of higher


The Culture
Each individual

of Courage.







Sex operates, therefore, in a way to combine variand thus to secure higher (and varying) indi-


But the combination


two individual factors
Sex operates to

prevents either from a fixed perpetuation by restrainpurely individual tendencies.

combine variations, but
certain fixed types.

also to restrain tendencies of

In sex combination, then, the ideal is reached only through the cooperation of the individual worlds the worlds which build around the nucleus-idea of the



The person with whom you

are associated for


needs your inner world for variational development

assuming that your personality is wholesome and For the same reason on the same assumption you need that other person's world for the best and other lives to come. By reticence in your life and self-inclosure either person commits a double robbery: the robbing of self of ideas, tastes, influences, experiences which would tend to variation and improvement in the world of self, and a similar robbing to the hurt of the other life-mate. Both parties must remain

the poorer for such mistaken method of


in marriage.
If fear

Fourth Regime:

Assertion of Selfhood.


difficulty in this relation,

you are urged from
practically, yet

henceforth to be yourself, to


without ostentation,

Such insistence

upon your own individuality. means two things, which are of the

greatest importance:

Individual assertion means, for one thing,

utmost valuation of your own experience.

It is a charac-


of Life's Relations.


tendency of the timid or fearful person to undervalue personal experience, and hence, his opinions and judgments, and so on.







developing relation to the Universe.

own knowing You come to

know and to unfold through your own experience only. Any other person's experience may be valuable as a
consideration, of course, but even then the real value
of in

from the fact that the consideration Only into your own experience. through your experience can another experience help
it will

issue alone

some way goes



always are driven back, then, to experience
It is this experience,

purely personal to ourselves.

and this alone, by which you are to know the Universe and thus unfold your individual selfhood. Now, your experience is, and has been, just itself. This "just itself" constitutes its supreme value, no matter what it is or has been. It is, therefore, always
a mistake to belittle one's
since that


personal experience,

the only experience out of which you can
for life's

make anything

sorts of "occult" experiences

contemptuously of passed. His hearer remarked:

One who had was heard to speak certain phases through which he had

not entertain contempt for the which you have been hatched. You have gotten past them now, of course, but you have become what you are through all that past experi-



egg-shells out of


Here, then,


the suggestion.

You have

not been

decreed to the experience which your

has developed,

but you have really had just that experience and no and this it is that has made you what you are.



you are invited

to stand for that experience,


The Culture

of Courage.

to properly value

not to discount


to utilize



the utmost freedom, courage and development. It is a fundamental thing that if you will insist on

your own individuality and experience, courage will infallibly begin to grow in your soul and displace fear



its fell



Confronting Individuality.
self (at

Now, the
it is

determination to be one's


in these discussions

rightly decide

what is involves a number

— and you alone can your best — this determinaself)

the best,


of difficulties, to

which we now

turn our attention.


one's selfhood


pense of

any other selfhood.

be asserted at the exAlways, when this is

attempted, the

so assertive robs itself of



it is

error to confuse true selfhood

with personal happiness. Self-assertion may diminish happiness either in the one or the other in the marriage

This presents the


be that you are surrendering something of individuality for the sake of another's happiness. This can be none other than error. Such surrender simply You may say: "If I insist upon perpetuates a wrong.
being myself,
free, active


and courageous,

this person's


will inevitably suffer."


great heresy lurks

No one

has right to happiness at the expense of

my selfhood:

the Universe
is is

one's selfhood

Anyis not so constructed. the sacredest thing in existence, and
the supremest of duties.

One who

derives pleasure (not happiness) from the sacrifice of another's happiness (not pleasure) is guilty of gross

and by so much injures One who permits such pleasure

his (at



the expense of

275 particeps criminis in the ruining of a human soul. will assist T insistence. ality of You can adjust to the individ- This your mate without surrendering your own. Oftentimes. It is a mistake to value happiness (superior to pleasure) as a is supreme end in life. even the expense of pleasure or selfishness. but in Such an one. urged at to have the courage another's individuality. not only because of some other person's misconceived happiness. in the relation here discussed. You are. and guarantees the highest type of happiness. each person in building the ideal life.Some happiness) is of Life's Relations. describe the fact plainly. must infallibly unfold the spirit of courage. while surrender will only increase your timidity and Selffear and permanently injure the both of } ou. seeking right adjustment. make your own to the following declarations of independence for life. It is a case of psychic abuse of Setting aside all lesser and all false considerations. prefers a valueless peace to a is complete personality. of therefore. one 2. tempted to sacrifice individuality. to this end. now. to the interest of one's own peace in life. but so-called forms of happiness which depend on the sacrifice of that goal (individuality) are false. exactly because they so depend. The this all goal of existence individual development. and that more and more. You are invited. self. whatever may betide as the outcome: "I am!" "I am inalienably myself!" "I realize in daily life the supreme idea of mine own individuality! " . you are urged to stand resolutely and persistently and heroically for that individuality which Nature intended in your birth.

It has already been suggested that you can only know courage Also. fully. freely. in either phase. other. through activities of the self. experience has been its experience. experience in relation to things external to the inner life. since the objective world is only what you make You are comit by your 'perception and thought. If you had never had an inner experience objectively denoted by a world of Nature. divided as outer and inner. It highway of unfoldment and life!" " / adjust to any person. but I sacrifice no whit of my ' personality ! "I wish happiness no to all. meaning. If it be said that we first discover the outside world. at balance with every other true individual. courageously ! "I "I build the inner world of my best selfhood I alone!" create the personal experience that is — and mine — and I alone! " is my "I value my personal experience immeasurably. my own life. to begin with your inner world of thought and feeling. in dealing with any new experience.' " " 276 i( The Culture I live of Courage. the . false claims of others!" dominated by best. but I shall be my true self. "I seek the happiness of the self at its ! and for this goal I pay any price "I stand for individual freedom and soul!" "I and none the courage of the free am inalienably myself!" "I am!" Fifth Regime: through Assertion of Courage. and experience in At bottom all experience is relation internal — within the sell You experience. and that we discover the inner world only by reflection. pelled. you could not begin with experience of an external life.

in regard to this thing. The only Universe you know you create within.Some of Life's Relations. — thing as real within. Will. thing as Will. become that thing. — with the assertion and assumption." But you fect assertive are also invited for long to affirm: " / assume — feel — realize — within — courage. You months: therefore. then. Yet. that you now experience this ence. By so much as you go on affirm that it is. By You so much you have find. You have really experienced the thing with the whole of yourself. resolve. Herein lies the secret of the power of auto-sugIn auto-suggestion you assert and assume to be a fact that which has not really become a fact. and the thing itself will unfold within New meanings will emerge. process is infallible. feeling. you decide. by the assertion and assumption you begin to make it fact in a assert a thing. In other words. affirm. self. you disclose persistYou see. the inner experience has evolved thought. When you begin to experiyou form an idea of it When you begin to assume the as thought. perfect. The are. will moreover." . you not only but as well that it surely will be only more so. per- courage. Thus. You have put yourself into You have incorporated that thing in yourthat thing. 2jy answer is that the discovery of the outside world is also an inner process. New developments you. gestion. invited to assert daily for "/ am courage. ence it your inner life and for yourself. a strange occurrence The meaning of the thing grow on you. you begin to experience ing. If it as feel- you really assert and assume. taking place at this point: will will occur. unflinching courage.

un- Always.278 The Culture of Courage. the final "farewell" alternative. you courage. except in a very general way. perfect. and so on. only. Life is an art. the entire self as courageous. feeling and Will to bear on the realizathat is. Always the solution of fear-troubles induced by close relations involves remedies sought through adjustment and assertion of complete individualism. thus. and. and bring thought. human animal is ill. And you are invited to persist in the assertion fact: and assumption until they become one flinching courage. and a child's learning of this art must go on under direction until it discovers the fact and the A . becomes the one admirable guide to the culture of courage. if it chance to mean means good and not ill. indeed. will bring to you a larger and a richer such a course shall finally mean the severance of the relation of marriage better separation than If — the stunted since the life. tion of the goal — This process life. from which age the main principle. yet desister. Life — The II. The above considerations apply life: equally to other relations of the intimate such as. conceded and asserted individuality. But and demands your last sacred seems the only right. This leads to Fundamental Principle in Child Government. selfhood. That outcome need be rare almost infinitely flexible. One phase of the relation of the home life is not to be sought through the preceding regimes. The relation of parent and child calls up the elements of such regimes. will develop new meanings in make these real elements in experience. Second Relation Considered: The Home Child. for the majority of people. brother and employer and employee. mands special application up to a certain varying age.

since must be conceded that the child has an inalienable right to that degree of self- assertion which involves mistakes. takes is the great teacher.Some of Life's Relations. and what some one must put his own knowledge and Governself. individuality through personal experience. but go pendence. This Experience profiting by misfact must be conceded. The Concession of the Right to Make goal here suggested. First Regime: Mistakes. Before personal success in the end. Thus we come direction which is to our regimes. All along. it young life. however. It is so long as the motive of right conduct prevails. and the discovery of experience and its utilization by the child. The right of parental authority it is is not based in the parenthood. perience without mistakes these may minister to the it human is for. life based in the fact that here is a which does not as yet know enough to govern For this reason. This fact asserts the right of every individual to commit some errors in his life. The goal of self- . self can know what experience is. there is only one goal for the government of parent over child. how to The meanwhile demanded. in the this alone is the goal. indicates that the tendency to make mistakes is an inalienable is right —in so far as Exan impossibility. The right of government by oversight obtains in the interest of the coming indeexperience in responsible relation to that ment must begin with oversight. 279 value of personal experience and discovers utilize experience in the conduct of its own affairs. the development in the child of ability to take authority-government over to self-government. are precisely the factors which require care and intelligence on the part of parents. young itself. here that the right of self-government appears. on to the independence of the governed.

You are thus invited to smother your fears in the child's presence and to assume courage and self-control before it for the sake of a brave young life. If you mimic courage. and courage inspires courage. the child will imitate you. however. Second Regime: Cultivation of the Child's Courage. to understand and profit by its own experience and to be sanely courageous. you initiate. (c) The right to that degree of courage of a issues from a consciousness and the expectation of a future self-government. to endure the consequences of its mistakes. If. the child will take your leading. therefore. regime. to go beyond this in the following respects: 1.280 The Culture of Courage. The preceding regimes will "make good" for this present If you throw the child upon its own resources. You are urged. you initiate its surely coming final career. government can never be realized without experience. Thus you If . you assist in unfolding its courage. Courage thrives on encouragement. and teach it to heroize amid the consequences of its own mistakes. You (a) are urged. in the meantime.will. Fear breeds fear. make mistakes in the course of which growing independence that experience. you induce the child to depend on itself. or assist in initiating. to concede to the child three things: (b) The The right to its right to own personal experience. its surely-coming final career for success of some infallibly valuable kind. When you succeed in placing the child on the throne of its own judgment. 2. you reveal your fears. and without a measure of blunder and folly experience can never occur in the human career.

mind forever trembles in presence women toto. action of the instinct of self-preservation: There is nothing in danger to be afraid of. other-world. heavens to be afraid of. in this There are dangers everywhere. The human life that have no basis in fact whatHere are some fearless statements ever are legion. This book denies the validity of all these fears in There is nothing whatever to fear in Nature. death. met. but at the same time it admits the statement as correct: there is nothing in or under the Universe: neither Creator nor created. It is heresy and a fallacy that danger justifies fear. disturbance or panic. which all men ought to confront: There are Nature-Fears: savage and child quake 3. Only one thing might seemingly justify fear thyself gone wrong. destroyed (and it may be) without a particle of fear as a feeling. and this fact calls for reason and self-preservation. fears of Courage expands in the light of reason. Here are Religion. turned aside.Some of Life's Relations. 281 are urged always to inspire the feeling and will of cour- age in the child's soul. grave. yet even here the call is for the righted and the fearless self resolved on better things through harmony with reason.Fears: the majority of men and are by these incessantly haunted. religion. Here are the Dark-Fears: child are always fearful man-child and yearslight fades. when Here are Death-Fears and Grave-Fears and GhostFears: undeveloped of the Mystery. Danger justifies only the exercise of reason and the these only. overcome. Danger is to be avoided. — . all darkness. in presence of the great Mother.

more feared than loved And souls warped and twisted by innumerable fears. common home to atmosphere. and and rouged. Death. I oj Courage. urge you. Stygian Darkness of Empty Space.282 The Culture First Invitation. to these fears within yourself. tion will appear in its objective life The it imita- because has ap- life. remember the long hysteria of carnage. to be done with every notion involving fear-feeling regarding Nature. perhaps peared in your objective — — communicate to the child's inner world. If in you call reason. more tyrant than Friend. fearless selfhood sweet Guide to reasonableness and wholeness. death. with these clearing statements. Other-World. — Religion — Second Invitation. beautiful Simplicity of has been massaged. and thus to banish from the child's so prevalent in the this effort the very suggestion of fear. the child will your aid your will and your imitate you and in time will ac- quire the habit of courage-reasonableness. In addition to such outcome. if this seems hysterical writing. more devilish than hateful obsession of Divine. which must be evident. Unconsciously . torture and awful fear which has haunted the world by reason of religion misunderstood and misapplied in a vain attempt to take the world by brutal force. Child of the Infinite. until now she is oftentimes more prostitute than Heavenly Vision. to deny and sweep ever every reality — as away totally and forknown and imaginable thing or so-called — a justification of fear. destroy all You life are invited. clothed. and made odorous of the grave and pallid with death's bloodlessness. a further result will obtain: the psychic and etheric activities of your inner life will. Religion. and starved. Grave. therefore. in some way telepathically. Religion or Deity.


of Life's Relations.


you and to him

will pass into his

deeper mental

sphere the incessant suggestion of a reasoning
habit of courage.



looking at things and of the consequent attitude and

Your deeper


surely influences

those with


j-ou are intimately associated,



various "occult" (through natural) ways.
objects of

You influence

others by impressing your inner personality





than by direct contact.

The rose that greets an angel's face, Tossed to the street, exhales a grace Beyond its perfume, as it lies Upon a waif's pale cheek, and tries
Life sordid to idealize.

The flower from an evil breast Has quaffed the soul its hues expressed. And she who wears it now must bear The life it breeds a-lying there




of despair.

the truth here indicated
It is not as yet


a conclusion from

scientific study.

"true science," since

eludes the ordinary pickaxe methods of so-called true




now conceded


the realm of matter-force or force-matter suggest very
strongly that subtle ether-movements are incessantly

passing in to and out from every material object, that



person, be he


matter or




movements, that such movements pass from person to object and from object to person, and so,
originate such

that we are always influenced in "occult" but natural ways by things which have long been associated with human beings, and by the "personal atmosphere" of

the people about us.
If such conveyance of influence between persons and things be real, it is surely as real between persons and persons


The Culture

of Courage.

Always the home-life has


complex personal
all is it

In this atmosphere, amid such influences

of things, the child lives.



by the unseen
life is,

forces of the personal



the child

likely to be,

more or




ether-life, to


it so, is full


even though unrevealed by word or action, fear
the child's soul.

will enter



life is


by reason, freedom and courage, the

child's soul will

be subject to the influence of such factors. It will grow A boy into fearless intimacy with Nature, for example.
just able to toddle about,

whose father


a naturalist,

forms a


acquaintance with a college professor,
full of live insects,

and greets him, both chubby hands

with a shout of glee, "Buggums, Bates! Buggums!" In the same brave atmosphere of reason, the child


know no real fear of darkness. Here also, remean sweetness and light rather than

rubbishy ceremony, intolerant theology and hell and And here the All-Good should come, deific wrath.

by inevitable and natural communications, to be the Eternal Thought Beautiful. Third Invitation. You are invited to break away from all bondage and to enter the free world of courage If, meanwhile, you try to for the sake of courage. develop the larger life and the true courage in the child, you will find the satisfaction of the constant response to your example and teachings. Fourth Invitation. And you are urged to appreciate the fact that the child's life and thought-world are real. The fact that the child's life is imaginative by no means The realm of imaginalessens the reality of its world.




this is true of the

merely the realm of things in thought. world of external Nature: it is

also, to

of Life's Relations.


each of


only a thought-world

actual as an external reality



— however — and There

absolutely no hard-and-fast criterion of difference

between the world

— except that the inference of the
so-called real
in each instance, thought,

of imagination

and the world of latter seems




and the so-called imagand no more for us.

Experience alone can discriminate things of pure imagination from things actually existent aside from imagination.




is all its

own, and

it is

as real



as the adult's world


to the adult.


fears are begotten of this seemingly real empire of

which he imagines because he has been taught to imagine it. It is your privilege to assist him in building a thought-world which shall be free from such evil suggestions.
dreadful things

Third Relation Considered:

Sex in


Social Life.

Individual fear for the opposite sex


Such fear may obtain as bashfulness, emAll these phases

barrassment, timidity, or fear in the usual sense, or

even as antipathy.
either as the


be regarded


of unfamiliarity or as the pro-

duct of traditional teaching.

In the one case, sex would disappear with familiar association

(sex-timidity should not be confused here with fear of
certain individual traits appearing in either





or with association inspiring regard.

In the

other case, timidity needs but a just understanding of

sex as a condition to reveal the utter uselessness of the

These propositions lead to the practical regimes demanded for development of courage. First Regime: Fear Dispelled Through Social Every rightminded person naturally idealizes Life. the opposite sex. The tendency to do this is one of the


The Culture

of Courage.

most valuable

of psychic activities.



in the


soul a universal initiative in this direction.


initiative, in other



a broadly working tendency,

as the bent

The value

toward individuality is a broadly working of the tendency to idealize the


when the

general initiative

gives rise to the special initiative of sex-love for
particular person.



special idealization re-creates

a loved person and builds around that beloved object


an altogether unique world. The one whom we love always more the ideal then the real. The lover's

The hero is the creation of his passion. woman's soul is only suggested by the actual man. This fact comes very close to a law which obtains in
truest mistress
of a
religion, as, indeed, the sex-life lies so closely thereto

The Buddha, the

ought always to be taken as a sacred experience. each is forever a gift to the Christ, worshipping world of that world's own idealizing imthat

Nor does


sex-life, also,

this fact destroy the value of enhances and validifies religion. In no statement of the kinds made above

can destroy the idealization of passion. That initiative of imagination which leads to sex-union, is the guarantee
of the sex-life,

and the philosopher who knows the truth

goes as blindly into love as the veriest boor.
general form the tendency


its special initiative it

makes the sex-life possible. makes the sex function actual.
condition, sex-timidity,

When, however, the

idealizing tendency operates to

begets that


or sex-fear.

the boy

— at the proper

The boy

fears the girl

and the



In either case here there


not be the slightest consciousness of idealization,

but the tendency indicated lies back of timidity or fear (other than antipathy) in so far as it is due to sex rather

than to individual

of Life's Relations.


traits. The problem, therefore, is remove the inspiration to fear, yet leave intact the vital idealizing tendency. The problem



suggests the present regime.


right social

life re-

moves the mystery

of the unfamiliar sufficiently to

but does not touch the general initiative of
Observe, at this point:
it is


said that the

right social intimacy tends to accomplish these


Whether or no such be the outcome

in regard

to the idealizing tendency (or ought to be the outcome),

the death of fear certainly does follow right social acquaintance.



are timid with people of the opposite

your remedy consists in associating, incessantly and in the most friendty way, with individual women You should never yield to the temptation of or men. flight, but should resolutely hold yourself to social contact, however emphatically you may feel at any particular time that this is exactly what you do not desire. Nevertheless, social contact should be social indeed. It is sex-fear which you are seeking to rid yourself of,

not fear of individual


of a sex.




your timidity in the presence of some women or some men, your trouble may still linger on. In such case you have merely conquered individual occasions of fear. You are urged to go beyond such accomplishment, and to conquer sex-fear by means of familiar social contact with men or women in numbers, meeting them individually, in groups, in crowds, and to persist in such social contact until the fear for any man or any woman because of sex shall have vanished from your life. With this persistent effort may go, as psychic encouragement, the assertion and assumption of all these pages. " / am what I am ! I have no cause for fearing you.


The Culture

of Courage.

I am, with you, unobtrusive yet perfect courage.



of this


is infallible




The scope

of our present work, however, is not

Antipathy founded in sex-reality is rare, since the great Nature of Things works precisely to the contrary in the interest
designed to cover pure psychic antipathies.
of universal evolution.
therefore, are not

Individual cases of antipathy,
occur, are

common, and when they


This fact does not render sex- antipathy

The experience ought to be unwho has it, and certainly is to If you those with whom the person comes in contact.
pleasant to the person

are conscious of aversion for others merely because they are not of your sex, you are doubly abnormal in


and are work here suggested. Assuming that a remedy for the evil is desired, you should seek to discover all the fine traits and qualities,
desire a cure of the antipathy,

you do not


to the


the admirable activities of the opposite sex


with perfect fairness

— and,

— doing

to this general end,

similar factors in individual

men and women

the field of your observation.

In the meantime, of


are urged to ignore, utterly, every other

contrary evidence.


existence of evil traits in




to be

conceded as

no importance whatever,

for their con-

sideration here

absolutely without


good can be accomplished by discovering or dwelling

upon the

faults of other people?



"go withnature

out saying;"




existence of noble qualities in


also a fact, but of the greatest possible value.


search for such qualities and the constant dwelling


of Life's Relations.


thereupon always prove
It is

both to

and to

not only an evidence of highmindedness, but motive of high uplift in mind to seek, discover, acknowledge and dwell upon all virtues and exellences

also a

in the opposite sex.

Should such a regime fail in your own particular remaining possibility is the birth of a noble passion in your soul for some individual man or
case, the only


in the heart of

When real love for a woman or a man unfolds man or woman, sex-antipathy dies perSo concluded Oliver Wendell Holmes in "A

Mortal Antipathy." Thus, to cite another instance, a marvelously beautiful queen had been dominated for
years by actual aversion for
all individual men, and had endured with the utmost pain the very touch of the king's hand, her soul being as ice at the thought of love; but when the sovereign had asserted his kingship and had proved himself so truly a monarch that he inspired an impossible passion in a daughter of the people, the

queen's heart yielded and she discovered within her soul a great love for the man too late. And then the queen became the superior a woman in love.

— —


Second Regime: True Knowledge of Sex. It an evidence of the preeminence of Nature that the

physician, the surgeon, the scientist, may know human nature to the last knowable atom, yet retain the idealizing

tendency here suggested.


truer knowledge of

sex would certainly dispel



views of

men and



women and men.


the notion

of the superiority of one sex over the other entirely



There is no fundamental entity which we are to call Sex is not, so far as we can perceive, a psychic

reality in itself.

The Culture



ascription to Nature of male

female essences

purely imaginary.

Similarly, the

notion of two cooperative principles in Being, or in

Deity the notion of the Divine Fatherhood and the Divine Motherhood has merely a fanciful value. Many scientific works appear to assume that sex is universal in the sense of being fundamental, and in

some instances

writers in the science field go so far as to speak of the " male" cell and the "female" cell. Such

indeed issue from male or female bodies, but no real sex in either instance. Either "male" or "female" cell will reproduce female or male forms


up to a certain larval stage of The one form of cell has been seen to enter the other form, and, before the two had completely united, before the inner nucleus of the one had merged



with the nucleus of the other, the whole has been

experiment), so that the two nuclei occupied

the one portion of the division, the other portion being

and each portion has produced a temporary living form. The union of the male and female cell is conjugation, and the function of conjugation is restoration, so to speak, of energy. The cell, without conjugation, is capable of a larval form of life, but its energy is not sufficient for the further development of that life. Conjugation affords a condition in which is supplied the
without nucleus,
greater energy


for the fully developed type


factor, sex, is functional, not essential

— not

of the essence of things in

The fundamental function
of energy.

of sex is conservation In mathematical physics, the parallelogram

of forces illustrates this truth.





of Life's Relations.


combined on a line of fortySex corresponds to the forces: the resultant action is not a fundamental; it is merely an
at right angles, proceed
five degrees.

outcome of the meeting. The sex-correspondence is not the two lines of force, however, but is merely the
fact of the to-be cooperation for the resultant.
illustrate in



another way: a thought has

energy, and
it is



to realize


own mental own possibility


by contact with another thought.
the thinking

The function

of contact is not of the essence of thought;

incidental to the upholding of


it is


functional to the physical


we know; but

not of the essential nature of the psychic


far as

we know.

There can be no superiority based solely in or dependent on sex. If two factors are indispensable to not in its initiation, but the production of a third the conclusions are: only in its completion



essential to the nature of that third;

Both are

essential to the completion of that third;

Neither can be superior to the other, so far as


concerned at least, evidence of such superiority must be looked for elsewhere. The superiority of man regarded as a class over
existence or nature


regarded as a class


not demonstrated by
surely are superior

history, since

the question of superiority must involve

those elements in which


thus far in the world's

(The apparent contra-










superiority of

class is equally not

woman as a class over man as a demonstrated by history, since as
must involve those

truly the question of superiority

She was subject to the laws of the universe She had to eat to live." the woman whom Eden loved stained her lips eating cherries. as he had never dreamed of purity. superior to man. you should remember that she is simply a human being. and a woman. never a an individual man proves to be superior to some individual women. If wholly individual. "She was pure. this is a case of individual (not sex) endowment a fathomless mystery — and If of personal effort — — a very plain affair. elements in which the world's life. after all. secondarily. just as inexorably as he was. We are compelled to deny the actual superiority And we see no of men in any large and fair field. body and self will assist you in meeting the other sex without fear. but cherries stained her lips. it was true. this case is explained precisely in terms of the former statement. reason for holding that woman is in any actual sense Whatever degree of inferiority or anywhere in members of either sex is due to the social history of the two sexes. superiority appears — — Moreover. So. the fact that woman instinctively tries to surround herself with mystery and beauty will clothe that rude fact with ideals essential to her place in life. . you are hampered by fear of woman because she is woman. man surely is superior — thus far in Human superiority is determination of sex. In London's "Martin Eden. because of her marvelous part in the drama of life.292 The Culture of Courage. primarily. she was human. And the same proposition applies if you are If you are rightfearful of man because he is man. If. that the minded the rude truth about the other sex individual woman or man is just human. an individual woman proves to be superior to some individual men. therefore.

then. The feelings . and respect for it is man who deserves admirable.' " Our regime consists in the two suggestions: Re- — member the fact that every woman human being. then she could feel love and love for a man. And why could he not be the man. and heat and cold. 'I will be the man. Reversing the matter for the opposite sex: Remember that a man is merely a human being. 'It 's up to me to make good/ he would murmur fervently. 293 and when she got her feet wet she caught cold. I will make good. the individual man or woman proves fearful by reason fested. remember. mys- are just the instinctive efforts of her psychic play its part in life's huge history.Some of Life's Relations. too. Our sole concern is the destruction of fear and the development of courage in either master or servant. Respect for always legitimate. suggests: The the Employer's is rightful authority Responsibility. self to is simply a psychic self. adornments. teries. That object of effort is not now before us. fundamentally like your And. But that was not the point. Fourth Relation Considered: Employer and Employee. that her ways. I will make myself the man. of traits peculiar to individuality as mani- the present regime must give methods as herein outlined. (These words are here used because of the wide scope of their meaning). If she could feel hunger and thirst. and that his aggressive self ways are but expressions of a psychic whose first law is to die for the object of its love. way to other IV. These suggestions are based on sex considerations If only. The relation. In "Power For Success" the relation of employer and employed is discussed with reference to getting on in life.

however. nor do they tend to initiate flight. The employer who consciously inspires fear in his people is a demon if he enjoys that fear. bashful. to No man need and the cure must be any degree be feardesperately and persistin regimes begin. the employer. the greater fault lies with instances. even in assault by the fearful. since the fear is his if he wills. arouses such psychic activities. the contrary is And the man who becomes timid. is negative (though positive in its manifestation). an impulse to get away from or to overcome the inspiring cause action — some instinctive which means self-preservation. of any person his position if he is indifferent. The conquest of fear. Responsibility comes up in both Nevertheless. . flight. The action. let him remember that he has induced fear in a human soul. If you are an employer. ful of an employer ently. often true. nevertheless. employer is not always but the contrary is very frequently the case. also. and unfit for So. who controls labor. First Regime For Fear in the Labor-World: The Employer's Responsibility. deference. really signifying an effort If. be self-possessed and courageous. Such inspiration of fear is not always conscious in the employer himself. a nervous disturbance. Neither the feelings nor their corresponding attitudes involve distress. the employer be a human rather than a beast. Provided. the employee. or anyone in authority over others. then. sought in himself. of respect. veneration. sarily to have nothing necesdo with fear. These are the characteristics of fear in all its forms: a sense of danger. then.294 The Culture of Courage. to put the cause of fear away from the self. fearful. raises With him should our responsibility for the employer. in the presence of his really conscious of the fact.

is No the vocation can be as great a thing as being a whole human. As a vocation. since. So. the bulk is purposed in money-making. of its great bulk is not the Business goes on for the accumulation of money. Everywhere mere money-making absorbs the business world. artist. this thing: that of is Your supreme vocation and your life. making the most of yourself What men call their vocations should be their avocations simply — in the chief business being the unfoldment of individuality to its best estate. — but This is of what value is it if you have nothing within? in effort man swamps And himself self which cannot possibly build the greater the main thing. as poor a thing as to be a musician. it supports all other worlds of Nevertheless. as things are at present. is certainly legitimate and praise- worthy as an avocation. it is degrada- the cream of is The mere business-man money-maker sacrifices The pitcher life for the golden pitcher. If r you say. or think. lawyer. I do not undervalue the business world. That world is of the very greatest importance. "rubbish. to be a mere business human man is mere to be a very poor tiling. — gold or pewter." the rubbish is 3 our own head. physician. Money-making tion. minister. The cause support of others and the fostering of culture. poet. so long as that effort we come ment — that to one of two bottom facts in the realm of employ- The business man humanity. and that often puts his mere business above . needful.Some it is of Life's Relations. 295 lift suggested that you begin the effort to yourself above the level of mere business. activity.

