Sharifah Zubaidah AIKOL (2011/2012)

General Concepts:
• There are certain words and concepts used in Land Law that all land law students should know . • Go to the library and find resources relating to Malaysian Land Law. • Describe the words, phrases and concepts in the following slides.

• What is meant by ‘land ownership’? • List down the rights of an owner of land. • What is a legal owner of land known as under the National Land Code 1965?

• How do you describe a person in possession of land? • What is the difference between ownership and possession? • What are examples of transactions where an owner grants to another person a right of possession over land?

• Define. • Give examples.

• Define. • How is a chattel different from a fixture? • Give examples.

• What are dealings relating to land? • Give examples under the National Land Code 1865.

• What is meant by a caveat under land law? • Who applies for a caveat? • What is the function of a caveat?

• What is meant by an encumbrance? • Give examples of encumbrances on a title under Malaysian land law.

‘disposal of land by the State’
• What section of the National Land Code 1965 (‘NLC’) deals with ‘disposal of land by the State Authority?’ • What are the 5 methods of disposal of land by the State Authority under the NLC?

• What is meant by ‘alienation of land by the State Authority’? • Which section of the NLC deals with land alienation?

‘register document of title’ (RDT)
• What is a Register Document of Title? • What rights does a RDT give to a holder? • How is a RDT different from an IDT?

‘issue document of title’ (IDT)
• What is an Issue Document of Title? • To whom is an IDT granted to?