Sarah Colegrove 11/20/2012 Journal for November 20th John Franklin Stephens wrote a letter to Ann Coulter in October

in response to her using the r-word to describe President Obama. John explains that he is no less of a person (although society and Ann Coulter have labeled him as such) even though he has Down syndrome. He then describes the discrimination that he and others face because they have been labeled as less than. “I wondered if you meant to degrade him as someone who is likely to receive bad health care, live in low housing with very little income and manages to see life as a wonderful gift.” I found this letter to be so incredibly touching because I have a personal connection to this issue. I have an older cousin who has Down syndrome and has faced discriminated all of her life as a result. My mother, when she was pregnant with my younger sister, was heavily encouraged to have an abortion because they could tell that my sister had disabilities. My mom decided not to have the abortion because, as she said later, why societies view of her children determine how much she loves them? My sister died at birth but I would have done almost anything to have grown up with her. Some of the discrimination that those who are labeled as “slow” face comes from within the church. There is a lady at my home church who has become a foster parent (and subsequently adopted) seven children who are disabled. She has had a hard time finding a church to attend because people don’t want them their (though the phrase it in a way that sounds much more polite). They are “too loud” or a “distraction” or “can’t understand God”.

He has surpassed everyone’s expectations because he is now three and is thriving under his mother’s care.Every Sunday. yet I love and protect my younger siblings just as much as Malachi’s siblings. Malachi has come close to dying so many times in his short life that when we hear him making a noise in church. Matt (the oldest of her children) sits in the front of the church and worships with his whole being. How does any of this make them less? Why are they not considered normal? Society labels me as normal. joy lights up on many of the faces in the congregation because we know that he is still alive (and the doctors said that his vocals cords would never work but they do). All six of Malachi’s older siblings protect him (and each other) as if he was the most important and precious human being in the world. I attend church and sing just as much as Matt does. Why does society seemed determine to make them less? . Malachi (the youngest) was expected to die at birth because his genetic donor decided to try to abort him several times which caused severe brain damage.

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