The Spoiled Child

JL Bradley
December 28th 2012
Now I realize that many of “us” have an attention span of a new born puppy that is unless it either concerns food or some other item we fancy. Nevertheless for those of you that rise in the morning and hit your knees to pray feverously we never fail to give our undivided attention to that little nation on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean, this piece might strike you the wrong way. How many of you “God is in Israel’s corner” can recall with a small bit of clarity our President’s recent visit to southern Asia, a journey meant to increase our foreign policy initiative in the region, I believe it was called “pivot to Asia”, whereas if you track other news besides from Bibi’s little tiny country, you would realize that Asia is a growing economic powerhouse that receives somewhere in the neighborhood 25% of US exports and the US imports some 35% of goods, a two-fold action that overall creates 2.4 million jobs our soil. Compare this to Israel where we just shovel them $3 billion plus to assist their existence – or their leader’s off-shore accounts. I have few friends that if someone (like I) writes or notes a negative vision of Israel, that the composer (I) must be turning against the Christian and Jewish world, and twisting towards being a Muslim, which doesn’t ruffle my feathers because they label Obama as a Muslim – not bad company. The message (some maintain) to the Arab world with Obama’s little jaunt to Asia marked a brief break with the USA’s decade-long engagement in Iraq and Afghanistan, two huge vacuums that continue to suck copious amounts of Taxpayer money into a bag that has a hole at its bottom. Although it is not

true that Obama did not say it publicly the clear message was – the “USA has other priorities”, well that went over about as well as breaking wind during a moment of silence at a Sunday service – you know an action that would cause you spouse to slam an elbow into your ribs with such force you had to retreat to the nearest emergency room for treatment. Well as you well know Israel was not putting up with this obvious nose tip, hours before Obama left on his “high profile” business trip to Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia, PM Benjamin Netanyahu (“Bibi”) and his warriors assassinated Ahmed Jaban, the acting boss of the Hamas military wing – consequently the world headlines covered the following 8-days with undivided attention. Bibi had made his point – listen you half-breed President “how dare you ignore God’s chosen”. Not only did Bibi’s tantrum push Obama’s trip off the US front pages, in places in the West it sent another ripple of “exasperation” through administrations across the land. One senior US State Department official said, “Here we go again, the Middle East is like quicksand. The more you struggle to get loose, the more you get pulled back in.” He was kind enough or schooled in political correctness not to say, “especially with Bibi’s crowd.” This remark is one that was reflected all across the world outside of the Arab influence, it not being an exaggeration as once again we witness Israel snaking the headlines from other events making news – so as Obama toured Thailand’s Wat Pho monastery with its giant reclining Buddha statue – behind the scenes we witness his policy staff trying unwind the latest gyrations Bibi and his latest Gaza battle, an incursion based on eliminating the head of the Hamas. By the time the President visited Cambodia to attend a summit organized by the Association o Southeast Asia Nations, his staff was up to their elbows in Israel data, and so where the Headlines of the World. At this point some would think that I’m anti-Israel, a crude assumption at best, while I accept and believe of the right to the Hebrews/Jews to exist, I do not like the manner in which “Bibi” governs this 8,500 square mile piece on the Earths surface. A land less than any other land in the Middle East, that at every opportunity if it feels it is not garnering world attention flexes it military might and lays another siege on the land of the Palestinian…and hits its knees bemoaning the fact that the Palestinians, who are as economically

