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The Plot to Kill Our ET Brethren

“From an indigenous perspective, the individual psyche can be healed only by addressing one’s relationships with the visible worlds of nature and community and one’s relationships with the invisible forces of the ancestors and Spirit allies.” —Malidoma Some

Once, while hitchhiking in the desert, the Hopi peace messenger Thomas Banyancya was picked up by a white suburbanite who asked him, “If a spaceship landed right across the road there and someone got out and came to you, what would you say?” Thomas replied, “I’d say ‘Hello, brother!’” If one reads Malidoma Some’s fascinating account of the Dagara tribes in The Healing Wisdom of Africa, one learns that contact between tribespersons and ETs occurs on a regular basis! “Malidoma” means “makes friends with enemies.” Making friends with enemies requires a certain proximity to enemies; and so this brilliant African reverse missionary is residing in the state of Oregon. In contrast, we Westerners seem to have a big problem with “invisible forces” and with strange phenomena visible only now and then, such as UFOs and ETs. We are afraid of them, deeply afraid. Why? We are terribly mis-educated. Our religions teach that such things are the “devil’s work.” Our Darwinism teaches that “fitter” species have a kind of natural license to dominate or eliminate lesser species, and so it is that the idea there could be fitter species than ours in the neighborhood causes profound anxiety.1

timestar. By now.The “Star Trek” series and a dozen or so feature films have helped to mitigate this ET-phobia. It refers to the mysterious utterances of the main character’s dying wife and to a crop circle formation in the corn field of the said main character. others encode complex mathematical formulas. but out there in the environment.” are very notably mindless…. the majority of films dealing with ETs do nothing more than mirror the general fear-based consensus. or glyphs. most people are familiar with crop circles. in all fields. There’s always a gap of course. .html. After viewing this and www. “Signs” represents crop circles as alien invasion markers! Wow. If there’s one crop circle that everybody should know about. I left the theater seriously concerned about the gap between leading edge research. A few. who is played by Mel Gibson. Has any of the extensive research into crop circles rubbed off on the writers and director of “Signs”? None at all. and public awareness.cgi?read=10870. but nowadays would it not be more correct to speak of an abyss? Details regarding this formation An Astonishing Hypothesis From Lipton science. Some of the glyphs are expressions of sacred geometry. and others represent who knows what. may be found at: www. The title “Signs” has a double reference. Puerto Rico in 1974. a humanoid ET species has responded to a coded message that SETI transmitted from it’s the “Chilbolton Arecibo Reply” formation. Will wonders never cease. we learn that our bodies are fantastic computers and that the operators of those computers are not in the bodies. Even a cursory review of the information provided on these sites should convince you that. However. in all probability.htm. Most of these fear-films are mindless variants of the old Orson Welles “War of the Worlds” formula. A terrifying alien invasion is stopped cold by a few whacks of an old baseball bat. such as “Signs.

” It includes. Life forms in higher frequency ranges cannot stop and smell the roses because if they did … they’d destroy the roses. Exopolitics In August of 2006. in space. There I was introduced to the new science of “exopolitics. “the study of political.” they must create Earth-safe representational bodies. governmental. Today. he directed a proposed Terran/extraterrestrial communication project for the Carter White House. . cooperative Space Age society integrated with other societies in the universe. the “Emerald of the Universe. government.Earth (Terra) is a terrarium. Washington. That’s where you and I come in. We’re the representational bodies. and law in the Universe.” which is defined by its founder. Webre was a futurist at the Center for the Study of Social Policy at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) back in the days when the protocols for scientific remote viewing were established. he works to prevent the weaponization of space and to transform our present war-based society into a sustainable. He served as principal investigator for a proposed civilian scientific study of interactive communications between Terrans (a term I prefer to “Earthlings”) and entities from other planets. and legal aspects of interactive contact and social integration between humans and off-planet cultures on Earth. If higher domain entities want to experience Earth. Webre states. Alfred Webre. as “the study of politics. The only life forms that can exist here must be frequency-aligned with the terrarium’s specific frequency range. peaceful.” The Lipton model of the human being as a TEV raises a new possible interpretation of ETs: Is it possible that ETs (some of them anyway) are higher selves? I don’t have an answer to this question. I attended a very interesting conference at the James Gilliland ranch in Trout Lake.” 2 A Fulbright scholar who earned his Juris Doctor from Yale Law School.” which indicates a common parentage. but I think it an important question to consider. or through multi-dimensional realities…. “We are all related. The consensus among channeled entities is that the ETs are our “brothers and sisters. Dr. In 1977.

