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ball­bearing  sun in the light of the zodiac

Illustration: Wealth in history has always had good documentation. The black universe, and the plasmic emergence of to understand the evolution of the zodiac, one needn't go luminescence, the light of the eventual sun, the earth further than the animals that lived in the region, deep routes and moon, with the play of colors that affect the legends in the name of places along the silk route. There moods of living creatures observed by the naked eye where men some six thousand years ago walked to relay in the reflection of the night skies. village. As the villages begun to be more remote than the previous and their tongue didn't make sense. Seated under a tree at night the villager resumed to point to the merchant; "You see that star." In the sand drew a contoured direction of the most arid and rude lands. It isn't hard to imagine these wise men leaving in their tracks in the reflections of the skies. Men who carrying with them the inspirations back and forth from such far distant outposts to spread like spider legs to become the ecliptic path that links the East with the West, instead of the equator. The enigma of the night skies preceded humanity, one generation after the other linking the points of scintillating stars that sketched in depth the increasingly mystery of life. Illustration:
a projected idea of the silk route that spread the enigma of the zodiac.

The Solar of psychic colors The writer expresses an esoteric detailed chronologystaircase ofexperiences, through the thread of a down to earth story on how the ball bearing on the sun the mind functions. He is committed to improving readability and understanding of such a controversial subject that is a lifetime thesis to show the interactive shadow of the livingsun-light-disk. against a background of immaterial with the aim to reach the 7 to 77 old.

The silk route enigma split at the Mediterranean sea. with the 12 Chinese year sings. and there is a great chance that the outgoing tail of one characters is influenced by the head of the next signs. The mechanics of these twelve. with its twelve year. Often I wondered why in some characters loomed the Illustration: ghost of their birth sign. or rather 13 moon signs. the Greeks re-invented the gods. and the pharaohs sought the best men to interpret the gods of the skies with the sun in the middle. Complementary. equinox. differences appear with the domestic and its wild equivalent. simulated by a glass . the signs are overlapping. the Chinese calendar adds that solar dimension. The west adopted the Egyptian moons. with the sings' region between intercepting cusp lines and the one solstice and distant sun. relative signs. sixty years cycle. Illustration: and shows the tilt of the colored disk from one extreme to the other in the toroid and the twelve signs of the cycle. and at the other extreme the Chinese continued their triangulation of the skies on the annual calenders at explaining the whims of the supernatural. a point of rotation. while Shows the earth and moon at in others only a the center. If one wants to believe in the zoo of the animals. There again.

broken by a physical body. regenerated and stowed into a knowledge bank – relevant to the zodiac with the birth of a child. its synergy. with the colors in circled inset showing people breaking the color stream. a photosynthetic extraterrestrial mechanism. . whereas astrology deals with the physical celestial bodies. that affect all form of life – the sense to life of a mirrored interpretation.) astronomy is a representation of astrology. showing life at the interior. astrology deals shows the principle element at explaining Illustration: showing the 3D virtual cube reality of the zodiac verses the 2D wheel of the zodiac that gives the erroneous interpretation and fakes all given data. Rays that crawl with a millipede's bristly energy of legs rolling the earth's surface. (link in due course. In another chapter. Each life form breaks these sailing iridescent rays.sheet checkered board at the current generation. (in due course linked) the spectrum of light. the language of colors. abundance. The code of a light beam that Illustration: streams the virtual cube. all these mysterious phenomena with an inheritable and esoteric moral mood play in the colors of light.