Liberal Youth Chair 6 Month Plan Team Sam Fisk/Kav Kaushik
Mission – a collaborative youth movement striving to campaign and recruit for the Liberal Democrats while engaging existing members.

Projects hoped to achieve:
- Set up Freshers campaign

Projects to set up LY “infrastructure”

- A Team spirit and shared vision - Online Training sessions on Google - The Gold Guard Hangout/Skype - Viral coordinated national - Budgetary rethink focussing on stunt members not exec - Engagement focus at federal - Closer LYS/IR Cymru integration as well conference as LDHQ - Stronger focus on training at - Regional and branch chairs skills LY conference sharing platform - Frequent press releases on any - Online voting for LY policies young/student issue





Go through budget to remove wasteful exec focussed money. e.g. scrap travel expenses for physical meetings in London. Reinvest this money into Scotland and Wales grants and look into larger budgets for LY events and key by elections SF/KK Meet with LDHQ staff to initiate The Gold Guard strategy. Set up a Liberal Youth Connect account SF Planning Spring Conference including a focus on engagement KK


Liaise with local parties in target seats about what can be achieved for elections


Organise Action Days SF Read through Freshers evaluation data. Google Hangout to speak to members about Freshers campaigns ideas. Consult with LDHQ KK Skype Meeting with Scotland and Wales Exec – sharing ideas and suggestions Executive Teambuilding Day


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Promotion of action days through social media and targeted through regional/branch chairs Online Connect Training via Skype/ Google Hangouts (or Oskar if we ask nicely) Ensure Connect accounts are set up Advertise and promote viral campaign to kiss across the country to promote equal marriage Spring Conference Content planning for LY Conference – expansion on Diversity fringe and more training focussed






Regional Action Days to go ahead (SF) Collate information about all the new university branch chairs to send Freshers materials too. KK Begin creating a Freshers training module (KK) Press Release about Love Campaign (SF)


Mass GOTV phone banking (SF) Begin Freshers art work. Consult exec and use Facebook Chatbox poll for membership consultation SF/KK May 17th – Coordinated event across the country to promote love for equal marriage (if vote if before May 17th then change plan to fall on the week before the vote) (KK)

Advertise Chairs Forum



Evaluate Gold Standard strategy and produce report for next year SF First Branch Chairs/Regional Chairs Google Hangout meeting (concentrating on skills sharing) – in future held 3 times a year SF Create handover document. Including self evaluation of term SF/KK

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Ly Conference/Activate Online policy voting


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aign and recruit for the Liberal

Associated Portfolios


Kat, Helen, Campaigns Events

England Convenor England Convenor, Campaigns

Campaigns, Kat, Communications Scotland and Wales Convenors Executive

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Communications, England Convenor, Campaigns

Membership Development

Campaigns, Regional Convenors Events/Policy etc

Events England Convenor, Campaigns

Kat, Regional Convenors Kat, Campaigns, Membership Development Communications, campaigns

Membership Development, Campaigns, Regional Convenors Kat, Campaigns, Membership Development

Communications, Regional Convenors, Membership Development

Campaigns, Kat Regional Convenors, Membership Development, Campaigns

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