The Master greets a devotee us He steps out of the home Wuiting for Him, at the Disneyland Hotel, Anaheim

o Mrs. Lucille Grmn, Glendole, Crhfornia, November 24, 1972. f

W h o has come so very very far for our sake, W h o gives Your own life so that we might have life, W h o bves us more than we evil2 ever know, W h o infe~ts with love of all that is; us Please, dear Master, Make us accept that which You want to give us, Make us digest that which we accept, Make us care about the holiness of our lives, Make us live up to the birthright that is ours; So that we may thank You with our lives, and love You with our whole Self, and all that we are becomes a new song, sung to You.

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so that wc cannot go on with it. if a man is put on thc Way. Even if we are putting in timc for rncditation. But we find the bcst thing is. 0 God. in which rhe thcnl as the subject of this talk. we find difficulty. cvcrybody knows. Don't be dependent on w given by him on the night of m anybody. the highest in all crcation.~ First of all. The ultimate goal of all knowle. I f I have to be dependent an 0th- . that defiles everything. Master explains both rhe impedimenf. But it is mind. but I am going to enumerate This rernarkuble talk. in contact EAR BROTHERS AND SISTERS: D somewhere where thcy can be put on thc way back to God. c ~ r the Belmonr me this: That I may stand on m y own Horel. you know. give November 1 .!ge is the knowledge of thc Self. Whtrl is /hut b y knowing which everything else is known? For that. Thc highest aim in the man body is to know Sclf and to know God. becausc you have got the man body. legs. you see: We should stand and the helping factors on the Way. which is next to God. he shoirld keep rhe commcmdments literally. And thcrc arc some things that are impediments on thc Way. The Upanishads ask us. Chicugo. which is within you. on our own legs.Little Little Things YOU arc all fortunate. That we know. 1972. Onc Saint prays. So body is the true templc of God. the spiritual way. God makes an arrangement to bring thosc who have got a real yearning to search for this ideal.

And one more thing: If such food is preparcd this way. "My head aches. If he is kept on meat. All Masters have referred to it. look to your stomach. there can be no sickness." Then another man came the same day and said. So we must have honest earning. such a man alone can know C o d . There was one Maharishi Shivbrat Lal. and those who prepare the food have been in the sweet remembrance of God. waiting on the table.. H e went to Prophet Mohammed and said. So it is a satvic [i. T o be dependent on others is a heinous crime. so there is no need of my being here. And even if we take that kind of diet." "Well. Otherwise many evil thoughts will creep up in you. you see. chaste t h o u ~ h t s ." H e said. Soul is of the same essence as that of God. we have got that dishonesty creeping up within ourselves. that will have its effect. so long as they d o what 1 have ordered: have a good character. We should have n o hatred for anybody. is yours. outer and inner construction is the same. nobody has been sick. "Well. "I cannot sit in meditation. richness o r poorness-all these things depend on . Second thing: God has given rightsequal rights-to everybody. You better go. "Look to your stomach. Higher position o r lower position. etc. "My mind wanders away. It should not be blood squeezed from others. Don't usurp the rights of others. but if you eat too much. my mind rebels. whatever we eat and drink has its own effect. so that if any- body went sick. One may be standing. The doctor remained with the party for six months.e. and by whom it is served. What is yours. One man came to him and said. all evils creep in. we have to watch the hands through which the food passes: by whom it is cooked." H e said. then what is the result? Diet which is digested will give you strength. another one is sitting in the chair. He who earns his money in the honest wuy and shares with others. who had about forty followers with him at one time. then you will find some rest-some peace. Eat one morsel less than you need. and God also resides in everybody. what is others is for the others. and somebody attached a doctor to him. "Look to your stomach. strict vegetarian] diet that we have to take. This is due to as we have sown. I have been here six months. If a dog is kept on vegetable food. All these things affect the man who eats it. And we are ensouled bodies. so we have reaped. and hard work. with chaste thoughts-then you will find that when you eat. more than what is wanted." So this is the first elementary thing which stands as an impediment on the Way you have been put on." Then another man said. I cannot sit in meditation for long. naturally. There was an incident with the Prophet Mohammed. that will give you calmness within. that is the first thing required." The Prophet said. but nobody got sick.. he might be treated then and there. it is better that Y o u take m y soul from the body. that which is not digested? So diet has a great effect. "Yes. That diet also carries the effect of those through whose hands the food has been prepared and served. Guru Nanak said. If money is earned by honest means.ers. and take one morsel less than they really need. he is very amiable. Whatever money we receive through dishonest means. If the food is earned by honest means. that is the first step." So our earnings should be honest. he will be howling and growling. We are born the same way. Further.

