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Welcome to the Flavon max Consumer Club!

Let us welcome you, and also thank you for devoting your time to get to know our products, our company and the Flavon max Consumer Club. We do hope that you will like our handbook and find a lot of useful information here. Nowadays, health and success play an increasingly important role in our lives. Obviously, their value increases if they are both present in our lives at the same time. We endeavour to introduce you to the kind of 21st century alternative that can make you both healthy and successful. How does all this work? Naturally, health and success have several elements. But what is certain is that you yourself are the most important element in reaching your aims, and Flavon max Club can be the means to do this. The founders have managed to create a unique, transparent model that minimizes requirements and maximizes payback. Here you will not find any hidden regulations and we will help you with everything so that you feel confident - through your pocket - that you have made the right choice from the very start. As regards the long-term outlook for this business, the steady and regular membership provides you with a passive income in a unique way. If you wish to enjoy all the advantages of the Consumer Club, there are only two things you need to do: consume our products and share your positive experiences with the people around you. With this handbook, we wish to contribute to your health and success, so please find all the important information in the first half of this booklet about our - company, - products, and - marketing system.

Welcome to the Flavon max Consumer Club! Our slogan: Health and Success not by chance Conditions for a successful Network Marketing business Company background Our own factory Recognition A healthy lifestyle with fruits and vegetables Our products Antioxidants, flavonoids Sport and Flavon max What is Network Marketing? When to start Flavon max? If you desire more The business concept of the Flavon max Consumer Club 4 + 1 % leadership bonus Useful information How to become a Club Member? Product ordering Contact information 2 3 4 5 6 6 7 8 9 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 15 15 16

Our slogan: Health and Success - not by chance

live in loving relationships. Of course, achieving these positive and realizable goals is also part of success. To achieve all this, we usually have to change something in our lifestyles, habits, and, most difficult of all, we have to change ourselves first. Namely, we have to pay more attention to our physical and mental nourishment, the harmony of our emotional life; we have to change our daily routine, to make efforts to nurture our relationships, to take care of our families, and to determine the basic atmosphere of our daily life. Successful and productive work can be achieved by Club Members only if they have faith in the company that provides the background, in the products that work, in the business opportunity that gives them financial independence, and primarily, if they believe in themselves and the importance of the value-creating activity they pursue. Our club has become a lifestyle for tens of thousands of people. Our common aim is to give an opportunity for millions of people to live a healthier and more successful life, so that thousands of people can achieve both financial and moral success while they help others. Right from the start of the company thousands of people have been receiving a salary far above the average each month with the help of our company and their invested efforts, and hundreds have become financially independent. The next couple of years will pass by just like the previous ones. In four or five years we will be exactly four or five years older, and so will you. Will you realize your dreams and reach your aims by then? Will you be able to build your own personalized freedom? Will you be able to provide physical, mental and social health, as defined by the WHO, for your family? Dont hesitate to have a go, since our business can offer everything that any other business can provide, yet you do not need any starting capital and there is no risk at all. This is an opportunity for anyone who is able and willing to take steps to improve their life. Lszl Gal Jr., Johanna Szikls and Lszl Gal 3

We all agree that health is our first priority, the most important treasure we have. We would like to keep healthy, but our bodies are exposed to a large number of harmful effects. Just think about polluted air, the many different chemicals used in the home, daily stress, our lack of exercise and the additives in our food. What we can do for our health on a daily basis is to pay attention to our lifestyles, our basic daily routines and to the signals our bodies send us. So do some sport regularly, be physically active and make sure you have enough rest, relaxation and a way to release stress. Eat moderately, maintain a proper balance, and take in less toxic and exogenous materials. Consume more fully ripened fruits and vegetables, drink cleaner water and use properly chosen dietary supplements! The dietary supplements distributed by Flavon Group Kft. are natural products that help to develop a balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and supplement our nutrition. We created a novel way to supplement our diet that is simple to use and meets the needs of the 21st century. As a matter of fact, success is part of health. It is also part of our success to pursue activities that are beneficial for others, and

