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062-0568-008 MWB Bridge Plug, 5.68"OD, 7"23.0-35.0#, Wireline Set


• • • • • • • • • • • Sets securely in any hardness casing, including premium grades Ratchet lock ring secures dynamic setting force One-piece packing element and flat metal backup rings which combine for superior seal. Rated to 10,000 psi at 275 Deg F for standard service H igher temperature ratings available upon request Case-hardened, one piece slips virtually eliminate premature setting, yet are easily drilled out Locked together design and extra clearance safely speeds run-in Fin bottom to aid in preventing "Spinning" during drillout Can be set directly with Baker Wireline setting tools Shear studs are Baker style and connect directly to Baker Adjuster Sub Crossovers are not required

Many of the outstanding features of our wireline plugs and packers have been incorporated into the Models 'MMB' and 'MWB' Bridge Plugs. Both are rugged, compact units engineered for fast running downhole on either tubing or electric wireline. Positively-secured packing element and one piece slips combine to resist premature setting due to well debris or rough handling and assures protection from the hazards of high-speed running in the well. The flat metal backup rings prevent extrusion of the rubber at high pressure and temperature. Because of their design, the metal-to-metal contact developed by these backup rings is made more secure by pressure increases. An internal ratchet lock ring retains the dynamic force induced in the retainers during the setting operation. This simple mechanism assures continued compression of the packing elements regardless of pressure differentials. Case-hardened, one piece slips, designed to bite into the hardest casing, are located at each end of plug - final assurance of plug pack-off security. When the need arises, these slips are easily drilled out.

Operating Instructions
WIRELINE SETTING INSTRUCTIONS The Brdige Plugs can be set with Baker wireline pressure setting tools. The setting adapters-contain Baker adapter kits. Kit part numbers are listed in the retainer specification outline.

e.7. The weight increase is 2.000 3. is set by compression (instead of tension on vital components). this action sets the slips and packs off the sealing element.500# weight).7" tools and 5 .5 in for 4-1/2" . tighten tension mandrel on the adjuster sub. Suggested Drilling Technique for Bridge Plug The following is a general guide for the most successful drill out technique Bit Rotary Speed New. A setting sleeve attached to the setting tool pushes against the lock ring backup of the bridge plugs. If reverse circulation is planned.9 in for 7-5/8" and larger tools). medium hard formation 75-125 RPM is recommended. During setting.000# until the top end of the center body of retainer is drilled away (3 Weight on Bit .000# per inch of bit diameter (i. To rig the retainer for running. Drill Collars 8 minimum for 4-1/2" and 5-1/2" tools 12 or more for 7" and larger tools for weight. Additional weight can now be applied across the full bit diameter. Spudding the work string and variations in bit speed and bit weight should be made to help break up debris to re-establish penetration should it cease while drilling. The bridge plug. Apply 5. short tooth. 4-3/4" bit use 12. At a predetermined tension it releases stud parts and allows the setting tool and adapters to be removed from the well. thus.the casing scraper or other equipment in the tubing string . One or more junk baskets should be used above the bit when normal circulation is to be used. first screw the adjuster sub to the setting tool and make wrench tight.000 . Then. the sleeve holds the bridge plugs outside components and the rod pulls the bridge plugs body up. Next.14.An adapter rod attached to the setting tool and attached to a mild steel release stud located in the body at the upper end of the bridge plug.000 .attach the setting sleeve to the setting tool and screw it completely back.

bit stability. type of bit. etc. The kick will indicate the shear stud parting.004 Setting Range Max 6. pump rate.20 Adapter Kit 062-0568-110 Wireline Setting Kits ( Gearhart Ow en) Wireline Setting Tool Setting Sleeve 062-0568-100 Adapter Rod 062-0568-101 Lock Spring 052-5307-202 G O 3. The same considerations should be used when drilling Bridge Plugs as would be used when drilling medium hard formations. After setting the bridge plug.366 50. drillong fluid.687 Plug OD Min 6.625" Adapter Kit 062-0568-150 . drilling weight. Specifications Casing OD 7" Wt (T&C) 23.0-35.0# 5. Line speed should not exceed 200 feet per minute while running.000# Shear Force Wireline Setting Kits ( Bak er) Adjuster Sub 066-0020-035 Setting Sleeve 061-0568-050 Lock Spring 052-5307-202 Wireline Setting Tool Baker No. NOTE: Drilling times are directly related to tool size. The bridge plug is run to setting depth in the same manner as a conventional drillable packer or bridge plug. During setting there may be one "kick" shown on the weight indicator.should have an inside fluid passage as large as the passage through the bit so cuttings will not bridge. bit RPM. The packer components are shear pinned as a safety measure against premature setting caused by well conditions. pick up the setting tool a few feet then set back down and tag the retainer to assure the bridge plug is in place.

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