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Michif Terms: Family Relations

By Norman Fleury and the Michif Speakers of Lebret, SK My Dad: Bawpaw, mom payr Your Dad: Ki Pawpaw My Mother: Ni Mawmaw, ma mayr Your Mother: Ki Mawmaw My Sister: Ma Sueur Your sister: Ta Sueur My Brother: Moo Frayr Your Brother: Too Frayr My Husband: Ni Nawpaem Your Husband: Ki Nawpaem My Daughter: Ma Feeyi Your Daughter: Ta Feeyi My Son: Moo Garsoon Your Son: Too Garsoon My Niece: Ma Yaenss Your Niece: Ta Yaenss My Nephew: Moo Niveu Your Nephew: Too Niveu Their Nephew: Leu Niveu My Cousin (F): Ma Kousin Your cousin (F): Ta Kousin My Cousin (M): Moo Kouzaen Your Cousin (M): Too Kouzaen My Uncle: Moo Nook Your Uncle: Too Nook My Grandpa: Ni Moushoom Your Grandpa: Ki Moushoom Our Grandfather: Ki Moushoominawn Their Grandfather: Ou Moushoomiwow My Grandma: Noo Koum Your Grandma: Too Koohkoum Her Grandmother: Oohkouma Their Grandmother: Oohkoumiwawa My Grandchild: Nooshishim My Grandchildren: Nooshishimak Your Grandchild: Kooshishim Your Grandchildren: Kooshishimak My Godmother: Ma Mawren Your Godmother: Ta Mawren My Godfather: Moo Pawraen Your Godfather: Too Pawraen My sister-in-law: Jawhkoush

Your Sister-in-law: Ki Chawhkoush My Brother-in-law: Neeshtaw Your Brother-in-law: Kaetim My Mother-in-law: Ma Belmayr Your Mother-in-law: Ta Belmayr My Father-in-law: Moo Boopayr Your Father-in-law: Too Boopayr In-Laws by Marriage: Dittawawak

Older sister: Ni-mish, or ma seur, La pleu vyey Younger sister: Ni-shii-mish, or ma pchit seur Older brother: Nish-tesh or Li pleu vyeu Younger brother: Ni-shii-mish, or moon pchi frayr Grandfather: Mooshoom Grandmother: Kookoom Older brother or sister: Teh teh (Tay tay) As with other Aboriginal groups all your grandfathers brothers would also be called grandfather, and grandmothers sisters called grandmother.

Edited and Compiled by Lawrence Barkwell Coordinator of Metis Heritage and History Research Louis Riel Institute