Conditions for a successful Network Marketing business

You will have already seen a four-legged chair. Moreover, you must also know that if any of its four legs is shorter than the other three, the chair will become wobbly, unstable and unreliable. But what has a chair got to do with a successful MLM business? Well, a fourlegged chair symbolizes the Network Marketing business, since its success just like the stability of the chair is based on four pillars. They are:

I. Company background

GSz Gal s Szikls Kft. is a capital-intensive, stable and reliable company, free of debt, which sells products manufactured by the company itself. Its turnover, structure and business policy (its past, present and future) are public and accessible. Our distributor company is Flavon Group Kft., whose management is the same and whose name means the same all over the world - namely it is the international family of successful and healthy Club Members. A consumer network with a stable turnover can only be based on appropriate products. Our company has unique products that consumers can obtain exclusively through the Consumer Club. With good products, network members consuming these products can build up their business almost automatically, even if it is not their primary intention. Hundreds of thousands of products sold during the past few years and tens of thousands of satisfied consumers provide a guarantee for our products. We are proud that several authorities, institutes and qualifying and licensing organizations have tested and recognized the excellence of our products.

II. Product

III. Payback system

Flavon Group Kft. has created a unique payback system, which is simple, transparent, clear, full of incentives, and provides an outstandingly high commission for those who work actively and expand the network continuously. It also provides a passive income based on the orders of registered Club Members. You, as a future member of the Flavon max Consumer Club - your aims, decisions, and hard work.

IV. Members of the network

So, the four pillars (or legs) are the company background, the product, the payback system, and the Club Members. For the success of the Network Marketing business, each leg of the chair should be of the same length and each pillar should be equally strong. Providing the first three pillars is the responsibility of the company. The Flavon max Consumer Club meets all the three conditions listed above: we have excellent and unique products, linked to an internationally competitive payback system, and a profitable company, working for more than 10 years, provides the background for these. Therefore, we have three equally strong legs. These three conditions provide everyone with the same opportunity to build a network. Opportunities at the beginning are the same, both for those who turn out to be successful later and those who do not. The only one factor that we cannot influence is YOUR decision. How strong, stable and successful the fourth leg will be depends solely and exclusively on you. 4

Company background
GSZ GAL S SZIKLS KFT. Our company was founded in 1994 and, from that time on, it has proven to be successful on the market. It has been involved in the distribution of dietary supplements through network marketing since its foundation that is, for more than one and half decades. As a result, the managers of the company possess all the knowledge and experience necessary to build and support an MLM network aiming for worldwide fame. Today, GSz Gal s Szikls Kft. deals exclusively with manufacturing products and related activities. It has been a profitable undertaking from the start, so it can back the Flavon max Consumer Club as a reliable and stable capital intensive company. It is very important for GSz Gal s Szikls Kft. to be a member of domestic and international organizations that are dedicated to quality. GSz Gal s Szikls Kft. is a member of the: - Hungarian Dietary Supplement Association (MKISZ) - European Organization for Quality Hungarian National Committee (EOQ MNB) - Hungarian Association for Innovation (MISZ) FLAVON GROUP The owners of GSz Gal s Szikls Kft. have founded independent companies in several countries for the distribution of our product line. Our group of companies is present in more and more European countries. The headquarters of Flavon Group Kft. are located in Debrecen, Hungary, and we have offices of our own in several cities in Poland and in the Czech Republic. In our offices we endeavour to provide a world-class service to our Club Members. Our well-trained customer service staff supply Club Members with reference films, training and other marketing materials available in a great number of foreign languages. Our offices also provide Club Members with the technical support needed for their own presentations and training events. Besides staff training, our company pays particular attention to IT developments. In the online office our Club Members can continuously monitor their own and their networks turnover and can make calculations, so the results can be calculated and predicted more easily. Flavon Group is a member of the: - Direct Selling Association (DSA) - Hungarian Marketing Association (MMSZ) - Advertising Self-Regulatory Body (RT)

