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Dawn of the Selkies Year 6120 of gregorian Calendar Year 7895 of Celtic Calendar Year 876 of Euro-Arab

calendar Year 1041 of Marenit Calendar Ireland was a world power, the Celtic nations were allied and coalition against the "Eurabian Union", which is now dominated Europe, the forces of Islam, threatened a major war against Ireland, the "Great Ireland" was head of the "Union of the Celtic nations" which include: Wales, Cornwall, Scotland, Ireland, Brittany, Galicia and the "Republic of Lombardy"., in North Italy. Brittany had already been invaded and conquered long ago by the Euro-Arab forces, due to disputes on the “defense” of the Islamic community in Britain, by Islamic World accusing the Celtic peoples of "anti-Islamic activities", the "Marenit" were becoming a rich and cultured elite, marenite nations in Europe were becoming the richest and most powerful in the "Eurabia" and "Euro-Arab Union" and Mareniti were undermining both Muslims that Eurabians. the Irish Government, launched the project top-secretarial genetic manipulation to create an army submarine, made of hybrid creatures half-human and half sea creature, the "Federation of North America" or "Federation of Los Angeles" was created dolphin-soldiers that were used during the colonization of the water planets and acquatic planets and worlds in the conquest and colonization of the universe, both satellites as "Europe" mega-exoplanets strictly limited to the oceans as "Amphirite" and "Xiaolong". In Ireland, the "Tuatha'dann program" served to create an submarine army, an army for naval, acquatic and oceanic war, for the militaty navy of “Great Ireland”, an army to fight the water of the "Union of Marenits peoples and nations" which was one of the strongest aquatic armies and underwater army in the world, At this time, the wars took place in the deeps of the oceans, the oceans had become battlefields, despite talks of federations and the UNMU for world disarmament and the abolition of armies went very well, there were still conflicts and tensions between rival countries, but it was a few now ... Ireland now had 100 million of inhabitants, whose population was entirely concentrated in the cities and “Cosmopolies, and the irish population are much cosmopolitan, Ireland had become over time, a country rich and powerful technologies much liked Irish, Ireland had failed to adopt their own "Silicon Valley", with the help of other countries of the "Celtic federation" was able to send a man into space and numerous satellites, the very successful Irish films industry in the World, Ireland and the Celtic countries were able to get many satellites and planets colonize areas of the planet, "Cuchulainn" was the first planet entirely colonized and conquered by the Irish and the “Great Ireland” and the Irish had sent military forces to peacekeeping in New York and Atlantic areas of the former U.S. already nell'3200 and had intervened several times repeatedly to defend the Irish population in North America. Signs of a great country, which is now obtained respect from others, from the village of the province finally Ireland had become a country of global importance. Ireland had become a cosmopolitan country, a multicultural country, multi-ethnic and multireligious, with different peoples, languages, cultures and religions from all over dell'mondo that had flowed into Ireland. But now Ireland or "Great Ireland" was threatened by "union of Marenits republics" and "Islamic

Eurabic Republics " who started a war against the ocean "Great Ireland": in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean and the Biscay gulf and the Channel of Manica, the Irish fought with armies of soldiers and marine bio-hybrid-human and human-dolphin and Human-Shark Bio-genetically modified marine, aquatic and human soldiers, genetically adapted and modified to breathe underwater and swim underwater, while the Marenit and the Islamic armies of soldiers used water with "Aquatic Bionic Armour " and "water Criosuit" also called "Aquatic Cryo-Suit" with NanoComputer within CyberTessuti of which were Criotute made armor and combat, with which the soldiers were able to swim quickly and move quickly underwater, but the Mareniti also had on their side "water tanks" and underwater assault “WaterCopter", while the Irish were based entirely Acquatic Biotechnology , using "big assault Jellyfish" or by using Bio-armored giant polyps and jellyfish genetically modified or marine animals with strong genetic and biological changes and heavy bionic armour. Ireland had made great strides in biotechnology, especially in the marine biotechnology, and the "Great Ireland" had alliances and cooperation agreements with the "union of water nations" and the "Union of Ocean Nations", the Great Ireland was in fact a maritime power and Sea power, with a large