=============================================================== =============================================================== ||| FINAL FANTASY XII: TOURNESOL GUIDE |||||||||||||||||||||||| by KoE_Hades

=============================================================== =============================================================== Final Fantasy XII : (C) Square Enix Tournesol Guide: (C) KoE_Hades 2007 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> =============================================================== |||| DISCLAIMER ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| This guide may not be reposted, copied or published without my authorisation. Currently only the following sites have approval: - http://www.gamefaqs.com/ - http://www.supercheats.com/ - http://www.neoseeker.com/ =============================================================== ||| VERSION HISTORY ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Version 1.1: - updated approved websites list - added weapon stats in chapter 1 - updated FAQs section (chapter 7) - added "what is unlocked" for each task in the Preparations chapter - updated chapter 5, credit goes to Eric Merschman - fixed spelling, grammar etc. =============================================================== |||| INTRODUCTION ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Hello there. This guide is dedicated entirely for achieving a single goal: acquiring the Sunflower. As you may or may not know, this is the strongest Greatsword in the game, and is also one of the strongest weapons in the game, second only to the legendary Zodiac Spear. I will show you each step you must take to finally unlock this mighty blade, along with some helpful relevant information. Also, if you come across an unfamiliar term, jump to the Terminology section (chapter 8) to find out the meaning of it. Do enjoy.

=============================================================== |||| TABLE OF CONTENTS |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 1. The Sunflower: Pros/Cons------------[SF001] 2. Preparations------------------------[SF002] 3. The Infamous Loot Hunt--------------[SF003] - Gemsteel---------------------[SF004] - Empyreal Soul----------------[SF005] - Serpentarius-----------------[SF006] - The Chosen Path---------------------[SF007] 4. Unlocking the Necessaries-----------[SF008] 5. The Most Expensive Flower-----------[SF009] 6. Contact Info------------------------[SF010] 7. FAQs--------------------------------[SF011] 8. Terminology-------------------------[SF012] 9. Credits-----------------------------[SF013] =============================================================== |||| 1. THE SUNFLOWER: PROS/CONS [SF001] |||||||||||||||||||||| Alrighty. In this section I will compare the Tournesol with the several other "ultimate" weapons in the game, and show you what the advantages and disadvantages of each are. The other "ultimate" weapons: Zodiac Spear Wyrmhero Blade Excalibur Masamune

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ [Tournesol] LP: 225 Attack power: 140 Evasion: 25 Charge time: 30 Multi Hit rate: 12 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ [Zodiac Spear] LP: 235 Attack Power: 150 Evasion: 8 Charge time: 26 Multi Hit rate: 4

\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ [Wyrmhero Blade] LP: 0 (no license needed) Attack power: 130 Evasion: 50 Charge time: 99 Multi Hit rate: 80 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ [Excalibur] LP: 160 Attack power: 128 Evasion: 10 Charge time: 30 Multi Hit rate: 7 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ [Masamune] LP: 155 Attack Power: 93 Evasion: 5 Charge time: 29 Multi Hit rate: 40 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ [Zodiac Spear v Tournesol]: The Zodiac Spear is the strongest weapon in the game. The attack power is 10 higher than the Tournesol. They have similar charge times but the Zodiac Spear is slightly faster. The Tournesol on the other hand has an evasion of 25, compared to Zodiac Spear's 8. The Tournesol also is 3 times more likely than the Zodiac Spear to perform a Multi Hit. The biggest problem for the Tournesol is the amount of effort you have to put in to get it, whereas the Zodiac Spear is so simple to get if you know how to get it. The downside of the Zodiac Spear is that if you DO stuff up, then your chance of getting is slim to none, but you can't lose the Tournesol for good. If this is your first playthrough of the game, chances are you've already stuffed up the Zodiac Spear. Sure, you can go to the Henne Mines and hope for the best, but there's like a less than 1% chance of it appearing. Your choice. [Wyrmhero Blade v Tournesol]: The Wyrmhero Blade is the second strongest Greatsword, with 130 attack power. It has an INSANE Multi Hit rate of 80%, and the wielder will be under constant Bravery and Faith status. It also grants you 50% evasion. There are, however, many downsides to this weapon. Its charge time is the longest out of ANY weapon in the game, and biggest problem of all is that you can ONLY get it once you've beaten all of the toughest monsters in the game, so there aren't many instances where you can put this mighty weapon to good use. I guess this weapon's just there as a proof that you've

