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NumSource: Translated Text



One Hundred Twenty Three Dollars and Forty Five Cents
To include this sheet in any open workbook
• Right-Click the DisplayForm sheet tab (below) • Select: Move or copy • Check: Create a copy • Choose the destination workbook from the dropdown list • Click the [OK] button

Named Range NumSource Units LU_NumTextList

Description Reference to the cell containing the original number Names of the whole and fractional units, singular and plural (eg Dollar, Dollars, Cent, Cents) List of number words used in the translation

LU_NumList WIPnum

List of numeric values Original number (NumSource), converted to a text string formatted as 000000000000000. Note: The decimal point has been replaced with a zero. A 3x5 array of WIPnum triads converted to their word values. Each row references WIPnum triads consisting of the 100's, 10's, and 1's words An array that assignes denomination values to WIPNum triads The whole number section of the original number, converted to words


Denom NumText_Whole

NumText_Decimal NumsToWords

The fractional section of the original number, converted to words The original number, translated to words

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"".2)=1.4." Six".N(NumSource)>=0).10."ty")&INDEX(Units.5.{1."|"." Eleven".2))&" and"&NumText_Decimal. you can redefine NumSource to refer to any other cell in the workbook If that celll is not in the DisplayForm sheet.Five Cents Using the NumsToWords calculation in the new workbook • NumsToWords will always translate the value in the cell named NumSource • You can cut and paste the NumSource cell anywhere in the workbook (Alternatively.1.50.4. you can delete this sheet) • Then.2)&INDEX(Num.3.3)&INDEX(Denom.3})).INDEX(Num.2." Twen|".1."." Three".6.{"".19.4." One".{"".1)&INDEX(Num.100." Four".1.7}.3.{" Billion".3)/{100.{10.0." Million".1." No "." Seven".10.3)&INDEX(Denom." Eight".10}))." Two". enter: =NumsToWords in any cell to view the translated NumSource value Refers to =DisplayForm!$C$2 ={"Dollar".""}.2)&INDEX(Num.13.TRIM(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(Nu mText_Whole&INDEX(Units.80." Nine||".IF(INT(N(NumSource))=1." Seven||"."No "."INVALID") Developed by Contextures Inc.4.20." Thir||".1."".90} =SUBSTITUTE(TEXT(N(NumSource).60.".3)&" ") =IF(AND(ISNUMBER(NumSource). DEX(Num.1)&I NDEX(Num."||"." Nine".1)&INDEX(Num.{3." Thousand"}.INDEX(Num.4.2.4."Dollars".2)&INDEX(Num.""}) =IF(INT(MID(WIPnum." Four||".3)&" ") =IF(--RIGHT(WIPnum." Twelve".""}) =IF(N(NumSource)<1." Six||".1." Ten"." Seven|"."0") =IF(INT(MOD(MID(WIPnum.100.1}.2)&INDEX(Num.13}.15.00")." Thir|".13}.14." Fif|"." .40.3)&INDEX(Num.{1.LU_NumList.1)&INDEX(Num." Nine|"} ={}.4)))."Cents"} ={""."".1}.18. www." Eigh||".1)&INDEX(Num.2)&INDEX(Num.contextures.3)&INDEX(Denom.{1.LU_NumTextList)&{" Hundred".5.IF(-RIGHT(WIPnum.2." Eigh|".30.3." For|".LOOKUP(INT(M OD(MID(WIPnum." Fif||".100}))>{0.8." Five".1.{10.4.3)/{100.11."teen")." Six|"."Cent".2)=0.16.

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