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The King of Black Light by Emanuele Nicolosi in the dawn of time, in the time first the time, before

our universe existed, there was a universe, a world, a space and a time, in this land without time, there was a great and vast sky, the infinite sky, the vastness of which defied human mental conception ... the "primordial Heaven" called "the world of heaven" by the locals, was inhabited by two races: the Kirwa, a nation of human with bird wings and with magical powers and supernatural, which had their own civilization of freedom, a civilization where all diversity and difference was received and accepted, the lands of Kirwa, the land in the heavens, they were rich and fertile lands, were the "land of the Rainbow," land where there were no slaves or masters, where there 'and the weak and the strong, where love and free, with no taboos and limitations, which coexisted with each Kirwa of each species and type, it was a woman or homosexual, or dark skin and almond-shaped eyes, each Diversity was preserved and protected by Kirwa. but on the other side of the '"world of heaven," was the "land of Sky" of Zansar, a race of monsters that resembled large birds anthropomorphic erect, the feathers of metal and black stone sharp, like obsidian , ravenous for human flesh, their society was authoritarian and elitist, divided into various castes and classes, all'livello lowest were slaves, while most all'livello else is the "God Emperor", a powerful emperor that is revered and feared as a god ready to unleash his anger, the Zansar lived in "land of Sun", the Black Sun. the primordial sky was torn apart by fierce and violent war between the Kirwa and Zansar, war insaguinava the clouds and the heavens, even in those days, there were people who inhabited the lands or waters, the time in which this story is told, only the sky was inhabited by peoples and civilizations, whose Kirwa and Zansar were the most strong and powerful, that clashed in a violent and devastating war, the Kirwa wanted to defend the freedom and diversity at all costs, from bullying and harassment of Zansar, authoritarian, cold, oppressive, obsesionated by war, violence and authority. The Kirwa had on their side, the magic and the magical arts, whose Kirwa were good to use and manipulate, while Zansar favored weapons and physical strength, the one that took place at that time unknown and remote, was a war between the "world of the Rainbow" and the "world dell'Sole" at the time, only two lit up the skies, the "white sun" and the "black sun" the sun is white, was ruled by a powerful queen, a beautiful woman, with white hair and pale skin and blue eyes, the whose body gave off light even in the deepest darkness ... White was the only positive light, good light, the light that guaranteed peace, love and freedom, a light that loved him at all, a light that defended the diversity, equality and harmony, a light that defends the Peace, and which rejects war and violence was linked all'progresso, modernity. "Black Sun" was ruled by a powerful king, but a king dark, silent, dressed in long robes and thick armor sharp, and a large mask with horns threatening, always silenze, never spoke, with red eyes and penetrating, was a light that shone, a light that was obscured, it was so dark that obscured the weather is bright. The "Black Sun" was a negative light, the light of the powerful, the light of the tyrants of the strongest light, the light of purity, but it was also the dell'Caos light, the light of war, violence, oppression but also related to the purity and tradition. in the land of Zansar, Dhe'rhian, Zansar a high-grade, a "Noble Warrior" was insodisfatto around the unlimited power who had the supreme monarch of Zansar of all the lands of the dark Zansar,

so Dhe'Rian stole a radius dell'sole black, and fled, Dhe'Rian arrived in the lands of Kirwa, initially, was received into the "great White City," the capital of Kirwa, a city whose buildings are as white as the clouds and as blue as the sky lit dall'sole dell'mattino, a city where everywhere There were plants and hanging gardens in the city of Black Zansar, there were no animals or plants, there were only rocks, mud, sludge and soil , and the “White City” there were many animals, Kirwa loved animals, they saw them as their soul mates, their protectors, Dhe'Rian looked around, saw Kirwa of each color, based on somatic, height, width , while in the "Black City" were all the same, women had to cover his face and head, slaves were always hidden or barely visible, moving in the streets only rich and noble, after walking through the "White City", Dhe'Rian came to '"Palace of the great clouds" home of the' "Board of Harmony" the government of Kirwa, where there is "matriarchs" who "Patriarche" as well, the matriarchs and patriarchs and wise counselors of Kirwa, Dhe'Rian made a proposal that he and Kirwa got together and were able to completely destroy the Zansar and Dhe'Rian, rule the skies together with Kirwa, Dhe'Rian then showed him how to offer the radius dell'sole black, he had stolen, but Kirwa showed the horror and disgust for quell'raggio black light, for Kirwa, the black light and the supreme evil, absolute evil, the threat to peace and freedom, then drove away Kirwa Dhe'Rian badly. Kirwa rejected the proposal of the Dhe'Rian Dhe'Rian and was driven away from the land of nell'cielo "Kirwa" the Kirwa hunted Dhe'Rian because it was a Zansar, and Zansar had always been the enemies of Kirwa, while Zansar hunted Dhe'Rian because they had dared to rebel against the "black light" and the laws of Zansar, the rebellion against the black light and the God-Emperor was punishable by death ... but Dhe'Rian, he found himself hated and hunted by everyone, both from Kirwa that Zansar from every corner of the "worlds of heaven," it was chasing Dhe'Rian, who had dared to challenge the "black light", he who had dared to touch the untouchable, who had dared to challenge the divine, omnipotent, then descended Dhe'Rian dall'cielo and came upon the earth, at the time when this story takes place under the heavens, there was a vast, eternal and infinite land of plains and mountains, valleys and deserts without life, made of rocks and sand, here Dhe'Rian took the radius dell'sole black, with a lot of force collection, broke it into two parts, dall'raggio broken black, formed a spark that set off an explosion, a large explosion in the surface characteristics of the vast primordial earth, which expanded into heaven, but only nell'terreno, and that spark, that burst of energy, created a universe, Our universe, it is true, was the creation of the universe, since it was created the universe in which we currently live, it is true, or people who listen to this story, the universe and the world were born this way, were created so the seed and spark that created the universe, he was breaking into two parts dell'raggio dell'sole black, caused by Dhe'Rian. So Dhe'Rian, using the energy generated dall'raggio dell'sole black, created his own world, his universe of which Dhe'Rian became the leader and supreme tyrant, indeed, became the God, the Creator God and dominating an entire universe, everything for him, all controlled by him. When he was born this new universe, in this universe the white sun and the sun Black, was not distinct, were united and blended into one and the same sun, the "Sun" that people today know and watching every day, the sun is white that black sun where the "white light" and "Black" love each other and coexist in harmony and this harmony does exist that the current sun ... still, this Tyrann, in their throne, dominates the whole of humanity, submitting and subduing it, with the excuse of wanting to "protect", of wanting to "preserve the purity" against the degradation and impurity, even today, is called "God" by humans on earth, but foolish human, do not know, "God" does not even know who he is, "one who is up there," say "a great and almighty said," while

humans lay in their dreams and in their lives, Dhe'Rian became a God, ruled for ages and ages and eternal eons in that universe .... to finish this story, even today, there are "worlds of heaven" still exist and will always exist, but they are, in another place, in another time, far far, far away from the earth and dalll'nostro universe, and yet today, Kirwa trying to inspire humans to peace, love and acceptance dell'diverso, and still fighting the ... Zansar ...

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