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Suggested Reading for alt.vampyresMini-FAQ: Suggested Reading for alt.vampyres [v2.

1] Last modified 9/1/2000 by Text added since v2.0 is marked with a '+++'. This is a list of vampire fiction recommended by the denizens of alt.vampyres and other dark recesses of the Internet. An HTML version of this list is available at This list is not intended to be a complete list of vampire books, nor does it replace the FAQ for this newsgroup. The FAQ for alt.vampyres is maintained by Kitsune ( and posted monthly. An HTML version of the FAQ is available at This list incorporates the FAQ's suggested fiction material, but not its extensive list of non-fiction references. This reading list is maintained by David C Mudie. Comments or additions should be sent to If you are recommending a book, please include a few paragraphs explaining why you like it, why you think others will like it, and what makes it stand out from other vampire fiction. Many thanks to Travis S. Casey, the original maintainer of this list, and all the other contributors. Altman, Steven-Elliot. Zen and the Art of Slaying Vampires Zen is about this college couple in New York City who get killed in a back alleyway. She dies and he comes back as a vampire, but they're both students of zen and he won't kill to survive. So he locks himself in their apartment and meditates through the pain until he cleans himself out... You really feel like you're there with him, it's dementing!!! Then once he's pure, he gets captured by this secret society called The Ministry, that hunts vampires using aspen wooden stakes and he begins working with them... A lot of very memorable scenes... It's like a long Twin Peaks episode... Highest marks! I hate vampire books that just re-hash the same stuff about the agony of living forever and how drinking blood is better than sex, blah-blah-blah... This book really delves into what it would mean to be a vampire. I learned a lot about the philosophy of zen as well. (Susan, Anscombe, Roderick. The Secret Life of Laszlo, Count Dracula Laszlo is a phenomenal book describing the torment of one of Dracula's relatives. This book chronicles, however, not a vampire's thirst for blood, but rather an intense need to consume and to possess. Only when Laszlo is not able to possess another does he kill, something so contrary to his nature he begins to work even harder to uphold his reputation as a talented and revered doctor. For psychologist Anscombe's first writing endeavor, this is an amazing book. (Michelle Calhoun, Baker, Nancy. The Night Inside, Blood and Chrysanthemums, A Terrible Beauty An interesting take on the vampire fiction genre is the work of Toronto-based vampire author Nancy Baker... Briefly, the first two books are about a young university student named Ardeth Alexander. Ardeth mistakenly ends up being turned into a vampire by an imprisoned Russian vampire (who becomes her lover) and is taken prisoner by the Dales, a rich Toronto family who wish to sell the secrets of everlasting life to a group of yakuza (Japanese gangsters). The Dales are primarily insane on many levels. What I like about these novels is that the focus is not so much on the blood-vampire element but on the incredible sense of loneliness and alienation that Ardeth comes to know as a vampire. In Blood and Chrysanthemums, Ardeth

she is on a par with Rice. I still believe that the Ardeth novels are some of the best works of Canadian fiction in a long time. The other thing I really enjoy about Baker is the fact that the first two novels are native to Canada and specifically my hometown Toronto. Baker uses the metaphor of the vampire as a way to explain the sense of loneliness one can feel. Rebecca. (Steven Venn. and Ivo's vampirism seem so real. it is the director's call. Still. back. The director gives Jess the part. and a believable plot. Ivo begins to show up at rehearsals. and sometimes for the better or the worse and we can never go back to being what we once were. Some refer to Nancy Baker as the Canadian Anne Briery. and very symbolic (ancestral hatreds are ridiculed). There is a very large goth and vampire fiction community here in Toronto and I think Baker has created a setting which any Torontonian can relate to. When he writes his latest play. Ivo must reconcile his vampire needs with the humanity that Jess has returned to him. a vampire. turning this into a first class reading experience that fans of horror and romance will both want to peruse. In all of Baker's novels there is the realization that life changes... These books are also an examination of how Ardeth tries to regain the relationships with her family and friends and decides that she can never go back. While rehearsing. ISBN 0-312-86165-6) Playwright Nicolas Griffin was driving the car when it crashed. The story line is fast-paced. which I do not completely agree with. The Vampire Journals. The gem is owned by Nic. Though physically. In Memoirs. and she is the best for the key role. although others will not need to know Toronto to enjoy her novels. great reading. The individual points of this strange triangle must each find a way to come to grips with their own demons. The Ruby Tear is one of the best vampire tales to be released in several years due to the great characterizations that make Jess's dilemma. wants his family heirloom. Nic's curse. svenn@inforamp. her relationship with Nic is over since he refuses any further contact with her.netcom. :} They cover the conversion by a woman who ultimately exposes the presence of vampires in America. Sprinkles of humor expand the horizons of the vampire romance sub-genre. she has +++Brand. trying to stay out of the view of her sister who considers her long-since missing and probably murdered. well developed characters. The Vampire Memoirs These are well-written stories with a strong story-line. ... harstan@ix. moving. strange accidents and pranks seem to happen to Jess.tries to live a very normal (albeit nocturnal) life away from cosmopolitan Toronto in Banff. Ivo's plan is to attack Nic's former lover Jess in an attempt to regain what was stolen from his family years ago. even death and undeath. but in terms of the depth of the characters and the emotional. and they just happen to be vampire books. even as she wonders which one is trying to hurt her. (Harriet Klausner. Jess finds herself attracted to both Ivo and Nic. Journals is about her life and her unwanted conversion by Agyar. Baron Ivo von Cragga. his fiancee. The Ruby Tear (Forge 1997. Nic must find a way to rid himself of the family curse by disposing of the valuable gemstone. Traci. She finds that she needs the excitement and energy of the big city and ends up returning to Toronto. Alberta. another female vampire talks of her life and the interactions between the two women. While I enjoyed Terrible Beauty. while the tour of New York City is fun. nearly killing his passenger. In Terrible Beauty she demonstrates how love is stronger than anything. he makes it very clear to the director that she will not act in it. and that we give of ourselves in love no matter what the costs or consequences. the Ruby Tear. renowned actress Jessamyn Croft.

