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International Human Rights Research

James W. Hart
Associate Senior Librarian

2005 Revised September 2008


) Location: Law Intern’l KZ235 . 2 . Primary Sources A. Paul Irwin. Index-Guide to Treaties: Based on the Consolidated Treaty Series (Oceana Publications.Introduction This Pathfinder lists the major sources of international human rights law that are held in the University of Cincinnati Libraries. and on the World Wide Web (www). Includes all treaties registered with the Secretariat of the League of Nations from 1920 to 1946.). Langsam Reference and available at http://untreaty. Kavass & Adolph Sprudzs. Location: SW Depository JX170 .P352. 2. 1982.M86. Location: Law Intern’lKZ120 .un.). 205 v.asp (last visited September 16.G84.T74 and available at http://untreaty. Status of Treaties M. It includes both primary and secondary sources.G85. Supplement 1995. It includes primary sources of the major regional international organizations and their corresponding courts. Location: Law Reference KZ118 .P35 Reprints treaties from 1648 to 1920 in their original languages and in English translation when available.B68 1984. I. Bowman & D.5. United Nations Treaty Series (1947.un. 2008). 1969). The UN has included it in the Treaty Collection on its web site. ed. Location: Intern’l KZ171 .J. Treaties 1. 231 v. particularly the Law Library. Harris. Multilateral Treaties: Index and Current Status (Butterworths. A Guide to the United States Treaties in Force (Hein. 1979. 2008).org/English/access.). 1984). Igor I. Only general secondary sources are included. League of Nations Treaty Series (Harrison and Sons.asp (last visited September 16. Texts Consolidated Treaty Series (Clive Parry. Location: Law Intern’l KZ172 . Multilateral Treaties Deposited with the Secretary-General (United Nations. Sources that deal with only one aspect of human rights such as non-discrimination or rights of the child are excluded. 1920-1946).) (Oceana. Includes all treaties to which any member of the UN is a party and other treaties whose parties register them with the UN. 1983. Location: Law Intern’l KZ120 .

available at (last visited September 16. the Human Rights Council (http://www. The Documents Research Guide (http://www. 1968.). 1970. United Nations (UN) Documents a. http://unbisnet.14: 1941. 1972. It provides links to the web site of each body. latest year only. 2008)) will link you to the following: • • • • • • • the site of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (http://www.XJo0Lg9 =S1WUHR1. Location: Law Intern’l KZ171 .Xtk (last visited September 16. 2008)).org/Depts/dhl/resguide/ (last visited September 16. Ratifications. 2008)) and Rwanda (http://www.4/LibertyIMS::/anon/Cmd=$$ One page (http://www. 2008) the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (http://www.un. Human Rights is one of the major subdivisions of its main site.asp?language=E (last visited September 16. etc. UN Web Sites The UN supports an enormous network of interconnected web sites. International Organizations 1. (last visited September 16.M86.nsf (last visited September 16.150. 2008)).un. (United Nations. Its introduction explains its scope as follows: 3 .org/ (last visited September 16.4/LibertyIMS::/anon/Cmd=$$73FAKzKlP6HTAUHrJ. 1967-79).XJo0Lg9 =S1WUHR1.ohchr..T74. the Research Guide (http://www. 2008 )). 1980. 2008)) and the Criminal Tribunals for Yugoslavia (http://www. to UN-I-QUE (http://libunique. Accessions. to the UN Treaty Collection ( 2008)).html (last visited September 16. the UN Treaty Collection (http://157.195. 2008)) is based on the organization of UN bodies that deal with specific human rights issues.html (last visited September 16. B.150. The ODS is the largest and most comprehensive online repository of UN visited September (last visited September 16. 2008))..Multilateral Treaties in Respect of which the Secretary-General Performs Depositary Functions: Lists of Signatures.state.un. 2008)).org/ (last visited September (last visited September 16. to the documents of each body. Location: Law Intern’l KZ235 . 2008)).1958.1955-1956. to UNBIS. 2008).un. 2008)).un.Xtk (last visited September 16. and to the Official Document System (ODS) (http://documents.ohchr. Langsam S 9. Treaties in Force: A List of Treaties and Other International Acts of the United States in Force (GPO.

