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Mrs • John Crawford. 2780 Lakeview C ir,cle Beaumont, Texas7~:703 Ma,rch :L;' 198Q ~.

Walter Salts Box 424 West Lebanon, Indiana 47991
.J ~

Dear Mr. Salts,

The Clerk of the Warre~ Circuit Court, ·Williamsport, .Lnd La na gave me your name and said that you would do research ..QJ1•. ~ng~~ries for that area. I am wr i t i ng with several requests. If you would let me know if you can get them and the cost, r would appreciate it. Probate papers· on George Lemuel Kiblinger, born. 12-7-1820, West Liberty Ohio,~4ied 9-i7-l866 inGoshen Indiana, father Adam, children,. Mary, . Louisa (called Ida ) Harlow Adam, Fannie." George' William. I understand there is a copy of probate papers on file in the Circuit Court at Elkhart dated Feb. 25, 1884 and the administrator was Charles H. Chase. Seems like a·long time to settle the estate but that is .the dates I have.
, .) ,1 "


Wanted to f~pd information on a divorce granted to Sylvia Myrtle Kiblinger McMullen and Clarence Allen McMullen on December 21, 1909., I was told by Elsie Carlson that she could not find anything but I am certain of.date and place so.. :thought you might help me. I have two copies of newspaper articles. One says the marriage was annulled which might leave .g,i,.fferentpapers ~'a-l.ttlough I think a divorce was likely since there was c .child involved and several years of marriage. The other article was a copy of the court notes listed in .the newspaper and mentioned thel'November'term of'the Warren Cireui t Court closed tOday" and g~es on to say Sylvia McMullen of ?ine Village was· granted a decree ~f divoree from Clarence A. McMullen, Thursday in the Circuit Court on grounds of abandonment. So the divorge could have been in November instead of December.'


Mrs. John Crawford IVia:r~h, 198b. 1, ,,-', 'continued



I also would like to see if you can find information on a marriage between William H. Ke&ley and Mrs. Myrtle Sylvia Kiblinger McMullen in Warren County on approximately May 28; 1915.


Last, I am interested also in finding a wili and/or any other information in any probate proceedings on the followingl Adam Kiblinger,born 12-25-1190 in Shenandoah Co. rla, died 1-11-1852 in WaJ:'r'enounty, C Indiana, buried in,Union Cemetery south pf,Pine Village (In itASacred to the Memory - .Enscr i.p Lon t from Eastern Warren County Ind-iana cemeteries 1826-1974 Vol # 1 by Je~ins and Knowles'; there is a record of "Adam Kiblinger 12-25":1790' t,o 1..:11-185211 buried in the Union Cemetery. A copy of that would be interesting) His wife was Peggy (Margaret Catherine but I think she dies ahead of him. His children were, Jacob, Sarah, Rebe9ca, Silence Ann, George Lemuel, Elizabeth Jan, Lucinda, and Margaret Catherine. I have no information that there is anything on this so I guess it is just a matter of looking

I am particularly looking for the information on George Lemuel Kiblinger to XN prove he is the father of Harlow Adam and to find information on Adam Kiblinger to prove that he is tha father of George Lemuel. These are the last'two pieces of information that I need to join the DAR.


Something el;se that I have looked for and not found that you might,be able ,to help me with. (I am terribly inexperienced:as must be o~vious) I have found G. L~ (George) Kiblinger in, the 1850 census in Concord Township~ Elkart Co. Indiana page )0 with wife Sarah and two children Mary and Louise but I could not find fuim in the 1860 censes. Hi~ son Harlow Adam was born in-l:'8-.)2 I neeq to find that so census record. I am f'airly certain he should still be in the county and probably in the same place. According to bis se~vic~ record in April 19r 1861 he joined from Elkhart Indiana. ,He diad, in 1866 from l!(~lCX service connected injuries .ri Goshen Indiana. n Could you also help, me find his census recbrd? your assistance. Sincerely

I will appreciate

...~ ..


Nancy C:r;,~wford '.





.. -. ...


