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Is the struggle endured to achieve success more important than the accomplishment itself?

In order to truly understand the value of one’s accomplishment firstly we need to work hard ourselves on something. Surely that the importance of one deed is not only judged by the time and energy put to it, but still only thru it can we really admire and appreciate person behind it. Hard work has always been very important lesson, sometimes even more important than accomplishing something. For instant, young children often say how they want to be an astronaut, professional athlete, painter or scientist and although most of them never achieve this it is not until they start working really hard when they realize the true importance of effort and devotion. Only thru personal struggle can we truly respect and accept the system of values in society. Sometimes we tend to forget that a lot of great artist and scientist would never had accomplished something if it have not been for the hard work of their antecedents. Liberated from the work done by the others gave them the possibility to approach the matter with creativity and construct something new. They never stopped admiring the people whose hard work inspired them, although history sometimes does. Taking things for granted has kind of become a trend today. Only when we lose something or have to work really hard for it can we appreciate it. Remembering and understanding that struggle endured in something is what got us here and passing that massage to future generations can be just as important as the accomplishment itself.

It is considered that in present time we may have more passive approach to life since a significant part of it we spend sitting and reading or doing activities that are solely mental without engaging our body but I believe that is because we need more time to prepare for the complex world of today that awaits us. The energy we would need to come up with certain knowledge or to master one craft on our own is enormous. Books and other media give us vicarious experience and therefore the opportunity to learn from the mistakes and success of others. Compare and contrast knowledge gained from experience with knowledge that comes from books. . without it we are simply repeating history. Reading gives us advantage as we can study through experience of generations before us. Not to mention the projects of high importance like bridges where single mistake could result to the loss of human lives. in arts without learning the diverse ideas of others before repetition would be inevitable. For instance. and maybe even limited in one life span. For example. it is often very expensive considering resources of time we have and high probability of making mistakes that can be hazardous. in architecture learning from experience is very important for clearer understanding of the concepts regarding to mechanics. There are many examples to contribute to the idea that books are more adequate way of adopting knowledge. in these cases engineers would be forced to repeat previous solutions in order to avoid risk.It has been said „not everything that is learned is contained in books“. construction or design presented in books. especially in complex tasks. Without the written media the variety of architectural possibilities could never have been achieved in one’s carrier. In your opinion witch source is more important? Although knowledge obtained from experience may be efficiently obtained.

Depending on the type of the industry planed the impact it causes on environment may vary. The most important benefit of such major projects is the positive effect it has on the economy of the region. Furthermore. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this on your community. The best way to arrive to the appropriate solution is by thoroughly analyzing all arguments of each side. Taking all possible precautions and applying these rules responsibly we can ensure the stability of natural environment within reasonable boundaries. Some may argue that in the past these norms were not always successful in predicting and preventing every side-effect but I think we came a long way from then.A company has announced that it wishes to build a large factory near your community. Arriving to the appropriate solution is a process that whole public should be involved in. That is why today we have many regulations that help us prevent significant changes affecting our health or endangering ecosystems. Do you support or oppose the factory? Explain your position. apply certain pressure to the companies that are investing in industry we can condition them to use more sustainable and eco-friendly systems integrated in their main project that will ensure wellbeing of nature around us and our health. If the project violates an important traditional or cultural value than it is possible that the despite the all economy benefits the forming of the factory is simple not manageable. I believe that the factory would bring the area more significant positive changes and prosperity. normally it presumes significant investments in infrastructure of the area that all together considerably increases the standard quality of life. Creating a large factory complex is very delicate subject that raises series of questions regarding to environment and economy effects to the area around it. if we. the right decision can be made if the public is well informed about everything. Even if objectively there are more reasons for constructing an industry facility but it is important to wait for the public to get accustomed to the idea. not forgetting to include the public as it is the matter that affects everyone and therefore everyone should take part. . as residents united. It is the decision which consequences reflect on everyone and therefore it is important that majority of the people do not feel like they were forced into it as it may have very negative outcome. Besides the new job opportunities that it gives. In conclusion.