I forgive". If you rcmember somebody who has done this wrong or that wrong. you should go o n reciting some scripture or have the sweet remembrance of God. So as I told you. I think I mentioned to you that when 1 was a military accounts officer attached to a regiment in the field. Others d o not know. If anybody has done anything wrong to you. Sometimes people say. just see how far we have gone. a mother would not let anyone enter thc kitchen when she was preparing the food. We are all brothers and sisters in God. little things affect them. who was it in your kitchen today?" H e said. he has done that"-that also poisons the mind and affects you. Forgive and forget." You hate others for these reasons: because you are very rich. men are not of the same stature. This hatred of the heart affccts your mind. The third thing was. if an ounce is added. If a child has done anything wrong. your whole body is poisoned from head down to foot. you see. The fourth thing is chastity: of thought." These are the little little things that affect the reservoir of our subconscious mind. you say. Humility is the only remedy for that. The third thing is: Forgive and forget. you know. "I a m in power. as I told you. "All right. look here: So long as you are in the kitchen. Forget all. Why don't we notice these things? Because we are already so filthy. But those who have got no filth." Or. because you are vcry learned. we don't notice. "Well. Sometimes a man thinks. on account of our being rich o r learned o r a man of position o r a man of possessions. cooked by. then how d o you t h h k the God within you will receive you? So we are all equal. you te think of them. d o you not Forgive? And one thing. "No. And they react. there was. 1 called that man-at night: "Well. No other thought should enter your mind. O n the fourth day I was sitting in meditation at about 12 o r 1 in the night. one orderly was given to me to cook my food. because you are a man of position. Make him understand politely. that they are not fit for our society. we hate others. The second thing was. then naturally that element of your retribution won't go. try to understand what he says. You are on the watch-"when can I retallate?" Forgive and forget. Even if any ~ ~ n c h n s thoughts enter your mind. and a college man is there. you see: Each man has to work at his own level. nobody entered there. we were talking about such-and-such. again and again the thought goes on-"he has done that. SO 1 told him. sir. "All right. "I am a very learned man. word and deed. but once it has been done. Suppose a man with a primary grades education is there. come on. "Yes. something was wrong 1 at in my mind. I know much better. Can you expect the primary man to talk up to the levcl of the college man? Make some allowance. we are all equal. and pure diet passed through." Well.'. people of good character in sweet remembrance of God. In the old days. If you don't forget. one thing is honest earning.that. you see. then-forget. "Oh. After all." H e said. If you hate them. . So these are the first things. served by. nobody was there. Generally we feel. We think they are not men of our own status." "Don't lie!" Then he said. for three days he obeyed. I am giving you practical difficulties. "We d o not d o anything. one gram affects them. each man works according to his own level of thinking or development. but you have not forgiven at heart.

let's see . whenever they are wanted. "Is it in your country that they beat women?" The result was. Chastity in itself is a blessing. whenever you sit. o r thinking that the other man. "this is no good. If you are always thinking. and to help each other to know God. in weal o r woe. whether it is done in a frivolous way. that said that some missionaries went to Japan and preached one commandment of Moses : Don't strike your woman. That is the main thing.I. He will look after it." But don't broadcast it like a plague rabbit. married life in accordance with the scriptures is no bar to spirituality. or any enmity." but privately. don't drink. you will progress wonderfully. I tell you. you see. so it is sown. he 1s bad. of God. unchaste thoughts. each thought has its own color and its own fragrance. then that will affect your stomach. So for that reason.") "He is like that-he is like that-he is like that"you are always looking after that. So what is wanted is chastity of everything-eyes. those who keep it. God has given you a companion to help each other on the earthly sojourn. And that chastity has its own thought by radiation.I. foremost preachers in society. And for the ears: don't hear anything evil about othersbecause a little thought comes to you. As I told you. I have seen men. As you sow. "Don't drink. but drinking is also there. they do drink.D. I read a book once when I was in school. and we begin to doubt that man about which we have heard. If you have got any friend who is clearly doing something wrong. hc is no good. God is there too. But he may be all right. "Don't drink. Sometimes we say. ears. The people were leading very innocent lives. are they not? Maybe the word "don't" is there." means "Confidential Investigation Department. Then you say. you will become fond of it. But those very things affect you. It is companionship. a sacrament. he m bud. you see. In these little little things. "all right. every thought has its effect. tongue-skin also. 1 have love for you. don't think evil of anybody: because as you think. "it is very delicious". As I explained to you the other day. you may tell him privately. we receive infection from others. "You know how wonderful 1 am?" If you want. So for this reason. politely. don't drink" and all the time they are thinking of drinking. So there is chastity of eyes: Don't look to others with lustful thoughts o r any rancor rankling in your mind. So a life of self-restraint is a blessing. they will feel blessings in their body. don't spoil your life. they began to beat women. after a year's preaching. who preach. they asked.we simply enjoyv-they are talking of suchlike things. This is the fourth thing: Where there is chastity. let others say you are wonderful.D. s o beware! Thoughts are very potent. don't believe anything anyone tells you--"I have heard" or "I have seenw-unless you hear for your own self with your ears and see with your own eyes. ("c. all virtues will find an abode in you. Out of the abundance oj his heart a man speaks. These things are based on what is lying in the depths of your hearts. Then the fifth thing is: Don't work as the unpaid apprentices of the C. not a contract. you will think. I have seen. your mind will be at rest. Then comes chastity of tongue: Anything which is not of satvic character. I am telling you. and that awakens doubt. for enjoyment's sakeit affects. you will get infected with that. so you beconle. And then for begetting children. going around everywhere.