and powerful "self-defense national fleet" Ireland had staked everything in the sea and the ocean, and had become one of the world leaders in marine biotechnology, with "Great Asian Federation of Nihhon "or " great federation of Nihon "(in the past, Japan)," Federated States of North America "(in the past, the U.S.A), and the" Federal Union of CosmoSidney "(formerly Australia) and the" big Tanganika federation "(in the past, Tanzania), and the Marine bio-labs of Dublin, were the pride and pride of Irish Marine Biotechnology sector, which attracted the attention of people and marine water, and the earth that the other worlds, planets , galaxies and universes. to visit the biolabs of MegaDublino, came the Human-Dolphin who had colonized “Europe”, the moon of Jupiter, and a delegation of the "Union of the ocean Nations," a federal union of cosmopolitan oceanic and nations founded by the human in the deep of the sea and the oceans, after he took a large and extensive migration and colonization of the seabed by humanity, and this colonization created a new world, the "ocean world" ( or “sea world” or “maritime world”), which gained independence from the land and from the external world, the terrestrial world, and where developed new peoples, cultures, civilizations, languages and religions, independent and autonomous humanity of the mainland. Delegations from "Europe", the satellite of Jupiter and "Eraclion," one of the most powerful cosmopolitan underwater in the Earth ocean's, they came to MegaDublin,in the space-Port "William Butler Yeats" where they were met by a delegation of Irish government. "Welcome to Mega-Dublin, the peoples of the waters, the Ireland welcomes you," he said of a politician '"Oireachtas", the Irish parliament. "And the people of the waters and the seas instead to meet you," said the ambassador Eraclion "Well, follow us there we would visit the bio-marine laboratories in Dublin and then we visit the Oireachtas where there will be a meeting with all the politicians and the Web-Print and Digi-Press" "Good," said the delegate ocean and external delegation from Europe and Eraclion boarded the Hydro-Cars-likeness of the presidential limousine and left for the biolabs Dubliners, present together with the "Mega-Dublin International University. the "Marine Bio-lab" of MegaDublino, it was a real town autonomous and independent external dall'mondo, a vast and immense complex of laboratories, entirely dedicated to the "Marine biology" and the development of ingneria genetics and biotechnology. a delegation from the "Oceans Nations" or "aquatic Federation" of the earth, was the visit to MegaDublin for diplomatic issues: Ireland had established good relations with the nations of the earth and ocean with "Europe", the satellite of Jupiter aquatic population which had gained independence from the earth and the "great human galactic federation" or " Human Space

Federation ", the later, which is also independent of the earth, straight from '"World Federal Government " of UNMU. There was a strong alliance between the water nations and the "Great Ireland" that "great democratic republic of Ireland", the "Oceanic" had sent numerous technologies aquatic Ireland and the Irish had helped the development of economic, scientific, technological and social of "marine Federations" The delegation finally came to Marine BioLabs who were in the north of MegaDublin, right in the side of Sea, the oceanics delegations came down here and started visiting of marine BioLaboratories... inside, started a real guided tour, followed by the "Digital Printing" and "Net-press," but a part dell'tour happened behind closed doors, without the presence of Cyber-Journalists and the NetJournalists This part of the visit, took place in large rooms reserved, very large, but well hidden and concealed. Entered into these large rooms, delegates noted the pools, the pools that contained people, human, sleeping in agitation and suspended in the green glass capsules that guarded fetuses in embryonic development ... "And those with human genes seals to soak in the water green?" asked one of the envoys indicating the glass tanks with human males and females, were in suspended animation, seemed fetuses were human breast in womb already born. "And our program! the " Thuatha'dann Programm" with which the” Great Irish” and “Celtic peoples” can assert themselves and counter the threat of Islamic and Marenits" "... And what is it??" "Create hybrid genetic human-seal, humans endowed with genes seal, ireland has already developed human DNA with animal-human hybrid, and why seals? Simple! Your mouth are very quick to dive , their webbed feet, real-fin legs make these water animals and national symbols of Ireland, real swimmers born of perfect creatures of sea" "Um ... interesting, and what you want to do with it?" "What do we do? Water Warriors! Ocean