it is left to the reader to piece these kinds of things together from the narrative. (David C Mudie. (Klaatu. a predator among his prey. has no supernatural abilities. recommended.. If you don't mind vampires as intensely sexual beings. Instead. (Travis S. Poppy Z.unm. Steven. and has this way of making you think for days with just a few words. casey@cs. I just finished the book this week and am considering re-reading it shortly. casey@cs. Much of the story is implied rather than stated. for instance. Suzy McKee. no Riceian flying through the air. she does a rather masterful job. She is another author who has married the club/alternative scene to vampire legend. and the only one of his Charnas. nor a devilish but stereo-typical Count Dracula. Edward Weyland. (Travis S. In fact. cmcmaho@emoryu1. shows about as much interest in the welfare of humans as you'd expect from something that preys on them. he is a loner. Poppy's writing tends have more attitude and less philosophy. Intense exploration of the gothic scene. "How believable is this?". Charnas' Hmm. McMahon.fsu. Brite's Lost Souls got a mention. Agyar A first-person account of a vampire's struggle to break free of his master. captured by Satanists who want to acquire the powers they believe he Poppy Z Brite's Lost Souls is pretty good. which is unusual for me. Well done! (Roger M Squires. this is a very good story.Peter Browsing the horror section. escapes. her characters burn with gothic passion and tend to question the reasons for their existence. minxkely@bbs. The vampire -. the cover blurb "The best vampire novel I have ever neither the mindless zombie of a King novel. Beagle caught my eye. Lost Souls (Dell Abyss nor are we ever actually told that Agyar drinks blood. is answered with a vigorous nod. Casey." -. nor a social animal ala Rice. Weyland. Brite.. (Colleen M. Stoker Award nominee 1993) I wanted to make sure Poppy Z.eecs. The question that is constantly in the back of my mind reading such a novel. and moves out west in an attempt to start over. an immortal loner (only one of his kind he's ever encountered) and vampire who has been posing as a college professor. Very good. The "hero. rsquires@carina.(Minx Kelly. Brite goes for the gross-out. the word "vampire" is never mentioned. The book explores Weyland's feelings about humans as they change through a series of adventures in which he is shot by someone who realizes he is a vampire. Poppy writes in a style similar to Anne Rice. How incredibly refreshing! None of the decadent pseudo-religious nonsense that lends to Dracula it's charm and Salem's Lot it's stupidity.fsu. A warning: you may find this book very frustrating. mudie@crete.xnet. just a little enhanced biology and decades of experience.Dr. . hard to put a handle on this one at times. While the book is not utterly dripping with blood. How could I resist? . who has decided to let him take the blame for her indiscretions. University of New Mexico Press) A very interesting book. Her descriptions are Brust. and is. Vampire Tapestry (ISBN# 0-945953-05-4. this will knock your socks off. has a sting under his tongue instead of fangs. Rather." Agyar Janos.. Unlike Rice. is forced to go to a psychiatrist. when Ms. the only one of his kind.. With that said. mostly following the coming of age of the young vampire Nothing. klaatu@eskimo. but all the characters in this book are very well drawn and fairly complicated. with a very different view of the vampire.. as far as he knows. there are parts that will provide all of the shudders you were looking for. Highly recommended.berkeley. as he is brought into the lifestyle of his kind. an anthropology professor Introduces the character of Weyland.

