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239 Lake Ellen Drive
Casselberry, Florida September Dear Mr. Salts:

h:,s-\e.r. ~N.



29, 1978

No doubt you knew my father and mother, Arnet and Ada Byers, ~ 'ran the gas station and greenhouse at 28 and 41. Of course I am wondering if you are related to Loretta who was in my class of 24 high school at West Lebanon. I appreciated your letter and read with interest the Biography of George W. Crawford. I purchased the new History as well as the combined atlas published this year. I have in my possession an original of the 1877 atlas .which had belonged to my great grandfather, Elijah Byers. Since returning home I have also had a letter from Cecil Haupt concerning the picture of "The Pilgrims". I have written to him and I am enclosing a clipping which was from the West Lebanon paper January 1897. Recently Dorothy Evans Berry, daughter of Ed Evans sent me copy of her grandmother's obituary and next to the newspaper clipping was the column concerning the Pilgrims reunion and I immediately remembered the picture and that I·did not have the idenity of all the men so I made copy of this account of the reunion. I did give the account of the reunion to Mr. Cripe at the time I gave him the picture but he did not publish the account. I thought you would enjoy having it. Since I lived next door to my folks here in Casselberry, I became custodian - so to speak - of all the old papers, pictures, etc. A few years before Mother died we had gone thru many of the pictures so that I could write the information on the back of them. I have been helping with work on the Roots of the Evans and Swisher families along with a Mrs. Wm. Swisher of Kansas City, Missouri You perhaps noted the account back in August of the Swisher family reunion and also that they had worked for a day or more at the Goodwine cemetery repairing grave stones. My Grandfather's sister, Jane, was wife of William Hatfield Swisher. When Mrs. Swisher contacted me I found that I had much material. Also, since I lived in Indiana along with most of the "Evans" families - I have been of assistance in contacting the youngest generation and bringing history up to the present time. I have noted that William A. C:-awford came f.r.9!1! ... ,Preble County, Ohio, on over to Indiana and ~n l~~he Day family and Newell family came to Fountain County (Newtown area) about the same time along with several other families - all from Preble County, Ohio. My cousin, Mrs. Ward Dougherty of Attica, maiden name Day, and I are working on "Day" family history with information also of the Newell family and the Worthington family. My Grandmother Evans was a Day. Wesley Whicker's Mother was a Day. Many years ago Wesley wrote up quite a bit of family history and we do have quite a bit of information concerning even the Oregon Days. There is a Day dam and a Day river named for a Johh Day - one of our family that was with the Lewis and Clark expedition. Some of great grandfa.ther Da~ t -. brothers went;, o th,eorego~ territor!. l.0 '~'"'-\ "'-..,.~ t'-..-tt t ~ ~t:b-.c-<,,,,,-- W\-,~'- ,~~~. ~,,->-L U ~~ ~ Gtit::., <_.




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-Januar y

The five surviving membe r-s of "The PilgrL-ns" - Jonn P 'g., .'l,n. F.i~v.:lns, Rufus Pr-Lbbl e , ',im. Or ow iJ.ildGeo. W. Cr'uwf'or-d - toset[l:';::'~ with a numbe r of their :C"dlativ0s and f r i.e nd s , [101d their sixth a nnua L reunion at the P Lec sarrt home of .Mr. & )lirs. F'l. rin F 'ern <:> in this place, last Frid3y Jan. 1st. Like the five pr~vio~s me e t ing s it wa s a c ompl ut,e success, t r,e absence of the sixth member ;')f tr12 party, Lsn i.ah Houpt, being tc;e only thing t:) ',:lr the pleas~re of thd occasion. The duy was pleasantly sp~~t in soc i a I c-mve r su t i on and anaodot.e s of tl::e party-' s western ~rip. At noon a b3nquet was sprsDd containi~8 all th8 d :ii~dCi~s t;iCw~tichwoLlld t emot..clci appetite of a king. "The pleasure of the occasion will eVdr be remembarad by nll present. Tho following resolution was passed: ~hare~s, Th~ ~ll wise God, the creator of all things, h~s b88n pJ.\.~:::2'3d to call ourorotht3r Pilgrim, Isaiah Ho.rp t , f'r-om a.nong
known to c u Li nc r v a r c , and nave cn e

u~, tharefore christic~

he it


Re st.Lve d , 'I'ha t vIJe regret his absence and that we L1<lVe not on l y lost our br-ct.he r out 1,'Ja have lost his Lnf'Luenc e as D.

