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The Hill of Clouds year 3210 of Old Gregorian Calendar year 4560 of Pagan calendar year 9510 of Chinese

calendar after the Nazi-Fascist rebellion in the “New United States of America”, degenerated into an "North American civil war" or "War of Black Crows " against the "the new United States of America" (or "Federal Union of the United States of America" or simply the "new America") is shattered violently like Yugoslavia or the USSR of the 90s or 1991, in this time, the white supremacist and NaziFascist forces were defeated after a long and exhausting war, but the former Federal USA They were divided into many states and countries and Federations and repubblics, North America became a mix of states, nations,federations and nations, in 3182, took place in Mega Los Angeles, the "summit of North American nations" and the "World Conference for the pacification and unification of the North America Federation" and here was signed and signed the "Treaty of Los Angeles" and " Treaties of Newark "was ratified and the creation of a" federal union of states and nations of North America "(UFSNNA) or “federal union of north- America", a union of states and nations of former United States of America, which over time had become rich and powerful states, with the forges of art, technology, science, cybernetics, with large populations and large potential associations of 'North America were the "new tigers" or "new nations" of the World. in California, there were mainly two nations: the "Asian republic of america", a state in the American coast of Pacific ocean a majority Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, with its capital “Mega Los Angeles”, became a city-state autonomous and independent from the rest of the continent, this nation was the main ally of the principles federations of the World and courtyard of "Zhongghua Federation", the “Nippon Federation" and the"Korean Multicentric Union " or “Koryo Federation”. While in San Francisco, and was based capital, the "free nation of Starhill ", an ecological and libertarian republic , whose power and governed entirely by women at the helm, here environmentalism lived with Paganism, for journalists and Computer- Analysts, San Francisco had become a cross between a "Ecotopia" and a wiccan\neo-pagan society, a paradise city, where the wilderness and lived together with spontaneous human architecture in a heavenly harmony, San Francisco had always been the most open and liberal Ecopolis of America, during the armed rebellion of the Nazi-Fascists and white supremacists in America or “the war of Black Crows”, San Francisco was the main stronghold of the '"American federal army"and the population of San Francisco was the most active in helping the federal forces against the NaziFascist supremacists. But after the great collapse of the North America, large and vast devastation caused by the Civil War, San Francisco and northern California, had gained independence, and the "republic of San Francisco" had become an eco-utopia, a paradise in Earth here all freedoms were guaranteed, was granted the "right to free love" and "freedom to love", something which in past centuries was called "free love", but not only, Starhill became the leading country of ' ecology, environmentalism, Animalism became a country sponsor in the fight against the "Specism" and was the largest donor of funds to the "World Organization for biological and organic equality " and the "International Association for the fight against Specism" and was the main ally of the "World Organization for Environment and Nature" a UN of environment and environmentalism, the head of a strong and powerful army war Bio-Organic called "green helmets" created to defend the ecological heritage and natural heritage.