completed the toughest challenges of the game. Oh, and it also has a Holy element. [Excalibur v Tournesol]: The Exaclibur is the 3rd strongest Greatsword, and is only 2 shy of the Wyrmhero Blade in attack power. It also has a Holy element which is very useful in the late stages of the game since a lot of monsters are weak to Holy. But, being an elemental weapon will also mean that there will be instances (though quite few) where you can't damage your foe with it. The other stats of the weapon aren't so different from the several weaker Greatswords, so I'd only recommend this weapon if you've stuffed up the Zodiac Spear and can't be bothered going through the trouble of obtaining the Tournesol. [Masamune v Tournesol]: The strongest Katana, but when it comes to brute strength the Tournesol will tower above it. However, with a 40% Multi Hit rate, this weapon shouldn't be neglected. But I would suggest that you reserve this weapon for another member of your party, and not your Battering Ram. =============================================================== |||| 2. PREPARATIONS [SF002] |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Alright, let's get started. Now, I want you to know that getting this weapon is a long, tiring and often frustrating process. Most of the process depends on pure luck, so it's hard to say exactly how long it will take for you to obtain it. But one thing I can say for sure. It's not gonna be over in just a couple of hours. Myself, it took me 3 days. If you're lucky though, it may only take one afternoon for you to finish. Good luck. ||| [Getting started] ||| Okay, to make sure you don't wander all over Ivalice blindly, check that you have done the following. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Obtained the Hunter's Monograph Defeated 8 Espers Achieved High Guardian rank Bought Thief's Cuffs (accessory) Vanquished the following Marks: - Ixtab (Rank II) - Marilith (Rank IV) - Deathscythe (Rank VI) 6. Defeated Rare Game Thalassinon 7. Canopic Jar: - Gil Snapper (Rank III) - Orthros (Rank V) - Trickster (Rank V) If you haven't done some of those, here's a quick reference.

Note that I have only listed the relevant rewards you get for vanquishing each mark, so you will get some gil and often other items along with the mentioned reward. [Hunter's Monograph] - Talk to Gatsly in the Muthru Bazaar (Rabanastre) after vanquishing Thextera (Rank I Mark), then buy from Bazaar for 18,000 gil. - Unlocks: Beasts and avions have a chance of dropping rare loot. [Espers] - You'll get 5 in the story, and if you've been doing a lot of exploring and hunting you will probably have Adrammelech (Zertinan Caverns). I'm not an expert on Espers so you're better off reading someone else's Esper guide. By the way the other 2 I defeated were Exodus and Zeromus. - Unlocks: Montblanc awards you with a Gemsteel [High Guardian rank] - If you've been doing most of the hunts, you should have achieved this rank by now. If not, go and hunt. - Unlocks: Montblanc awards you with an Empyreal Soul [Thief's Cuffs] - You can buy them from the merchant next to the Gate Crystal on Mt. Bur-Omisace. Although there are others, I think that's the quickest place to get it because you simply have to teleport and walk 3 steps. - Allows equipped character to increase chances of stealing rare items and also chances of stealing multiple items at once. [Ixtab - "The Dead Ought Sleep Forever] - Bill posted by High-Chief Zayalu of Jahara. Mark located in the Henne Mines, Phase 1 Shaft - Reward: Soul Powder [Marilith - "A Tingling Toast"] Bill posted by the Tavernmaster of The Sandsea (Rabanastre). Mark located in Zertinan Caverns, Invitation to Heresy - stay in this room for approx. 5 mins and approach the sunlit area. - Reward: Serpent Eye [Deathscythe - "Dead City Watch"] - Bill posted by Popol in Nalbina Town. mark located in the Necrohol of Nabudis, Cloister of Highborn. It will only appear when one of your party member goes under 10% of max HP. - Reward: Soul of Thamasa [Rare Game Thalassinon] - Talk to the Bangaa Huntmaster in the Phon Coast (he's standing outside the hut directly opposite the hut with the