they give us hope. For instance. it is something that our ancestors fought for and we have to keep on doing. Maybe the benefits of space investigation are far away in to the future but we still need them as they give us more than just better understanding the world around us. Space exploration today maybe seems like simple wasting resources on a child’s dream but where would we be if would have thought that about everything in life? . seismology and meteorology help us predict earthquakes and hazardous winds. It is not until number of their breakthroughs until society started valuing their work and encouraging it. Every branch in science had a long history before making a huge positive impact on our civilization. In midcentury and earlier scientists were usually outcastes and not appreciated. Although some scientific areas are more vital to us such as medicine. Sometimes seeing the big picture is hard especially if it is something that exceeds our life time.Is the space exploration a waste of money? Struggling with the economy crash over the last few years and with the society that keeps making loads of cut backs in every budget many things get questioned. Even though times get tough it is important not to lose perspective. Space exploration is relatively young project and maybe not beneficial to us but taking it away from future generations is wrong since we do not know the importance it might have one day. even the ones regarding social liberties and equalities. Never the less it is there. Some are almost as old as human civilization. Trying to imagine today without any of them would be impossible. Scientific breakthroughs are behind every progress in human history. More than others science projects such as space exploration. there are others that also save lives or make it easier.

easier or cost less but are. in fact. inhumane. new procedures such as organ transplant or simply to understand the certain gene codes or mechanisms of various body systems. developing new medicine and designing new perfume line on animals cannot be treated the same. but the dilemma is where to draw a line. We are aware that there are situations where this is inevitable. However.Is animal testing morally wrong? Although today in every civilized country there are laws that forbid animal cruelty and abuse. Evaluation of specific methods is needed for us to see is if it is necessity or commodity that we bring harm to other living beings. specific methods may be more effective. In retrospective. This essay will try to overlook some of the most important arguments for and against these procedures. Using the features of animals that are similar enough with humans helped the scientist test new drugs. As our society evolves so do our moral obligations and the extent of them. On contrary. some of the most important medical breakthroughs were accomplished thanks to animal testing. In the specific situations avoiding pain or stress to animals is not possible while preforming experiments on them. somehow animal testing is still a grey zone when it comes to applying them. Even scientists who have to perform these ruthless experiments agree on this. . There is a serious question raised when huge cosmetic companies need to sacrifice their cost in order to treat animals with dignity.

Although adopting the dynamics of large city can be stressful it is much better doing it while young. galleries. finding the appropriate part-time job can be very important for a student. Since tight budget during school days is not rarity. Big cities bring a wide range of possibilities in job hunting. even when studies are finished or during last year when many start their practice.Where would you rather study in a small town or a big city? Although the ideal environment for a student differs depending on many factors such as personality or type of studies. museums and other alternative cultural forms can really instigate creativity and emancipation. I believe that there are several good arguments for average students to favor big cities. Living in such places can be harder but I believe that is the way to truly learn what we are made from. Cultural enlightenment is essential for all future academics and where are the better conditions for that than in large urban surroundings? Big cities have always been known as centers of art and culture. opera houses. In conclusion. Living and working in these surroundings teaches one how to be more efficient and organized. Being very adaptable can later be a big advantage in a carrier since moving back to small town will not be as difficult as doing the opposite. Living in a metropolis brings a vast of possibilities. the big city has got a lot more to offer to one young mind in meaning of cultural and social variety. The variety of theaters. . Especially for young people who never lived in such environment this experience can be life-altering.

rational. In my area of expertise. working in group is very helpful. the architecture. The first step in problem salving is analysis. which is why for me working in a team is the way to go. the idea is not only set do differ in esthetics. Although thorough research on subject is mandatory it does not give a solution. . just a strong starting point before emerging into a creative process. Just talking about the problem instigates brainstorming with new ideas. it is also an attempt to create something more efficient. Since communication and atmosphere in team is very important and it can be a detriment as well as benefit to the work. problems are usually correlated with designing something in new way. In my experience. I think that finding the right colleagues is the way to approach the problem. comfortable or sustainable. Encountering problems can be overwhelming. Of course. especially since they come unexpectedly and can often be hidden and unclear. smart.What is your approach to problem salving. It helps making the source of the problem clear and only then can the appropriate method be used. and how does it work for you? Use specific details to support your response. Sometimes just talking about the problem can help you realize the answer.

