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Approach to effective teaching of tourism Introduction

Approaches to learning and teaching
Students should be encouraged to investigate travel and tourism in the local area. As in all vocational tourism units, maximum use should be made of authentic materials, access to industry specialists and organised visits as appropriate and feasible within the limits of time and other centre resources. Visiting speakers are a valuable and desirable part of the learning process in specific sections of the unit. Where industry visits are not feasible for geographic or other reasons, case studies backed up with authentic materials, video or multimedia packages may be used. Students should participate in the discovery and collection of tourism materials. Outcome 1 can seem quite theoretical in content, and students will find it much easier to grasp concepts if these are presented in terms of what MS. NAAVA C. NABAGESERA actually happens. So an orientation visit to local SPECIAL PRESIDENTIAL tourist areas where students will be able to make ASSISTANT TO H.E. THE initial observations about the nature of travel and PRESIDENT tourism through structured investigation is PRESTO COORDINATOR recommended as an appropriate teaching/learning aid. This could be done using the Downtown Explorer materials section of this pack and may be followed up later in Business Practices in Travel and Tourism with more specific investigation of local providers and facilities. Practical work in the classroom will require students to have access to a range of up-to-date tourism materials (see Resources section on page 12) and the initial visit will provide the opportunity for students to be involved in the collection of these materials. Outcome 2 is mainly factual in content, and individual resource-based learning coupled with group activities can be used to guide the students through the history and development of the industry. Materials collected from travel agents and Tourist Boards will provide a useful resource when trends in travel and tourism are covered. In Outcome 3, an initial teaching input focusing on the main impacts of travel and tourism would be appropriate. This might involve lectures, tutor-led discussion, debates, task sheets and the use of video to highlight the main points and provide input on global as opposed to local issues. This approach should be followed up by individual Case Study work. Where the case study is to be based on mainly desk research, a more global topic may be selected, as long as the centre can provide sufficient materials to support the student.