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Logs are structured by locations and traces are structured by categories.Ans: NO (L-L & T-C) Monitor in the "Current system status" view, You are informed about the current state of the monitored objects. This current state is either shown as white, green, yellow or red. CORRECT The display of the "Current system status" is refreshed automatically every 10 seconds. No Alerts that are marked as "Done" are stored within the database. Yes ( history you can check again). All monitors in your central monitoring system automatically display data from the newly added remote system: No For individual monitoring attributes, threshold settings are always identical for all systems connected to a central monitoring system: NO Newly created (and empty) transport requests always have one or more tasks: yes possible steps during the import of a transport request into an SAP System based on AS ABAP?  Start of the executable R3trans  Start of the batch job RDDIMPDP  Dictionary import  Activation of table structures  Execution of XPRAs All are correct. Transport Management System (TMS): Mass transports, Single transports, Workflow-controlled transports: yes (QA (quality assurance) approved transports – no) To configure the QA approval procedure, you have to be logged on to the transport domain controller system. YES The system you want to configure as the QA system must be the target of at least one consolidation route or one delivery route: YES The system you want to configure as the QA system must have a delivery route to at least one additional system: YES Customizing change requests can only be transported with SE09: NO Regarding the client-change options, a change request of type CUSY is created. CORRECT Creating a new secondary index on ZLARGE(an expensive SQL statement on table) has an impact on the cost based optimizer, which can lead to bad optimizer decisions: CORRECT Depending on the nature of the performance problem, changing the expensive statement in the code of ZZSLOW or creating an additional secondary index for table ZLARGE might improve the performance: CORRECT The customer can now schedule the database maintenance tasks from a central system using transaction DB13C. There is no need to log on to each system for the execution of the transaction DB13. : CORRECT Technically, you can plan and schedule database tasks by using RFC communication. :CORRECT Technically, you cannot use the ABAP tools to backup the JAVA schema. :CORRECT During the creation of the new index the table is locked. :CORRECT Creating a new secondary index can reduce the number of full table scans in some cases of expensive SQL statements.: CORRECT

YES SAPinst can be used to perform a remote installation: WRONG SAPinst always stores the installation log files in the directory C:\TEMP\install_log (Windows operating systems) or /tmp/install/log (Unix operating systems).: WRONG Integrated ITS is being accessed via ICF. Customers can not create new ICF services. NO An inactive ICF service may have an active superordinate ICF service. SAP xApps : YES iii. Duet : YES iv. SAP Central Business ICF services can only be created by SAP. This can be done using a) The Config Tool b) The UME administration console : a. Business Server Pages are accessed via ICF : CORRECT ICF Services provide access to functions developed for AS ABAP by using URL requests : CORRECT Internet Server Cache (ISC) store cached objects In the memory & In a file (But not in DB): CORRECT An active ICF service may have an inactive superordinate ICF service.:CORRECT . additional work is needed. CORRECT what is a variant? Program selection criteria. SAP Business Integration ii.                      Pfcg: The yellow symbol indicates that the maintenance of authorizations for the corresponding area is not done yet.b CORRECT Update operations must be done by "Asynchronous Update" : WRONG In AS ABAP based systems. which can be stored for later use with the same report. SAP NetWeaver : YES v. icm/server_port_<xx>): CORRECT Sap s/w is specifically targeted at integrating different business applications from different software vendors i.In addition you need to chang the secure store content by using the Config Tool: CORRECT You have to change the maximum password length setting of an AS Java based SAP system. YES An active ICF service may have an active subordinate ICF service.: CORRECT An authorization object( OR A single authorization) can be assigned to a user master record : WRONG An authorization profile OR one or more ROLE can be assigned to a user master record: CORRECT You have changed the password of the administrative user of an AS Java system. the following work process types can be configured: "Update work process" and "Update 2 work process: CORRECT Dialog and background processes can update table content: CORRECT Only Update work processes can perform updates on table content: WRONG Maintenance and activation of the SMTP node in transaction SCOT (SAPconnect) + Maintenance of parameters for SMTP (for example. YES An active ICF service may have an inactive subordinate ICF service.