merchant), and now head east out to the Vaddu Strand. Go to the very east of this map and climb to the top of the cliff. Look down on the beach and after about 10 seconds the Thalassinon will appear. - Unlocks: all other Trophy Monsters [Canopic Jar] - This key item allows common monsters to drop Arcanas. But getting this item will hurt, since it costs 250,000 gil. You must vanquish the following marks and sell the loot that you get as reward from the petitioners. {For information on how to make money, refer to Chapter 5.} - Unlocks: Chances of making common monsters drop an Arcana, and rare games drop High Arcana [Gil Snapper - "A Paradise Risen"] - Bill posted by Nanau in the Giza Plains during the Rains. She is near the Save Crystal (not the one inside the village). Mark located in the Giza Plains, Tracks of the Beast. To get there you must go around Giza plains and knock over a total of 6 Withered Trees, and then head east from the Save crystal to cross the creek. - Reward: Phobos Glaze [Orthros - "Crime and Punishment"] - Bill posted by the Contrite Thief in Lowtown. Mark located in Garamsythe Waterway, South Sluiceway. Only appears if your party consists of Ashe, Penelo and Fran (all 3 females). Once it's out you can switch back to your normal party. - Reward: Horakthy's Flame [Trickster - "Paramina Run"] - Bill posted by Gurdy, next to the Gate Crystal of BurOmisace. Mark located in the Paramina Rift, Frozen Brook. Keep going in and out of the map and eventually the Bangaa will let you know it's there. If so run to the centre of the map and it will drop from the sky. - Reward: Deimos Clay =============================================================== |||| 3. THE INFAMOUS LOOT HUNT [SF003] |||||||||||||||||||||||| Okay, now that you're ready, here are the required loot to unlock The Sunflower in the Bazaar. - Gemsteel x3 - Empyreal Soul x3 - Serpentarius x3 Sounds simple enough, eh? YOU'RE WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those items can't be found lying around everywhere... in fact, you can't find them lying around ANYWHERE. You must trade in some loot to unlock them in the bazaar. Luckily enough, you can get 1 Gemsteel and 1 Empyreal Soul from Montblanc. 1 Empyreal Soul for reaching High Guardian rank, and 1 Gemsteel for commanding 8 Espers. You can also get 1 Serpentarius from him but you need to be commanding all 13 Espers for that, and that's a hell of a lot of work, so we'll leave that aside. Besides, wouldn't you want to go around obtaining all the Espers while wielding a mighty weapon in your hand? In this section I will show you how to get each item, and the most efficient way to get everything. --------------------------------------------------------------[[VIEWING THIS SECTION]] Bazaar item name: what it's gonna say in the bazaar, obviously. Loot required: each loot and the quantity. [Loot 1] 1. The numerous ways of obtaining the loot 2. will be shown 3. in order of most recommended to the least recommended [Loot 2] 1. etc 2. etc etc --------------------------------------------------------------Okay, let's start with the Gemsteel. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ GEMSTEEL [SF004] /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Bazaar item name: Matchless Metal (29,997 gil) Loot required: Scarletite x1, Damascus Steel x2, Hell-Gate's Flame x2 [Scarletite]: 1. Steal from rare game Aspidochelon (Trophy monster, Cerobi Steppe, Feddik River: 40% appearance chance) 2. Drop (Hunter's Monograph, 6%) or Poach (5%) Emeralditan (Nabreus Deadlands) 3. Steal from Pandaemonium (a. Boss - Pharos First Ascent, b. during hunt for the Shadowseer [rank VI]) 4. After Fishing Sidequest [Damascus Steel]: 1. Steal from rare game Bluesang (Trophy monster, Cerobi Steppe, Crossfield: 40% appearance chance) 2. Steal from rare game Anchag (Paramina Rift, Karydine Glacier: defat all enemies in this map and re-enter)