Nancy Crawford (Mrs. John) 2780 Lakeview Cir~le Beaumont, Texas 77703


Dear Mr. Salts, .Thanks you for the ~1nfbrmation and assistance - enclosed if $5. check for your costs. Will write more later.~-






Nancy Crawford


, ,


.:NlI's ~.. Paul.,




-:345 NelsoR" Mort,..,~ 11" t· :'50'

April 17, 1979

Dear Berne ice .and Brd , I enjoyed my visit to your new home last week very r.ruch. The evening went all to fast. I came away knowing I would spend alot af hours working on eenealogy. . Thank you again for the copy of the Salts Family Hi~tory. I have already spent alot of time reading it. I think you wro~e· ~ very interesting story of your,famH.y •. -,:-: I. have found somei.Lnf or-ma tion','in he book tha t r would liket ,,' tO',as c.aome questions abou t. On page 179,&. -180; tihe sale of'. . k Personal Property of William Salts. states that a George Molen' ,.<, .bought several items.: .Could it have possiblebeen a George Morlan?·' I know that some of the handwriting in the -old records is very' hard to read. ",

- -.-.

In the June 10, 1880 Warren Co. U .S.census for Steuben Twp •. Dist. 4, page 12; my greatgrandfather, George Morlan is listed-as age 38, occupation- Mining; Wife Sarah 25 and. their three sons, When I read this census, I took dOJQl· he following names of .t . neighbors: Thomas Grave Sj John Crawford; Samual David; #91-91 George Morlan; #92 James M. Salts; george B. Holmes' Howard Salts.' ~ Jane Morlan died in the fall of 1880 and George died in the spring of 1881. I do not know where they are buried, but since reading your book, I would like to look at Lyons cemetery. Neighbors took in the three l:l:. boys:' Clay Swank ,tookmy , ttle grandfather Charles Peter and Forbes took Edward Frank. I do not know who took William H. Could my Great-grandfather, George Morlan have been a miner on your Great-grandfathers farm in 1880j 'Jane Shideler Morlan's parents had moved from Warren Co. to Rice Co. Kansas and were listed in the 1880 census. This would explain why there were no close relatives to take her three small sons after her death. Now I am anxious to come back to Warren Co. to do some.more searching.of recor-ds , I hope to be some help to you when you start getting material on the Evans family' 'LAs ever,

·P.So Berneice, my typing is worse than when we were in high school and that was bad enough. ,~'

,-.. r-. v ". ~
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I, lUlen T. Crawford, being duly sworn on my oath, say that I an thE sole and only heir at law of Adelia Crwaford named as grantee in a certai deed executed by l.tary J,! Stewart on the 21st. day of January 188?, and recorded in Deed Record 40 at page 504 of, Vlarren County, Indiana, wherein there was conveyed to the said Adelia Crawford the we s t half of lots 83 and 84 in the North Addition to the Tovm of West Lebanon, Indiana; also that the said Adelia Crawford .Vlas the owner of (here sets out lands none of which are a part of this abstract). .And the affiant says that he is now the owne r of all of said real estate .a s the only s.urviving child and heir of the said Adelia Crawford. ' ' Theaff'iant further says on his oath that the said Adelia Crawford is the same and identical person as the said Adelia K. Crawford de s Ignatsas grantee in, said last described deed so recorded in said Deed ReCOl.'d3,Sj at' page 26?,. ' AlIenI. Crawford Subscribed and sworn' to before me this 23rd. ,day of Sept. 1938.k (Seal) Dorothiea M. Bl.ue My commission expires February 25, 1940. Notary :Public.



~. .:R e gar-o ang The 'Tovm o1'West

c ... ..;;;, .. ,·.;Jane.s




Affidavit' La ted April 25,1923 Recorded A.pril 26, 1923 .kiscellaneous Record 6 page



, Wan coun ty, 55:' being duly sworn upon his oath, deposes and says that he -is the, Town Clerk of' the Town .o WestLeba~on r ,in said County ". That theorigjneJ'name .o.fsaid Town was "Le,banon".~,-,:cnat ~ater at the ~~s~anc( o1'the ~o-st 01'fice De]?art!I:ent and the ~~a a s h .tta~lroaa. company , eaa c rcwn b became known as West Lebanon without any formal act or acts of.~he Town. .Board of said Town and ,without legislative enactment. That aa i.c TmA,;n a s ;';~:n6w-generally known as West Lebanon ,and further affiant says not. , C. E. .Jones , Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 25 day of Apr. 1£23,. IkeBa:ll,.~T P bl i .I.-.otary u C. 1:y ccr.r;jjasLon expires Jan. 12-26.

ata te of Indiana


.E • .Jones,


.us )



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