don't let the mind be vacant. John Bunyan wrote T h e Pilgrim's mind is the home o f the devil. Criticize yourself as you will save many troubles. a good thought. put down your to you to talk. you see. he was more can you do? Unless a man in his writing the proceedings of a primary heart of hearts feels that he has done school. That I took to be my guide. sometimes of w e hovering around you. There is His motto was. You see. a fourth man. have two o r three things hovering over Further: we criticize others. Don't sim. If will learn many things. wholly and solely. you attend only a little failures and weed them out. the next drawer." So do one thing at a time. So example is better than w precept. Wrile something daily." So as you think. a thought this-they of love. the battle is to be men around you. "What Y O U R O W N SELF: you will reform many are you after?" "Sir. you d o the same. tell p a r k . These are six things which stand in they won't leave unless you satisfy them. tle. Somelust defiles the whole body from head times you think of that. should criticize ourselves as we critiIf you read the lives of great men. it may take one hour. permeates your whole body. so open the third drawer. There There was another man. Both finally. the result is that they and for that. "please don't do it. So. daily? I don't think one or two! So many mind defiles everything: a thought of problems are heaped together. for example: Thc night before the him privately. er man comes. he won't follow you.and leave him not fully attended. you attend him only a lityou will become a sinner. he was strolling in the compound where he was living. at 1 a m . attend to it fully. sweet remembrance of Gad. I am a sinner". Napoleon Bonayou have a friend whom you love. You know." What Battle of Waterloo. not by the words you express it is eight o'clock now.which makes them great. completely. Man will go was? Therc is something in some men by the dictates of his mind. you might have seen that book. then it is all right. and you will find you a diary for that. Kcep it occupied. duily. his motto was. Mind your own business. Stanley by is a table there with so many drawers.Wunted: R e formers-Not o f others. "1 am a sinner. How many problems do you have things should be known. are all hovering around you. And there are some constructive to it fully: decide one way o r the other points which help us on the Way. thcn 8 . So down to foot. you have to keep diaries." "That is at nine o'clock. then he will listen to you. thcn a third man. you see. A minwise not. and solely. one thing that helps us with this: Do one and he wrote T h e Pilgrim's Progress.what it's all about. thing at a time. either in your work or in the Progress. R E F O R Mister was there. One man comes would criticize others. they see. hovering round. At vinced that what he is doing is really eight o'clock in the morning of the Batwrong. You see how self-composed he wrong. Then you won't you become. Whatever then close down that drawcr. Then open see-Finish you take. finish it. I f he is con.tle of Waterloo. We your mind. name. you cize others. you something daily. but of themselves. other. A vucunt you see: Do one thing at a time. So this you can learn from Bonaparte's life. the way of our progress on the spiritual So whatever thought strikes you. attend way. God knows. you have been b' e n wholly. People judge by what fought at nine. or preach. anothply say. . Finish something open one drawer and attend to it fully. and If you weed them out.

can you d o anything wrong? No. What your heart mcans. I f you are the head of a department. love your subordinates. then you will fear nothing in the world. When you arc at work. whether high o r low. you see. Then you will go to bed quite buoyant and fresh. under you. but they carry great meaning-they provide you .two hours. So have reverence for all. These are the things that aftcct us. Man is next to God. one thing more: Man is the highest in all creation. reverence for all who are around you. these are simple words. you see? Thesc are very little things that will help us. and reverence for all who are bcneath you. superior officers are only pleased if you have turned out more work-it may be at the sacrifice of those working under you." Do we think like that? Jf you think somebody is watching you. excuse me. "1 must attend to this and that thing". usurping others' rights. All creation has been made subservient to you. be fully occupied in work: Work is worship. why? Because he is afraid the secret will be out. Otherwise. Take care. So when you are at your practice. all are lower than you are-animals. he will have to tell lies. the Master Power is within you. others d o see it. then that is true. excuse me. Then you will find. But a secret is nevcr a secret! The cat must be out of the bag. And one more thing: Be true to your own self. o r below you. reptiles. "Look hcre: now 1 am residing within you. and awake the same way. be fully at practice. let your brain think and your mouth say. above you. And you must have reverence for all. So the man who betrays his own Self. Why? I treated them alike as brothers-reverence for them. If your attention is in eating. So you are the head of all creation. three hours. that eating will give you good results. So be true to your own Self. When you eat. because that is a gift from God. These are the practical things which help us. Then we say something. T o keep one thing secret he has to tell hundreds of lies. We deceive our own self first. but o f themselves. because at heart of hearts he is in fear. When 1 was in office. When Baba Jaimal Singh initiated somebody. you don't know how much you have eaten. God resides in every body. birds. our younger brothers in the family of God. he used to say. 1 am looking after you now. Thank God. Keep your mind occupied always. All are our brothers. In my case. but your thought is somewhere else. When these three agree. And they turned out twice the amount of thc work which others did-and quictly and friendly. and he will talk to another. is not true to his own Self. The laws of Nature you are controlling. whether they are round you. God is within you. Now. be fully in your eating. The man who is not true to himself. above you. thcy are after the subordinates. Wunted: Reformers-not of others. Then you worry. H e will speak to one man a few words. So be true to your own Self. If you don't watch it. Sometimes you have taken the morsel. I was a superintendent. So as I have told you. then we deceive others: telling lies. 1 am telling you what constructive things help us. he has to tell hundreds of lies. after a month o r two the whole statement will change. the work which is left incomplete is hovering in your mind throughout the night. the subordinates were pleased and the officers wcre also pleased. but we mean something else. have reverence for all who are over you. next to God: great is man.