Our own factory

The companys own production plant was opened in November, 2006 in Vmosprcs, near Debrecen. The production capacity enables us to concentrate everything in one pair of hands ranging from purchasing raw material, through production, packaging and quality control to storage. This investment is unparalleled, not only in Hungary but in the whole of Europe as well. No other MLM company producing dietary supplements can claim that its products are manufactured entirely in Europe and that their production and distribution are also tied to the same owners. Production is carried out on a very high technological level, by using equipment designed and constructed uniquely for our company. The products manufactured in our plant represent extremely high quality. In the factory, we produce thousands of jars of products in a single shift each day. With our dynamically growing turnover, we have the means to multiply our production capacity. Besides, on the premises of this facility, we have completed the construction of a second, 500 m block including two low temperature cabinets in order to increase our refrigerating capacity. Since high quality is a basic requirement in the mission statement of the company, we put great emphasis on quality control. Quality control systems of the factory producing the products: - HACCP-system - ISO 22000 certificate (audited by TV Nord)

Our product line Flavon max, Flavon kids, Flavon max Plus+ and Flavon Green was awarded the Hungarian Product Award Recognized Product title. The Hungarian Quality Product Award trademark stands for certified and continuously supervised outstanding quality and reliability since 1997. This recognition certifies the excellence and uniqueness of our products. This is an even more prestigious award given that GSz Gal s Szikls Kft. was the first MLM business to receive this honour. Further recognitions we are proud of:
- House of Hungarian Quality Award 2007 (given by the Hungarian Quality Association and the National Association for Consumer Protection) - szak-Alfld Regional Innovation Award small enterprises category - Certificate of the Hungarian Venture Capital Association in the Enterprise of the Year category - Dynamically expanding, profitable enterprise with promising strategy from zlet & Siker magazine [Business & Success] - Hajd-Bihar County Favoured Quality Product Award in agricultural food products category - Recognition for Outstanding Innovation from the Hungarian Innovation Association (for the product line and the concept of the Flavon max Consumer Club) - Hungarian Agricultural Quality Award for attaching great importance to quality work

A healthy lifestyle with fruits and vegetables

The World Health Organization, first independently in 1990, then together with the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) in 2003, published its recommendation in a slogan: at least five portions of fruit or vegetables a day. What are the characteristics of an average consumer? In Europe, apart from the countries of the Mediterranean, vegetable consumption is far below the expected amount in almost every country. The situation with regard to fruit consumption is no better either. According to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations, the amount of fruits consumed by one person a day does not reach 150-200 g (0.33-0.44 lb). Unfortunately, the agriculture of the world has gone through a total transformation over the past 50 years. The sole motivation was to reach the highest productivity possible - only in a few cases was quality a priority. As a result of this, most agricultural lands have seen a drastic fall in quality. The longest possible storage time has become very important in the last decade, and luckily so has quality. However, quality only relates to external appearance, and the truly important element - content - is seldom taken into consideration. We are all familiar with grapes imported from South America, as with apples and grapes transported from New Zealand, arent we? During storage these fruits are processed with chemicals that make transportation possible even over several weeks, and the fruit can also be stored on the shop counter for one or two weeks afterwards. Unfortunately the content value of these fruits, with a couple of exceptions, is much lower than that of fully ripe domestic ones. We could also mention green peppers, tomatoes, slicing cucumbers grown in hydro cultures without soil the proportion of this type of production is almost 100% in the Netherlands. It used to be customary to consume fresh countryside fruits and vegetables every day, produce that was full of life and grown by parents and grandparents. However, today we can only get beautiful but lifeless produce. It is widely known that both fruits and vegetables have very positive physiological effects on our bodies. It is also well-known that fruits and vegetables function as real store-rooms of nutritive materials and vitamins and their consumption brings numerous beneficial effects. Besides the nutritional materials mentioned, we can find other valuable components in fruits, such as different enzymes, plant pigments and polyphenols. We can find effective agents with outstandingly positive effects in vegetables as well, such as, among others, different sulphureous compounds, chlorophyll and other plant pigments, and compounds with an antioxidant effect. However, only a few people consume the recommended minimum amount on a daily basis. Even if we want to eat healthily, our hurried lifestyles do not allow us to consume enough raw or semi-cooked fruits and vegetables. Thats why we believed that a new type of dietary supplement would be needed here in Europe, with the help of which everyone could ensure they get the nutrients, mostly available in fruits and vegetables, necessary for their bodies. This is the story of the birth of Flavon max, Flavon kids, Flavon max Plus+, Flavon Green, and the Flavon Active, the latest member of our product line.