a cartoon hand rescues the frog from the hot water. but by the end of the 21st century.During a break. upon reading his Exopolitics—Politics. Michael Salla. Viewers of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” may recall the image of a cartoon frog sitting in water that’s getting hotter and hotter. In the Gore film. remarks: “After 40 years I’m part of a huge community of scientists who have become alarmed with our discovery that … if we continue our present growth path. we “civilized” humans haven’t proved very capable in the Earth-rescue business.) I liked Webre quite a bit. I sat and chatted with Webre and the venerable Wendelle Stevens.exopolitics. He is a knowledgeable. who has collected over 4. Our species may not make it through the coming catastrophic changes without super-human help. I became acquainted with yet another pioneer of exopolitics. an optimist.” 3 Barrett is. predicament as the frog.000 photographs of UFOs. Alas. author of Extraterrestrial Presence (2004).. Dr. or even is well worth . scientific and otherwise. looking into.” 4 On the basis of my perusal of a good number of Y2K8-12 scenarios. I have to agree with Webre. Webre is convinced the “best exopolitical strategy for surviving the looming ecological emergency is to integrate with spiritually advanced offplanet cultures now visiting Earth…. Exopolitics—Political Implications of the His website (www. did I grasp the full importance of this mission…. (Stevens has a website that displays many of these photos. Government. But . Earth is in the same Peter Barrett. director of Victoria University’s Antarctic Research Center. we [the human race] are facing extinction--not in millions of years.. Who will rescue humankind? Clearly. and thus Dr. Will the ET cavalry ride to our rescue? Would you ride to the rescue of fear-based people who were plotting to kill you? The Plot At the Trout Lake conference. unassuming and humorous philosopher-scientist with an important mission. and Law in the Universe (2005). in my view. Only later.

significant ET artifacts might be located in Iraq. and his findings are disturbing. *So powerful did the complex become. reason: The Whackers want to recover ancient ET artifacts and recorded information from the ruins buried under Iraq’s sands: “Based on available evidence. and the result was a complex of ET Whacker organizations.” 5 . Saddam’s permission for a German team of archaeologists to resume excavations in the Sumerian city of Uruk after detailed underground mapping. when that was considered necessary.” To very briefly summarize (in my own terms) Dr. Has anyone told the People yet? A great many “real” reasons for the invasion of Iraq have been offered. From the start. suggest that this was possibly the location of the Sumerian Stargate [interdimensional portal]. planners focused on generating a military solution. to say the least. and/or important information concerning the operation of such technology and the prophesied return of the Anunaki…. a clandestine organization was established to direct investigation of the phenomenon and come up with plan for dealing with the ET presence.S.” *Subsequently. and policy protocol number 1 was “Keep it all secret—top secret. Michael Salla offers yet another. Salla’s detailed history of the United States government’s response to the ET presence: *Franklin Roosevelt was the first president to establish policy pertaining to the UFO/ET phenomenon. Dr. ask questions later. It would appear that our government is guided solely by the age-old philosophy of Whackerism—“Whack ‘em first. quite extraordinary. Significantly. it was readily able to terminate the nonbelligerent initiative of President Carter and to keep subsequent presidents completely in the dark on the UFO/ET issue. response to the ET presence.For a number of years. Salla has been tracking the U. How interesting … the president of the United States is no longer commander-inchief. deriving from the ancient Anunaki [the purported creators of the human species] presence in that country…. The one organization multiplied. as sometimes happens in our governmental bureaucracy.

“What about the surgical removal of parts?” The cattle were removed to a distance.” . She had lost of all fear of the experience. the trips were good for her health! According to Bashar. It was night. The humans involved. Bashar says. but a new species. and the dead animals were then air-lifted back to their fields and dropped from a considerable height—which is why mutilated cattle had all kinds of broken bones. You will find some verification of this up-grade if you direct your search engines to locate information on “indigo children. agreed to participate in the project before their incarnation on Earth. it would seem. There was a momentary glow from the cockpit. The Whackers have been at work for over sixty years now. She declared that although she didn’t know exactly what went on during her visits. Bashar says. and that glow enabled the rancher to see the chopper’s blades.Wouldn’t want the Germans to get to the Stargate first. however. including common sense…. They are! They have a lot on their side. and so it may seem that the peace-path people are really late to the game. In one of the History channel documentaries on UFOs. he said. strange surgical procedures were performed. formulating their military approach to the ET presence. many so-called abductions have to do with a hybridization project that has been underway for some time. she said. Where’s the Threat? Where is the evidence that ETs represent a threat to our species? “What about the cattle mutilations?” you ask. “What about all the abductions of humans?” Don’t you take your computer(s) to the shop on occasion?—for repairs or for upgrading. Many years ago. I had a friend in Connecticut who said she was taken up to a spacecraft on a monthly basis. you’ll find a rancher interviewed who witnessed one of the cattle “abductions. by Indiana Jones. are not merely a new generation. The children now being born on Earth. would we?—or allow the terrorists to get their hands on it.” The abducting craft was a helicopter. Those who have been designated to protect us from the supposed ET threat have been overly influenced.