and to know God. not to his own self only. and will put before you. Forget the future-"we'll d o this. And when you will sit. We spend thousands of dollars for the outer cleanliness. But outside they are not so clean as inside. This is the temple of God. Do you remember to d o that? Be very much on guard. as I submitted earlier. Seeing is not bad. If you think evil of others. and a man is one who is of service to others. you will be wide awake. Whatever thought comes up. that has its own color. that's all. what difference does it make? But those who are pure in heart. But this body-we keep it clean outside but not inslde. too. but what about the inside? It is mind that defiles the whole thing. torment others and you will be tormented. we are all reading in one class to pass the same examination: to control our mind. So thesc are the things which help us. its own odor. one o r two pounds added to it. naturally. thoughts are very potent. knowledge means what? Fellowship. well d o thatw-like that. Think twice! What should you think? One: Is it necessary to say anything? Two: How will it affect others? Is it in their interest or will it hurt them? Is it good? Is it necessary to say something? If not. we all go together. Outer temples. which are the models of the man body. you will be buoyant and fresh. we keep clean and tidy. That will help your health. then it is full of perfume. so you become. silken clothes. Guard your outgoing faculties. And what effect will they carry. you see: as you think. So knowledge means what? Knowledge means service. so shcrll you reap. We are all brothers and sisters in God. that building will come up. Mind your own business. Not that you should wear rich clothes. that must be reaped. guard your tongue. Karma is very exorbitant. the whole room becomes full of that odor. Smile and the world will smile with you. And ultimately you will learn humility. your words? These are the two things. outer beauty. Sometimes we become bosses. But even a very frivolous thought carries its effect. we use any language we like. little little things will affect them. you may have a lesson from that. One is: Cleunliness is next to Codlinesv. I would say. These are two spikes. then you see the whole world in that color. that's the pity. Body is the temple of God-keep it clean and tidy.with greatness of culture. That doesn't cost anything. When you wear spectacles of a certain color. there are two o r three more constructive things which I have found. but inside too. Kind words imbued with humility. Then further. Live in the living present. If a filthy cloth with a bad odor is lying in a room. that affects others. that cannot be mended. others will think evil of you. So live in the living pres- 10 . but keep it tidy. Last of all. Eyes are the windows of the soul. Think twice before you speak. And not only cleanliness outside. guard your ears. I tell you. What has happened already. Whatever stones you lay. Another thing: Forger the past and forget the future. keep quiet. As you ow. What you have sown already. is it not? Why d o we not find this? Because we are already filled with lies and filth. For meditation o r any work. to know our higher Self. valuable clothes. eating into the veins of our lives. If flowers are put in the room. and by radiation. but seeing something wrong is bad. I would say. God resides in every heart. you see: Guard your eyes. The remedy for these things is usually: Kind words imbued with hrrmility.

It may cost you a day. it was decided: "God first. wind up the watch of your mind. This is your right as man because you have got discrimination. That will give you freshness. these are the things that we don't observe. Man can change.your mind will be free. Not animals. they put their whole attention on the body. vigor. Thank God we have what we have. they are no new things. Soul has great curative power. And at night before going to sleep also: wind up the watch. So we arc aimlessly adrift. You will be fresh every day. the Water of Life and Bread of Life will give strength to your soul. your outgoing faculties. you are fresh. wind your watch daily. These are thc constructive things that will help you. d o you not? Then it goes for 24 hours-going on. you see: your mind. there. So as I told you. Those seeds were sown by your own self in the past. quietly. finish it. because that is the Bread of Life and the Water of Life. to work with all through the day. I have also put before you. and water nowhere. You will get strength. you see? But with them we can make our life sublime. you wind it up every morning. you see. that attention gives them strength. by sowing the seeds thereof. Come in contact with the Light and Sound within." Then everything goes in a constructive way to help you. Some go one foot ahead. Then you will get strength. When I entered the world. These are little little things we have never cared for. but still. you see. and we are still earning. We follow with eyes closed.1 of food and drink water. Where does that strength come frcm? Strength from the food comes only after it is digested. all other things get strength. And when the soul is strong. Once you have decided. Sit and devote time to your practices. which stand as impediments on the way.c. So do your best and leave the rest to God overhead. some six feet deep. of course. world next. not brooding over anything? Then wind your watch daily every morning. three days. you take :I mols. then go back. etc. Animals can also be very helpful when you train them. but man is free. But there should be some ideal before us. some seven feet deep. We are adrift-aimlessly adrift-that's the pity. So 1 submit to each one of you S ~ that you I ~ L I decide your aim. Whether you are happy with whatever comes up o r not. everywheresome five feet deep. going on-with no interruption.ent. what 1 have submitted. One example 1 may submit to you ( y ~ u may have seen this point): When you are vzry tired and hungry. You ure soul. when you are set. then go back. seven days. dear friends. your body also. you get strength. strength. But these things I have spoken of. not all at once. Well. that takes time. You may have too much to do. you will be quite buoyant and fresh. But I had to decide. . I would say: headlong down without caring what the result will be. So every morning. Great is man.You will have no burdens. then you are going step by step to your goal. never mind. You are sons of God. And one thing more 1 will tell you: If you have got a watch. and with the grace of God. Now our mind is overburdened with thoughts of the past and of the future-what we will do. It is your soul-your own Self. We dig pits here. I had great ambition also: ambition of life. The other things. then go ahead. We have earned it. wilhin certain limits. about which you d o not know. You will find that when wrestlers d o exercises. does i t appeal to you? Do you want to be fresh and buoyant.

