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Face book

fy Sarah’s urge to Best pals weren’t enough to satis EVERYaround her. She wanted to reach help ppl group on facebook esmo ONE, so she opened her ted sending her If Every One Cared. People star read every msg and took their problems and she h’s answers and close care of it. I read some of Sara inspiring than “I’m going to most of them are more . problems” Also, give u 1, 2, 3 orders to solve ur talked with about Sarah most of the ppl I e than once. mentioned the word “inspiring” mor didn’t help me 2ad ma she Mahmoud said “this girl er, bgad, I can’t inspired and gave me the pow describe.” lems on Sarah’s Laura, a Brit who posted her prob me “she helped me get group, anonymously told ing everything to through my problems by explain or overcome it and telling me and how to accept nces as well. She me about her personal experie myself with friends. I was helped me surround then; but she has really about to lose myself back new and improved person I inspired me to be the am today.”

screw it all up 2 be honest, but I was astonished!” she confessed. The girls came and talked with Umniya and told her they wouldn’t tease her again. They didn’t apologize, but never bullied her again! “Eventually, after that I got stronger,” concluded Umniya. Omar’s severe illness pushed him to consider suicide. He needed a pancreas transplant ‘cause he’s diabetic. His I’m depressed status on facebook was all Sarah needed to care about him. His problem with sickness was more mental than physical and Sarah motivated Omar tremendously. He explains “she provided me with motives to get over what I was going through. My surgery is postponed till this summer and if it weren’t for Sarah, I wouldn’t have been alive today.”

The is tcoolest part a went ho t Sarah schootl Umniya’s follo the and wting alked day the b t girls w unch oo ho use f to teas e her. d




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She also told me that if they were to get a divorce, I weren’t to take one’s side but rather inst ead, be good to bothers she “stormed of them because out crying and they desermy when that’s ved it.” t silent. They
parents wen weren’t used to seeing me cry and both sat down and started so they talking. I told them everything, did get a apologized and I felt warm inside. They h came to me at once and asked divorce and Sara where we me to stay with her for the weekend eback riding and bowling.” both went hors

Fighting Death Itself

Tips on Social Skills and Career them ed

From a Bullied Gal to a Bullet Gallant with me her story

Umniya, a 14 yr old girl, told I’m her age and Sarah; “She always treated me like anything. I had so much talked to me about after we moved Coping with Parents’ Divorce trouble coping in my new school My grades were affected; I 3alya wasn’t coping with her parents’ divorce and out and I got bullied. n Sarah called shared her anguish with Sarah. “She started telling was so down all the time. That’s whe me me that it’s natural 4 parents me one day and told FRE F to fight and it’s acceptable for she wanted to hang out E TIC TI REE C me to feel bad about it; but with me.” INS KET KET INS IDE IFR D never hide my emotions and TIC EEE “I was surprised and so a SK that I should talk about what a rINarIaDET De E makes me sad with my thrilled! I told her Dear ar Sa,ra, Sa Whatra told ar a parents. She also told me that everything so she Dear do i do open up W at d i d ope o?! Dear Sara,hWa o Sara, ?! n up if they were to get a divorce, I me I had to stand up 4 sh RRe a ou2 op ears d Dearhat do i eachchdoti t 2 allenears weren’t to take one’s side but Sara, do?!h toushe’se’s all up W myself. She said she’ doS!Sra ? Dear SaraHE S ,R H shaAaESS SAR ra What do Sdo?! each E SARA ESSAMears rather be good to both of help me at first but that I Ht Rehathi oudo2HEARSSY AM o 2 S all Wac do i E ?! Saa ARe’s Y r raut SAR arA them because they deserved A S 2 Sar had to take care of it late Reach out HE HE A a SHE HEARSYAARS ESSAM it.” Reach out 2 Sara on my own. She advised YA YA 3alya remarked that she SHE HEARS me to tell a teacher SHE HEA Attend the bigRS YA couldn’t see that what Sarah’s someone bothers when SHOW the bigt Attend tonigh saying is actually doable, but Attend thightg me.” The coolest part is SHOW mbc bi On ton e gave it a deep thought. Then SHOW tonight that Sarah went to On mbc the that night, her parents had a big 90 m O34n63501afabc Umniya’s school 349063501afa fight and she felt she couldn’t following day and 349063501afa take the shouting anymore. She talked to the bunch of 349063501afa was about to implode then girls who used to tease 349063501afa d remembered Sarah’s words, so 349063501afa her. “I thought she’

rar a aaara

Many others told me how Sarah help oing change their shy character to a more outg hard one; and from a shallow character to a d, “It was working one. Amina and Esraa mentione e kinda really hard 4 us to express ourselves. We’r Sarah helped us both look at life the shy type but from a different perspective.” She Adel recounted, “She told me what to do. uctions to typed my CV for me and gave me instr ested the following the interview. She even sugg best places s about to apply to. She taught me a lot of thing , I contemplated life. When I faced many problems ing suicide but she made me regret even think till now.” about it. Without her, I wouldn’t be alive ommunicaAdel now works in a multinational telec tions company.

Mothering and Tutoring

find a job for There was a time when Sarah couldn’t ed a home-made ad 3 weeks; so crazy little her post telling her about a babysitter! A father phoned her, with school work that he needs her to help his kids leaving to for 2 months ‘cause he and his wife were getting treated for Germany, where his wife was returned cancer. After those 2 months, the man ! He asked Sarah to and said the mom was dead them out. complete the school year helping h, and in spite of Thanks to God, then Sara It’s been 2 everything, the kids got high grades. them. years now and she still tutors

this guy, Rick Walters, msgd her and asked why she was so polite? She told him that she had faith and believed what she says is right and that no one has the right to curse religion and then hide behind the free speech phrase. He kept talking to her for 3 months, arguing and asking about Islam. Then one day he admitted that he was so pissed off to see Muslims rise like that!

Positive Campaign for Islam

e was this Even that Sarah didn’t leave out! Ther d Islam. Sarah joined group on facebook that curse month. Then we fedlet sakta and only read for a full r ever cursed back till she started talking, bas neve

Sarah El Gammal is now responsible for CONVO’s problem page, I Hear Ya… We couldn’t find a better supporter for our readers. By the way, she has no clue she’s being featured in CONVO, but thanks to a great bunch of honest ppl, I was able to compile as much data from them about such an inspiring angel, in spite of all her personal problems.

Where’s Sarah Now?

* All names (xcept Sarah’s) have been changed 4 the privacy of those mentioned in the article.

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