here were the dominant religions is Neopaganism and Wicca, a "Starhill" the mysterious forces of nature were protected and preserved, here the elements of nature lived in peace and harmony, when independence came in 3175, "the eco-repubblic of Starhill" from " New America "or" Federal United States of America"in Starhill company took over the class of "Harmonious", a class of neopagan priestesses who autoincaricarono to bring into harmony the elements of nature and to preserve the forces of" Mother Goddess "in Starhill. in a suburb of the "Ecopolis" of San Francisco, were the embassy and diplomatic missions of other countries, nations and federations of the world,from San Francisco local population, was called "the district of embassy" an area where reigned the total diplomatic immunity for anyone who ever set foot, there were not worth the laws of the city-state of San Francisco, the Korean embassy, there was much agitation, Hyung Sang a Korean ambassador had received the news of yet another declaration of "racial holy war" by the Nazi militias of the mountains of California, ready to launch a war against Starhill, the Korean ambassador had to bring urgent news Malaysian Ambassador, redundant Akapasan, Ambassador of the most important Asian delegations in San Francisco, Hyung-Sang came in quickly ' office, slamming the door and breaking the fast in front of the desk of redundant ... "Hyung-Sang!what thing happens??" asked the Malaysian ambassador "And an urgent report, the" National Socialist republic of the Rockies Mountain", has entered into an alliance with the"evangelical Republic of Montana"and the" Mormon Nation of Utah" and has threatened to launch an armed invasion of California, but especially the threat the Ecopolis of San Francisco, and the NaziFascist militias threaten to start another war in North America! " "But what war start??" thundered the Malaysian ambassador "have already been defeated and massacred in the" War of the Black Crows "were destroyed and divided, are now scattered in the forests and mountains! rascals and have also managed to bring down the" new Member states of america! "not their fault that we are now in the" Great North American federation "that everyone still called" United States of America ", those are just fanatics armed and full of hate and violence, first c ' was "Al-Qaeda" and radical Islamists, at least those were defeated and forgotten! but now we find new scum: Nazis, fascists, Bianci supremacists, Christian fundamentalist, evangelical soldiers! " "I know, Mr. Ambassador," he began Hyung-Sang "but the UNMU and the "Asian Republic of the North America" have passed strict and drastic measures to fight the fascists, and in" Crystal Palace” of "Mega Los Angeles, you press to start a war against the fascists, and you have to communicate at the President and the Secret Service that San Francisco and the "Country of Starhill" are vital and crucial for combat and stoping the NaziFascists, if we lose San Francisco, and the NaziFascist and the Evangelical Christians may get an important position wih the Sea, and we can not afford it, because receive weapons through the Mafia and organized crime and some inter-space weapons traffickers or in the worst cases, Earth criminal organizzations. " "True, the mafia and criminal organizations could exploit the conquest of San Francisco by the fascists to exploit it as a clearinghouse for criminal affairs of both the Earth and the galaxies of space you have, the reason we can not allow that St. Francisco fall into the hands of the NaziFascists! " said the Malaysian ambassador. "And just what I mean and! Nazifascist have obtained weapons and money and means, thanks to the Mafia and organized crime, back in the '10s the XXI century, was denounced collusion between neo-Nazi groups and organized crime and this collusion exists and facts all reports of UNMU and the "Global Federal Police " and the '"World Interpol *" and all the world organizations for the fight against organized crime, "You're right, your words are just and wise," said redundant "better to send a message to the Video-'" Crystal Palace "and communicate all'presidente of the" Republic of Asian America "that the free sovereignty and independence of a nation peaceful and democratic and serious risk, the World UNMU and organizations will stand on our side, stay certain " ended the Malaysian ambassador.

