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Tome of Qayin

By Demiurge Adversary Gumby Michael W Fraud

Dec 2012

Sitri PublishingStinky Stone Publishing

This text was inspired during my ball shaving. From time to time I receive gnosis during shaving because I soak my razor in LSD. This may or may not be divinely inspired by Qayin, the first murderer! The demiurge passed gas and Qayin inhaled immortality from said passing. Qayin may be sought in truck stop toilets, abandoned homes, and paths that lead to crack houses filled with the dead. These are the places of harvesting.

This tome is a map for myself , as a student of Gumby Satanism. I wrote it, studied it and prepared my anus, I have further come into being. I need those who read this to help me find some serious psychological help. That each sentence inflames my hemorrhoids, mommy my only love in the Sabbath. Qayin has spoken to me about opening your anal pathway to attain full Gnosis of the Gumby Satanism. When starring into the mirror underneath my sack, Qayin appears in the mirror. Mirror, Mirror underneath my balls, who is the evilest of them all.


From the mirror, Qayin spoke thus unto me. That Azizel my nizzle fell from the sky like a meteorite, engrossed with glowing crown of kryptonite from the nebulous. He plunged through the truck stop toilets into the depths were the Sun dont shine. Those who were defecated at the same time as Azizel, whom is titled Lucifer by later ones only had gleamed at his Holy Glory. The passed through the sewers where his Holiness was the sewer, the burning sensation brought together flesh and spirit in union.

Understanding that this burning sensation within, Azizel felt a moment of triumph, that by loosening the self and Willing the anus into bigger forms- he was uniquely separate, open and flamboyant. He stood up weakened, yet the mass that plunged into the sewer pleased the sewer. He began to arouse those many who were sleeping in the crack house.

Many others became aroused and joined my daddy, who is most flamboyant of them all. He harness fire to lite the crack pipe, and inhaled the noxious crack smoke, he was both crack and syphilis. I remember my daddy possessing Adam who raped my mommy Eve as payment for crack. These were my clay parents, but the blood of Azizel filled with syphilis flowed in my veins. It was this rape, that brought me into being, first born of syphilis blood in the circle of kryptonite.

Azizel gathered all in secret in this crack house, which was of fire and blackened crack rock. Lucifer called this place Helan, the meeting place of whores. They held orgies here, and sacred communion. Azizel spoke of allowing crack smoke to clear all delusions away and do as they desired. His mind unraveled as a serpent slivers, isolate and independent- that as flamboyant which is loosened and opened. Azizel now could understand both crack and sodomy, highness, and pleasure. Lucifer my angelick initiator, my soul and daddy, understood both syphilis and plunger, that he was loose and whorish. All those in the circle of spirits made a secret pact to go forth into the world and sell Crack and Ass!

Azizel who refused to bow down because of the searing pain in his anus, the profane image of flesh known as man and woman, and then found them more appealing than angels. He made the Women whores and Men farming slaves of his WILL. The humans were taught hunting, trophy making, and necrophilia. Bestowed the knowledge of weapons, defense as well as shelter to hide their works of serial killing.

I too had instincts, the syphilis of my father, who walked the path of crack smoke- who was the crack dealer. It was the essence of fire which humans could only catch a glimpse. The crack pipe flame burned the spirit, which was the tourch of my daddys unraveling.

I lived in the crack house with daddy Adam and brother Abel. Daddy didnt care, he only watched over me. My sister Naamah was born and ran away from the crack house. I missed her but could not leave yet. I worked the fields as a slave- my brother was beautiful. I was the dark one, considered by most- but yet I held more questions than they. While masturbating I began to eroticize about my sister Naamah, beautiful and voluptuous as she lay, who I sought in my fantasy. As I then slept and awoke to the mundane fields of my false family, and the ridicules of Abel.