when it gradually goes from an amble to a full gallop to the denouement. but the original is guaranteed to get your blood pumping. I haven't read the sequel yet. though still adequate to hold the reader's attention. and the new character Richard. if compassionate. P. but compelling. (Joy Wikle. klaatu@eskimo. Collins.David) . and even the occasional seraphim. Excellent psychological exploration. (MIndSpring. (Eumenidis. incubi and succubi. Blood List. is the most recent installment of the domestic drama concerning 18th century vampire Jonathan Barrett and his family. presentation of human and social realities. The main characters are still engaging. Sunglasses After Dark. is delightful. (David C Mudie. klaatu@eskimo. Elrod presents the foreign culture of the past with subtlety and humor. his sister Elizabeth. but which is hidden from the eyes of most mortals.N. Jack. almost in the style of old detective Dance of Death. Dance of Death I would like to recommend P. a powerful faith-healer with intense paranormal skills. which could very easily have caused the novel to deteriorate into either soap opera or sermon is saved by Elrod's relentless. The main character. The story moves quickly. Can Nancy write! Besides creating and following an excellent female lead as she matures throughout her search to find and destroy the fiend who made her a vampire. (Minx Sensual. she delves into the other aspects of the "Real World". They are short. The complicated threads of plot and subplot have been handled deftly.oit. In the Blood. Jonathan's four year old son. Sunglasses I enjoyed. (Klaatu. As My goodness. Elrod's Blood List (one of a series of six). the characters are interesting.. Paint It Black Nancy Collins' books. Elrod's latest historical fantasy adventure. Death Masque. N. these are for fun. The denouement is one of the best in the business.He gets busted and sent to a psychiatrist. which surrounds us all of the time. out. a world with ogres. but with less interesting characters than Sonja Blue. salamanders. P. As far as novels are concerned.eecs. very heavy mind-trip exploring the sensuality/sexuality and other hungers of Weyland the vampire and the psychiatrist "treating" him. is a vampire detective. minxkely@bbs. are a rather gory combination of the vampire mythos and cyberpunk. light reading. mudie@crete. The pacing of the book is leisurely. cutting edge stories. Sonja Blue is thrown into conflict with Catherine Wheele. (Klaatu. with nice twists to the mysteries.xnet. Nancy. via the ORAC Newsletter) (Elrod also writes novels and stories featuring TSR's popular vampire Count Strahd. Elrod also wrote another series starting with Red Death which is very good. and their not-so-nearly-foolish-as-he-seems cousin Oliver Marling coping with the aftermath of the frenetic and horrific events of the previous novel. Soon the cousins are again in the midst of murder and I found Sunglasses a high-octane confection of black leather and crimson fluids. and Collins creates an unusual underworld of mythical creatures lurking in the shadows of own culture. puck@gibbs. but not the followups. beginning with Sunglasses. Death Masque. but picks up about a third of the way through.. The sequels are really almost retreads of the first book. michler@mindspring. I can comfortably recommend this book to the discerning reader. and the subject matter. Ms. The book opens with Jonathan.

The Lunatic Cafe.Ford. (Annette Pindelski. Has two of the most interesting vampire characters I've seen. John M. ISBN 0-523-48010-5) Valan Anderwaldt. The story is quite good. Covenant with the Vampire. It gives a very wonderful look into the political hierachy and judicial system of the vampyr Set in Sherlock Holmes' England.fsu. Those Who Hunt the Night This story is told from the point of view of a human who is engaged by a group of vampires to find out who has been destroying them one by one. The Laughing Corpse. casey@cs. He wants her. Lord of the Vampires (Delacorte Press 1994-1997) Covenant's vampire villain provided an enjoyable change of pace from the currently popular vampire heroes. No campy vampire "tricks". the Master of the City. casey@cs. Ford's version has vamps with no supernatural abilities. However. and the small family gradually puts the pieces . By the time you get to the latest book (Bloody Bones) things REALLY get interesting! As an aside. yet each saves the other's life on more than one occasion. little things build up. (Travis S. The main character makes her living as a licensed zombie raiser and is the official vampire executioner for the state of Missouri. including a craving for blood. paleness. vampirism is a disease which produces certain changes in the sufferer. They each have several close calls due to the other. Circus of the Damned. per se. as they sleep. she's ready to kill him if he pushes her too far. aversion to sunlight. and both have superhuman speed and strength. (Travis S. Children of the Vampire. Hambly's are vulnerable to silver. (Lisa99Stan@aol. 1981. From the outset. Kalogridis. Vampire Hunter series. Guilty Pleasures. her books are not for the squeamish. Bloody Bones (Ace Fantasy. She has a unique relationship with Jean-Claude. turns him and shows him what few get to see. A fast read & fairly engaging. As the story Hamilton. The doctor's struggle between holding onto and letting go of his humanity is riveting. there are many differences. The story takes place 50 years before the start of Stoker's book. who's the local head vampire. but while she's attracted to him physically. She gets into some really graphic descriptions sometimes. just a look into their lives. Barbra. but are also very different. Laurel K. valerie6617@hotmail. for example. Vampyr (Pinnacle. The story itself is a historical fantasy set against the background of Europe during the time just before Richard III became King of England. It's sort of a combo historical novel/detective story. seeks out a hemotologist on behalf of the worldwide vampyr community in an effort to understand their nature better. but several of the characters are vampires or become them in the course of the book. Jeanne. and their origin seems to be natural rather than the supernatural origin of Rice's. Arkady Tsepesh and his young pregnant wife Mary have left England and relocated back to the Tsepesh ancestral estate in Transylvania. but it's not gore for gore's sake. if not great literature. 1993-1996) [These books are in] the Anita Blake.fsu. marni@panix. (Marni Centor. The Dragon Waiting Not really a "vampire story". the reader knows that Prince Vlad is not the kindly uncle Arkady and his sister have believed him to be since Hambly. the plot involves the search for a killer of vampires. and great strength. Both have very social vampires with connections that range across a broad area. Casey. Vampyr. The story is well-told and quite +++Jennings. and its take on vampires is interesting as well. Hambly's vampires are in some ways similar to Rice's. Jan. She falls in love with him.