PFL. will require adjustment during future system upgrades. You updated the TP files. Answer incorrect profile where the SAPDBHOST parameter is defined. SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP and Java can be monitored centrally. CORRECT operating system level program is used to transfer exported changes from an integration system into a consolidation system: tp CORRECT name of the parameter file used by the R/3 Transport System: DOMAIN.. must be registered with SAP Software Change Registration (SSCR) … are saved to tasks of type repair. Answer incorrect Maximum number of users who may be logged on to the logon group. CORRECT The CCMS agent is a piece of Java software running in an SAP NetWeaver AS Java. is DEFAULT.: WRONG GRMG infrastructure periodically calls GRMG application using URLs: CORRECT GRMG uses HTTP/HTTPS to exchange XML-based monitoring data.:WRONG Using the CCMS monitoring infrastructure. Which of the following users is authorized to maintain R/3 user id parameters? Only the R/3 system administrator.. Correct Which R/3 System user is required to start external programs with SAP background jobs? SAPCPIC : CORRECT ( WRONG ones are <sid>adm. The mode is specified in the ABAP source code of the SAP transactions and cannot be changed dynamically by the user: CORRECT When creating a logon group for Logon Load Balancing Maximum allowable response time per logon group Answer incorrect Maximum number of users who may be logged on to the instance. : CORRECT Database changes that are made via the SAP Update System and transferred to an update work process. Answer: correct Name of the instance defined for the logon group. .CFG : CORRECT All changes to SAP owned objects. sapr3) What are the 2 types of R/3 System (SYSLOG) files in unix? Local and central: CORRECT. do you need to update the DC with this update. actions. or users that cause the problem. Answer: correct Maximum number of sessions per user. Incorrect Only the R/3 system administrator and the user. ALL 3 ARE CORRECT ..:CORRECT if an AS Java-based SAP system shows low performance. can be carried out synchronously or asynchronously.? Ans ? . sap* ddic. Use the “Distributed Statistics” to go through the data generated for the last several hours systematically and try to find the components.   GRMG is a periodic ping on operating system level to check the availability of the Java component.

basic objects of the data dictionary Tables. The only patch applied while system is down are binaries (ABAP kernel). Is it necessary to stop WEB AS and J2EE to apply the support packs for J2EE? Any J2EE patches are applied while system is up and running but no activities. V2 components will not be processed. database or SAP version. not the user. Only the masterdata (variant) is client dependent. The actual data is places in the Tem Se (Temporary Sequential objects). phases of background processing? Job Scheduling. communications between R/3 and external applications: GW The SAP Gateway process communicates with the clients based on the TCP/IP Protocol.                         table USR02 table stores User IDs and passwords Table TADIR contains object directory entries. Job Overview. Always update your kernel to latest level. Time-critical operations are placed in V1 component and those whose timing is less critical are placed in V2 components. how to allow multiple logins for certain key users you can implement parameter login/multi_login_users = user1. Table TDEVC contains development classes and packages. Data elements. rdisp/wp_no_spo : SAP profile parameter that controls the number of spool work processes per instance When deleting a spool request. Job Processing. login/disable_multi_gui_login = 1. user3 There is no way to schedule a report to run from DB13 other than pre-configured DBA jobs. Common Program Interface Communication. Structures.ans :D a) The spool request itself and associated table entries.-CPIC Spool requests are generated during dialog or background processing. Domains. d) All of the above Native SQL statements do not make use SAP buffer . Foreign Keys SAP spool work process communicates with the host spool are called-ACCESS METHOD. An “F” access method refers to front end printer. the system removes. You could schedule report RSPO0041 for deleting the spool (TEMSE) objects Before upgrading OS . The “batch scheduler” initiates the start of background job. An update request can be divided into one primary (V1) and several Secondary update components (V2). Paging area holds data from the application programs. If a V1 update fails. c) All output requests that were generated for that spool request. Remember that ABAP programs are always client independent. user2. It is local to the SAP server.Roll area holds data from previous dialog steps and data that characterize the user. Will a client copy transfer the background job schedules and all client dependent data? SAP_ALL will copy all client dependent data including schedules to the new client.  b) The print file. This uses the user’s Windows printer. An “L” access method refers to local printer. How can you tell if a transport entry is in the process of being imported? Check table TRBAT How can you find a list of objects that have been repaired in the system? ADIRACCESS List of repaired objects and their access keys : table ADIRACCESS has the List of repaired objects and their access keys To disable multiple user logins. The dispatcher then sends this request to an available background work process for processing.


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