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State Development and Engagement Program

While everybody was becoming a part of mobile network on to the go fiasco in Pakistan gives the insight on wonders and magic that can be achieved using state/province/country engagement program. For instance while cellular networks were down for any terrorist activity in Pakistan smart phones kept the elite class of Pakistan communicating during the down time of cellular networks using POTS. Giving the business industry and investor a peace of mind for their business continuity during difficult times. So for those who think POTS are useless to keep can now see the importance of POTS for CCP’s and BCP’s of Businesses. The use of third party apps not only let the businessmen communicate with their business partners but allow them to communicate with their clients as well and give them taste of using 3G with POTS. However instead of pulling the whole communication industry down, a simple signal jamming technique in red alert areas and around them could have serve similarly. A happier state /province provide a healthier economy and strong hook of chain for wheel of business WOB. It seems difficult to engage multi-cultural people to singleton but isn’t impossible if best of each culture is combined to form a unified culture. For instance England is a multi-cultural environment country. How did they combat the challenges of multi-cultural society? The answer though seems difficult but requires simple transparent systems to be implemented in the best interest of people of state (POS) which is peace in general and business continuity. The question arises would just an implementation of system suffice the problem resolution. The answer is no as system runs on processes which defines procedures to resolve situations affecting state affairs or put a halt on state wheel of business(SWOB).             Online complaint portal for POS. Online resolutions and results for POS and Media. Witness protection plans using technology. Neighborhood watch using CCTV. Online Electoral voting system integrated with NADRA. Plastic Money to reduce cash transactions. Online banking with no extra charges or taxes for bank consumer. Electronic tagging for criminal offenders. Engagement of Universities to state system automation. Sports and Entertainment Job center s for state. EMR. Electronic medical records

Free laptops for student on merit of state was one of the practical display of SEP (state engagement program) taken by CM of Punjab Mr. Shahbaz Sharif. In a time of hostile economy and world recession of terrorized people giving the laptops to youth of state gives hope and diverts the Woo’s of parents towards the development and grooming of prospective potential of student towards the betterment of his life style which in turns changes the life style which in turn improves the living standards of a common man in state. Providing the POS of state sense of security and gaining trust in government of state by voters and tax payers. Developing Roads for shaping traffic routes to eliminate congestion and

road blocks , Building a Hockey Stadium for not only promoting a sport but also giving the POS to go and recreate themselves adding a little more to WOB.

The idea behind OCP is to provide a dashboard or a display board for the local issues and conflicts resolutions to be displayed. POS then can login into their portal with their NADRA ID and can see the status of their complaint if not resolved then why? Similar to ticketing system in telecommunication industry. This can also provide the governor of state the insight of trends and patterns of issues area wise. Once have the insight then resolution process can be quicker and efficient and gives means of engaging POS from grass root level towards betterment and development of POS in moving WOB. For example if a local pharmacy is not delivering some drugs or is giving substandard drug can be reported on E-citizen portal from where concerned ministry can take action and resolve the matter and display the results on portal for POS , giving POS the comfort of being taken care by their elected government. This will also fill the gap between the LOS (leader of state) and POS. Similarly the offenders of state and POS pictures can be displayed on the portal for safety measures. This can also help GOS in identifying the patterns of offences in any particular area for developing the security plans in general. Cases of injustice results can also be reported by PPOS. GOS can then engage fresh law graduates for their cases in pursuit of justice reducing the cost for justice for PPOS and giving exposure and experience to law graduates of the state. This way student of law can taste the real life case before graduating from university and can go on exceling his career with positive attitude. Similarly doctors, local authorities, local mosque Imams can be reported on complaint portal anonymously for instigation of hate among different casts of Muslims of Pakistan (MOP). Local mufti then can visit that Imam for rectification of his speech and actions and report the results back on complaint portal and if that Imam found guilty then ministry of religious affairs can remove that Imam from that mosque and appoint a new one with consent of local public and updating the information in E-citizen database against the offender. E-citizen portal can also be utilized as a decision support system to check the progress of literacy for any given area of state by government officials regardless of the governing party. Similarly starting of a new project by any given government can be depicted in forms of Gantt charts based on progress metrics on E-citizen portal for engaging tax payers in completion of projects. The performance of any governing party in combating terrorism can also be measured with the help of E-citizen by checking the conversion rate of offenders into useful resource of sate in general.