good citizen. his family

Resolved, That we sympathize with Los s :)f a k Lnd vand t;enerous husband and The following

in their
f'at.her ,


"ltli.lscopi·ad i'romrl Biogru =)by of George ';'j. Crawford which was sent to me by Walter Salts of west Le banon , George t{. Crawford was born October 30, ~;.81~6 on old home s t aad in Pike 'I'own sh Lp , One:)f tile notable rind Lnt.e r-e s t t rp: events)f hi s scmewhat, uneventful lifewiJ.s t.he ·tj.ourneY the 'i\:estern States, conunon Ly known hi3r~Qb;:>ut as th~ npilgrLYluge J n and f'r-e querrtLy ment i.cned in this work, in oonne ct i.on w i t.n the hist,o:r;y:)f the pi:J,rt"-. I c i.pant of this s delightful trip. It was >ladd in the aut umn of 1891, and over t.wo mont.n s wer-e s perrt OS' t he se 8~~n.olj.· .. f'r-Lerid s and r.ei<"hbo:rs Ln visiting to}>] cid6fpoin'':'s of int<:JrGst :i n t~t~ !:.:..~~S t "~~:'"' t ,£~S • S (i s t.J.

Note the above account mentions seven old friends and neighbors the picture taken in L A was just of six was there one wife in the party or do you know ?







VanReed' Cemetery on US 41,:South of Bri~coe Stufflebeam, Jo:bnie B., son of M.and S. C.: d. 9-'18-1876, age 6 m 20 d. J~8§tunt'ltb;~ ¥oied in-1'836 election in Washington Twp., Warren Co.-p. 51, , j 1.8 ory 0 (fU"ren'Benton\Jasper 8c Newton Counties, Ind. Same source: p. 78--Johp E. Stufflebeam was a county commissioner in 1842. From A History of Warren Co., Indiana, 1966: p. 116--Stufflebeam family l~ burials in the Redwood Cemetery on S. R. 28. (I wiUtry-to read .these".-when weather permi ts--WS) , , ."


,- ::~;

,Same .eour-ce s Stufflebeam School was once located in area wher~ tow of Judyvillenow stands--p. 33 .:•.. :;,:, Also, p. 103: Both ,John E. and Michael Stufflebeam took up,~d, in Steuben Twp. in 1829,., .. .;;' :<,i



Also, p,.102: ~'Nath4nielStufflebeam CaBleinto.,Steibe,. 'l'0wD.8irl.~j~t;!:an date. 'e";1y , ' Early Marriages in WarrenCouty '. ., Abigail Stufflebeam m. Wm. Henry Lawrence 5-21-1843; Abigail Stufflebeam·,m. Samuel Hardesty 6-5-1832; Elza Stufflebeam m. Leaunna Fleming 2-20-1839 " Izelda stufflebeam m. John Bus. 8-18-1836 Jane S. m. John Stufflebeam 2-12-1839. John E. S. m. Harriet Ostrander 2-24-1837; Michael S. m. Marilla Butler 8-1-1850; Marilla S. m.Wm. Sealy 3-22-1831 Mary Ann S. m. Henry ~~estraw 6-3-1838. Stufflebeam Researcher: Mrs. Margaret Thompson, RFD1, Box 77, Blockton, Iowa, 50836 Also. Me. Barbara Ricketts. ,2lt-0 Ipswich Rd., Boxford, Mass. 01921 Tombstone in West Lebanon Cemetery (Ms. Ricketts line) Minnie M. (Stufflebeam) Meitzler Kidwell. wife of cal.'9'~ Kidwell: Born_Oct~14, 1871, died August 28,' 1930. .-.' ... '" .'
A ·Meitzler descendant who may be able to help: ~,s.·"Opal Meitzler Chavers, _ .'