It only creates confusion and misunderstanding. The problem that raises the controversy on this subject is question: are we more losing or gaining with taking foreign words into our culture? Even though this phenomenon is not new to us. technology and science. These words often get so widely use before linguists get aware of them that I believe that later changing seems absurd. With analysis of vocabulary we can get better understanding how and when different cultures made significant influences on ours. with today’s dynamics of changes in language we must understand the seriousness of it. I think that we should honor their creators and keep the name they intended for it. Trying to change that is like trying to erase part of history with one more self-appreciating and traditional.Show we translate foreign words? Although borrowing words may seem inappropriate to some I believe that it gives us an important insight to the origin and history of the term it represents. The more complex matter is considering relatively new terms that originated from internet. Especially when it comes to new discoveries and inventions. keeping the name is the fine way to pay the respect to the culture that it came from. In these cases it is really clear what is out to be done. . First. Besides. it is important to really know your language and not to use foreign words in lack of appropriate vocabulary or to be ostentatious.

they can influence our mind on subconscious level and make us even want things we normally would not. . The power of commercials is not to be taken lightly as they can influence more than just our decisions. The most impressive commercials persuade us in purchasing certain product disregarding possible alternatives. One of the most effective ways to successful selling is creating a brand. Although their products have been criticized for being unhealthy they are still one of the best-selling soft drink products in the world. Sometimes more money is invested in advertising than in developing one product and actually improving it. evoking our sentiment and toying with our emotions.Do you believe that advertising massages are powerful enough to change people decisions? Advertising is more complex than just introducing new products. When deciding what to buy a consumer relies on his previous knowledge and intuition. One of the best examples is Coca-Cola. It is important to understand that it is actually nothing more than tool of mass manipulation. This is done through associating certain life style and culture with specific product or company. and the fact that they invest millions every year for commercials is sufficient enough to conclude how important advertising is in the business. especially because those who are not aware of it are most susceptible to it. Advertising is very dangerous as it exploits our emotions and cultural values. That is when advertising steps in. Today’s market is very competitive with wide range of products for same use.

and in time try our best when it is our turn to raise our own offspring. we would still keep imagining them and thinking how our lives would be different if they were present. There is no recipe or formula. some more important to us than others. Even if we were to be raised without them. Except the professional teachers we can take in account that through many different experiences and social contacts we discover a lot about ourselves and the way we perceive the world. That is way many think that raising a child is the most hard and important life task. Freud claims that we often search for partners that resemble to our parents emotionally.Are parents the best teachers? Although some parents that neglect their children can be serious detriment to their growing up. to share or take care of another. From them we learn to love. I think as long as parents love each other and their kids and fight for their love they are the best teachers we could have. since we all are very (vary-very) different. Parents are the most influential people in one’s life. whether they are considered good or bad they make the most impact on how one is formed as individual. but more often than not we refer them with the knowledge impregnated by our parents. Sometimes they make mistakes but it is on us to learn from them. Word count: 334 . I believe that there is not perfect parent or perfect method for raising children. in general they are the best teachers we can have. but none of them can compare to the love and nurture that are given by our mother and father. The important thing is to give your best. to try to communicate with child understand it’s need but also be able to sense where to draw a line with what are we to learn it and what it has to learn by its own. During childhood we have many teachers. and that is why evaluating and comparing parents is impossible.

Word count: 271 . For instance. milk or other beverages faster and they can be used for quick defrosting as well. Only then do you realize that the process starts long before the kitchen. You need to plan your diet. Has this change improved the way people live? Some scientists believe that food preparation. They tend to define this as a critical moment in human evolution. To truly understand time and effort endeavored in preparing a single healthy nutritious meal you need to start doing it on daily basis. the thermic processing of meet for example. buy groceries. microwave oven has made heating water. keeping their nutrients and taste.Nowadays food has become easier to prepare. There is variety of prepared meals to perches that can be ready in few minutes. This way they could be conserved. So. Since this type of food is not considered totally healthy they should not substitute fresh sources of food. made digesting easier and therefore we were able to obtain more energy from our meals. making the process of food preparation easier surly benefits our kind in similar way. Discovering a proper way to freeze goods was important point in human history. it is natural to conclude that any kind of improvement to this aspect of living really makes things easier. Referring to this. prepare and clean after. Innovative technology solutions change the way we process our foods even in modern times. Although making meals can be very fun and social events when it becomes a daily chore it can cause a lot of stress. Being spared from spending hours in kitchen one can invest that energy and time into other more important or more enjoyable activities. but they can come in handy in specific situations.