Public Announcement Portal
AS technology is growing and advancing towards automating businesses using different ISO standards with help of CLOUD computing a state can also be automated in process towards resolution of different matters in similar manner. Providing a public announcement portal in E-citizen will increase the trust relationship between POS and government decisions for betterment of POS in general. Reducing the gap between the leader of state and general public. Leader of state can directly communicate with POS using these announcement portals for public opinion on certain matter which otherwise is an expensive solution. This way leader of state can share profit and losses in that project with POS in confidence. Matters of national interests can also be addressed by providing limiting access on portal for limited POS. By using different announcement portal for resolution and complaints by POS, engaging POS in supervising the resolution progress for leader of state will help in achieving transparency and efficiency of the processes in concerning department issue resolution. In this global village of modern terrorism the need of such systems for automating a state in pursuit of combating terrorism has made it evident for LOS and POS safety and security. Integration of such portals with E-citizen will also help ministry of anti-terrorism in diffusing the situations by locating the offender with help of POS and CCTV’s in emergency situations. Based on these portals investors can be attracted to invest in businesses by analyzing the trend of state. Factor for reducing crime is witness protection programs and factor for reducing corruption in justice system is introduction of Virtual Jury in current judiciary system as an extension. Virtual Jury can consist of a group of a fresh law graduates or senior citizen of state. The concept of virtual jury is the presence of POS in court room sitting in the comfort of their protected environment using 3G in assisting judges for giving their consent on any sentence or ruling. Those rulings can then be displayed in public announcement portal for immediate effect. This way POS can be engaged in shaping the laws more profit oriented considering the WOB. Witness protection can be provided using 3G apps like Skype or Viber. For instance consider protecting a witness of a terrorist plot on whose testimony the group of terrorist supporter is going to be arrested and charged is a matter of critical importance in keeping the image of government and her care for her POS. Considering 3G integrated portal for statement of key witness will resolve the security issues in keeping and moving the witness securely until the date of hearing. On the day of hearing a simple Skype or a viber video call can fulfill the requirement of giving testimony and cross question session in front of court room with officials on both sides.

Neighborhood Watch
“Prevention is better than cures” a statement long known as a support to “where there is a will there is a way”. Neighborhood watch is not something new refereeing historian’s times group of brave peoples and warriors were selected for threat elimination. That group of men was then appointed guard on different routes of the area under threat to find the source of threat and eliminate it from the society. With evolution in time and technology, CCTV camera invention has made neighborhood watch easier and simpler. A group of appointed/elected people from within the area, inside a secure state building watching over the streets for peace keeping. The role of these people is to ensure that no outsider and or offender are running loose on streets for peace destruction. If they found any suspicious activity or criminal activity they can then alert the connected police station and update them about directions towards crime scene for crime prevention and peace keeping for POS. Many precious lives of state can be saved from street snatchers and extremists. Similarly ASBO’s can be surveillied 24/7 keep them under the impression of being watched all the times and no place to hide, this in first world countries have proven results of converting ASBO into a useful resource of state that is Taxpayer. Government can utilize ASBO’s for many public services depending on their offence nature.

With the start of internet era many impossible things have become easier. Online Voting System is one of them. OVS not only engages POS but gives them the Government of choice with peace of mind. The question is how to run that system transparent to POS and contesting parties because military can play a neutral trusted party for both contestants and POS. The benefits of Online Voting System are well known for avoidance of Mobs, influence, limiting chances and places of terrorist activities, freedom of choice in Candidate selection at the case of smart phone, vote’s corruption and other voting scams by integrating the system with NADRA like organizations.

E citizen portal an initiative by Gov. of Punjab can be a classic example for this system on a Provincial Scale. Electronic Voting System also will help in reducing administration and security costs for electoral system and fuel keeping WOB Spinning in consistence and greener earth.