disadvantaged as most 3rd world countries anywhere in the World. They paint the picture of a race of people who are keeping the interloping Jews from northern Europe from reclaiming the land that they say was given to them by Abraham’s God. If some other leader in the region has gas or some other minor internal disturbance Bibi’s government screamed “help” and the USA gathers up a few dollars scattered about, sends some more of its vast number war machines, while the majority of the American population raises its eyes and arms to the heavens and asks why? Why, well it very obvious Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu leans further right than any two persons you’d find skipping along the shoreline any where in the USA – he is so far right that 200 bloodhounds from the deep South would never find him in a well lit football stadium. This man loves to spill blood like I chase a Mounds bar from time-to-time, and in this mind-set he will continue to turn his nose at the administration of the President until Obama really sits him down and tells him how the world really works. Although his time acting as one of the Patriarchs of Israel is drawing to a close, in that an election is due in the Democratic Nation of Israel and his own people are more than upon-step with his manner of going to war at the drop of the hat. When the UN finally recognized Gaza in a favorable manner Bibi immediately order the construction of more housing units on disputed land, a typical knee-jerk reaction by a man who can’t stand it when someone tells him “no”…if anyone is capable of igniting a war in the Middle East it is this man, who wants to send fleets of missiles and war planes to Iran and turn the entire 637,000 square mile country to glass, based on the fact that it might one day have nuclear weapon capability – whereas the only thing holding Bibi back is Obama won’t support his wish and Saudi Arabia won’t let Israel’s bombers fly over their air-space…beside sitting just north of him in Lebanon is an effective rebel group that more than likely will launch 1000s of missiles into Israel. Used to be that Syria was a strong deterrent, but now that it’s being ripped about in its own civil war it is no longer a worry, yet! Recall it was Bibi who spun some pretty terrific tales about Saddam and his weapons of mass destruction that assisted GWB and Tony Blair to attack Iraq,

yet once the truth was known Bibi melted back into the shadows, chuckling, as the media exposed the truth behind the grab to secure the oil fields. Will we ever see a Middle East peace? I really don’t think so, why? There is too much dubious history behind keeping the dust stirred up, the main reason being the religious background of the region. We all know that the Islamic culture carries a heavy-duty chip on their shoulder when it come to the Judean culture, now mix in a bit of the spin off from Judaism the Christian faith and we find a pot that needs no fire to keep boiling. History shows us that Islam came about when Mohammad observed how the Jews were working hard and converting some of the idol worshipers in Mecca – noting that their high-and-mighty tactics were moving the local population higher and higher up-on-step. Then couple the mindset of many American’s who firmly believe that on Sept 11th, 2001 a group of Arabic men commanded three or maybe four 130 ton airliners and dive bombed them into the World Trade Center, with less than 1 hour flight time in a Cessna 180 and 20 hours on a Microsoft flight game, making the planes perform acts of flight aerobatics that pilots with Air Force training could not – and now you find a deep seated hatred of all Arabs, or Muslims in America. Which in itself has convinced a great many Americans that if we don’t support our last bastion of protection, Israel we’ll soon be overrun by Arabs and soon be riding down and around on our streets, AK-47’s strapped on their shoulders bouncing along on one and two hump camels. So, whenever the leaders of Israel commit atrocities or step-out-of-bounds from time-to-time the US tends to look the other way, presently we see many in the US screaming their displeasure about the fact the Taxpayers in the USA will be supplying some fighter jets to Egypt – not because it is your money but for the fact that they might use the fighters to attack Israel – well albeit is a bad idea in that the supreme radical organization the Muslim Brotherhood is not running the show in Egypt, most screamers are not aware that Egypt already has over 200 US Fighter Planes on top of over 1,200 American Tanks. Me, don’t sent more and cut-off funding a radical government, were we don’t need another TeaParty, one that is armed with new F-16s and tanks. As for the war predicted in the Middle East – if you read tea leaves or even if you don’t – expect one, the infamous war horse supported by the war

machines all over the world are counting on it. This one will do more than shift a few borders, and push around some sand, or even allow the winners to walk in and claim the oil. It will be a nasty war that will do more than just effect the Middle East, if my guess is right in addition to the shooting up of population and their homeland, chemical weapons will be used, along with maybe nuclear armament and in a blink of an eye, the land will become a wasteland and the atmosphere above it will morph into a toxic substance – and if you know anything about our planet you must know we lived in a closed environment. At the end-of-the day Israel reminds me of our love for guns, sure they kill people, sure they are used to massacre six years olds, but we’re so far deep into our possession of them, what can you do? All the “occupy” movements in the streets across our globe won’t be able to stop the conflict, one that will only take one spark that really gets Bibi and his gang to declare war, and once again the countries will line up either for or against and the Planet will now face the fear we shared during the Cold War. So enjoy the day using your maximum capabilities for tomorrow may never arrive, at least for the human race. Happy New Year Kanook