The principle runs clean up to the top of things. to resolve so far as your ability permits. Both facts constitutes selfishness — which is the sole hell of a struggling universe. appear in brains and heart and manhood and I do not preach in these words." but responsibility. if you take the right view of life you will find the hard- — tack turned into truth. First Detail for the Employer. If calls The resolution indicated involves several important sug- details. love. You must face the And all responsibilities they are neither have settled this rather uncanny character: nor disposed of by denial or neglect. self-development: it womanhood.296 The Culture of Courage. There is only one true God: That will Which Lives By Doing Right Always. always there — They are The only to take it way in which to get rid of a responsibility is up and do the thing required. entitled to the best . just where they were born. I simply speak common sense. absorb its essence into character. that fact the position you hold: you cannot rule except on you to surrender you are too weak for the place. you must eat it. occasion for fear of you in any man. service. you are invited to regard your people from henceforth as altogether human. When fear of the employer sort in is conscious that he inspires calls for effort any any employee. of all upon the removal. digesting and assimilating This is the whole of life Duty has been called "hardtack. then. responsibility of the relation. woman or child whose labor you employ. through fear. the fact on his part to dispel that fear. You are invited as an employer. To the end gested. If you would get past a duty. The employee does not care cares for it for his work as work: he as only money-getting.

he simply does right the whole damn time. Among these there are some who declare the ideal life impossible." the reply is. Here we have the prostitutes among women: known or unknown. Your business would go to pieces on that plan? On any other plan you will go to pieces. kept or married." Doubtless they are. The Should these statements by some chance reader with the remark. They cannot live as they want to live and be rigidly right every single time. with their endowments. and with your reasonable assistance. Differences of opinion on this subject are valueless. — — And the business man who is dishonorable. The satisfaction that comes to a rotten life is not worth the candle. not homed. You are invited to put your business. 297 that they can -win. puts himself on the level with women who are housed. Second Detail for the Emjiloyer. slack in exact right dealings with public or employees. Let us see: You desire that your wife and daughter shall be virtuous "the whole damn time. up on the level of an uncorrupted conception of right. Unyielding virtue destroys the social evil. Yet some women are not.Some life of Life's Relations. housed or homed. and who yet repudiated all evil schemes: "Why. in every single transaction. under the circumstances. and the present detail be repudiated — — — versally carried out." This second regime is fitted to awaken a similar surprise perhaps in yourself but it is the only way. kept. But there are thouands of employers business men who contradict the objection. tician said of a great soul A poli- who had come to high office. not married. "This would destroy business. The business world would be infinitely better were the contradiction uniis thing precisely as written. less than honest. "So much the worse for business" and the man. .

The world does not exist because of business. proposition. A substitute for the "good "in this case would be. Many men define "good" as the thing they want. better paid and pensioned tabor. but in spite of dishonest business and because always there are business men who try to do right "the whole damn time. if better in the end for schools of learning they could the practically represent their own scorn for mere money-getter and look to sound business and the people for their support." . man's or Let us see. but really shows that the usual illustrations should be reversed. an unmonopolized market. Example Two: A man accumu- lates satanic ties. The philosophy which has come to be called Pragmatism holds that any claim. in claim. therefore. This A vaster good might be an unmonopolized is a good. market. There is no other life test. labor better paid and pensioned. It is methods have been right or justifiable because they work out for some elements of "good. truth. But the application hastily concluded that a of the test is critical. can only prove itself right by its practical workingout in human affairs. law. is wealth and founds colleges and universiPerhaps it would prove a good outcome. wheth- er honest or dishonest. many independent enterprises. Thus further with the pragmatic philosophy as usually applied in such cases. Example One: A man accumulates a tremendous all the world with his name somewhere on the building walls.298 The Culture of Courage. again." The formal statement needs The world of emanalysis and illustration. The pragmatic philosophy here fortune and builds public libraries over — — is somewhat This clarified. independent enterprises. ployment validates the statement.

and theology. his "truth" may become error and his love of truth mere jealousy for a dogma. literature. Equity and Equity Jurisprudence were the outcomes of an Third Detail For — — effort to find that door. wilfully ignored The phenomena minds for ualism. however. Nothing is . and always — interpretation hardens into fixed forms. toward labor demands equity. absolutely bony system strapped on the man-made. then inevitably a marbleized mummy: Pharaoh trying and so in every age. sprang from two facts: interpretation of law was always a matter of opinion. Religion. Here scientific arise the falsities of science and religion.Some of Life's Relations. again. with no or a henthen. 299 tion Any man's relathe Employer. has always been cursed by the theological in outside. house. were scouted. there that which must be the true merely open door of re-adjustment. to rule the world of later history Always opinion issues from interpretation. science. more God has been it than in art. tocould find a door opening toward improvement could real justice be ward a higher ideal of justice done without violation of established precedent. to cite an instance. Xo matter what a man's notion or acceptance of truth may be. the opinion tended to Only as interpretation crystalize into rigid forms. The attitude sometimes petrifies and becomes of spirit- totally unscientific. Equity in the English Common Law. acts behind interpretation is If to live. scorned and by great scientific many years until the age of the psychic factor inspired courage in a few investigators. although with just as much. if his attitude is not free and open to new conceptions. so that love of truth is lost in the bigoted worship of a fetish. first — now and — a vital necessity of inquiring thought. Equity is no more than justice.

The question of justice from employer to employee. time. Truth now is because it is none otherwise. you see. When you subject yourself to a fixed system of rules for the regulation of the one fine thing in that system your conduct. calls for equity in your dealThis equity does not put itself on the ings with labor. justice becomes rigid. When you say. and centuries of improving pleted by two other laws — — interpretation of those two additions. and then the real justice tions — that equity. No man starts in business for the sake of being unjust. of new and human condi- reasonable return on the capital The Equity-Detail thus suggested involves : (1) A money.300 because it The Culture of Courage. "The highest right thing I can damn time — '" make out — 'the whole you have to all the rules plus this one little better. to return to our regime. the desire do a "Common Law" unfolds its flower. Methods which financial basis) represents mean "success" come is. effort : and brains." The detail. common notions of justice. the attitude of equity. an iron hoop all round the heart of busiEquity is ness. usual financial basis: As big a fortune as possible whatever becomes of labor. Equity is demanded because that statement (Equity does not put itself on the usual saving thing. and inevitably. But the valuation of brains does not . gradually to define what justice of then opinions about justice petrify. becomes injustice. When not so idealized. you eschew the desire to do a The ten commandments had to be comlittle better. Equity is justice striving to realize itself in new situations. must always be idealized by now-truth — and has been true. that — disappears. not some sentimental ideal. Then your "Equity. The man wants to do justice by all. thus.

child An attitude toward every man. It involves a fair (Equity!) distribution of the final net products of the cooperation of employer and employee. body and mind. since would "in equity" give the Universe to one or two men in history. woman and which shall. can never cany with it a gigantic monopoly. 301 base on a crook's notion of this skill in robbery. since employees seldom reveal sufficient wisdom for that plan. Hours of labor free from the coercion of labor (4) societies and selfish business: long enough for capital's rights. thus based on downright good-will. dishonesty of any sort. . and the death of as its legitimate price. long hours.! Some of Life's Relations. Equity! Equity Wages of labor based on the ideal of coopera(5) tion. corrupt legislation. (6) Interest in every employee outside the busi- ness plant. encourage all true courage. nor scanty wages. yet demand personal respect and perfect adjustment to (8) authority. This may not involve the actual cooperative plan. and consistently with reasonable equity-success. Shouldering responsibility usually shirked (3) under the fellow-employee law. (2) human sympathy Conditions of labor conducive to the best of so far as possible. (7) Advancement in position and reward condi- tioned on worth. and independence. it it is right to say. Such a true reasonable return may but represent a fortune of millions. short enough for labor's welfare. These details will infallibly work wonders toward all the development of courage in the world of labor.

: 302 If The Culture of Courage. But the business man is constantly aware of the occasion for fear in his relation with business. to eliminate fear in his people. then. His notion of justice . as in the preceding regimes. and you have the twin supports of fear in both employer and employed. Occasion for Fear is on The employee his attitude not always practical and Part of Employer sane in toward the employer. Second Regime For Fear in the Labor World: The Employee''s Responsibility." very well. who rightfully have their own opinions. to we come business this fact — Hence Labor's Responsibility is for Courage." "rubbish. If the former is called upon to do what he can. or salary-earner should fear any employer should fear any wageearner or salary-earner. "sentimental. they should be labeled. He also both wants and withholds things unjustly. and as well an employee. In him. with labor's indifference to work as work. the inspiration of courage and the slaying of devilish fear. A master's fear of his servants is not even natural. he is endeavoring with friendly motive strictly to adhere to his task. The author not striving to coerce his readers." "ideal." is "impossible. No occasion for fear First is two-fold. This No wage-earner man on earth. the latter should avoid occasion in the employer of fear for the employed. The mere Unite money-getter evidently its selfish. since he also is a man. the employee's responsibility is exactly equal to that of the employer. fear is inspired by something which his people are or which they do. The fact that he is in business indicates his initiative and courage. In the work of driving fear out of the world of business.

therefore. So far as courage goes. He does not try to know. yet squaring to facts. wishes to remove fear from his own he must establish such relations with the employer as will re- move the cause of fear from his Invitation.Some of Life's Relations. which is the motive of these pages. you see that labor is about as often wrong as about as insane as capital. nor wages. insistent often on what cannot be granted. fully as much as right. our invitations: First You are urged. If you fear the business world. may the\T fear the unexpected in trade. but employers. No man can is scious that he develop courage while conwrong. working when own — — . soul. to take your stand as an individual for equity in your working life. nor conditions of labor. Conceding that he and his unions have their splendid points. or even that he may be wrong as a matter of practical fact. He case: there 's an end! He does n't know own much in regard to the relation as he should seek to know. If the employee. fear the inequity of organized labor. you have equal cause for fearing the tyranny of your ranks. own ranks. 303 sees his as also often lacks the sense of equity. whether that of wealth or that of labor. And so. for the most part. but he can . and he will organize only himself He organizes all his faults and follies and ignorance. so far as his relations with business are concerned. essential to his welfare. it is imperative that you permit no society to dictate to you the number of hours you shall work. Business courage be willing to face equity. You are urged to be and to remain a free man. then. This invitation signifies independence of organized tyranny. of Associations and unions back him (or which he backs) represent these statements because such associations and unions are his own buildOrganization is ing.

When the striving sum. You are thus invited to stand your labor world. By so much as labor becomes merely an effort for money. This proposition will carry the laboring man is as truly as the business man. and under conditions as you will. For what does a man mere cases not for wage or salary? But this. Second Occasion for Fear on the Part of Employer: The second phase of the occasion for the employer's fear of the employee is the fact that labor does not care for its work as work. for sanity. He who suffers labor organizations to supplant his human sovereignty proclaims the coward. but this book holds that the goal is worth the cost. fairness. Second Invitation. This goal has a toil if fair look. for whom you will. The employer whose for as little rule As much as I can get as I must pay. One personality as low as the other. The prevailing goal of labor in is the pay.304 The Culture of Courage. the thing assumes this equational form: As mere little little labor as possible for as much money as is. where you will. The cost may be heavy. is money-getting. since you have to do with human passions. by organized capital or organized Tyranny has no real courage. for a Seemingly might be is the striving for a mere fortune. And it is in the majority of justifiable small money-getting. He who essays to control the sovereign individual in the world of wage and salary labor proclaims the tyrant. again. at what wages and for the number of hours you will. . you will. full justice. manhood sinks in degradation. with fears for no demagogue or organization whatsoever. possible = dishonesty. is guilty of that dishonest type of business which dishonors finance. organized or otherwise. which is full equity.

a are not paid for eight hours of labor. We the expenditure of force. effort. the true discrimination between labor and Nevertheless. The wage-earner and the salary-earner fall into confusion in the use of the words. nobody pays a cent for it. in the world pays his employee for Labor and work ought to identify. because machinery is valued for its work. In the machine energy is engaged in doing work." Thus they as so are tempted to think of their employment much time per unit of time. and it does not labor at all. You You work. "labor" and "work. Work being the doing of something. Hence the notion of little labor. I hired a carpenter in the construction of a small I building. it is Labor is muscular or mental The phrase. That is to say." It is everywhere assumed that an employee is paid for his labor or for his work as one and the same thing. I did . many instances real value. " the never used. As well might a business This is man hire you to swing dumb bells. because their aim is. machinery is valued for what it accomplishes. is entitled to wage. much pay. employees manage In their effort in way to contradict the proposition. is gauged by what it does. the will put in at so much permit. fortune. "As little done as possible for the effort I make. is labor of a machine" energy measure energy solely by its work. In order to meet employer plans to get as much out of his people as he can at as small expense as the situation this fact. they are actually paid for mere labor rather than for the work. worked with him day after day. are paid for the things you accomplish. No business his labor. Labor being mere effort. but they man do not. as a general thing.Some of Life's Relations 305 The Difference Between Labor and Work. salary.

involves four things (a) Enjoyment of a finished product. seeks to practicalize these factors for equity in his No employee who and stands his organization own relations and those of toward his employer. to do one's very best. therefore. as the handi- craftsman's pride in the result of his skill. month. back-bone afraid of such help. Two things will instantly remove this fear: A in this matter: .306 The Culture of Courage. marble. To meet this rightful claim by time-killing is robbery. (b) artist's enjoy- Pride in the finished product. looks to employer and employee (1) alike: To the employer: to demonstrate his own equity and to refuse manifest injustice. as the ment of his picture. The invitation. — which (d) The honest purpose to give value for value means. many " hours " as possible ! He did want to get in as He put in a bill for " work. as the journey(c) man's pride in the technique of his craft. not want to kill the man. Pride in the skill involved. with this re" Let justice be done. year. will inspire or prove an occasion for fear in the business man. The element of time is purely incidental in the business world. from cook to lady's Women are maid. Employers do not pay wages in order that employees may get through eight hours of time. Work. The cause of the confusion indicated is the fact that labor does not care for its work as work." I paid him for a lot of needless muscle effort. solve: Fiat justitia ruat coelum — though the heaven falls. properly viewed." One class of people especially needs an infusion of employers of household help. Wages and salaries are based on the idea of values secured during the day. music.

The best way in which to get out of the machine-life is to cease being a mere machine-man. 307 human treatment of help. and to hold all decline to enter- You are invited to face labor with equity fast the courage- attitude against inequitable demands from the labor has world. But the invitation also looks toward the The latter must love his work. you are invited to substitute the idea. again. time-labor. (3) employee. both in your thought of your occupation and in the activities involved. in You are invited to hold steadily mind that you ought to be paid only for valuable things accomplished in the shortest possible time. — of slavery is justly You are invited to seek enjoyeffort.— Some fully of Life's Relations. The consciousness being right. and it is wholly you are paid paid what labor for. dishonest. of the notion that cally that is You are is invited to get rid totally for your time. Many a business man won out on precisely that ground. and this fact demands brains and the use of them and the equity which ought to go with brains. Fifth Invitation. The muscle-action measured by mere time since all value goes to the master. to any human in his employ. Only thus can the human machine become a man. and the slaves' energy must be renewed. reason- ably speaking. Fourth Invitation. for the notion. work. Hence Third Invitation. You are a workman on the level of equality involved by freedom. Practibut this is not because business has agreed to the plan. ment of the finished product of your There is . and so of being independent — this of is the nursery of courage. ability and willingness to get on without such help. (2) tain fear for To the employer. Hence.

You begets a fine personal feeling which infallibly activities that lifts the person to a higher level and establishes superior etheric must in the very nature of the case mag- netically influence all persons susceptible to the higher values of life. Sixth Invitation. and skilled Ii. You can- not enjoy that product unless it merits yonr pride. is does in which he may not put some skill. Eighth Invitation.308 The Culture of Courage. Such pride is the wine that stimulates human evolution. enjoyment surely there. for an honest is free man's work. Nothing is more conducive to the magnetism of art and craftsmanship than pride in bare technique of skill. This man may say three things against all courage. nothing a man is and there enjoy. It in it Seventh Invitation. These invitations bear directly on the culture of He whose service is thus determined has built for himself a foundation rock of courageous independence. nothing requiring skill that he may not If your best goes into your work. — an honest day's work My pride — an able man's man's My courage — a man's claim My will is is for an honest an honest skill in task. odds: man's pay. are invited to take pride in the skill employed in the very best thing you can do. You are invited to cultivate pride in the finished product of your effort. the usual selfish indifference and brutal . now. And you are invited to enter the ranks of the sovereign few in this world whose law is : the best of myself in every undertaking of body and mind. and you cannot take pride without enjoyment as well.

" . then. It seeks. not the best thing I can do to-day. directly. and I will fear no employer. Man life lives here but once. conditions not adverse. of courageous independence. nothing else. here I live high the of an honest soul. The time for courage is when things go badly. Were for. but only to instruct for courage. you are invited persistently to resort to the powers of your self for own psychic will. 309 selfishness of capital confronts you. and I am power amid all conditions to-morrow. and.Some of Life's Relations. be you need to specialize ment toil. not to solve problems. Therefore. It is courage were not called as they are that because things are This. whether of will be and I muck or of gold. And kindly observe of the courage that may that the theme of this book is courage. through sheer assumption and be demanded by the very condition in which your difficulty lies. and no man's machine. on the unfoldyour time nor better talismanic sentence: but work — "I offer the world. the culture.

I will assert my soul. Tossed and whirled. . I will set myself in opposition to all hurt. me. having climbed to mine own — shapeless Thing. too. uncouth and jagged. stand Looking back on the cylinder-life. Therefore. Life's nicety and power. angular. afar up. The heat of the strenuous moil is terrible. Elate. I shall day. — The Author. of the White wide richness of soul I inherit.— THE RAW MATERIAL. On On No the plane of the raw and the painful. the planet of war and defeat and poor death. 's But a human that worth the cost. And I will suffer the grind with a smile. All about me I behold of The raw material man: Rough. of the deep. The dust strangles. I. bruised and broken Like iron shapes in the foundry's smoothing cylinders. am Which makes And And Win Win Win Some I will take on equality with the best. and fare on 's Resolute to win the wealth that of the place that awaits mine. The sudden and fierce contact is war! a part of the culturing process of the raw some statues of the gods.

and because he manufactures a mysterious something in the crowd which none of its individuals supplies."—" The Man Who Would Be King. The recognition of danger should not be identified with the emotion of fear Always or with a feeling of nervous apprehension. Fear because of numbers exhibits in three phases: Fear of the Crowd Hostile. nor from what point of view you approach it. ful in its presence. the word hallucination is doubly applireputation. clean thinking always destroys its justification. Fear of the Crowd Human cable. . it is error to suppose that one may justifiably be fearNo matter where you find fear. danger may exist without inducing fear. The appar- ent foundation for this fear is the notion of fearworthy danger to self threatening injury or loss of that danger is This is an old error something to be afraid of. "Neither God nor devil. but a man.CHAPTER XL The Fearful Crowd. An hallucination may be sufficiently de- fined as an impression not founded in fact. — person therefore." HURIOUS that one is this feature in fear-hallucination may be apprehensive before a crowd its ^gHHl while consciously indifferent toward any of individuals. If he is not afraid of any individual in the crowd. fear before the crowd is his own creation. In regard to the crowd. because the crowd-fearing assumes that danger justifies his fear. however. the crowd portends an injury which no individual could portend. If.

and physical fear-action tends to react psychically fear-feeling. and most organizations now and then.312 The Culture of Courage. Fear of the Crowd Critical — the mob. — in either case increasing the cal or. eyes. muscles of lips. varieties in their order. One aim. The hostile crowd is comparable to a wild animal. alert. In the second form excitement threatens to overthrow physical control and to disclose fear tending toward panic. in order that they may not master you. self-poised. then. are antipathetic. We take up these The crowd public opinion. feet. therefore. psychic fear-action tends to express physically. Fear of a crowd forms: or psychic may assume one or other of two 'physical nervous excitement reacting in mind. the audience. wish to master the physiand psychic signs of fear before these master you. critical furnishes audience and builds exerts a physical The human mass and a psychical influence toward which some organizations always. the public. must be to get control of the nervecentres by an instant and powerful effort of will and through the discipline of constant practice. secured. I. the mass. again. A second aim must be to get control of the body hands. You are invited to make that statement a sure conviction in your soul. first self psychic: — — In the presence of danger. merely. nose. . In the form excitement threatens to beget fear in the the nervous activity may affect the subconscious mind and start a panic. But always man should stand before that crowd serene. by will and thought. unafraid. apprehension reacting in body. both in thought and before the crowd itself. Fear of the Crowd Hostile. You.

313 will-action self. are will. and when you so act you simply let the idea have its way in suggestion of action. thoughts emerge in mind. and the like. then.The Fearful Crowd. or to stop thinking about such a thing or along a given line. and reflex will-actions. eye-winking. assumption of defensive attitudes. is always preceded by idea in the conscious The governing idea self is self-preservation — protection dodging. voluntary the subconscious of the individual. the man is will. You can will to stop thinking about a given thing. but the will-act here preceded by the idea of inhibiting a given thought or line of thinking. Then — the of expression of the idea act — in further thinking or in cessation of a given line of thought. to inhibit thoughts. even the wars of the phagocytes in the blood against hostile organisms and substances. the of thinking further about thought is is already before you. You cannot destroy thoughts. You do not have to . together with physiological processes. for when you seem to do so. You can think thoughts. this is because an action idea has arisen in mind which suggests the will to You do not themselves. Here also idea precedes will-action. but you cannot will to think any given thought. in This idea takes care of automatic as. All these. that you are able You do not. you can simply stop thinking along a given line of thought. thoughts think engage in the activity some given thing that has occurred to you. When a given idea becomes strong enough to do a thing. or in the doing some — takes care of itself. furthermore. to think about a thing already in mind. Now. you act. You see. for efforts of subconscious the will is the man. create thoughts. will to do a thing. When you involved.

the expression carries out you yield to the idea of moving your arm. weakening of the muscles. Idea of Weakness. The idea of danger becomes a complex thought-action among nerves. The bare idea of danger multiplies with wonderful rapidity into just this complex brood of mere thoughts. as follows: (d) The The The The Idea of Danger. move Thus with — lets the idea move the arm. If. distention of the nostrils.314 The Culture of Courage. itself. constitute a feeling. the will all — — Elements of Physical Fear. there is absolutely nothing here but unreasoning. you do not trouble yourself with the process. suffering). Idea of Injury. The quivering of the lips. backsetting of the blood. fecund thought and will '"n the sense above indicated. The will is idea become dynamic (or ruling). retreat of the mouth secretions. We note the arm. emotions in the mind. carry out that expression. the arm-movement follows. quickening of the heart action. hasting or retarding of the breath. your mental and physical actions. distress and activity caused by fear are all results of such idea-complex working without restraint and upsetting poise through nervous disturbance. So far as the fear is concerned. The idea of weakness and the idea of injury (or physical combining together. — . Idea of Flight. dilation of the eyes. The will is the man because the man is thought a complex of thought constantly going over from a mere ideally static condition to a practically dynamic state. unchecked. The will does not for example. The nervous excitement of the first phase of fear above mentioned is due to a psychic state which is primarily nothing but a complex (a) (b) (c) of ideas.

It must be met by right idea and will come right. Let us observe: With the emphasis of meaning on body. This idea is primarily self-preservation. idea is If that it controlled by the idea fully. that moment all the noted begin to arise. that idea breeds many others is not controlled. or is simply rioting thought unchecked by will dynamic of thought. however.The Fearful Crowd. the coward has his invitation. Self-preser- then preservation of that which nothing material can hurt. processes just Always. and the subconscious will erupts out of its field into that of self-control. fear has to be met by idea and will by the idea of will-power and the idea of control. what appears to be automatic or reflex is really result of pure will considered as the What seems to be without will or simply will running riot under the against will is increasing spur of idea left free to breed after its own kind. . The right and the wrong here depend on the meaning of self and the meaning of self-preservation. Fear — is wrong idea and will gone wrong. under the sway of reason. and so stampedes the conscious will. among which is the notion that danger this — "to idea is something to feel is feel afraid of. Thus. of reason-mastery. then. Idea and will of self-preservation are right in themselves. The subconscious idea of 315 self-preservation invades the conscious mind. The moment afraid of" — is conceded to be legitimate or given freedom. courage has its invitation. With the emphasis vation is of meaning on the psychic self (the inner self). The idea of self-preservation is then body-preservation. serves its purpose if it Secondarily.

The banker will not greatly worry about the outside shell of his vaults so long as no thief banker. General Regimes for Fear of Crowd Hostile. tion of entire. you are invited to substitute body the true valuation self. is but the vault You (in are the the sense justify all the ages of evolution. First General Regime of Corrected Ideas: Body or Soul f Remembering that will acts in all that you do. organ. the You have always thought of the wel- and painlessness of body as immensely important. muscles. and your body here intended) can injure his gold. thinking more the true self as of absolutely immune to all evil not self- induced. the idea of danger suggests self-control and facing and dealing with danger. the idea of danger cooperates to beget and spread fear. With the emphasis of meaning on long-run preserof vation of the true inner or higher self. fare therefore invited to displace the emphasis of valuation from body to greater concerns. nerve. and it thinks not too highly of matter. and begets indifference to all things having power only to injure body or present material conditions. and the law or bent to action of self-preservation has tended to action uncontrolled by higher consideraYou are tions. wherein are values good enough to The Universe begat and developed those values. and that will acts only in conformity with idea. With the emphasis of meaning on new-preservation any value less than the true inner self.316 The Culture of Courage. for the usual valuaof the higher. This analysis brings us to certain regimes which are of vital importance. so that danger has made you fearful. to cultivate a reasonable feeling of superiority over merely physical danger. but really . and.

in your life and more weight to its longThe surgeon's subject must first in idea Seldom do we need to go beyond the idea of some physical or immediate danger as opposing long-run self-presIf such idea must become actual. The way courage leads high. to sacrifice present preservation for future. Therefore I fear not!" The Honor or Third General Regime op Corrected Idea: It is not in the power of devil of the King. and adhesively. I am master of any condition that may come into my physical life. it is then ervation. prove infallibly helpful for long if It will. and so in surely as I stand for the long-run highest me. and shall always be able to express adequately in some body. you would attain the courage-confidence that fears . 317 justifies in the self of you which expresses in bodyforms of matter." Second General Regime op Corrected Ideas: In a simi~N ow. whatever the present become. myself. the long-run welfare I seek. A practical method for realizing this regime consists in emphasizing some such thought as the follow- ing: its "/. express in body. The idea of reasonable indifference to body-hurt will infallibly inspire will to right control of activities that stand for true self-preservation.Preservation or Long-Run Preservation? lar way are you invited to give less weight to any given am moment run values. the inner man. nothing can essentially harm me. therefore. to injure a soul that careless of is man buttressed in honor and sublimely psychic If body harm or present nonto disaster.The Fearjul Crowd. fine training for courage (and the man's best courage) set his future over against the present crisis. with it is this idea: "Body and best or soul in danger. I may do or no slave to body. you will companion. shall survive body in present form.

in But. in association with these regimes should go certain others which are based on our analysis of the fear-thought regimes of a more particular nature. you have forgotten your right.8 31 The Culture of Courage. you are urged to live the life of conscious moral harmony and human honor. It is assumed that such is indeed your life. as we have seen. weakness. of that possibility. Regimes for this work may be suggested as follows: that all Special Regimes for Fear of First Crowd Hostile. — indeed. and. since no force operating on this earth can affect your real self without your will. so merely negative attitudes retreat before attitudes which are positively inspiring. Emphatic ideas "reverberate" throughout body and soul. involves the ideas — of danger. injury. and to claim that in your conscious honor you have no need of fear because there is really nothing to be afraid of. the of physi- "I am afraid. flight. and in that assumption you are no urged to reap all the benefits belonging thereto. The culture of courage before the hostile crowd under any circumstances — involves by the substitution of these dispiriting ideas their exact Such substitution must be complete. now. however. opposites. Thought: Special Regime of Substitution of Danger Denied or Minified. tending to induce all sorts of action according to their . idea. This fear-thought. own integrity. evil." which is an interpretation and mental states. because you are now invited to assert your your own mind. one It may be that of which is absolute fearlessness. cal And usually. and your will is unalterably set to moral harmony and human honor.