.ca) Killough. don't bother with these . I highly recommend them. Mikaelian may make errors in police procedure. (Beverly Richardson. But the victim has been not drowned. I found this book (Covenant) suspenseful. thereby providing them with necessary information? I found this a very enjoyable and well written book. is the characters. sees Mikaelian back in San Francisco. who comes across as a warm person with a wry sense of humour. Included amongst these is Mikaelian's very Irish "Grandma Doyle" who has "Feelings" and Irina.together and realizes that Uncle Vlad is a vampire and they are trapped. this may . there are a number of strong female characters in both books. They also seem to have been a bit of a trend-setter for "Forever Knight" and others. C. Unfortunately.. nor. and none of the vampires are really given any kind of motivation beyond that of simply getting some blood. it does deliver a pretty good story. 'Salem's Lot Written as an homage to Dracula. Part of this was due to the sinister atmosphere. however. casey@cs.and Mikaelian doesn't dare tell his old colleagues what he the sequel. I stayed up all night reading it which in itself is not terribly unusual for me. (Julie Stauffer. homicide detective with the San Francisco PD. In addition to Garreth Mikaelian himself. Marie. In spite of knowing that Vlad is a vampire right from the start. however. Stephen. in spite of appearances. the killer seems to have a penchant for killing vampires and their human friends . j-stauffer@uchicago.nstn. it is worth noting that these books are early (if not the first) example of the type. Instead he seems to have been drained of blood. which is almost palpable right from page 1.. If you want an entertaining vampire mystery with interesting characters. If anyone is interested in knowing what became of Mina after her confrontation. something the author says is lacking from the original as the story progresses. Lee Killough has a good feel for her subjects. but I also closed all the windows in my bedroom (it was summer) and put on a necklace with a silver cross--this *is* unusual--while I finished it. he becomes the chief suspect in the case! Although the "vampire cop" has become somewhat of a cliche. but Killough knows what she is doing. Blood Hunt and Blood Links (Blood Hunt: Tor 1987. both cops and vampires. Lee. Blood Links. and has two tiny puncture marks on the side of his throat. (Christine Hawkins. this time involved in a hunt for a serial King. the Russian vampire with a colourful past who "made" Lane Kiraly. In the first of these (Blood Hunt) the luckless Mikaelian is assigned to investigate the murder of a man who has been found floating in San Francisco bay. The best thing about these books. died of a broken One of the best vampire stories that I have ever read.Hawkins@nla. If you are looking for horror or an erotic charge.. My main complaint is that there are too many vampires in the book. Because they realise he is holding something back. this novel doesn't really add anything new to the vampire myth. Blood Links: Tor 1988) Two of my favourite vampire books deal with fiction's (possibly) first vampire cop: Garreth Mikaelian. (Travis S. Will they learn what they need to know in time to help them? Will each person confide in the others. Mina is the continuation of Bram Stoker's Dracula as told through the eyes of Mina Harker. ssaunder@fox. Part is due to the sympathy the reader feels for the characters as they gradually learn of the horror around them. The author worked very hard to maintain Stoker's writing style and to remain fair to the text and apparently developed this book to further tell the story from Mina's viewpoint.fsu. Mina I highly recommend a book called Mina.ns. Casey.

or are about vampirism as a disease that can be cured. et al. Lumley's vamps are rather different from the standard model. Le Fanu. but if you like Anne Rice. Necroscope. Tanith. you'd actually appreciate Lee's style as well. It's always nice to read a vampire novel that has lots of female characters with brains.David) Kurtz. casey@cs. even though I already knew the plot of Stoker's work.. (Travis (Marie Kiraly is a pen name used by Elaine Bergstrom. There's too much in this novel to summarize. or about the fearless vampire hunters taking it upon their macho selves to save the world from vampire invasion. takes a fresh attack and presents us with a character that rationalizes and justifies his own actions in exactly the same way "normal" people do. but a Nazi managed to drink the blood of one of them during WWII.. and quite a few other things. Technomancer) Lee. "Carmilla" This short story is often included in collections of vampire stories. Appears to be the first in a series. however. Sheridan. and is one of the inspirations for Bram Stoker's Dracula.. Katherine. What also works is Lee's interpretation of Drakulya's character. pouty undead. . I found the main character a reason to continue reading the book. (Michelle Calhoun.. and Lee has found it. cgc@pacificnet. not what God gives us in return for our love. Unlike Stoker's book the main character in Drakulya is the vampire himself. Lumley's Necroscope series deals with vampires.Colorado. being symbiotes that implant themselves in hosts and take over the body.EDU) Lumley. (M. Such thoughts brought a human depth to an inhuman creature and made for a fun story. The comparison of the Catholic sacrament to the actions of a vampire were both simple and complex. Brian. See my point? There needs to be more novels like Personal Darkness. ESP. At least that's the premise of the book and it works to carry the reader's interest. We see the "monster" not as a helpless victim of his environment. Personal Darkness (2nd in the series I believe) is a story about the Scarabae race as they attempt to hunt down one of their own --. As he thinks off handedly about God and religion he becomes convinced that God is himself a parasite living off the blood of others. foreign undead. while leaving . the most interesting aspect of the novel is the vampire's mental stream of thought. and MacMillan. in the vampire's mind. for me.fsu. This group withdrew from the world. the sexually ambiguous. The Prince of Bloodsuckers kept a diary it seems. but rather what we give God in return for his love. Scott. Dark Dance. burtonb@ucsu. creator of the vampiric Austra clan in her Shattered Glass series. (Bonnie Burton. Casey. Personal Darkness I have a recommendation for summer Lee. Earl W. Vamphyri. J. Casey.. Shafer Ramsey. casey@cs. (Travis S. or as can be seen in Anne Rice's works. Lately most vamp novels are only with male characters that are deemed as evil monsters. It's an excellent story. For years we have been stuck with either the rich. Drakulya (See Sharp Press 1994) The novel is basically a retelling of the Bram Stoker classic with several added twists. Knights of the Blood The premise is that a group of knights in the crusades drank the blood of a vampire together and thus became vampires themselves. The life giving "blood of Christ" turns out to be.a vampire child named Ruth who kills people in their homes to act out her remorse for killing her father. nor as a sadistic tyrant but rather a once-human shadow that hasn't quite forgotten what light and darkness mean but hasn't quite remembered them either. Everyone knows the stock character dressed in dark cape and freshly pressed the book to explain it..

