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JL Bradley Kanook December 27th, 2012

Well if the reporters are correct POTUS is winging his way back to the Potomac, leaving his family in sunny Hawaii until the 6th of January to finish they Christmas vacation, while he sets the arm wrestling table for another bout with the leader of the House of Representatives in an attempt to wade through the finances of the United States government. President. To anyone in this land or even on this planet it is no secret that there is no love lost between those who represent the crowd that thinks nothing of having $500 a plate lunches than those standing for hours in a unemployment line within Americas borders, or those who have retired linked to their age or some sort of disability surviving on a fixed income. The distance between these two parts of our society cannot be effectively measured with any sort of accuracy, by the best mathematicians of the land. The situation has turned one side of our democratic nation into a party that appears to be oblivious to the described above, in particular in the House of Representatives where to label them a political party being part of our nation is just a ridiculous as trying to bridge the gap between the rich and the barely making it. In simple words they no longer represent the people who stood in lines for hours to cast their ballot as a legitimate governing organization. Before the 1st of January our nation will once again have to watch the Democrats and the Republicans attempt to reach an agreement on how to Good luck Mr

operate our Federal Government, whereas the majority of the Democrats want to maintain the tax relief put into effect by our 43 rd President on the population that make less than $250,000 per year and let the tax relief expire for those who make above that amount, Now were not talking about 10s of percentage points, but around 3-4% increase, but the House Republicans and one or two of theirs from the Senate act as if the nation is asking for their last dollar really? The nation, by the way that is all of us no matter how we voted individually, is being whipsawed by a group of legislators who no longer know how to lead, they have fallen in behind a gaggle of citizens who under the command of a guy whose first name is Grover and his demands of no more taxes and to pay for their pet projects they want to take the funds from the people who have worked their life paying into a fund that provides a small bit of their income to their survival. These squabbling members (especially in the House), for some reason really believe that they are the demi-gods along the Potomac, and that an effective government can be operated on their hot air, Im not bent toward conspiracies but at times I believe these knuckleheads are dreaming about eliminating the poor, minorities and huge sections of our Middle Class so once again the white skinned race will be the majority in our country by the way they still are the majority, but it appears that the likes of Grover have them convinced otherwise. Their dislike of our half-breed President is a known fact, and he knows that, yet they continue to moan and groan and do everything in their power to make him into something he is not, weak! Take healthcare, at one time not too long ago parts of this conservative band were genuinely interested in finding ways for the government to expand our health insurance coverage now since POTUS walked through a healthcare bill are dead set against a Universal Healthcare package. Part of that bill was that the governors of the 50 states could set-up State Insurance Exchanges, which were required under the new law a mechanism that would have at the least allow more than 20-million Americans buy coverage of their choice (remember this was an original idea put forth by conservatives in years gone by), whereas most liberals preferred a

national exchange, where the Feds could institute strong rules to protect consumers and broader options. Now Republican governors are refusing to establish State Exchanges and in fact by giving up their rights are by default giving the liberals exactly what they wanted, a Federally Mandated Exchange to say theyre a bit strange goes without saying, yet if for some really strange reason the ObamaCare law had passed under the last President they would have accepted the State Exchange idea. In their rebellion against the Law they choose not to implement the Exchanges and thereby pushing the option onto the Feds, exactly what the liberals wanted in the first place. In other words, they cut-off their nose to spite their face, and if you look around the party of nos has been sort of operating like this since the half-breed won the Oval Office in 2008. When it comes to the fiscal cliff dance, you would be just as effective standing in front of stone wall and voicing your complaints as sitting down with any conservative and explaining that we really dont have an entitlement problem, but a lumbering giant health-care cost situation they would laugh, might even roll-on-the-floor, of course being careful not to let any of that loose changes dribble from their pockets, this change of course being a gift from within the very same industry. As a citizen (who pays attention) you know that we have some pretty serious malfunctions in both Medicare and Medicaid, not with the patients treated by the system, but by the providers of the system. Albeit there are many who follow the rules to a letter, there a great majority who either bleed them for all their worth or create imaginative ways to go a step further, therefore driving up the cost across the board. You know paying $5-$10 for aspirin water extra at a healthcare facility is sort of a little higher than inflationary calculations account for. We know that our healthcare costs are high, yet in order to cut the expense instead of the elephant crowd searching and correcting the reason their solution is to cut the funds meant to pay the cost of those who cant. It is also a known fact that were living longer, thank you very much inpart to our medical advances, and a growing box that contains replacement parts for our crumbling bodies, some would argue that there are a few weve