This action the subconscious making over through heredity from ancestors. thought-action is the fundamental "substance" itself. tive idea. of danger. this statement is true cannot be said. is it should be remembered that will What seems power (will) There is nothing in the universe but thought-action and thought-" substance." is of danger stimulates physical activities learned. you contradict will in the sense that you are only using a statement that the ideas shall not go on while all the time that stronger idea which has held the throne for centuries in the subconscious self of ancestors. and now holds the throne in your own self. So. but enough life. evidently for the inheritance of instinctive But the great bulk of action going with ideas has to be learned in a more or less conscious way. act as suggested which we have all To the easiest thing to do. to be a separate Now.The Fearful Crowd. Here is the "line of least by the idea of danger Hence the physical funcact in their accustomed is initia- fear-inspired way unless they are checked. tions naturally. subconscious self before higher mental functions began self. . as we say. 319 self. so the instinct of fear is anchored by heredity running through centuries back to the man-animal whose whole business to unfold in the conscious are anchored consisted in trying to stay alive. As some sea-plants by a cord or cable many feet long." As a matter of fact. Under the idea your subconscious self tends to stir up the whole physical system in the interest of self-preservaThis was the great primitive function of the tion. nature. The idea resistance. them. if you fiercely try to check activities while holding fast the idea which has started nothing but idea. has learned to How much associate with the corresponding ideas.

to may now me!" Kindly observe! The suggestions here offered all your escape from the danger of the crowd or your protection while facing it. not overawing the mob. and they are made "easy" enough. danger. The remedy power for this state of things lies in the reverberating of an opposite idea. nor the success of your display of "nerve. and nothing Resistance is the price of is "easy" in this world. substitution of ideas. not an easy method for working "miracles. but the difficulty will give you future confidence if you overcome it. substitution of "no danger" may prove difficult. organization. but the memory The of a good effort will linger long in your mind. for organization is harmony-centred and organization by self-effort is the price There are many "new thought" books. You are therefore urged to call up always. really saying that they shall go on. There 's nothing in Or: "The danger is not nearly so great as these it!" They do not even intend danger people seem to pretend. and tence not. resistance.320 is The Culture of Courage." You may get hurt by this crowd. the conquest of fear. of growth. but why add the preliminary hurt of the danger. the thought that there no danger. The present theme is not self-defense. at least that as it is not near so real or so great may appear (remember that the idea. There are no miracles." nor the difficulty of concern not at carrying out the suggestions. need is not be. courage. the fear-feeling) . when is facing the hostile crowd. but they also die easily. A talismanic sen- be given for the realization of this work: " This danger is imaginary. heaven knows. .thought run riot? The "nerve" display may be feeble. as we all discover.

You could not feel afraid if you had no idea of danger. The human for personality is agent. and you could experience no feeling of weakif you had the thought of completely adequate power successfully to cope with danger. when the or in the presence of crowd confronts you any sort of danger. and feeling is reaction self is to that idea. to resolve on vigorously and ness willfully thinking strength.! The Fearful Crowd. adequate power. because you will have then acquired the initial power to check the first impulses of fear-action anywhere within your personality. You are invited. then. but if you persevere the effort will in time beget the hostile — required confidence. Feeling is a result of some form of knowing. But this is error. and that one is not responsible for the working of natural physical laws. The effort consists in switching the mind from the danger-weakness idea onto the A sentence talismanic may well notion of full power be: "I am power ! I can perfectly cope with this danger Body and soul are electrically charged with courage-conoff fidence —courage-confidence— courage-confidence. therefore intelligence. therefore will." Thus . will the rioting idea of danger be calmed you employ the talismanic sentences and diminished in power. In the subconscious self it is the idea first which comes to existence. The feeling of weakness created by the idea of weakness in the subconscious self. Infallibly. All its activities originate in and make knowing. you have achieved victory. It may be thought that danger awakens a mere feeling of weakness. if 321 given. Of course this will be difficult. Feeling obtains in the conscious as a report of the idea. In that event. Second Special Regime of Substitution of Thought: Strength and Ability Asserted.

This in turn grows every instant. It is in this sense that we say that we fear because run." and so must — . flight. feel weakness psycho-physical aca — — — — tion. and organs — or That action suggests anew weakness flight. The If these activities cannot expand result is a panic. flee — a physical action born — — — of the idea of The remedy. then. spreading throughout system. When you remember that feeling reports idea. think weakness mental action. It spreads all feeling tends to spread and to multiply. Third Special Regime of Substitution op Thought: The Stand-Your-Ground Idea Maintained. and the whole personality is swamped. When you the original ideas yield. there is collapse. then. By so much. It is suggestion: " Crowd hostile. the I am weakness." or. you ness subconsciousness the idea of weak- by the energetic thought of power. and that action expresses feeling. must initiate in ideas. with the growth of the fear-idea. you see that flight is merely the idea of weakness (born in the subconscious self. There is more activity within the personality than can be taken care of." 322 The Culture will displace in of Courage. "Danger slight. turn. developed in the conscious self) carried out. This run ! Now. forth induces action in the nerves constitutes such action. The flight is action of the whole person. First "Danger nothmust arise or be compelled the idea ing. suggesting more action." then must be forced the idea "I am equal to this situation. it is because the idea of flight has been suggested. we We fear because we know have the idea a of danger a mental action. the weakness feeling fades before the feeling of adequate power.

whether confor long. until courage-confidence ceived or present. The idea that be one of several. that sooner or later hostile crowd. will then have disappeared. and. confronting any you persevere in the regime. indeed. for the ideas substituted cannot possibly comport with — either of Your effort. may the predom- may or in operate in kinds of } human nature met What you variety. by your effort.The Fearful Crowd. 323 danger. be cultivated the idea of steadfastness in presence of In the latter case a talismanic sentence solid — may solid — be used: solid. however. with. The last element in our analysis fear. if you will infallibly banish the fear-feeling from your soul. they differ within yourself. our own personal are. and to practise the combination becomes habitually your main thought in regard to danger. or a psychic cause. You are — of the mass be physifrom the causes arising what you are." "I am master here. if . Fear of the Crowd Human lies — The Mass. and I stand You are therefore invited to combine this regime with the preceding. only. but what other people are gives this determina- Your nature asserts itself because of other natures presented to you. whether or no. determines the matter. II. success will be measured thought or of feeling. tion its occasion. Whether such causes of fear cal or psychic. back of this form of fear may Every such idea has a pl^sical cause. It is not said that you will succeed easily or after a brief It is insisted. obtain in yourself or in others inating factor of the cause — that r And these causes is. or a psycho-physical cause (sources co-operating). this.

. It is therefore may You Educated. " '" . Positive. Moral. Weak. Etc. etc. there is indifference in the needing or craving person. and not com- plementary at contact. but only where the one supplies what the other lacks. Outcomes of contact: Aversion and fear in your reladifferent constitution. (No complement) Courageous. Diseased. other oppositions. Were you some This sketch you see that the outcomes would not be the same. Negative. antagonism is inevitable if there is The present thought may be indicated following rather loose analyses in the (read across page): Relation : You Cleanly Well. etc. Etc. (No complement) " Elegant. 324 The Culture of Courage. Unholy. Fools. Contra. Coarse grained. Robust. etc..atmosphered. all. Sexually right. Where one fails in such respect. are : Others are Relations : : Psychic Person Psychic Person Uneducated. are Others are Physical Person Physical Person: Unclean. be supplemented by scores of merely suggestive For example: of the truth here under consideration. Finely atmosphered. you fear certain other kinds of people. Opposites may be affinities. and needs or craves. the reason is that they are not what you are. Uncouth.. Cowardly. Wise. tion to such.. etc. " . Unmoral.. Fine grained. Where one is opposite only.

You are : Others are Relations : Psycho-Physical Personality Psycho-Physical Personality (Various undesirable qualities) (Various opposite qualities) (No complement) Results: As in preceding cases. etc. flight.: The Fearful Crowd. antipathy of your nature to other opposite non-complementary natures passes a certain determined by your sumalways variable limit. you are invited to case. You are what you are. facts which you yourself recongize. ignore mere antipathy. cannot detect underly your attitudes.) Stupid. Outcomes'.. perhaps. Etc. etc.. is in the case of yourself in contact with other individuals. total nature and particular When the — — — underlying opposition merely become transformed into the ideas underlying the feeling of fear: danger. causes that you Thus appear our regimes: Regimes for Fear of Crowd Human. oped into This fear. etc. etc. are : 325 Relations : Others are Psychic Person Psychic Person: Commonplace. dealing with individuals.. Etc. Sometimes the antipathy or the fear springs from As often. You Artistic. the ideas circumstances. In this First Regime: Ignoring Antipathies. (No complement.. . Inspired. Antipathy has now develinjury. weakness. Antipathies and fears in your relation to such. Always the opposition means the preponderance of qualities without complement of things needed or craved.

I do not fear him The purpose here is merely the substitution in your thought of ideas breeding courage for those that tend to breed fear and to hold to that substitution. that which is — ! — So doing. which will take care of themselves. mental things in your nature or of mistaken impressions. of fear is come along in But the feeling its own time. you will infallibly check or cure fear for op- . We are entitled to the two lives. or exhibit on their own. not the antipathies. This book believes that forced and conscious attempts to overcome natural antipathies are wasted because they must prove futile For. as I have mine. it will another matter. reform is impossible. we two are apart as far as the east is from the west. Remembering that we are dealing with individual cases. "This person for whom I feel aversion has his life. I see to it that this person shall never penetrate my world nor share my life's Why should I fear? Why should I feel merely hateful to my mind but cannot touch my real life? Though he breathe the same air and behold the same things as I. atmosphere. you are now invited to reason with yourself somewhat as follows: Second Regime: Recognition of Individuality." 326 others are The Culture 0} Courage. His qualities need not touch my personality. In the latter case. and experience alone will avail in revealing the mistakes and learning how to correct the impressions. and should be taken in hand. Do not trouble yourself about the attitudes which they induce on your part. I am power! I live my own life. Such experience needs no forcing. what they are. In the former case. vigorously and persistently. they are expressions either of fundain the end. it is the impressions that must be removed or corrected.

a notion which is fostered by false religion. flight. do not arise. nature. or C. but many men or women suggest. out of the antipathy. is may even less. and then there is a vague sense of uneasiness which may Sometimes the process works up into definite consciousness.The Fearjul Crowd. It is a curious thing that by fear for kinds of personalities in as individuals. perhaps. injury. at work. and is likely it is something more than uneasiness to become fear. or woman fearlessly. do suggest the fear-ideas in addition to the thought or feeling of A man or a woman may face any other man aversion. and the feeling is no longer vague.) You are inas we fundamentally and distinctly are. Third Regime toward removal so long sions are not worth an effort (The as they are undeveloped into the fear-feeling. that somehow man's chief business consists in grow into fear. weakness. but relates matter is It is sound sense to take ourselves to courage only. and so on. or B. is Here. as a crowd. is For the individual A. suggestion feeling. but the individual A and B and C and so on. not here a consideration of morals. they entertain merely it antipathetic aversion. That to say: numbers — the emotion of fear arises because of mere the individuals arousing antipathy only. or. Such averLet Yourself Alone. an idea of harm. again. vited to set about doing this for the rest of your life. Sometimes the process occurs only in the subconscious self. we have seen. A vast deal of unhappiness and wasted energy springs from this notion that we must revolutionize our characteristic nature. posites 327 who do not and cannot complement your own some people are disturbed numbers for whom. — : . there aversion without fear- because the fear-ideas of danger. be.

in the nature of things. — — kind of person. and it is unnatural because it is contrary to the good of the whole. Your fundamental aversions (which can be discovered only by experience and reflection) are expressions." mind must empty itself. And thus. without neither moral uneasiness. Hostility in the form of desire for the injury of another person is evil because it is unnatural. But this is an impossible ideal born of a misconception. than to take your preferences and likes as they are. and to let yourself go in those antipwhich mean no harm to others. nature — fundamental Whatever is of nature has a profitable meaning for the whole system — Heal evil is unnatural. not merely and alone of what others are." A natural evil in antipathy cannot. becoming something totally other than he is. necessarily to right things nor necessarily to wrong . ambition must be strangled. be a moral sense. You may be aware of antipathy without hostility. without worry. truly natural things are good call — at least free from what we "evil. but signify reasonable freedom in and for your own (and their) athies selfhood. body must be " etherialized. It is no more reprehensible to take your natural it is antipathies as they are.- 328 The Culture of Courage. since natural antipathies are conceived as growths of the depraved natural man. but also of a relation in the abstract or in the concrete of one kind of person to another of things. For example: sex must suicide. Your antipathies run. and so on. invited to forego the futile effort to change the basis and essence your make-up. not merely and alone of what you are. they are to be rooted out as in themselves necessarily evil. it is A thing need not be evil merely because All natural. for this reason. of You are.

signify evil to any one. But by so much you away the feeling of fear originating in antipathies. By so much as you do this. and to go but taken as no luxuries. For then you do not You feel them: well care about these antipathies. neither necessarily to Likes and preferences are ality related to likes. natural expressions. depends. kept to yourself. there- your own selfhood. It is possible to let yourself go as you find yourself. go as . and for freedom in all natural antipathies and affinities. Coming to such negative attitude toward aversions. not on motives. this is a form of If you take your likes as luxuries and so selfishness. things. to be. for motive or intention behind an attitude introduces things entirely different from natural like or dislike. through experience and on strain to eliminate likes reflection. All this is true of likes and preferences. Whether preferences. as standards for others. If you take an aversion as a luxury. invited to declare for — you their of course grant all other persons similar right to freedom and their nature. So. life Thus you omit from your a very active cause of social criticism and also put friction. also. dislikes. which also run. and good. but depends upon what follows the feeling of antipathy or like. as a gone. wrong things nor to right things. no farther in the matter. fore. this you know that others feel antipathies: let well. you find the inspiration to fear Indifference toward a thing or person. let them go. mere outcomes of personpersonality. and without without making them luxuries or standards for others. here also selfishness appears. The matter is not important. You are. 329 Antipathies are outcomes merely of person(if ality related to personality they are fundamental).— The Fearful Crowd. or as or antipathies.

(Brown). person. antipathies felt toward people. You simply let the thing go at that. not of your own. since its presence in Smith is indifferent to you.(Jones). or a. you stop worrying about it. You think of a. some form of This study gives you the If you fear because of fear-cure of indifference. since it is just a fact of your nature. cannot coexist with fear for the thing. personal attitude. your antipathy for that group. you will continue to There is no form of fear without . should obtain in relation to the group or mass. Indifference Toward the Mass This analysis of any mass or group of people.(Smith) Jones' cases.(Brown) You soon discover that just a "don't-care" thing. on page 324 "coarse-grained. You take the antipathy for coarse a. because it is just his. and let it go. dissipates. Then what obtains in Smith's case should obtain in Brown's and Then the whole group a. interest in the thing feared. thus disposed of. and so on. attitude. nor about coarse-grainedness in Smith. of his nature. For it is absolutely impossible to fear anything so long do n't care as you are wholly indifferent toward it — — — — — about it." Say this is group A.(Smith) or any other member in the group. a. You no longer care about this coarse-grainednes& in a(Smith) in itself.(Jones) becomes indifferent to you a. your fears born of natural antipathies have vanished.(Smith). just as it is. You do not care about Smith in his coarse-grainedness. that and toward antipathies in group A. When you become all indifferent toward your own aversions for all a's in the group A. cease bothering about it.kind of people loses foundaTake the item in the second analysis tion. not yours. Fourth Regime: Units. or a. and so on.330 The Culture of Courage.

The etheric sphere is what it is because you are what you are. You have your Call this the ether in definite ways. activities. The case seems to you inexplicable and hard to master. pervades. Fear Induced by Atmospheric Touch. but experience these feelings. Your psychic self appropriates and molds activities. saturates and physical surrounds every individual object of material existence. Such antagonism has a psychic cause. in a subconscious way which reports finally in your conscious You may say that you nevertheless you ought not to be antipathetic or fearful in regard to groups or masses of people. regard such antipathies with indifference. but the first expression of that cause occurs in your etheric sphere. often beginning with simple uneasiness alone.The Fearful Crowd. life. fear so long as 331 When you your fears you nurse interest in those antipathies. The underlying life. complex way of being Your established. rather than the conscious. Very likely your antipathy and fear result from these subconscious. the subconscious natural People for trouble you. wall vanish. The preceding spring of fear is considerations have to do with conscious conditions and activities. primarily. affecting you. regular and doing establishes in regular- . We need not say more about the ether at this point than that activities or it is the hypothetical medium of of all mass of activities which lies at the base matter and founds. We have here antagonism of personal atmospheres. however. by action on your subconscious self whom you experience antipathies more truly than by action on your conscious self. neighborhood of etheric your etheric sphere or atmosphere.

Because the character of a is definite. field is reflected in. ity those etheric activities the final manifestation of which is your body: that body. psychically induced and established.") When etheric activities one atmosphere do not harmonize with the activities of another atmosphere. a living sub- stance by the act of living creates in the environment around its semi-fluid body whirlpool movements which count for a great deal in the determination of its own form. . Science declares: "While it lives. the living body carries its own substance. oppose. perhaps both. the character of the etheric movements external to a body is also a definite thing. disturb. one of the persons." This must also be true of the etheric environment especially. not only certain system of etheric medium or exists by reason of etheric activities. and the outcome is vague uneasiness or positive antipathy in one or the other. like a hollow glass ball. living thing in relation with the ether of which it is a manifest. this etheric immediately surrounding the body. those of another atmosphere. your a final particular personal The body being bodies this is manifestation of these activities. "The of Personal Atmosphere.332 The Culture of Courage. all true: The character of etheric activity. In is. Thus. the latter affect a "field" of the ether. just so long as it survives. is or are psychically affected. Thus. immersed in which it exists and acts. when they interfere with. but also a movements which it imposes on the medium in the immediate environment of its body. your kind of body. Your body It is a is not a closed thing. the etheric sphere or atmosphere of body has a limited power harmonizing with (See other spheres or personal atmospheres. goes over to. since every material body is saturated with the along with it.

the fact is of no importance whatever. Their per- any individual atmospheres. In the one case we have resist- ance through aroused and maintained indifference. while antipathy developing into fear may arise when you confront several people of such a group. and through that your psychic self. then.'" You thus kill fear for a group as you kill fear for an individual. Even though I feel aversion for you. In the other case we have resistance through aroused assertion of self. or you for me. (2). "letting them latter no significance or power. and to make them by the simple. control of feelings of no importance slide" as — destroying The former method consists in by accepting them as devitalized and their value. The cure by self-assertive resistance is allied to the preceding. so combined. it outcome appears in your conscious learn mind. : — (1). 333 You may fear for not.The Fearful Croud. and. Then. The remedy is two-fold the cure by indifference and the cure by self-assertive resistance. or you for me. yet emphatic and persistent assertion: "My antipathy for any and all of you. And so we — Fifth and Sixth Regimes For Fear Induced by Atmospheric Contact: Indifference and Resistance. assault your sonal personal atmosphere. the final and your subconscious self. insufficient in any one case to induce antipathy or fear in you. so powerfully as to disharmonize your regular etheric activities may be. consciously feel aversion or in a group of people. go! is of a matter of entire indifference to me: let it I do not care about you. The method consists in control by thinking and willof . excite these feelings because they combine. You are invited to recall the suggestions related to the cure effective by indifference.

In my antipathy and because of it. and I do not suffer you to share in my life. etheric activities and psychic suggestions of disagreeableness or danger. vigorously to and con- "I hold myself! I throw my will out to the whole field of my personal atmosphere and maintain throughout a positive attitude of resistance to all your etheric activities and psychic influences and suggestions. Fear of the Crowd Critical — The Audience. happiness for the reason that others are The vase and the sea- valley are alike in this: both are full — and can be no more. Nevertheless. This attitude meets your group and kind of personality. Fear of the crowd critical has to do with audiences and public opinion. neither belittling nor exalting.334 ing repulsion The Culture of all of Courage. You are invited. and beyond my indifference. Nor may he who feels happiness as keenly as possible to him justly his failure to rise belittle that susceptible of greater joys. it is a law which all should accept. The fear-feeling which an audiAnd the ence excites involves very keen suffering. fact that the fear-suffering is measured by the sensi. One who experiences all the pain of which his nature is capable will not condemn less significant. therefore. I repel you. I do not fear you. above it merely because others are capable of experiencing greater pain. to accept your capacity for suffering or for happiness as the case actually is. that the greater a person's capacity for joy." III. bility of the speaker does not make the suffering Our pains and our joys are always gauged by what we are. the greater . In this method you fidently: are invited to affirm. I do not care about you. 1 The Audience. I close you out.

When the thought-life is poor and the organism coarse and heavy. also true. contradict this statement. oppositions and activities of its — this understanding observed. even actually to a soul. physical suffering determined by the organism. except in this regard to psychic happiness and pain — respect.The Fearful Crowd. but the nervous organization fine. happiness and for suffering corresponds But the extent of the correspondence depends also — upon your sensibility. again capacity for physical suffering the thought-life is is relatively small. 335 is Of course the reverse Feelings and emotions depend on two things: thought- power and sensibility. also his capacity for suffering. The real body reflects the real Externals may apparently. The correspondence runs two ways: to his nervous organWhen the thoughtization and to his thought-life. capable of many and great ideas. feelings. is determined by the organization. large and rich. but sensibility of a psychic rather than a . your capacity for to a degree. it is now further held that the emotions of happiness and suffering depend on sensibility. If fine. The sensibility of a person is based on his physical and psychic constitution. degree. but always in that case the psychic factor has been more or less defpated in defeated by work of expressing character With the environment. some specific idea. either in the conscious or If you are the subconscious self. When is the thought-life is large and rich. but the organ- ization comparatively less refined. have behind them as cause. that a fine truly psychic factor cannot exist in a unworthy body. life is physical suffering rather poor. All emotions. passions. and the organism capacity for physical joy and suffering is correspondingly Similar propositions might be set forth in great.

lyzed. sensibility. Every idea suggests familiar associates associates. But sensibility here means suggestibility. physical nature. ciated with feeling. but the sensibility may be comparatively less than the thought-life would seem to call for. The psychic sensibility is acute . an idea in the mental self. the idea suggests other ideas. and other new associates. then. A and rich thought-life. is a life in which all large That is. In the body all activity " reverberates" throughaffects in some way that whole out the system : — — — system. there is great and lively action of the mental self. it multiplies by so much as the suggested ideas arise swiftly. Psychic sensibility is similar if reaction of the self in its idea-power is swift and intense and this really means in relation to the outer world. This appears when we discover the meaning of sensibility. A large and rich thought-life involves a degree of sensibility. This is the physical correspondence to If the external world raises psychic suggestibility. or if an idea arises in the mental self without immediate association with the outer world. every idea has many ideas are suggestive. Any idea that is followed or accompanied by feeling suggests other ideas assodefined.336 The Culture of Courage. This proposition must be now ana- Feelings and emotions of the purely psychic nature depend on thought-power and sensibility. ing goes with When feel- the suggesting idea. In the physical life sensibility is reaction to external and internal conditions: your physical sensibility is great or keen when you react quickly and intensely to outAnd this is true when one part of your side things. organism reacts quickly and strongly to conditions in any other part. are clearly and are intense and in turn suggestive.

337 and comprehensive because suggestion is incessant and In the physical world one man submits multiplying. The the — down to a low ebb and pitch. It is understood. and so sensibility. stolidly to the extraction of a tooth because of a dull set of nerves filled to and a slow mental life. life is latter should force his sensibility his — his suggestibility courage up to the highest feels less But the former If also happiness in for the very reason that his psychic suggestibility small. little suggestion-power because there "in the mind" to be suggested by anything.The Fearful Crowd. and suffering is corre- Thus we see. that ideas occur in the . Sensibility here great because suggestibility is and the capacity spondingly large. is large and rich. that among people in the mat- rious entity called sensibility and suffering are not due to a mystewhich exists highly in scantily in others. all ideas correspond and intensity. of course. Hypnotic suggestibility. the thought-life inferior by feeling are and they have is little is poor. will suggest another if the mind is "up to the level" of that suggested idea and not otherwise. and they suggest all sorts of other ideas noted If the thought-life in greatness ideas is with feeling for the reason that the mind is rich in of every right sort already. for happiness active and successful. though related. but to a plain matter Any idea poverty or wealth of the mental life. as here referred to. is really another matter. is just a case of psychic culture. the differences that obtain ter of happiness when we run the matter down. Suggesof some and — tibility. ideas accompanied and imperfectly conceived. and they are highly prized (which means that they are accompanied by much feeling). while another is top of the sky with dire suggestions.

therefore. And the demand and the latter capability of your nature are one. experiencing the while the most exquisite emotions. When you gaze upon a glorious sunset. Whoever suffers deeply has the compensation: an equal capacity for happiness. obeys a there is law of being. and the depends on the thought-life and con- ." The realm of description is one of reduced law and order and language. is Psychic sensibility. And if great capacity for happiness for that reason. but there is another realm beyond this. or listen to music of the highest order. in your subconscious mind. subconscious not less than in the conscious self. psychic suggestibility. invited to know you this: If you suffer deeply and do not find latter awaits now the equal happiness. It is law that to every soul ultimately shall come all that his nature demands and is capable of receiving. then. your exquisite emotion is a product of all sorts of ideas confusedly massed. Such a thought-life necessarily makes for great feeling. or in confused sequence. The wealth and follow suggestibility of thought-life it the law of compensation. the main field of the sensibility suggestibility referred to above. the realm of mere wordless appreciation. It is for this — the The reason that in the richest life the ideas mating with feeling and suggesting other ideas so mating are so often vaguely recognized and so confused. the are seeking you in so far as harmony with the Universal System in which we live. Nevertheless. then. But the equally true. You are. Better. passion. you are quite unable to trace out clearly all the ideas suggested by the one thought: "beautiful world. this fact means and reverse is is great capacity for suffering.338 The Culture of Courage." or " heavenly harmony. emotion. former is.

or both. Observe. The concern here work. yet occasional ways may arise to disprove that judgment. or the fears courage necessary before an audiwhich must be overcome for such prior to. or in the act of Your mental condition facing an audience. however. or lack of ideas — other. present purpose. is ence. strain may produce a sense of physical and nervousness which may indicate intense sug- all sorts of ideas confusedly crowding befor gestibility your mind.The Fearful Crowd. since neither the individual's judgment nor that of others has value before you have tried. cation of these truths to fear of the 339 The appli- crowd critical is evident. The judgment of the individual may — coincide with that of other people in the decision of unfitness. sequently on the suggestibility to ideas. The best evidence of unfitness for public utterance is an absence of passion for expression of ideas felt to the one or the be vital to the self. he will usually prove the master of the situation. unfitness ever to face any audience. to speak. Your mental condition before an audience may indicate your ability to force the interest and to and it may also indicate utter win that audience. as is is mostly foreign to the also training in the art of address. Excitement of mind and body here indicate some sort of fineness -of nature and some degree of active and full thought- — . but this is one of the very best evidences of ability to do the thing feared if only the mental and physical conditions can be sufficiently mastered to give you freedom in controlled speech. If a man feels sufficiently is impelled vital to and has something to say that him. This question. now: The latter fact can only be determined by experience.

then. as signs The pain attending such states is the cost of ability and success. well enough. It is worth much to possess a fine nature. Fear for an audience it is an emotion having behind certain definite ideas. yet Everyone concedes all thought to be wish devoutly that he would go his away. and often. to be sensitive to human full presence. the temptations of fear — it may be. all true regimes are outcomes of analyses of conditions. It is the defeat. One who is "dead" to his audience may not expect to move his hearers. if only the objective is not overwhelmed and the temptations do not prove successful. however. or if experience shows that the fear-actions preceded victory. that certain states of mind and body before an audience may be welcomed of power. Fear is not worth troubling about when it is followed by a triumph. Now. And it is this suggested fear that is so fearful. is just this: that it induces defeat. People are often bored by one who has thought enough but is under no physical or psychic strain. The fearsomeness of fear before an audience.340 life The Culture of Courage. It is evident. that makes physical strain and nervous tension so suggestive of fear. The suggestibility of his own ideas is slow. The causes of this pain should be valued as among the greatest treasures of life. to self — to pride — Fear of hurt is the fearfully suggestive thing. and his suggestions stirred in the audience lack interest because they think more quickly than he. — provided to say you have anything vital to yourself and any passion to say it. Were these . to its own a thought-life so active and to that wealth and movements suggest even ideas that give rise to suffering. which is painful in proportion consciousness to sensitiveness of nature.