Soldiers ! Are useful in fighting the armies ocean! But also for other purposes, for example, explore the oceans and seas of other worlds and planets, galactic explorations have discovered over 9000 trillions of planets entirely made of water or oceans in a small area of the universe, solar system inclused! scientists talk and even entire solar systems like ours and that of the earth with water planets! future and water, and the future of the seas and oceans, humanity I say, "said the scientist" will have ADAPTED to aquatic life, the majority of the human population will live nell'mare or extrasolar worlds entirely water, "said the scientist with safety "Is already happening," said the ambassador, "you say only things they already understand and demonstrated all" "In fact, you see all these tanks and" marine recreation areas "are the future of humanity, the most advanced frontier of genetics and biology, no more than mere biology terrestrial: but the" Aquatic Biology " "Putting aside these lectures, Professor Kildarre" said the ambassador, "let us see the rest dell'BioLaboratorio Marino" "with very happy," said Kildarr and delegations came from large rooms, this part dell'tour driven remained "top secret", it sparked many protests and complaints and the “Net-Journalist” the Digi-Blogger and the WebTelevision chroniclers, and spread many rumors and speculation about bioscientists activities in the restricted area of marine biolabs, but it was in those pools Bio-marine, which began, something that would change the world ... forever .. Sons and daughters of the waves

the days passed, and in the pools of seals, many humans took the form of seal, a beautiful woman with red hair and green eyes, at a young age, he took the shape and appearance of a seal, the skin between the light gray with dark spots , and swam for several hours in the vast and immense pool, until he met a seal of dark skin, very dark in color between gray and dark brown, a seal male, and here came something that you will never be able to believe, is exact, the two seals, began to speak ... "Hello, what's your name?" said the female seal skinned ... "My name is Aoran, and you?" answered Aoran "My name is Caitlin," said Caitlin to Aoran "Caitlin, bell'nome" said Aoran "where are you from?" continued Aoran "I come from the land, I was a human, but his soul still lives inside of me, that human, there's still inside of me, that human, came from a village in the" land of hills "as they call it , a land of green and fertile hills ... " "As green as algae dell'mare??" "Exactly," said Caitlin "How did you come here??" asked Aoran "My family had serious problems, my father was a" sailor space "for the" space fleet Gaelic merchant "who disappeared during a navigation space, my family ended up with serious economic problems, of people from a place whose name was "Institute for Biotechnology Gaelic," he said to my mother that I had a body and metabolism to a suitable aquatic life and that it was necessary perquesto institute scientists, promised great wealth and aid money to my mother, to help my family in trouble, and so when I came here to MegaDublino, I incorporated it the seal of Genes and DNA seal, in large doses, but what scopriono scientists and that I, unlike other mice, I could check my DNA and seal that of humans, I can control my genes! so they told me I had to deprive me of my clothes and I had to stay in this huge soaking tub, humans told me that I should stay here for months, I have extracted samples Blood, muscle cells, nerve and lymphatic fluid, in the early days, I swam in this vast and huge bath with my body to be human, then I decided to tramutarmi in seal, to feel what it was like, to be seal, and when I tramutai in seal, I felt great, I had to swim fast and my lungs can hold their breath for the entire hour, and beautiful! " "And your human side that emerges now??" "Exact Aoran, and as if I had two souls in a human soul and a soul of the mouth, two thoughts, two bodies, two souls, everything inside of me," said Caitlin Aoran said, "your story, and the same thing that happened to me, I was a human, a young human man, I chose to come here because I had a genetic mechanism suitable for this experiment, I was a college student, it was difficult to pay for the studies, but my human life was very difficult, I was alienated from everything and everyone, I could not find a girl, and so I have come here, in the same manner in which you did you come here ... " "Ah, yes? There I think, but so, how long you been here??" "For so many months, I was told that the experiment would end, then I have not heard anything!" "To me, and successful, but ..." Caitlin said, "out of curiosity, what's in that vast pool next to ours?" Cailtlin asked to Aoran "Be careful," he said Aoran "in that pool there are sharks, there humans do strange things with them, there are beings half-human, half-shark, hungry and greedy of flesh and blood, they are bad, they kill and also love to kill him in blood! " "Oh, that fear, maybe better if I'm with you" "Yes, you are right, let me tell you something, you're beautiful, and when you are human, that when you're a seal" Caitlin blushed, "Oh, thank you, you're nice, you mind if I'm next to you?" "No, of course not," said Aoran as did the seals to speak? The fact that it was as if those seals, they had a human brain, even a brain hybrid, a super-brain that could turn, could be used as either a human brain as a brain seal, it was as