After that discussion, Hyung-Sang retired in you're diplomatic office, while redundant contacted the political offices of Mega Los Angeles and sent an urgent message, which stated that something should be done about the serious situation that was about to befall "Mega Los Angeles "and audio post of redundancy came to '" CrioGlass Palace" of “Mega Los Angeles”. It was then, that all '"Cosmopolitan Parliament" of Cosmopolis in Los Angeles, it was decided to provide help and support to the international "ecological republic of Starhill", international support was reiterated and confirmed all' "Summit of World Powers" of Jakarta and the '"Summit of world federations" of Beijing, from all the world leaders, Starhill was defended by Nazi militias U.S. at any cost, world powers were ready to start a war and UNMU was ready to armed intervention in San Francisco to protect it from NaziFascist militia, the case of San Francisco became an event of international importance and global, which prompted him to mobilize a large part of the world's powerful. In the same time, an helicopter of the "Great China WebVision Corporation", had left little of the cosmopolitan "MegaSacramento" and was wearing a SmartTelevision "troupe" from Mega-Los Angeles to San Francisco Ecopolis to filming a report on the newly formed "ecological Republic of Starhill, "in the helicopter was Gwen Bai, an Mixed woman half-Chinese and half American, had worked for years at a private Web-Television broadcaster of Cosmopolis in San Diego, and now with his friends, had become a director of documentaries and reports on success and now she was going to San Francisco to direct a documentary on the life of Ecopoli common in San Francisco, during the trip, a cameraman half Japanese and half African, began to speak with Gwen Bai. "Say some," said the cameraman, "What do you know about Starhill?" "Well, I know that Starhill, the killing of an animal and compared the murder of a human and is punishable by years in prison and banned the consumption of meat and the slaughter of animals, the government libertarian and religious council of "supreme matriarchs" encourage the consumption of vegetables and vegetarian and vegan, nudity in public and permitted and lawful, and one of the main goals naturist all'mondo, and a country where heterosexual married couples are a tiny minority, where families known are the "rainbow families", where animals and plants have the same rights as humans, where there is total equality of the sexes, where the dominant religion is neopaganism and Wicca and a cult they call " worship of the mother goddess "..." "Wow!" said the cameraman "that country of loonies!" a technical dell'suono replied: "Yes, unscrewed the receiving rivers of money and economic aid from the"Zhongghua Federation"and "Nippon Federation "and the main world federations, were it not for the money they receive from Chinese, Japanese , Hindi, Tibetan and Mongolian and "European federation", the "Republic of Starhill" would last a few months ... " "We put aside the controversy and think about how to make this report, I can not wait to see my name written in the opening credits and closing credits," said the cameramen. And the helicopter continued his journey in the direction of San Francisco ... Gear of War the crew of a channel "Smart Television" in Los Angeles called "American-West China WebVision" was sent to San Francisco to create a report on the ecological and neo-pagan culture of the inhabitants of the "nation of Starhill" which had as capital of the Ecopoli San Francisco, here came the crew, who began the shooting of '"Reportage", the crew was sent to take a Shamanic ritual celebrated by some "priestesses of the Mother Goddess" that would follow a Wiccan ritual, which was to celebrate the "union between the god and the goddess primitive "after the two rituals, Gwen Bai-Long, the sent, began to interview a matriarchal priestess of San Francisco, the interview was broadcast the next day on" Smart Television "Mega-Los Angeles was a short interview ...

"Good morning to you, Mrs. Vicky Whitecloud, we can talk about the Ecopoli of San Francisco? According to her San Francisco and a model for the whole world?" "Here in San Francisco, the goddess and her return, after years and years of patriarchal domination dell'mondo and humanity, San Francisco and the seed, the seed of a tree prosperono that will lead to new fruits, the fruits of a new world and a new humanity, a new awareness, we are the seed dell'paradiso on earth, San Francisco and "Starhill" are just the beginning, I feel that in San Francisco, is now dell'futuro, the company of ' tomorrow ... " "Oh yes of course, you have become a sacred and spiritual center for all dell'mondo neo-paganism, neo-paganism, many come here on pilgrimage beyond the traditional pilgrimage sites in England and North America, and now the followers of the" supreme Mother Goddess " come here on pilgrimage " "Just so," said Vicky "many profete and start of the Goddess and the forces primigene reside at San Francisco and their shrines are numerous, San Francisco and the avant-garde dell'mondo, the laboratory dell'mondo, we have released so many people, from a closed society, bourgeois, capitalist, moralist, Puritan, thanks to us, the people were able to express its