R. R. 1, West Lebanon, IN 47991.
Re: pages 121-lt- from Salts Genealogy: It. researcher in'the Zeb~lQn Fost~r family may be of help: Mrs. Judy Cox, 3560 S. Foltz st., Indianapolis, IN 46241. He: Mrs. Thompson'research above: Mary Elizabeth Miller m. WE. John Stufflebeam in Estill Co., Ky., in 1812. February 5, 1980. Dear Mrs~ Johnson: ,Thank you for the membership check; it will be turned over to the secretary, ,~d you should be reeei'9'ing the next Warren County Reflections. I hope the above will help in some way in your search. I will check Redwood Cemetery"when weather permits; now that we have your name on file, we will have it fot cross-reference similar to t~c~ew~es listed above. An, data you would like to have place~~rence file will be appreciated. Sincerely, Walter Salts, Box.424 West Lebanon, IN 47991


· Se~.
\.J --.0

15, 1978.

Mrs. Carl Jack,-" ..,--,\'-JV' .!J~~~ V~1""V: e .)'J ')0-1:;: H\'2391~eOHilenE~iV~, GOflL1,LA Q}!,:UCE m, COHV1J;X BECOHDEl$° Casselberry, Fla., 32707 Dear }irs. Jack, Just a short note to thank you for sending the photo of The Pilgrims to Mr. Cripe for publishing in his paper! Enclosed is a sheet from the Salts Genealogy which ! am pr~paring-it concerns George W. Crawford and gives the date of 1891 as the time of The Pilgrimage.
He was the grandfather West Lebanon. " ..

of George Wendell Crawford who lives here


Do you have Warren County ancestors? I am a member of the W. rren Cc , Historical Society; .e hope to have a genealogy group ope~ating before long. If you have any questiuns converning ancestors in this area, perhaps w.e cQulQ help .~th Q few ansve~s.
If you do have a tree you would J.ike to send us to include in the Warren County r~cords" \Ie would be. lfa,ve and make it U: available foI' othe;r,researchers. ..J' • , '

t .




, '
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'i)' ••


' ..•.

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•..:. J.

'-. c

L~ '....

,. r,

\ ~

Mrs. Virginia Leonard R. D. 1, Jacksonville Road Burlington, New Jersey 08016



i ii


,. --L


,April 16, 1979 Mrs. Virginia Leonard RD1, Jacksonville Road, Burlington, N. J. 08016


Dear Mrs. Leonard, Your letter of inquiry of 4 Dec 1978 was'r~ce~tly:tmrned over to me along with otn,ells bym~rub,ers,Qfour"h:i,!3t~~i~~l ~~A;e~y.>:~:: ~9:p'e,t~!eJlclo~~?-}!l~~e:t;i~~ tnay-bo ptsom~ help to y,0:l1. --': , , " ,>," .At tb. inomeh,t ,'no ~t~ pn. Y9Uf' ;ilichar,q'~d M~la'Smiley Foste:r"has turnep., up, but shouldevelU:ually. I compiling a tile of illaterial that shouid:be ' pf benefit in our searching for elusive name,l;l. Our genealogical section is just getting under way and should accumulate a quantity of indexed material within the ~,ext.year. $3.00 for the enclosed will be appreciated, and will be'turne'd, oVer to the society tor use in expanding our genealogical.'~iles. ' " ',:.~;;, Please let us know if you have further needs in' Warren'Couri.t~,',,:h:j..story. I will keep your present requests on fil~ and, ~90~'for Richard ';an~'M~aia:'




Walte:r Salts, v ; p, , W~fen Oounty Historical-SocietYt

Box 424,
We~t,Lebanon, Ind.,


,I, 1

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(l~ ,'1"."



~, r'




Virginia Leonard 'R.D. I, dack;>6nville 'Road B\Jrlingbn, ~. d .. OBOI6

17 June 1979
Mr. Walter Salts, V.P. Warren County Historical Society Box 424 West Lebanon, Ind. 47991 Dear Walter, Thank you very much for the material on the Warren County Foster and for the Foster Family Chart as composed by Mrs~ Bertha Fleming. You will find enclosed a check for $).00. I have much assorted material which needs to be researched and connected to my branch of the Foster family. I hope that the information I am enclosing will assist you in helping to expand your file~. Again, thank you' for your help and I hope to hear from you in the near future with more information. Sincerely,

G ..:l 01.....u .lrf-w. .b






a.« ~

..fA<- . (}'<'~r1


~'. 'i


W.1ll,t.r salta
Box 424 West LebanOD,




".~ :"



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'. -.'

