Bosnian Love Spells 2013


Bosnian Love Spells 2013 Bosnian Love Spells

Love magic in Bosnia is divided into two types - maiden magic and marital magic. Even though Islam strictly forbids magical practice and condemns it, but love magic is more tolerated among the folk. Namely, any love magic which can lead to marriage or to help maintain a marriage, to avoid divorce, is not only acceptable but also desirable. For that reason in Bosnia, otherwise a very conservative country, there is no public scrutiny towards the practice of such a magic. Maiden magic unlike marital magic is full of various divinations, usage of basmi, magical poetry and movement rituals which follow oral magic. Girls as well as boys frequently address the local Imam who then crafts love inscriptions on their behalf, they hold various citations from the Qur'an, numbers and letters with an addition of a drawing of a triangle or a circle. The young people carry them with themselves or they place it under the threshold of the person they love. The first Friday after the new moon is reserved for love magic and inscriptions. Basme are magical formulas or texts of a shorter or longer content which teem with rhyme and reference of a supernatural being such as a fairy in order to invoke fervour and passion in the desired person. For a Basma to work they need to be invoked in a state of bodily cleanliness, most often at night and always after repeating verse Ikhlas three or five times, since according to belief the verse grants magical power. Among the people it is believed that the power of a Basma is best expressed if it is invoked before Eid al-Fitr, Laylatul Qadr or some other festival and among sunsets, in intervals between 17 and 21 hours.


Bosnian Love Spells 2013

How to Cast a Love Spell? When a sihirbaza (witch) wants to create love magic that is to bring together two persons, she first needs to find out if this is possible by divination. After she has taken a large branch of hawthorn (Crataegus Oxyacantha) she then splits it into three parts of equal length. Then she waits for the fire in the fire place to tone down and then she places one branch upright into the ember which she names as the person she wishes to put her spell upon. The next branch she places right next to the first one, on its left side, in the hot ember 5 inches apart and names it as the person for whom she is creating the spell, and the third branch she places on the right side of the first one with the same distance apart but she doesn't name it. Then she watches to see what will happen. If the branch, the one she named as the person for whom she is creating the magic, falls as it is burning in the middle (named as the person she wishes to put her spell upon) then she is certain that her magic will succeed. However, if it happens that the unnamed branch falls in the middle then it is clear that the magic will have no effect.

LOVE MAGIC IN PRACTICE On the eve of Eid the girl repeats three times verse Ikhlas and then looks at the shiniest star in the sky and repeats the following formula nine times without even blinking: "Tell me O star who loves me, tell me star if its N. (name of her love) which I love? Then she goes to bed to sleep. If she dreams of the man which she mentioned that night, that means that the answer is positive.

A girl which wants to spark attention in a man she fancies, she needs to look at him through the spread fingers of her right hand and then utter three times: "I'm looking at you through five fingers and you are looking at me through five hearts, veledalin amin!" The girl does it discretely taking care that he doesn't notice her, if he does the magic will not work.


Bosnian Love Spells 2013

To invoke the feelings of love in the person that one desires a string from his/her clothes needs to be pulled out and burned. While the string burns the following formula is repeated three times:”Ćuhum ćuti lehum leti eyu beyu kulhuveyu ehad allah kulhuvellah” then: "As the thread burns by fire so shall you burn with love for me!"

Before going to sleep the girl turns her pillow 99 times and says: Ćuhum ćuti lehum leti eyu beyu kulhuveyu ehad allah kulhuvallah. and then: “I'm not turning my pillow but N's heart and mind for me!"


Bosnian Love Spells 2013

This three basme repeat 3 times and blow in the direction from the person you love: Ćuhum ćuti lehum leti eyu beyu kulhuveyu ehad allah kulhuvallah. Elif elif etti you to my meti what I'm speaking may you speak it too. Evretna sabretna safretna what I'm speaking may you speak it too.

When Bosniak girl see New Moon then she whispers three times magic words: Sarem sokli Sarajevo, ibrishimli hirayevo, hane bishi yaterishi, of mine N. (name of lover) chifderishi, anihi pyanihi you are drunk N.sichumihi.


Bosnian Love Spells 2013
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dont forget genocide in Bosnia and Rwanda 1994-1995.

Since some civilizations or cultures are simply more barbaric than others, and since these are multiethnic – and different ethnic groups will naturally want to fight each other – such conflicts consist of assaults on civilians, bizarre masquerades, acts of unspeakable cruelty, and outright genocide, as in Bosnia and Rwanda.
Mary H.Moran - Liberia: the violence of democracy, 2006.


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