nature and spontaneity " "Uhhmm, OK, but what you want to say to all the people of Mega Los Angeles?" asked Bai Long "We are nell'mondo the bulwark of all freedom, the freedom of women, animals, living beings, nell'vecchio world, nature and its elemental forces" ended the priestess "Uh, well, this service ends here, we pass the line all'nostro study Mega Los Angeles" ... and the live interview "Smart TV" ended here ... a group of elite soldiers of the "Asian Republics of America" and by the “Federation” in the Far East, was sent to San Francisco to give help and support to "witches" in San Francisco against the Nazi militia, the "Union of Chinese Republics of America" sent the advanced" Xiao-Long T-67 ", dragons Dronici to finish" Cresion, "a cross between biological and bio-plastic crystal blue tinted glass, artificial intelligence and brain with Bio-Dronics neurons, was identical to the Dragons of the Chinese mythology, but used as a war machine from the "Mega Zhongghua Federation" and the " worldwide Chinese nations ", highly advanced military vehicle, obedient to their masters, capable of launching ondare energy Ionian destructive from his mouth, and shoot beams from his eyes focused Maser ... well 3 asians soldiers: Lao Wung, and Bai Rong Zhi Men, sent to "Starhill" began to train the "free Starhill Militia" with the most advanced techniques of martial arts... after the training, were collected a total of 150 soldiers of Starhill, that they would fight only with martial arts and without the use of weapons, but the moves were learned from those deadly and powerful. In the training camp of the Asian forces in San Francisco, came a Wiccan priestess, very important and famous, called Amy Bergenstein called "Red Feather", accompanied by neo-pagan priests, who wanted to follow the militia of San Francisco and give spiritual support to the troops Starhill. Here began a lively discussion and turned between the commander of the troops of the Federation Zhongghua, based in San Francisco, Cai Zhulong the commander, who was together with an Asian diplomat Mega-Los Angeles and Wiccan priestess "Why do not you have created your own self-defense militia?" asked the commander of the Chinese ... "We refuse to fight," said the Wiccan priestess "San Francisco is committed to the agreements and negotiations sull'disarm and de-militarization of the world, we are a pacifist country, possession and sale of all types of firearms and strictly prohibited here in San Francisco, we do not allow violence " "All right," said the envoy's diplomatic Mega LosAngeles "but you know that so you have to force

things, be dependent military and defensive forces Sino-Japanese relations and the military forces of the" great American Asian republic ", in other words, if you do not you have not got it, we we have to do the dirty work for you?? is fine, but be aware that you will end up under our addiction ... " "Exact" ended Wung Lao "to say that the majority of Cosmopolis ecological San Francisco was built with Asian technology, thanks to a number of agreements that you had passed you Americans when we still had the" New United States of America, "and that San Francisco and officially recognized as a city dall'UNMU Asian and Asian territory, you are not independent, you are the asiatic puppet nation! " "Wung Lao, calm down!" said the ambassador " "Okay, I'm calm, but as people of Asian Starhill has understood that we are their protectors, that without us, they would have lost," said the commander of China. "I know," said Amy Bergstenstein called "Red Feather" "but we are a free nation! Least you Asian defend our freedom, we at San Francisco we form part dell'UNMU and federations world! Better Asians that the Nazi, the Nazi kill, steal, rob, exploit non-white and different or as slaves or marginalize them as inferior beings, rob, exploit, have no souls, are cold murderous beasts ... " "Do not worry, we are ready to defend and protect San Francisco from all external threats, especially from Nazi militia" ended the Chinese Ambassador ... Amy is the ambassador who took their leave, while Wung Lao, he continued his training militia ... Zhonnghua the federation decided to send soldiers and the military in San Francisco also to defend the Chinese community in San Francisco, which was the most important, vast and powerful dell'NOrdAmerica together with the Chinese community in New York and Los Angeles and Sacramento . A Starhill and San Francisco, the Chinese were many, at least 500,000, while San Francisco had 30 million of abitants and Starhill an total of 40 million of inhabitants and in Starhill, the Chinese were a wealthy elite and powerful, with a monopoly of trade and economic sectors of San Francisco, and people were loved and respected by the American people of San Francisco and "Starhill" the Wind blewing harder in this