ONLINE Banking with no charges on consumer
With increasing rate of population the urge for online banking is much more needed than ever. The idea behind online or internet banking is reduce the amount of cash transaction which in turn reduce paper waste cost and money Damage Issues. It also gives birth to Plastic money which requires banking card machines at Sales Point and every store. This will give POS the ease of shopping without fear of being getting robbed. This will help building a peaceful environment to POS for living building a strong trust between POS, Banks and Government by increasing the Revenue for banks giving boost to WOB. Money laundering and Land laundering can also be limited by monitoring irregular Banking transactions. Introducing Banks as compulsion for land sale / purchase and rental contracts / mortgages will help combating terrorism by making it difficult for terrorist to come and acquire property and utilizing neighborhood watch will prevent them distributing the peace of SSC Society Social Circles. Online Banking is a good way of engaging POS to monitor their bank accounts on regular basis for any changes at the comfort level for their homes which in turn decreases uncertainty. Courtesy of TESCO “Every little helps”.

Electronic Tagging for Crime Offenders:
Electronic Tagging is a modern way of house arrest in ancient times. Criminal offenders are tagged with a RFID enabled cuff on feet of offender and restrict his radius of movement depending upon severity of crime. Every time an offender with electronic tag crosses the boundaries of his radius an alarm went off at CCTV neighborhood Watch department indicating the current location of the tag and its trajectory of movement. The drawback is if a tag is broken, well even that’s not a problem because the movement tag is detached from the offender it sets the alarm again. In which case Neighborhood Watch Program of local location of offender plus surrounding NHWC offices are alerted and Police is directed towards the direction of criminal before he or she attempts any damage in peace of society in General. This program not only reduces crime rate but also put general public faith in GOS for providing a safe and healthy living environment. A very useful and result oriented technique been adopted by FWC (First World Countries).

Engagement of Universities for developing soft wares for State:
Clear \ Another benefit of SEP is building a healthy relationship between POS and Governments by engaging their kids in developing software’s of state while working on their final thesis under Apprenticeship , this will give students a Professional birth in becoming a better asset to state. The amount of cost wasted on many over budgeted projects and then maintenance can be lessened. Considering NHP National Highway (Motorway Ticketing Project) as a starting milestone for creating jobs. For Pro working class as well as professional Executives. Similarly, Projects like Criminal Database System, Vehicle Database System, Voting Database System, CCTV etc. can be developed, maintained by universities at low cost implemented and by GOS and owned by POS and students, ONLINE Taxing System. Automation of Governments process reducing the factors of delay in current processes to improve the SECS (Socio Economic Cycle of State) and helps in combating Emerging Situations. Land Management Automation, Online Complaint Portal, EMR, Police Department Automation for combating Terrorism.

These two tools directly related to each other since ancient times were utilized to generate the revenue and keep the WOB rolling till now. For example during Roman civilization Fight Arena was the sport source for entertainment not only for the Emperors but for POS as well. People brought their trained slaves to fight and win prize money & honor for their family as depicted in “The Gladiator” and many other genres of same sort. Considering today’s world cricket in sub-continent, football in Europe, Base and Basketball in United States and so on. Considering the example of football in European Economy explains the variables to stabilize economy cycle. With evolution of time Entertainment Industry has developed many faces, with the appropriate use of media, Sports was one face of it, Landmarks, Beaches, Meadows are also the faces of Entertainment Industry bringing international & national visitors in state and country stabilizing the Economy Cycle. Local Singing Compitions, Concerts, Movies also create good revenue for the state as well as engaging POS in development and Production of State healthy Future.

EMROS: Electronic Medical Records of State

The most sacred and sensitive profession of all times, Medical Industry have recently decreed in their efficiency due to mismanagement of Patients and their medical history. Speaking of patient management if a regular doctor of a patient decides to shut his practice there is no way currently in practice for patient health assurance from the new doctor he/she seeks which results in severe atrocities at times because of no medical records which contains useful information regarding patient reactions to different types of medicines and allergies etc. Electronic Medical Records of State not only help in identifying patients of state but also eases doctors in selecting the right drug for the patient by regular and visiting doctor. EMR also helps in limiting pharmaceutical company’s production of illstandard medicine or below ISO standards. State government can engage doctors in finding cure for chronic as well as family or Genetic diseases to propagate in off springs by increasing immunity level in Generations by just introducing compulsion of patient management database for each licensed practicing doctor. Turning POS into HPOS healthy people of state producing healthy WOB. Apart from all other benefits based on these EMROS system state can identify the number of practicing doctors in any state and patients from which it can be deduced how many practices and hospitals are required to service and convert those patients into a healthy part of WOB in turn building a healthy relationship of POS and GOS and a healthy state.