'fr; ;.... -..
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-;'..'.:'..<.!;.:~f~> . '.




.'j ....


, ,

TEREMIAH FOSTER oJ. Mary land d. 19 May 1876 Armstrong b. Son of Husband to E1izabe~h

Chapel Cemetery, Medina Twp. Warren Co. Ind.


d. 25 November 1849 b. Daughter of ChilDren

Armstrong Chapel Cem., Medina Twp. Warren Co., Ind.

James Foster b. 1827 -Richard Foster b. 8/17/18)1; d. 10/7/1914 Henry Foster b. 10/)0/1835; d.4/28/1914 (James and Henry are verified to be brotherS, while they are not verified at this time to be brothers to Richard. Information supplied by Morris D. Foster)



- ------.



SARAH EMILY FOSTER .• 25 July 1867 *d. 5 July 1956 Crawfordsville. Montgomery. Ind. *b. 17 July 1956 Floral Hill Cem •• Hoopston. Vermilion. Ill. Daughter of: Richard Foster Mahala Smiley Wife 'to 1) -Charles W. Hicks m, 17 March 1886 Warren Co.;.,Ind.*.
• : 1<. :r:o::



de 1 Jan. 1900 *b. J Jan 1900 Floral HillCem

:--:'::;.~. \<j.~':::.: ~.

•• Hoopston, Vermilion.


..•. :'

2) Charles Alvey

..,::.. .; ....·r . '~--.: :

Children 1) -Mahala Elizabeth Hicks Benjamen Hicks Fred Earl Hicks Nina Mabel Hicks



. '>: .:~ .:







Verified Direct family descendent




AICHARD FOSTER b. 17 August lB31 Warren Co. Ind. c;;;;;;:;.*ii,. 7 Ootober 1914 Hcops ton , Vermiihion, Ill. II 9 Ootober 1914 Floral Hill cern., Hoopat.on , Vermilion, Ill. l , Son of Jeremia~Foster Elizabeth Johnson . Husband to Mahala Smiley m. 9 June 1853 Williamsport, Warren, Ind. by Rev. Andrew Missisett* b. 26 November IB31 Tippicanoe Co. Inde (Weo Plains) *do 20 June 1913 Hcope ton , Vermilion, Ill. *b. 22 June 1913 Floral Hill Cem., Hoopston, Vermilion. Ill. Daughter or William Smiley (Permsylvania) Susan GRoves (Kentucky)

Children William G. Foster be> 4/13/1854., do 8/30/1858~oroupe Susan Elizabeth Foster DeWeese b'.7/19/1B55. d. 2/23/1924-uremia Jermiah Foster b. 7/3/1856 d. '4/11/1939 John Wesley Foster b.7/1/lB57 Mary Louisa Foster b. 8/28/1858 George Thomas Foster b. 11/22/1859 d. 10/30/1891-thyphoid fever James Linooln Foster b. 5/17/1861 d. 8/7/1862-brain fever Hester Ella Foster b. 7/18/1862 Wiley R. R. Foster b.l1/25/lB63 Rhoda Ann Foster b.5/2l/1866 ',~ -Sarah Emily Foster Hicks Stites b.6/25/l867 Ewing Smiley Foster b.lO/16/l868 Henry Clay Foster b. 5/19/1870; d. 8/6/1928-trajie (tragedy) Margaret E. Foster b. 6/5/1872 Raohel A. Foster b. 10/7/1873 Civil War Record for Riohard Foster: National Arohives File Besignations Co. I 72 Ind. Inf. Co. K 44 Ind. Inf. SC92 799 Copy, of Death Announcement for Mahala Smiley Foster from June, 1913 Hoopston Newspa;er rec'd from Hoopston Public Library


Verified - Direct family descendent