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I II. A. C.;yu";'baugh, a form~r rea .' W eshiY', 'Pag~F~ster::;-. " :,-'~. ident of West Lebanon, died at. Wesley .Page Fost(~t,' son <of Y 19:15 o'clock Monday morning at: Horris and Malinda Foster, who .y' the Englewpod hospital in .Chica-: lived near Pine ,Village, 'Warren .__ : go, followmg a short. Illness.] . county, was boi~"Janriary 8, 1872, Ruby Grant, Aged 8, Shot By ; Den tb \\'~s caused by diabetes.' "and idied Octobw 24; 1926, aged Porter Crawford, Aged 9, The Wurtsbaugh 'family moved 1 . 54 years, 9 monthsrand 16' days.' i a Playmate. from West Lebanon to Danville, He was a.resldent."of Warren ' Ill., in 1924, and since that time county until t~e year 1900 when! Ruby.Grant, aged 8, daughter o'f Mr. Wurlsbaugh had been work, he moved to Wingate, Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. Dutton Grant who' . ing for the J. R. Short Milling Co.; ~county, Indiana: .lIe was married , reside on the Fletcher Wood farm of Chicago .. He spent Thanksgivi to Olive KIser,May 8,1901.' To four miles south of West Lebanon, ing at home with his family in this union four chU'h'en· were, WM' shot Thanksgiving morning 'Danville and at that time he was born: Pauline Foe,' r;,' King, who: by Porter Crawford, the nine year . seemingly in good health. married Tilson. King, June 15,' old son of Mr. and Mrs. Don Mr. Wurtsbaugh was married to' 1924, now lives in Danville.Tnd.: ~ Crawford who reside· in the same Kate Welch of Williamsport, Feb. , Chester, who stilr,.1ives" in the neighborhood.' 1:1. - J.. --:2 , 18, 1921. He was 60 years old and home and has 'been 'the' stay of his I The accident happened at 7 :30 is survived by the wife, three 'parents through the past years: :. o'clock Thanksgiving morning and daughters and three sons. A son. . Geraldine, ,borh February 2'9','';, the child died at 10 o'clock the RaY •. and a' daughter, Mable, live "',1908; and at the age (ji{ 18 'months same morning without regaining at the family home. Another died and her remains Were buried .consciousness. . daughter, Mrs. Raymond Harper, in the cemetery riear Pine Vil-' . The Crawford boy and his small also lives in Danville. A third lage; Neoma, born June 15, 1912, sister left home early to look at daughter, Mrs. Charles VanPelt,.· who now Jives at home to comfort some rabbif traps. Across the resides in Marshfield, Ind. Two her mother and brother., Wesley field, they passed the Grant home. sons, Robert and Clyde, live in "Page Foster' is survived- by, the Ruby ran out to geet them. The Chicazo : a brother, Edward, lives' following sisters and brothers: three, were close friends. In West Lebanon, and two other: Elizabeth 'Shoemaker, Serburn, , The Crawford children said the '. brothers, Wpliam and John, reside . Minn.; Lydia Smith of Boswell,. gun discharged when Porter atin Chalmers, Ind., and LawrenceMenta Ogborn, of PIne Vfllage ;,: tempted to lay it on the ground ville, Ill., respectively. The sisThomas,of Attica; Luther, of' preparatory ·to ..crawlmg under a ters are Mrs. Frank Miller, of Homer, and Mrs. Fannie Martin, Wray, Colo.; Sylvester, .of Pine' fence .. Village. II _~__ ! The father of the boy is in ill of Advance, Ind.' i~ -'1. :L t . He'moved from Wingate with health' and was prostrated when A short funeral service was. his wife and eldest daughter, .news of the tragedy reached him. held at 11 o'clock yesterday morn-Pauline, to "the farm. owned by Dr. Stephenson was called to ating at the home. . The body was: Richard N. Cording, near Wheeler.' tend the child, but there was little then taken overland to West Leba-I ;. Grove " ..a-ndi,,-1!'Sha,w,Iiee Molind . to be done. non, where services were held in ':chtirch inth~"~e~t- 1902 and.Iived' Funeral services were held at the afternoon at the Methodist . on this farm until his death. He '1 :30 o'clock Saturday at the church. Interment was made in . was a kind husband, a loving fathChristian church in West Lebathe cemetery at West Lebanon. er, a good, citizen, a>' good neighnon. Burial was made in the West The Masonic lodge had charge of I the services. I bor and his landlord had such' Lebanon cemetery. I confidence in 'his upriglitness that Besides the parents, thre~ sishe kept him on his 'farm for a ters and_!hre~~!oth!:~~. sur~I_y"~ __ I ~uar~er o~ .acentu~Y. He never,r.' ~-. identified himself WIth any secret FORMER WARREN·. I. I /' Ernest E. Black '----j ! order or church organisation. -He I COUNTY FARMER DEAD Ernest