For. the danger being a threat against such agreeable conditions pride held or holding persistently. how could in up — — — — an (6). This idea of danger refers to: physical and mental peace or comfort. but also an idea held or holding by of anticipation of suffering conceived chief result of such ideas. finally. as inevitable. of suffering — a present way The These ideas induce the feeling fact. ideas that spring . These ideas breed fears.The Fearful Crowd. and fears vanish following connected hypotheses: If you idea of failure If — inevitably. 341 fear be possible ? The view of public speaking are an an anticipation (a) The idea of failure idea held or holding persistently in mind. and threat against personal — an anticipation — anticipation again — idea of hurt by public opinion — idea held or holding. displace them by their opposites. note you displace anticipate success — by the idea of victory — if the the if you anticipate high response by your hearers you displace the idea of discomfort by the idea — of inspiration — of If you anticipate the satisfaction of a good piece work if you displace the idea of hurt pride by the idea of pleased and complimentary hearers if you If you anticipate the enjoyment in speech pleasure displace the idea of suffering by the idea of If you anticipate a sense of physical poise and if you displace the idea of weakness by mental power — — — — — the idea of ability — And if you cultivate a reasonable indifference . appears from the beginning in a sense of inadequacy. therefore. ideas not to arise. The idea. of danger — anticipation idea similarly held or holding. a feeling of weakness. Remove the ideas.

with practice things requires practice the variations and surprises. loses fear for The speaker who — — — therefore. It is precisely so. practice. you go higher "in the class. and hold you will neither be ruined nor come to your death should you actually fail on steadily in mind the fact that this particular occasion — Persisting in these anticipations and substitutions. Yet no ambitious person begrudges the cost of great success. all kinds of an accustomed audience often fails to do his best in new and strange presences. New audiences always bring the "beast" with them. This analysis and the consequent hypothetical propositions may suggest that the overcoming of fear in — public speaking of is difficult and demands a hard work. courageously and persistently. When you really succeed. First Regime for Facing the Crowd Critical: Hardening in the Work.342 The Culture of Courage. The regime consists. always prior to speaking. the regimes now to be good deal offered. Regimes for Fear op Crowd Critical. for itself but more for what it does for the winning soul. as often ." Recalling the preceding paragraphs on anticipations. always when speaking your fears for an audience will infallibly disappear. for the adverse opinion of any audience. in speaking before new audiences. you are therefore invited to take up and carry on. and needs to get used to variations which are indeed fearfully and wonderand surprises Getting used to these fully made. no matter what the True success is to be valued not alone cost may be. You are urged to continue the practice of public speaking before audiences. and capricious. All true success is worth all it costs.

You are therefore invited to reverse the attitude. thoughtlife.The Fear jul Crowd. finite clods. mind. tends to increase the — — hurt. This reversal may in be accomplished by the thought: habituating yourself to strain. dition." regime involves thinking of way comes the hardening by concrete experience. musical strings touched by wandering winds show what they can do anon if the master handles the bow. The usual for attitude of the fearful speaker is one of regret and hostility toward his painful conditions of mind and body when engaged in speaking. regard of an audience They are signs of I would not part with them if I might. nerve-movements. and the like. reveal my nature. and "My phys- appreciation of what public speaking ical means. swift breathings. 'Low kinds Finished and exist without. con- "Now . addressed. inspiration which I also shall awaken. This attitude which "Hateful disturbance" really an idea is condition and to suggest danger. my sensitiveness to conditions. my my nervous excitement. the In adsorts of varying and surprising crowds as being successfully The hardening process is now exclusively making the thinker used to changing and peculiar conditions of the crowd critical before the "beast" has had time to appear. mental. heart-beats.' and from henceforth my attitude of mind is and shall be that of welcoming and cherishing such As the vibrations of conditions as signs of power. as possible 343 In this all — to get used to the "beast. to people. Second Regime for Facing the Crowd Critical: Right Valuation of Se7isitiveness and Suggestibility. so these stirrings. untroubled by a spark. handle. — something in me worth while. my mental suggesti- bility. flight = fear. to the all these are values of my nature.

It is not here intended that this method will guarantee success in speaking. to suggest to By this method you compel the subconsciousness to embrace that idea only. The way not to think of a thing is instantly to think of something else. consists in persistently assuming that the effort will be feeling of enjoyable. suggest courage and various You are notions and feelings essential to success. that occupation. You tend to think failure. in pertinaciously clinging to the idea of a happy occasion. The idea may not be somewhere below the consciously recog- nized. and so. stand before my audience. but surely lurks. master of myself. dread it So long as thought dwells on this notion. tend to eliminate the element of fear from anticipaAnd by so much as the idea tion of public speaking. by so much does that idea. of enjoyment occupies the mind. therefore invited to assume and assert that in every address you make you will feel and reveal the proper . think of self as pleasing the people and as achieving a triumph. audience. The remedy so long will the feeling of dread continue. you all the elements of thought and action which are essential to success. Fourth Regime for Facing the Crowd Critical: Dread of an audience is Anticipation of Enjoyment. master of the people." Third Regime for Facing the Crowd Critical: You are invited to train the Anticipation of Success. subconscious self in the habitual thought of success as surely your victory. Think now of Whenever you associate yourself with an success. it will. This is all fusing to think of failure at to speaking — anywhere — prior accomplished by re- and in presence of the audience. always associated with the notion of an unhappy time in speaking. however.344 trol The Culture and use as I of Courage.

that the address or the argument in a certain way That sort of fear is not diswill fail in such respects. — — or were now yours. . prior to and during the effort. in mind. It is idea-fear. since it is a matter of scepticism rather than of feeling. the speaker cannot cease to be human. are having the best time in the world. you are not to rest conof speaking. have its root in doubt that the audience will see the truth advanced." willing to fail in total indifference outcome of his toward personal reputation and the In ordinary effort before an audience. is to realize enjoyment of public speaking by anticipation as a You are. for the most part. you addressing the people." and this prevailing idea and its consequent attitude will come to your service in the time of your public need provided you incessantly act. Yet no speaker is — both the respects indicated. if only but no one can affirm thought carries with them. The invitation. in public address.. Such action is a procedure which expects and demands an agreeable response in anticipation and at the time from your hearers In other words. cussed in this book. mentally and consciously. you are to conduct your mental activities exactly as if the enjoyment were assured. on the assumption and assertions. how my personal pride may be hurt. Crowd. right and as in fact now with you.The Fearful pleasure of the occasion. so doing 345 By the subconscious self to the anticipation of you habituate "a good time. tented with a barren assertion: "I shall be inspired. they are responding finely. Fear may. One may say: "I care not how these people shall think my of me. then." a mere mental say-so. not fear-feeling with distress. Fifth Regime for Facing the Crowd Critical: However exalted the motive Anticipation of Applause. mere doubt.

possess conscious abilities and qualities. oversensitiveness about reputation bring to pass the same outcome. the surer you Poise and power are of having them in time of need. and the more habitually you try to in its fulness." Anticipation of Poise and Power. But. the fear-feeling will be proportionally lessened. public address personal pride is present and is legitimate. an audience springs in part from the idea win appreciation and applause. would be — — "/ am reasonably indifferent to carping criticism. If the idea of hurt pride be decreased in its intensity. for special occasions are merely — Sixth Regime for Facing the Crowd Critical: Poise and power poise and power You cannot sumhabitually asserted and possessed. to inspire your best In order to this courage- breeding condition of body and mind you are invited — To cultivate a due and proper indifference for your pride and for criticism. you cannot greatly fear them. The remedy. in the meantime. and calls for a regard for your hearers sufficient effort. If you do n't care much what your hearers may think about your effort. then. to hold steadily in mind the the commendaanticipation of success and its reward A suggestive sentence here tion of your hearers. for fear related to personal pride permits a degree of indifference sufficient to quiet disturbing nervousness. and fear for of failing to But this indifference may induce conditions in yourself which will actually prevent your doing well. then. — belong preeminently to the realm of the subconscious . yet I shall certainly deserve the commendation of people who are really worth while.346 The Culture of Courage. mon at some particular time what you have never had. On may the other hand.

." "I commaiid as I will. nature is capable of at a given time just that is at The word "power" means Latin. speaking sane- "I am well in hand for all occasions. from the "I in am able." "I have resources of emotion and thought adequate to all demands. in the nature of the case. are now the soul power. To secure such poise there must be practice." character." I will "lam! If am power!" you thus assume and assert daily for long." my ideas and feelings. Nor sional or spasmodic.The Fearful Crowd. pono: lished — coming is your service. follows: "/ ly. 347 are they occaPoise. cultivation may proceed by verbal claims. by daily regimes in assertion that may be secured and power in the The only ground on which such — — — you of are now at poise. They are not superficial." as here referred to. am now in a state of poise and self-control. means an established equilibrium of feelings and ideas which are commendable. anticipation can justify is the persistent cultivation of commendable ideas and feelings harmoniously "fit and the sense of power for business" -poise Habitual poise and power as everyday possessions. are now self-controlled. and this means Your ideas and feelings are at "fit for business." poise after practice making them harmoniously "fit In such a condition all the power your Cor business. And poise — estabwhich are power — "fit and feelings harmoniously The regime anticipates poise hour of address." equilibrium of ideas Power feelings and poise ideas is commendable commendable for business. mind. are now able to command The as ideas and feelings.

on such occasion. One may think fear so long that the thought becomes a habit. You practise courage- your mental activity until these things become established as parts of your inner life and thus But you also assert courage as "fit for business. and fear becomes the most easily and readily suggested thing in life. thus reinforcing the subconscious self and inspiring it to permeate your entire being with the warmth and glow of courageous consense through all fidence. It is and inspire the whole with courage in view of an audience as with poise and power. ical: Seventh Regime for Facing the Crowd CritAssertion of Courage. will infallibly find a sense of poise personal ability growing and a feeling of more and more habitual and will pronounced. the trend of fear mental activities sets toward the idea and feeling of under all conditions. Practice in public speaking. On the contrary. one is may think courage until the very idea self habituated in the subconscious and at every occasion of experience the courageous attitude and feeling leap into consciousness personality. These things themselves breed courage and stand you in good stead in the hour of public address. is You are urged to make idea and feeling permanent in asserting that courage mind by incessantly yours. But you are invited. together with the ." you confront your audience.348 you The Culture of Courage. to recall and vigorously repeat the above-quoted sentences because their emphatic and confident repetition will revive the long-continued suggestions to the subconscious self of poise now — at and power and command that the time of speaking — to be — poise self and power.

lawfully your law of nature. 349 above regimes. you can train your subconscious self to do any nameable thing. The conscious self can only earn day wages. for example. Canals and pile up millions of train the subconscious self of a real clod to inspire a world's Congress in time of inter- but it did thrill a world when the outward-seeming "clod. nor can That. Your subconscious Infinite like the self has its limitations cannot pass them. power. yet it has won every fortune man ever earned. confidence. You cannot train it. courage. You cannot train it to win you a vast fortune without regard to your native endowments. " I am master of every condition that may come into my life. Within the limits of the laws of Nature and of your personal endowments. equally in the case of ditch-digging or of high finance. given in Herefrom issue some inspiring principles one sentence: — — All the truth. you also are infinite so far as you are psychic and harmonic life. That is infinite. Within the Law. It is for the subconscious self alone to achieve the Suez or money. with which his soul had been consumed for Lincoln was always more transliminal than conscious. yet it does "set" that limb when mechanical manipulation has performed the work required. beauty. Your nature is its law. ." Lincoln. and so is the Nature of That its Law. And within — One: it boundless. national Panama You cannot crisis." And observe your boundless power. at Gettysburg. the fire years. will infallibly dispel your fears for the crowd critical as an audience and substitute therefor courage adequate to your public opportunities. more infinite than finite —a lotus flower deep-set and a-bloom on the Eternal Nile of Life.— The Fearful Crowd. gave. to put a broken limb straight.

and when sensations and their usual stimulations are vastly less. truth. law. has in sleep opportunity for assimilation of fact. With this conception inspiring you. during the hours The conscious self. There is no isthmus discoverable between your personal life and that Infinite — Nile! Courage. possess." and the organization of the personal "body of Always associated in this work. invited to direct and use your subconscious self as you That which you call God! For would direct and use no man may say where the Infinite ceases to be you and you begin to be you. then. in accord with the above principles. engaged while awake with sensations. the whole self becomes amenable to directions imperatively and conThus you can fidently given it during waking hours. suggested ideas and the execution of its own orders in will. which is incessantly of slumber.Building During Sleep. accomplish much for your power-life while you are seemingly asleep. There are reasons for believing that not only are bodily force and tissue received and renewed. thought.350 Tightness The Culture you shall ever of Courage. since of all wealth. Eighth Regime for Facing the Crowd Critical: The value of sleep cannot be estimated in physical terms alone. but that the business of psychic growth is also carried on. Hence the present regime: You are invited. you also root know as your own you already and bloom on the Eternal Nile you are. to make it your practice for long to affirm the substance of the preceding regime-directions. beauty. the subconscious self now obtains larger freedom in its own When body and conscious mind related activities. are disposed for sleep. begining with your preparations for retiring and continuing .

reap most desirable rewards. but then. indeed. the fact so often apparent everywhere in life. each night until lost in sleep. there goes on more or less of reorganization or reconstruction of the self "down cellar. Multi- Certain Delayed Results. Sometimes the delay is that sometimes that of indirect response. indirectly. This law. at this point. In other words. of direct response. if astonishing results do not soon appear. but there are intervening things to be accomplished before your comthe mand can be directly carried command has to be obeyed it is out. for public address developing witha feeling of courage in you. and this proceeds to obey. moreover. preparatory but occa- sioning delay in response to a given command which . Frequently the case that the conscious self only becomes in earnest and charged with confidence after it has formed the habit of thinking and commanding thus and so. Let us here note Observe. relax effort and finally drop out of the ranks of the growers. In work like the present. this should inspire you to further effort until the labor becomes unnecessary." subconsciously. All students of the Power-Books who persevere. while given various names in science. tudes begin culture-work with enthusiasm. go on admirably for a time.The Fearful Crowd. may here be called the Law of De- layed Psychic Response. 351 The affirmations should be vigorously and confidently addressed to yourself When you find in the second person singular form. done in the deeper self what you are commanding in the Sometimes you reach the subconscious conscious self. In this outcome a great law has been manifest. In the one case you may not succeed in immediately reaching the subconscious self because you have not at Always realize as first quite gotten at the method. self.

growth involves this law of delay more or less. in view of this law. Russia saw no Deity in the revolt of the Tartars. For many weeks there student can tests. prejudice. passion. You for a long are invited. come. ceases at a point just below the required efficiency. the change comes. Students of telegraphy claim that the improvement — in learning to receive messages. some time may elapse All psychic before you can be conscious of results. — cannot be proved. therefore. Fear of Crowd Critical Preliminary on — Public Opinion. always — "The voice Freedom. of course — enough time are to bring out definite conscious- ness of the results desired. is of the people the Prophets declare the contrary in Jewish history. suddenly. But then. within a few days.352 The Culture of Courage. a senseless clatter to the student. The regimes life. to persevere in all the regimes — as you in take them up. is The voice fickle. while rapid for a time. is feel sure of. Vox populivox voice of Deity." Dei. you have formulated. an improvement which the and which is proved by actual Then follows a long period when the student no improvement. The familiar saying. and objective tests show At the last end of the work just little or none. nor did England in The Declaration of Independence. and the senseless clatter becomes intelligible telegraphic speech. according to the unanimous testimony. of the people often vague and is is Public opinion." themselves "I into master of every condition that may come am my IV. Finally. a baseless hallucination. an unreasoning evidence of contagion. The results will infallible. a well-grounded . prior to a new discovery the messages in the main can feel — — line are.

and If it so." are all tyrannies in their nature. Your physical life. powers. not because tyranny is a value in itself. public opinion. is so strong. ment. Make them easy-going. intend to stay and to get the best . but because public opinion must be tyrannical to be itself at all.The Fearjul Crowd. No man's mere intention conHumanity makes mistakes precisely as stitutes right. the long-run intention of public opinion is human better- then an exhibition of the law of (racial Man intends to stay or community) self-preservation. does the individual. functions. and is so. The intention necessarily tyrannical. You of (as you certainly should). 353 least always. its origin — Whatever opinion is or character. These things express in a kind of public opinion in the "communities" of your body and mind which you call parts. it would have no value. fact. public all a fact. activities — — your self. were your instinct for happiness. however. as a fact. public opinion is and has to be a tyranny. Taken and in all. not a tyranny. since it is on the earth and to come to Ins best. This intention of any age or nation or community to stay on the earth and to get to It itself in public opinion. expresses precisely because — as conceived — at the time of any particular phase of the intention the law of self-preservation that the the intention. But humanity viewed in the long run must be taken as an individual. personality. and you find their worth to you little or nothing. your impulsion to "get on. and so there is a tyranny " public " opinion for every atom and phase of your This holds you together. one of these things at a manifesto of reason never all of these things entirely. intention is its is best estate.

part:. Freedom best thing very far from being the right to do as is the right and the power to be and do the known and possible. of the larger public opinion or may inspire these attitudes in the individual It may may may may be laughed at scorned. The obligation upon us all the all is. so is unescapable. The tyranny right. Public opinion expresses for a tyranny simply because it human freedom. This intention . be regarded with reasonable respect. and such freedom is freedom. is Freedom one pleases. to be fully and time free. To be and do the best thing known and possible is to strive for harmony with the laws of personal being. because only individual freedom can be right or best. To discover this intention and to strive for its realization in personal life constitute the only reasonable goal of human existence. however.354 The Culture The tyranny It It It of Courage. its — man woman: This book suggests the third attitude for readers. The third attitude alone admissible for any calls for respect for human being. It is so many it is many parts wrong. Harmony with the laws of personal being is harmony with the laws of Universal Nature. all The highest duty of men and all women is to be absolutely free. be feared. Such harmony is to be what the laws of Universal Nature evidently intend one to be. all the time. be regarded with slavish respect. can only be realized in the absolute intention. Such absolute freedom. But always is here — to be reckoned with. to fully intend.

both tyrannies. as follows: to be free The individual must wholly intend wholly in the sense of exercising his right and power to discoverable best all the time. done by the individual. capability of becoming Cosmic Opinion. In the life of man these tyrannies have sometimes seemed vaguely to agree. opposition has shown that Vox populi non vox Dei — — — "The voice of the people is not the voice of Deity.' The Fearful Crowd. Always in the agreement human public opinion has yielded to Cosmic Opinion. man — . it is merely asserting itself over again. and always that agreement by yielding has worked good So it appears to the writer. Human opinion. Regard public opinion with slavish respect. as its very first principle. both age-long and relentless. of 355 ' meaning by " intention Nature for each individual It is the Voice is a tyranny. is to be weighed by the This weighing can only be dictates of Cosmic Opinion. For the most part they have been in opposition. full opportunity in your mind. Always the for man. Cosmic Opinion. therefore. You are invited to give that phrase. bly weigh itself. since — the free can know no such respect. It is evident. It is of Deity. since public opinion cannot possiWhen it preit can only assert itself. since it may seek to express Cosmic Opinion. tends to weigh. — The task of weighing public opinion according to the dictates of Cosmic Opinion demands. then. and since and the public opinion may oppose Cosmic Opinion decision must rest with the individual. be at his In such freedom the individual will not Scorn public opinion as such." History is the record of war between these two tyrannies. that here are two public opinions.

however. therefore. or new simply. shall limit these demands by reason demonstrating in practical life for good. or present simply. shall base all demands on facts that have the right to be.356 The Culture of Courage. even now. the questions suggested above A reasonable respect for public opinion. but in opposition to this fact must be placed the great truth that honest errors are a part of the cost of freedom itself. Fear public opinion. say. shall stand for no beliefs because they are old simply. since this would jeopardize and he cannot be at his best and fear that which may itself be in error. the self-assertion: "/ am. it The free man must use his two ears: one turned toward public opinion. And — requires that the individual shall not ignore public opinion in deciding such questions. He will indeed make mistakes. felt may from This resolution should be intensely willed. fully and splendidly because con- sciously right. In true freedom the individual will regard public opinion with reasonable respect. for long as a proposition of fact. and strongly and in such form be repeated free. he will be free in so far forth. or make for anything short of highest his freedom. in all " relations with public opinion my . present and ultimate human welfare. A reasonable respect requires that public opinion shall make no demands for its own sake. so far as intention is concerned. but shall give that weight which seems admissible to him. invited to resolve from hencetime forth to be as free as your growing soul to time permit. always a reasonable respect for public opinion concedes the individual the right to decide every one of for himself alone. one turned toward Cosmic Opinion. You are. wholly and all the time. If he intends so to do.

are capable of the freest examination and universal application to life. By demands made which seek to control indi- viduals and groups as regards both thought-life and practical conduct. public opinion it is necessary at this point to analyze particularly. however. are never entitled to The criticism and demands fear. further important work. thoughtlessly. in groups. (c) only as they validify in practical good. is 357 general and preliminary to In order that such work may be indicated. criticism by public opinion is really a demand act. in criticism and the demands are to be justly — or treated with indifference. in itself. and are not mere notions and whims. You are. as follows: thought and action in individuals Opinion. Public shown By criticism of The tyranny of two ways. whether old or new. nor to any person's feeling of only on the condition habit and tradition. Now. let us say. — if they are any way unjust. is And always may (and must) the individual decide the question involved for himself — bent on that freedom which consists in the right and the power to be what the nature of things evidently intended him to be. criticised for an a . more of is Analysis public opinion 1.The Fearful Crowd. The criticism and demands merit reasonable regard (a) that they are not made for their own sake. (d) only as they represent beliefs which. so far as he can ascertain. through the struggle for harmony with the Universal provided: he System of things and worlds. or as the outcome of (6) only as they are based on facts that have the right to be. in and 2. The scorned. This regime. any person's slavish respect.

what do I care about it?" Nevertheless. Fear of this critico-demand has its roots. This resolution should be intensely felt and strongly willed. in any given case. if he If a man does not want me to resemble him why does he criticise me? For really is indifferent the common good? Some one must decide that common good. under penalty of dis- In other words. to conduct your business. You and The control of these ideas is the cure for fear of public are opinion. that in a This means. and. and be repeated fact. . because I am consciously right by intention I respect public in all my relations with public opinion. you are to do. even now. is evil. way pleasing to the critics. People are not always aware of this fact. The ideas here are: the thought-desire to please others. yet if fear-feeling goes with approbation. to build your house. and would often demur to it with the remark: "Why. and so on. fully and splendidly free. the idea of hurt to body or soul. may from invited to resolve from henceforth to be as fully free as your growing soul time to time permit. in this for long as a proposition of present form: "7 am. thought. and so on. to wear clothing. this somealways with the proviso one is myself. it is evil all and useless. again. -no. not the critic that I am seeking the harmony above indicated. pride the idea of wounded — an injury to reputation. it is demanded that you be and do what is agreeable to those who criticise. in ideas. say. — — — my a concession of that fact. Hence the following regimes: First — Regime op Freedom Claimed. since criticism of another is demand for conformity to the critic's ideas. right or wrong. to think. So far as my life is concerned.358 The Culture of Courage. the logic holds. The critics may be right as thus determined (by the standard of freedom and harmony).

no value because the occasions lack importance. tastes. cultivated until it is measurably experienced. beliefs. along with a reasonable regard for public opinion when evidently right. so far as such items are in harmony with a similar privilege in others. and desired that the roof should overhang the walls a certain distance. customs. friend or You are invited to assert your selfhood as rightly foe. opinion if 359 evidently correct. all round the field of one's even though matters of more or less importance be embraced. free in action. Such indifference and assertion may be acquired . it an equally reasonable indifference for ing notion. or when a mere pass- The writer employed a carpenter to build a small shop. The workman expressed disapproval. But beyond this. well to cultivate. and these may never be yours unless you grow in your soul a reasonable independence of human tyranny. thought. Independence comes of assertion of self. and the answer came: " Let the roof overhang. What will these people say when they see it?" This was really a case of pride for himself. and said: "Why. Why should I care for mere perThus with innumerable matters that sonal notions!" In many instances the opinions have inspire criticism. It is unhealthful to be dominated by any person. a vigorous treatment of indifference. but I do not fear it.The Fearful Crowd." tion. because you are entitled to the feelings of courage and freedom. the fear-feeling for public opinion needs when it is probably wrong. nobody does it that way. or when it is it handles matters of small importance. so in the present it is — instance. life. Second Regime of Indifference and AsserAs in the case of antipathies. and I enter- tain no slavish regard for its decisions or its dictates.

by and vigorously: criticisms I hold. my thought and conduct. and it has always insisted on beliefs simply because such beliefs have been held. The purpose sought is the exhibiltion of courage by assuming the attitude of counter-demand. this demand for. for I "It is a matter of indifference to me what may inspire or what public opinion may am now consciously seekthe ing harmony with that higher forum. Here was criticism constructed. opinion — Regime of Reasonable Counter-DePublic This regime has already been suggested. The invitation requires that all expression of public opinion shall justify in some fact-foundation. sometimes guilty of criticisms and demands merely for its own sake or merely for the sake of criticising and demanding. The invitation now offered concerns these factors. is not confined always to the limits of reason demonstrating in practical welfare. Public opinion frequently bases in facts which ." Third mands.360 The Culture thinking. without supporting fact. and suggests a personal attitude which constitutes a counter-demand on others or against public opinion itself. is not always based on facts at all or on facts that have a right to be. When you criticisms discover in yourself fear because of the and demands of others. and the development of courage through assertion of such demand. actually based on actual facts? The carpenter above referred to feared criticism of an overhanging roof on the ground that buildings were not so He was mistaken. opinion of Cosmic Intelligences. but is the case will bear further detail instruction. often of Courage. you are invited to ask the question: Is this criticism of.

