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NovaBACKUP Software for Workstation, Server & Database Backup

Professional Data Protection. Simple, Fast and Reliable

Backup for Windows Server NovaBACKUP Server is a reliable and cost-effective data protection and recovery software to protect critical information stored on your Windows server system. Create and manage easily your backup procedures and automated schedules. With detailed instruction wizards and fast installation, your business will be safe within minutes without the requirement for an IT specialist.

Local and Off-site (Internet) Backup & Recovery NovaBACKUP allows backup of important data on media like local and network drives, NAS, CD, DVD, Blu-ray, Tape, USB and most other storage devices. It also allows to backup of important data on Off-Site (Internet) like FTP and other Internet storage accounts with option of Backup/Copy/Restore. User can now backup and recover data from anywhere. Scheduled Automatic Backups and Copies NovaBACKUP gives flexibility to backup up all email files, My Document, pictures etc. on single click. So even user does not have knowledge that at which path email database is stored, by single click NovaBACKUP will search for all emails database and backed up them to predefine destination. User do NOT need to have an expert knowledge of computers. NovaBACKUP allows to setup unlimited schedule to back important files, folder, email, database etc., with option of Full backup, Incremental back up, Differential backup and Snapshot backup at one or multiple location. Novastor also allows Normal copy, Mirror copy and bi-Directional copy feature. So now NO need to remember to backup important data. Open File Backup and Copies NovaBACKUP allows to take a back up of open files. Means even files of MS Word, Excel etc. and email client like Outlook, MS Outlook, Tally, AutoCAD etc are in use it can take a back up. NovaBACKUP works with Microsoft's Volume Copy Shadow Service (also known as VSS) in order to back up open files. The Open File Backup option is limited to operating systems that support Microsoft's VSS, including Microsoft Windows XP, Vista (32 bit) and Windows 2003 systems. Disk Imaging Disaster Recovery Take a snapshot of entire system/computer OR server (Including Operating System, all installed software and Data) to protect and preserve data in the event of a disaster. Full and incremental mode Snapshot of system can be scheduled to get the latest image. NovaBACKUP allows to make bootable CD. With the help of Bootable CD system will start on RAM and then just browse to latest stored image and click on restore to restore entire system to its pre-disaster state. Nova backup also allows to restore image in different hardware. Smart and Simple Restore A backup file list gives users the flexibility to restore all files or select files just like Windows Explorer screen. For the ultimate in flexibility, users can restore files with the option to overwrite existing files at original location or restore to an alternate location with same folder/file structure as original. E-mail Reporting NovaBACKUP sends status reports of backup or copy jobs via e-mail on pre-defined email ids. Report will content details whether backup job done successful or NOT. What it backed up in the job etc, How much time it takes, How much MB/GB data backed up etc.

Removable Drive. Supermall-1. SUPPORTED MEDIA Storage Device like Hard Disc. so non of the unauthorized person can restore backup without password. Infocity. 4th Floor. Virus Protection and Updates Integrated virus protection helps prevent the transfer of infected files before the backup occurs. You can also provide predefine password of your backup. Windows Vista. Windows 7.Compress / Password Protected and Encrypted Backup NovaBACKUP allows to back up the data in compression mode. FTP account and Online Covet Enterprise Solutions Inc. Gandhinagar – 382007. A single backup procedure can protect the data of your computer on other systems of network. windows XP. nova anti virus will scan before it backed up important data. Nova also allows encryption so backed up data can not be open using any third party software for 100% data security. Windows 2003 and 2008 R2 Server NovaBACKUP also has agents to backup of MS SQL & MS Exchange database at extra cost. Tape drive. NAS. Gujarat. 427-A. Ph: +91-79-30041248 | Mo: +91-94088 56056 E-Mail: info@yourcovet. Protect Networked Computers Peer-to-Peer backup is possible because NovaBACKUP is network aware. Support Operating Systems NovaBACKUP Support all Windows client and Server Operating system eg. CD/ . This saves space at destination. India. So even if your existing antivirus could not remote virus infected.