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Section D Exam Skills


Section D Exam Skills
Part A (Individual Presentation)
Ways of starting your presentation 1 Use the theme, not the title to ask a good question 1.1.1 Do “t you have any difficult in preparing for examinations? 2 Involve the audience 2.1.1 I guess most of you here may have experienced the stress of preparing for exams………. 3 Mention your personal enlightenment 3.1.1 I used to think that it”s both boring and difficult to prepare for exams…….. 4 Starting with a brief statement(your opinion) 4.1.1 Everything is possible as long as you work hard 5 Use”association”(For both of oral and writing) 5.1.1 Whenever we talk about traveling what immediately comes to mind is fun.but actually,we can also learn a lot by travelling.Take my passage……. 6 Use traditional ways 6.1.1 Let me begin/start off this morning/afternoon by telling you something about…. Do”ts  Don”t start with “before I start my presentation, I would like to ask you a question…..  Don”t end with a formulaic close Eg:This is all my presentation  Don”t write any complete sentence in your note card(except for the introduction and conclusion)  Don”t repeat the words if you don”t know how to pronounce Eg:Sri Lanka””Dubai,you should try to use “there”,”here” Use simple English  Avoid using relative pronouns like “who” “which” too often  Use the word”that”(more informa)  Don”t use “to which” “with whem”(too formal)  Don”t use complex sentences and big words  Don”t use inversion
Copy from P.Chan Note

 As mentioned by X in his presentation  Just now you suggested in your presentation that SVO.we can Copy from can say”Does anyone have anything to add before wecome to the conclusion? Using other candidates” points in presentation to contribute to the discussion  As you”ve mentioned in individual presentation….Chan Note .so that you can speak more fluently and have more eye contact  Mention your opinion at the end of your presentation(20-30 sec) If you want to have your own opinion.let”s get started/Today. Making conclusion Reminder  Don”t make any conclusion until the last minute  If the situation is silence.Section D Exam Skills 2 Part B (Group Discussion) Note-taking skills(oral)  Write down the title and the theme(from the group discussion topic)  Jot down 2-3 points of each paragraph immediately after reading each one  Try to memorize the point..I think it”s a good  ideal because…… Just like what you”ve mentioned in your presentation.we”re here to discuss…….you should make your own opinion meaningful  Help people in need  Other benefits:traveling/independent  Wish:more people Starting the discussion Eg:All right.