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LENEL ONGUARD INTEGRATION DETAILS—FEATUES AND BENEFITS Pelco’s DX8x000 and Endura Interfaces for Lenel(R) OnGuard(R) software provide a great solution that delivers advanced data mining and investigative capabilities, when used as a seamlessly integrated component of Lenel’s Total Security Knowledge Management Solution. This cohesive solution allows real-time linking between digital video clips and their associated alarms. Moreover, the OnGuard application allows the user to link cameras to specific hardware devices, creating an association within the Lenel database. Accordingly when an alarm or event occurs at a given device, its associated camera(s) will begin recording video. For extra flexibility, pre- and post– recording time periods can be configured for every alarm or event within the system. In addition, comprehensive traces, queries and reports can be run to assist in an investigation.

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Pelco Products and Software Versions Certified by Lenel

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PRELIMINARY DOCUMENT - September 18th, 2009

as well as camera control. by selecting the Start in Matrix Mode button. The Lenel OnGuard Interface is flexible when choosing a video source. as well as live feeds from specific cameras. Finally. • Live View Playback Recorded Video Single Stream View- • • • Quad Mode Mixture of “Live” and “Playback” windows is possible • PRELIMINARY DOCUMENT . and local exported file playback. Up to four video windows can be shown within the Interface software UI. recorded. Clicking on any of the video quadrants allows users to select a feed. thus providing more detailed information regarding the feed. Users can view videos from locally stored (exported) files. it is just as flexible in presentation as well.September 18th. recorded videos associated with particular cameras.Viewing Both DX8x00 and the Endura Interface to Lenel(R) OnGuard(R) provides many options for viewing video. the system will launch video for multiple cameras in a matrix window (4 x 4 video display). Moreover these four windows can display a combination of live. 2009 .

as well activation for manual presets. an alarm or event can trigger a pop up video window to display recorded video. 2009 . or video from specific cameras. Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) control is supported within the UI. Currently. Tilt. PRELIMINARY DOCUMENT . Once active. • Alarm pop up window upon alarm activation / annunciation Single Steam Only • In terms of Pan.Alarm Management The Interface software for Lenel allows the user to link cameras to specific alarms.September 18th. alarm management only supports single video steam. Zoom control. In addition. its alarm notifications and events can easily capture an operator’s attention. the User Interface software for Lenel OnGuard Video features a standard PTZ control UI. • PTZ Controls Manual Preset Calls • Pan. Using PTZ you can control a camera’s movements and its ability to view images at different ranges (zoom in or out).

Video Playback Controls For video playback. 4x) . 2009 . 2x. 3x. RW. the Lenel OnGuard interface provides standard VCR controls (Play. 2x. as well as support for slide bar control and date and time recorded video search. 3x.Fast Forward * 4 speeds (1x.Stop Displays Time and Date of recorded video PRELIMINARY DOCUMENT . FF.Reverse * 4 speeds (1x.Time and Date .September 18th.Manual (slide bar selection) Standard Controls . Selection Methods . 4x) . Stop).Pause .

Mouse click over video pane to activate. Individual selection by quadrant . • • • • Automatically selects 4 quadrants Supports 1 – Playback video pane Supports 3 – Live View Video panes Selection from Lenel Menu Bar Displays “Time and Date” of recorded video for each quadrant. PRELIMINARY DOCUMENT .September 18th. “Start In Matrix Mode” for Multiple Cameras. the system will automatically launch video for multiple cameras in a matrix window (4 x 4 video display). 2009 .Playback Viewing while in Quad Mode By selecting the Start in Matrix Mode button.

September 18th.Onscreen Player Controls Menu and Toolbar Buttons PRELIMINARY DOCUMENT . 2009 .

4 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes ORDERING INFORMATION Part Number / Model Numbers DX8000 and DX8100 Model .2.11.0 DX8100 v. Pause.12.4 DX8000 v.216 5.1.4 Lenel Release 3.SW-EV-LNL-02 Description .12.110 / 6.12.110.Lenel Integration Feature Set Lenel Release 2.12.Integration Software.0.2 1. 6.2 .11.4 3.12.012.Integration Software.012 / 5.012. Endura to Lenel OnGuard Version(s) 5. DX8100 to Lenel OnGuard Version(s) 5.0 / v1.2.12.148 Part Number / Model Numbers Endura Version 1.148 PRELIMINARY DOCUMENT . 5. 5.4 Model .148 1. 2009 .SW-DX81-LNL-02 Description .105 / Compatibility Lenel and Pelco .Endura V1.DX8000 V2.0 Endura DX8x00 X-Portal Operating Systems Supported Windows 2000 Windows XP Live / Search Stream Processing Viewing Search By Camera Date/ Time "Play.2 2.Pelco Communications loss Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 5. Forward/Reverse (FF/FR) Frame Advance" FF/FR Speed Control PTZ Controls Player Set Player Window Position Yes Set Playback Speed Yes Event / Alarm Management Video available for Card Transactions (Valid and Void) Communication failure Lenel . 6.1. Stop.September 18th.0.1.110.