if they were human in 'body seals, seemed magic, something like a Magic ... and it was, yes, right, science was boundless in magic, and magic had taken precedence over science. those seals were human, it is true, were human nell'corpo of seals, and could have, and body seal that human body, at the same time, with their will, with the same willingness to want to move a leg or an arm ... and the same thing I had done BioIngegnieri marine beings, of Sharks and Dolphins, and they had a genetic makeup more suited to accommodate the human DNA together with the seals. But the Irish Navy, wanted to use them for war marina and ocean, but the Selkie, it was just to die for the Irish, he did not just fight a war that did not want to fight a war that is not their ... the Navy wanted to use the Irish Selkie to place bombs and warheads energy Raonica under assault ships Marenite and Islamic and Selkie would have been used for suicide attacks against enemy units the plans of the Irish soldiers were dishonest, what people did not know and that the bio-marine laboratories were put under the control of '"ministry of defense" Irish, but no one knew it yet ... but the Selkie were dell'mare creatures, sea creatures, NOT war machines on behalf of the human ... at 18:00, night fell MacFadden and Garaman Moore, two biomarinscientists guard and surveillance to acquatic biolabs had finished their shift to the tanks of seals and were preparing to return to home. "There's something wrong here!" said MacFadden "And what?" said Garaman Mac Fadden said, "this was to be an experiment in BioIngegnieria water, but instead, it is becoming something else, is becoming the advent of an ancient past that is coming back to the surface, something archaic and primordial, here it is becoming the 'advent of a new breed, a new semihuman race, but we do not speak of a new race, but of an ancient people who is returning from a remote past, yeah, right, we have recreated the Selkie! we revived the Selkie! " Moore responded with skepticism "the Selkie? What enters the Selkie? Only BioIncroci between seals and humans, please, try to be scientific, MacFadden" MacFadden said thundered: "what we are doing, is exaggerated, excessive, we're playing god!" "I know, but you need! Must do! Mareniti to defend ourselves against, Islamic forces, and now the Indo-Brittania threatens the" big Ireland "and the countries and Celtic peoples ...." "But here we are going further, here we are creating a new form of life! Here we are going beyond the common knowledge! Here we are overcoming and bypassing all limits and frontiers of mainstream science! Here we are no longer doing simple science ! it and MAGIC! here we are creating a new species, a new people, but this time we are going beyond science, here we are challenging the very foundations of science! " "Magic?? Come on, do not be silly! Marine biotechnology and this, what does the magic now?? "But we do not know, we are getting the" Selkie "! Legendary creatures dell'nostro past, our myths and our legends, the ancient Irish! But short, and if they did not speak of the ancient myths 'man's past, but dell'FUTURO man?? dell'futuro Weather and myths were human, rather than stories dell'passato human?? yeah, in short, the myths are becoming reality! " "Calm down, MacFadden, try to be rational for just a moment! Are only seals which was added human genes and human DNA by BioIngegnieria marina, it does not seem appropriate to bring out the magic and mythology," said Moore "Listen, Moore! I've always been a skeptical scientist, who has always taken everything with pliers, but in this case I took everything with utmost care, but I at least understand when something obvious, you accetarla, I do not the mistake of many scientists to deny the evidence! is now evident, Science has outdone himself! science has evolved so much that is now collapsing, has risen so much that now it is falling down, when than science, then comes the magic and magic, here we have passed EVERY LAW OF PHYSICS! "

