Van Ride By Eric Euchler

Eric John Euchler 25 Winooski Falls Way Winooski, VT 05404 Phone: 413-652-7237

EXT. DESERT - NIGHT The night is quite in the desert. Brown dust lays flat in every direction, disturbed only by a two lane road that dissects. The silence is broken as a van drives along the middle of the road. It is a long, blank white work van. It has no windows along its back half. The van lists to the right, across the lane and off the road entirely. Dirt kicks into the air as the Van skids to a halt. The engine stops and the van goes quite. RICKY exits the driver’s side door. He roots his feet on the ground and swings his shoulders around. His back cracks. Ricky sighs and smiles. JOE kicks open the passenger’s side door and leaps out of the van. He swings back and slaps the door shut behind him. RICKY Hey, You catch that croquet match last night? JOE What? RICKY I Said "Did you catch that..." JOE I heard what you said. Ricky pushes the driver side door shut. He shuffles to the back of the van and scratches his head. Joe walks over to that back of the van as well. RICKY Then why did you... JOE Because I had no idea why you would ask me that. RICKY Well... JOE How long have you known me? Ricky starts to count on his fingers. He taps his pointer, index, and ring fingers. (CONTINUED)

CONTINUED: JOE Five. You’ve known me for five years. Five really long years. RICKY Ya, and?


Joe drops his head. He closes his eyes and pinches his brow. He looks up and jabs a finger at Ricky. JOE So when the hell have I ever expressed an interest in Croquet. RICKY I don’t... JOE You think I’ve had a secret croquet interest this hole time, that I’ve been hiding? Jesus. Joe reaches in to his pocket. He rummages before he yanks out a key. He fits it into the lock in the back door of the van. RICKY It was a really good match. JOE Shut up. Joe twists the key. He grabs hold of the handle and yanks the door open. JOE Get out. BOBBY leans out of the van with his hand raised. He shields his face as he ducks out of the van. Joe grabs his shirt and flings him away from the van. BOBBY Please no. Please. Joe kicks at Bobby, and knocks him over. JOE Ricky, just take care of this guy will ya. Ricky takes a step towards Bobby. Bobby turns to Ricky and flails his hand in circles.




BOBBY No no no no. Please no. I’m a father. Please, you can’t. I have a family. Ricky stops and turns to Joe. Joe frown at Ricky. JOE The hell are you doing? we don’t care that he has a family. Ricky nods repeatedly. He turns back to Bobby. Bobby collapses, and scuffles back from Ricky. Ricky reaches into his pocket. He pulls out a long screw driver. He raise the screwdriver over his head. His arm trembles. Bobby raises his arms over his face. The screw driver comes crashing down. It bounces off of Bobby’s arm. BOBBY Ouch. Ricky raised the screwdriver again, and swings it down on Bobby’s arm. BOBBY Ow. Hey. JOE What the hell is that? Ricky looks down at the screwdriver in his hand. RICKY It’s all I could find. It kind of sucks. If only I had a hammer. Ricky whacks Bobby again with the screwdriver. JOE Why don’t you just stab him. RICKY What’s that. JOE I said "Just stab him." Ricky lunges the screw driver forward. It pierces into Bobby’s forearm, and a trail of blood leeks through he opening. The screwdriver’s end punches out the other side of (CONTINUED)



his arm, and blood pops a little in every direction. Bobby’s fore arm is pushed back. The screwdrivers end breaks into Bobby’s eye. His jaw drops. Ricky slaps his other hand onto the handle of the screwdriver. He places a foot on Bobby’s chest and kicks off. The screwdriver slides out of Bobby. Ricky stumbles backwards. RICKY Good idea. He looks down at the screw driver in his hand. RICKY Gross. Ricky tosses the screwdriver at Bobby. It spins in the air before coming down and bouncing off of Bobby’s head. JOE Sweet. we’re done here. Joe turns around and takes a step toward the front of the van. Ricky walks toward the van. RICKY You got anything else going tonight Joe? Joe walks over to the passenger’s door of the van. He grabs the handle of the door. JOE No, why? Ricky walks over to the drivers door. He grabs the handle and opens it. RICKY Wanted to see if you wanted to come over. There’s another croquet match, and I really think you should give it a shot. I bet you’ll like it. Joe laughs and opens the passenger’s door to the van. JOE You know, I’m going to kill you one of these days. (CONTINUED)



Joe get into the passengers side of the van, and slams the door shut. Ricky laughs and gets into the drivers side. RICKY I know. I know. Ricky pulls the door shut. The van’s engine starts and the wheels begin to role forward. The van pulls off back onto the road. It drives away down the road.

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