Frozen night turned hot Brad and Morgan were on their way to the mountains for a conference.

They had worked for the same company for many years now and were best of friends. They were not lovers but they were closer than most married couples. They both had long term partners but secretly desired each other but neither had ever let it be know, Their company picked them to go a conference on new technology together this weekend in the mountains. This would be a nice change, they could spend time together and pretend they were a couple though they were not. The plane landed and as they departed they were amazed at how cold it was. They had left the mid 80s of Florida and landed in sub-zero temps of the mountains. They collected their luggage and grabbed a cab to the hotel. It was a remote location high in the mountains. The view was beautiful and they would have plenty of time to enjoy the site after the conference tomorrow. The walked to the front desk to check in. “Reservations for Brad Tinsley and Morgan Monroe” Brad tells the clerk. She looks in the computer for a second then looks up “two rooms?” she asks “Yes” Brad responds “we worked together” Morgan looked a little disappointed as the clerk handed them the separate keys. “Let’s change and gets some dinner” Morgan says. “Right behind you” They strolled off to their rooms. They had a nice dinner enjoying each others company and having a few drinks. After dinner they walked on the deck over looking the mountains, it was snowing now and the snow was piling up fast. “It’s getting late” Brad said to Morgan “We have an early start, we better get to bed” They walked to their adjoining rooms and said goodnight. They were watching TV in their rooms when everything went dark. After a few minutes Brad heard a knock on the door of the adjoining rooms. He opened it to see Morgan standing there in the dark. “I hat this” she said. The only light was from the emergency generator lights that were like night lights in the rooms and lighting in the hall coming under the door. “It’ll be back on in a minute” Brad assured her. They sat on the couch in Brad’s room and talked for a while. It was getting cold now without heat. Brad picked up the phone, dead. “I’ll go talk to the desk” Brad said as he got up “I’m going too” Morgan replied. They walked down to the desk to ask about the outage. “The snow has pulled down the power lines again” the clerk said “It could be a while, were at the top of the mountain and with the snow still falling it’ll be hard for the trucks to get up here” “You can sit in the lobby waiting, we’ll keep the fir going in the fireplace for the guests.” Brad and Morgan found a place on the couch and settled in for the wait. They talked a while but it was late and they were tired from the trip. They tried to get comfortable on the couch but it wasn’t easy. “Let’s go back to our room and we’ll huddle under all the blankets and try to sleep” Brad suggested. “OK, let’s try” Morgan and Brad went ot their rooms, got all the blankets from both beds on Brad’s bed and climbed under them. They laid motionless under the blankets but it was not getting any warmer. “Maybe we need to share body heat” Morgan suggested. They were both dressed in sweats and they slid closer together until they touched. “Turn over” Brad told Morgan and laid right against her back wrapping his arms around her. Morgan held his arms and wiggled back into him, they felt the warmth of their combined body heat and they finally felt comfortable. They fell asleep holding each other. They had only been asleep a few hours when Morgan woke up. She felt Brad still holding her tight, she liked this. She wiggled back a little to close the gap that had come between them. As she moved back she felt something stick her in the back, Brad had an erection. He was asleep but had a smile on his face. She figured he was dreaming, was it about her? She wondered. She laid there awake feeling the hard penis against her back. Erotic thoughts went through her head. She moved forward a bit and let go of his arm carefully. He didn’t wake. She gently reached behind her and felt his cock through his sweats. It was nice, long and thick. She imagined how nice it would be in her. She rubbed in a little still imagining the two of them fucking. Her fantasy made her forget what was going on and started rubbing harder. Brad woke up. “What , who” he mumbled.

Morgan jumped embarrassed. “Sorry, I woke up and felt something poking me and I reached over to see what it was” “Sorry” Brad replied I was dreaming” “about me?” Morgan asked “What” Brad replied. “Where you dreaming about me?” Morgan asked again. “Well maybe” Brad answered with a sheepish grin. Morgan turned over to look at Brad “Was it good?” she asked “I don’t know, you woke me up” they laughed. Morgan was staring at Brad’s eyes, no one spoke. Their faces slowly moved together till they touched and then kissed, not a friendly peck, open mouth tongue passionate kiss. They embraced as they made out like high school kids on prom night. As Morgan moved in closer se felt that bulge again. She reached down and slid her hand inside his sweat pants. It was huge, bigger than she had thought from the earlier feel. Brad moaned as she rubbed the hard member. Brad reached a hand inside her top and felt her breasts. They were firm and round with nice aroused nipples. Brad twisted her nipples playfully, she purred with pleasure. Without a word the two undressed under the covers and went back to necking and touching. Brad reached lower and found her pussy. It was almost fully shaves, just a landing patch at the top. She was wet and he rubbed her clit with his fingers. She moaned and gripped his cock harder. Brad’s head dipped under the covers as he started sucking her tits. She was in heaven, She had imagined this many times before but it was better than she imagined. Brad wiggled away from her grip and turned over in the bed, still under the warmth of the covers, till his head met her crotch. He found her slit in the darkness and licked the length of her pussy inside and out. Morgan tightened up. She found his cock and began sucking it frantically. The huge cock tasted good to her as she licked it slowly then plunged it into her mouth, Brad quivered. He slowly slid a finger in her wet slit and rubbed her clit with is thumb, she became even wetter. Brad separated he lips and found her clit and slowly sucked on it teasing it with his tongue. She moaned and he felt a flow of juice wet his face. He licked the sweet fluids up and kept fingering her. Morgan stopped sucking him “Please fuck me” she cried. Brad turned around again and positioned himself between her legs. He slid his large unit into her and stroked slowly. She purred and moaned. Brad slid his arms under her knees and lifted her legs up till her knees where at her head level. The covers were gone now but the heat they were making was so intense they didn’t feel the cold. Brad’s pumping increased till he was banging her hard and fast with her leg high above her head to give him maximum penetration. Morgan was in a trance, Brad felt her muscles tense up as she let out a little scream and he felt the wonderful feeling of warm cum squirt from her. He became so aroused by this he exploded inside her. He released her legs letting them fall back to the bed as her collapsed onto her. They laid there, his cock still deep inside her, for a long time, not saying a word. Brad looked up at Morgan and kissed her. “Why’d we wait so long?” he asked her “I don’t know but I don’t want it to be that long before the next time” she replied. They laid on the bed holding each other in the dark. The heat from the passion wore off and they got cold again. Brad grabbed the blankets and covered them still holding her tight to his naked body. “Hopefully the electric will come back on soon” Brad commented. “Well is not, we know how to get warmed up” they laughed and kissed. “Let’s get some sleep” Morgan said “If the electric is back on tomorrow morning we’ll d the conference then we have the rest of the weekend for sex” Brad smiled “Sounds good to me” He kissed he and relaxed next to her to get some sleep. This was the first of many “business” trips the two would go on.