By so much as you discover "no facts. because of a prevailing bent. in some communities." by so much must your fear in the case disappear. have no right to be. criticised get at facts of any importance. whether existing or legitimate. you will find that in many instances you are fearing criticisms and demands that have either no foundation in fact or a foundation in You are facts which are themselves without right. then. for the sake Public opinion in such cases is merely of domination." or Spiritualism. If. or merely for the sake Criticisms often prevail of asserting public opinion? than that they prevail. or to go off into " New-Thought" to be identified with what is called the The critics have not usually stopped to movement. They have from habit." or "facts without right to be. And you are invited to ask the question these criticisms also: Are and demands put forth merely for the sake of criticism and domination. opportunity presented to you of asserting your an tyranny. There are millions of facts in this world which are not founded in right. the fact that every- body observed Sunday in the way of the Puritans.The Fearful Crowd. since that observance was in various respects harmful to the cause which it represented. therefore. you proceed to examine your conformity to customs and opinions. utter independence of its senseless You are therefore. had no inherent right to be a fact. a tyranny without justification. Public opinion in regard to the subject was. It has not for no other reason been considered in certain circles to be "in good form" " Christian Science. fears because of public invited to run to cover your opinion and to find out exactly what the facts are. invited to accept this proposi- . 361 For example. and can furnish no foundation for public opinion.

You be conscious of a reasonable regard for it. Do you accept the Is your style of speech cultured? traditions of your church or party? Have your beliefs been certified to by some one? You may answer these especially in their own — questions in the affirmative as regards a fair degree of but the tendency of opinion in these always toward some extreme: the heighth the affectation in literature and art of fashion the imitative in society stereotyped in speech conformity. and not even the things that thus grow into extremes can be said always to make for human intellectual welfare. a taste for George Eliot. conformity with a religious ceremony. — — the mummified — None of these extremes is essential to anyone's and moral development. of public opin- ion confined to the limits of reason general welfare? Many making for the bondage to the — prevailing modes. fashions. tion. most of them are foes thereto. Thus you tion: are now invited to asked a further ques- Are the criticisms and demands people are in class. a belief in a man-God. customs. matters is — — the moss-back in religion and politics belief. traditions. will displace all fear-feeling in relation but this regard to its criticisms and demands. — matters of such sorts are never surely . Public opinion has no value whatever in itself. Do you read and admire the going things? so declared. When you become saturated with this convic- will still your fear of public opinion will vanish. the use of a fork. A dress decollete. a conventional house. beliefs These things tend always to transcend the limits of reason in any sense Certain questions indicate the fact to be overdone. values depend on its relation to the freely developlife ing individual making toward its largest and richest form.362 tion: all its The Culture of Courage. a "swallow-tail" coat.

development the highest possibilities of one's are therefore. and the you prefer. essential to 363 mental power or moral worth. invited to question every crit- You icism and demand of public opinion somewhat as follows: Do the criticism and for myself and others demand undoubtedly mean better harmony with the laws of fulfilment of the the Universe? Do Do the best they mean a more complete Golden Rule? they signify a larger right and power to realize human nature? If they warrant due regard and conformity. Three great factors only are essential welfare: human Harmony and with the Infinite. You will value the force of such opinion.) When you attain the attitude here suggested. individual may justly be ignored as of merely convenient importance or as of no importance in any sense. they merit no consideration beyond purely If so.The Fearful Crowd. absolutely every criticism and human being. to And so with millions of other things. personal convenience. the the right fields of life. . Golden Ride in all power to realize in if personal nature. demand which and does not clearly make for betterment. whatever that force may be. your good day of courage in the face of public opinion will have arrived. but you will no longer fear it. and will feel that its proper consideration is a virtue. or. not. and you will still weigh and credit it for what it is really worth. with the laws of the Universe. (Of course these conclusions do not regard the legal enactment of public opinion. In any event they are no just cause for fear on the part of any And social.

Public opinion condemns our relations or not. If so. Always the decisive reference must be to human welfare. high or low. criticisms — Every business and demands of all sorts may be ignored as the passing winds of the passing show. you become for other it yourself the subject of reform. — Your great business life: is Is this in harmony with that and for the maxim which so indispensable to general individual financial prosperity general good ? If so. make for the follow the lines already The outcomes here indicated. class distinctions or the marriage of divorced persons. These suggestions apply to your individual regard to several vital matters: life in Your social personal habits: Do they contribute to the — good as well as your own. You are invited to make good the present claim of the insistence on freedom by being right yourself. . For you are a part of public opinion in such a sense that when it makes are entitled to ignore makes for than the general welfare you and so reform it. in a way. and so helping to mold public opinion for the welfare of all. or are they harmless in such respects? If not. town. as for example. and when it that welfare and opposes you. and what your personal habits are signifies what you practically would have public opinion to be. criticism and to be ignored. certain right if established. If not. public opinion again may justly be your judge. For you also are a part of public opinion. all. public opinion contrary is a thing If the opposite is true. public opinion may be ignored. If any relation (with its background of thought) makes for the welfare of the one and the many. as the case may be. and so on. human good of relations would. nation. public opinion may justly be your judge.364 The Culture of Courage. In your street. and so on. state.

or simply for a party? The great majority of beliefs of have had no more. necessarily. to artificial truth is the alleged importance of a tendency and to possess a believe certain prescribed matters opinion. with the true freedom of the human self. Do they stand for truth essential to human life. great essentials and throw overboard nearly the whole furniture of intellectual and religious dogma. but this importance does not attach to covering the neck. with the Golden Rule. The main things enough to cover the bo-ly. having real truth in to do with his character and life. The sable to any human life. or the laws of the Universe. in referof public opinions are just. of course. color. Your beliefs. nor to wearing It is of a certain cut. or for tradition merely. than so many You can stand for these have had to do. head in some defined way.The Fearful Crowd. demand 36 5 You are. style. large fund of labeled beliefs demanded by public — Let us illustrate: important that people should tend toward decency and wear some kind of clothing. also a part of public opinion. or just for a church. and your life. are decency and clothes Styles change. to do with the matter harmony with the Infinite. human being should decline . ence to these things. The general trend of a man's much belief is of importance to him. but let It is important that a make. but the an this statement is almost always missed because A true tendency artificial truth forever gets in its way. it may be. assists in making opinion exactly on the one side or the other of every imwhat it is — portant question. decency abide. together with a considerable fairy tales of beliefs these things are indispenwhich seem right That is the real truth. fund to believe something. clothing face.

truth and goodness. the huge constants without which life is valueless because animal and shorn of ideal and eternal law. imitate our ideals of beauty. political. But it is not important that one shall accumulate a certain definite and named assorted list These of beliefs.366 The Culture of Courage. The mind should maintain psychic decency by donning some sort of covering and not exposing nude scepticism gone stark to the skin. like the Pole Star. lest. But never may any honest man or woman prescribe exact and fixed diet for any soul that lives beyond the great essentials of all human betterHarmony with the laws ment as above suggested. death. like hibernating dead asleep in a wintry life and consume itself to death. animals. nature. yet belief abides because it is native and necessary to the full life. Variation of belief always obtains if the soul is a growing one. the hereafter. religious. Beliefs vary. the present. or with the Infinite. We must have much in the long run. revive and fade. life. whilo yet the Greater. many things deemed true. but should keep open house to beauty. important that one be possessed of a rich and varied store of beliefs about himself. accept our form of truth. It is not important that he shall admire It is my or your goodness. of the Universe. to degenerate into a personalized denying machine. some essential to one person. but the individual items may vary. the Universe. like the mountains. social. and true freedom these gigantic things give rise to many lesser beliefs. . like the Galactic Circle across the sky. it fall — — — die in particular forms. like the sea. but always it remains true that the lesser come and go. some essential to another person. change. remain. things are like food and clothing. the Golden Rule. and it must have something called and so truth. on. scientific.

as the configurations of the heavens slowly change during the seons of the years. as Polaris drifts in its journey through 50° from the true pole-position. then. still one reality clings to the moral worth of existence Cosmic Opinion. and fear of it.The Fearful Crowd. of Yet still still the Pole holds. — You are invited. vanish as much out of your life. . its criticisms and demands. 367 Even these three giants wear different aspects as the world climbs on and up. By so you succeed in so doing will the public opinion of a passing day cease to exercise unjust tyranny over you. still the constellations abide. to cultivate a full sense of the unimportance of the lesser subjects of belief and a larger appreciation for the Master Beliefs. and the Master Beliefs all time continue immutable amid change.

" affirm wise dullards. scarred and fighting fear. can that consummate life have fear? So. — glorious faith life — The wine of ignorance makes drunk with fear: Young was the world when man first quaked. cursed by the cherubim. Is that Whose "Eat first Apple of Knowledge which even That foregoes good law decreed: not of the weakness of self. weed of the primal swamp Not of ignorance But of the Tree of Life in the Garden Edenic of old. now. ." — The Author. whether our old wisdom. with high joys pirated from In raw self Is question I. cut short In favor of godship. "Intoxicates with courage: ' As witness youth. — thoughts Born of sheer satisfaction of being Full-conscious being alive. courage to first honor — The courage of youth is the fruit.' " Would we had secret of recovering This daring. In me a god Olympian assumes his own. of ignorance.YOUTH "The wine IS COURAGE. for one. Muscles a-quiver with energy puissant. unconsciously proclaiming. happy egotism! For. And the fear of wise fools. Ideas swarming as locusts in Egypt. Has preferable pretensions To such sheer know-no-better. — — Defeat and Death. What 's Brain-cells youth but life? submerged in lava-blood. from crown to boot? How.

and that of the consciously superior man who thinks adequacy to meet events because he feels adequate in the present. Above all things they strive to avoid it a show of weakness. of may spring from temperament: that of the | HI animal. is such feeling as is predominant at moments when the organism is breaking down. and he knows. abashed. incapable of real thought about the future. They efficiency or of a too-easy yielding to passion or do not seem to get tired after hours of standing at To a provoking speech they reply with politecourt. how to convey the impresthe . and not as if horrified. after the — manner preserve of plebeians. This type of people may be described thus "In their minds the consciousness of power is two varieties : P OUR AGE in regard to events ever present." — Royce. or is being lowfor the ered in vitality. takes the form of in- emoThey never sink exhausted into a chair. enraged or out of breath.CHAPTER Fear of Events which the organism so that its vitality pleasure. when the vulgar try to make themselves comfortable these higher folk avoid reclining. The aristocrat knows how to appearance of ever-present physical strength. Pain or dison the other hand. On the train. is is XII. ness and self-possession crushed. "Pleasures are feelings that seem to accompany states in being built up. too. or prevailingly refreshed* moment heightened. whether tion. — Old Age.

Will and the Coukage-Habit. run naturally to the easiest way. mental tendency. Fear-feeling is a race-habit man has always entertained fear-thought under the influence of imagination. we must proceed to cultivate the courage-habit. One who is "naturally" fearful simply takes up and carries on this racial fearthis because habit. the animal bent of initiative is always at work to prevent a total "set" of personal activities. the result under long-continued modifying conditions. by keeping up an unchanging serenity and civility. (a) Ir>. The voluntary formation of any habit demands This fact is significant. The most of our fears disclose effort in proportion to its need. or Such opposition may arise in external circumit may spring up within the individual. both physical and psychic. may occur instantly. and tend to "set" in habits that resist alteration. when some contrary or modifying force is brought to bear upon the activities of which it is com- posed. It is evident that habit can only be arrested. It is useless merely to Reversing the fear-habit really accomplished by developing courage. or it may only appear the former case. kill is fear — and impossible. Our activities." You are invited to be that sort of aristocrat and n sion that his soul — other. as in the event of some great accident. and intellect are a match to all dangers and surprises. especially resist breaking up in any thorough-going fashion. and to inaugurate new activities and tendencies so' . even under the most trying circumstances. But at the heart of this common run of things in body and mind.37° The Culture of Courage. as in general education conducted by schools and colleges. or changed. stances. If we wish to reverse such habit.

The will is the master power by which we intelligently utilize both habit and restlessness for building soul winning life's success. Therein lies its value. of course. This factor builds the Universe. Such initiative is 371 due to human career. Oftentimes the mere operations of mind accomplish the results. self. psychic restlessness. bold restlessness curbed by practical pulls life forever on toward sense — building in the march power that must be enlisted both for the overcoming. In so the least tincture of fear in will means just (This is a contradiction. and for the same reason we modify them. ever calls backward to the old and advanced ground.Fear essential to of Events— Old Age. less will. ever pushes out into new territories. action-idea inducing — — uill is dynamic idea Idea cannot action. as so conceived. is properly controlled by the which ever forsakes settled the psychic power things. When the opposition to "set" tendencies is not immediately of events. referring the reader to "Practical Psychology" for an elaborate analysis of the subject. forcing a place It is chiefly this inner (6) caused by restlessness. conception of the "faculty" as sufficiently Now. the will has come to the fore. the strenuous soul. — . Not the control of Sleepy Hollow wins success and breeds courage. idea-impulse-pusher and director in our rational life. the essence of will. if The spirit of restlessness. and form new ones. but that is exactly the point). We may say that will is is courage. We form habits because we are restless. but take the common correct for these pages. rather. and for the development. of habits. and We cannot here go into a discussion of the nature of will. much go into the matter thus much that is. The very nature of to makes it fearless. Technically speaking will fact.

the If idea merely becomes dynamic and forces action. fear-thought may occur. that general physical and psychic activities tend to "set. Remembering. But you see. this because the courage-idea has become regnant in place of the fearfeeling. be observed. and also (b) in that psychic restlessness which. defeat is 40°. If we possess will to refuse fear-action." but that our native restlessness nevertheless keeps mind open to new variation of action. for real always feeling. 75°. or the development of habit beneficial. and fear-feeling induces action not because action. we immediately and but because we lack will consciously will that to refuse is it. courage thus being the real fact. of each. The 60° in the first instance could not be contains in fear is and the 40° Will never in the second instance could not be 60°. 100° Always there are in any act as many degrees of courage as of will It should — inevitably. now. confuse fear-thought with fear-feeling. up to. no less than habit.372 The Culture of Courage. 50°. If we express this matter as in the above suggested equaie&r-thought may tion. we may say that 50° of accompany 60° of will. however. when you fear-act. is so . become dynamic so long as it is fear-idea of action though the fear-idea does become dynamic for action. but that if 50° of ie&r-feeling obtain with 40° of will (a contradiction. and so on. you do not fear that act. say. here taken we assume 100° as the standard of will then 10° of will involves for mind as expressing will — — 10° of courage. 30°. we see that conscious will operates (a) both in the overcoming of habit injurious. that we do not In company with the best of will. itself the smallest degree of fear. inevitable. — We do not consciously will fear-action. again).

in the very characnature of mental processes.Fear characteristic of of Events — Old Age. habits are: 1. though its consequences may ter. Of course. with regard to the . The law of satisfaction in initiative. again. and from their operation result two life. a measure of courage such operations. Certain Laws and Habits. conscious will The corresponding and obtains also the moment begins to work for some new satisfaction. We proceed to discussions. The law that courage obtains so long as such satisfaction holds on. The general psychic life. Similarly. initiation of the great laws. The Satisfaction of Normal First Discussion. though and even when initiative requires painful effort. of least Formation of habit along lines resistance entails satisfaction. These Laws are: habit and 2. Life. 373 must follow the "set" of mental some sort and the Hence appear two of new forms of actions. dental chair because we had The mind takes satisfaction in doing what to be braggarts to are braggarts after the get it is chance to be capable of doing. 1. whatever the habit's entail unhappiness. since it is voluntary. We there. here. consequences may there is a kind of satisfaction be unsatisfactory. Now. whether or no outcomes mental operations remain And. so long as pleasing. satisfaction of activity most sovereign habits of human life. age. in such normal life. also. the general habit of courage 2. habit of optimism in normal physical and Necessarily. must normal and satisfying. there is satisfaction in initiative. the obtain with regard to moment moment of courof voluntary initiation is the initiation.

(One may feel well and yet be diseased. the buoyancy of an inspired mind. But this satisfaction breeds To develop a normal body adequacy. these things create a feeling correspondent. Nature could not work in such a manner that nerve-welfare should mean distress-feeling. evolution has always worked out the law and the habit of satisfaction in normal existence. and mind is to induce therein a feeling of A good nervous system feels equal to present conditions and demands. sure. Discussion Three. alert and in right action. it is but the feeling here is not the report of disease. because evolution is a process of cell-construc- and function-building. The gloomy outlook always means something wrong But when either in body or in mind. of Courage. is Especially is this the case when will normal. to be tion and for the individual animal. Evolution has made pessim- ism impossible to healthy physical and psychic life. this habit runs side by side with courage. Optimism and is a habit in the normally working mind. report of health remaining). Evolution has brought the law of optimism forth. and body-fashioning by The process has made into man's well-being. Discussion Four. courage in healthy life. often in both. for fear and monotony and pessimism breed unhappiness.374 The Culture Second Discussion. The inevitable accompanying feeling is also that of well-being. The feeling must report the fact. The thrill of a sound body. But the satisfaction of habit-forming and of initiative and of courage itself tends to breed hopefulness. and the correspon- . body is sound all through and psychic factors are working harmoniously. Thus. alarm in the present and forebodings about the future are by these conditions inevitably prevented.

— with satisfaction in habit and In a pronounced recognition of presently unor of always known 2. they constitute a demand on each all of us to return. — time. possibly destroyed. The prevalence and all of fears in the world reveal universal abnormality.— — Old Fear of Events Age. normal life is optimistic The reverse conclusion is evident. Such interference with satisfaction is an element of confusion among natural functions and those states of quiescence and comfort which accompany a nervous system and a bundle of activities that ought to mean. to the normal condition from which good things are expected and sane things are dared. upset. vast B A vast unknown unknown ending of life. In a pronounced feeling of inadequacy. now. interference is life. interrupted in one's consciousness. Events. I say. a general feeling of discomfort arises because there the "set" of things in personal large. is — adequate. Why We Fear Future noted. "all good. the usual operation and of two laws are the habits associated therewith. — inadequacy So. ought to report in a conBefore the looming unknown sciousness. — ordinary satisfaction of in itself disturbed." and the object or condition concerning which you can- not life feel able. "all well. 375 dent feeling cannot be that of weakness defeat. ." and. and courageous. or to advance. A—A Satisfaction must be broken when you confront: vast change in D — And known unknown C A life. in — satisfaction disappears a pronounced feeling of inadequacy. but must be that of ability — power — courage. then opposition to Speaking by and initia- tive appears 1. of inability to cope with things. unknowable conditions. or unknown. of the When. therefore.

on a higher level. The normal body and mind have satisfaction in themselves because they are normal. uneasiness. sense of well-being — and the old habits of satisfaction — assurance of ability. apprehension. The raising within us of a recognition of the nowunknown or the always-unknowable is equivalent to the inducement of a feeling of inability-to-cope. But the opposition begets awe.- 376 The Culture of Courage. are usually adequate — carry common run a feeling of huge unknown and the psychically overwhelming run amuck physically or with the habits of satisfaction and courage. itself. too. at An point. and so. Previous experience shows that you have accomplished this readjustment again and again. here. so that this ability-courage. — some We phase of the fear-feeling. by so the less much do the emphasis of recognition of lose unknown and the feeling of inadequacy more or in depth and edge. A Great Truth thus appears: You may so accustom yourself to the idea of meeting the unknown and to believing in your ability to cope with great powers. finding of satisfaction itself intact. appears this say that "familiarity breeds contempt. the mountaineer learns to and death. as to acquire. of confi- dence and of courage. that life has re-adjusted and. in the of things. has resumed the habits and adequacy-feeling or courage. terror. Thus the adventurer ceases to regard unknown possibilities with concern. look upon lofty heights without excitement. Some . fright.with." By so much as you become accustomed to the conditions or objects which set up internal opposition to the laws and habits noted. however. encouraging truth. The fact is. and the soldier sailor holds himself sternly to confronting of tempest and wave. and the becomes "case-hardened" to danger and odds Thus.

active forepicturing of Conditions. The the vital thing may be brought out in an advanc- ing form. has onl}. a false conception of time. their order.brought out your unsuspected out. ^Ye take up these factors in First Factor: A False Conxeptiox is Time. that the age of fear the noon or afternoon of so far as fears concern the unknown and the overwhelming. graphs preceding this. reality. may stand as invitations and teachers. I The power —A of such ideas false is evolved from three sources II conception of Time. has been true in your case. The first source of confusion to normal mental twofold. is Youth is not the time of fears — for then the habit of and pronounced The two paraof in our satisfaction in well-being so active that almost invincible courage obtains. The Vital Facts About These Fears. satisfaction. anything overwhelming. we must here modify a the fear If the readjustment were literally possible in all all full sense. its 377 unknown condition or object has lost power perma- nently to induce discomfort of mind. the You have confronted Red Sea and crossed This fact should be used to inspire within you an uplift-feeling before the idea of anything unknown. it The following also Some great difficulty. I. life. the Jordan and found over. abilities. is The truth however.Fear of Events — Old Age. The power of the ideas of the unknown and : overwhelming should be overcome and destroyed. yet leave much undisposed problem of fear. — An unduly III — An abnormal of expectation of events. had half a life's existence. then. little. Nevertheless. . experience would deprive of men who have is. danger.

The of false view of time consists in the fact that we get away." outside ourselves. of time. The idea of space. and call that. since he alone all is able to say. Man is the only animal that is capable of this idea. We can best approach the practical element by a brief discussion of the theory of the time idea. but here also we make a thought-measure to be an external reality. man makes action's continuance a measure for identity. In other words. Now. the other One phase phase is wrong view in an apprehensive attitude toward time. is a a mere-element in thought of external action or inaction — properly con- ceived. and call that. "I am identically myself through the passing of activities whether within or without. from this measure-element of internal mere thought. and we put a further thought. in our thought. to discover precisely the process of putting the thought-thing outside our- . mands consideration because of this fact. and then time. time. let us observe certain facts concerning time It is only necessary to compare the origin of various time-words and space. "identity-action- continuance. Having the idea of identity. although the two usually The first phase deexist as parts of one thought. and space. The second induced by the first. calls that measure. again. space." thus rising to the idea of continuity amid change. however metaphysical in its nature. the matter is practical in bearing. "external action or inaction. and come at last to regard the measure and external activities as an external reality in itself.378 The Culture consists in a of Courage. we put a thought.words with this present conception of time and of space." outside ourselves.

from Sanscrit. done. to select at random. Bhu. "to put under. only later making those names That to stand for things as though outside his thought." "what is thrown against mind. inducing mental action Object. from Sanscrit. is. Stha. become." Here." The thing is placed in the thrown against mind. Thus. " what is prepared or made an Prepared where? In thought about object. object. final mental transformed by the responsive mental action into a thing. "against"— throw against." Throw against what? In last "to which analysis. we have: Thing from the Sanscrit. place by thought." The mind perceives a something thrown against it as Existence. Facere. Res." Fact. "to breathe." from thought As. "a thing." "what Dha. becoming or growing. 379 and making it an outside reality-thing. from Latin. in a thought Reality. — necessarily so." Do. Tak. a mental action: "to How could the placing be recognized except by thought? from Sanscrit. against mind. The following list of words illustrates the fact that man began his life by really giving names to his own inner processes of thought. induced a a You see. from Jet.Fear selves of Events — Old Age. the action-upon is action. do. also. "to stand. "to grow. ." primarily. "to make. from Latin. is named." something that acted upon the mind. Subject. however external things appeared to Mm to be." is made." "what is prepared or made an object. "to throw" and ab. induced by the thing Being. he began by naming his inner thoughts about those things. "to place.

Age. Space. "a we have course. it is re- World. if found (impossible." the remaining seeming is at the last simply in mind. referring to Tide. when man tries to find a "thing-in-itself. "age of man. In all this it appears that. time. space. being a mere mental measure-naming in conclusion." Here. And so. Agere. from Sanscrit. Spa. year. "to allot." apart from his thought." what being done as observed by and in mind." to take place outside because he makes a thought-object an object of thought." It is a measure-idea. not elsewhere. " stand apart. Distance.380 Life. The stand-apart idea is there. but have their known reality in mind. Time. they can only be has simply known in thought. he must also fail. The thought-seeming occurs in mind. apart from thought. The Culture of Courage. so that in naming them man named his own thoughts. he must fail in the effort. "a the fact of inner mental processes receiving inner names. "to do. may be as objects of thought. and the notion. again." calculation. would then be. since the thing-in-itself. And when he tries to find space independent of thought." the idea of passing being a mental conclusion. from Sanscrit." Where? In the thinker's inner observation. "to give"). "what remains. from Latin. Year. so that named things appear to have reality in themselves. the objective fact-seeming seems outside mind. not apart. for a similar reason: the non-thought space would then be an in-thought space. of course). ." Era. however real things. Day (Da. from Ya. its origin. "that which passes. ferred outside but as object of recognition. but in thought. Action. "that which is drawn But the drawing out must seem in the thinker out.

know it. is a thought-reflection in your mind. combinations. word space stands for such thought-relations of thoughtFor example: you observe in the night reflections. time a word standing in our thought a certain for relations of sequence between thought-reflections of activities. It is not a thing-in-itself. as you stars appear to occupy space. hour. you are compelled to know inside The world of is really a thought-world yourself the things that are outside yourself. it is ." This sort of mental perception we call space because the relation between various thought-reflections of things seems "drawn out" is Sjxi. Similarly. year. Thus with all things. yourself to know. Nature as you know it or perceive it which you have built up in your mind. objects. "remoteness-from-oneanother. day. since these things themselves are. because the actbe recognized in mind. You can never know any world other than your inner reflection (so to speak) of a something outside called the world because you name your thought. Space is a word that stands in our thought for relations of nearness and remoteness of things-ideas. when man find time existent apart from thinking activities that pass in his mind. failure ivities is inevitable. are merely thought-names of units selected in mind out of the passing activities of must first mind. as we know them. the passing must be observed in mind and the time-measurements. but that world is by you perceived in your mind. 381 tries to What else could it be? Finally. sky a star far north and a star far south. and. and the two But each star. the thought-reflections occurring within our minds. There is an external world. You cannot get outside of processes.— Fear of Events — Old Age. and the two are related in a thought.

mirror reflects whatever stands or moves before Here are two realities: the things and actions that not the reflections. of course. the mirror would know. and so. is mode None sion mental action. the light of day will cast their shadows on the rear wall. we see that knowing a world. He conceived of a man (in a talk between two speakers) confined in a cave. discoursed once in the form of a dialogue. — but the knowing could only be in the mirror. but when things outside activities become known in mind. Such mental actions are induced by activities outside the mind. deny the real- ity of world. he. or of action. he will know the outside objects. a Universe is a complex thought in as it were. as we know them. "World known to each. When we make the mirror to represent the mind. of these considerations. If the are reflection could be a knowing. are known only in the mind. one speaker that if men. Plato You see. or of sequence. . The conclu- is merely that the world and space and time. A it. with his back to the cave's opening and his face toward the rear wall. It is thus with our mind-knowing: we perceive only with the mind. but only as reflected on the cave's wall. space. said. The ancient. time. on the mind's wall. is reflecting within mind. Plato. he will know outside objects. This also true of space. In this sense his knowing will be of the shadows alone.382 The Culture of our 0} Courage. perceive and come to know the shadows. the known are the mental activities — signs of the external facts." and "space" and "time" are names which we really give to mental actions. — — through the shadows. So. objects and animals outside the cave pass before the opening. and the cave-dweller will Although. and the reflections.

we refer such items to a activities of past. a stationary post. Only the present is real. the and time and worlds two great remaining ." They have ceased. we this But. and this is real because it is perception and knowing in mind of mentally re- — flected activities." They are merely imagined. But reason and imagination enter into the and we believe that some sort will call continue to go right on indefinitely.Fear of Events — Old Age. the fact the mind understands these becomes evident that the idea of time of sequence in activities. This going-on sequence that is " to be " cannot be now and " to be " at once. of course. and to-be going-on a future. The "the future. And a to-be going-on of activities because Such activities have not occurred. and space and time are relation-thoughts which concern things and activities as thought. which now are not. truths. and again. There is no There is no future save as thought of a yet-to-be. When. Self-identity erects a standard. Then memory comes repeat mental then. so to speak. and the sequence of the activities makes the is Any now-passing the present — our self-identifying in latter to seem to pass before to us. activities that correspond with the items in the sequence. from mental perception The activities are the main thing. are is now no more. activities that merely have been. besides the feeling of personal identity. arises therefore. It is only the "has-been" of activities is not-yet. What is left The past cannot be a thing-in-itself. process." "to-be" is simply a thought past save as thought of a has-been. 383 man's mind. I consciousness. it is "to be. Having thus disposed (as of space subjects of thought). simply a thought — "past.