Day ... in the U.S. campaigns, tides of human neo-pagan and Wiccan, were flowing into Starhill, even at the risk of getting killed by the fascists or the Protestant militias. The tides were recovered from human WebCamere major broadcasters worldwide, on "Digital Newspaper" spread-depth and lengthy articles on Neopagans, Wiccans and followers dell'culto matriarchal U.S., while journalists followed the many neo-pagans fleeing Nazi militias and Evangelical but a large part of Neopagans, was flowing in San Francisco, to give solidarity and protection to its inhabitants, before the fascists could begin the siege. At the headquarters of UNMU in Singapore, took place and emergency summit of major powers and world federations, who approved the sending of quotas Peacekeeper nell'tentativo to maintain peace and stability in California and North American territories dell'Pacifico, peacekeeping missions dell'UNMU nell'NordAmerica were already present since the time of the "Great Partition" of what remained of the "new United States of America," but now the situation was more urgent. The "crisis of San Francisco," as it was called, became a case, an international incident, that went around dellmondo, they talked about all the media, and it was a case that drew attention dell'mondo whole and that impassioned also the humans had colonized other worlds and universes. In the former USA, neo-paganism had become the main religion, the most widespread religion after Christianity and Islam and Eastern religions, in those times, the neo-pagan religion had become a strong, powerful and prosperous among all major religions 'world, especially in the former USA

At that time, former U.S. has a population of 5 billions of people, including 1 Billion are Muslims, Buddhists 1 billion, 2 Billion of Christians of all churches and denominations and 2 billions of Neopagans and 500 million with large minorities of Hindus and Jews, Atheists, Shinto, Taoist and Neo-Shamanic not religious. the fascists had surrounded san Francisco and they had begun the siege, but failed to take control of the airspace of San Francisco, the fascists could only be based only on old and obsolete flying drones "Pterodon XM-50" and the contrast plane Drones "Langley C-65", the Asian forces were able to maintain and protect the airspace and maintain total control dell'Mare. But San Francisco had the total food self-sufficiency, they would never have fallen, nor hunger, nor thirst, the inhabitants of the city-state of San Francisco possessed "machines for making water" of donation of the "British Federal Union", with where the "Republic of Starhill" had excellent relations. In the solid Plasma fences and close to the defensive electromagnetic barriers, two soldiers, one Chinese the other a neo-pagan native of San Francisco, were stationed on guard, but to pass the time, seeing that nothing happened, began to speak among them ... "Of the NaziFascist bastards ... they surrounded the whole area adjacent to San Francisco, now you can not even get in or out of the city-state" "I know, or soldier of the East, their religion of hatred, violence and abuse, pushing these bad things ..." "Please?" asked the Chinese soldier "For us Neopagans, the" God "and" Goddess "live together in peace and harmony, we are for freedom, as they always say the Wiccan" do what you want, without dell'male to others, "we are not as those fanatics armed evangelicals " "Okay, but now I do not have to start a religion class," said the soldier Asia, "was enough for me just tell you that now and just can not get in or out of San Francisco, and now a closed city and isolated dall'resto dell'mondo that threatens hunger and thirst " "Absolutely not," objected the militant neo-pagan "San Francisco and an autonomous city dall'mondo external and independent from every point of view: we have energy cells hydrogenation, many" farms Wind farms "and the central sorting of solar and Wind, we have installations for the production of normal water and "synthetic water", and also of biomass for energy extraction bioorganic " "Accidents," said the soldier Asia "have every thing in your city!! With all this, can resist the siege for years and years" "Exact" ended the militia, "San Francisco has all the cos ..." KABLAM! a shot of a bullet struck the militia termobarico straight to the face, causing him to miss a large part of the head, the militiaman died sull'colpo, with half the head, playing by the militia reduced to a fountain of blood, the soldier Asian frightened and began all'riparo and said all'fuoco had begun the attack of Nazi militias against San Francisco, the Asian soldier had to fall back, now the alarm had been given and the outside was full of Nazi snipers firing on sight anyone happen to roll of their sniper rifles thermo-baric anti-matter. Nazi militias launched a strong attack against San Francisco, a massive attack, were joined by evangelical Christian militias, who had joined in "holy war" against San Francisco, supported by the Nazis and white supremacists the battle raged, the campaigns of "Starhill" and the Rural areas had fallen but resisted, the SinoJapanese forces, together with the neo-pagan army had asseragliate in farm-fortresses, giving a hard time to fascists, while the main forces of Nazi was able to gain the suburbs of San Francisco

