Background of AHRDO

The Arakan Human Rights and Development Organisation (AHRDO) is a non-profit, independent organisation formed on 9th October 2011 by a group of Arakanese individuals on the Thai-Burma border to monitor and document all human rights, environmental and cultural abuses in Arakan State, and to promote the development of the Arakanese people, who have historically faced and are still facing social, economic, political and cultural oppression by successive regimes in Burma. As a result of large-scale infrastructure development and natural resource extraction projects in Arakan State, the livelihoods of the Arakanese people are being exploited instead of developed. Centuries-old cultural heritage sites are being destroyed, and Arakanese natural resources are being exploited with few benefits for the local people, while the ancestral land of many Arakanese people is being confiscated. The current and potential implications of these projects are manifold, affecting social, cultural, economic and political aspects of the lives of the local people. So-called development projects in Arakan State have been adversely affecting the local populations. Meanwhile, the Burmese government’s oppression of democratic forces has intensified and has not allowed the voice of local people to be heard when development projects are initiated. We endeavour to inform both the local and the international

community about the detrimental impacts of these projects on local people, whose lives are affected but not improved by such “development” projects. AHRDO is open for membership to all Arakanese people, regardless of their sex, colour, religion, or political affiliation, and works for the common good of the Arakanese people.

by informing the local and the international community through lobbying and advocacy efforts focussed on the social, cultural, political, and economic oppression, environmental degradation, and human rights violations occurring throughout Arakan State as a consequence of large-scale infrastructure development and natural resource extraction projects by the Burmese government and its project partners. 2) To equip Arakanese activists with systematic knowledge on how to effectively conduct lobbying and advocacy activities. 3) To forge solid networks with other human rights and development organisations worldwide for regional and international lobbying and advocacy.

Our Vision
AHRDO envisages development taking place in Arakan State which benefits the least advantaged Arakanese people, protects our ecosystems, mitigates any negative environmental impacts and respects our culture and historic sites. We believe that these principles will be best upheld within a free and fully democratic Federal Union of Burma that respects human rights, equality and justice.

Our Activities
Publications Public education Internal and external advocacy Co-operation and co-ordination with other organisations Networking and alliance building Awareness raising and mobilisation Direct public actions (i.e. demonstrations, etc.) Internal and external capacity building Protection and preservation of natural resources and ecosystems in Arakan State

Our Mission
Our mission is to educate and inform the local and the international community about the social, economic, political and cultural oppression faced by Arakanese people in development projects initiated by the Burmese government.

1) To raise awareness within Arakan State and internationally about the effects of development projects on Arakanese people

In order to effectively and efficiently implement the activities and management of the organisation, AHRDO is organised into nine Working Departments. Each Working Department is made up of a Director, Deputy Director, and staff members. Each Working Department serves a different role, which is clearly defined in the constitution of the organisation, and each position has responsibility for its specific activities that are detailed in the organisational website at These Working Departments are as follows: 1) Publicity and Information Department (PID) 2) Research and Documentation Department (RDD) 3) Health and Education Department (HED) 4) Literature and Cultural Department (LCD) 5) Human Rights and Development Department (HRDD) 6) Environmental and Ecosystem Protection Department (EEPD) 7) Organisational and Public Affairs Department (OPAD) 8) Women Affairs Department (WAD) 9) Finance and Management Department (FMD)

Organisational Structure
Advisory Board

8 9

Directors and Deputy Directors

Working Departments

Board of Directors

Executive Director


Contact us: AHRDO P.O Box - 113, Mae Sot, Tak- 63110, Thailand. Tel. / Fax: + 66 (0) 55 030 249 Mobile: + 66 (0) 827 759 267 Email: Website: