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InstallAnywhere 2012
Create multiplatform installations for physical, virtual and cloud environments

InstallAnywhere Benefits • Deliver a professional and consistent installation experience for physical, virtual and cloud environments • Take existing and new products to new markets by eliminating complex installations • Expand your platform support with new Microsoft® Windows® 8 and Windows Server 2012® support • Avoid risk exposure and non-compliance by creating ISO 19770-2 compliant software tags • Choose the edition (Standard or Enterprise) and language (English or Japanese) that suits you best and customize with Add-ons

If you develop multiplatform applications, relying on homemade installation scripts can cause serious problems. Creating setups for every platform you target is a time-consuming and error-prone process, and it often leads to release delays and installation errors that frustrate end users and increase your support costs. InstallAnywhere is the leading multiplatform installation development solution for application producers who need to deliver a professional and consistent installation experience for physical, virtual and cloud environments. From a single project file and build environment, InstallAnywhere creates reliable installations for on-premises platforms – Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, IBM iSeries – and enables you to take existing and new software products to a virtual and cloud infrastructure. Flexera Software has set the standard for strategic installation solutions – InstallShield and InstallAnywhere – delivering unmatched experience and knowledge for application producers and making it easy for your enterprise customers to deploy and manage your applications when, where and how they are needed by streamlining the installation process.

Impress End Users with Customized Installations

Installation is your customers’ first impression of your product. Make it a great one with InstallAnywhere. You can use custom graphics, animation, and transparent images to create an installation experience that matches your software’s branding. InstallAnywhere can automatically localize your installation text in 31 different languages.

What’s New in InstallAnywhere 2012

Virtualization and the cloud continue to deliver a myriad of benefits for both application producers and their customers. To accommodate both existing and emerging environments, producers must continue to support the physical configurations that customers still need and want, while delivering applications as cloud-based offerings. One Project File – Physical and Virtual Outputs InstallAnywhere 2012 with Cloud Pack allows you to create both physical and virtual outputs from a single InstallAnywhere project, enabling you to take existing and new software products to virtual and cloud infrastructures.

Reduce Software Development Time

InstallAnywhere enables even novice installation developers to create professional, customized setups for virtually any platform. It comes with a Project Wizard that helps you build an installation project that can install your software on multiple platforms. No matter how complex your application, InstallAnywhere gives you the tools to create reliable setups. It has powerful customization options, accessibility support, and advanced installation configuration options that make everything from simple projects to the most complex server software deployments manageable.

InstallAnywhere lets you create a single installation project for multiple platforms.

Virtualization and Cloud-based Deployments Made Simple Application producers are looking for ways to take advantage of the cloud but don’t necessarily have the in-house knowledge and expertise to get there. InstallAnywhere 2012 with Cloud Pack enables you to easily create cloudready images and enterprise-ready virtual appliances that require no technical expertise by you or for your customers to install – minimizing effort and ensuring a positive customer experience. Most Comprehensive Platform Support InstallAnywhere 2012 offers the most extensive platform support, including the newest Windows operating systems, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, enabling application producers to release updates of their own products for all the key platforms.

Deliver Visibility into Installed Software Estate If customers cannot easily track software usage they risk non-compliance. Software “self-instrumentation” or tagging is evolving as an industry standard, enabling application producers to create smarter applications that give customers better information for software asset management and license optimization initiatives. InstallAnywhere 2012 simplifies creating ISO 19770-2 compliant software tags as part of the installation development process, enabling application producers to help their customers by delivering better visibility into installed software estate, facilitating software compliance efforts.


Enterprise Edition

Standard Edition

NEW! Expanded Platform Support – The latest and most updated platforms are supported

including Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), SUSE Linux 11.3, Ubuntu 12.04, Solaris 11 Sparc, HP-UX 11i, AIX 7.1, IBM i5/OS, Z/OS, RHEL 6 and Fedora 16.