The ECtHR adjudicates conflicts under the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. but both the Law and Langsam Libraries have some of their documents in their paper collections. Security Council. For more information on locating UN documents see Ron Jones’s Quick Guide to UN Documents (http://www. however. and disarmament. and the Economic and Social The Council has a web site (http://www. beginning in (last visited on October 29.coe. Council of Europe (COE) Documents The Council of Europe was established in the wake of WWII in reaction to German aggression. Search for Council of Europe as an added to the system on a daily basis. and enforces the decisions of the . the Holocaust. UN sales publications. The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities gives representation from cities and regions of the member states. The UC Libraries do not collect COE documents systematically. The system does not contain press releases. 2009)). International Law & Terrorism. The UC Law Library receives the Law Library Collection of UN documents from Readex on microfiche. Economic and Social Council and the Trusteeship Council from 1946 onwards. and the Soviet take-over of Eastern Europe. ODS also provides access to the resolutions of the General Assembly. the Security Council. This collection includes “…official records and working documents from five of the six principal organs (Secretariat publications not included). and the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities. 4 . and the Official Records of the General Assembly. The collection includes the complete UN Treaty Series. the Parliamentary Assembly. 2008)). the human rights segment goes back to 1946. Microforms One must use the microform and hard-copy collections at the UC Law Library to locate many documents that are older than 1993. the United Nations Treaty Series or information brochures issued by the Department of Public Information.uc.pdf (last visited on September 16. You can find all of the COE’s treaties under link labeled Treaty Office. the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR). Older UN documents are. The site’s left-hand column provides links to the COE’s major bodies and activities. b. It has four primary agencies: the Committee of Ministers. Although the subscription to this collection began in 1981. trade and development.ODS covers all types of official United Nations documentation.” In addition the collection includes three optional segments: human rights. the documents of the International Court of Justice. The Committee of Ministers consists of the foreign ministers of the member states. The Parliamentary Assembly consists of representatives of member states’ legislatures and is an advisory body. 2. Use UCLID to find out what is available and where. is the decision-making body.

International Tribunals a.oas.php?p1=3&p2=1 (last visited on September Use UCLID to find out what is available and where. 4. from 1948 to 2002. 2008)) Contentious Cases with links to all documents of each case (http://www.icjcij. The OAS has an excellent web site (www. 2008)). the fact that the organization started the site at its birth gives it the potential to collect all the organization’s documents in one universally available place.icj-cij. 2008)) that contains all of its published documents including: • • • • • The Statute of the Court (http://www.php?p1=3&p2=2 (last visited September 17. Organization of American States (OAS) Documents The UC Libraries do not collect OAS documents systematically. 2008)) Pending Cases with links to all documents of each case (http://www. 2008)) Rules of Court (http://www.php?p1 =4&p2=2&p3=0 (last visited on September (last visited on September 17.php?p1=3&p2=3 (last visited September 17. 2008)) List of All Cases with links to all documents of each case (http://www. It provides both retrospective and current OAS publications and documents.icjcij. but both the Law and Langsam Libraries have some OAS documents in their paper collections. Although the web site has little on it now. It has an excellent web site (www. The African Union has an inchoate web site (http://www. Use UCLID to find out what is available and where.icjcij. The UC Libraries have no documents from the AU and very few from the OAU. which dissolved itself on July (last visited on September 16.htm (last visited on September 17. 2008)) 5 . Cases (last visited on September 16. International Court of Justice (ICJ) The International Court of Justice is the judicial arm of the United Nations. Search for Organization of African Unity as an author. for example. Those that we do have are in the Law and Langsam Libraries’ paper collections. It has jurisdiction over disputes between states members of the UN that consent to its African Union (AU) and Organization of African Unity (OAU) Documents The African Union is the successor to the Organization of African Unity. It includes treaties. 2008)).org/docket/index. Search for Organization of American States as an author.