Our products
Healing essence of the past, dietary supplement of the future
We believe that there are a great many natural wonders in Hungary and in the surrounding regions, which are able to provide us with several essential active agents that are necessary for the normal and healthy functioning of our body. Plants incorporated in products as raw ingredients have been known and used in folk and popular medicine for hundreds of years. In our products, we revive this age-old experience, revitalizing it in line with the findings of state-of-the-art research. When creating our products, we have taken into account the needs and requirements of modern-day people, so that we can give the maximum to our consumers.

What are the factors that make these products unique?

Scientific foundation
When designing our products we combined the empirical background provided by past centuries with the research findings of the 21st century. We have developed our products according to the requirements of our target groups.

Special production process

Our products are made from the purest raw ingredients possible using an extremely sensitive process, to protect active agents to the greatest extent possible.

A unique, nature-like appearance


We aimed to develop complex natural dietary supplements containing the recommended daily amount of antioxidants, vitamins, trace elements and minerals in proper proportions. Due to the optimal proportions, not only do our products combine the effects of the incorporated ingredients, but also enhance them, as a result of their outstanding synergy.

Breaking away from previous market practice, we offer all these values in a special form. The consumption of our products offers a great experience every day because of their delicious flavour and highly enjoyable aroma. In addition, their jam-like consistency facilitates consumption for everybody.


Consistently high quality

As every production stage of Flavon max products ranging from the purchase of raw materials, through production and quality control to packaging is concentrated in the hands of GSz Gal s Szikls Kft., we can guarantee a consistently high quality for each and every one of our products. This is also guaranteed by the ISO 22000 (audited by TV Nord) and HACCP systems.

Before appearing on the market, our products have undergone the highest level licensing procedure at the National Institute of Food Safety and Nutrition. These licenses cover the whole of the European Union. Besides this test, the Testing and Quality Control Institute TV SD KERMI also tests our products. Our company continues to devote substantial resources to clinical research in order to be able to prove the statements made when marketing our products. We work in cooperation with a number of institutes of the widely acclaimed Medical and Health Science Centre of the University of Debrecen - several research projects have already been implemented, and there are quite a few more coming along soon.


Our products contain no preservatives. The fruits and vegetables used are especially valuable. We pay great attention to sourcing them from the purest environment possible to make sure that they have the highest active agent content.