"Next, MacFadden, calm down, you just need to relax, too much work is giving you head, too much stress I guess, up, and arts, go home and have a nice relaxed ..." "Shut up, Moore, and useless talk, no one would understand me!" End MacFadden the two scientists came from the rooms of Biocontrol and prepared to go home ... but in the tank seals, Caitlin and Aoran, they fell in love, and united in love, in an ecstasy of love, the other seals, by far, the most remote areas of the pool, saw their act of love, which generated new Life, other seals felt a cross between joy and happiness and tenderness, there is a surplus of paradise and harmony in the deep of marine Bio-pool, and here began a new world, a world marine .. . the world of the Selkie ... Escape to a new world passed the days and weeks and months, Caitlin was impregnating, after intercourse with Aoran, Louis Fadden knew everything, but decided to keep everything hidden, do not say anything about the pregnancy and when Caitlin gave birth to two pups, a male and a female, and Caitlin Aoran kept hidden from the guards and military surveillance and scientists, the other seals helped and protected the two puppies for Caitlin and Aoran, and kept them hidden from the surveillance of humans, the only human who knew of the baby Caitlin and Aoran MacFadden was a scientist monitoring the tank bio-marine seals, and he had hidden everything was starting to develop empathy and compassion for Caitlin and Aoran, sorry condition of their detention in biopiscine marine and decided, once and for all, to end their unjust imprisonment, why? Why scientists had lied to both Aoran that Caitlin, because they would never come back from that experiment, they were doomed to remain forever in the BioPiscina, did not know it, but now it had become the property of the "Organization of the Irish Marine Biotechnology ", or O.B.M.I. that he now wanted to exploit them as guinea pigs for their experiments of bio-genetic marina, but this Aoran and Caitlin already knew, had already figured out, and there were also finished inside to get out of their lives, which were difficult and troubled, and now nell'corpo seal, felt reborn, they felt to have new life, but now they were tired of that prison, they wanted to run, wanted nuotari free and happy in the ocean ... That night, Louis Fadden, one of the scientists involved in the monitoring and maintenance of marine BioLabotatories, came into the pool for seals, and sat down on his knees on the edge of the BioMarine Pool, there met him Aoran "Hello, human, I know you, you're the one who protects us, but because we protect?" "Because I think that we humans are exaggerating, we are exceeding the limit, we are becoming monsters ..." "Do not say that human, I ringrazione for what you're doing to Caitlin and my puppies ..." " but what they are doing to you and unfair! You want to use as objects, such as tools, like ... like weapons to kill! But you are innocent and peaceful, you can NOT kill! did not you would be able! humans we're forced to kill and do dell'male, as if you were the only killing machines! " "I know this, human," he said Aoran and continued, "my beloved had two beautiful puppies, a male and a female, but now what you call" military "want to take my children from me and from my beloved, and I can not allow this " "I know, damn it! But the military did not want you and Cailtin can have children, they want to take them and put them in another tank and I can not allow this! Sorry to all my colleagues, but I must liberate" "Really? Thanks human ..." "My name is MacFadden, not" human "" "Thank you then, MacFadden, so I want to see the vast and endless ocean, and I want my baby to grow beautiful, healthy and strong nell'mare, I want my children can see the ocean, the light dell'sole, marine animals, shells, algae, fish, I want my baby to grow and diventari great ocean, like the other seals, my puppies and Caitlin can not grow here, and all covered, there only artificial light

and cold, green water and an environment that is just an imitation dell'vero sea! " "You're right, Aoran, I have to ... I have to get rid of! Career to hell! Science also must have an ethics can not stoop to these levels" "Whatever it is what you call" science ", thank you very much, MacFadden, but now please deliver us! Want to be free! Want to see the ocean!" "Sure, Aoran, will be done" ended MacFadden so, Louis MacFadden, came in the "BioLabs command room” " and made seperating open access to the sea, and so the seals were able to escape to the sea, following the long corridor after a long swam, they came at last on sea. .. at the end of the four Selkie, male, female and puppies male and female, fled the Bio-Laboratories in Dublin and came nell'Mare open, where they received their freedom, but also the other seals and Selkie decided to follow Aoran and Caitlin and had beginning of a mass exodus, using the connecting tunnel all'mare, which had been created to connect biopiscine all'mare, as technologies for the realization of biopiscine at the time were still very primitive, archaic, and were also used to send Selkie