world (which alone we can know). To each there remain only of the self and of the Not-self known by activities Each man perceives various activities conthe self. taking place in his mind-reflecting relations of space and time. then. to We now of have our confear. field of the two great remaining facts. your comprehending mental activities. nothing remains but activities in the sequence of his perceiving. But the human mind has no such concern with reallittle ities other than those revealed in is its own thoughts. conclusions siderations regard Fear. human does the same. portentious! thing-in-itself. scope. thing-in-itself. we think of a mysterious Universe. — Agents in and Actions. we think of space as a looms up to overwhelm us. Putting these together for our of treatment we remark: If we think time as a If everlasting. bewildering and overloading. Time ness is revealed in the relation or sense of near- thoughts In the your and remoteness of a man's thoughts and reduces to your mental calibre. the idea grows on us until a sense of awe. you know. you take your place.384 facts are The Culture of Courage. agents Every other and activities. apart from our » mind. The Universe as vast as revealed in a System which a man's thought so far as — your thought — and is just no vaster. threatens to confuse and terrify consciousness. This truth reduces the Universe you know to activities within your mental Space is revealed in the relation-reflections of a and reduces to your comyour mind man's mind — — prehension. — — — stituting his world. . To each. If this also how vast. which alone need ever concern us.

the future of another year. You have no foreboding about present time. let us say. since this you both have and know. Life is now as fact. It is only the future that seems to invite distress. of Deity or of angels. and this. now is a now of activities alone. Always . occupying even an infinite Universe. therefore (to drop the ideas of world and space)." of the living. and enough for life. or of old age. or of a decade hence. that all life is contemporaneous -. has ceased as of then. You now.of the "dead. march abreast in everlasting now.Fear of Events — Old Age 385 The idea of time. and never can be. Regimes Correcting Effects of False Time-Notion. The life of the past was then Life is now only. You should affirm. and forever will be: the now-life of all universes. the are. thus. And this now is a now of action and actors. You have shown commendable — patience in pursuing this (really brief) discussion. to our regimes. in the midst of these To the now- conditions of things you are invited is an instant enough in itself. The now — to hold yourself ence : "/ am equal to the demands of the Now. as it is conceived as more and more remote from the present being. activities. The host of intelligences. with the courage of the normal existadequate. Any now is an instant. only. — is The remedy consists in remembering that there no future in fact. of other beings in other conditions. concerns a flow of mental activities alone. the General Regime Number One: Minimizing Time-Notion. We come. but the reward is at hand. To — you. then. Only the present is real. especially. as it looms afar.

since there never can be a real time other than a now-time. of now-confidence. Its spirit of hopefulness is vitalized by present satisfactions. Well-being and well-doing induce a satisfaction which. In the condition just above indicated." "Now" in which I shall not be ade- This is precisely the attitude of normal mind in healthy body. which purely a case for resolute will- power banishing a perfectly causeless notion. and so are necessarily optimistic. — future — unless you are not apprehensive of any so-called you are under the tyranny is of sheer imagination. The satisfaction of well-being involves courage for the now. you are conscious of well-being and of well-doing. The well-being inspires a feeling is which the only felt need. Thus there can be no imaginary coming quate. If you maintain normal health of body and mind. you are urged to combine the clear idea of time of forty years hence — of next year or — conceived as merely a measur- ing-thought of the now-activities around you. shall I say this be so equal. and are doing and living General Regime the reasonable best in your relation to the world's nowactivities. and that you do your reasonable best in With all your relations to the world's activities now. Hence the invitation that you assist yourself into normal conditions now. Optimism concerns the present far more than the future.386 The Culture and of Courage. normally believes that itself shall continue. preceding regime is that you make good the claim of nowadequacy. Number Two: Proving AdeThe condition indispensable to the quacy to the Now. Life reduces to proving adequate to the present situation more or less in some satisfactory way. And make good now. because of itself now. the consciousness that you are so doing. Life can never — — .

it always makes present conditions worse and prepares for other conditions of the same order. directing for well-being now. The appropriate all apparent: ideas save those of asserting. When you maintain these two activities. not concern methods for insuring satisserved. is an unduly active foreThis book. General Regime ising — Number Three: You Will Prom- a Good Future. either ful. or been driven from. therefore. confusion to normal life's satisfaction and courage. does : factory conditions in the future. actual or imagined. Apprehension concerning future conditions of life infallibly proves two things: first. We come. pushing. are. you find — apprehension for the future dying out because nothing remains of the vague unknown something on which apprehensions can feed and fatten. The second source of picturing of Conditions. ivity asserts well-being. directs for well-being.Fear of Events — Old — Age. and by sheer act- and revealing Banish of energy breeds courage and invitation. to arouse . That work is provided for in the to other volumes of this Library. its duty of pushing and directing for personal well-being. it should be obpicturing cf conditions. thus. 387 and will never be other than precisely that. worry about it totally gratuitous and always harmWorry never improves conditions of living. that of well-doing and that which makes time a now-matter. then. except in the develop- ment of courage. urged. At present we have do solely with fear that the future may prove unfortuThis fear is altogether needless. that the will has shirked. it When will acts normally in this regard. Second Factor An Unduly Active ForeII. is confidence. Especially is nate. pushes on to well-being. to the second factor in thought supporting fear. so far as the future is concerned.

the will to face all odds courageously. tends to imagine only on the plane of its satisfaction in itself. Hence. since it has the feeling of well-being or satisfaction that reports the fact of normality. I am am prophet now of success to come!" .388 The Culture of Courage. therein the shapes of portent. and I am. with the greatest mental energy and confidence. When imagination sees time and space looming large of a far future. as present and as to come and continue. This cure may : be presented as follows: General Regime Number Four Will CounterYou are therefore invited to affirm. — — and such always power now! I shall I do. and has been given Imagination cannot become too active. healthful objects. is and forbidding on the idea normal. or too full of invention if only it is controlled and applied to life in right practical ways. This effort will infallibly arouse the will to a high pitch of resolute activity and determination. the will to do one's best in present situations. acting Imagination. that is. and healthy imaginations therefore deal with happy expectations. but it is always capable of exercising its powers in wrong directions and on unThe normal mind in a sound body. this a sign of and creates mind not A cure for this brooding and foreboding imag- ination will be found in the will to be happy. The fact proved by apprehension concerning the future tive is that the imagination has become unduly invenliberty in unhealthful directions. full of good cheer and power now. to the utmost vividness. I able to face whatever conditions now may come to will myself me. to think of yourself as well and prospering and as continuing so. the idea of well-being. now doing my best reasonably possible in work and life vigorously. and daily for long: "/ will I am to be. confidently.

389 This assertion of will is doubly demanded because forebodings about the future usually spring from unhappy conditions of body or of mind. If the future in our thought is but a reflection of the present in our mind. he will fill the future with unhappi- But this tendency is his disease. The melancholy man above all needs to arouse his will just because he is what he disaster. the phlegmatic man takes his satisfaction in the thought that such things must happen. of course. that fact will melancholy temperament selects it. imagination full of possible unhappy events. General Regime Number Five: Sid)stituiion of Happy Imagination for Unhappy. is a demand — — . The irascible man adds disaster to disaster. And one proof of need of the regime will be it. and he more than others should inspire his will to assert the best to in be. If he enjoys misery now. only the reflection of his present. or imagination running in the direction of such events. Precisely the attitudes indicated will these types of men assume is in regard to the future. as well as select the best that is for his thought his thought of himself for all conditions of life. the sanguine man his in hopes of repairing it." The happiest man is the sanguine. any feeling of distaste for If you positively dislike the idea or effort of willing The regime is imperative call for such willing. The phlegmatic man is the most philosophical if he can also be sanguine. for his anger breeds poison in his blood.Fear of Events — Old Age. as directed. and the irascible man his in anger with the cause of it. the man of and indulges in the woful aspects of is. A mans future in thought ness. prove hard and unwelcome to the melancholy mood or temperament. We see in different types of mind actual tests of the regimes' Said an acute thinker: "On meeting with a value. but he needs not the present regime.

or permitted to be pressed. on plans and pictures of surely coming good fortune — Had Plato's man in the cave possessed a keyboard so connected with outside objects that he could man- ipulate the shadows on the wall." . results. in a general way. it should be remem- — bered: "How to overcome fear concerning the future. to keep your And you are invited always mind active good work. only those keys which controlled happy scenes before him. trouble-fear. such fore- bodings out of mind. always. so long — quacy and solve success. You possess the keyboard. Thus with imaginations about the future. You may is not altogether control events — that subject not before us. he would certainly have pressed. You can control your all. Our question is. The two preceding regimes dispose. of confusion — This brings us to the third factor III. objects and events which shall accord with the normal mind's sat- attitude toward the present. You to will at the required time. immediately.39° The Culture of Courage. you can accustom the mind to respond only to. the subject of your thoughts The tendency and the thoughts should always be suppressed by ideas and pictures of well-being and ade- and directions. and. in itself for substitution of precisely the opposite con- tents So long as you dwell on this do you make unhappy imaginations and thus vitalize them. to throw up on the imaginary wall of the future only. of the third source of confusion to normal satisfaction in life that which is here indicated. You are therefore invited to re- that when unpleasant will instantly anticipations occur in are urged mind you banish them. good welfare. above isfaction in itself. Third Factor: An Abnormal Expectation of Events.

Fear Events will of Events — Old Age. Nevertheless. evil ready for and for good. and they can do so by substitution alone. You cannot will mental activities to cease except by thinking thoughts that drive apprehensions out of sites. when ceases. its mind save action and . you have a tendency to think in that way. which suggests A Certain Fact and A Certain Law Working Inin fallibly for (1) Your Assistance. leaves nothing tendencies There is nothing in mental meaning. by thinking you merely develop (see "Practical Psychology"). can only be eliminated by substitution of their oppo- toward thoughts. "Into each life some rain must fall. the meaning is the action) The Law is that the activities and their (2) tendencies. expectations can eliminate forebodings. You do not "store" thoughts." come be man tries to be and in a normal state he is conscious of reasonable adequacy and courage concernOur purpose has to do with mental coning the future. are habitual with you. ditions possible disastrous happenings. 391 will unpleasant. If . and you must develop a tendency to think in the opposite way. Since leave mental activities are nothing when they cease mind. when they become definitely habituated. This is the fact referred to. — you see — that your task . then. The Fact is that the word "mind" "bundle" it is merely a name for a of regularly established act- ivities of which. each expression whatever in mind except its characteristic tendency. nothing "stored" in and courage is not to throw out fears but to think hope mind. in the living world. Only optimistic apprehensions. (In fact. and some of them These two facts are certain. to pass. which apprehension creates all sorts of These apprehensions may be displaced by their opposites.

You are invited. Yet the attitude indicated by the question is the exception rather than the rule. in our present age. since the . and we say of the suicide: "He must have taining hope and seeking inspiration. ideas of efficient work. however confidently we may look forward to some coming era in which death on the earth shall have finally ceased. of enter- body must surely decay and death is the inevitable end? Such would naturally be our thought. therefore. to cultivate habitual expectation of a bright future by always calling to mind and dwelling upon without exception ideas own power.39 2 The Culture of Courage. by filling your mind with scenes in which you are invariably fortunate and surcharged with the feelings of success. it would seem. We touch. ideas of fortunate outcomes from whatever you may undertake. think good pictured concretely in imaginary experience. Where is the use of the striving for success. of your — — These general regimes introduce us to further conlife which are preliminary to our special regimes to be given in the next chapter. old age and and make impossible both interest in and the zest of achievement. Distress concerning the coming of old age and the certainty of death is always regarded as abnormal. simple: happy thoughts about the The method •persistently Never think evil. do not overwhelm us facts. some very quick spots siderations of the satisfaction of normal in human nature. if so to think will infallibly be developed The tendency you will from now on engage always is future and in nothing contrary whatever. Shall Death Cease on Earth? It is remarkable that the twin all life death. now. in terms of actual good fortune in expected.

in accordance with the law that everything in Nature has a meaning. — this general condition of immunity to the fears sug- gested must also be regarded as significant. 393 been insane. and interest in its affairs. and to concede Evothat when you see intelligence. may ultimately solve the problem of physical immortality of body refined to fit the a soul that itself has grown withtriumphant tenant — in itself the endless I life. the tendency to cling to life. and the love of life.Fear of Events — Old Age. If ities the psychic factor is and conditions. aided by growing intelligence and quenchless faith. Now. may be a first step toward the final ment yet factors. if only we could discover it. The ability to confront old age and death while maintaining the world's present good cheer and courage conquest of both — under certain conditions of developYouth. and when you see that which would be intelligence in your own life. difficulties and eliminated many impediments thousand to its own advance." Life's satisfaction in itself and the optimism that springs therefrom hold the soul steady in spite of the facts decay and death. lution has produced the nervous system and the psyIn doing these things it has overcome ten chic factor. believe that the human race will ultimately banish from earth the incidental imperfection called physical death. you see purpose) . remember that matter ing other than spiritual in its evident last a product of material activis nothanalysis. (You are invited to disregard the fad of to admit intelligence in Nature some scientists of to-day that universal law can operate without purpose. of purpose or tendency A hint seems thus to appear. . these are marvelously powerful and the vital tenacity thus disclosed. to arrive.

Matter is motion of the ether within the ether. and for birds to fly. The matter-thought is. Many things may have been natural in the long lines It of man's ascent which are now entirely unnatural. — — — And since we now know that the psychic thought does mightily influence the matter-thought of the body. The facts that in certain body-cells the living nucleus decreases while cytoplasm increases. then. are The highest realities we know thought and the thinker. a means to the psychic thought. We conclude that matter which is motion of ether which is nonphysical is thought. or if it be an evolution out of material conditions of a something that is not matter in any sense. the hint emerges of a final reaction of soul refine it. All its physical qualities. and for apes to stop short of thought. the above conclusions hold good. it is said. disappear on scientific investigation and thought.394 The Culture of Courage. losing energy entirely employed by some to "demonstrate" the naturalness of — . — — historic line of advance. has been natural for reptiles to crawl. and that the cells need to "congugate" for a renewal of energy. and the ether does not reveal purely physical qualities — does not seem to be matter. and for man and the naturalness has appeared in one to think tions. forever deathless. but is an essentially independent existence. conceived as such. in which appears psychic thought. to infuse the psychic powers of existence throughout all its cells and funcand thus to give it ability to remain forever young. considerations now however. Evolution has produced matter-thought. finally. If the soul be not a product of material activities (so-called). upon body to to especially vitalize it. Old age and death may indeed be natural in the present history of life on the earth.

Science has been mistaken in the past. and the love of an occasional votary for mud and decay should not disturb us. such a far-off. in its general functions and activities. of evolution can mean. We do not know that these facts may not mean a struggle in life to overcome the tendencies noted. — The facts are not knoum.Fear of Events — Old Age. sion of perfecting psychic Thus may our conclu- sion be. Let us have done with mere authority here no less than in matters of religion. Wc may not (probably) look for any higher type of body any higher in its general form and adaptability. the development of mind-powers along This limitation lines of psychic possibilities in man. some of sort of whom reveal the densest is materialism in merely the work of human beings. if it means anything. type of mind Evolution now deals with the improvement of the human body. divine event. But this belief is simply the belief of predilections for scientific men. not decreasing powers. even though we know it not to be presently realized in any existing . Now. Always a tendency is evident here to arrive on higher The coming of men climaxed physical levels of being. to be final. and psychic development in the matter of types. thought. 395 decay and death do not necessarily demand that conclusion. that the later achievement of the shall rescue human self body from death because the self has "laid hold" on immortal existence. Science Tne history of evolution is a history of arrivings. only an — — — arrival of man at a stage of perfecting physical expreslife. The meaning the facts may as well point to ascent as to descent — to of a stage of being possessed of growing powers of continuance. Some scientists merely believe that age and death are natural now. It is not infallible. Science does not know to the contrary.

and that earth and sun are losing their conservative forces. figuratively speaking. by the fact that the Universe here. some individ- ual lives shall ascend out of the cycle-plane and stand triumphant on the plane of deathless being. and that prophetic gift each may regain and retain. But this thought points unerringly toward immortal youth. building it — systems. and creates indomitable will to catch the higher wisdom and to live the best that may be possible under existing conditions. and the highest conceivis able stage of the psychic factor immortal existence Amid the cycles of realizing endless development. and hope. We are on the way! The earth-life. has yet an inspiration for all. tearing. and assurance. Inspiring to every intelligence conceiving it should be such a thought. is is offset now also as we know conditions. if the self .396 The Culture of Courage. an inevitable closing-down of the shadow on every life so long It means that some as earth shall swing through space. day shall hold its own against all night. means not an endless recurrence of day and night. individual. The curve of life should not be the circle. evolved is There planets. Mortal youth we now have. well may the human world-coming and self be conceived as passing on triumphant because at last it has arrived where material activities of whatever sort may never reach or influence its functions and growth. even matter from known and unknown upbuilding no less than down- The is highest expression of the upbuilding process the psychic factor. world-going. The conception breathes courage. How do we know that the Universe moves only in cycle stages? The fact that the Universe is running down. it should be the parabola.

Here normal life in itself both climaxes and a way to that youth of the spirit which noth- ing may quench or discourage. youth faring — to She sees the features of a maiden's face^ Upturned to take the kiss of star-eyed bpace. the sun. The purpose of these pages is not to instruct in the prevention of disease. To invite youth into the soul's life is to summon its gracious companions. With wind-blown hair and forehead toward Let Love assent. remedies for fear-feeling final exit. Thus. its ideal we always ignore we surround some clouds. the truth. that that constitute suggest to itself incessantly the things work out our youth and give it value. He sees the head of manhood just begun. Only courage inspired is qualities our goal. one. but never in a man and the woman in the Moon" forblur the beautiful fact. Youth When we try to picture youth. and human with Nature's fairest scenes. virions If Truth declare the heavenly — . in order to need to regimes (to appear in the next chapter). and Fancy add her grace. we the self may understand the nature of youth. storms and mishaps.Fear will of Events— Old Age. but simply to suggest by the thought of such things. the passing of the years. The "Man is the face of youth ever lures the race: the face immortally on. either woman or man. 397 the satisfaction of discloses but resolutely enter this divinest of quests. That truth the manner to each in a different way. and this involves various other which not only destroy fear but impart to life a priceless zest. means I to us the forward look I and the assurance: of "I shall arrive! achieve!" This have won! is our thought Greater things yet shall boy or girl — and it is see. The Spirit of Youth Against Fear of Old Age.

dictates the turn of fortune's wheel. Youth rides the chariot of the sun. and guarded by verdure-clad hills. Always youth symbolizes the self aflame facing love and good fortune. always comes — and dazzles us Youth comes — the gift to sheer love and passion world till thrills. flashes the sword of war. and whispers of love. and to have joy of existence. and lured by the call of the call of the infinite and of power. Youth — — guides the vast machinery of world-industry. only you are resolute in the of things An analysis of youth is merely an analysis which any human intelligence may achieve. hold the youth that is yours. divine gift is almost worth failing age and death itself. and invited by green fields and woods. as gift as we might take it. instead of permit- we do. Youth and we see not age Youth is for every soul once at least. or re-seize the youth that may be yours. the glory of it shall be worth whatever for nothing evil comes to youth comes to body — regained. Youth inhales the incense of Religion's Temple till crusades issue forth in every era. The youth-feeling of if self-life may be preserved and may be recaptured wooing of it.398 The Culture of Courage. Therefore we picture youth as overarched by azure skies. see: Let us . with the courage-will alert and afire to go on and on. masters the earth as a of love. and entranced by the song of birds and streams. the cheat of advancing age and ageing If you will experience to rob us of its continuance. and to win. ocean afar laughThe sounds we hear in such a picture are ter. Youth would be worth all things could we take the splendoring ting. and words that vibrate with courage and confidence. and the death.

it and some individual in of the opposite sex . adventures. and In to interest.who is idealized dumb ecstacy. selected by temperament. or the but so long as youth selecting process runs on and on. intensely interested in and so mental existence is life: it just — always tends to optimism and idealism. their reverses. are mere pointers for they are intended as suggestive are invited to read and re-read You . concerning regimes regime falls between the general regimes of the satisfaction of life and the normal These are some the next chapter relating to so-called youth has that satisfaction and those events. amusements. variety. of Events— Old Age. ever does it discover such incitements everything. self that is young: the body's achievements. new scenes and experiof action. By and the action of their lives. ences. of youth's most excellent qualities what may be called and interests. successes. Thus we come to This A First Interlude Regime of Youth. then gradually the beginning life thrills at or lasting attention selects the objects of its special holds. activities. their successes. means and methods thereto. for mild type. competi- A tion and prizes. may because guard against not The paragraphs analyzing youth writing: practical use. — And youth physical being. may be a magnificent passion. evil events. instincts triumphs.Fear Item One. certain social hazards. for example — 399 interest in Youth means a splendid This interest involves. It may be of a conventional Finally comes love. the selection holds. youth is interested in other in people. life. Youth is stirred by the vast and the wonderful. instruments excitements.

Item Two. Here. excess "Enthusiasm" derives of color than bloodless clays. thought of youth. Driven to confess that you have passed the of youth and have begun the folly of counting yourself old. its word-meaning from a Greek word." within reveals himself in language and action — chosen life. If you are yet young in years and spirit. enthous. we specialize. seeking to feel the inspiration of youth's magical Take a bath in the interest in the matters referred to. and abounding and in the trait interest of it discloses one of its greatest values. 2. again. proceed to reawaken the dual feeling of enthusiastic interest in self and in the world with which you come in contact. vivid descriptions. This god Youth is enthusiastic. youth is characterized by its perennial enthusiasm. Again." "having a god within. the interest-urge. You are invited as follows: 1. It is the time of objective superlatives. Let it be assumed that you are still young. them. noting their truth. "to be 2. as surely you may if you will but accept the regimes here offered and employ them in your daily life. and of apprehending weakness and age. en signifies "having" and to express the blazing "a god. Let not teachers succeed in reducing your language to stereotyped dead excellence. and present A Second Interlude Regime of Youth. mere years full of the God. resolve to capture this lost kingdom. If you miss the spirit of young life. In that case you should resolve always to retain the zest. . which belongs to youth par excellence. then." inspired. since theos. dwelling upon the truth. cling to life's enthusiasms. 1. Better wild roses than cut hedges.4-00 The Culture of Courage.

It is natural for cors.Fear Item Three. since the feeling is intense and imperious. fear spring and then in the young alien and contradiction. and heart. and conquer fear. The exuberant daring. falls "Wisdom" has received calls for undue honor. Dare to be young. of All things are yours in the only worth while. and holds old age is to be it impossible. feed its fires. A Third Interlude Regime of Youth. to be it is quickly up now downed as of time. conquest. but youth calls for war. be young tion world that lasts is — the world of thought and imagina— the world youth. Doddering age deals out stale counsel. is because youth courageous that and thoughtless. invention. "heart. Item Four. able in youth of Even Is — Old trait Age. is apt contemptuous It is of foes. and the power must needs be used. Have your years begun to suggest the "melancholy days"? Then discount some of your caution. bring back to heart and soul the flying light of courage. Remember. and. achievement. and hold fast. guard your courage. if well-being overflows action. 401 A wonderful in always discoversense of is its courage. 1. Youth is confident. and homage — It settles into its throne and asleep while youth hints the ever- . keep impatient — — it clean of ashes. Courage is sense of power. it the draft of life. put a dash of recklessness into your conservatism. give the laugh of scorn to all fear-feelings. Fear is not native to youth." "of youth to be courageous: cours good heart" as it is for "angels" to be lovable. And only the world that lasts in your daring. Youth does not think cares not for obstacles in the way of its desires. adventure. give 2. If you are young. arousing your mind to a new search for new interests and renewed enthusiasms of all sorts.

Interest. 1. You are invited to drive your mind out of settlements of wisdom and the rules of the years and the apathy of opportunity. courage and confidence thrill it. Youth. Youth is alertness: the wild animal vibrant to every influence. watchful to the new and the freshly possible. watchful to realities and ideals. watchful to the joy and the laugh and the heroism of existence. youth is incessantly moved to action and to venture. and sees opportunity everywhere. watchful to realities and ideals. — . catches the flash. This quality itself is priceless. wisdom of the new and the better. notes the brushing of pinions against its blooded cheek. combined with other facets on the diamond of living. and so. Youth is keyed to Nature and toned to life. enthusiasm. So. It needs not to pawn the jewel: that possession convinces the world of its wealth. holding convictions only so long as they serve. watchful to opportunity and progress.402 right its The Culture of Courage. makes a human defiant of the fear and the canker of age. The wisdom of age blinds the old to the flash of fortune and dulls the aged spirit to the velvet touch of unseen wings the wings of — — Opportunity comes but once to the self holding council with its own convictions. the call and touch and urge of a Universe pressing upon it with the closeness and the stimulation of the flesh on the soul. Wisdom puts house in order and assumes that this house and this order are infallible. make it divinely watchful ing and self-thought. Youth searches out a finer building and creates a nobler order and is all unwitting of its doing a good thing. watchful to opportunity and progress. tense watchful to self-feelit. the human intelligence so alive with itself that it intuits the meaning of things. A Foueth Interlude Regime of Youth.

you are hand. Matter. if The and inertness. is said. if you are still ear. intuivalues tion. Love is hidden and the undeveloped. " I am growing old. but for joy of togetherness. Why must a man or a woman become stale? Why must you assume that the time of lethargy and blindWhy must you mummify ness is bound to arrive? that still further into such conditions if you discover divine alertness has come less and less to companion with you? There is no reason in the nature of things for the arriving or the continuance of such a state. hold forever. There are few real marriages. if you will. And into all life. fancy. 403 that overpraised state. divine knowingness 2. and to recover the if joy and the power of youth's untiring alertness you have begun to think the folly. not for creation. and soul desirable rushes to desirable soul. Love is blind. young. when the sex-life . Youth is idealistic. Sex-love sees the lovely or the godlike body which the material misfit covers. maturity. together two body. alert always it to the "just above. Soul-body seeks soul-body. leaves die and matter falls down the ways you are spirit. — which have no price and which you may." Item Five. True sex-love never makes a mistake. Body visible phases invisible Desirables. never runs falsely. Love's idealism does not imagine: it does not create: The sex-life phases the psychic magnetism it finds. and insane which. talent of discovery. Beauty is merely the Desirable The quality called Psychic magnetism pushes according to psychic needs. open-eyed to see the works true. not dead leaves." — urged to throw alertness of eye. part of that wondrous reality of life to is which forever climbing the ways of life. This is no truth. essential nature of things is spirit.Fear of Events — Old Age.

and create a Universe within. field." — flitting atten- Youth elevates some Why. splendid — if its intention has the love of the sun in It is splendid to see feel with eyes. Nature is beautiful. The Culture of Courage. if it would live. The idealism at our at due not to love. The idealism of youth is its Youth feels life to be true vision of the true real. Every woman is more adorable than I can recognize: idealism is truth. happily.404 passion. music is more lovely than I can hear: idealism is truth. and and Every flower. of the " Beauty of Nature. which our unseen body and our nobler soul must possess. Every man is nobler than I can know: idealism is truth. All worth more than I can make out: idealism . will move about. There never has breathed a lost Magdalene some atom on the high or part of whom has not been left there In something unwrecked in all place of womanhood. Youth babbles Why. tion but that idealism is the truth. every woman's own place. is with heart. and be. The blindness of love is world-life. idealizes — carelessly. All this belongs to youth. star. sea. valuable than I can estimate: prizes are idealism is truth. inconsistently. stood: is we laugh own The real idealism ideal-realism — the finding in a human body of a body Youth with unseen and a self not fully expressed. Why. life is it. splendid to breathe. and "wise" conventions throw us together so hurriedly that the heavenly chemistry has scant opportunity to demonstrate the intention of this union. — Splendid. wood. perceive with mind. All values are more All — river. men we must believe. but to false which we laugh is misunderfolly. and carry out. hear with ears. and plan and achieve. the high place or is all Women to high place. more beautiful than I can see idealism is truth.