3. Drop (Knight's Monograph, 6%) or Poach (5%) Bune (Pharos Second Ascent) [Hell-Gate's Flame] 1. Drop (Hunter's Monograph, 5%) Cerberus (The Feywood, Walk of Stolen Truths) 2. Poach (5%) Cerberus 3. Steal from Enkidu second encounter (Gilgamesh - Rank VII mark "The Ancient Man of Mystery") 4. Poach (5%) rare game Wary Wolf (Mosphoran Highwaste, Summit Path: 7% appearance chance) Additional notes: It is also possible to obtain the Gemsteel by defeating an enemy - the Lv. 99 Red Chocobo. It appears in the Ozmone Plains, Haulo Green, but only has a 1 in 256 chance of appearing, so it is not recommended at all. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ EMPYREAL SOUL [SF005] /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Bazaar item name: Jewel of Creation (29,997 gil) Loot required: Soul Powder x1, Wargod's Band x2, High Arcana x1 [Soul Powder] 1. Steal from rare game Vorres (Trophy monster, Necrohol of Nabudis, Hall of the Ivory Covenant: taunt the Dark Element [20% appearance chance], and let it chase you north past the middle portion of the map) 2. Drop (Warmage's Monograph, 10%) or Steal from Etem (Henne Mines, Special Charter Shaft - you must obtain 10 espers and defeat the mark Mindflayer [rank IV] to access this area). [Wargod's Band] 1. Steal from rare game Victanir (Trophy monster, Nam-Yensa Sandsea, Yellow Sands: 40% appearance chance) 2. Drop (Hunter's Monograph, 5%) from Leynir (Nabreus Deadlands, Lifeless Strand) 3. Poach (5%) Leynir [High Arcana] See the Chosen Path section. Additional notes: You can also steal an Empyreal Soul from the Lv.99 Red Chocobo, but again, I'll strongly advise you against it. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ SERPENTARIUS [SF006] /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Bazaar item name: Jewel of the Serpent (19,998 gil) Loot required: Snake Skin x4, Serpent Eye x2, High Arcana x1 [Snake Skin]

1. Drop (very common) or Steal from Wildsnake (Giza Plains Dry, Toam Hills) 2. Drop (very common) rare game Grey Moulter (Mosphoran Highwaste, Empyrean Way: enter map when the minute count of the gameplay time is between 10 and 20) 3. Drop (very common) rare game Midgardsormr (Golmore Jungle, Pths of Chained Light: 20% appearance chance) [Serpent Eye] 1. Drop (Hunter's Monograph, 8%) Basilisk (The Feywood, all areas south of the Save Crystal) 2. Poach (5%) Basilisk 3. Poach (5%) Grey Moulter [High Arcana] See the Chosen Path section. Additional notes: You can also steal one from Zodiark. It's up to you. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ||| THE CHOSEN PATH (SF007) ||| <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Now that you know itching to get up killing monsters. that you take the where everything are, you are probably and start running around wildly stealing and WAIT ONE MOMENT!! I'm gonna help you out so minimum amount of time as possible.

++++~++++~++++~++++ {PHASE 1: THE FEYWOOD} First off, teleport to Giruvegan and make your self north to the Feywood. The first 3 maps that you'll cross in the Feywood are all inhabited by the Basilisks. Start running around wildly and look for their shadows in the blizzard. Since Monograph drop percentage does not increase with killchains, it doesn't matter too much if you build a huge chain, but it helps since you'll get a lot of items. Since you've vanquished Marilith, you already have 1 Serpent Eye. Keep killin' until you get 5 more. Once you're done keep heading north and save. Now head out to the right and enter the Walk of Stolen Truths. This is the area with the Cerberus. There are also another type of wolf monsters here called Tartarus, who are grey. Since Cerberus and Tartarus are both in the same family, killing either of those will add to the chain. Just make sure you don't accidentally kill those 2 Golems patrolling the map. Once you're sure you've cleaned out the map, head out left to Walk of Dancing Shadow. Now head north into the Walk of Flitting Rifts. Although there are a bunch of Tartarus here, it's best if you simply ignore them since the Deadly Nightshades will soon join the fray and they have pretty low HP, so chances are one of your party members will accidentally kill it, ruining the chain. Anyway, head south-east back into the Walk of Stolen Truths. Since you went 2 screens away, the monsters will have respawned. Repeat tho whole proces and keep going around in