And thanks to those who are crusading with me. A t the Disneyland Hotel. So you are all children of God. working as a result of the greatness of our Master. you are fortunate to see me. more able. What will you get if you reform your own self? Godhead-which is your hereditary right. So remain in contact. Am I not more fortunate? So love beautifies everything. OPPOSITE : SO don't give food to your body until you give food to your . it is His grace that is working. they are my disciples. This is why it is said. don't be led away by what you hear outside. than himself. all credit goes to Him. So these are my few words. but my thoughts are with you. and given something to start with. to enable you to progress on the Way. because I am going round as my Master wishes-the God in him. You are very fortunate. and inner too-in the spiritual Way. This is all I have to say. in the month of Sawan it always rains-and generally. These are the helping factors. and some constructive things which will help you-in all your affairs of life. you see. Baba Sawan Singh. True living is above Truth. ever since I have come it has been raining. I may not be physically with you. Why not wind up daily? Come in contact with that-and that is the Bread of Life and the Water of Life that has fortunately been given to you. even if we do something. . God will bless you all. Ultimately. and these are the impediments on the way. Remain in contact. and extending all feasible help and assistance and protection. I have put before you in a few words. Those who f o l l o ~ ~ words. Truth is above all and true living is still above Truth. A nuheim. That Power within you will be helping you and extending all protection. And you should progress from day to day. the rains come first. California. wind up your watch. they are my disciples. You know it is raining outside. conveying this message to the people at large. You are more fortunate-those who have been put on the way-than others in the world. you see.So these are some of the impediments on the Way. That is His grace working. I wish you all to become ambassadors-better than me. Because you have seen only one. but I have seen all of you. but I am more fortunate than you. So every day morning. It is His work: credit goes to God and to our Master. These little little things make men great. unless you hear for your own self or see with your own eyes. Tomorrow I will be leaving physically---only. children are always dear to the Father. What little 1 have come to know. That Christ Power o r God Power is always in you. working always for your best interests. Tomorrow I might be leaving physically.roul-first thing. Remain in contact. So please-you have been put on the Way with the grace of God. The word Sawan means the rainy month. Christ said. We care little about the true life. go by what I have given you in these few words. That is all I can say. And. So. "Taking cross" means rising above body consciousness. wherever 1 go. it does not give us full fruit. too. You are all dear to the God who is also residing within us. that you have been put on the Way. you must go by these things. my those who take cross daily. outside. I would say. greatness lies with that which you have been put on. You are dear to me as well. make it a point. Every father wants his children to be more competent.



. did a great deal to soften the awareness of oncomirlg puin. . very soon. He is shown with His 1 children on the lawn o f Mr. and we did sit at His Feet. (and we beheld his glory.. B E L O W : The Master speaks at a crowded Lowell Lecture Hall at Harvard University. .fe. Khanna's house in Oakton. despite the autumn weather. W h o can describe the ecstasy of recognition? The bottom picture shows Master leaving the Stranahan High School.. . 2 1 . But He did come. taking His message of rising above [he intellect into the capital of /he it~tellectualworld. OPPOSITE PAGE: Glimpses of the beginning and end of His stay in North America. Fort Lauderdale.'~ass. Jerry Turk and Ettu Pet-rin. and the meaning o f life dernonstrtited. Vt. and the quality of life was heightened. the glory as of the only begotten of the Father) full of grace and truth. during the first two weeks of His American stay. But the love and hard work o f the local Representatives. Fla. 1 1 the top picture. The joy o f /his week was tempered by the sobering knowledge that He was leaving very. with Nina Gitana at Kirpal Ashram. on Oct. . and we beheld His glory. OVERL E A F : A moment of springtime. and dwelt among us. What a beautiful time! So many o f His children saw at last what their Father was like in the flesh. on Dec.And the Word was made fish. JOHN 1 14 : O n these and the following pages are a few highlights o f our Master's recent visit. full of grace and truth. Catnhridge. Calais.. Va. 9 . just one day before He left for Mexico. which now seems an explosion o f awakening in the daily forgetfulness we call I..

Not grandeur but a wave too huge to bear effacing the imprint of ten-thousand footsteps Not idolatry but the steady gaze of sunflowers following their lord across the sky Not a grin but the wise smile of a sunbeam easing through overcast Not indifferent but empty in His starry vastness DANA MARK .


GLENDALE INTERLUDE O n the afternoon o Nov. the Muster spent a few hours at the home o f Mrs. . ABOVE: Talking it over with the Master. Lucille Gunn in Glendale. L E F T : A sweet darstzan in the garden. the hostess looks on. Calif. Gunn. has been a disciple since 1955. a member o! the Board o f Directors. j 24. Mrs.

David Teed. 29 until the evening of Dec. Texas. His stay was made fruitful for all due to His grace and the hard work of the local leader.THREE DAYS IN DALLAS The Master was in Dallas. RIGHT: The H0&1 where Master stayed let everyone know He was there. 2. . OVERLEAF': During a heart-to-heart talk with a dear one after the morning session. and the Dallas satsangi~. from the evening o f Nov. BELOW: One o f the crowded talks at the Unitarian Church.


. The Dallas church was always open for meditation.A brief conversation with the Lord. outside of His door.

.l>l .. .*.".. .l U ...d..#... "< ....... .. . ....Kirpal Singh: He Is 'Master' . ....... I.. ."8...I .. IL..I ... . . .... . rm--.. .. 1>1. . . >" .... . .... .. ...../" .<......T.... ntn... ... .... .I."$............>.) Independent gave excellent coverage to the Master's visit.. ." . ."I..kt h.. . > ...: .. .I...<.. .I..%... h..... ... .... . I*. ... ... I"-' .I I.. . T . . ...........I*. ....... .h. .." . ... . . .w..4 . \".A Irll.> \. . 1.I .. ...4 The St.. .. . .. . .. nr H h...? 4. ". hA. ... . *I >I......... ...>...*. .. .llW. I..... *.... I .<..*.-...I II.. .. . ..l.. I .. t... ". . .~l. . " ..... . ..L. .h l .. hl. I. . 411. .. LA. featuring several articles of which this was the most exterzsive... ..... . .^I ... 11.. ....I..... . . . .>.I .p.11 ....... I* lhlW I " ..111 . . . Petersburg (Fln.A <*..".".

Fort Luitclerdule.FLORIDA PORTRAIT During ci heart-to-heurt talk at Birch State Purk. .

10. 1972. who were overjoyed to see their Beloved in the flesh. Ecuador. S. He was greeted at the airport by a large.The Third World Tour. who discussed many issues with Him. Part V With Master in Latin America B. arriving at Mexico City at 9:30 p. very respectful and well-behaved crowd of initiates and seekers. Gyani Ji describes the Master's visits to Mexico. MEXICO CITY left Miami International Airport at 6 p. including meditations and public talks. who took movies to be shown T HE MASTER 24 . Colombia and Venezueh. loving.m. All of the Master's meetings. on Dec. were held at this hotel. where He stayed during the four days here. Panama. Among the many many people who came to see the Master during His visit to Mexico City were the leader of the Jewish community. Many of them followed Him to the Continental Hilton Hotel. two separate television teams.m.

Khunnu. Dr. the Muster. RIGHT: Master discusses a point with Reno Sirrine. Pedro Vargus. OPPOSITE: A meeting of Latin Americun translators. from left: Pablo Williams. Carmen Blumenkron Bernurd. Leora Herold. in Mexico City. I . BELOW AND NEXT PAGE: With the Father in His room. group leuders. I . etc. from left: Reno Sirrine.. from left: T. Seated in chairs. Standing. Steve Melik. German Duque. Gyani Ji. Seuted on floor.S. Pablo Chacon.Glimpses o f Master's stay in Mexico. Bruno Z u i h a . Jorge Leon. Ben Ringel. 1.

aftcr a rncditation sitting and farewell talk at the Hotel.later. who enjoyed the opportunity to spcak facc to facc with the Master. 14. with Master leaving Mexico at 2 : 3 0 p. 13. P A N A M A CITY Aftcr a stopover and change of plane at Guatemala City. and darshan scssions were held throughout the stay here. who had joincd Master in Miami).m. who had arranged a bus specially for the large number of devotees traveling with the Master (including 35 from Mexico and six from South America. many of whom were present. when 107 dear ones were lnitiatcd into the mysteries of the Holy Word. Master and His party arrivcd in Panama at 8:30 p. 26 . whcre meditation. His Latin American group leaders. where they wcre greeted by the local Representative and othcr leadcrs. talks. Thc following day. and all the local initiates and seckcrs. preparations wcre made for departure. Dcc.m. The beautiful stay in Mexico culminated on Dec. Everyonc was taken to thc El Panama Hotel.


Bolivia. . Among the initiates who came to see Him on this. six initiates from Guayaquil. many of whom were weeping. which was very convenient for Him and for the dear ones. arrangements were made for a Spanish-speaking Satsang to be established. many of whom were weeping for joy. a well-known surgeon. Panama City. Dec. 20 at 12 noon.m. at 9 a. where a large number of Indians were assembled. and gave a talk in Hindi at Colon. 2 1 .. and then turned the bus over for the convenience of the 35 initiates who had flown in on the same plane with the Master. Ecuador. He was lodged at the home of Dr. and local initiates. Master had many interviews. at the same time giving a meditation sitting to those already initiated.There were also seven satsangis from Colombia.m. and the following day. Garcia and the other two children had also asked for and received Naam. where Master was going next. Master visited the site of a new Ashram at Cumbaya. On Dec. near Quito. that it is very easy to start something but very difficult to maintain it. When Master arrived there. All of the meetings of all types were held right at the Hotel. the Editor is grateful to others who accompanied the Master for the informat~onthat follows. on Dec. and his dear wife. who had hired a bus and driven all night to arrive on time. 20. it was not possible for the Brazilian Satsangis to come. QUITO Master arrived in Quito at I p. His first South American stop. on the 2 1 st. at 1 1 :20 a. to a wildly enthusiastic greeting from about 500 satsangis at the airport. and was met by several hundred eager satsangis at the airport. only Senora de Garcia and two of the four children in the family were initiated. Peru. . Such a very large number of people applied. Master was taken to the Colon Hotel. making a total of four Satsangs in this area. but by the time Master left South America.. where excellent accommodations had becn provided for Him. but they could not wait until He got there. 18. but they got together and sent one dear one from Sao Paulo to represent them at Master's Feet. making a total of six out of a family of six. While Master was here. and the home was available for private interviews. 73 more were initiated. He left Panama for Quito. and a Catholic At this point.m. Colombia. including the Bolivian Representative. that it was not possible to process them all in time.m. 18. So the Master initiated 192 persons at this time. Initiation was scheduled. Master graciously gave Naam to 45 persons. five from Lima. On Dec. During His stay here. Due to the extreme distance involved. at 4 p. On Dec. including those from Quito and those from outlying areas.The Master also spoke at the Newspaper Building Auditorium. magazine reporters. Ruth de Garcia.m.* BOGOTA The Master reached Bogota at 4: 15 p. 17. Dr. including one with a leading Spiritualist of the area. That same day He left Quito for Bogota. His first stop in South America proper. and a delegation from Cochabamba. Dec. He said. however. On the same day. The family very graciously accommodated the Master and His party. Alberto Garcia. G y a n ~Ji's notes end. were a busload of devotees from Cuenca.. where a building is already under construction. as He had previously on a number of similar occasions.