Antioxidants, flavonoids
Antioxidants are materials present in food in a natural form. They are preventive against harmful molecules with oxygen constituents, which we know as free radicals. These latter are produced everywhere in the body as a result of oxidation processes, but they can multiply significantly as a result of hormonal effects, inappropriate lifestyle, harmful habits, insufficient sleep or inadequate nutrition. Free radicals try to bind to protein, fat and other genetic materials within the cells. This connection damages the cells, which triggers the production of even more free radicals. Our cells are exposed to the harmful effects caused by these free radicals throughout our whole lives: the result is damage to the tissues and a more difficult process of cell self-regeneration. According to researchers assumptions, antioxidants taken into the body can help to prevent the problems described above and assist in slowing down the process of aging. Our body can also produce antioxidants to protect itself against the harmful effects of free radicals, but not enough to deal with our modern way of life. Our body needs support! This support can be provided by taking antioxidants regularly with adequate nutrition and dietary supplements. far covered more than 1,500,000 kilometres, and won awards weighing altogether 3.5 kg in the meantime. He has been to 40 countries in Europe, appeared three times in the Guinness Book of Records, and has been elected among the Honorary Members of the Hungarian Olympic Committee. We also sponsor Zsfia Csonka (shooting), who represented Hungary in the finals of the 10 meter air pistol and 25 meter sport pistol category at the 2008 Peking Olympic Games. We are extremely proud of Tams Varga, water polo player, our double Olympic champion, world champion and European silver medallist. The LEN trophy winner number one sportsman supported by the Flavon max Consumer Club has recently moved to Montenegro, and we hope he will not only take his goals there but the fame of our products as well. For our company it is very important that Tams Varga, a further worldrenowned Club Member guarantees the champion quality of our products. Furthermore, we can proudly affirm that the Flavon max products are an indispensable component of more and more top sportspeoples diets. Our Flavon max Plus+ is extremely popular with them because this product has been specially designed for adults subject to serious strain. We are also glad that in the last years Flavon products have become the most popular dietary supplements of several top teams, which is a result of their constantly high quality. Naturally, it is a huge advantage that Flavon max does not contain any prohibited substance currently on the list of doping substances. A great number of professional sportspeople have adopted the Flavon max lifestyle. Among our Club Members there are several top water polo, football and handball players, athletes and racing drivers, to mention just a few of the best known sports. These people have proved that Flavon max is an opportunity that mustnt be missed!

Sport and Flavon max

Taking regular exercise is an essential component of a health-conscious lifestyle. In order for our body to meet the challenges of sport, we have to maintain a proper diet and good nutrition. Plant pigments and other antioxidant compounds are extremely important in this respect because they provide effective defence against the harmful effect of increased free radicals resulting from intensive exercise. As we all know, there are two factors of paramount importance in sport, namely Health and Success. We at Flavon max have made both of them available. The mission of the Consumer Club management is to promote a healthy lifestyle by, for example, sponsoring professional sportspeople to prepare for competitions. Thus we supported Ferenc Novk, the well-known cyclist and Guinness-record holder, who has so

What is Network Marketing?

Network marketing is a modern method of selling consumer goods and services. MLM companies sell their products to the members of a network composed of customers. They are distributors at the same time, building their own network by recommending the products or the business opportunity to their acquaintances. Misconceptions Some people have an aversion to this new form of commerce. Usually, the most frequent reason for antipathy is a lack of information, which causes various misconceptions. A great many people still have negative recollections about the wild era of the early 90s. In this era, there were no ethical rules for MLM. The damage caused by these unethical and aggressive business practices is still palpable today, unfortunately. However, more than 15 years have passed. Today, building a network has become a profession. Companies choosing this form of trade have dynamic growth in sales, and they have not yet reached their limits at all. Others mistakenly classify network selling as pyramid or pilot schemes, which are illegal in Hungary. However a number of features distinguish pyramid schemes from network selling:

in a pyramid scheme there is no contract between the distributor and the company; there is often a set time limit for bringing in new members; payment for performance and salaries has a top-to-bottom direction; joining the system demands a high initial fee in exchange for which either no, or not the same amount of, value might be given; there is no usable product or only at a restricted level , so no economic activity takes place; the aim is to get new members instead of product development and sales, because the new members initial fee sustains the network. The expression pyramid scheme is totally inappropriate for MLM.


When to start Flavon max?