gone to far with in letting them bump around too long, but that is not my rant. The elephant crowd under the banner of dear old Grover seems to feel that free-market-economies will check this run-a-way government spending, you know like Wall Street and the slick bandits that slink around in the alley ways in lower New York. That worked well, didnt it? When you lift the curtain surrounding the upcoming skirmish expected over the 1% keeping their Bush-era tax breaks and take a good look at how this crowd does its Federal Taxes, youll see two things. One is in reality the increase of few percentage points will not do a lot to decrease our Federal Debt, whereas it will only increase the ways in which they depreciate their actual worth and in some cases lawyers will work overtime in creating more Trusts or moving their wealth offshore. The 2nd reason is that the Bush-era tax breaks were never meant to have a trickle-down effect but to only increase the wealth of those who were shifting their money either overseas literally or pushing American jobs in the same direction. Now if you are of the mindset that believes the jobs went running oversea because for some strange reason our working population suddenly got stupid, youre wrong those jobs scampered off-shore to non-union lands because of the cheap-labor and you as a taxpayer gave those corporations tax-breaks to run their scam. It is not unreasonable to believe that if a person or corporation can lift their bottom-line a few points, that they shouldnt do that profit is what makes our economic world spin. Think, 47% plus of our nation voted for more-of-the-same, why? Well simple theyre still waiting for some of the trickle-down action, and now the battle goes on along the banks of the Potomac with some of the GOP maintaining it will still work. The strength of our Nation is held together by the concept that multiparties will be represented in our government, while over the past decades the predominant parties have been the Democrats and the Republicans, and in our past they worked together making sure our Nation moved forward. We also know that economic downturns are cyclic, some short and some long, but this last one as we know was brought on by the greed of a few in our financial industry, and to make an attempt at jerking us back up we were

convinced that giving massive tax-breaks across the board was the right thing to do. This action as it turned out was another smoke-and-mirrors presentation by the suits of our upper-class, which by-the-way when the smoke clears it is they would once again pushed class-warfare, and not as some of them say the people struggling to survive. Today we look at the House of Representatives as a body lacking adult supervision and a lack of concern for the Nations population, a body who during the last go-around cost the Nations its top credit rating with a shrug so what! The Federal Reserve, you know that outfit that prints our money and collect enormous amounts of fees and interest for doing so which as an outfit outside of Federal government cheered, more bucks would be earned as the borrowing line of credit increased. Now we see this House, after their leader John Boehner failed to gain sufficient votes for his Plan B, point back at the Senate to come up with a solution during the next few days. Well gee whiz, albeit POTUS is back on the job along with members of the Senate, the House remains in recess and Sen Democrat Harry Reid states that there doesnt seem to be sufficient time to craft a deal before Mondays end-of-the-year deadline, and once again we are held hostage by those TeaParty knuckleheads in the House. The White House working with Harry Reid are working together on a package that will once again increase the taxes on those making over $250,000, a move that will safeguard millions of the Middle-Class from a rise in taxes, included in this package is a measure that will keep benefits flowing to 2 million plus unemployed workers who if the Nation falls over the fiscal cliff will loose their benefits. The package could also delay deep spending cuts at the Pentagon and other Federal Agencies but here again all this depends on negotiations with Senate Republicans whereas these supposed negotiations havent begin just yet. Financial wizards a whole lot smarter than I predict that if we plunge down that fiscal cliff a new recession will or could be the resultwhere we see that the markets are leaning towards doom and gloom with the DJ opening at

a -78.72%, the S&P at -10.14% and the NASDAQ at -19.96%, in other words if youre an investor you lost some bucks before the opening bell. Will a 2nd recession brought on by the same crowd finally bust the reluctance of the parties to work together me, I seriously doubt it why? Sadly we have become so split in ideologies and arcane concepts it appears almost too late and in the end money will rule, it is my hope that this concept of profit first will finally come to a head when the profit makers realize that it was the America Middle-Class that created and maintained their hefty profit margins but I doubt it they have their eyes clued to the enormous populations of China and India.