27. However. with her children. 26. p. provided cars for all the initiates who were accompanying Him. At this meeting also. His last stop in the Western Hemisphere. the caravan was forced to stop due to a car accident on the side of the road. but during that time He gave Initiation to the 29 . at the Conscjo Municipal Building. at which He stated that in the future. 24. Then He left for Cali. at 8 a. who received her in His room and consoled her. and all the mother wanted was the Master's blessing. So the family was picked up in various cars of the caravan. throwing her and her children out of the car. where He was to stay. She said that she knew all the time there would be no real injury. about a dozen dear ones accompanied Master two blocks away opened their auditorium for the Master's use in the mornings. and the dear ones derived great benefit. nevertheless. who could not contain themselves in their ecstatic joy to bc at last in the prcsence of the Blessed One. and meditations were held there.m. Before leaving Bogota. Master gave His farewell message to the Colombians and the whole Western world [see SAT SANDESH. Ricardo Nunez. January 1973. at noon and in the evening. then He went to the airport and flew to Caracas. because the Master was protecting her. It was a difficult time to make arrangements. A meeting of the Colombian group leaders was held in Master's room. German Duque of Popayan as CoRepresentative in Colombia. Master gave a beautiful Christmas talk. The talks in Cali were given twice a day. filling the entire plane except for about 10 seats.. and three dear souls from the island of Grenada in the West Indies-two initiates and one seeker desiring initiation-seized the opportunity to have His darshan at last. The Master and His party were greeted at the airport by another huge enthusiastic crowd. Master was here only a short time. Evening talks were held at a theater in downtown Bogota. On Dec. which were taking place at this time. the workers in South America should work hard in Master's Cause. CALI Eighty-six initiates flew from Bogota to Cali with the Master. Master graciously gave Naam to 112 dear ones. On the way to the hotel. Venezuela. and the mother was taken directly to the Master. the Master gave Naam to 126 grateful dear ones at Cali. in their thoughtfulness. CARACAS There arc no initiates in Caracas. Senor J . the dear ones received only a few cuts and bruises. 161 at the Consejo Municipal Building. this was a stop for rest and to change planes. Colombia. On Christmas Day. who. Although the car was totally destroyed. a Colombian holiday. which was much appreciated by all. due to the Christmas season and also the Sugar Festival. and the local Satsangis had.excellent arrangements were made. on Dec. The Master was taken to the Tetecuy Hotel. to work with the present Representative. which was obtained due to the efforts of both of the local group leaders. It developed that the car belonged to a dear initiated lady. thanks to the hard work and devotion of the local Representatives and leaders. because thousands of people in South America would be coming up. had been hurrying to see the Master whcn the car overturned. the Master announced the appointment of Dr. On Dec.

2. and consequently two public talks (both to packed halls) were given. Master placed a 10% distance telephone call to California to say a last goodbye to dear Reno and Ann Sirrine. Bhalla. S. Khanna. The Master's final arrival back in Delhi was delayed about 16 hours. But He. after accom~anyingHim throughout. en route to Delhi. at long last. H e and His party of threc [B. S. gave directions otherwise. Also while here. S. to break up His long flight home. kllowing the longing hearts of His sheep waiting to be picked up. who had accompanied him throughout all of Latin America beginning in Miami. Austria. Greece. Satsangis traveled from all over Europe-Germany. including Mr. at S:30 p.146 persons initiated in the Western Hemisphere) and gave a special meditation sitting to those dear ones who had accompanied Him so far that must surely rank as one of their most memorable experiences ever. but the thousands and thousands of dear ones at Sawan Ashram waited patiently until. and Dr. Gyani. and Northern Italy-just to have a final few hours with Him.m. on Jan. T . and 41 persons were initiated into the secrets of Naam. With His children at Quito . On the evening of Dec. German Duque. and Mrs. Malta. The Master's third world tour was over.seeker from Grenada (who thus became the last of the 2. after saying goodbye to all the dear ones with him. R. France. ROME The stop in Rome was originally conceived as a rest stop for the Master. who had accompanied Him since the beginning in Washington. England. and Harcharan Singh] left the Western Hem- isphere and flew non-stop to Rome. who had had to leave Him in Mexico City. H e arrived home. 28.