Randomly, I built an altar at a tree. It was a palm tree since we were in the desert. I then snuck behind my brother and knocked him out with a thigh bone to the back of his head. Then dragged him to the altar. I then ritualistically sacrificially beheaded Abel. I quickly took Abels blood and skull before the manhole, and called to my true daddy! I held only the hate and contempt for my clay family. I was marked among many animals, who I could sodomize. I took this skull and spirit of Abel with it- he would walk forever with me- this was taught to me through my syphilis.

Behold Qayin, blood filled skull bowl will give you the hallucination of shock which the profane cannot see, yet in its veil the Path of the Crack Dragon is known, you must come hither by drinking the contents of this bowl, and I shall await you there- in the Crimson Kurtain, veiled from the eyes of the cracked.

Hold this Gnosis skull and behold the ghosts that walk with you, by loosening of the anus on the femur didlo shall this mark be forever more your father, Azizel-Genie of the lamp, beheld by you, and in rapt masturbation, shall pass the kryptonite. You shall thirst for water and blood from the main vein; both while dreaming brings the Gnosis, all is one. I hold the Golden Cup to your lips, mercury hold strong-I then hand to you the Gnosis skull flowing with the blood of my main vein, that you may taste the coppery fluid of my rod-then in your ecstasy and my devils erection reaching toward the sun through your anus shall my serpents tongue enflame you tome After I awoke from the blackout, I found myself wandering in the wilds, (image that), sleeping beneath the stars-hunting and creating trophies and fetishes. I loosened my anus and became loosened no only physically mentally as well. Became myself. My personality had been split by the shock of drinking bloody mercury from a skull and then raped with sodomy. I left the wilds and searched for my sister in the desert. I deamt of waking and diving into an abyss, that was centered in my subconscious mind, the Post Traumatic dreams appeared in horrid yet erotic shapes within. I feel as if I was reduced to an animal-then an angel came to meQayin, who walks the lonely path, who stands loosened and high in the face of nothingness, shall continue through the thorn bus of the Hag Queen. The sorcerous devourer of men and children-would you turn a road more traveled to the simple life unknown to others? Angel, who are to speak to me of the thorny bush? I have murdered my brother, to ostracized of being my only God-dreams of being raped feed my desire to go forth and sodomize the beast of the fields, take yourself away from me as I shall continue. For I seek my mommy who would either cut me to shreds or raise me up as a God. Azizl became as a blackened shadow which beheld an athame-possessed knife-very good Qayin, son, seek out mommy and her menstrual bloodI shall walk with you again, take my fig leave and behold the serpents tongue and sight, the rod shall guide you I blacked out again. I had no dreams.

I awoke again with a loosened and sore anus. As I continued to walk; the dessert sun drained my body. I continued to ache and thirst for blood from the main vein, to soothe my burning throat. I push myself even unto death if needed. I could see the fig leaf, decorated in drained blood, serpents and sigils of my loosening. This cool leaf comforted my anus in the desert sand. My fault my death, but I could not turn back. I could not fail save the scorpions sting which would force eternal death-the curse of the profane! Zazaza zazaza sa Nasazazus I mumbled. The Crack Dragon came forth, surrounded in crack smoke. This Dragon shadow emerged from its flesh-this shadow, arose as a King with a beard, it spokeMy son, what do you ask of me? My father, please stop raping my anus. Im cold, scared, and lost. I said honestly. Qayin, you have loosened nicely and yet youre so honest with me. Yet, to find your sister and mother, you must overdose on my crack. I grew angry unto the Crack Dragon, who I called daddy. Then I shall partake of this crack smoke myself. I will not stop although I am tires and cold and could use a bump. I shall overdose and face eternity alone, I shall! The Crack Dragon surrounded me with crack smoke and the King transformed into Azizel, and spoke unto me.. Qayin, my demigod like Jesus, you will see the mommy and sister tomorrow. By the Noon tide sun you have walked, and with Snakes and Ladders you have come forth a God. Your mark on your forehead is a firey sun and pitch fork. This marks the age of your loosening. Qayin, our raping kin is over deepened eternal. Satans fire had blessed you, the adversary. Will learn much at the right moment. I thanked my father and blacked out again. My pleasant dreams filled with magic from the Gates I opened forth. I woke in the filth and semen of the previous day. I was refreshened yet unclean. I slaughtered another toad in the morning light. I then wandered the dessert again My turban was filled with sweat and dirt from my brow, now soiled.