The UC Law Library has ICJ documents in its paper collections.). Each volume has its own call number. (1922-1930).). Some have different call numbers and are shelved in other locations. the Permanent Court of International Justice (1922-1946) (http://www.g. (1922-1930).org/publications/index. (1947-1955. 1995. no. Pleadings. no.P472 Ser. e. Each case can also be found in the catalog under its title. Reports of Judgments.. 6 .php?p1=3&p2=4 (last visited September 17. Collection of Advisory Opinions of the Permanent Court of International Justice. Location: LANGSAM Z6464. 2008)). b.). Its decisions are on the ICJ web site (http://www. no. and Orders of the International Court Of Justice.php?p1=9 (last visited September 17.• • Advisory Proceedings with links to all documents (http://www. Location: Law Intern’l KZ 208 P47.P47 Ser.icj-cij.Z9 H38. Location: LAW Intern’l KZ213 .icjcij. The following are the titles of some of the major series.php?p1=9 (last visited September 17.). Series C. Location: Law Intern’l KZ208 . Use UCLID to find out what is available and where. Searching UCLID by the name of the series (Pleadings…. 5288. Summaries of Judgments. An explanation of each type of document that may be generated in a case (http://www. 19482002. Location: LAW Intern’l KZ214 . Search for Permanent Court of International Justice as an author. North Sea Continental Shelf Cases. Use UCLID to find out what is available and where. Permanent Court of International Justice (PCIJ) The PCIJ was the judicial arm of the League of Nations. Documents of the International Court of Justice.C. (United Nations. The UC Law Library has PCIJ documents in its paper and microform collections. begin with KZ218 and are shelved together. This site also includes the publications of the ICJ’s predecessor.icj-cij.A244. 1957-1992. The following are the titles of some of the major series.B. Location: Law Intern’l KZ210 . Bibliography of the International Court of Justice. Oral (1948. 1-50.icj-cij. 1 – 19-5. These are not classified as a series. 2008)).org/pcij/index. but not all. Acts and Documents Relating to Judgments and Advisory Opinions Given by the Permanent Court of International Justice. 2008)). Search for Permanent Court of International Justice as an author.S86. 1992. Many. (1966. Series B. Series A. Advisory Opinions and Orders of the International Court of Justice. 1 – 24.) will result in a list of the volumes that the Law Library owns. 2008)). no. Collection of Judgments of the Permanent Court of International Justice. Advisory Opinions.php?p1=8 (last visited September 17. 1 – 18.

(1931-1940). (1936). murder. 1949. enslavement. 40 – 68. Its web site (http://www. Most of the crimes over which the court has jurisdiction are the reverse side of the rights enumerated in the multilateral human rights treaties administered by the UN. but are not limited to.Judgments. They include (last visited September 16. sexual slavery. 70 – 80. intentionally directing attacks against the civilian population. comprehensive web site (http://www. 2008)) and intentionally directing attacks against personnel involved in humanitarian assistance. Series A-F (1922-40).. Although the UN created the Court. and crimes of aggression. The Court has an excellent. Series A. destruction of property not justified by military necessity.icc-cpi. which is one of the major treaties of the Council of Europe. They include. European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) This court was founded to hear cases under the European Convention on Human Rights. Location: Law microforms Film 18 reel 1 – 24. The UN discussed the subject several times during the next 50 years. torture. 3d ed. compelling a prisoner of war to serve in the armed forces of a hostile power. forcible deportation. 2008)) contains the following: • the Convention ( The final convention was signed at the UN Diplomatic Conference of Plenipotentiaries on the Establishment of an International Criminal Court in Rome in 1998. In 1994 the International Law Commission submitted a draft of the statute for the court to the General Assembly.icccpi. Location: Law Intern’l KZ208 ./B.P477.echr. c. “The Court is an independent institution. Location: Law Intern’l KZ6263 . Series D. Publications of the Permanent Court of International Justice. Publications of the Permanent Court of International Justice. 7 . The Court is not part of the United Nations….pdf (last visited September 16.html ) last visited September 17. War crimes are governed by the Geneva Conventions of August 12.coe.echr. enforced sterilization or pregnancy.D445 1936. war crimes. the Court’s web site says unequivocally.” (http://www. Orders and Advisory Opinions of the Permanent Court of International Justice. no. and then created the Preparatory Committee on the Establishment of an International Criminal Court to complete the draft. and apartied. 2008)). but are not limited to. International Criminal Court This court was originally conceived in 1948. crimes against humanity.coe. Crimes against humanity include. 2008)).html ) last visited September 17. which considered it as a committee of the whole.