E. Black died Monday! was an .attendant of Shawnee ,' John NiPhipps, a retired farmmorning about four o'clock at his: Mound church -and a, supporter of er, who until recently had been home in Williamsport. The de--I . same and his . family are. members,' i farming for. about ten years' in ceased was 68 years, 10 months I ; thereof. He wM . stricken , with·, Warren county, died at ten o'clock: . paralysis October J2; 1923,' and, I Friday at the home of a son.iBenj- : I and 22 days old. 12 ~ .2.1- )-'1' The funeral was conducted yes-II had been an. invalid ever since.,: am in Phipps, at 21 South Beard' terday and burial was made at During the past months he was a street in Danville, Ill. Death was . West Lebanon. ., , helpless Invalid. All that could be: dues to' heart trouble and other I Mr. Black is survived bya wifel I done to relieve his suff~r.ing was. complications. / j. - )..J-:J-t 1 lIft's. I done and through it all he was a . Mr. Phipps was 74 years old and! and the following children: 6:o1'a Hess. of Williamsport; Mrs. very patient sufferer and a sym-' , is survived by a wife, a son, BenClara Sl10ldon of Ridgefarrn, Ill.; pathizerfor his' afflfcted neigh-v : jamin, with whom he lived and ]\:1's. Florence Watts, of Humc.: bors, and often inquired after three (laughters - Mrs. Maude: lll.; Odbert Black, of West Lebatheir welfare .. Rewas relieved Cochran, of Crawfordsville, Ind.; ~ non: Earl, Orville and Russell from earthly .sllfferi~g October 2~; . 'Mrs. Jessie ~hite who resid~'sl Black of Williamsport. 1926; and WIth, loving .hands hIS \ north of Danville, and Mrs. zora friends and neighbors laid his Renter of Rossville, Ill. . body to rest in the Pine Village . __. . ' ~. emetery where his parents, c one; -- . brother . and his daughter lie. , ,'.

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~ Warner Odle Dead '\ ident of W·iniam~JiO:rl/ died! Mon~': " . James Rayl, a well kno~n War~arn~r Merle ~~le, aged J7.' ,al day mornihtr~t tne;hbIne of hi~' t4'~ncounty farmer, died Friday. em or m. the Will iamsport hl~;n: son, .Charles,: Hai:nesl In;l,'IrOQ8!rt" night at his home north of Inde,('hool, died suddenly Saturday Ind., where 'he' hadl;e~ri: livini pendence about three miles. Death i afternoon at the home of his pa.rsince last June. Death was sudwas caused by heart trouble and I ents, Mr. and Mrs. Merle Odle, i n den and was caused by heart cbmulicatlons, Mr. Rayl had husk-. Williamsp?rt.. D~ath was ~aus;c1 trouble. The bodywasbrought to . ed .com all day Friday, and be_I' by acute m?l!!eR~lOn of which r e Williamsport yesterday .and the ': ~ame very ill shortly after returnhn d been III SInce Wdnesdny.: . funeral will be- c.onducted this aft,..,.;mg to the house from his day's Young Odle ha~. however, been a ernoon at 3 o'clockfrom the M. E. "work.. Dr. Porter of Williamsport sufferer from diabetes for a numchurch in WilliimsQprt; Burial . was called, but there was but little i her o~ years. 1).-1 t .-~ will be made In Hillside cemetery could be done for him. He was 63 . Besides the. parents he I~ surat Williamsport .. / '" _I (, _ .,l. yeai'~ old. Besides the wife he is vived by a brother an.d two ~Isters, Mr. Haines was 75 years old and surv}ved by two small children at one of the latter being MISS ~shad spent the greater part of his home, and three daughters-Mrs. ~her Odle, a teacher in the WIIIlife in and near Williamsport. He .' Jo_hn Fleener of this city, Mrs. Ed iamsport schools. . is survived by the following chil- ' Hansley who resides near Odell The funeral was. held Monday dren : . Charles Haines of Hobart, and. Mrs. Charles Bethel. of Warafternoon. at two o'cl~ck f~o~ the Ind., MrR. Darwin Brown and Mrs. re~ county .. Young Henry of near ,PresbyterIan church m WIl.lIa~RI Frances . Stakeley of Benton HarInaepE:lltleliCe is an uncle. The port: Rev. Flet~her O~~I.~tmg. bor, Mich.; Mrs. Harriet McCon.', funeral was conducted at 2 :30 .Burial was made in the W il iiamsnell, of Mooresville, Ind.iandMrs. I Monday. afternoon from the M. E. port cemetery. Mina Shriner; (if Lafayette .. Mrs. chu~ch. In Attica, Rev. T. L. Stovall -_. --~ ---7=·...:_ .. Amos 'Axe,."of}his 'city,. and Mrs. I officlatm~. Burial was made in i>ORMER OTTERBEIN MAN \ F.r,ed., Wilson;'.()f. C?vitigton, are th.e DaVIS cemetery ne.ar Green f DEAD AT ASHBURN GA. slsters'~ca~:Jo.p~ Haines of ParksH~l~ I a. - '30 - ~ Word was received at Otte;bein .burg; Pa.; 1'8 ·S"blother. . . .- -----:---.--.-- Monday of the death of A. L. Me- .

