Select the lettered pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair. B. POISON: TOXIC:: A. PASSIVE : ACTIVE:: A. C. from the given lettered choices (A to D/E) below each. 3. A. D. B. E. followed by five lettered pairs of words. C. 1. If I ________ the promotion. Despite the _____ of the materials with which Tahira had worked. D. beauty translucence abundance majesty fragility 2. D. E. C. C. I would have bought a new car. B. resist: beaten mope: gloomy grow: small hassle: obnoxious accept: questioning 2 SAMPLE PAPER . received had received will receive would receive Each question below consists of a related pair of words. mixture: soluble sugar: sweet medicine: prescribed milk: bottled solid: liquid 4. A. many of her glass masterpieces have survived for more than seventy years. B. D.VERBAL Complete the sentences by choosing the most appropriate word. E.

D. According to the passage A. MIRACLE: A. B. managers have to deal with difficult questions. deep insight into the vagaries of human nature at both the individual and the group levels. in other words. hard thinking and hard work. It requires a clear. Managers can easily influence the behavior of hundreds and thousands of people. Which of the following is not a true statement? In order to motivate others. A. B. let alone an organization of hundreds or thousands? How can you help people feel enthusiastic and committed. C. A. The questions that managers have to grapple with as they try to inspire their people are many and complex: How do you deal with individuals or groups at different motivation levels that vary in different ways? How can you influence the behavior of a single individual. usualness wonder marvel sensation psychologist analyst polytheist physicist 6. D. but difficult possible and not difficult 8. 5. And when an organization is under strain or is in crisis. D. the establishment of appropriate and reasonable expectations and goals. B. It requires. Managers should know how to deal with people at different motivational levels. unbiased understanding of the situation at hand. especially in difficult times? 7. 3 SAMPLE PAPER .Choose the lettered word or phrase that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in capital letters. There is no trick to motivating others. and the construction of a balanced set of tangible and intangible incentives. C. C. MONOTHEIST: Questions 7-8 are based on the following passage. C. B. the challenges-and the stakes-become that much higher. motivating motivating motivating motivating others others others others is is is is not difficult impossible not impossible.

SAMPLE PAPER 4 .D. It is not easy to help people feel enthusiastic in difficult times.

D.If boy is coded as 21525. If they work together. 13114 12114 1114 1314 13115 12. B. D. C. 9 10 11 19 20 10. If the average (arithmetic mean) of 3a and 4b is less than 50. E. B. what is the largest integer value of a? A. C. C. C. B. how will man be encoded? A. B can wash his car in 15 minutes. E. MATTER BEFORE BEYOND NORMAL SAMPLE PAPER 5 . D. D.Mr. E.QUANTITATIVE/IQ 9. while his son takes twice as long to do the same job. how many minutes will the job take them? A. B. girl as 791812.TLRIA is related to WOULD in the same way as YBVLKA is related to: A. 5 minutes 7 1 minutes 2 1 minutes 2 10 minutes 22 30 minutes 11. and a is twice b.

D. B. 0.2 15.4 4. Kinetic energy B.Energy in motion is called: A. ferrite pearlite cementite ferrite and cementite 17.The structure of pure iron is: A. pressure and chips moving across the cutting tool surface. control control control control temperature fuel consumption absorption of neutrons radioactive pollution 14. C.period of simple harmonic vertical oscillation of a loaded light spring: A. B.The function of control rods in nuclear reactor is to: A. D.A carnot heat pump for domestic heating works between a cold system (the contents of refrigerator cabinet) at 0°C and the water in the radiator system at 80°C. Mean Mean Mean Mean effective effective effective effective temperature weight pressure height 18. C. C. D. Mechanical Energy E. B.Which of the following quantities is related to the operation of an internal combustion engine and is a valuable measure of an engine's capacity to do work? A. Transitional Energy D.Depressions formed on the surface of cutting tool due to heat.316 3. D. C. Potential energy C.MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 13. B. is independent of mass attached to the spring increases with increase in mass attached to the spring decrease with increase in the mass attached to the spring increase with decrease in mass attached to spring 16. Electromagnetic Energy 19. C. D. B. the coefficient of performance of this heat pump would be about: A. called 6 SAMPLE PAPER .4 6.

Torque Stress Thermally induced deformation Bending moment Volumetric strain SAMPLE PAPER 7 . B. C. C. Theoretical mechanics Applied mechanics Computational mechanics None of the above 22. Denting Cratering Indentation Abrasion None of the above 20. B. D. D. Optical Projector Steel Rule Micrometer Vernier Caliper Dial Gauge 21. E.The normal stresses at a particular cross section in a beam are caused by the ________ that acts at that cross section. C. D.Which of the following measuring instruments is supposed to be most accurate? A. A. B. E.A. B. D.Branch of knowledge that deals with fundamental laws and principles of mechanics studied for their intrinsic scientific value is called: A. E. C.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Right Choice E B B E A C D D B C A C C C B A C C B A A D SAMPLE PAPER 8 .ANSWER KEY Q #.