1. Always youth does precisely these things. Or. This is to tude. you are vehemently urged to divine remain young by holding deep in your heart the will you maintain life's plan of idealizing all things. of Events — Old Age. 405 on us. When we decay or we call past ideals stale. poison stranger to doubt. soul-live. A Fifth Interlude Regime of Youth. spell in idealism so long as you remain a practical worker in . the habit. The alternative ideals is to die. lie. And. 1 urge that. the suspicion. no deception be other than that an ideal. as must be evident. in itself. to grow past the ideals and set is up no other also to die. the Do not fear the overdoing of of carping criticism. sex-live. then. once an ideal. if satisfaction and so will the lure of the ideal preserve its happiness. not lies. When we find other ideals succeeding other past — — we ideals do this assist truth in growing into more self-identifying forms. we either confess call truth a But to grow past ideals by -finding other ideals is to live. the sneer. your heart to bring you to achievement and will you find yourself a Also. if Es- pecially. you wish to body-live. all the qualities of 2. of idealism. prizes. can ever Thus you keep sweet and fresh the attiideal. ideals To sink below the is significant.Fear is truth. but the fact that it finds new their ideals shows that it still reckons the old as And so youth truths. day ideals in lives be- — cause it idealizes. adorablenesses pall the feeling does not belittle the things. it merely proves that we have sunk below them or have grown past them. the mood. When the values. So youth. and thus. It passes realized ideals. you should yield to live! young.

406 life. but the habit of moroseness is a crime because it is a — kind of pleasure due to the perversion of the nature of Youth does not." Item Six. fundamentally always Life has not yet learned the crime of dissatisitself. so that the truth shall become more real to you: "Nature and life are indeed splendid and worth the best that is in me. meet the fear with ideals of thought and with ideal feeling. Not always is youth cheerful (another matter). Happiness is the assured heritage of Life seems new prior to twenty. The Culture of Courage. too inventive. it merethings. The . your place there. Fear rather the ageing influence of the dry rot practicality. then flares unceasingly. no Behold in yourself a rift in infinite idealization maintain you of the Colorado. happy. It devises Nor youth always in a state of pleasure. and interest youth. Cheerfulness is natural where life is normal. pervert. new pleasures. ly experiments. And if you fear age. youth is bound to be perennially happy. discarding old ones. must maintain and enthusiasm. abounding courage. if normal. confidence always rising Phcenix-like from the ashes of yesterday. and idealism is always on a But youth is. and in let artist could over-color. With renewing zest in action. as youth. but the opposite mood is superficial unless permitted to which it never can become in true become habitual youth. is The want of cheerfulness is in the It young found is experimental only. enthusiasm of thought and feeling. It is too many-sided. because the psychic factor interest quest. in Arizona. faction with insures deep Life's inherent self-satisfaction and perennial happiness to youth. and imagination clothing the world with high significance. of mere The Grand Canon the Infinite.

— — n it!" The fact is.Fear latter of Events— Old Age. But when you harmonize with you you forget it. does not trv to be . cheerfulness. law. and worries ful. and irritates the world. Youth tries to be cheerpleasure. a man. seeks its own the whole earth. pleasures. leave that inconsistent something behind. believes because he or because it Thus evervwhere. Find the principle of cheer. Youth is really happy happy. and shout: " I iH die for you!" We really mean: "I want you for my own we happiness!" We unconsciously pretend that ness loved object. you go straight at it. But when youth is just the ground and up glorious self. as seen in the printed card. If you are wnhappy. but flames with interest. 407 does not try to be happy. this legend: or self house indicated a contradiction. When you try for a thing. There are people who make desyou perate efforts to be cheerful. to Then the world forgets even death. down to principle. or d happiness must be sought indirectly. We cultivate our own interest the other person through this beautiful deception which she also follows the same method. the law of happiness — Then the nature of things brings the reward. indirect in its dealings with itself through other things. it is happy. will give you a woman. Youth always is normally happy because it is always the skies. and then the prize is yours. is The combination try to be happy. The absurdity will be evident if I print on a large card for every room in my "I will be cheerful. In this case you also take to it something not consistent with it. itself. and thus defeat the pursuit. but care only for the happiness of the beevery one knows it is our own happiindirectly we seek. rule. the and obey! rule of pleasure. The indirection runs the way of law. It only deals with We love my life _w Take love as an example.

aimlessness. And so. When so-called "happiness" walks in wooden shoes. enthusiasm. I give you an infallible multiple Rule for True Happiness: Keep life's interests alive! Be enthusiastic in sheer living! Fear naught! the Trust destiny confidently! all Catch opportunity and her brood of details on wing! Idealize clay and worship the beautiful — which is always true! Have a passion for achievement and genuine success. — while the physicians deplore "unprofessional methods. but walks the way of always opening gates to a heaven that knock at harmony. Item Seven. nor does the preacher who cozzens bed-ridden respectability. young. or dodders before the fire-place of meaty we know that it was born with infantile parThe doctors do not cure infantile paralysis alysis. alertness and idealism. is A Sixth Interlude Regime of Youth." For bed-ridden respectability no cure is possible. 1. achievements. by which make you young. confidence. goals. in conclusion. never more traits — to pass from you. . The expres- sion phases the indirection which does not is heavenly gates. and ever present. you are invited to initiate good — until those assuming. If many years are yours. Happiness never yet fruited from inaction.408 The Culture of Courage. courage. asserting. maintaining the traits 2.) The happiness of youth is expression. making they become yours again. It is the masseuer who arouses inactive nerves comfort. if You are urged to keep well to this highway. since the prize will be yours perennially. Youth is passion for prizes. (You will not then run on any quest for happiness.

crave That is youth. Life without passion is worthless. And these are youth's at worst — Wines of all years distilling first That man may drink. religion. Existence validities in some immense pasself. business. as you may if you will. A Seventh Interlude Regime of Youth. to win out splendidly. culating lava constitute running government. here Bring back to heart lies your highway of recovery. . and know. its deep passions for prizes and victories. you have fire in your lungs and lava in your arteries. are evident. you have lost somewhat of your youth. water. and mind. This is right. and 2.Fear of Events — Old The Age. It is some fine passion: passion to be. because Nature says it is right. Breathing fire and cirfire. to do. You remain young so long as is happy and creative. breathing up into a live live self sion to be or to do. then. ne'er grow old. that makes youth the power it is. Let youth hold fast advices. to get. — and race-preservation. Civilization is not is the push of piston before steam matter in a passion. People grow old and steam is they settle down to breathing common air and because Youth knows better and circulating a pink blood. Progress — Existence comes to best In qualities that give it zest: In intuition swift and passions bold. art. Less than these is death or. the passion that wings If the self to success. Happiness always has purpose burning at the core. Our 1. worse. The lungs of it and the heart of it lava. is 409 the Infinite fussy running to and fro. old age.

To hold the soul ready For opportunity born Whether you throw or be thrown. All opportunities these. — one way. all signs of the human tangle. some way. twists. even so. Is he defensive? Waiting to turn the airy chances. Thus far he wins. I say.! — FEAR NOT EVENTS. — Defense is wily war. controlled in part by "Will. and. lunges. Fear not events: Necessities these. other way. Now every feint and thrust and lightning shift He makes a new advantage. erects. dodges Tactics transformed by contingency and Will. I To circumstances adjust And It is ultimately swing them — alert and elusive. But my man stoops. he urins — — — The Author. Contingencies these. . seized with wit and power. With poverty? Farm of the stalwart soul! With friends fled? The man standing clear by himself! With position lost? Chance for a better place! With reputation assailed? Opportunity for sure vindication! With sickness? Time for rest time to discover unknown forces Time to gear in with the System Time to forge faith and the last armor of Courage! With death? When the Courage-Man dies. The other in turn gives him a hard battle. Events are simple circumstances: They ring my soul in? I shift the centre without. Goes down! In all events is merely a question of ability of the heat of contest. other way. He how the wrestler writhes. some way. stands! modifies the opponent's every act. For betterment See — one which a MAN can swing way. swift and sudden sequence! The enemy laughs — On the flash of deific thought.

and so on. This method by manipulation of present alities realities — per- sons. objects. Courage For Future Events.. since the future cal sequence of the present. "I am discoursing fit among philosophers yourself strong and for the uses of life exercised in action. is is but the logiThis seeming common- place like the sea for depth and vastness of suggestion. we pursue two methods: The direct method of ordinary conduct. We may compare the method to the complex activity involved in manipulating various objects and vessels floating on a sheet of water. The direct method involves physical contact. the operation of conduct. both in the present and in the future. where the nou>-effects would be due to present action on the method of . Direct and Indirect Action on the Future. — Epictetus. the use of language. actions— modifies the relations of such re- and the reactions it. In projecting influence upon objects and persons. of the outcomes upon the perindicates the son employing The sentence merely everyday life.f amiliar to all The indirect method affecting some universal medium so that it shall continue to work out natural sequences beyond the present. CHAPTER XIII. and initiated Keep by being HUNAN'S ability to influence matter and mind in the present guarantees power over the socalled future. Let us examine these methods in their order.

through the direct. ether of space may of all material and living forms. be regarded as the matrix "The assumption . and the later effects to tum and consequent interaction objects. part of the manipulator. Two and such universal. these "objects" and "vessels" are material things and the work suggested. now to we may The Ether The as Medium for Psychic Demand. — the final effects are due not only to the direct action of persons and objects on our human surface. human beings. not alone of the surface of the human which sea.412 The Culture of Courage. We proceed consideration of these media through which influence the future. indirect is The method involves indirect because all it the elements of modifies. 1. taking place momenamong the and final outcome-reaction upon the person doing On the "sea of life. but also all to ultimate sequences of interaction of the effects and effects of effects throughout the illimitable mass — so long as the original modifications identically continue. life. but of the whole depth and body of it is more or less influenced by any movement taking All that occurs on the surface place within or upon it. the Infinite Life or Reality. but lying all this familiar influence. and or pervading all life. permanent and unitary exist- ences are present to our thought: the Universal Ether. yet is capable of modifications in the present that shall continue and develop character and complexity because of the nature of the medium and the natural interaction of the movements secured within it by such modifications. We are thinking now. influences in some way every part of its vastness. some universal medium under- which medium always maintains its integrity and unity." of course.

Courage for Future Events. If any one thinks that the ether. upon the quality of the original force employed. has psychical significance. or expression of produce a corresponding change (the surrounding ether)." Every brain field. or definite structures. or minute structures of ether. which ether. and but also shifting present state not only directly. matter is composed of modified and electrified specks. which since physical and the psychical worlds. in the "The ether of space is a continuous." compressible. its influence. utter a word. fund- amental substance or perfect fluid. can be that every movement of an individphysical fact all its ual—change countenance — must of attitude. induce some sort of change and the change can be no other than a mode of motion. or singularities. depend. "We know that matter has a psychical significance. . any changes in tal action in the the latter must produce corresponding changes and there must be a brain field. forms of activity of and among the living and psychic affects existence affects the boundless etheric ocean. with massiveness and energy. composed. in the final outcomes of such movements degree and matter of reach and character." " So far as depends upon brain structure. which are amenable to mechanical The etherial matrix also as well as electrical force." bears relation to the psychic factor in living forms. is 413 . that is. I find myself unable probably no "It is as true as any to agree with him" (Lodge). in some way. When universal put forth a volition. you set in motion the therein. of electrons which again must be considered to be essentially pecuthat matter is liarities. indirectly through the sequences of the direct you strike a blow. stationary (relatively to the earth). gesture. inether itself. have a thought. and tend to bring in his field menabout in others similar movements. links together the it can constitute brain.

414 The Culture of Courage. coming about by our own action and that of others. Since we. First Analysis op Psychic Demand: General Psychic demand may be analyzed into the In other words. incessantly held. to influence the future for good and welfare as follows: By demand-thought which claims now-welfare (a) Factors. year after year. All influences which we inaugurate and the outcomes of which react upon us. to an analysis of psychic demand. if we develop ability. But the ongoing and interacting movements. then. more and more (b) to realize in the future. Speaking generally. as we particularly desire. mind and ether). We influence objects and persons. the actors. as shall continuously create "channels" or "wires" along which the etheric By outcomes mands. This statement is evidently true on the surface of things in everyday life. have their origin in the present. We proceed. correspondingly influenced ourselves by ultimate outcomes of the activities thus induced. and continue on the changing scene (both of matter. we see that the subsequent etheric movements must in time react upon ourselves. such appropriate present activity. Such a thought is perfectly familiar. in rational confidence. future etheric reaction upon us practical is what present etheric action determines. remain. is This proposition so true that we may formulate demands on the future. therefore. and are. in a similar way. it is ours factors of thought and action. react upon us when we arrive into their midst. incessantly improving. for good or for ill. may realize in the desired responses to de- . by so thinking now and so acting now as to insure logical coming sequences which shall react upon us in and more and a general way very much as we desire — more.

though you can always get out of any machine less than its nature makes posYou have probably been getting out of yoursible." or erect "wires. less than your Moreover. The thought must be intelligent and concentrated. and that you — . more than outcome The practical activity is indispensable. 415 This realization or fulfilment of demand of practical ability or activity. But if your thinking and your acting harmonize and represent intelligence and concentration. capable of development Hence the encouragement that the limits indefinitely.Courage for Future Observe! is Eve?its. but the psychic demand is itself a compelling force which multiplies the efficiency of activity many fold. Nevertheless. the greatest machine. chine of life and psychic factor. by activity of the best and completest character possi- ble in your case. it is law that you may expect fulfilment in welfare and goods of this two-fold demand according to which you thus set up and maintain the influencing power of your personality at any stage of your life. unwearied and confident. and the activity must be consistent. scatterstir fortune with any assurance of influencing the universal of stellar spaces. as man." for their arrival. the demand-responses can only come to you as you create "channels. consistency and unwearied confidence. of your ability to influence the future by psychic demand have probably never been reached. self. you are a mapersonality provides for. On ing and non-energetic activity has no power to the depths of the ether-world-sea and institute move- ments therein that shall hold on through the years and react in due time upon you according to your wish. You cannot medium sit at ease and indolently wish good the other hand. You cannot get out of a machine more than its nature makes possible.

4-i6 The Culture o} Courage. inclusion and of exclusion. such as. self-satisfying. that these limits may extend. may so improve the psychic and physical elements of your personality now." because "nothing" of needs no demanding. tions. believing. the demand should never be. " This or nothing. Moreover. Let us not be vague and inno true demand if the objects of demand are unclear. associated with uncertainty of desire. . exclusive. alternative. there is thought. Your thought should embrace precisely what you want and why and (approximately) when you want it. through all the years of your career. Such a at the demand (x) violates and is a mere wish. Second Analysis of Psychic Demand Particular : Qualities. 3. Psychic demand must not firs't be alternative: carrying the double intention of a sible. always now. unmodified by any consideration whatever." The idea of failure foreign to psychic (y) demand. " Is it best?" (y) Psychic demand must be positive: emphatic. (z) Psychic demand must be clear and definite. Psychic of demand requires further definition by way both observe: 1. In fact. 3. Substitute (y) for 2." choice "if pos- but a second choice "if the is first fails. (z) for 1. modified by ques" Is it right?" and the like. self-filling. Substitute 2. kaleidoscopic and confused in Psychic demand must definite. Psychic demand must not be negative: doubtful. Psychic every demand must be time. " This definite thing!" Substitute (x) for Let the demand always be. more and more.

And one can wish many things all at once. must be assumed and maintained. to look . but this should mean simply that you concentrate on one of the desires at a time while demanding that. entire call for that with the power of the self. "This is for me to Psychic terpreting the reasonable. demand must not be composed of One can demand one thing to-day. nor to coalesce. 4. 417 Psychic variables and mixtures. As the self unfolds. and thus construct a mere fagot of mind-stuff. with any person must be What the unreasonable intuited by that person in the process of psychic growth Psychic demand must is and practical experience interpreted by good sense. 4. self-convincing power. then passing on to another. lacking in continuity. Substitute (w) for not be unreasonable. and so 5. and as practical affairs bring common sense to bear upon the desires. the chain being no stronger than its weakest element. taking the matter by and large. demand must be courageous in inThe reasonable is not merely your present notion of unfitness or inability to bring Here is the point where courage the desire to pass." (v) will appear as a conviction.Courage for Future Events. when a desire seems unreasonable for your life. on. It will be well. nor to become "tangled up. the ether. This sort of thinking merely constructs a chain of wishes. and another thing then. the reasonable demand claim. Do not permit your demands to "cross" one another." Of course one may demand many things. forget it to-morrow. none of which is (w) Psychic demand should and should refer to one definite thing at once a time. and so "pulsating" all sorts of impulses into effective.

space. around you and ask the questions: "Other people seem to possess goods and welfare of certain kinds and degrees. to ignore time. 5. It will not do to imagine we can do anything we like with the laws of the it Universe. as . say. to expect results independently of personal growth. all-round business ability in ten days. nor to leap beyond the present power of self (nor deny future power as possible merely because of lack of present power). why should enough not I? Why are such benefits unreasonable for is me when for others have them?" therefore. to act regardless of space. Psychic demand must be rationally based on the elements.8 4i The Culture of Courage. beings. People often assume that mentally speak a demand. You cannot rationally demand what your conduct naturally makes impossible. that And so on. nor to contradict relations which necessarily obtain among human 7. Psychic demand properly relates you to the Universal System and its contents and laws. True demand will not seek to violate real natural law. growth. power. Nature. Substitute (v) for 6. these of are perfectly reasonable objects your mand. 6. Substitute (u) for Psychic demand must mental statements — must not be made m if mere they not be confined to proposi- tions of the intellect. time. in the top of the head. You canPsychic not rationally demand. but (u) power manifests through harmony with the nature of things. and human relation. power of self. as There things de- surely all. demand must not be irrational in the nature of things. as rial is does not do to reduce life to mere mateYourself grind in harmony with man-made all laws.

no power in such mental one thing. that the whole subject of demand is misunderstood. One interprets words in terms of one's own thought. as plain as anything could possibly be — discover that what we have supposed we underall. it 419 were. efforts are discontinued in disbelief. for demand. And because results do not follow as wished. We have here a case of manipulation of telegraphic keys with no electric current in connection.Courage for Future Events. in relation to it are con- ceived in terms of the person's present understanding: misconceived. unwearied and confident . The power is ing comes about. is no demand- power in mere mental propositions concerning goods beis a subconscious affair: ordinary conscious thinking. in of inspiration. stood we did not understand at Precisely so with one which must be acquired through psychic understanding of the law and reality of demand itself. the statements made that is. suddenly discover a some moment new meaning which now seems that is. it. they have made a psychic demand. if that thought has no room for the very idea of psychic is There really propositions. To summarize the analysis. we see that psychic demand is (with consistent. we live It is common experience that with propositions for years. putting our own interpretation upon them. put there into gun in the (t) Psychic demand words. It is at this point. but then projected into the deeper "within" by an effort to feel the thought no less than to think and to believe for results. When such understandpsychic demand. you will see that there or welfare. Substitute (t) for 7. so that in time the demand becomes an assured conviction influencing all the personal contemporaneous life. and finally.

whose Thoughts are Universes and their contents. able There is a sum-total of physical energy in our Universe which holds on. under innumerforms or manifestations. and so on. never is a new-creation. positive. reasonable. goods and welfare) which of conviction.420 action) The Culture intelligent of Courage. is Every display of physical force but a manifestation of etheric conditions. a matter a demand and subconsciously maintained. Science assumes the existence of the universal ether as a ground for the explanation of matter and various natural forces. Energy. the human . the Universal Source of force. as clearly and diswithout alternative or doubt. seeking a ground for explanation of ether. we assume the existence This is the Central of one Infinite and Eternal Reality. Similarly." II. and it is I emphatically expect the fulfilment of this demand within such a time because I surely for me. in the form of history. This energy reveals in force. follows: "I demand (name the thing desired tinctly). Such might be formulated. exclusively. rational. because and because my best life requires preas The Infinite Reality Medium for Psychic Demand. single. and hence exhibition of force is result of transformation merely. electricity. from eon to eon of its and the "deepest" medium in which such energy "abides" is the ether that reveals in heat. definite. The doctrines of the con- servation of energy and the correlation of force involve such a medium. for example. cisely that. am living for it. force. Nature. light. matter. courageous. (for and concentrated thought-claim is clear. life. mind. singly. ex- clusive. energy's expression.

421 live and other supposable beings. By psychic up to the astonished soul of demand was Art created. Progress Power seized. and conscious mind. Religion brought forth. Music disfashioned. and move and have our being. By psychic demand Joseph frustrated his brothers and became lord of Egypt. by observing laws. and then an individual has arisen who has common human venture and made the most extraordinary demands on this august Universal Medium. By psychic demand Plato uncovered the divine "Ideas" and Jesus passed beyond deified the Now human as the goal of evolution. cultivating. By psychic demand Moses received the great fundamentals of religion. to be man. the animal conscious came at self." In practical " In Him we mands on ing. to — make deby sowinvestigat- this Infinite Reality: in farming. Here we see that thought of psychic and action constitute the common phases demand on the Infinite Reality. and mind arrived lordship over The Infinite has forced nothing upon man. By psychic demand Abram acquired greatness of soul and founded a deathless race. combining parts. planting. ing. By psychic demand and man followed on to self realized in all.Courage for Future Events. self. yet all to that man has achieved has the Infinite vouchsafed to common toil and to psychic human demand — . — life we always appeal in invention. and so on. Wealth accumulated. Civilization unfolded. adjusting forms. By psychic demand in ideal of Phidias coerced the beauty of Venus to live marble and Raphael fixed upon canvas the world's Motherhood. By psychic demand Shakespeare achieved the impossible in the mind of a poacher and held the mirror of Nature man. conceived. covered. Industry Government builded. molding matter.

utiliza- tion of the Infinite Reality. observe! infinite means to and health. nor that. need be no affair of guessing on our part. The outcomes relation to are matters of law. unfoldment. the outcomes here also are surely subjects of immutable law. psychic power. Adjustment to the Infinite Reality Required in Psychic Demand. The Culture This is of Courage. The familiar right to all. in such relation to the human. prosperity. And are also in such harmony. as underlying and Ground of of all existences. adjustments of physical science are The right adjustment which man must make to the Infinite Reality is Harmony of thought and action with the Reality conceived as which is equivalent to Harmony Source of all values with the best possibilities of the self and others who This is the ideal. The in- only limits to these outcomes in your case are your sanity and your ability to establish the harmony . not because the Infinite has arbitrarily It is given or withholden. Similarly. when its adjustments are made. because of its established man as Ground and Source of all things. the outcomes depend upon We arbitrary caprice lurking somewhere in the Universe. the instrument by which that harmony is lawfully — made effective in human The life — your life — is psychic for you: demand. demand calls to his aid the univer- do not assume that science utilizes the etheric medium by guesswork. that the right psychic demand man as truly calls to his aid the Infinite Reality itself as the right psychic sal ether.422 faith. For. When right adjustments are made. ity is the Infinite is because the Infinite Realfor Medium human expression.

receive ye receive them. feel. So far as any individual life is concerned. singly. exclusively intelligently. — a stupendous proposition." — — in some uncertain future. and ye shall have them.— — — Courage for Future Events." — when ye desire clearly. positively." This states the law of psychic demand. during the assurance. cheated and to develop and maintain all-conquering of course. during adjustment. "and ye shall shall then. the outworking of the law is limited by three factors: the individual's ability to practical his sanity or common sense. but. human and Infinite inter-relations. 423 demand things. that is. "Whatsoever things ye desire" — — "when ye pray. concentra- tedly. definitely. — "receive them. application of psychic demand needs in our thought the no modification. could. it has a personal guaranty. Application of Pyschic Demand. his make demands intelligently. and so on as stated in our analysis. Ultimately. In the realm But in the of religion. and demand as assured his ability to believe. reasonably and rationally demand or claim. believe that ye receive them. concentratedly. So far as the ultimate progress of man is concerned. — and . it has the realm of This is guaranty of the law-nature of the Universe. have them. man will receive whatever his rightly-unfolded nature claims of the Infinite Reality. shall. within the laws of the nature of — The Founder of the Christian soever things ye desire religion said: " What- when ye pray. during receive them" demand. demand feelingly and confidently "that "believe" not may. reasonably. the so to actually draw to his aid Infinite Reality." — are even now entering upon the realization. might.

and each of us will always have truth as follows: 1. not absolutely convinced of the truth of this conception. then. the life which will thus be induced the and action will continually so affect two media Ether and the Infinite Reality. surer or more practical for dispelling the fears that relate to the future or for the I Were culture of courage in regard to events. through a lifetime of 2. As you come completely to understand the truth. the response realized. much to learn and more and more rest assured of the of the self to unfold. And above in thought all. man can achieve the impossible. 3. humanly speaking. The more you strive to utilize the Infinite the more will the power develop through The more experience instructs. I know nothing truer. the Universal for happiness and for welfare. Reality. and especially as you continue to apply it to your life. from the prefear of ceding chapter. more will your demand. fear of accident and . illness.424 While no The Culture of Courage. so long held over We come. that the logical future sequences and their interactions will infallibly react upon you. to the event-fears. yet we may You can discover your psychic power only effort. both of existence. I could not venture it in these pages. saner. you will find growing up within you a great confidence and a deep and brilliant courage to cope with the present and to face the future. life infallibly exhibit the effectiveness of psychic The importance of these considerations induces A Preliminary Invitation: The discussions thus closed should be read and pondered many times.

you otherthe presence of danger which unaware into us to our never confront. of course. bringing about bodily or by it may indirectly do so you in the mental conditions which shall work against cal Fear of Accidents will be considered. that people are haunted by vague foreboding surely will. We take up these fears in the order Fear of Accident and Illness. the idea may act as a may subconscious self. also wholly a psychic evil. is is more to the point. fear of final failure. Many some accident but. befall them. this fear is In the meantime. and also feeling of all-wellness. notion instantly. provides fear's conditions. First. You at its should. may yet. and expectation sustained. to the suggestion Moreover. but mishap cannot in itself directly induce accident. This brings wise would you all Regime Against Fear every of Accident. Pridoin* you subtle life's normal satisfacmarily.Courage for Future Events. such fear interferes with disturb this interference cannot fail to tion in itself. what Such foreboding is. and whether or harm in many possible ways. This operation of psychic factor may in avoidance of tend either to prevent right action recovery from injury when danger. therefore. wholly useless. or to prevent Fear breeds expectation. fear of the loss named. hirst Phase: Optimism. poverty. 42 5 of friends. throttle the appearance. sense of power. it operate as a The psychic state involved may finally Your apprehension of physicause of accident feared. and the suggestion thus bringing actually control your action. — unsettle your personal equilibrium. no. or the time of danger. and that is both physical and mental your deeper self. poise. habituate yourself to the strong .

this If the mind with the confident idea double end may be accomplished. but also actually suggest to the subconscious self alertness tingencies and adequacy against unseen conthat is. of Illness naturally follows the preceding In the last paragraph sickness may well be sub- stituted for accident. however. grown accustomed to the notion of trouble in the body. operates often to throw physical functions out of order. 0} Courage. of these directions. you will and unforeseen events — thus train subconscious activities in personal protection. If you persistently make use of true psychic will demand that all shall be well with you. The Fear fear. is very likely to The former. but solely the dis- sipation of the idea of accident arising therefrom. you feed by occupying the im- agination with thoughts of yourself as always in a condition of safety and happiness. phatically subject to suggestion. of is now and course. habit. you feed fear and courage and make it a make that a habit Similarly. The subconscious self. you fill your imagination with pictures of yourself as injured. or what may conveniently be termed the index of resistance (otherwise called the opsonic index). is emTo forebode illness induce illness. high we speak of such a man as . of By exercise of and the fear-feeling will and occupation of wellbeing. you not only banish fear. You are invited now to have constant recourse to your power of faith-claim for perfect self-handling against al all person- mishap. varies When the index is somewhat for each individual. Second Phase: Psychic Demand. so that illness may either be self-induced or be made possible because the physical tone has been lowered in resisting power. is The purpose not your protection. The limit of recovery from physical equilibrium in health.426 The Culture to be.

mere useless I (representative!}' speaking) have only superfluity. and come to lean on a set of men immensely crude. in The drugs are probably worthless. I am for the doctor. weak or delicate. that self shall have a physician. but the physician's knowledge and his presence are often worth immensely more than you will be willing to pay for. notwithstanding the fact that they also have ancestrally lived so many After a time I (man) shall learn the secret centuries. in which case a physician should be summoned because he may discover avoidable trouble and the fact of his treatment may be just the suggestion that you need. Meanof immortality my (our) ancestral self has many whom are — time. it is low. but for the sake of my subconscious self. on the other hand. Unquestionably fear modifies the opsonic index of the human body. strong or robust. in nearly every instance. regardless of any other efficiency obtaining in his drugs. without reference to the physical action of medicine. Thus. (we speak of it) as — — — lived on of the earth a few hundred thousand years. (we) have no brief . not for his own sake. it is evil morbidly to dwell upon one's bodily feelings except to take the warning of evident distress. almost a majority of cases. and for the sake of his surplus of knowledge over mine. Let us look at the matter thus brought up. in itself. my (your) conscious mind feels that the medicine is.— Courage for Future Events. all men's) subconscious self wants a first-class physician. my (your for you or for any other person). although. then. but thousands of years hence. not for the sake of his profession. and when I am ill. 427 when. I (you) must yield to the ancestral self until I he in me (you) becomes wiser. Medicine is almost wholly a matter of education on my part (this is written representatively When ill.

when I believe I need one. If in myself or in some men- these will not cooperate. and professional divisions to me when they are placed health. or a "homeois of of the nature of things alone. when I desire. is above suggested. therefore. He is not skilled if he cannot by indirection uncover more than you may have disclosed to him at the first. I am for myself! He who coddles his symptoms nurses an Except as illness it into being. He is grossly antiquated if he asks you a . It is also And if the physician you employ deals in questions about your symptoms.428 The Culture of Courage. but I have a brief for myself in good have no brief for any other healing profession What are all these sects of the mental or religious sort. This assump- suggested to the subconscious right-up matters that may be wrong. system. which is no school. erected within the flood of law and force that I call obtain across the diameter of the Universe! the physician tal healer. I up against the august laws governing personal welfare? The success of mental suggestion and of faith are alike — due to law. Imagine a "christian science" tide-mill. you are invited to decline the interview. and to maintain now existing or to be surely one of the finest of psychic tonics operative for wellbeing throughout the entire order among functions good brought about. and I call in my infinite psychic resources. both may depart. pathic" tide-mill. "science. for the doctor. or an "old-school" tide-mill. or a "suggestive-therapeutics" tidemill. is wise to ignore the slight variations in one's daily feelin ings and to assert and assume that one good or self to improving health and tion-assertion is will so continue. or a "mental-healing" tide-mill." or religion and as impersonal toward you and me as are wind and tide.