"c:?~.' .. ,o~· ';::> '.~ . James Rayl Dead


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. .. :,:,:~.~,,:":::~:';;;-~"~:-,. ~Fran~. F?ster ~e:ld \ Ki~nis, formerly of Otterbein, Mrs. H'eleneBiggsl>enrll' \. Frank J . .1' ester 01 In dependwhich occurred Saturday at AshMrs. Helene Biggs 0"£ Williamsence died Friday at the home of burn, Georgia. . Mr. McKinnis' I P?rt ~ied last Thursday' at a hos- his. brother, Sc~uyler Foster, in home was in Hendersonville, Ipital m Huston, -Texas, following Chicazo, to which place he had N. C., but he had been to Tampa, a surgical oper1l,t.ion,she having gone three weeks+before. Death Fla., on business and was on his accompanied' her' daughter, Mrs., was caused by nephritis. The way home when he died. . He was Wilmer Gimmer, to her home in I body was shipped Saturday to Laabout 70 years .old, a real estate Huston in. ?ctober expecting to I fayette where it w~s met by the '!-'. deale~) and made his home in otI spend the wmter there; The body V. Marshall ambulance of this terbem for many years. The body :was shipped back' to 'Wlllfamsport.] city, and taken to the home of was brought to Otterbein for burfor burial, it having. arrived there i Charles Foster, another brother, ial in Armstrong cemetery. C. L. 'I Saturday nig~t .. The' funeral was, : in Independence. I z. '" I G .,.,.)4:., McKinnis ~nd William McKinnis ,conducted Sunday afternoon at. The funeral was conducted Sunof Otterbein are brothers;· Mrs. 2 :30 o'clock from the M. E. church..:day afternoon from the U. B. Margaret Switzer, and Mrs.F. E. ~n Wi.n~amsport, burial being made church in Independence, Rev. Kig_Frazier are sisters.yz> - 9- ~ m Wif liamsport cemetery. iZ-2.]-l/11 er, pastor of the U. B. church of The decedent was the widow of: this city officiating. Burial was, NANCY MARTI'N---",.,.lt<Dh.tle_lliailtJl.e_F..!!i'_ A.~:gs_"'lh.o....se..Yeral 1 mad~.i~ the Davis cemetery nefti: __ DEAD AT RAINSVII .• Ei L I years ago conducted a .jewelr~ Green HilL - MIss ~ancy Martirr;-- ageCi- 62A : store ~nd a 'sho;store in Williams-I . Mr. Foster is survived by two. 'led Tuesday afternoon at her port. Joe N. BIggS, who now oper- i brothers-Charles Foster of Indeabout ~ orne south of Rainsville . atss: a shoe store in Williamsport,: pendence and Schuyler Foster of 3% miles, Death was caused by : is. a son. of. ~~e "e~edent HaJ!.' Chicago, and one half brother,' •a complication of troubles. She ! BIggS of LoUISIana IS another son. Frank Foster of Independence. He ; had been in failing health for sevIMrs. Biggswas 72 years old. .' I is also survived by a step-mother, eral months and about four weeks 1-- .. .. . . '.. i Mrs. Jane Foster, who resides at ago was operated on at the St. Independence. . Elizabeth hospital in Lafayette. !'; _. The decedent was a daughter of " DaWf((-if'l~tf ."" .. Dl1vI{ Jordon died very suddenI t~e late Robert and Sarah Martin, David TalbeI\;:~nag-.ed ~ivi1 wa ly Saturday morning about eleven I pioneer settlers of Warren coun•• eteran of COVltlgtO.tl; died Sat.o'clock, Mr. Jordon had been down ty. She is survived by two brothrday night at bi·s,·horne in that' ftity .. The furl'eta:f'waJlheld Mon": , "town. that' morning and gotten his, e.rs, He~ry and. Da~id Martin, whc penSIO? pl!-pers, and orde. red his -. Iived ':'Ith their sls~er; Th.e fun; ay afternoon ··from the Benson l,~rocerles' As he was' returning' eral WIll be held this (Thursday, hapelac'ros!F;..the . fiver. in Warlo~e he. was taken ill and died a. afternoon at two io'clock from thr en county, Rev; W.: L. Hargrave, hort time later.' at .his home on i E.. churc? in ~ainsviIle: B?r astor pf tlie·"Go~~ti.gto,n. M. E. as] 5th street. 'Funeral services :' . ial WIll be made in the Rainsvilh church officiating.. Burial was , ere held at the .Presbyterian: cemetery. I 2- - e; made in the Mou:n'd cemeter~../ 'I'C - 7- "-c, I hurch at two o'clock Monday aft. . rn?on, Rev. Hoteling officiating .. . j ~wmg to a Bon not arriving in i'time for the funeral burial was ../I!ot ..made _until Tuesday morning:













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