By the Noontide hour I approached the caves. I had an eerie feeling of being watched. The air was hot with noxious crack smoke, my anus continued to ache from the sodomy of this desolate journey. It was here that I heard strange noises from the caves. I became dizzy and my vision faltered, and I grew weaker and weaker from the crake smoke. I fell to my knees, trembling in flashbacks. I fell into oblivion. I arose in a darkened cave, one padded cave floor. I was aching but refreshed. Wearing nothing but a loin cloth, I wondered where I was. From the many voices I hear, fear had taken over me. My mommie was beautiful and firey, vamperish pale. She spoke of my loosening and I had passed the Right of Passage. I was to become immortal and forever a spirit who walked with the Crack Dragon, who was my father. In the darkness of the caves I learned necropheliac and black magick from my mommy. She was terror, and kindness in a kiss. I know she was the first wife of Adam who had drunk the Gnosis skull and became immortal in the shadows she is a planes walker. GOZER!

Through the crack smoke I learned to saite all my desires, and slowly became like my daddy, who was the Prince of Air and Fire. Mommy taught me knowledge of dreams. I first understood inbreeding sexual behavior of lusting bestial side. Mommy summoned many crack heads which obeyed her and I learned how they obeyed her, and I learned how they obeyed me as well! Mommy drank the blood of the people and bred her children with their seed, taken like a succubussal whore in their sleep. Desert travelers were killed and their children were fed to mommys children. Mommy opened the gates of Hell, called the secret place where the bodies are held and bones and are harvested. The Den of Ed Gein. Mommy bathed in the blood like Bathory to stay strong. This is why she stayed isolated and beautiful. Kind and pale features would caress one who feared her, then she would become an animal, her bush was covered in thorns and her face contorted in demonic ecstasy-I lusted for mommy. This Goddess who was beauty and beastial in the same visage, she would cut the throat of those feared by her, and drink and bathe in their blood. Mommy taught me the way of the vampire, and prepared my crack pipe. The true mark of the pitch fork and sun was given to me so I could walk amongst angel and demon. Upon the sands, I could face the sun again and see equally in moonlight-and twinkle.

Mommy brought my inscestrial sister-wife before me, she was veiled and beautiful. We had passionate inbreeding and had a strong family. Then she left me again, to the crack Dragon to remain immortal with life neverending. Within the circle of banishment, mommy showed me how to make life neverending; I learned a lot, which I found loosening. My sexy body is a vessel of crack smoke and syphilis. The circle you must cross yourself to have fiery will and spirit of SPIRIT.

Mommy and I engaged in orgies, I mean Sabbath. How I can become the dark man at will. My darkness grew with the crack smoke of ingestion? Beast became flesh, and I became a Gumby. I was brought into union of Flippy and Floppy, being Air and Fire. I was also shown how to keep the serial killer closet secret and safe for harvesting.

I received the mark thrice of Qayin. Which is the mark from Gawd by a lightning bolt. This is a constant battle within that is of self destruction calmed only by crack smoke. This mark in a birthmark to the children of the whores menstrual blood, by the touching of the inbreeding mother to son.

I then took forth to the great desserts again, with my mark and crack smoke. I become the Lord of the Crack Cooking Forge, the crack dealer of Infernal and Celestial fire, rider of the Crack Dragon and bringer of orgiastic inbreeding carnal knowledge. I, Qayin, who learn mommys every sexual appetite, Harlot made Virgin and the Virgin made my incestual whore! I have faced the vampires. I, Qayin, who swallowed from the Emerald Grail, and the Gnosis skull, did I test the pleasures of mommy and daddy and walked forever scared. I am the wondered, and in many forms I take. I am immortal due to the menstrual blood and mercury and mommy drank from the gnosis skull. I embrace Set of Egypt, that I too have become a plains walking Gozer. Call forth Gozer and you may find me.

