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Decem mber 28, 2012 Dear Member of C r Congress: As yo come back to Washingt D.C. to a on the rem ou k ton, act maining busine of 2012, w request yo help in fin ess we our nalizing the feder aid packag for the states that were d ral ge devastated by Hurricane Sa y andy. Preside Obama ha put forward a ent as d comp prehensive pa ackage that ha passed the Senate and, if passed by th House, wil provide the critical suppo hundreds as he ll ort of tho ousands of sm businesse and homeo mall es owners in our regions have been waiting for since the storm hit ne r e g e early two mont ago. ths When never a crisis or natural disaster has hit any part of th nation, elected represen s he ntatives from affected regio have ons alway been the m vocal and forceful, urg ys most d ging their col lleagues to do their duty an vote to deliver much needed federal o nd support. The cong gressional dele egations of ou three states have always been there to provide crit ur s s o tical votes for these aid r packages, because this is what America is al about – when one of us i in need, we step up to th plate to len a helping e ll is e he nd hand d. Every time there h been a sto or disaste even close t the size an scope of Sa y has orm er to nd andy, regardle of the regi of the ess ion coun ntry, the House has approve billions of dollars in sup ed f pplemental ai -- $290 bill id lion in total si ince 1989 as p of 35 part separ suppleme rate ental appropri iations bills. We r request the sam expedited assistance no me d ow. Any del in passing this aid wou be unprece lay g uld edented in rec history cent and w would signal a shift in fede policy tow eral ward disaster assistance. So th question to each and eve member o the House i If this storm had struck your constitu he o ery of is: m uency and dev vastated it the e way Sandy has ou would you say that the House has do enough? If tens of thousands of you constituent homes and urs, u one ur t’s d busin were des ness stroyed, would you stay silent? Would y let month pass withou the House taking any ac d you hs ut ction to help? The S Senate has pa assed this aid package in a bipartisan ma anner and the is no reaso the House shouldn't do t same. ere on the With the House re h econvening th weekend to help the nat his tion avoid the “fiscal cliff,” remember t disasters affect every e that regio of this natio and that we as a nation stand togethe in times of crisis. on on w er f We u urge your support for this aid. a Sincerely, S

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