htm (last visited September 16. 2. It is available on Lexis in full text. Pleadings.coe. and administrative materials of all types of both international and municipal and cases judicially considered. American Society of International Law. The UC Law Library has several series that publish cases of national courts that use international law.echr. Oral Arguments.pdf (last visited September 16. v. or level of importance.• • • • • • Protocol No. Location: Law Morgan Hum Rts (last visited September 16.A52 E882. and Documents of the European Court of Human Rights. This series reprints selected judicial. 306-333. full text. This set publishes cases from both international and national tribunals that affect principals of human rights. Lists of judgments ( It covers the continents quite evenly. v. 8 . v. Location: Law Morgan Hum Rts K3239. Municipal Courts It is not unusual for national courts to use international law in settling disputes. & Grand Chamber) (http://www.1-245. application number. ( Each volume contains a list of cases reported. It allows users to search by title. Series B.asp?skin=hudoc-en (last visited September 16.). legislative. v. reports.A52 E88.B88.echr. 335-338 (1997) Location: Law Morgan Hum Rts KJC5132. (1967. chronological. 2008)).coe.I58. respondent state. Location: Law Intern’l KZ64. (1962 – ). 2008)). and resolutions.254-304. date.251. HUDOC (http://cmiskp.coe.).echr. The UC Law Library has the following series in paper: Judgments and Decisions of the European Court of Human 2008)).23. 2008)) HUDOC is a sophisticated database and search template. and Mode of citation (http://www. and keyword. 14 ( Calendar+of+scheduled+hearings (last visited September 16. The database consists of decisions. the Rules of Court (http://www. (1997 – ). Series A.pdf (September 16. Pending cases (http://www. 2008)). Searches can be limited by language.echr. v. 2008). Butterworths Human Rights Cases. judgments.coe. International Legal Materials. a list of legislation and other primary sources considered.

Anyone affiliated with UC can access it from a terminal at UC. A. Now it publishes all parts of a judgment that affect international law. Each constitution is in English or has an authoritative English translation. The sites listed below are a selection of those websites.). Anthony Davis and Caroline Crouse. http://www. Flanz eds.” In the early years it published only a summary of the facts and the holding of each case. The Law Library’s paper copy has not been updated since August 2003.. Much more foreign law is available on the web than in the Law Library’s paper collection. http://confinder. Constitutional Chronologies and Annotated Bibliographies. Location: Law K3157 . Search “ccw” as a title in UCLID. 2008) The introduction says.H. All Other The Law Library collects some English and much Canadian law and has a few primary sources from other European countries. D. Blaustein and G. http://www. Foreign Law 1. or through the proxy server. It has only secondary sources of other countries’ law. and each is linked to its constitutional text posted somewhere on the Internet. The web resource is only accessible to subscribers. 2008). 2008)). and other related documents. (last visited September 16. charters. Governments on the WWW. (1919 – ). This series publishes decisions of international and national courts that deal with major points of human rights law or that “are a matter of wider interest to public international lawyers. Nations of the world are listed alphabetically. amendments. “This index offers constitutions. 9 (last visited September 16.P. The record has a link. University of Richmond’s Constitution Finder.gksoft.A2 This site provides links to all the divisions of every government that has a web site.International Law Reports. Location: Law Intern’l JX68.umich. (1971. At the end of each case is a citation to the original source of the text of the judgment.A5. the ILR may be cited in scholarly work. Constitutions Constitutions of the Countries of the World: A Series of Updated Texts.” 2. Although cases are incomplete. Government Gazettes (last visited September 16. through UC’s internet access from home.

). Foreign Primary Law on the Web.northwestern. Law has all of v. state direction of trade. and 6-17.worldlii. 1973. World Legal Information Institute. Library of Congress: Guide to Law Online: Nations of the World.uh. Northwestern University Library: International Documents: Foreign Governments. 2008). and civil procedure. Location: LAW Reference K530 .library. Reference Works International Encyclopedia of Comparative Law (Konrad Zweigert and Ulrich Drobnig eds.M62 1984.html (last visited September 16. but titles in less common European and non-European languages are transliterated into Latin characters. private international law and international law of (last visited September http://www.). This work now has 21 volumes and is constantly being revised. II. commercial law. historical evolution of private and commercial law.. Brill’s catalog says that volume 1 contains descriptions of the legal systems of “more than 150” http://www. articles on different countries may cover very 10 .edu/library/services/research/guides/international/web_resources /internet_foreign_law.. http://www.I57.harvard.1984. industrial property rights and copyright.html (last visited September 16. The articles do not seem to follow a uniform outline.php (last visited September 16. Secondary Sources A. and parts of 2008).intute. this massive encyclopedia is still useful for legal material for the period that it covers. 1. principles of judicial procedure in civil and commercial (last visited September 16. Schlueter eds. and a selective bibliography. sources of law. private law. 2008). 2008). The choice of the languages used is not clear. Each article describes the constitutional system. 2008). Although out-of-date. http://www.Harvard Law School’s Guide to Researching Foreign Law on the Internet.html (last visited September 16. It appears that titles in European languages are given in those Intute: Social Sciences: Law (Resource Discovery Network. restitution. Modern Legal Systems Cyclopedia (Kenneth Robert Redden and Linda L. The section on sources of law gives all the necessary information for citation or interlibrary loans. Chenglin Liu. ed. Other volumes compare legal systems in certain subject areas such as persons and family.loc. Location: LAW K530 .).law. 2008). http://www.

An excellent. It is arranged alphabetically by the name of the country or.R49 1989. Human Rights (1999)..H454 1999. Its primary purpose is to explain the structure and workings of the legal system of countries. 11 . Some of these articles will mention the major legal publications in the course of describing legal institutions and some will have bibliographies at the end. but with a bent toward US practice. introductory works on international human rights. 2003). the law of the sea. LANGSAM Res Closed K3240 . LAW Morgan Hum Rts K3240 . grounds for jurisdiction. and human rights systems. a list of the major publications (e. Use it to confirm a citation to a foreign law before requesting it over ILL. and a few topics that cut across geography such as ecclesiastical law. gazette. International Human Rights in a Nutshell (3d ed. recent. rabbinical law. a few are still not complete. codifications. title. LAW Morgan Hum Rts JC571 . regional international organization. LAW Morgan Hum Rts and Reserves K3240. Universal Human Rights in Theory and Practice (2nd ed.different topics or the same topics.. The World Court Reference Guide: Judgments.4 . and judgment. LAW Reference K38 . Islamic law. This one volume is a guide to 79 cases and advisory opinions of the PCIJ and 98 cases and 23 advisory opinions of the ICJ. dates of oral argument. B.g. Thomas H. session laws.. Like Freeman above. Flores. and court reports). citation. Bimal N. regional and sub-regional organizations. Mark Freeman & Gibran van Ert. Each article contains a history of the country’s legal system. Books The list below is limited to a few general. It gives a long list of types of information in each entry.g. This loose-leaf provides references to the sources of law of the countries of the world.. 2002). Jack Donnelly. Reynolds and Arturo A. in some cases.. Louis Henkin. Advisory Opinions and Orders of the Permanent Court of International Justice and the International Court of Justice (1922-2000) (2002).D755 2003.D75 2003 and LANGSAM Res Closed JC571 . the bibliography of Latin American law. claim. International Human Rights Law (2004). et al. and a listing of statutes by subject. Foreign Law: Current Sources of Codes and Legislation in Jurisdictions of the World (1989.B84 2002. list of rules involved. e. Patel. et al.F74 2004. broad treatment of all areas of human rights with a bent toward Canadian practice. Thomas Buergenthal. Although most of the cases have final judgments.).

balanced introduction combining original writing with extensive reprinted material. Globalex.up. 2008) 12 . balanced introduction combining original writing with extensive reprinted material.Frank C Newman & David Weissbrodt. LAW Morgan Hum Rts K3240 . Javaid Rehman. International Human Rights: Law.eisil. broad. It contains links to authenticated primary and secondary sources. Well written.N69 2003. broad..nyulawglobal. in-depth.chr. M. Manfred Nowak.htm (last visited September 16. Morals: Text and Materials (2nd ed. Politics. balanced textbook (last visited September 16. LAW Morgan Hum Rts K3240.4 .N39 (last visited September 16. 1008) Marci Hoffman. Janusz Symonides. Henry J Steiner & Philip Alston. LAW Morgan Hum Rts K3240 . Excellent. Rhona K.S55 2003. Human Rights: Concept and Standards (2000). and Process (2nd ed. Very good.R44 2003. Well written. 2008). including a good section on international human rights research. Policy.asil. ASIL Guide to Electronic Resources for International Law: Human Rights (2008) http://www. EISIL Electronic Information System for International Law: International Human Rights.S74 2000. 2000)..3 . http://www. International Human Rights in Context: Introduction to the International Human Rights Regime (2003). http://www. http://www. Web Sites Centre for Human Rights (University of Pretoria). LAW Morgan Hum Rts K3240 . International Human Rights Law: A Practical Approach (2003). LAW Morgan Hum Rts K3240. balanced textbook introduction. Mirela Roznovschi. 1996). broad. This site has also been developed by the American Society of International Law. Smith. Textbook on International Human Rights (2003). 2008).php?sid=418301191&t=sub_pages&cat=185 (last visited September

