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DEED OF CONDITIONAL SALE Know All Men By These Presents: This Agreement, made and executed this _______________________

at Daet, Camarines Norte, by and between: MARIDEL RACHO, of legal age, married to REYNALDO RACHO, JR., Filipino citizen and with postal address at P-1, San Roque Village, Brgy. Dogongan, Daet, Camarines Norte, herein represented by her attorney-in-fact MA. ELENA UBANA RACHO by virtue of Special power of Attorney executed before Notary Public Libertino Ramos on February 28, 2012, as per Doc. No. 387, Page No. 78, Book No. LXXII, Series of 2012, hereinafter referred to as VENDOR; and HENRY PEAFLOR, also of legal age, married to FREETZI KATE S.C. PEAFLOR , Filipino citizen and with postal address at St. John Village, Labo, Camarines Norte, hereinafter referred to as THE PARTY OF THE SECOND PART; Witnesseth: That the party of the First Part is the lawful owner of a certain parcel of residential land located Brgy Dogongan, Daet, Camarines Norte, more particularly described as follow: A parcel of land (Lot 3, Blk 12 of the subdivision survey Psd 05-038553, being a portion of Lot 388-B-3, Psd-05-026199), situated in the Barangay Dogongan, Municipality o Daet, Province of Camarines Norte, Island of Luzon. Containing an area of EIGHTY (80) SQUARE METERS. That the Party of the VENDOR is willing to sell and VENDEE is willing to buy the aforesaid property in the total sum of TWENTY THOUSAND PESOS (Php20,000.00). Philippine currency. That upon execution hereof, the VENDEE shall pay to the VENDOR the amount equivalent for ONE (1) LOT That after full payment of the said consideration, the corresponding deed of absolute sale shall be executed by the Party of the First Part in favor of the Party of the Second Part. In witness whereof, the parties hereunto set their hands this ___th day of _______ 2005 at Daet, Camarines Norte.

MARIDEL RACHO Party of the First Part ARNIEL A. DATING Party of the Second part In the presence of: ______________ EVELYN B. DATING Party of the Second Part _________________

Republic of the Philippines ) Province of Camarines Norte Municipality of DAET

) ) S.S.

BEFORE ME, personally appeared this __th day of _____ 2005 at Daet, Camarines Norte, the parties who are personally known to me have executed and acknowledged the herein instrument to be their free and voluntary having understood the contents thereof. Witness my hand and seal, the day year and place above-written. Doc. No.____ Page No.____ Book No. ___ Series of 2005.