(Travis S. In Matheson. (Travis S. ed. the real stand-out in the book is "Advocates". we've had bat-like and rat-like vamps before. all at once. Richard. personally. I preferred the second boy falls for girl. with a vampire leader who has various strange McCammon. George An excellent novel as a novel. (Minx Kelly.utcc. (Jester. Casey. McCammon. in many ways superior to either film adaptation. One day a young woman wakes up in an alley feeling very strange and she just knows that things will not be quite the same anymore. mrngstar@utkux. klaatu@eskimo. casey@cs. but these are the only snake-like ones I've seen. Robert R.the mind mostly unchanged. but it would be very hard to understand without reading the first. Most of them are OK. as well as pretty good SF.coventry. Under the Fang Seventeen short stories set on an alternate Earth where vampires have taken over the world. this is a pretty good book.the only person immune to a plague which has reduced everyone else to quasi-vampiric nocturnal savages. johnson. I Am Legend Matheson's I Am Legend tweaks the conventions of the genre by adopting the perspective of the "last man on earth" -. Casey. no two of the writers seem to be using the exact same model.R. minxkely@bbs. which features their vampire characters Weyland and the Comte de Saint-Germain. with is no surprise since Lumley has written quite a few stories set in the mythos. The stories are very uneven in their portrayal of vampires. Highly reminiscent in many ways of the Cthulhu Mythos. ajoyce@rowan.utk. I've only read the first two. Her search for what happened and why and how to cope with her new powers are a take of a coming of . and a fresh approach to the vampire-as-living-being. the vampires are described as being sort of snake-like.fsu. very rich story of a vampire trying to free his people from the need for human blood. with retractable fangs. Robert R. This book provided the inspiration for both Charlton Heston's Omega Man and George Romero's Night of the Living Dead. Bloodsucking Fiends (Simon & Schuster 1995) Probably never before has a vampire been looked at as such a hot date and so much fun to just hang out with as the heroine of this story set in present day San Francisco. this is a new variation.fsu. Casey. by Suzy McKee Charnas and Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. you won't be disappointed. The author has managed to weave all the aspects of some basic vampire premises (with several hilarious references to other books in the genre) into a story of girl gets bit. (Travis S. attempts to critique the established narrative conventions by constructing the protagonist as the outsider / threat to a (new) world order. Go and buy them. superior story-telling. (scott e. (Klaatu. so I can't really say a whole lot about the series as a whole. and most of the action takes place on a riverboat on the Mississippi river. boy meets girl.. but I believe Brian Lumley's Necroscope series and the following Vampire World are a very good read. There are power struggles within the vampire community. casey@cs. Fevre Dream A long. It's a horror story and a Mississippi riverboat period piece. Plays up the supernatural aspects of vampires a bit. and all hell breaks The Anne Rice novels come widely acclaimed and recommended. casey@cs. They Thirst (1986) About a vampire takeover of Martin. The novel.

and managed to turn Wilhelmina to his dark purpose. very introspective tale presenting vampires as dichotomous creatures. indeed. minxkely@bbs. as a disgruntled vampire gentleman begins to vie for Jody's affections -. (Jerry Malitz. It's in 18th century England where the king/queen are vampyres and they turn everyone. Bloodchild is the pulp. it takes some very sharp wit for me to react this way. London--and. Stoker Award nominee 1994) Try Newman's Anno Dracula. a young would-be poet and writer who is presently employed at a local Safeway grocery (night shift. and gets cravings for you-know-what. Bloodsucking Fiends is a MUST read! (Mike Nofz. Jody decides that she needs Tommy to help her through this remarkable "passage. it chronicles the adventures of Jody. After that. Moore takes aim at many of the inanities of modern-day living (voice mail. can see infrared "heat signatures" of warm-blooded creatures. and the female aspect is more of the social and dominant side. The Need is very very well written. I shan't go into any more detail. of course).ed. blood thirsty creatures of darkness.xnet. jkalemi@mail. Bloodchild 2 very different books Pike.and soul. If you like vampire stories that are tension filled. etc. Get it if you can. yet peppered with bright satire. after she discovers that she has been attacked and left in a Anno Dracula is set in late *19*th century England during the reign of Queen Victoria. This book made me laugh out loud numerous times. mmm3@cornell. Neiderman. It has some great cameos by Jack-the Ripper. (Minx Kelly. and believe me. Set in modern-day San-Francisco. Newman. Bloodchild is a simple. Neiderman seems to have 2 styles of writing. The results are very. There is plenty of true vampire action that will satisfy those yearnings. Seward and co. predictable story of an adopted baby who happens to be a vampire child. The story begins in the midst of the Jack the Ripper scare." but begins to fall madly for him.. Andrew. a feisty red-head. etc). The characters are all oh so real that you forget that you are the reader and not an active participant in this "love story" that just keeps coming at you with one riotous scene after another. mnofz@uwc. Gradually. He also gives the reader a good dose of tension.age story that is full of new twists and exciting revelations about her new brethren. fad diets. The male aspect feeds. Each creature is made up of a male and female entity sharing one +++ Bloodsucking Fiends is an uproariously funny vampire love story by Christopher Moore.. fashion magazines. she becomes aware that she is not herself. The Season of Passage This book is placed in the future when astronauts are exploring Mars. pulp and quality. The Need is the quality. The Need. The Need is a much deeper. Count Dracula has escaped the plans of Dr. Jody seems to abhor sunlight. suffice it to say. Mysterious . Christopher. He goes about turning several other hapless humans and finally wheedles his way to the side of the widowed Victoria. Enter Tommy. someone is murdering young Undead prostitutes one by one in a most methodical manner and the hordes of Blood suckers are up at arms. it is an excellent book and a wonderful exploration of the old "what if" scenario. becoming her Prince Consort in sort order. and must make many improvisations to get along. very funny. all of England and her colonies--is slowly but surely becoming a seething den of vicious. Anno Dracula (1993. (James Kalemis. (Michelle Mogil.luc. but it is done in a way that propels you through the book with a satisfying grin if not out and out laughter.

no arrest warrant necessary. etc. (Lesley. John.umd. (Lee Sanders. nightcap@acs. it does get a lot more interesting. and her version of vampires is far different from the traditional versions. Sins of the Blood (1994) A most unusual vampire book. Along with "Carmilla". Rice writes with such passion. but not up to the standards of Interview and Lestat. and there are a few interesting things concerning vampire history. Some ignore the problem. Often boring.k12. its main character. The descriptions and (almost) erotic atmosphere at times sweeps you into the world in the pages. and God is the one who doesn't care as much. The ideas presented regarding creation and powers of vampyres is different in part from other "classic" Rusch. Anne. but an alternate US with a sizable population of vampires.fsu. Rice. police reports. just as Dracula does now. others treat vampirism as an addictive disease and have rehabilitation clinics specifically for vampires. but this story (TVP) is a rather long winded and annoying read at Of the five books. fairly informative. the other three follow Louis' creator. The first two were very good. Lord Ruthven. sarem@wam. To be perfectly fair. The story covers the actions of a member of the 'Illuminati' who is tracking down a member of the "Vampiri" into a small Mississippi town called Jerusalem (sounds like an SK rip off to me). I find almost all his books chilling. how everything began. and even then you want more. thru journal papers. and emotion that the story creates action in your mind like if you were really there. I. but the third was only so-so at best. this story established the stereotype of the vampire-as-noble. (nightcap.bu. I personally found myself wondering how someone who is supposed to be of superhuman intelligence could be so stupid. (Travis S. Pike is a great author. the Devil (Memnoch) is the good and more humane of the two. but it leaves nothing to be desired! (Sara Mitchell/Sarathena. why we are here. As you get deeper into the book. Vampire and The Vampire Papers. this was the equivalent of Dracula. The Queen of the Damned. I'd have to say that TVP was a decent read. The first book deals with Louis.fsu. And what an adventure it is: going to Mars and coming back a vampire! This book keeps you in suspense until the novel is Memnoch has an interesting twist on the story of God and the Devil. Different states treat the problem in different Polidori. It also explains the unexplainable. casey@cs. Kristine Kathryn. Ms. And then there is Wisconsin with its policy of eradication . the first two (IWTV & TVL) really chronicle the life of a vampire. Vampire and The Vampire Papers I'd like to suggest Mike Romkey's I. this one takes place in the US. etc. newspaper clippings. casey@cs.dreams are passing through a child. who knows she must stop her sister from her adventure. (Travis S. I cannot justly review Romkey's performance as an Romkey. Casey. "The Vampyre" In its day. The Vampire Chronicles: Interview with the Vampire (1976). lsanders@ilinks. . and Memnoch the Devil (1995) Rice's books inspired a new vampire revival. Body Thief is better than Queen. Lestat. but in some parts. Casey. The Vampire Lestat. Memnoch the Devil is also a very good ending to an exciting and original series of vampire books. Having only read the latter. In this rendition. It doesn't give the goody-goody side of vampires that seems to be so prevelant in todays authors. rros1145@slps. Tale of the Body Thief (1993). showed up in just about any play or book dealing with vampires. IMHO.

