Barilla Case Study
Ambica Prashar, Ankit Poddar, Priyam Singh ,Ranita Chatterjee, Sneha Dwivedi 11/7/2012

Question 1b. What conflicts or barriers internal to Barilla does the JITD program create? What causes these conflicts? As Giorgio Maggiali, how would you deal with this?

6 days • Lack of infrastructure o Inability to adjust shipment with stock clearance Measures Giorgio Maggiali should take • Giorgio Maggiali should make sure thatTop management needs to pay personalized attention to individual products outlets.(PUSH Strategy) • • Convince distributers by conducting experiments on selected stores. • Small retail shops constantly struggle with providing product variety to its customers within the limited shelf space. 2 . Consider outlets as a self-profit making enterprise instead of a further POS of their products. promotions were not there • Competitor’s shelf space was increased Causes of these conflicts • Since the JITD system was online.Internal Resistance to JITD • Job Insecurity o Sales Representatives responsibilities reduced o Sales level Flattened • Lack of infrastructure o Inability to adjust shipment with stock clearance • Trade promotions received set back o Supply was equal to demand. • The inventory period reduces to a very large extent o Inventory dropped from 10. so sales representatives’ responsibilities get reduced. • The demand and supply balance is not proper.1 days to3.

• Barilla’s logistics department needs to work in close companionship with outlets instead of rigorously following just JITD. 3 .

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