We all know people who always keep complaining about their situation. There are various reasons: low salary, poor (or no) feedback from the boss for conscientious work, no recognition of performance, restricted promotion possibilities or bad working atmosphere. Why do you think that people who are unsatisfied with their job do not look for alternatives? Only a few of them are brave enough to do something to make their life better. Because you are reading this booklet, you are among those who have had enough of waiting for things to get better by themselves.
Probably: you have dreams, plans and goals for which you seek financial resources; you aspire to spend your time doing what you like; you have had enough of others making money from your work and you would like to use your talent for your own profit; you do not want to be afraid of losing your job; you do not want to wonder which bill to pay first; you would like a job where your pay-rise does not depend on your bosss goodwill; you do not want to be complaining and moaning all the time, but you dare to believe in your own success; you do not want to be jealous of others wealth and success but you dare to believe in a job where you can achieve this level.

The opportunity of the Flavon max Consumer Club is for those who would like to be an important member of our team - for those who take the road that leads to a healthier and more successful life, sharing our products of excellent quality and the news of a unique business concept with other people.


If you desire more

Our target groups Our offer is available for everybody who wants to improve their current situation. We offer an alternative both for those who need an excellent product and those who want to have some supplementary income or wish to establish their own enterprise where they can be their own boss. What can you expect as a member of the Flavon max Consumer Club? You will get excellent products, which help you keep your body healthy. You will experience the simplest and most calculable marketing system where we minimize requirements and maximize commissions. You will feel, through your pocket, right at the beginning that you have taken the right choice. You will be much better paid for your work than the distributors of any of our competitors. You will take part in the development of a dynamic and international marketing network. A personalized franchise The Flavon max Club is a legal possibility to give the same chance for financial independence to everybody. It is a complete concept with which everybody can work with the same chances after buying the first carton of products. The Flavon max Consumer Club offers dynamic development for its members where they have the chance to become part of a growth process from the very beginning. It has earned recognition by creating new markets not just in Hungary but also, increasingly, in Europe. This magnificent business possibility accompanies a product family covering a market niche. All you have to do is to consume the product and expand the Club. GSz Gal s Szikls Kft. provides you with products, continuous research and analyses, while Flavon Group Kft. provides you with a marketing system, stable background, licenses, logistic and web support, and training free of charge. The Flavon max Consumer Club, as a 4th generation MLM business One of the major advantages is that its members are not encouraged to stockpile (to fill up the garage - so to speak). Its aim is that its members supply themselves and their direct environment with products of high quality and help them to expand the network. The network building methods are very simple: the members supply Flavon max products, share their positive experiences with their close environment, and then expand their network with the help of their experiences based on their success and conviction in business with the hope of encouraging imitation.

60% basic payback

Personal turnover Quick start Income by levels
rebate on all the purchases above the activity carton
20% 1st level 20% 2nd level 20% 3rd level
5% 1st level 5% 2nd level 5% 3rd level 5% 4th level 5% 5th level 5% 6th level 5% 7th level 5% 8th level 5% 9th level 5% 10th level 5% 11th level 5% 12th level
Presidency extra
Platinum Sapphire Emerald Ruby

dynamic compression

dynamic compression

4+1% leadership bonus

besides the basic commission


Team Leader

Team Leader+


Elite +

Diamond Elite Diamond Elite +

Presidency Club Member

+1% +2% +2% +3% +3% +4% on 12 levels on 12 levels on 12 levels on 12 levels on 12 levels on 20 levels

extra bonus on the yearly turnover of the company (di erentiated)


The business concept of the Flavon max Club

Calculable commission system Members of the Flavon max Consumer Club get as high a commission as possible in exchange for their work. The commission system always pays, and it offers exceptional rewards for those who make our products and business concept widely known and thus build up the network. one. During quick start period, the 60% payback provided under the compensation scheme is allocated immediately. Therefore, it provides an opportunity for those who start working with this concept to immediately convert invested effort into money. As a consequence of your work, there is a positive financial payback as early as the first months. Income by levels: On 12 active levels we pay back 5% to each level (altogether 60%) for each colleague who progresses beyond the quick start period on the basis of their personal turnover. Income by levels provides you with the possibility of a permanent wealthcreating income. With the income by levels, you can obtain a source of income that will create a well-grounded future even for your children or grandchildren. Commissions are calculated on the basis of Club members points in the system, in the following way:
3 points for each activity carton (the first carton purchased in any calendar month) 2 points for every further carton above the activity one.