M Y A Letter from England. & LT. The Protection of the Master. P 9 RAYSSON. raising children. (Sept 26. Who is Low?. COL. angels and devils. Oct p 15 Five Days with the Lord (Sant Bani Astlram. e t ~ . Aug.Sat Sandesh Classified Index 1 ' 2 97 Volume Five Compiled by Robert Reifler KIRPAL SINGH WRITINGS CIRCULAR LETTERS KIRPAL SINGH ACTIVITIES CELEBRATIONS Birthday at Manav Kendra (by Russell Perkins). area through Toronto).June. Sept. p 1 Christmas 71/New Year 72 Message. PERSONAL EXPERIENCES WITH RAM. Nov. p 10 Joyfully I Surrender. Part 11. p 23 COWEN. Nov p 7 The Purpose of Manav Kendra. p 2 MESSAGES Birthday at Manav Kendra. July. Aug P 15 PRENDERGAST. p 18 QUESTIONS ANSWERED Blessings for the West Coast (Vancouver/San Francisco area-pictorial). the nature of God. Jan p 14 SHERWIN. MICHAEL In the Garden of Love. Nov p 32 PERKINS. May p 4 Toward the New Education. wearing leather. COL. p 2 Is Your Destiny Awakened?. p 2 Who is High. living in the present. March. p 18 Instructions for Holding Satsang (Circular No. p 18 On Keeping the Diary (Oct 19. Feb. June p 16 SHINEROCK. Oct. Jan. Part 111. p 9 Don't Bend Your Elbows. From Zurich to London. 4 ) . Gyani Ji): Part I. p 4 Masters Come to Fulfill. preparing non-vegetarian food for others. sleep. Nov p 10 Master Begins His Tour. military combat. Aug. June. With Master in Germany. ) . Dec. April. pictorial). Nov p 22. Sept p 4 . April p 16 The President Visits Manav Kendra. SHARLEENE A Trip to the Source of Our Light. p 4 Right Understanding Exalted. Gyani Ji's "The Third World Tour. May p 2 Inauguration of the Manav Kendra Education Scheme. OTTAR SINGH.P 25 On Unity. 1968). Dec.RUSSELL Birthday at Manav Kendra. Dec p 18 KIRPAL SINGH. being ashamed of our country's politics. S. Dec p 14 Comments on His Coming (editorial) Sept p 2 First Few Days (in U. The American Tour Begins (from D. Word May. S . p 4 Are You Even Half a Disciple?. Jan. Sept p 4 THIRD WORLD TOUR Birthday Message 1972. STANLEY & EDNA The Pangs of Separation. April p 16. p 2 He Came to Make Us Satsangis.S. p 2 No Love Without Fear. March p 1 1 CHANDGI A Trip to the Source of Our Light. With the Lion of Mercy. diary).-pictorial). F e b p 15 With Master on Hazur's Birthday (by Bruce Cowen). Feb. July p 1 The Third World Tour (by B. greed.installments of B . fear of death.C. April. appeasing strong desires of the mind. Dec p 10 See also various . p 1 DISCOURSES (THEMASTER'S TALK) All the World's a Play. p 1 The Vesture of the Lord (64 Christmas Message). . M U D R E D T ~ ~ Made Flesh. Oct. p 16 Questions & Answers in Cincinnati (gifts. BRUCE With Master on Hazur's Birthday. May. Oct p 20.. Sept p 25 A HART. April p 16 Two Celebrations of Love (1964). Sept p 25 MANAV KENDRA Dye Your Prayer Carpet in Wine (extract from Circular 7 ) . p 4 Inn of Madness. p 29 You never lose anything when you give (64 Birthday Message). March. the Law of Gratitude. Feb. by Sharleene Sherwin (degeneration in America. Jan. p 4 Life is a Game of Chaupar. 72). Sept p 1 Master is Coming (World Tour Schedule 72) Aug P 1 Master's Request." SPEECHES AND SHORT TALKS Darshan in North Carolina.

TINA. Jan p 22 GIRI. Oct p 29 TEED. Aug p 22 BEALE. NOV P 6 RIPPEY. SEAN I've seen Him. Part I (Buddha. June p 24 MILLER. April p 27 MCKNIGHT. RUTH On the Way. J May p 20 FORTE. Oct p 1 ASTRA SAT SANDESH Classified Index 1972 (compiled by Robert Reifler).ERHARD Serve One Another in Love. June p 28 RUHANI SATSANGDIVINE SCIENCE O F T H E SOUL Annual Report. Dec p 30 Directory of Ruhani Satsang Centers in the Western World. "lntense Longing for Darshan. July p 14 SCRIPTURES & PAST MASTERS Baba Jaimal Singh. July P 31 HORSMAN. GEORGE ARNSBY The Supreme Lord of Love. CARMEN MY Tabernacle. KRISSA From the womb of memories. June. Baba Sawan Singh. H. p 19 LEDDY. March P 27 JONES." BOOK REVIEWS Bnha Juimul Singh by Kirpal Singh (reviewed by Michael Raysson). by Helen Von Aldenbruck. TRACY Sorrow. STEPHEN Kirpal Singh & ChrisREV. Sept p 30 PARROTT. V) are now available at $10. The Ultimate State. by Michael Raysson. Aug p 32 SIEGLEN. RUSSELL (comp. Please order from: SAT SANDESH Sant Bani Ashram. by T . Jan p 25 DRANE. tian Incarnation.JAMES God & the Ways of Men. Sept p 29 SIRRINE. V. Sirrine. extract. Jan P 30 COOPERSMITH. L. Nov p 9 POETRY (TURK) Ring of Love. SHARLEENE The Yearning of the Soul. GURNEY The True & the False. TRACY Maeve (a story)." March p 16 Case for Chastity. MICHAEL Oh Come let US go. N . Not Mine. Feb p 21 SHERWIN. VIRGINIA Prayer. May p 25 Letter on Unity. May. Your House. Sept p 31 HANOVER. VIMLA S.) The Case f m Chastity. Part 11. Gandhi. Selections from. R. March J P 1s RAYSSON. V. July p 24 See also listings under "Baba Sawan Singh. Matthew. by Bhadra Sena. May p 8 LEDDY. S. Khanna Reno H. Aug p 26 Spiritual Implications of The Kman. Franklin.BABA SAWAN SINGH EXTRACTS FROM WRITINGS On Meeting the Master. Dharma. March p 22 T H E PATH. p 25 PERKINS. DR. ARLENE Master's Promise. & RUTH GOODWIN Respectful Love. Thoreau. VARIOUS ASPECTS O F DONIG. Jan p 24. Part I. . ILENE Life for Love. Becoming at One with the Master. O N The Case for Chastity. Dec bc Princess of Divine Love: The Life of Mira Bai.50 apiece. July p 17 ARTICLES ABOUT The Heritage of Hazur. 03235. Ramakrishna. Aug p 25 ENGLE. April p 32 BLUMENKRON. Kirpal Singh) Feb p 21 Gospel of St. Jan p 31 1972 Bozlnd Volumes A limited number of bound volumes of SAT SANDESH for the year 1972 (Vol. Sept p 24 The Science of the Masters.DAVID My Lord's hands hold the world so gently. A. S. A N E HUMPHREY The Parting. U. March p 28 4 Nutrition C o m p e n d i u m compiled by initiates (reviewed by Judith Perkins) Aug p 31 MISCELLANEOUS BHAGAT. RENO H. Christ.