the population of the suburbs, it was all fled in the upland areas of San Francisco and in the area dell'Porto and the Mega-Port of San Francisco became a veritable fortress. Inside the "Safe area" (or "Safe Zone") of San Francisco, were created camps for civilians who escaped looting and violence of the Nazi-here was a lot of people trapped, ambassadors and diplomats, as well as numerous Web-Journalists, Bloggers, sent the "Smart Television" and "NetVision", who could not leave San Francisco and found themselves trapped in the city among the people trapped there was also the crew Smart TV Bai Long, who began to interview Ira Krabong, a Thai delegate of UNMU sent to San Francisco to direct humanitarian relief operations in San Francisco. "Mrs. Krabong, what does it say about this serious situation??" "The UNMU is working to help the civilian population in need and to defend the sovereignty of Starhill dall'terrorismo Nazi, and we are committed to respect the rules and conventions of the" free republic Starhill "" "But now the situation is getting more serious dell'previsto: the Nazi-Fascists have concentrated all'Plasma missiles and darts radiators and have already launched strong and violent bombing, it was not expected that the militias disponessero of Nazi paraphernalia so powerful and advanced ... " "I know it well," said Ira Krabong "but the Nazi-Fascists have friendships with organized crime and the galactic arms dealers who have sent numerous pockets Nazi paraphernalia advanced in North America, taking advantage of the many mafias and criminal organizations present nell'NordAmerica, and this is the UNMU that the institutions of Mega Los Angeles, expect it very well! knew all this, hence the "grand coalition Asian" and ready to intervene by force in defense of San Francisco. "Phrases fully shared, now move the line to Mega Los Angeles" ... so the service ended "Kim Dok damn!" exclaimed the host Asian "will not have noticed my hair a little messy there direction??" "No, no, of course not," he finished the Cameraman wielding a camera Web \ Net in HD crystal LCD for shooting Internet-Web. But the bombs began to rain, many areas were affected and many tents on fire, the fields of nursing and medication centers were overflowing with victims of bombs and missiles and "warheads calorifere" made many victims, many people died, another is found injury or mutilation or burns or corrosion of the tissues of the muscles and the skin due to chemicals released by the bombs that caused very harmful corrosive effects on skin and muscle tissue. It was night, and the bombing stopped, the count was made of the damage, which were large, many buildings were destroyed or demolished, there were fires everywhere, ambulances passing day, in the camps, the meals were distributed, all food from fruits and vegetables, which are considered highly nutritious foods from eco-authorities of San Francisco. in Starhill, the consumption of meat was forbidden, was only allowed consumption vegetarian or vegan, eating meat or animal products was punishable as "violence against animals and living things" under the laws of Starhill, so the UNMU authorized that food aid would only plant foods as to not offend the rules of Starhill. But the fascists, they knew that the siege would not last too all'lungo, that to prolong the siege would only be a loss, so they decided to start early, a massive attack on a large scale to the "Internal zone" of St. Francisco, right in the "inner zone" of San Francisco is the militia of Starhill that Chinese soldiers were ready to fight, with nails and teeth, with their moves and the most advanced new and advanced martial arts created by the "Federation Zhonnghua " In San Francisco, one of the largest "Ecopolis" of the North America, things were likely to