2008). LAW Morgan Hum Rts HQ281 . 2008)). HURIDOCS. As of the last date visited. http://www1. University of Kent at Cantebury LawLinks (Diane Raper. particularly NGO sites. (1991. and other more specialized guides.uu.A64 C36. Its international section contains guides to (last visited September 16. Anuario 2004 de Acción Humanitaria y Derechos Humanos = Yearbook 2004 on Humanitarian Action and Human Rights.C75.). CIJL Yearbook. and foreign law. 1. Law has only 1991 – (last visited September 16. The foreign section contains comprehensive guides to researching the laws of 113 countries and Hong Kong. (2004).org (last visited September 16.A2 Y39. (1992 – 2001). on the web. D. LAW Morgan Hum Rts KJC5132 . Directorate of Human Rights. Law has (last visited September 16. subjects. LAW Morgan Hum Rts KE4381. comparative.Y35 2004.interights. and treaties. it covers “over 3000 human rights websites. This is a search engine for searching human rights documents. (1955. 1 – 9.kent.). Law has all but v. (last visited September 16. http://www. Yearbook of the European Convention for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment = Annuaire de la Convention Europeenne pour la Prevention de la Torture et des Peines ou Traitements Inhumains ou Degradants. 13 . Its comparative section contains guides to researching topics in comparative law such as immigration.umn.) http://www. (1983-1992).” INTERIGHTS: The International Center for the Protection of Human Rights. ( The European Commission and European Court of Human Rights.Globalex covers international. LAW Morgan Hum Rts K2110 . Canadian Human Rights Yearbook = Annuaire Canadien des Droits de la Personne. a basic guide to researching foreign law.A9. 2008). 2008). Netherlands Institute of Human Rights (SIM) (Utrecht School of Law) http://sim. Yearbook of the European Convention on Human Rights = Annuaire de la Convention Européenne des Droits de l'Homme.hurisearch. University of Minnesota Human Rights Library. Yearbooks & Annuals All-European Human Rights Yearbook. Council of Europe. Ceased. LAW Morgan Hum Rts KJC5132 . 2008).C46.). LAW Morgan Hum Rts JC571.

LAW Morgan Hum Rts HQ1236. Israel Yearbook on Human Rights. (2001.I75. International Court of Justice. 42 – .1988).). LAW Morgan Hum Rts KTL2460 .W54.). LAW Morgan Hum Rts (last visited September 16.). 1975. 1985.2 . http://www. (1986 – 1997). E.H85. Non-governmental Organizations Amnesty International. (1971. Law has 1977 – 1987.). 2008). Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law.Y43 Yearbook of Human Rights & Environment.crin. LAW Morgan Hum Rts KDZ6 .org/ (last visited September 16.). Inter-American Yearbook on Human Rights = Anuario Interamericano de Derechos Humanos.Y43 1998. LAW Morgan Hum Rts KDZ6 . Law has only vol. LAW Intern’l KZ6273 . (Gerard Quinn ed. Yearbook of Private International Law.amnesty. 2008). Yearbook of Human Rights & Internet.. Washington: Organization of American States. Yearbook of Women's Rights. 2008) APT: Association for the Prevention of Torture. Irish Human Rights Yearbook.. Yearbook of the Human Rights Committee. Law has only 1995. 1. Law has all through 2000-2. (1998. (1999.Human Rights in Developing Countries. South African Human Rights and Labour Law Yearbook.).apt. Human Rights Committee.2 .). LAW Morgan Hum Rts K3581. LAW Morgan Hum Rts KDZ574. 14 . United Nations. (1999.). (1946-1972. (1986-1993).S68.Y47.International Court of Justice. 1 – 33. LAW Morgan Hum Rts K3236.Y432. LAW Morgan Hum Rts JC571 . (2001.A1 I85. Yearbook . http://www. Law has only 1990-98. Yearbook on Human Rights. Law has v. Human Rights in Development Yearbook.). 1969/70. (1990. CRIN: Children’s Rights Information Network.A85 I68. LAW Morgan Hum Rts KDK1255 . LAW Morgan Hum Rts JC571. 1946/47. http://www. 1995.I58.H85. LAW Intern’l KZ21 .).ch/ (last visited September 16. (2001.U548. (last visited September 16. 2008).hri. 2008). 2008). Human Rights (last visited September (last visited September 16.asp (last visited September 16. 2008).iglhrc. Human Rights First. Physicians for Human Rights. http://www. Derechos Human (last visited September 16. 2008) Human Rights (last visited September Human Rights Organizations Database. 2008) GlobalRights. 2008). 2008).World Health Organization. Human Rights (last visited September 16. http://www.who. (last visited September (last visited September 16. http://www. http://www. 15 .phrusa.hri. http://www. http://www. 2008).omct. 2008) World Organization against Torture. http://www. Database on Health and Human Rights Actors. International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission.asp (last visited September 16.