It starts a little slow. This one is pretty long (884 pages). Thorn. Children of the Night (1992) . Benaroya. The plot concerns a secret clique of mind-vampires who pull on the strings of world power. Carrion Comfort (1989. The plot skips around through the various characters.. They plot their unholy games. the first in the series to be set in modern times.nstn. The Dracula Tapes. (Lewars Dusti L.eecs.cs. I think it's a great read. (David C Mudie. Vampire I. Saberhagen. which was a really good vampire detective story. But only those with the Ability have tasted the ultimate power. which retells Dracula from Drac's point of view. (Beverly Richardson.They gather their strength through the years... Definitely not as erotic.') (Paul Murphy. IMHO.berkeley. (Travis S. Kids raised in vampire households are usually abused physically. But only those who use the living can violate the soul.eecs. Not nearly as good as Rice. The Holmes-Dracula File. but fascinating and well written book covering a new angle I have never seen before in any vampire story." --.. An Old Friend of the Family. and finally frequently drained A hefty book and an excellent read. mudie@crete. Casey. but from a sympathetic point of view.circ. As the story unfolds. Lucius. And the victor will stand alone against a world without defenses. I found this one a lot of fun to read. a stairway made of living humans.. A Matter of Taste. The plot is just bubbling over with secrets and intrigue. a stunted ballroom.berkeley. Dominion. pass sentence on. I found this to be a Scott. who is able to swap forms (and maybe even sanities?).edu) Simmons.. I definitely recommend this. it's on the fringe of the genre. The author has done a superb job of linking child abuse and its lingering effects on adults together with a vampire story.toronto. and kill the vampires without any outside government interference. bakers@gwis. 'fer sure .ns. even nice people usually change after becoming a vampire. but the last two hundred pages pack quite a pay-off.fsu. Stoker Award winner 1990) "All humans feed on violence. Vampire deals not so much with 'Ooo. and a young vampire is assigned to find out who and why. As a vampire book. There is a chess theme. but entertaining. I wanna suck your blood' stuff as much as it does the exploration of the loneliness of an immortal being who is having her mind and spirituality drastically challenged by an alien. becoming cruel and sexually insatiable. As a book about people and awarenesses. Dan.back cover blurb. In the early years of vampirism a man can still father children.Ordinary vampires possess the body. but chapters are Simmons. The Golden (1993) I just finished Lucius Shepard's The Golden. and the character development works in that way also. Jody. Dan. paulm@psych. often sexually. mudie@crete. but it adds to the excitement. (David C Mudie. they find. and A Question of Time Saberhagen's Dracula series deal with Dracula basically as outlined in Bram Stoker's novel. and it is these kids who almost always grow up to become hereditary vampires. but for me the best part was the backdrop of Castle Banat with its acid-goth architecture: vaulted cupboards. Somebody has killed the sacrificial victim the night before the Feast. However. (Scott Baker. elionwyr@onix.. and An Old Friend of the Shepard. and hereditary vampires. ssaunder@fox. we learn that there are 2 kinds of vampires . My favorites are The Dracula Tapes.those who started out human but were bitten by a vampire and converted.gwu. Fred.This work is performed by employees of the Westrina Centre. They war among themselves.

A truly unique twist on the vampire mythos. Vampire Junction Another gem. Nauta. Very good description especially regarding the sense of scent. Michael. I recommend CotN for fans of the historical Vlad Drakul. but so does Anne [Rice] sometimes. The plot concerns a Rumanian orphan with a mysterious blood disease and the shady characters who are trying to get him back. (Minx Kelly. The Delicate Dependency (Avon Books 1982) This book revolves around the relationship between a medical doctor and a vampire who cross paths very unexpectedly. Well written and superbly researched with a plausible explanation for the existence of It's published in the US and UK by Hodder and Stoughton .edu) Talbot. John & Spector. There is a sequel to this book.but things are not quite as simple as they first appear. it's somewhat slow going..a killer who lives to possess the essence of young virgins. bakers@gwis..gwu. It does get a little slow in the middle. loathed. he comes across what looks like a bizarre serial killer . whose Spruill.. Graphic. but it's still an excellent story. lots of medical detail for those who like that. of course. mudie@crete.cawte-winskill@unn.berkeley. with great characters. To a modern :) (Heather Cawte-Winskill. Patrick. The story grows into a very intricate . (Are they ever?) Good strong plot. making use of a sense most writers overlook entirely. A very dark book. and Stoker knows his vampires inside and Somtow. a murderer so depraved that only the most hideous of crimes could satisfy his lust. insane quest takes him beyond the boundaries of love.and CotN is not quite as good as Carrion Comfort but still worth reading. the book contains lots of well-researched tidbits into his life and times.eecs. (Travis S. heather. He has dedicated himself to hunting down his own kind and incarcerating them until they die of hunger (nice guy!). Casey. Light at the End A great splatterpunk reworking of the vampire mythos. there lived a human monster unlike anything mankind has ever known. Suskind paints this book with an incredible palette of smells and odors.. the world's only scent vampire. a vampire book where you root for the humans. and excellent male and female characters. Skipp. mudie@crete. Casey. Enter the world of evil genius.and I love them both. Perfume "Once upon a time. Vampires are evil. (Stuart Florence.fsu.and a vampire.." -back cover blurb That's basically a good description. Craig. although I have an especial soft spot for the second as I copy-edited it. the classic by which almost all works about vampires since have been inspired. Vampire$ Deals with a group of people who hunt vampires for money. John. casey@cs. Rulers of Darkness and Daughter of Darkness Detective Merrick Chapman is a Washington DC homicide cop .edu) Suskind. S. In his life as a cop.. (Christopher R. cnauta@nautacom. they should be feared. Dracula This is. (Scott Baker. but I have not managed to get it yet. He is a also a vampire. Finally. gory. this book is a great remedy for the new trend of 'romantic' vampires. and destroyed. Set after Chowchesque (Spelling?) is shot in the streets and details a woman's plight to save the AIDS babies before the Transylvanian cult rears its head.a vampire of scent.berkeley..Excellent story with extensive research of the roots of Perfume is the tragic tale of Grenouille. (David C Bram. (Travis S. (David C Mudie. casey@cs. Somtow is a fantastic writer and the book does not slow down at all. florence@underdog.wits.circ. Timothy Valentine is a teen singer/idol. Psychotic loser is bitten by a vampire and then unleashed in the New York subway. in 18th-century France..