NEW! Software Tagging Support – Simplifies creating ISO 19770-2 compliant software tags
as part of the installation development process.

NEW! One Project File – Physical and Virtual Outputs – Create multiplatform, traditional
on-premises installers and virtual appliances from a single project file. automatically to Amazon EC2.

With Cloud Pack With Cloud Pack With Cloud Pack With Cloud Pack With Cloud Pack With Cloud Pack With Cloud Pack With Cloud Pack

NEW! Create Cloud-Ready Virtual Appliances – Deploy multiplatform applications NEW! Create Enterprise-Ready Virtual Appliances – Deploy multiplatform applications as
Enterprise-ready virtual appliances (OVF 1.1 compliant) for easy provisioning within your customers virtual machine infrastructure.

NEW! Create Baseline Virtual Machines – Create virtual machine templates to streamline the
process of moving multiple applications to the cloud and ensuring configuration consistency.

NEW! Direct Virtual Appliance Deployment – Deploy virtual appliances directly to

VMware vSphere and Amazon EC2 hypervisors for testing and production deployment.

NEW! OVF 1.1 Standard Support – OVF 1.1 offers the widest flexibility and build quality for NEW! Leverage Linux Package Repositories – Add additional application components and
runtimes through either Web or Linux Package repositories.

virtual machines and is used by VMware, guaranteeing compatibility with the most hypervisors.

NEW! Automate the Virtual Appliance Build Process – Virtual appliances and virtual machine
templates can be built using the InstallAnywhere Build engine or through Apache Ant tasks. as any other merge modules, saving time and reducing potential uninstall errors.

Enhanced Merge Modules Features – A single uninstaller works with your main project as well Extended External Resource Bundle Support – External Resource Bundle support enables the

localization of installer strings. Merge modules can now leverage the external resource bundles from the parent as well.

Support for Third-Party Compression Algorithms – Allows authors to expand 7-Zip (LZMA) and
TAR compressed archives on their target system offering the ability to expand these archives in a fast and reliable manner.

Create multiplatform installations for physical, virtual and cloud environments


Enterprise Edition

Standard Edition

Complex Rule Expressions with Multiple Operators – InstallAnywhere provides the ability to
write complex rule expressions (and/or/not) with the application logic.

Dynamic Java Virtual Machine (JVM) Support – Advanced search enhancements for the

developer to put in their installer providing the ability to download the JVM from the internet in real time.

Install Rollback – In case of an error or user cancellation install, returns the system to its original
state, avoiding incomplete and corrupt product installation and reducing support costs.

Uninstall Phase Exposure – Easily customize the application uninstaller, control the
sequencing of actions as well as add new actions to be executed during uninstall.

Powerful Project Wizard – Build a multi-platform installation in minutes, reducing
development time.

Installers Run in Silent, Console, or GUI Modes – Run installations in silent, console, or
full graphical mode.

Graphic Mode Only Limited

Localized Installations – Pre-translated installation dialog panels make it easy to localize your
installations in up to 31 languages. Automatically select an end user’s native language with your installation. to perform platform-specific tasks.

Handle Platform-Specific Details – InstallAnywhere offers a number of actions that allow you Intelligent, Flexible, Component-Based Installations – Installations have built-in logic to
detect what’s installed and react accordingly. project as an action group.

Dynamic Merge Modules – Import panels and actions from a merge module into a master Electronic Update Delivery – Deliver updates and messages to your products in the field by
integrating FlexNet Connect® (sold separately) with your installations.

New and Expanded APIs – Have greater flexibility in designing installations with new and
expanded APIs that expose installer UI controls, build projects via a Java API, and improve runtime automation possibilities by retrieving detailed product information such as version, date installed, and product components from the product registry.

Section 508 Accessibility Standards – Create installations that are Section 508-compliant
with support for screen readers, high contrast, and mnemonics.

Licensing Option – InstallAnywhere can be purchased as a concurrent license, ideal for large engineering teams who may not have a named set of users.

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