Brief Integrated Operation For Getting the Govt.

Seed Farms Back from Illegal Occupants / Lessee
Agriculture (Extension) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was established to facilitate the farming community and disseminate modern agriculture practices recommended by the agricultural scientists. The Department since its establishment is rendering its services in true letter and spirit. It facilitates the farming community in provision of improved/certified seed of cereal crops, besides a queue of mandatory duties. For the purposed the department owned agricultural seed farms as its production units, most of these are situated in DIKhan. These farms are located in the suburbs of DIKhan namely Rakh Zandani (1578 Acres); Rakh Manghan (884 Acres); Rakh Bund Kurai (994 Acres); Ratta Kulachi Farm (490 Acres) and Rakh Mahra (50 Acres). These Farms are the only source to provide farming community with improved/certified seed of wheat, maize, pulses & oil seed crops. Unfortunately, keeping in view there prime location, the opportunists aimed at to get the land grabbed by hook or by crook. In the past regime, these political activities, using their under hand means, influenced the government and through District Lease Committee they succeeded to get recommendations for allotment of these productive units to so called lessee. The land of those farms were handed over to them on October 9, 2006. The matter noticed by higher ups got the lease cancelled on July 4, 2007 with constituting an Enquiry Committee on May 16, 2007 to probe in to the matter. The Enquiry Committee recommended drastic action against miscreants. Resultantly Mr. Innayatullah Baloach the then EDO Agriculture was dismissed, Ihsanullah Khan Gandapur the then DOA Agriculture Dera , Sardar Ali and Karim Nawaz Baloach Farm Managers were compulsorily retired while Salahuddin Farm Manager got minor penalty of stoppage of 3 increments. All these knocked at the door of Provincial Service Tribunal and after rejection from there; they went to the Supreme Court of Pakistan against this decision. The Supreme Court, in its judgement announced on 27.4.2011, restored all these persons.
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On the other hand, the so-called lessee, unanimously succeeded in getting status quo from the court and kept the land under their occupancy. At Govt. Seed Farm Rakh Zandani 986 Acres land were with illegal occupants out of which 287 Acres were un-reclaimed. The land proposed for the construction of Prison which was returned back to the department were forcefully occupied by some miscreants. 257 Acres of land proposed for Prime Minister House Scheme which were also returned back to the Department also were with illegal occupants whilst illegal lessee kept 342 Acres piece of land with themselves. Similarly out of 290 Acres land at Government Seed Farm Ratta Kulachi some 77 Acres land was snatched and illegally occupied by illegal lessee. The Department of Agriculture lost its ownership at Govt. Farm Rakh Mahra and all of its 50 Acres assaulted by the illegal lessee. The Status quo taken by illegal occupants has been terminated by the court on Jun 25, 2011 cancelling lease of plaintiff(s). Seed is a basic unit in farming. When some one looses its production units and victimized by politicised terrorism it brought economical instability weakening provincial economy. It was a conspiracy which would lead to infertility of the provincial economy and curse of poverty to the following generations. The Honourable Minister Agriculture, keeping in view this entire chronic situation, took personal interest, contacted concerned authorities emphasizing on the solution of this prime issue of agriculture extension department. On the other hand, an MPA Mr. Israrullah Khan Gandapur from Tehsil Kulachi, DIKhan has moved a “Call Attention Notice” in the Provincial Assembly to get the house realized drastic situation. Provincial Assembly’s Standing Committee for Agriculture Sub-Committee No. 5 immediately called on a meeting on June 1st 2011 under which the committee decided to call all concerned in the next meeting which was subsequently scheduled on 13th June 2011. In its second meeting the Honourable Minister Agriculture, Advocate General Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Mr. Israrullah Khan Gandapur the MPA; Secretary Revenue Board, Additional Secretary Agriculture, Director General Agriculture (Extension), Dy. Director Agriculture (E&M) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Commissioner DIKhan,

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DCO DIKhan, District Police Officer DIKhan, Registrar Revenue DIKhan, EDO Agriculture DIKhan etc. attended the meeting. After a thread bearing discussion, an integrated plan for getting the land released was chalked out which was approved by the Chairman Standing Committee for Agriculture, Sub committee No. 5 of Provincial Assembly. The Honourable Minister declared it a challenge and a thread for survival of the Agriculture Department and advised to leave no effort unturned in discharging the task. On issuance of clear cut instructions from the highest forum of the province, government functionaries moved on. On the direction of Secretary Agriculture Mr. Afsar Khan and Commissioner DIKhan, the DCO DIKhan, Member Revenue Board, Director General Agriculture (Extension), District Revenue Staff DIKhan and District Police Department have had an integrated operation in three consecutive stages and on 18.6.2011 got 2208 Kanal 9 Marlas; on 30.6.2011 got 1449 Kanal 18 Marlas and in its last stage on July 1st, 2011 2403 Kanal 6 Marlas back to the department. Some of pieces of land (1688 Kanal) had already taken back in February 2011. So through a series of utmost integrated efforts of Agriculture Department,

Revenue Department and District Administration an area of 6070 Kanal 13 Marlas of Govt. Seed Farm Rakh Zandani; 619 Kanal 19 Marlas of Ratta Kulachi and 400 Kanal of Rakh Mahra Farm is got released from the illegal occupants. Thus a total of 8769 Kanal 12 Marla land grabbed is got back. These un-tired & ruthless efforts of the listed staff (annexed list) made this success possible despite life threats from the miscreants/illegal occupants to the Agriculture Department Staff.

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