as well as some of the glimpses of 19th century England and the comic relief passages as well. Varney was popular enough that it was collected into a single volume (some 800+ pages) in 1847. I found the characters very engrossing and there is much period detail in the descriptions. Tad. h. It's more a dependency of vampires on humans and vice versa. The plot is somewhat convoluted. I promise! (Sherri Deener. Lloyd. I believe that all of us who have become regular Varney readers and are following the tale on Genie are enjoying it. It has been discovered that this later printing includes some pages missing from the 1970 reprint. but can be found in libraries and are occasionally seen in used book Unknown. but really is not available from the publisher any more. and may. The actual author of Varney is not really given. The survivors must make it back to the nearest Williams. There are 237 chapters in the complete work. and the numerous mysteries and dead-end plot lines have made it addicting. Still later. In November of 1993.and detailed yarn about the origin and purpose of vampires in our world which spans thousands of years. Originally released in weekly installments of one or two chapters during the years 1845-47. Try calling Avon Books at 212-262-3361. but . The original serials and collections from the 1840's are extremely rare. although it is difficult for me to recommend it as a "must read" by today's's much deeper than that. This edition was edited by Everett F. Dover produced a paperback reprint in two volumes in a slightly larger page size. it was released once again as a serial. Good luck and it's well worth the trouble. in fact. and was edited by Sir Devendra P.comclin. It includes the illustrations from the original which are extremely interesting to see. as it is told in an "Arabian Nights" style. However. James Macdonald began uploading chapters of this work to the Science Fiction Roundtable 1 (SFRT1) on the Genie online service. the Feast of Blood This was a serialized "penny dreadful" also known as a "penny blood". though more so as a soap-opera than as a true epic novel. who had a number of writers producing these types of popular serials. The full text of this work has been transcribed into ASCII text and these uploaded chapters are available via WWW at http://www. (Humphrey Liu. Current belief is that Rymer was almost certainly the author. There are too many twists and turns to describe. Each vampire is chosen for his or her special talent or gift. but let's just say that you don't know what is REALLY going on until the end. so it can be very hard to find. The original publisher was E. Varma. In 1972. this time electronically. in 1853. of Fleet Street. Varney is currently being serialized once again. but in 1970 a facsimile reprint of the 1847 collection was printed by Arno Press. published in England in the mid 19th century. The dependency that the title hints at is not the vampire's dependency on blood. Child of an Ancient City (Tor Books 1992) Child of an Ancient City is an unusual vampire story. but it has been attributed by scholars to either Thomas Peckett Prest or James Malcolm Rymer.liu@juno. Both of these reprints are out of print. It's about a caravan which is attacked by robbers in the Caucasian mountains. This (as of 1995) is still listed in Books in Print. This 1970 edition was in three volumes.. or. it's publication pre-dates the noted Bram Stoker's Dracula by 50 years or so. I think. They are the true patriarchs of the this world according to this story. be the first vampire tale published in English. bdeener@iglou. They are very creative in how they enjoy life and have very complex personalities. I think that this historical significance makes it worthy of a read. Varney the Vampyre. This book was only printed once in 1982. London.

swissbank. you will love this (rather short) Yarbro. Darker This list is maintained by David C Mudie. It has a very rewarding end. If you like suspense and not bloodshed. mcsdc2smt@zippy. but well worth the search. I found the book to have lots of 'new' stories as well as just good re-telling of some old ones. Path of the Eclipse.they are being stalked by a vampire and killed one by one. until the vampire steps into their midst and issues a challenge. Yarbro's strength is her settings and others I have been very impressed by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's series.berkeley.but don't let that turn you away! The stories are novelty twists on popular themes. most of the story consists of the tales which are told by the men trying to save their lives. highly recommended. :) Some of the stories are beautifully told. I think). hilarious! The only thing wrong with the collection was the annoying way all the stories were set in the San Francisco area. Although the vampire is omni-present.. mudie@eecs.a vampire with faith. Still. She takes a somewhat different approach to vampires that I really enjoy. The main character is the Comte de Saint-Germain. . she does a very good job of capturing the "flavor" of some of the historical periods in which she writes.toronto. dealing with vampires in the classical sense but also retaining the clan structure of the RPG. rebbee@aol. not as erotic as Rice (although my fiance would disagree. The Beast Within (1993) The Beast Within is an anthology of short stories based on the Vampire role-playing game -. paulm@psych. but I could live with that. they tell each other stories. Chelsea Quinn. (Stef Aka Zodiac. Hotel The books by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro rank right up there with Rice in terms of the Vampire literature. The Various authors. (Rebbee. (Sibylle Dussy. Tempting Fate.. There is one story that shines out above the rest about a priest who becomes a vampire -. Copyright (c) 1997 by the (Paul Murphy. namely New Orleans. Take a look.dct. (I have heard a rumour about other books coming out for other certain cities. To stay awake at night.. Some of her books are hard to find. Blood Games. Again. Sibylle_Dussy@il.