65% total payback:

60% basic payback 5% leadership bonus
According to the marketing plan, as much as 65% of the base price of the product is paid back to the members of the Flavon max Consumer Club.

earn money right from the start

Club Members can benefit from the unique marketing plan right from the purchase of the first carton. This means they are eligible to get 60% basic payback as early as they start their business. This way they will receive immediate positive financial feedback for their own and their colleagues performance. We redistribute 60% of the base price of the products as basic payback. We provide not only promises, but also money for your work. For this type of payback you do not need to qualify or reach leader ranks. The 60% basic commission is distributed the following way: Personal rebate: If you purchase more than one carton in a given month, you will get a 20% rebate for all the purchases above the activity carton. Quick start: Three active sponsors above new members will get a 20% payback each on the basis of the new members personal turnover in the first month of joining and the following

60% basic payback:

Recruitment Incentive Program: this is an extra element of our marketing plan rewarding those who recruit the largest number of new members into the Club. The Club Member who in a given month accumulates 40 quick start points on 3 active levels, is eligible for 1 extra carton of products. 80 quick start points on 3 active levels, is eligible for 2 extra cartons of products; 120 quick start points on 3 active levels, is eligible for 3 extra cartons of products. 13

4 + 1 % - Leadership bonus
The marketing system gives an extra 4 + 1 % leadership bonus (differential) to those who also take part in network building as leaders. Leadership bonus in contrast with the 60% basic payback can be blocked, and the condition of its paying out is collecting 40 quick start points.

levels in a given month. Reward: a Team Leader badge and a free weekend training event.

1. Team Leader Club Member: a leader whose group has a turnover of 100 points on 6 active 2. Team Leader Plus Club Member: a leader whose group has a turnover of 250 points on 6
active levels in a given month. Reward: 1% leadership bonus for the turnover of his/her 12 active levels.

3. Elite Club Member: a leader whose group has a turnover of 500 points on 6 active levels in a
given month. Reward: 2% leadership bonus for the turnover of his /her 12 active levels + Elite Club golden badge + a gift training event with all-inclusive accommodation in Hungary. in a given month. Reward: 2% leadership bonus for the turnover of his /her 12 active levels.

4. Elite Plus Club Member: a leader whose group has a turnover of 750 points on 6 active levels 5. Diamond Elite Club Member:
a leader whose group has a turnover of 1000 points on 6 active levels in a given month. Reward: 3% leadership bonus for the turnover of his /her 12 active levels + Elite Club golden badge with a diamond + a special training event abroad with all-inclusive accommodation. 6 active levels in a given month. Reward: 3% leadership bonus for the turnover of his /her 12 levels.

6. Diamond Elite Plus Club Member: a leader whose group has a turnover of 1750 points on

7. Presidency Club Member: a leader whose group has a turnover of 2500 points on 6 active

levels in a given month. Reward: 4% leadership bonus for the turnover of his /her 20 levels + Presidency Club golden badge with two diamonds + a special training event abroad with allinclusive accommodation. In the case of Presidency Club Member ranks it is not necessary to collect 40 quick start points in order that Presidency Club Members be paid out their leadership bonus.

Presidency extra ranks: We also distinguish Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire and Platinum Presidency Club Member ranks. An extra bonus of 1% on the total yearly turnover of the company (differentiated) is distributed among the Club Members who reach these ranks, and they are also eligible to receive a valuable ring.
Flavon Group rewards its Club Members work with extra challenges and training events. All details, explanations and examples of the marketing plan are neatly laid out in the Organizational and Operational Regulations of the Flavon max Consumer Club, which is available in our offices or can be downloaded from our website.