in battle, sending them directly into the sea, with these tunnels and because of reproductive technologies marina, still primitive and expensive to recreate fully the marine habitat, had to get sea water from the outside with these "connecting tunnel marine environment. " MacFadden knew that what he had done, he would have had a serious impact on him, but he had saved the image and reputation of science and dell'suo work, could not stand up and admit that science and Biotechnology was subservient to war, violence and all'potere, but they were all leaving the Selkie's marine BioPools open in the sea and gone, but the surveillance sensors launched the alarm, noting that all the Selkie had disappeared from marine BioPool, then ran away MacFadden dall'laboratorio and plan his escape, because he had to pack up and leave his home, now, would have been sought for this ... but in the meantime, the Selkie arrived all'largo, here Selkie stopped for a moment, and said to Caitlin Aoran "Come with me, my beloved, there nell'fondo ocean, you and I, we'll start a new people , a new race, a people who live in all oceans and seas of the world, and here, nell'grande blue sea, we could raise our puppies " the Selkie appointed Aoran and Caitlin as their new King, their kings and leaders and guides, Aoran and Caitlin became the capostipi of the Selkie. And far, far away, in the deeper sea ... epilogue the Selkie began to inhabit and populate the seas and oceans dell'mondo, and live together with the other peoples dell'mare, friends and allies of the "oceanics" Dolphins, cetaceans and seals, the "ocean" and "sea peoples "received the Selkie as their brothers and sisters. the Irish government found itself overwhelmed by the "Thuatha'dann scandal " to the fact that the armed forces were allowed to use the science labs for military purposes, sparking protests of the "World Organization for Science and Technology" (WOST), and the vast powerful UN science and technology of the World and Humanity, who did not accept that science and Biotechnology were used for military purposes and war, and the “Great Ireland” suffered international sanctions harsh and severe. Oceanics Federations and aquatic nations and oceanic protested against the government of the Great Ireland, accusing them of exploited marine animals for military and war, and Ireland was severely punished, even dall'UNMU and by '"World Federal Government" and by' WOST, the

"World Organization for Science and Technology", for illegal use of marine biotechnology for military and war. the Irish government legitimized the taking possession of the biolabs by the armed forces and defense dell'ministero for "legitimate national defense" against the Islamic armies and Marenit armies that threatened the "Great Ireland" and the Celtic countries. But the declarations of 'Uachtarán na hÉireann "* Shannon Irish O'Radley and politicians of'" Oireachtas ", the Irish parliament were bitterly criticized by UNMU and all the world federations and international, who accused Ireland of militarism and excessive nationalism. Louis Fadden, was captured by the Irish police, while trying to flee to the Indo-Britain, Louis McFadden was tried for having run the "Selkie" by "Bio-Marine Laboratories" of MegaDublin, and on charges of sabotage, but all'processo, McFadden was recognized establishment or as "innocent" and was acquitted thanks all'sostegno strong and powerful global environmental organizations, and international pressure led against the "Great Ireland" especially by UNMU, "Organization of United Nations World " or “United World Nations Union” and McFadden became a symbol and hero of the struggle to protect the environment and animals against the folly and arrogance of man. Centuries later, the Selkie created a strong, powerful and prosperous civilization nell'fondo of the seas and oceans, became the principal allies of the "Water nations" and the "ocean federations", and Civilization of the Selkie joined the human conquest and colonization of the universe and space, the culture of the Selkie is a lot more leverage on magic and supernatural forces and magic than science cold and calculating, and it was the civilization that spread Selkie Alchemy and the "magic dell'mare , "which became widespread and dominant in the seas and oceans, along with the science and technology of the Human" Oceanopolis "and the "ocean federations ", even today, the Selkie remember with myths and legends, the origins of Aoran and Caitlin," the Father "and" Mother "of the Selkie, the founders of Selkie people and civilization of marine World ... that was ... dawn ... the dawn of the Selkie and since then, the world changed ... forever ...


Appendix * Uachtarán na hÉireann and the highest political office in Ireland, and the President of Ireland, the name given in Ireland, is referred to the office of President of Ireland