degenerate and then, the "Multicentric Republic of Asian America" or "nation of Min Long", launched an armed intervention in San Francisco, ships Droniche solar energy, were deployed all'largo of San Francisco and the city-bridge of '"Golden Gate", the famous Bridge of San Francisco, became a town, the Air Force created a "No-Fly Zone" over San Francisco, and the troops entered nell'territorio Asian sovereign of San Francisco, a coalition Sino-Japanese-Korean forces were sent in massive in California and in the San Francisco area to break the siege of the Nazi and defend the sovereignty of Starhill. Thus, the Asian troops fought against Nazi-Fascist forces that were defeated in a few days and forced to retreat and put into total route. The Nazi-Fascists failed to launch the final attack against San Francisco because they had to concentrate all their military forces against the Asian military coalition sent to the rescue of San Francisco, just as he was about to begin the great battle for San Francisco ... And the troops Sino-Korean Nippo-entered victorious and triumphant in San Francisco, the "Smart Television" and "Web TV" resumed in the foreground input forces Asian in San Francisco, pictures and videos that made the tour of ' the world and the Web network, but in San Francisco a part of the local population began to accept the entry of Asian troops as liberators and protectors, other half of the population of San Francisco instead looked at them with suspicion. The robotic images of Robotic Tanks and the Dronic Tanks, who marched through the streets of San Francisco went around the World, wherever they spread protests and raised their voices, the world matriarchal community, went on an online protest on the sites of "microblogging "stating that "the male patriarchal with their culture of blood and violence, they are trampling on the sacred soil of women, those men are unaware that San Francisco and land sacred to the goddess Mother! ", these were the typical phrases and comments that were written in Blogs and websites of microblogging. after the battle the Nazi-Fascists, suffered a painful and violent defeat, from which there were no longer valid, the short war was called the "war of San Francisco", the war marked the final defeat of Nazi militias nell'Nord America, in the years following the Ku Klux Klan created fortified villages in the swamps and forests of the North America, but in the former USA Something would happen that would be repeated in Europe and the rest of the world: the white Caucasian Americans were divided into two parts: one part was integrated nell'nuovo world and in the new society, and on the other hand rejected the modern world and joined the Naziall '"Ku Klux Klan" and the Christian churches, evangelical U.S. , while the "new Americans" were integrated nell'nuovo world, the "old Americans" retired and repairing in the forests and mountains, armed and paranoid, what would have happened centuries later in Europe. The UNMU decided to create an international mission to California and a contingent of military forces dell'UNMU was sent to San Francisco, where soldiers dell'UNMU began a mission of "Peacekeeping" international. that was remembered as the "Crisis of San Francisco" (or "the San Francisco crisis") and was a very important event and remembered in the history of "American Federation".


Appendix nell'2905, took the collapse of the "New United States of America" (officially founded in 2052), caused by the "War of the Ravens blacks," a vast NaziFascist armed rebellion that took place in the U.S. Against the U.S. federal government, where they were joined militias of evangelical Christians and white supremacists, in 2910-2943 occurred the "war of the Ravens Blacks", when called by local peoples also called "great U.S civil war", and in the years since in 3005-3190, there was a phase called "the Age of the Division" in which the U.S. plummeted in decades and centuries of civil wars, ethnic and religious conflicts, and the stage where the major world powers divided the North America and what remained of the former United States of America, at this stage, the "Great federation dell'Nord america" had not yet been officially established, and there was only one set of powerful states, nations and federations and political unions rich and powerful in rivalry between them, which they had control only in the social and institutional urban and coastal areas, while largely mountainous dell'territorio American, remained under the control of militias White supremacist and Nazi militias and Evangelical where they founded the "Narco-State" and republics autonomous and independent, based from NazionalSocialism, but these "Xantocentric rebels republics ", that are not understood nor recognized by the "Large federation of North America" the U.S. was the first country in the World to be worn by a NaziFascist armed insurrection, an "NaziFascist Revolution" that devastated the "New United States of America," the "great North American NaziFascist uprising" took in 2900-2980, and the war lasted many years, the U.S. federal forces were able to cope with the Nazi forces, and the U.S. federal government received aid in weaponry and technology from the outside world powers and the Government of "internationals Cosmopolis" in Washington, authorized the intervention of foreign forces and external powers in the U.S. soils to stop and defeat the Nazi-Fascists