Useful information Hasznos informcik

How to become a Club Member?
You can become a member of the Flavon max Consumer Club very easily. There are no registration or entrance fees. If you order or purchase one carton of Flavon max, Flavon kids, Flavon max Plus+, Flavon Green or Flavon Active (which is the registration carton of the Club Member), then fill in and sign a copy of the Flavon max Consumer Club Membership Agreement, you will automatically become member of our Club and will be eligible for all the benefits offered by the Club. The Membership Agreement will be countersigned by the company. After this, we will send you a welcome letter with your Club card enclosed, on which you will find your Club identification number. Further information regarding the operation of our Club can be found in the Organizational and Operational Regulations of the Flavon max Consumer Club, which is available in our offices or can be downloaded from our website.

Conditions and cost of home delivery

Product ordering

Members of the Flavon max Consumer Club buy products in cartons. The carton contains either 4 jars of Flavon max, or 4 jars of Flavon kids, or 4 jars of Flavon Green or 4 jars of Flavon Active or a combination of these in any proportion or 3 jars of Flavon max Plus+. As Club Member, you can buy or order products in any of the following ways.

The minimum order is one carton of products. The ordered products will be delivered as soon as the price of products and the delivery fee arrive on the bank account of Flavon Group. In cases of bank transfer and depositing money, please make sure you provide the payers name (the name you need for the invoice), and write the word package in the note field. We will hand the products over to the courier service on the following working day after the remittance has arrived. Should the delivery address and the address registered at Flavon Group differ, please mark this in all cases when placing the order. For current delivery conditions and costs please visit our website. If you order more cartons to the same address, delivery fee remains the same. However, if you order cartons to more addresses, you will have to pay multiple delivery fees. If you order more than 10 cartons, delivery is free of charge. For further information please visit our website

Retail trade margin

In person: products can be bought in person in our offices after filling in a product order form. By telephone, fax or e-mail: After placing the order you have to pay in or transfer the price of the ordered products and the delivery fee to one of the bank accounts of Flavon Group. The ordered products will be shipped to your home by courier service.

The primary aim of the Flavon max Consumer Club is to provide its Club Members with its own products. Club Members, in turn, supply their family members and close friends, and also recruit new members. Distribution takes place through the Flavon max Consumer Club, so the company makes out the invoices certifying the purchase of products. Flavon max Club Members are eligible to purchase Flavon max cartons directly from the company at Club Member prices. Club Members are responsible for complying with all relevant laws and regulations relating to distribution.


Flavon Group gives a purchase discount to members eligible for commission. Club Members are free to decide whether to use up the discount or withdraw it as a commission against an invoice. This purchase discount is valid for 6 months from the date of realization and can be used for the purchase of 1 carton of Flavon max, Flavon kids, Flavon Green, Flavon max Plus+ or Flavon Active products. The purchase discount may only be used for purchases made in the members own name. Only one purchase discount may be used when purchasing one carton.

Purchase discount

Coordination Point (CP)

Every Club Member has the opportunity to establish a coordination point (CP), that is, to purchase 12 cartons of products without having to report them in advance. In this way, members can obtain a home stock from which they can immediately serve their partners, consumers or colleagues who plan to join. Concerning the terms and conditions for establishing a coordination point, please call us on the respective telephone number in the language you wish to speak.

Contact information:
Our offices: Debrecen - Hungary Address: 19 Veres Pter utca, H-4033 Debrecen E-mail: Budapest - Hungary Address: 3-7 Tl utca, H-1043 Budapest E-mail: Krakw - Poland Address: 68 ul. Nowosadecka, 30-683 Krakw E-mail: Wrocaw - Poland Address: 1 ul. Wystawowa, 51-618 Wrocaw E-mail: Frydek Mistek - Czech Republic Address: 597 Pborsk, 738 01 Frdek-Mstek E-mail: Information on our Hungarian and foreign bank accounts can be collected from our website or customer service.

Multilingual Customer Service:

English: +36-52-520-522 Polish: +36-52-520-526 German: +36-52-520-523 Italian: +36-52-520-527 Romanian: +36-52-520-524

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