The cetaceans—dolphins and whales. I have had no direct contact with reptilians.” 6 .” Alfred Webre writes. What Bashar says is that they’re real. “is a life-experiment planet under the jurisdiction of Universe society. They are. addresses the question. I’d recommend to them that they read Dr. endlessly creating from its center Source. I was moved by his work to write a comedic play called “Zuvuya!” The play. What do you think? “Earth. “If an invasion of negative ETs were to occur. I’ve read David Icke.Granted. I believe that there’s a fourth highly sentient terrestrial species. Many swear they exist. Agreeing with Zecharia Sitchin. The reptilians are terrestrial! They are our cousins. and this belief is based on my study and contemplation of the Chilbolton Arecibo Reply formation. but they’re our cousins. quite advanced—beyond us. whatever they are. however. Earth’s heritage as a life-experiment planet is the reason why both human intuition and our sacred religious traditions contain so many partial truths about Universe reality…. Think of the Universe as a vast growing Mind. Janet Colli’s Sacred Encounters—Spiritual Awakenings During Close Encounters (2004). creating an Anunaki-saurian species. They did the same with saurian (as in dinosaur) stock. “What about the reptilians?” “Have you read David Icke?” Yes. We must be fearless in letting go of erroneous concepts embedded in our science and religious traditions if we are to understand how the Universe evolves intelligent life. Look into the available data on this formation. and so they are not real to me. Indeed. The terror results from our social programming. would we humans have any way to effectively counter it?” The play’s answer is yes. We carry unnecessary emotional and conceptual baggage as to how lifebearing planets are grown and organized. which tells us that ETs. Are you ready for a third terrestrial highly sentient terrestrial species? This is a species we’re quite familiar with. yet decentralized in its architecture and operations. most abductees are terrified by the experience. Bashar says that Anunaki created the human species by combining their genes with mammalian stock. and fond of. are not our friends. They may be ugly. which opens on the eve of a reptilian invasion of Earth. but not extraterrestrials. Bashar tells us.

A correct Darwinism would reflect the thinking of both of its founders. The eastern side is centered in the Middle East. I believe. as Darwinism was originally called. and I learned he had lived at the Gilliland Trout Lake ranch for over two years. woman and child. The present war between the eastern and western sides originated long ago. They may be. (See the biblical account in the book of Joshua. “Did you see any spacecraft when you were there?” I asked.” he said.” the Christ said. A Point of Synchronicity Just before this book [first edition] went to the printer. but not for much longer. “I and the Father are one. The memory of the horrific Jehovah . the metaphysician as well as the materialist. “What was your most interesting sighting?” “Usually they stay high. chased by two military helicopters. when the entity called “Jehovah” (the self-proclaimed one god underlying monotheism) ordered the ancient Hebrews to attack and utterly destroy the people of Palestine—every man. and he is certainly not the god of Love taught by the Christ. We started up a conversation.” he said. a young man moved in next door. “All the time.) Jehovah is not the original god of the Jews. “but once I saw one flying right over the fields. There was nothing Jehovan in the character or philosophy of Jesus. co-founder of the theory of evolution by means of natural selection.” Some background: What we call “Western civilization” is the western side of Monotheistic civilization. they might be able to breathe new life into the corpse of their orthodoxy. where Islam is the predominant religion. Who knows?—if they did so. in what I call the “Jehovah Intervention.” Notes 1The root of Western ET-phobia is to be found. Darwinists now presume they are in the cultural power seat.Webre is not the first “Alfred” to conceptualize the universe as a Mind. It would be wise of them to re-look at their own paradigmatic source—the Darwin-Wallace theory. The first was Alfred Russel Wallace.

and Law in the Universe ( Exopolitics—Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence (Tempe. 3Ibid. and most monotheists prefer not to dig it up and take a look. 2Alfred Webre. 2004. Exopolitics—Politics. Government.C. 5Michael Salla. pp. 2005).D. 4Ibid. Hall . 6See www. Canada: Universebooks.Intervention lies buried (and not so deep) in our racial consciousness. B. p. p. 212-13. AZ: Dandelion Books..ufoevidence. 104. Copyright 2009 T. 105.

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