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Executive & Communications Assistant Executive Bangkok, Thailand Country Director (CD)

GENERAL DESCRIPTION Serves as the primary point of contact for the CD; maintaining the CD’s calendar and the all staff calendar; screening and responding as appropriate to phone calls, correspondence, responding to other inquiries; assisting in managing the Post’s print and electronic communications including the annual report and maintaining a lively web presence; as well and performing other duties as described below and others that might be assigned by the CD. Contributes to the smooth and efficient operation of Peace Corps (PC) Thailand by providing executive level advice, support and assistance, particularly in matters related to proper protocol and matters dealing with visa issues and other communications with the Royal Thai Government and other key constituencies, to the Country Director and other members of the senior management staff; assists by drafting and maintaining correspondence, reports, newsletters, and other correspondence in Thai and/or English; ensures that an efficient central filing system is established and maintained; organizes and maintains the CD's calendar, makes appointments and travel itineraries including making reservations; translates materials from Thai to English and vice versa; sorts and circulates mail, cables, and other documents to appropriate staff; prepares materials such as briefing books for official visitors and responses for information from PC Headquarters, the Embassy and others about PC Thailand; answers routine inquiries and shares in telephone and visitor reception duties of the office; manages all processes related to communications, reporting the appropriate and effective use of external funds; understands the safety and security directives and procedures, assists with tests of the Emergency Action Plan, and other safety and security functions; plans and coordinate arrangements for receptions, staff retreats, and social activities for staff; and contributes to the overall efficiency and quality of operations by being a supportive and cooperative member of the PC Thailand team as it works to fulfill the vision, goals. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Ensures clear and appropriate communications and protocol with the RTG, USG, Peace Corps Washington, and others by drafting and maintaining correspondence, reports, presentations, briefing materials, and other materials in the appropriate diplomatic format and language in English and/or Thai as needed for review and approval by the CD; coordinating activities on behalf of the CD related to special events; providing advice to the CD regarding relations and protocol with all RTG offices; working with appropriate RTG offices to develop and maintain protocols and handle communications for the issuance and extension of visas for staff and Volunteers, Volunteer extensions, and other sensitive communications with various RTG offices; staying current on projects, events, and issues related to PC Thailand in order to communicate accurate and timely information; and advising the CD of times when it is important to either host or attend official functions and assist in the arrangements according to protocol. Provides positive public relations by advising and assisting the CD in complying with the appropriate RTG and other diplomatic protocols; serving as the CD’s liaison with various constituencies such as RPCVs; welcoming guests and answering inquiries; assisting in the preparation of briefing materials, brochures, annual reports and other materials about PC Thailand; and recording and maintaining knowledge of PC Thailand’s history, current programs and events. Serves as primary point of contact for press inquiries, creates press releases, provides ongoing content to Peace Corps Thailand website. Assists the Country Director in achieving annual goals and objectives by tracking priorities and deadlines for achieving goals and objectives; maintaining schedules to ensure timely planning and evaluation; and participating in discussions related to the annual planning in staff meetings and retreats. Serves as Post records manager and ensures that PC Thailand’s records are stored properly in accordance with the Peace Corps records management system. Ensures that records and files can be retrieved easily when needed by maintaining an efficient and up-to-date records system including a listing of the location of each file; providing copies of the listing to unit supervisors and others as needed; being familiar with file retention requirements and disposing of files that are no longer required; and advising other departments as needed in setting up their filing systems Ensures the timely dissemination of information to staff by assisting the CD in scheduling periodic staff meetings and retreats; taking official minutes at all staff meetings, retreats, etc. and distributing to appropriate staff members within 10 days following the meeting or retreat; issuing staff notices on behalf of the CD. November 2012






Ensures that all travel arrangements are efficiently handled for the CD, Post visitors, and others by planning and coordinating travel schedules; making reservations for travel and lodging; making sure that country clearances are obtained when necessary; and following up with thank you letters following visits as appropriate. Helps maximize PCV support by assisting the CD to respond in an appropriate and timely manner to requests and issues presented by Volunteers and assisting with arrangements for Volunteer Advisory Committee (VAC) meetings; coordinates officewide Volunteer site visit and communications tracking tools; compiling information and statistics for updates and reports incountry and for Peace Corps Headquarters, and others as required; coordinating the World Wise Schools program; Coordinates small grants program serving as a member of the Project Review Committee (PRC) and coordinating communication between members, distributing proposals to PRC members, participating in review meetings, and ensuring timely notification of funding decisions to Volunteers; maintaining, updating, and distributing project funding guidance and forms to Volunteers for Peace Corps Thailand-approved funding resources; tracking all project budgetary information; maintaining all documentation (including proposals, requests, interim and final reports); Ensures that staff retreats and other staff activities are well organized, efficient and contribute to improving staff morale by coordinating the arrangements for staff retreats and other staff activities in cooperation with the staff advisory committee; researching and previewing appropriate facilities to assure the best use of resources; coordinating the logistics, housing, food, equipment and activities; assisting in the preparation of schedules and compiling of materials; and providing hospitality for staff activities.




10. Promotes employee recognition and encourages staff morale by monitoring and advising the CD of the schedule for various official recognitions given by the US Embassy; organizing activities such as periodic birthday lunches and other activities that staff would enjoy and that would help improve staff morale; and developing proposals for periodic staff activities for the CD’s approval. 11. Ensures the timely distribution of PC Thailand-wide correspondence by developing and monitoring procedures for effective and timely distribution of communications from PC Washington, newsletters, journals, correspondence, and other such communication. 12. Ensures continuity of CD’s authority during the absence of the CD by preparing and distributing the CD’s delegation of authority as appropriate prior the CD’s departure from Bangkok. 13. Ensures the overall efficiency and quality of operations by being a supportive and cooperative member of the PC Thailand team as it works to fulfill its vision, goals and objectives.

• Per Peace Corps Manual Section 270, all members of the Peace Corps staff must be familiar with the Emergency Action Plan and their responsibilities in the event of an emergency. Must be knowledgeable and supportive of Peace Corps safety and security policies and procedures, including the timely reporting of suspicious incidents, persons or articles. These duties and responsibilities also include, but are not limited to, the following: a. Availability, at both home and office, of staff and Volunteer contact phone numbers and e-mail addresses in case the stated individual is directed to establish emergency contact and provide emergency information; b. Assisting the CD as directed and necessary in performing the safety and security duties of the CD with particular responsibility for activating the phone tree to notify Volunteers and staff members in the event of an emergency or a test of the EAP; and c. By serving as a back up to the SSC in the event the SSC is unavailable or unable to fulfill the duties of the SSC.

Performs duties at assigned Post during a 40 hour work week. May be required to travel on an overnight basis as needed to support PCVs and PC events. May be required to work outside of or in addition to normally scheduled hours to support PCVs and fulfill other post requirements. May participate in in-country or out-of-country trainings provided to PC staff.

Experience: Five years administrative office experience, preferably as an executive secretary or executive assistant; preference given to individuals with public relations and/or communications backgrounds. Languages: Fluent in Thai and English Other: Commitment to the goals and values of the Peace Corps. Proficiency in MS Office suite and ability to effectively learn PC data systems; must be able to maintain the CD and staff calendars on the Outlook Calendar; Must exhibit good judgment, courtesy, tact and the proper protocol when interacting with RTG, USG and other government and non-government entities, Volunteers, visitors and other members of the public. Experience with Peace Corps or United States Government preferred.

November 2012

University/college degree required

November 2012

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