this triangle and eventually you'll end up with 4 Hell-Gate's Flame. How long it takes all depends on your luck. I got my first one after about a chain of 50, then I saved the game, and chained about 80 with no luck, saved again, then after that the first 2 Cerberus I killed dropped one each... I thought this was my lucky break, but obviously I was wrong. Took me another 210 chain to get my last one. ++++~++++~++++~++++ {PHASE 2: NABREUS DEADLANDS/NECROHOL OF NABUDIS} Teleport to the Nabreus Deadlands. Head north and you'll be in the Lifeless Strand, where the Leynirs reside. You may choose to collect the 4 Wargod's Bands, but that's not the main reason we came here. Keep making your way north-east until you enter the Necrohol. Go south one map and you're in the Hall of the Ivory Covenant. If you don't see a Dark Element there, keep re-entering the map until you see one. Taunt it, run up north and the Vorres will appear. Steal the Soul Powder from it and leave the Necrohol. You only need 1 Soul Powder because you already have one from the Ixtab hunt. ++++~++++~++++~++++ {PHASE 3: NAM-YENSA SANDSEA} This phase is only for those people who ignored the Leynirs. I got really lucky that the Leynirs dropped the Wargod's Bands while I was on my way towards the Necrohol and also on the way back. Either way, if you chose to come here, then teleport or fly to the Ogir-Yensa Gate Crystal and head out west, then south-west to get here. Keep re-entering until the Victanir appears, steal, leave screen and do the whole process again until you get 4. ++++~++++~++++~++++ {PHASE 4: CEROBI STEPPE} Head out north from the Gate Crystal and you'll be out in the Crossfiled. Head to the centre of the map and the Bluesang should be hanging around the windmills there. If you don't see it, then head east into the Feddik River. Go to the middle portion of this map and target the Adamantitans there. One of them might actually be the Aspidochelon. If not, then simply go back to the Crossfield and look for the Bluesang. Just keep going back and forth and when you see your prey steal from it and run away. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES KILL IT. Keep running around until you have 4 Damascus Steel and 2 Scarletite. ++++~++++~++++~++++ {PHASE 5: GIZA PLAINS} Make sure it's the Dry season. If it's the Rains right now, then you must wait until your gameplay time reaches the next hour (i.e. if it's 65:12:00 or something like that, then wait until 66:00:00). The Dry lasts 2 hours of gameplay and the Rains last 1 hour and obviously they alternate between the 2 seasons.

If for some reason it's the Dry right now for you and want to know when it's gonna change to the Rains, teleport to the Southgate of Rabanastre and talk to one of the Seeq there. He will tell you his approximation of when the change of season is coming. He won't tell you exactly how long, but he'll say thing like "soon" and "a while". If he says soon then It will change when you reach the next hour. Make your way to the village, and head out west to the Toam Hills. There is only 1 spot in the entire game that the Wildsnake will appear, and it's the south-eastern area of this map. It's close to the southern exit of the map, near some tall grass. If you get close enough it will come out of the ground. Because there are so many other enemies lingering around the place, it's best to turn off your Gambits and target the Wildsnake manually to stop wasting time. Make sure you steal from it before you kill it. Once it's killed you must go away 2 screens and return to make it respawn. Ignore all the other mosters because it's just a waste of time dealing with them, and besides they can't hurt you - you're too strong for them. Anyway, just go back to the village, head out the eastern exit, and then head back to Toam hills again. Since you went past the village it means you can't chain the Wildsnakes but it really doesn't matter because the Snake Skin are very common whether you're stealing or waiting for it to drop. Once you have collected 12, leave. ++++~++++~++++~++++ {PHASE 6: GETTING THE HIGH ARCANA} Ah, the troublemaker of the lot. By this stage you would have got 2 from Montblanc, but if you were greedy like me and sold both of them, then you will need more. I'll explain why in Chapter 4. You can steal one from any Esper, so if you have, then you have less work to do. If you currently hold zero High Arcana, then you must either repeat the following process twice or seek out some rare games and hope for their 5% drop chance. So now, if you sold the 2 you got from Montblanc, then you need 2 more. If you have one in your inventory, then you're lucky. Either way you need to create a High Arcana yourself. [HIGH ARCANA] Bazaar item name: Life Crystal (9,999 gil) Loot required: Arcana x10, Feystone x1, Soul of Thamasa x1 You got a Soul of Thamasa from the Deathscythe hunt. So now you need a Feystone and 10 Arcana. You got a few Arcana from Montblanc, but if you've lost count, don't worry, by having the Canopic Jar all this time you would have more than plenty of them anyway. The get a Feystone, you simply need to steal one from any Elemental or Entite. Take your pick and steal.

Okay, so sell all of those and you got yourself a High Arcana. If you need to get another High Arcana, then you need to go get a Soul of Thamasa as well. This is a rather rare item, so listen close. [SOUL OF THAMASA] 1. Steal from rare game Ishteen (Trophy Monster, Barheim Passage, East-West Bypass/The Zeviah Span: Initially 2% appearance chance, chance increases by 2% every 10 seconds) 2. Drop (Warmage's Monograph, 6%) from Oversoul (Necrohol of Nabudis: appears after you've killed a certain amount of enemies, appears for a mximum of 6 times) As you can see both monsters are very rare. Well, good luck. If you are unlucky enough to have unlocked a Saint's Draught or an Esoteric Draught in the bazaar and bought either of them prior to this quest, then I'm sorry, you're gonna have to get 3 High Arcana. I'll explain this in Chapter 4 as well. ++++~++++~++++~++++ Alright, that should be all the Loot you need. On to Chapter 4. =============================================================== |||| 4. UNLOCKING THE NECESSARIES [SF008] ||||||||||||||||||||| Okay, now that you have everything you need, talk to a merchant and choose to sell. First off, sell any extra loot that you got from the quest, but DO NOT, under any circumstances, sell the loot that you spent so much time collecting. Okay, here's the checklist. - 2x Scarletite - 4x Damascus Steel - 4x Hell-Gate's Flame - 2x Soul Powder (1 if you sold the one from the Ixtab Hunt) - 4x Wargod's Band - 3x High Arcana (or 2 or 1 depending on what you did. Refer to High Arcana section above) - 12x Snake Skin - 6x Serpent Eye (or 5 if you sold the one from Marilith Hunt) - 1x Empyreal Soul - 1x Gemsteel Alright, now I'll explain why selling the 2 High Arcana you got from Montblanc already won't work - when you sell a loot, the game remembers it and calculates how many you need to unlock a certain item. If you have enough loot to unlock that item then the item will be enabled in the bazaar. So say you sold 10 of a certain loot, but only needed 5 to unlock something. the item will be unlocked, and the game will remember that you sold enough. Now if you buy that item, then the game will reset the amount of that specific loot to 0. So your extra 5 you just sold went down the drain (well, you got money for it though). Since only 1 High Arcana is needed to unlock those items, selling 2 actually only counts as 1. hence why you needed more.

Now for the positive side of the bazaar. Going back to the example before, now assume there are 2 different bazaar goods that require the same loot. Say, one needs the 5 as mentioned before, and the other needs 8. If you've sold 10 (or 8, doesn't matter), then the game will recognise that you've sold enough for both the goods and so both will be enabled. So in this example to unlock the 2 goods you only needed to sell 8, where as if you sold 5, bought that item, the counter resets so you need to sell 8 more. This is why you only need 3 High Arcana, as opposed to 5. First off, feel free to sell your Gemsteel and Empyreal Soul. After that, we'll get all the Gemsteel stuff out of the way first, since it doesn't involve any High Arcana. So, you need to sell 1 Scarletite, 2 Damascus Steel and 2 Hell-Gate's Flame to unlock it, then you must firt buy it before you sell the remainder to unlock it again. This is because you cannot have more than one of the same repeatable goods in the Bazaar at once. So sell your other half, and buy that as well. Now, if you have 3 High Arcana in your inventory, and are positive that you've sold none to the Bazaar yet, then sell one now, along with 4x Snake Skin, 2x Serpent Eye (or 1 if you sold the one fro the Marilith Hunt), 1x Soul Powder (or none if you sold the one from Ixtab Hunt), and 2x Wargod's Band. Enter the bazaar and you should see both Jewel of the Serpent and Jewel of Creation. Buy both, and repeat the process. Now, Sell all your remainings and you should get your final Serpentarius. Sell them all, and... =============================================================== |||| 5. THE MOST EXPENSIVE FLOWER [SF009] ||||||||||||||||||||| Dun dun duuuun..... The Sunflower is unlocked!!! Sadly, it's not time to celebrate just yet. Yes, it's true. Your eyes are not cheated by some foul spell. 600,000 gil. This is, if my memory serves me correct, the single most expensive item in the entire game. Buying all those Gemsteels and Empyreal Souls and Serpentariuses and Donuts didn't help you financially. If you still manage to have 600,000 gil left in your pocket, then you may go ahead and celebrate. If not, fear not! I shall help you out. So, you'll probably be needing a few hundred thousand gil before you have enough for the Sunflower. Well, I'll show you a way that you can make more than 100,000 gil in less than 15 minutes. If you have defeated the Esper Zeromus, then you have even less work to do! If you haven't, then firstly talk to the Acolyte on the steps in front of the Bur-Omisace temple, and he'll give you the Condemner's Stone. Now teleport to the Stilshrine of Miriam and make your way to the Way Stone. Choose to use your