Fix age.the ma. hale. hearty of a good old idea and expectation accomplish this the way in which to And fnd hanpv picture thought of yourself as ill or to ISn 1 is yoursell'in simply to think of ^^:^T^T^ i .n the future. ehm. now proceeds by a series of obser- .na e b and to entertaining your symptoms U R°E cn IE Against i™ Phase: . We conclude a least not to as yours and think health ? better to entertain symptoms and ideas of ill-health. and substitution. therefore Pictured Health. ner Seated "j-StSSf iC order of health. " Ever fever number of leading questions. rather. the b ill . Thus we haVe First Feak op tc «e»o You are urged. discussion Fears of Poverty. large 4?9 as. Our vations. the ^eonntot in mind.Courage jor Future Events. such and the hke (questions „p? Have any backache?" Why must this in actual life). put to a real patient put evil into dealer in dead matter my subconscious «oth Whenthedoctorbeginsthisunscientificcourse you fundamental trouble for winch h accentuates the always is t that ha" consulted him.

to. and so ing. The individual's incompetence may be enforced. but that of the prosperous many is self-chosen. clothThe earth is so big. even if seemingly commonplace." on that subject. cause they do not know how to get rid of it. the sign that points to the prosperous multitude rather than to the unfortunate individual. It is for such reasons that many are haunted by the fear of poverty in the future. and multiply yourself valiantly into your work. that two certain methods will infallibly work wonders in the directions of prosperity. Nevertheless. and yourself as workman. I hold that poverty is a social crime. woman and child on earth shall have enough for health of body and growth of soul. beautiful. not of the many against the one. the one universal sign of incompetence.wit: Love your work. and so the fear of poverty . The Culture Poverty a Crime. Poverty Poverty is a crime. but of the is many against the many. however. The idea is preposterous and monstrous that any human being should go into old age dependent upon charity for food. and this incompetence is a crime because the people do not sufficiently desire that every man. It may be ventured. and so rich! Yet this fear hides in the — — heart of thousands. such suggestions do not reckon with "bad luck" and disasters. The people can have anything on which they can agree and for which they will But the people permit poverty bepersistently stand. You will find much to the point in "Power For Success" and " Business Poiver. and Save a good percentage of your wage or salary.430 1. It is not the present object to instruct in the pre- vention of poverty. shelter and books. of Courage.

It is the habit of " wise" people who have never met with mishap to insist sturdily and with scientific accuracy that "there is no such thing as luck. Every man and woman in this world gets in the long run. Yet for the fact. tell the main story. 3. so that the most unforunate often ." the "wise" remark means nothing. but has significance only a provision of the law of the law are as hard to bear as they law a mere fiction. Many people believe that they are actual enough. other people must share. Now. I what you and see or believe. But us again observe: Desert is a Matter of Law. In the large responsibility thus uncovered. "luck" is itself. it goes The deserving is not down to the very roots and the last shred of our being. for so they are. or event. The "going down" loses personality mony or of is so thorough that at the last it and becomes merely a matter of hardisharmony somehow with law." and correctly.Courage for Future Events. the "unlucky" Let people are themselves always more or us observe in this matter: less at fault. after childhood." since all events are it The statement is true. action and thought. human being goes "unlucky" — some other person. and excepting caps of birth let — about ivhat he or she some awful handideserves. thing. " Lack" is Real. clings to heart 431 these last words are important for they and thought throughout the years. "down on their luck. and after a time you discover that "luck" is results of operation of laws. when you are "lucky. The factors of the "lucky" and the "unlucky" should be reckoned with. again. 2." When you are "unlucky. For this unhappy fact they are never alone at faultSome other person is always in part to blame when any and that the consequences would be were the Practically speaking.

to. Eternal matter could not exist without eternal force. When you engage in thinking. The individual power to balance up against all misfortune the product and power of his own thought. the fact being due own violations of law. then. then. Infinite space containing matter and force would be an exists that is not infinite closed system. also. As a world-builder it is Compensation. partly who come in contact with him.43 2 gets The Culture of Courage. The Universe is the complex Thought of an Infinite Thinker. As a force it is a worldbuilder. The assumed eternal matter . The only possible : Yet Jean thought grew the terrible history until the man's soul- power of creating. because — most "unlucky" partly to his in others of all fiction heroes.wit: a vast compensatory fact. Nothing thought into existence. but more. Let us see about this 5. We begin. Thought is Power. We are dealing with the vast power of your thought. This is where the Eternal enters the equation. As a fact thought is a force. somewhat more than he morally and seemingly he is or has been somewhere out of gear with the laws of his being. perhaps. "Bad luck" is a fact. Let us see about that: 4. you create thought. An infinite space containing nothing would be an infinite nonentity. Compensation is for Each. Jean Valjean is the deserves. In the complex equation thus laid bare emerges. is that of thinking. But thought is also a fact. and power of to the evil Valjean's inner world through all wealth and soul-achievements more than compensated the huge-bulking tragedy of his life. now. Nothing exists outside the Universe of Thought. just as one might begin with the mere power of gravity. with the mere power of thought.

existence only within the Thought-Expression o the a to say. a mind and will perfect relatively a world that shall be o ^"Individuality.Courage is eternal force. of Being exists. mind. '(The mind is not self all that You create for your knowing activity).-an create for Useh. 433 are not idenBut. your own know: your world. terms of our highest selves. but you only know what you know. has been corrupted so that man practically "ands of years of false living. according . human nature. will and to create in s unabL both to far-off psy chic state is a The goa of our development of the . all that exists in winch you think into the existence thinking You your body. and thought-create ancestral Imng. all cases ideally. for Future Events. tical. cao only At present however we to what we are. your Nature. in part due to h eh what wl are" is And now. because you >ou ideally considered. human self as of the Infinite.observe. m part due to our entertained ideals. it is a product of mind.within human self in whic^i it . since force and space the closed system can do nothing. it is for you will to create world that you the kind of body. jour you. and since space that force introduced infinite force assumes that of effected In asking how this could be into infinite space.l. the Universe is concerned these So far as our thoughts are Infinite. then. we see of system can come into and that the we must think in Thought is space That is Infinite Thinker. that the Thinkers an Infinite Thinker. mdepeadently that thought-create all your knowing. that is. things are as true of the your knowing exists by your For you. do this so as to conceive When we in terms of thought. you know. of course. This power to c the limits of your and weakened by thou however.

The passion for excessive riches is insanity. that you will thus compel great wealth. development. and goodAs we think these things we create them in our thought-world. success personal development. infallibly external conditions of your You cannot carry out these suggestions without bringing things to pass which will insure you against poverty in old age.434 6. trary. again: This action of your creative thought-power influence will life. Such thought tends to make more and more our own the elements health. Let us see about this. I do not mean. pages is The conclusion from this and all preceding that you can directly and indirectly create and courage. (a) We can make it our business to think only health. truth ness. the great money-getters . it It is undesirable for the individual because limits his best develop- ment and robs him of the best success in living. since that attitude and that feeling are perfectly natural with thoughts of happiness. however. It is only a part of our social crime that men nurse the notion of the desirability of great wealth. mind and our personal world is immeasurable. The Culture Some of of Courage. The natural outcome is the destruction of fear through elimination of its conditions. (c) You have here the finest possible breeder of courage. courage. individual wealth is never really desirable. (b) The influence of this creative thought upon body. to accomplish It is yet the privilege of every human several important things. (d) And so we observe. happiness. success and a world beautiful. it is Great On the con- as undesirable as death. We should establish asylums for excusively rich people who have achieved their own wealth. confidence. the Detail Achievements of Your Thought.

no less. all 435 individit who achieve nothing else are is insane. herself — Hence. the small personality are as imperative as are those of the larger one. It advises you is to cultivate decency limited means. This book has no interest whatever in your future wealth. the goal of a fine career possible. ing to your needs self for yourself. active. a world for and in that can create a self. Huge ual wealth also undesirable for society. poverty and dependence. to observe: ."— if you will masterfully think yourself as adequate now to the work before you and as always to be adequate. brain. has no greater right to of itself than has the eight-ounce make the most The needs of brain. however. This induces a further observation: means should be just One man or woman needs enough with which to make the most of himself or (e) The limitation of personal purely personal.Courage for Future Events. It does not comthe achievement. It is necessary. The Universe for of happiness pel and it provides for all and full development. however. One man needs less than another. courage — Our goal — and reasonably in the interest of your precisely that: the expectation of reason- ably limited means for health of body and culture of mind. and so self-provided for in the days to come. since means the absurdity and crime of wide-spread poverty. (f) — — "bad luck. The twelve-ounce life out of an eight-ounce brain. Courage before the picture of yourself portrayed in your mind as happy. but it makes the achievement all. successful accordYou this is our present ideal. our indiYou cannot get a twelve-ounce vidual needs differ. both of which shall forefend against an old age of barring the one thing. but his needs are just as is emphatic and true. and life — no more.

yet feel the vague fear of possireasonably controllable laws ble poverty later on. finds its inspiration. He instituted such a system. and his own followed. You are invited. notwithstanding all reasonable precautions that you have taken. In the is failure to handle where your fear of poverty. humanly Hence we come to our regime. but it is not true " luck. and the outcome is a real "bad luck. to practise intense in and vigorous thinking some such form as this: "I . " The suggestion. and the present regime should dispel the fear. life so far as that is possible. perhaps. that would have been a case of bona fide "bad luck" according to unforeseen and uncontrollable law.— 436 7. Regime Against Fear of Final Poverty." Here was no "luck. this is purely a case of feverish imagination. and had the company carrying his risk. Then he built and furnished a good home for himself. What It is essential True "Bad Luck" Do Occur. therefore. is that you intelligently control the laws related to your speaking. and later sold his business for ten thousand dollars." The laws which you can control are always for you if " you control them. been sent into bankruptcy by the San Francisco disaster. and his neighbor's house went to ashes the next night. First Phase: Now Adequacy. If you feel adequate to life now. therefore. and proceeded to "take comfort. Then he permitted his insurance to lapse one day. The Culture The Accidents then? of of Courage. When you fail to do this. The laws which you cannot control sometimes go against you. A man in the West saw the need of a parcel delivery system in a southern California city. ordinarily sound. Had this man's insurance been kept up. do define "bad luck" down to the truth." but all law. your " luck may be bad.

and ever shall ability and courage." Psychic Demand. trouble you are your main trouble. and you are invited now to observe the still deeper and more beneficent law: The human self may win compensation against all disaster. still confront the fact that this is Building for Compensation. If you "bad luck" may strike you in the future. the ticking of the clock . no old age can rob you of that. to all 437 demands on am my adequate now. When is you are ill. score or pen Ere school of years might claim to give them grace? — — And must experience Defeat and pain — the mean builder's lien — Exacted to the full in coin of age. of heart. And joy of growth assured. Do not try to gauge the value in old age If of such possession. observing the instructions given in the discussion. be.Courage for Future Events. rare lace: How work the gods in men With brush or chisel. you create a wealthy self to-day. No mood or state of to-day can accurately judge the attractions of to-morrow. For that urged to cultivate confidence and courage by the persistent use of the present regime. our finest wage? Thought-creative power is every soul's possession. And not the nobler store Of youth's perfections brought to more. for You are urged demand discussed at by formulating demands for adequacy and for ample provision Third Phase: old age. Poor wisdom to conceive Experience alone may weave Fine tapestry of mind. food is tasteless. Second Phase: to put into operation the law of the beginning of this chapter.

" regimes of this book But if actual "bad luck" comes and leaves you poverty- — stricken in old age — (there you is not one chance for that in ten thousand. the splendid all recollections of values possessed this man has created — just as the insistence And Almighty has created suns and constellations. observe these pictures. The second picture reveals a physically feeble but mentally developed. if so. He will not be alone in a garret: thousands to one against such an outcome. For. for on the way to adequacy and success) yours then. alone in a garret. at eighty years of age. memory-blessed old man. are already — The first picture reveals a wrecked. to remember our that in such a case old age will not find you in a state and you are invited to develop and mainand courage for the now holding the sense over from day to day until it becomes the permanent possession of your entire being. then. of poverty. the wall-figures take fanhealth Will these things turn out exactly as is they now seem when boundless again your own? Thus with the compensations of creative thought. You are invited. and tastic shapes. tain a full sense of adequacy — . happy in growth. preternaturally loud. memory-blasted old man. he has still the vast compensaself: tions of the true self. barring a true "bad luck. undeveloped. the courageous the life. I bid you heroically to create against that condition. To-day you desire for old age sufficient means That is assured you if you observe the for comfort. honored. the compensations of a self and an inner world that will be rich in content. at eighty years of age. full of the memories of a well-spent life. alone in a garret. But. Note the contrasts. un- honored.438 The Culture all of Courage. full- grown mind. if now you create them.

The error is based on the false notions that money is is property and that publicity the bare material.Courage for Future Events. The act was had represented still remamed aU 1 wealth his money surrendered property that he had the world. This is drifts. notable supposed. newspaper literature commonly magazine and You are invited The moneyed people. . threw the relations trouble relieved them from all remarking that he thus concerning it. the e-hange for money rlpstroved the token. And monev is not wealth. ownership in property A dying man caused all his and then gathering his into merely still remained. The tions in fear of failure has its roots two misconcep- which are everywhere prevalent. of course. about him. values which you have rep esents some is . except in material in a certain way and the right to use the in its material. This conception is untrue and absolutely groundless. or the leaders of art politics or society. money as evidence of success It is error to regard success when it Money represents a kind of detestable. misconceptions until you steadily to examine these their utter falsity. at all. 439 Fear of Final Failure. material values created unable to point to values possessors of money are I it as their own creation. it is often successful people are the great industries. Yrt ^ Z in itself iST/or Many SJ by individual effort. The F. to be converted money into the hre. Unless your money it created. Monev is not property. fully perceive and feel Wealth Misconception: That Success Means First into which the error and Visible Power. except property and a token of mafor power Money is a substitute terial wealth.

44° The Culture of Courage. therefore. is ability to create man knows to create is will- Success is the to development of ability values indispensable progress. you are so far a success. We conclude. transform or move things that are indispensable to progress cannot reside in publicity nor consist of office or position. Money symbolizes strikes the superficial in life. since it is often unseen and without the leverages usually employed. consists. Always. but success away down into life's very heart. The only wealth man knows is value indispensable to progress. Power is ability to create. then: if You possess this ability to of some degree. not in accumulation of money. is necessarily represented by the amount of money he owns. The only power man knows such value. No man's success. but in creation of values. not a symbol of your success. The only creator of real value directed thought-action. transform or move values. we discover that power is solely a matter of thought and action directed by will. Your success. Similar truths obtain with reference to power. you have made the reasonable most that ability. that Values are the progress. There are multitudes of values in the world which have brought their creators no money. If you have created some values indispensable to . and the creation of such values through will-directed thought-action. things are indispensable to This power to create. at the last. then. as Indicated by money. Stolen inventions and the application of scientific discoveries may be cited. Money is not a value: it is a medium of exchange of values.

faded. and with external matters. Success connection has no necessary absolutely personal. which selves to have failed. You possess a will and the power will and you have developed and used you are a success. If the dividuals. progress. reasonably speaking. «e our notion. ft* REGIMH ACMNST No man's or woman s Real S«ce SS Now. resemble a given indiHence. and ourselves. fame or genius. 44 speaking.AR OF FlHAt FAH. * . reasonable best.' of thought.UM.0dwe But all tins . personality or nd by mere notions. the regime: seek now to remove by F. a mistake to human your success. they are. being for a standard of You standard.s error. again failures. thought to your the average man and Let us understand that achieve. as. «£ pJZ . position. If we «>»etude personality or in achievement. alone ean furnish that what that individan individual's success is standard of accan or ought to be and do ual. is. some other ablv set up as a standard Thus otherVrson's achievements. Thus we come to the Second Misconception: is _ That Success to is Ever a External Matter Involving Things the Individual. when we fail to vWuaMn we . When we ome we mvar. for him or woman has it in his or her power to or genuine a success as any man her just as great and woman It of wealth.« Courage for Future Events. you are a success. certain external signs. look to any other therefore.measure success by externals. reasonably you surely may have it done. -with environment or cording to his endowments as stimulus to achievecircumstances merely considered The only^ legitimate ment. they have v duals fail to realize take on their life does not thought essly decide.

friendship not made. while you are so engaged. The real question. success depends on his resembling a given individual or upon his duplicating another's achievements. that feeling arises in your consciousness: make the feeling habit by will and by incessantly recalling the idea. you make practically your own the pringood. right The possibility of a given kind or degree of success is born into every human If being. the practical answer to the question above given. Physically due to a certain closeness of harmony between two individuals. reason- ciples of this chapter. then." 44 2 The Culture of Courage. transhis responsibility. explained. . is The juniper bush or ground cedar not a failure merely tall as because it may not grow to be as the oak and bear acorns. Secondly. you resolve to make ably speaking. The fear of failure has. any human. is this and it is enough: "What can I. and. if is — First. — Fear of Loss of Friends. and — form. In the mean- you are invited to continue in deepest action the demand-thought that all success possible to you shall assuredly be forthcoming from year to year through " Whatsoever things ye desire all your life. will infallibly You The can never fear failure resolve and the action breed the courage-feeling that you are all and that shall be equal to the entertainable demands life. Second Phase: Psychic Demand. do make good. therefore. That is his he wins that. believe! time. Your friends are is born. no ground in which to thrive. may come into your As you now read. no failure is he. or success move values indispensable to progress?" Your your practical answer to that question. be and do to create.

failing to secure certain adjustment — often may require greater ingenuity obtaining not very even proving utterly impossible. them: the you will co to them. So. will not In mechanics. This harmony obtains fundamentally movements of the personal atmospheres. 443 in the etheric If the har- mony all etheric tends to merging of in movements because movements one person fit perfectly those of an- A other person. but the multitude of which never in life can be increased. With such an In terms of matter. .Courage for Future Events. the individual nature with powers and definitely endowed for development traits which may be symbolized by such etheric movements. or satisfactorily. are given you when you await you. is In terms of psychics. is the harmony of looser ordinary friendship. not manu- factured. These and other facts constitute the basis of the conclusion that we are born friends. As we are born with a which definite number of brain-cells. each perarrangement son's nature leads to the idea of a given and number of movements in the etheric matrix as ground of physical body and parts. some varieties of motion the ether-ground and harmonize with others. You need not Beek nature of things will in due time bring them to you. the friendship will be that of love. the last analysis of endowment we are also born. but which really express within them. complementing. in harmony with the psvchic system of any individual. so to speak. other svstems (persons) of skill in friendships. a by certain limited range of nature is determined for us our birth. Somewhere they sometime they will come to you as you await them. may develop. Your real friends. then. as come into the world.

Second Phase: Self as Resource. Then you know the one who has come: haps. you will fail. instantly. If you try to make them. your whole true and highest self. nothing can destroy the few friendships which remain These values are yours forever. and this you accomplish by growing friendships. therefore. freely. by so last. to you. The True Self Now. and the so-solid seeming bonds have faded away. You are. but sooner or later — surely much not. can only create friends. my whole highest true self. your fears for future loneliness must vanish provided you accept the regime: Regime Against Fear of the Loss op Friends.444 The Culture will of Courage. much an will the very This is infallible — — now that nothing can dissolve the ties that bind. your Yet here and there bonds have somehow held relations of friendship have been kept up. have intersurely your friend. felt that this or that person was But time. effort or planning. The measure in which to these propositions are sanely true depends on the measure of your steadfast fidelity your truest and highest self. space. you will see that always your deepest friendships have sprung up without search. per- know." If you will look back upon your life. in idealism and aspiration. It is the loss of the ephemeral friendships that suggests some final day . You have for a time. When you catch and feel the certainty of the truth here presented. and you know ably speaking). now and then. By so as you are splendidly and growingly YOU at the best (reason- you have true friends to method for winning You friends. with idealism and aspiration as your motive powers. work. and this you achieve by being always. vened. First Phase: urged now to resolve and always to make good the resolution: "I am now and from henceforth I freely shall be.

You enjoy your friend by giving and receiving values. that self and God's world with a reservation and are enough. and to cultivate ability to find there By so much happiness. of loneliness to you. is comin each case measured precisely by your ability to — panion and be alone with your own sold. much must the as one observes such a principle. disalone will infallibly banish the fear here . and power and comradeship. us. the foundation-truth Your value to your friend. of future loneliness vanish from his fear You are invited Third Phase: Psychic Demand. The happiness which springs from friendships is legitimate and desirable. undeveloped. urged to be your whole true and highest self. Psychic dehappiness and for welfare and success. and his value to you. by so thought.: Courage for Future Events. present for true to bring psychic demand upon the subconscious friends now and thus to develop within the shall in the future self an attitude and quality which both for always secure you the now-friends you need. you will some other self. and the values depend on the depth and wealth of the self. But when you make yourself depend on your friend. and you thus unmined. of real friendship. mand cussed. If you can find happiness a true friend for rob yourself and your friend. you by so much leave undiscovered. whatever become of still hold good Thus appears this friendship or that companionship. You are therefore. 445 and inspires the fear now before to We observe being should ever permit himself No human drpend on any other human being for happiness. and wealth in self.

and Self Supreme Share will and thought. appear? While reigns the changeless Law of Laws That each effect reveals its cause. —Thk Author. the life I. as from Self Supreme from death's dull dream. in equal masterhood: shall fears How. When fails the august effect Law of its Laws cause. God attracts but Good. While I. Divides. as bank and stream. now. I am! image as soul Of Cause Uncaused the Living Whole: — But Of So lo. as But lo. That each must have When self. the self. I.— — — THE ROCK OF COURAGE. Then is all But lo. all my life 's the sure effect my thoughts and will elect.Mine is the courage of the soul Harmonic with the Perfect Whole: — Immune as God to fear. . courage dear.

" — Elizabeth Deuress. spirit to To fear is to lose confidence in the power of your own its godhood. even a has revealed the possijourney through these pages inspired. But he he can attract to himself only superior forgetting for one moment constantly hold himself as supreme. epirit's To fear is to hold you and to keep you in perfect harmony. occasions. has even 5 then. himself .CHAPTER XIV A Perpetual Tonic. attractHe does this by his knowledge of the law of attraction. the treatJE have discovered long ere this that development of courage. as man is made with the He masters every condition by keeping generating all power within himself. or godlike desire. To fear is to place yourself as a servant hold on its supply to all those tilings that are beneath positive that he can attract to He can then mould all circumstances to hia all power and all harmony. speaking generally: how to do Instruction in exactly what to do and standing motto of the Power-Book the exactly that — Library. possibility of "There is no cause for fear. never weaken your - must that he is one with God. and is always all-round for psychic power demands two surely justifies our work is a therefore permanent. himself only the beet of all knowledge. genuine if temporary moods is of real fearlessness. conseiousneaa — the foundation-principle of the Power-Books. . Doubtless. demand far more rapid Teading of a book. but 'the courage that growth within the deeper self. ment of fear and the than the to be successful. all Such a things. A consciousness of adequacy that since vital education is the evolution of all ifl really Vital. God. now and bility of high courage in all. If he holds within himself only ing like powers and supreme gifts. like desire supreme desire. the body by para"Fear hinders the free vibration of the life through To fear is to lessen your spirit's hold on lyzing the life-force which is in it.

harmony." ." 2. until they represent your real mood. possess the pracpower within myself.44^ The Culture The of Courage. daily for long. — according. me master of all things that are beneath me. a personal spirit and a mental attitude are developed which more and more realize the opposite of every sentence in the first paragraph of the quotation preceding this chapter. tional sentences." 3. Thus we come to our Final Affirmations. You are invited to repeat the affirmations given below." Section Two. deep and permanent: Section One. — the my hold on those "My courage makes 1. human. instruction given in preceding chapters meets the Vital consciousness of courage can only result from work in the regimes set forth first requirement. "My life tion (or action) of the courage induces free vibrathroughout my body by in- spiring the life-force within it. and the full affirmative of every statement in the second paragraph of that quotation. all power and all harmony. in their order. By after constant practised thought and iteration of ideas and inspira- day after day. of course. month month. 1." courage strengthens Infinite." "My supply 5. as generating all so positive that I attract to myself only the best of all knowledge." "I master every condition by keeping myself "I. courage inspires within of in the my own spirit to hold me confidence me and to keep spirit's me its in perfect 4. its "My "My power courage strengthens my spirit's hold on godhood. to personal needs. tical possibility of 2.

A 3.: "To fear no evil. lest I be too confident against evil. too much myself. "To be myself always. the notion that confidence in or invite a fall. or full of power. or happy. self and real success cipline. holding within my- self only supreme. vigorously and honestly. and I. position. too honest in thought. or popular. happiness and power." " Like attracts like. "I am! am Power! I am Courage!" that fear is So in no closes our study. at my best. 449 "Thus positive (never negative). all highly life. too successful. "To think my own thoughts. and to banish effect. a dis- about the subtlest and most baneful heresy in life). then. is may need a disaster. or godlike desire. or influential. "In the profoundest way am conscious now of being at one with the Universal Forces of Power and I Life!" 6. Let us. "To live my own life." I powers and supreme 5. friends. "To and achieve whatever high things the law of cause working within me. "I Highly Resolve. my desire. and rightly directed by me. . "To repudiate in toto the legitimacy. too free in life. the thought of fear. freely and fully. I can mould circumstances to 4. (" For this. all Perpetual Tonic. attract only superior gifts. may bring forth for wealth. We now know way essential to ful heritage of resolve — and that courage is the rightevery human.

May you also believe.45° The Culture of Courage. believing. . Good fortune go with you! A Brother Cooperative. and / let it stand. true and beautiful are mine! "lam! I am Power! I am Courage!" What I have written. " All things good. am the courage of the soul Harmonic with the Perfect Whole. feel — I believe it.



cr^ ^ J ^W .M ^\ / A y.

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