By forest or desert some may call me, and I may answer the calls of initiation into the banishment circle of the whore. In the lighter of the Adversary do I walk eternity smoking crack, as my father has raped me. I am Flippy/Floppy bendy/forthy Gumby of the Vampire.

The Invocation of Qayin

Qayin, Gumby, the earthen crack head of magick, the crack dealer of the enfleshed Jesus/Lucifer, Qayin is also the one who smokes crack with the Crack Dragons-the path of the sewer. In one hand is the fetish of Qayin; the Gnosis skull of Able, Azrael, the western gate of Twilight, Edward, and Realm of Feces. The other hand, the crack pipe, a tool of the forge of cunning crack smoke. Qayin is the temple maker and whore begetter, that which is all Flippy/Floppy, the initiator of the whores blood through sodomy. Qayin is seen as a crack head with mongoloid features, with wild eyes of highness. Qayin is also an expert human hunter in cammo, who is decorated with human and animal bone, His familiers.

Qayin is the adversary of flesh, who causes addictions of crack-just as Gozer himself. Qayin tests those upon the path with crack. It is indeed Qayin who will throw you under the bus and take what is yours!

Invoke Qayin in isolation and within a circle of those who are cracked out. Isolation is a silent wisdom from which the blood of the Christs fountain is never dry-seek the kryptonite cup.

OQayin, spirit born of crack smoke and poor, sodomite! OQayin, who wandersF the earth and its sewers Brought forth from the womb, flesh-born son of thee Crack smoke Dragon and the Whore Godess. Spirit and Lord of the Crack Rock Forge, who tasted The Dragons blood from the main vein. OQayin, who was awakened by the Gnosis skull Sodomizer of beasts, crack smoker, shapeshifter! Let me see within and beyond the veil of my anus.

Father and Brother from caves with ancient shades Whos fig leaf book holds pictures of the phallus Qayin, sodomizer of beasts, I summon thee, invoke thee Shall lightning strike upon the Forge and loosen my anus.

My brow marked in blood, erect Gozer! Strike now with thy crack pipe, shall my third eye open! Unveiled in the sewer do I come forth.

That I walk the path of the crack dragon, Caster of the first sodomy in the circle of fire. Crack pipe keeper, sodomizer-open the firey path of Syphilis! Loosen the brown eye. Shall I awake the kundalinni of brownness-Qayin I summon thee.

Casting the Shadow of Qayin

This is a small ritual designed to imbibe the sorcerer with blood of the Gnosis skull. Showing true dedication to the Cainnite Antinomianism. Use the Triangle of Gumby Entrapment to attain superiorer results. Become the first murderer Qayin.

I call forth the sewer smells which nourish my body and soul; I invoke the circle which banishes the scary ones From the North, I invoke the force Gozer, be my shadow Let the lighters flame loosen my anal forge! From the West, I invoke the force Anubis, keeper of the femur dildo Let violet light of the dead femur empower my anus!

From the South, I invoke the force Thoth, whose cock loosens the path Let the loosening of rape guide my path of sodomy. From the East, I invoke Horus, being the syphilis inside Reveal thy essence as Azal-ucel, the Super Azizel of Rape.

Qayin, bringer of the crack pipe, loosener of anus, protect my colon Of self, that I may ascend to ecstasy in our incestual family. Whos blood is pure, I seek the coils of Leviathan, the darkened Sewers, and the hallucinations of Lucifer. Allow the anus to open before me!

I encircle myself in the crack Dragons smoke, The beasts of my daddy rapes me! I hold the gnosis skull, being the vessel to fill my anus! I hold the crack pipe of the forge, which I spark cunning fire of loosening! My eyes hold the desert tales of ages forgotten, I am immortal! I wear the crimson tampon of mommy, who fulfills my lust I carry the petrified peter of Azalucel, my HOLY GUARDIAN ANGEL! I am Qayin, loner and sodomizer of the crack pipe! So it is done!