newly acquired key item and you'll be teleported to a new area. Open the Ancient door in front of you and you will face the Esper. Be warned, as you cannot use Magick during this battle, so you must rely on X-Potions and such to heal you. However, by this stage of the game you shouldn't have too much trouble with him. Okay, so whether you've defeated Zeromus right now, or you have already, go to the room where you fought him (if you fought him just then, you must first teleport out and then re-enter this room). As you begin going down the stairs, a bunch of Dark Lords will dig their way out. For the quickest method, cast Berserk on your Battering Ram and just follow him around as you pick up the items from the trail of destruction he made. Occasionally you will need to go from one side of the room to the other to make more Dark Lords appear. Once you've killed 30 to 40 Dark Lords, teleport out of the area, teleport, and teleport again to be back in the room, and repeat the whole process again. Just be careful you don't let your blood-thirsty Battering Ram take it out on the 2 Reapers (Reaper Claw and Reaper Mage) there. Killing them will end your gigantic chain. What you're looking for are the Blood-darkened Bones. Once you have 99 of them, then you should leave the place and sell them, along with all the other loot you got (most commonly Dark Crystals and Arcana). Don't worry, you most likely won't have to kill 99 Dark Lords to get 99 Blood-darkened Bones. As your chain level grows they'll start dropping 2, 3 or even 4 of them at a time. Well with this trick you'll most likely need less than an hour to afford the Sunflower. -------------------------------Eric Merschman (xxcderaxx@hotmail.com) has submitted the following method: "I`m not sure if it`s well known, but I found a nice trick that you may or may not want to use. As far as grinding for the money for anything you may need (the canopic jar or the tornesol itself), the mirror knights in Feywood the map west of the blue crystal have a good drop. At about the 3rd (yellow number) level of a chain, they start dropping Reflect Mails very commonly and in multiples of 2-4 at a time. In 1 chain up to 65-70ish, I had already gotten 18 reflect mails. Each sell for like 4.3kish. All you have to do to chain them is kill the 15ish on the map, flee (as to not kill a wolf and break the chain) to the east, loop around to the crystal, and head west and they will have respawned." Personally I found the Dark Lord trick better, but since everyone has different opinions, I thought I'd post it. Thanks to Eric. -------------------------------What are you waiting for? Go and buy it now! Congratulations! You have earned the Tournesol, and you

deserve it! =============================================================== |||| 6. CONTACT INFO [SF010] |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| E-MAIL: kingofevil@gmail.com Resident member of the RN Forums - http://rnforums.proboards22.com/ =============================================================== |||| 7. FAQS [SF011] |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Q: I can't steal anything from the [rare game]! A: Most rare games only hold 1 loot/item that can be stolen, and it is a 1% chance that you can steal it. With the Thief's Cuffs, the chances increase to 5%. As you can see, it's very hard to get it. Most times you'll end up with "You couldn't steal from [rare game]". Just keep trying. The best way it to let 2 characters steal, while one heals the others if necessary. Q: Why isn't [Trophy Monster] appearing? A: Trophy Monsters only appear after you've defeated the Thalassinon. You must return to the Bangaa Huntmaster in the Phon Coast camp and he'll tell you that there are a bunch of monsters who could potentially become Hunt marks if left alone. These are the Trophy monsters. After you've talked to him all the Trophy Monsters will appear, with their condition of appearance (i.e. xx% appearance chance etc). Q: =============================================================== |||| 8. TERMINOLOGY [SF012] ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Multi-Hit: When a character attacks consecutively. The most hits possible is 12 hits, but it only has a 5% chance and the character must be in HP Critical status. Battering Ram: Commonly known as damage dealers. I like the term Battering Ram because that's what they pretty much do. :P Loot: These are the items dropped by monsters, that you can sell to unlock different items in the Bazaar. Rare Game: As their name suggests, these are very rare monsters. They either have a small chance of appearing, or you must fulfil some requirements before they show up. Trophy Monster: The "rare" Rare Game monsters. Only appears after you have defeated Thalassinon and talked to the Huntmaster in the Phon Coast. These monsters are "once-only" monsters, meaning once you kill it, you won't see it ever again.

Killchains (chains): As you kill more enemies in the same family in a row (say, for example, Wolf family), your "chain" will increase and this increases the chances of item drops and also the quality of the items. =============================================================== |||| 9. CREDITS [SF013] ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| - piggybackinteractive.com's FFXII Guide, for informations on locations/chances etc, basically everything about the monsters. - Square Enix for making the game! - Eric Merschman for suggesting the Mirrorknight trick. =============================================================== >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> =============================================================== =============================================================== ||| END OF GUIDE |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| =============================================================== ===============================================================

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