and the ultranationalist Americans, the war became a guerrilla war, as Nazi militias are asseragliarono in the mountains, in the forests and fields and marshes, starting with the guerrilla army and the forces U.S. federal and against coalitions international armed foreign, but in the end, the Nazi forces were defeated... from the 3010, the UNMU sent several contingents and military forces with Peacekeeping functions in North America, to maintain peace and stability between states, nations and federations dell'NordAmerica and it was the UNMU to promote creation of the "Mega-Federation dell'Nord America" during the years of the "War of the Blacks Ravens" and during the "Era of the Great Spartitions", which was created UNMU-NAPF (the North America peacekeeping UNMU forces), who tried hard to keep the peace and stability nell'NordAmerica, now plunged into civil war in the violence, looting and barbarism. States and nations of the "Great federation dell'Nord America" (Partial list and and in a constant state of renovation) each state of the "Federation of the North America" has its own space program of its own "Silicon Valley",own economic system, own language and cultures, with its own army, its own currency and institutions, but these states are real world powers, who have joined in the "space race" and colonization and "terraforming" of worlds, universes and galaxies. Nation of Aztlan: with its capital in Flagstaff, a nation of Latinos and Hispanics, has 3 billion

inhabitants, the basic language and Spanish, and a leading country in high-tech and information technology. New Africa: with capital in Atlanta, a country of African-Americans, with 1 Milliardo inhabitants, and the main ally of the rich and powerful nations and federations African, and it is a coalition of African countries, have now become rich, prosperous and powerful (published by poverty for centuries and millennia), launched an armed intervention in North America in 3050 in support of the "New Africa", called "War of Atlanta" or "War of Independence of New Africa" against the Confederate army and militias Nazi, one of the wars that marked the "time of Partition" in North America. As the language of trade, using the English, but they are spoken and used the "African languages" such as ethnic and popular languages and English is used as the language of trade. Asian republic of America: with its capital in Los Angeles, a country of Asia, with a population of 1 Milliard the base language and Mandarin Chinese Cantonese all'cinese used together, but are also spoken Cantonese Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Mongolian. The new China: with its capital in Seattle, 500 million of people, language and basic Mandarin Chinese Federal Redskins Nation: a federation of Native American populations, and an independent Republic of Native American populations dell'NordAmerica, considered Ecotopico country, the exchange language and English, and ethnic languages are used as languages Indians. European republics of America: a union of republics of European populations, this dell'NordAmerica the Atlantic coast, the base language and English, but as ethnic languages using Italian, French, German and Gaelic \ Irish, has 200 million inhabitants. Country of Washington: is located between Ohio and West Virginia, the last area where there are WASPs of the U.S., and a puppet state of China, India and dell'Giappone, here the U.S. culture coexists together with that Chinese and Japanese and Hindi, has 200 million people. Republic of Texas Republic of Vermont Republic Libertarian of Minnesota Libertarian Republic of California Federation of New England: Federal Republic of the Great Maine: Ecocratic Republic of California. ecological Republic of Starhill \ free republic of Starhill Country of Min-Long: Han Chinese majority nation Evangelical Nation: Mormon Country: Republic of Poland of America: Hungarian repubblic of America: Republic of British America: Jewish nation of America: Italo-American Republic: Irish great republic of America great British nation of America German republic of America alliance of European nations of North America Alliance of African nations of North America Alliance of African federations of North America

alliance of Asian federations of North America city-states: City-State of "New Detroit" City-state Mega Los Angeles " City-state of San Francisco City-state of Hyper-Seattle the "Cosmopolitan Complex " complex cosmopolitan Los Angeles-Sacramento Complex cosmopolitan New York-Newark complex Cosmopolitan Washington Washington internal-external federations and unions allied policies or bonds of partnership with the "Federation dell'nord America" union of Multicentric republics of North America Asian multicenter republics of America not recognized by the "Great American federation" Confederate states of America: